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  • Crises Ensues
  • Inaugural Speech
  • First Order – The Army of Usamah RA
  • Defence of Madinah
  • The Wars of Riddah
  • Mass Rebellion
  • Major False Prophets
  • Abu Bakr RA’s Strategy
  • The Battle of Yamamah
  • The Preservation of the Quran
  • Challenging the Superpowers of the World
  • Legacy of Abu Bakr RA
  • Abu Bakr RA’s Death


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I'll be live with you tomorrow. James Miller man Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a man with a brothers and sisters, a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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or president to Allah, masha Allah, Allah and Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and we send our love and greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. And Allah grants to be amongst them. I mean, well,

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last week, we began with the this little series on the first Caliph of Islam say no bucket on the line. And we mentioned that the those who spread the rumors claim that the Caliphate was stolen, it was usurped, the leadership was stolen after the demise of and Islam. And so let us look at history. And let us judge for ourselves. We mentioned last week, that is indeed, the appointment of Satan over karate Alon was not smooth. It was not the way in which the leaders should be selected. It was a little chaotic. But at the end of the discussions, the Sahaba appointed Sita worker was a small group. And then when they say navicula, Dylon was presented to the ummah of Medina, there was nobody

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that raised their hand and said I should be the Khalifa is very important to note. This is historical on our side, on the other side, on those were not even Muslim, that there was no second claimant to the kind of Caliphate and our karate Allah. When he explained he said, We need to have an Khalifa, not just for Medina, we need to have for the whole Ummah, that this is a time where the Ummah is looking for leadership. And no one could dispute the credentials of cinnabar karate Alon we believe Alison will Gemma Our opinion is that there'll be Salam did not hand pick a successor. He did not say say now you are the successor or Abu Bakr, you are the successor rather, and this is the

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default, it is up to the Ummah to decide who they wish to be the Khalifa, a type of democracy, if you will, a type of consultation, but he definitely gave indications then recently showed who he appointed as leadership in his absence. Sedaka led the Salah, when the medicine was not able to leave the salah before he passed away and say no, Gawker was made the Imam of Hajj usually in the past, the Khalifa would be the one who would lead Hajj and jihad. That's part of your job description. You are the imam for the origin of the ummah. So when the the salam he was alive for two hedges, but he only performed one, the one which he did not perform. He St. St. obika as the

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Emir of the hajj, he was the Emir of the Hajj. So nonetheless, no Buckler was appointed the Khalifa. I will say if you

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rejecting say no worker on the lawn, and you claim that this was a usurping was a stole the caliphate. It's not just a simple thing as saying, Well, I don't like Abu Bakr, by implication, you reject the ayat that mentioned his praise what Allah says, I'm pleased with him, and he's in Jannah. How can Allah say that yet? He stole the caliphate. By rejecting that you reject the hadith of Islam said Abu Bakr is a Siddiq, all the things that have been said about him. You insulted me Salah by appointing the man the day he dies, he led the salah how poor judgment is that on the visa lamps account? And also more than that, you reject the entire Sahaba because they were the ones who

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corroborated because say no bucket could not overpower all of them. Say no bucket could not force enough of an army, forcing them to be the Khalifa, a Secret Service, the fact that he was the Khalifa and none opposed him, means the entire Sahaba accepting him as the Khalifa that is it that is historical, without going into theology, this group or that group, that is historical, but if we say we throw all of that away,

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let us look at what the man did. As the Khalifa. Let us look at his his effect as the Khalifa does.

