Yasir Qadhi – The Day of Judgement – Ep.04

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation covers various topics related to the Hadith, including the use of the term "verifiable" in various media, the history of the phrase "verifiable" in scripture, and the potential for a culture of Yoth and the importance of honoring individuals during judgment. The speakers also discuss the potential problem of recounting history and the need for people to remember the truth, while also discussing the use of clothing for recounting events and the importance of honoring individuals during judgment.
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salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was so happy about where did we finish last time? Can you remind me? What did we do last time?

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Yeah, but what part of it because there's so many things that we need to do because I wasn't able to finish it we talked about

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the So what did we can we finished that is going to be only most likely only two times right? We had mentioned that the name of the trumpet blower is this Rothfield despite the fact that it is not mentioned in a authentic hadith linked with this Rafi. But we have other ideas about this. I also mentioned that our Prophet system authentically told us that his raw field has lifted the trumpet and has taken his breath that in one hand Ethan was satirical and how come our Prophet system said that since Allah azza wa jal assigned him the job is that our field has not blinked out of fear that if he blinks the command will be given. And because of this, he said, his throat fields eyes are

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glazed like pearls like diamonds, they're glazed, they are just completely now numbed over because he has never blinked since Allah assigned him this. So his Seraphin has been assigned. This is something that is very clear in this regard. So the next point that we want to shout out to either do is the issue of whether the angels will die when the Trumpet is blown or not, whether the angels will die, whether the trumpet is blown or not, between the trumpets being blown. Now the popular opinion amongst most of the Muslim masses, and even most of our scholars who wrote about this issue is that the angels will in fact die. And this is something that we hear all the time in popular

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culture. And in fact, one of our scholars by the name of Alma, now we who is a relatively recent late medieval scholar is only two 300 years ago. And now we wrote a commentary of your mama suit his book called Jamia cilip, and it is one of the largest books of Hadith ojama, salad and Alma now, we wrote a commentary of that book. So can you imagine how large that is? So, now we, in that commentary, he wrote that there is unanimous consensus that the angels will die, along with all of the creation. But you see, this brings us to the very important point that not everybody who claims unanimous consensus is true. And one needs to do more research, but it is true to say, a large group

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of people and also the Muslim masses, the the popular culture is that even the medical most is going to die, and Jabra is going to die. So if it is going to die himself, what is there evidence for this? of their evidences, first and foremost of their evidences is, number one, the generality of the Quranic verses that everything and everyone will die and perish. And there are a number of evidences who can give me some of these evidences from the Quran that everything will perish khulumani they have fun, okay, why ever call what hoorah because God will a chrome Okay, this is one evidence and also Allah subhana wa tada says, kulu Shea in Harlequin Illa watch her who this is sort

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of hot sauce, verse 88, everything shall be destroyed except for the word of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And from these general verses, a number of our early scholars derive that yes, even the angels will perish of them is portada. The students have been abuzz and Moke McCarty one of the earliest movers soon ever more cartel died 158 euro, this is very early Auto Body die 310. So that's double the age. Nobody is much after if you look at this party, that 150 euro tafsir that is the earliest printed Tafseer that we have of the Quran, and it's a very interesting one and it has its pros and cons. So Makati also said that this verse implies even the angels will die which one could Lucia and

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Harlequin Illa watch and a number of other mofa students said the same thing. There's another evidence as well. And this is an evidence that is found in a very long Hadeeth in the most

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So the recovered hacking, which is extremely weak, but there is a phrase in it, that the melodica that are with Allah will die. There's a long Hadith, and there is this phrase in it, but this tradition is extremely weak. So there's no authority we can be given. And there is a third evidence that the angels will die as well. And this is the evidence that goes back to the Hadith I mentioned last class and I said that I would begin this class with this hadith. Remember that one, that I said in the last class that there is a very, very famous rabbinical theory says, it is a hadith wish to hear Yanni everybody knows about it, even though it's not, it's something that is very, very

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problematic. And this had he

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has been absorbed in popular culture. And that's why I wanted to simply then reference it. And I said last class that I would translate the entire Hadith. However, this hadith is so long, it is almost of this print that I have 20 pages long, that it would not be feasible to translate. And even the fact that you have one Hadith that is that long, is very, very problematic. And I need to just go into a brief tangent over here, this Hadeeth Firstly, it is not found in any of the books that even students of knowledge or beginning students of knowledge will be familiar with, we have to understand Hadeeth is a very complicated science. And I can, I can understand why people are so