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I'm struggling with my voice

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How well did he do in the job that I've been so someone says, in the Hadith, if any of you is afflicted, and this was the hobbit to all of us, but specifically the Sahaba if any of you finds an affliction in your life, a calamity, then let him be reminded the ladies let him remember his calamity by me in my death, for indeed it is the greatest calamity that says he's saying Sahaba there will be no calamity that you will face, a child dying sickness whatever it is bigger than my death. Nothing is gonna hurt you more than when I die. And advocate of the Alon is assuming leadership in the most calamitous situation in the Ummah, the most vulnerable time the Ummah was at

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was at this moment. And we know that crisis immediately erupts when the news spreads, that Muhammad Solomon's passed away. All the enemies, all the one affix all of them across Arabia stepped up

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And you had a rebellion all across the Arabian Peninsula, where there might be some passed away. He ruled the Arabian, but he ruled Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, all the countries that we basically know is the Arabian Peninsula was under his control his authority. And when he died immediately, many of these tribes broke away. And you add, and we'll talk about this strange new prophets emerging, claiming to be a successor to the novices alum, and also speaks about the time he says this metaphorical he says, the stars keep the sky safe. And when the stars disappear, then the skies will get what they will promise meaning Kiama will come when the stars disappear. There's no

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one protecting the sky anymore. Then collaborative before them, and it will be Kiama. And there'll be some says, and I am the protector of my Sahaba. So when I go when I die, then my companions will get what they were promised in terms of calamity, then calamity will befall them. And then he says that he Salam, and my Sahaba are the protectors of the Muslim ummah. And so when they pass away, the Muslim ummah, will be exposed to calamities. So now is the time of the sahaba. The OMA is looking to them. Now, no more Rasulullah saw Salam, what are they going to do? The fact that we are Muslim here today is because of those actions that they did, in that very first few days of the different

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reason. The fact that the same Quran is what you read in China and America in South Africa, like no other religion. No other religion has this. It is because of the actions taken by Abu Bakr Oh, and it's harbor. So what can I do on the day that I'm his boss the way they elected him and Sahaba and he, they elected as elected him as the Khalifa, the word Khalifa also, they didn't What are we going to call you? You didn't want to be called the king with the Emir. He said, Call me the Khalifa. Khalifa means the substitute.

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The man is not the I'm just the substitute that fills in. So he's actually the actual Titus khalifa to Rasulullah, the substitute of the Messenger of Rasulullah Salaam. And then when incedo bucket passed away, they said, say no, Omar was initially khalifa to khalifa to Rasulullah, the substitute of a substitute. He said I was gonna become very long. This is called Emile meaning the commander of the Muslim let's just call that coordinate.

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So say novaCare gives a speech small speech as the Khalifa and look at the speech. He says the Sahaba or people, I have been appointed over you, I was chosen to be your Khalifa, though I am not the best amongst you. I don't consider myself I'm number one.

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If I do well, then help me whatever good I do support me. And if I act wrongly, then correct me, Stop me if I do something wrong.

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Truthfulness is synonymous with fulfilling the trust that for me to do my job, I have a trust and Amana, this is not a promotion. This is a taste this is a responsibility. And lying is equal to potentially if I lie, I betray the entire Ummah, I betray all of you.

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The weak among you is indeed strong by me, meaning, the people that concerned me the most are the weak, because that's my job to protect them, until I returned to them that which is rightfully theirs. My job as Khalifa, the only job of the ruler is to take care of the weak. That's why I'm the and the strong among you is weak in My sight, until you give what is due to the weak until you do your obligation.

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Then there'll be something he says. Now, at this point in time the news is reaching, they already grieving that he's dead. They haven't buried that missing yet. They don't know what to do. But the news is reaching of all the different governors being executed. Remember, they will governors and at some point in Yemen Buhari, these governors are being executed by the rebels in those countries, the Ummah is breaking apart, what should we do? Say nobody says no group of people abandons jihad, except that Allah will make him suffer humiliation. And as he had spoken, we see that today, billions of Muslims, no value, just humiliation. And evil does not become widespread amongst the

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people, except that ALLAH will affect calamities upon them. And we see this to be true as well.