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confused about this issue of Hadeeth and life or death. And people are just totally confused about this. And I have an undergraduate degree in heavy so I understand why it is so confusing. We need to understand how the compilation was a human effort. Hadeeth compilation was a human effort. And we are familiar with the more famous and the more pristine and the more accurate books, and almost every Muslim is aware of the cannabis sector. And almost everybody who hears the next level, Mr. De mama hammered mustard, aka Valhalla, Kim sona.me, you've heard it even in my lectures, very few people, even students of knowledge go beyond 10 1112 books. But in reality, there are hundreds,

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hundreds, no exaggeration of books that were written in the first 400 years of Islam, in which the authors attempted to compile a hadith. And the majority of them are of mediocre effort or subpar effort, which is why people don't care about them. Unless they're very advanced scholars of Hadith, the majority of them are done by people that weren't even a fraction like Imam and body or like in my Muslim Brothers, and their names are not known. Also, the majority of them didn't really care to verify they just want to collect. And to give you an example of what I'm talking about.

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what's a good example, like when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, there was something called the National Enquirer, tabloid magazine, but I guess most of you youth are unfamiliar with it. So I don't want to mention a bad blog or something. But imagine some blog that just compiles all rumors and scandals. Okay. Imagine something that is just no verification, just gossip, there must be some type of blog. I just don't know. And neither do I want to mention to verify or to what I don't want to popularize it. But you you can understand that it's a gossip blog, compared to the New York Times, both are online. Both are one click away. But is there any similarity between the New York

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Times and its authenticity versus these blogs? Right? So we need to understand, many authors of that era are simply compiling what people are saying. They're not interested in verification. The New York Times has a prestige it needs to live up to, okay. These publications, the economists, for example, or any mainstream, reputable publication, it has established itself like your mom and body did by a verification process, whereas others, they're just doing it for popularity for clicks. There were people who wanted it to be popular and they just collected and there was a phenomenon that greatly contributed to the popularization of bizarre Hadeeth This phenomenon is kind of stories

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still around to this day, but to a different level. This phenomenon was known the phenomenon of storytellers or sauce, storytellers, okay. They would tell stories of a Islamic nature and they became more popular than the aroma and the preachers dare I say

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There's an element of this still very well known tabloid and refutations. And stupidity generally brings more clicks than academic talks. This is the reality of things. This is the way human beings are. So they were storytellers. They would go around Masjid to Masjid, and they would establish reputations, and they wouldn't care if it's authentic or not. Their goal is popularity because after they finished, people would give them money and they would get fame and they would move on and on. So this particular long narration is from one of it's the one of the people in this chain is one of the most famous storytellers of Medina, of the 150 hedgerows. This was the era of storyteller fame.

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This was the era where people are becoming well known for narrating, and this is a very, very lengthy Hadeeth, quote, unquote, Hadith. It's very weak, but because number one, it is so detailed, number two, and this is what urban hedgerow urban Cathedral says many of its phrases are verifiable. ie the storyteller did a little bit of research and he compiled from the Quran and from authentic ahaadeeth and then he kind of filled in the gaps if you like. Okay, so many phrases of this are verifiable. And because it is so vivid and graphic, this very long Hadith became accepted in many books written in the fifth six, seven eighth 10th centuries, up until popular hold the buzz of our

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times. And I just wanted to mention certain things about this soap, where is this quote unquote, Hadith narrated? I'll give you some names. And again, even the students of knowledge that are just beginning would never have heard of these of them is even a bit dunia in his guitar, but one of them is going to be had a minister of them is a boy in his Muslim authority in his seat has a shortened version of it. Alleluia In short, pseudocode and abortion in his GitHub and Obama, which is the one I'm going to be using an album is a book that was written 369 digital and the name of the author is abuzz shame on us for honey. Most people have never heard of this. Even students of knowledge are