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So then he says, Obey me, so long as I obey Allah and His messenger. And if I disobey Allah and His Messenger, then you have no right to obey me when disobey me. Stand up now, and it's Salah and pray, and may Allah have mercy on you very short code, but I was appointed to be the Amin, I'm not better than you, I have a job to do to help the poor. We have a huge calamity on our hands, we're going to have to fight jihad. If we don't stop this evil will spread over the world. And we're looking to use a harbor to do this. So the first order of business the first thing on the desk of St. Albert road was to be done. Obviously, there was the video of the assailant and the resource alum, but this was

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left to the family of gonna be Salam, those were closest to him. So, of course, this is an igloo and so the activate

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They pulled their business body and they allowed for three days everyone to make Janaza Salah and then they didn't move his body from his house. Everyone went into the house made the small Gemma and for three days that IV Salam was performance Allah upon, and then they buried them in his house. It's very emotional, how can you put them in the ground? Nonetheless, the first real order of business will say no bucker was the army of Osama have some context here. Before then the son passed away a month or so before he passed away. Then a visa alum arranged the campaign and army to fight against the Romans and this is the superpower of the world. Because that is the peak in the

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direction of Palestine. You can almost imagine that after Makkah, the next objective of that Islam was Muncie Luxor, and the army was headed in that direction. And he appointed the Amin of that army Oussama, but by now we should all know who sama is the only some of you know some of Aladdin. The you know the problem. This is Osama bin Zayed Osama the son of the adopted son of the missile lab, so Osama is like the grandson of the missiles on them. In fact, to some are the Alon is possibly the last man to see them alive. The last man, the last person is Aisha but the last man is massaman was explained why. So the Navi Salam arranges an army 3000 Sahaba. This is basically all the men of

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Medina, the fighting men, even Abu Bakr and Omar is in that army, and then he appoints Osama you are the general Sahaba like how he's like a kid. He's 1718 years old. And they argued invasion, Nabi Salam shoved him down. And he said to them, I love Osama like I love this father, and you know how much I love Zaid Sahaba, back to So nonetheless, Oussama in his army when when the navesink got sick, and the army stopped, and Abu Bakr left the army to come to Medina see what's happening. The Army's not knowing what to do. So the army is outside, and Osama comes back to the cities the general he comes back and he visits the Navi salaam, maybe an hour before he passes away. There'll

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be Salamis in his room, he's not able to speak with some laptops into the room and there'll be some just motions to him. I love you go and do your job. Don't worry about me go. You have a job to do. So sama goes and he leaves and the army is on his way to to fight the Romans. This is a part of the world then the news leeches that the problem has passed away. So the army comes back to Medina and they arrive in Medina Abu Bakr is the Khalifa and the the Sahaba all say look, this is not the right time to we are now fighting rebellion. Let's not send the army to fight the superpower of the world. We've got Medina as a threat now, they don't even know if Maca is gonna remain on this. Now,

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remember the people of Makkah, they just became Muslim recently they were conquered. What are they going to do?

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So we're gonna say Do you REALLY and this is why he is Abu Bakr he said You expect me the first job the first key I'm going to do is to go against the command did

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he authorize that army and I will not listen to anything else. If the his last instruction was to send this army I'm gonna send that army and if none of you are gonna go I'm gonna go alone picked up is what I'm gonna go alone so the Saba realize they're not going to talk about backing down. So the army with all the main the few of them remain behind like Cena was gonna say normalcy not either. The leadership remaining Medina and the army left to go and fight an international campaign when there was major problems internally. We might say this and the Sahaba in reality felt this was foolish, but they are keen of Abu Bakr was different. And before the army lift, he reminded them of

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the rules of engagement.

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A very important speech to Osama is it do not kill any child, a woman or any elder or sick person. Do not practice treachery, or mutilation meaning if you enter land and you sign an agreement, you must follow that agreement. Don't mutilate the dead people. Do not burn trees or cut down trees. Do not kill animals except to eat and do not fight. If one fights is brother, avoid slike the face so if the if there's a altercation within the ranks, let no one hurt each other. If you find people worshipping in the synagogue when the monastery the monks, leave him, Don't harm places of worship, and do not kill police. And do not destroy villages or towns or buildings or fields all of these

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things. And if you encounter the enemy, then pray to Allah to grant you security. Because and practice patience. And never ever use fire to hurt somebody is haram to burn someone is only Allah that may use fire and amongst you do good deeds, if good deeds, meaning do good deeds, and this will be your success, not how you fight the good deeds you do. And so the army leaves let's basically the entire male population of Medina. Medina is now vulnerable Subhan Allah and this was like a golden opportunity. The people the rebels realize Medina is empty. Let us go and attack Medina. This is if you look at Abu Bakr this caliphate only 27 months, very short two years and three months every

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month is a new crisis. In June he sends the army out

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In July news reaches and armies about to invade Medina and so

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he organizes whatever was left in Medina to go out and say look we really we were wants to have a invade Medina we are here come and let's fight say daddy and very important again said no and he was in the Army

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why important if say Nalli was just robbed of his caliphate, he's not going to sign up to fight under Abu Bakr his army.

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So the city of Medina is about to be invaded. And the Sahaba stepped out of Medina as a show of force. And the guy the Bedouins don't turn up. While this is happening, Osama is doing his thing with the permission of Allah. He goes all the way deep into Roman lands, and he is greatly successful.

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In somebody he came, he saw he conquered. And so when he returns after two, three months, this is a symbol to everyone. Look, these guys still have power in them. They just took on the United States of that time, and they won. So these guys have still muscle in them. But so no one is now ready to invade Medina, but the rebellion continues. And this opens a chapter in fact Abu Bakr The one is most well known his caliphate, is dealing with what we call the war of a leader. Read the you know, the word would

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mean, apostate. So this campaign for the next year and a half is going to be called the wars of America is going to deal with all these bullets, those who rebelled.

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So the news reaches that every way. In fact, the whole Arabian Peninsula, besides Medina and Mecca, Hamdulillah, Mecca remained the people of sight with the people of Makkah, Abu Abu Sufyan and all of them, they had a meeting to decide what are we going to do? Should we break away and go back to idol worship? Subhan, Allah and the sahabi.

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You know, if you know your history, he was the sahabi against the Navy serving the tiki for navy. Yeah, he was the the one who signed the agreement. He was opposed to the Muslims. Now he became a Muslim. And he was very eloquent. And so he gave a big speech. And he said to the Kurdish Quraysh, don't humiliate yourself twice. Number one, you will last to accept Islam. Men have yet to come and conquer you to accept Islam. Now don't also add you humiliation to be the first to leave Islam.

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And the people of Makkah, did you mean, so it was only really McCann Medina, and this ad called hijas, which was still on the authority of the caliphate.

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And if you look at the people who developed, they were not all the same kind. And we're gonna have to be able to do this this week. Next week, we'll talk about these wounds. There was a reader, you had those tribes, who basically went back to idol worship, and they rejected so they were Muslim. And they said, We don't We reject La ilaha illallah and they rebuilt the idols. So these are clear mutates, no one disputes, they will do that, and they must be fought. Then you had this new phenomenon of people claiming to be prophets. Why? Because they saw one was very successful of Hamas or Salam, and they wanted to be a copycat. So you add in almost every tribe, a man who would say,

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Well, ladies in prophetesses, that now we get revelation. And of course, the most famous of them is Muslim, I will talk about him. He was the most famous and the worst of them. So you had false prophets. So tribes went back to Janelia tribes were not following these false prophets, and they're very charismatic. They were getting huge following. And then you had a strange group of people who said, we are still Muslim. We still say the Kadima, we still say, Muhammad Rasul Allah, we still make surah. But we don't wanna play soccer. We will not play soccer. Why did I don't want to pay? So it's like saying,

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Hello, maybe if we couldn't do this, we'd say we were you the president. You in charge, but we're not going to play sauce.