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not too worried as a five volume book of traditions about guitar one album of the grandeur of Allah the majesty of Allah how majestic is Allah subhana wa Tada. The whole book is about a hadith are meant to amaze you Kitab an album of Abhishek, and he has in it suffer to a Seraphin, the chapter regarding his Rafi and he has all of these interesting bizarre majority of them week narrations Okay, so this hadith I just wanted to quote you a bit so we don't have time to translate this Hadeeth begins at page 821 and it finishes in my edition and page 830 838 so a 21 to 838 this is the one had the Can you imagine? I don't I wish I was there is no time to do all of this but it is I

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went through today it's very, very interesting. I wish we could do it. But anyway, I just wanted to quote you the beginning of it. So

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allegedly avoided I said that the Prophet system said that Allah subhana wa tada after he finished creating the heavens and earth He created the creation, he created the throw the trumpet, and he handed the trumpet to his Seraphin and his Seraphim has forever remained staring at the throne of a law waiting until Allah will command him. Now some of these phrases are authentic, we already quoted those ahaadeeth. Right.

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Abu hurayrah said, O Messenger of Allah, what is the trumpet? We must saw, the prophet system said, corn, a horn that is blown into a bow, what I said, How is it? The Prophet system said it is huge, massive, I swear by the one who controls my soul, that one circle of the trumpet pause here, if you look up even the Jewish show for trumpet, it goes in circles, right? It goes like this, right? So it's the the torn goes like this. Okay? So one circle, or one circuit of this horn, is as vast as between the heavens and the earth. Again, we see the storytelling Here we see the exaggeration This is not known from any Hadith, but it's found here. Imagine if you are a person in Baghdad in the

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second century, and somebody's narrating this, you're going to be mesmerized, right. And this goes for 20 pages, you can go on here. And it's Seraphin will blow three times Remember last week last class we mentioned the evidence for three times. This is the most explicit evidence it's Rafi will blow three times nuff control fuzzer knows how to swipe left control key. This is where that evidence is coming from literally it lists it the first time when it safiya blows, everybody will be terrifying.

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FIDE like Allah says in the Koran, my own Luna laughs I had to say that a mother has been for a while, and the second time and then the earth will tremble. And then he goes on and on. And then the Buddha asked him about the dead people. The Prophet system said, the ones who are dead will not hear that trumpet the first trumpet, and they will be in their graves at peace. And it goes on until he says his Rafi will then be told to blow it for the third time and this will be the no sorry for the second time the photo sorry the second time and this will be the enough that all who are in the heavens and earth will fall down dead, except to whom Allah pleases, then the molekule mode will

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come to a law and he will say, Oh a law all the people of the heavens and earth have died, except whom you have allowed to live. A low will say who has left the medical mode will say you are left because you are the hey who does not die and the carriers of the throne are left and jubran L is left and Mika he is left and I am left. Allah will say oh GB then Mika l dI. So the outage will say Oh Allah, you will cause Jupiter either Mikael to die and Allah will say, Be quiet. For I have written that all who are under the throne shall die. So Jabra Elan is and Mika, he will die, then the medical mode will come and he will say Oh Allah, I have taken your job right and Nika in Allah

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will say who has left he will say you are left to Allah and the carriers of your throne and I am left you see where this is heading. Okay, one by one. Everybody's gone until who's going to be left molekule mode and Allah now pause here. How many of you have heard this in popular culture and hold up and to lose? This is the evidence right here. Okay, as even Kathy have said, The Hadeeth is well known how many of you it has trickled down to such that it is the popular vernacular, even last class somebody raises and says yeah, but isn't this gonna happen? So where'd you get it from? And he didn't know I said, this is where you got it from. This is where you get it from, no one will be

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left until Melaka Moulton Allah and then Allah azza wa jal will say, to the medical moat, and to Hulk Iron Man Hulk, you are a creation that I have created. And so I am telling you to die, and so medical most will die, and then no one will be left except at wha Hayden. I had a summit lay Sebby wilded in Walla, Walla, Canada, heaven kumbhakarna a woman and there will be no one left and then Allah will say with his voice and a loud voice leemon in muncul, Yom and then finding no one to respond, Allah xojo will answer himself lilla Hill wha Ha, ha ha. And then the Hadith goes on. And almost all of us have heard this portion of the Hadith as well. Okay. Now, as we said, this hadith