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We will stop things. Okay, now. So the Sahaba were deciding what should we do? Abubaker is clear. We're gonna fight the apostates. We're gonna fight those went back to Jay Helia and the false prophets. We're gonna fight all of them. Everyone, we're gonna fight one of them. And so what about this group that doesn't play soccer? Sahaba said, Say normally

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very vocal saying, Look, we can't think on the world. Abubaker let us compromise with them. And we say to them, okay. It's not good enough to play soccer, but we'll deal with you later. Firstly, us fight these guys. back here again. He grabs a normal and he said, Where's the tough guy? You used to be the tough guy in jail. Yeah, everyone knows now in Putnam and

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I will not. I will not I will fight anyone who does not give one cent of the car that is new in Islam. I will fight them even if I must fight alone again, same line. And they sit down what can how can you fight them when they say the Kanima? So advocate, basically, I'm not fighting them as too far. I'm not saying that they are non Muslims, but they are rebelling against the Ummah and I will fight anyone who differentiates between Salah and Zakka. If anyone wants to bring about any Islam

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I'm without Zika I must find that men. And this is why we have and Islam, wherever you go in the world of five pillars very clear. In every other religion, you will find differences in the six because in the early days, you had this fragmentation of bugs, we're not going to tolerate that. We are not going to say it's okay that you make up your own stamp. If we say it's okay, you don't have to play soccer. This is gonna we're gonna say we don't want to catch that girl's gonna say we don't want to

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witness it stop. This is Islam, and you either in it or you're against it. Very, very stern story, very stern line. Now we all know that Abubaker the piece of meat mouth. This is not the America that

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that we have the idea of this is a very stern man of leadership, and he's willing to go alone, that this is the right thing to do. So he normally said we did not basically agree with Abu Bakr but, you know, he, he made the final decision. But ultimately we realized he was right. But he said he's gonna see what he did was the right thing to do.

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the most dangerous of these of course, with the false prophets, and then at least some said, and Hadith, that before the coming of Kiana, they will appear 30, that jalaun cada moon, there'll be 30 that gels, the tea, liars, the loss of them is the main that gel, and all of them the first thing they will do, one of the first things they will do is they will claim to be a prophet. So 30 Big, false prophets are going to occur until the big danger occurs.

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And Allah subhanaw taala revealed the verse which up until this point, the Sahaba had not fully understood this verse. Now it makes sense. And Allah says to the Muslims, yeah, you will Lavina Hammond OBD was Manyata admin, if any of you becomes monitored and Dini on the religion of Allah, then what's Allah gonna do? Allah says if you want to become more, let me show you what I'm gonna do. Well So for you, Allahu be comin you hit boom we hit Buddha. Allah says then I will send a people who Allah loves and they love Allah. They are humble and soft when it be between them. I didn't mean it between them. They are merciful, unkind and soft. Or is it an apple caffeine, and

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they are severe and they are brave in struggling against those against Allah subhanaw taala feasability law what are your half winner no matter law, and they have no fear against anything. With Allah talking about you.

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If you become more, I'm gonna send you people that love Allah and He loves Allah loves him, and he will fear no one is gonna fight with everything is without any fear. This is Abu Bakr. Many of the scholars mentioned this idea is Abu Bakr in personification. He is not going to worry about anything is going to fight in the path of Allah. Veronica for Allah you will tema Yasha. And this is the father Allah gives to some people who Allah was You are not even Allah is wide and giving His bounties. So this is the beginning of the woods reader. And we're going to end with this last point. What is the strategy with even cliffhanger? But there are 10 provinces at the same time that are the

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betting 10 barbarians all over the Muslim ummah. So how about only a few 1000? What are we going to do? Our kid decides, and this is what consultation hard money. This is where Hardin Valley becomes famous this this war, this campaign. He says, Let's fight all of them at the same time. We are going to engage all of them so that they don't join up into again 10 armies are gonna go out to keep them separated. And we're gonna have one major army, we'll take them off one by one. We'll keep them separated. And then we're going to send Khalid Malik with the head of the army to take them off one by one, and within one year inshallah we'll see how this one's a success. We continue next week with

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the lab

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in sha Allah, few announcements, actually not many announcements, just announcement that another Jihad tomorrow I'll meet entreaties tomorrow for the singles and make dua for the brothers and sisters. I mean, what's Allah? Mohammed? Salim handle Arabic Arabic Santa Monica