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without a doubt is not authentic, no scholar has ever made it authentic. And from beginning to end, there are issues about it, but as even Kathy said, there are phrases that are authentic in it. Now, the therefore in this Hadeeth there is an evidence that the angels will die correct, we just went over it all the angels will die. These are the three evidences use that the angels will die. Number one, the generalities of the Quran. Number two, a very weak Hadith number three, a very weak Heidi, is there any authentic evidence therefore, that the angels will die? Clearly not? Has there been an alternative opinion? Yes, there has been an alternative opinion. And there have always been small

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groups of people that have challenged this, of the earliest of them, his authority and his stuff, see, who mentioned in more than one place that the angels will not die, and of them is the famous and the Lucien scholar, one of the most

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ingenious and eccentric minds to ever come from and others have been hesitant. And I have said many times before, that underlords produced a very different caliber of roadmap, the roadmap and the lists are very different than the mainstream world. And the reason for this was obvious. And that is because Andalus was a mixing of cultures and those you had people of different backgrounds all coming together. And so the minds that come from there are very, very atypical, they're eccentric, their genius. Sometimes they're a little bit on the bizarre side. And they also have amazing contributions that the oma did not get from the east, from Baghdad from Damascus. And this is

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something very interesting. And I say insha Allah to Allah. This also shows that sometimes being outside of the center actually brings about a lot of good as well. Sometimes being in a place and the land and you get where I'm heading from this where there's an intermixing of cultures where science is different.

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For a level, it'll make you think differently. And it'll make you realize things outside the box that you don't see when you're inside the box. And under those is the classic example of this. It'd been hasm wrote in his famous book, and freestyle Phil Miller Lee, would ya when the *, which is a five volume book about all of the groups of Islam ever from the time of the Prophet system up until his time 400 years of Islamic history and theology, all the different fidlock he has them there. And he mentions and all the different opinions. And he mentioned about the death of the angels, what the people have said, and he says in that book, volume four, page 21.

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There is no explicit evidence, nor is there a GMR that the angels will die. If there was an evidence, I would have said this, but there's no delete or bohan that causes us to believe that they will die. And that is actually against common doesn't make sense they will die but has a mistake doesn't make sense. Because gender is a place where there is no death, and the angels we know will be in gender, and they were created in gender and they shall live in gender the same he says for the who don't are in why would the children in die? And Moti says death is the separation of the body from the soul meaning the angels don't have a body and the soul How will death happen and our

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prophets are seldom explicitly said the angels have been created from light so what will be exiting what When the angels are not body and soul and quote have been hasn't been hasn't been saying? Who said angels die? And notice another great scholar says there's a Jima that angels die just because the scholar said something doesn't mean anything and everything the research or the academic needs to go deeper than this. And we have as well, a very interesting point by an early scholar of Deaf seed Allah Heidi who died in the fourth century of the hedgerow and why Heidi he wrote a book on tafsir known as rabindra Zoo and even though he didn't explicitly talk about the the trumpet and the

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angels, he does mentioned the angels will live forever. And he derives this from a verse in the Quran very interesting. I found this very interesting, and why he says that when it beliefs came to Adam and tempted Adam to eat of the tree, what did he say to Adam

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in an takuna Molokini out akuna Minal Hadith in the reason why Allah told you to not eat of this tree is that if you eat, you will become angels, or you will become those who live forever. And while he says, because angels live forever and do not die.

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Okay, so the interesting derivation that Adam knew, Adam knew that angels don't die if the angels died, what will be the temptation to eat of the tree, I found this very interesting delille that he thinks the angels do not die. And some rula have also said that the angels do not die based upon the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim multifocal a Bosnian Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the famous Hadith, Ruby Exotica la de la ilaha illa Allah de la jolla moot while Gino will ensue your Moton, I seek refuge in You and in your glory over law, you are the one who is La Ilaha Illa and you are the one who does not die and the jinn and

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the die. Now, what is the evidence from this hadith

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He did not say melodica He did not say melodica he said the jinn and the ins die. And this type of extraction you should learn this bit of an advanced with solid filk It is called my formal mohyla it is the derivation based upon the opposite implication. The fact that the angels are not mentioned this is the performance not the man talk, he did not say the angels do not die, he was quiet and he could have made even he should have if the angels are going to die. He said the ins and the jinn die

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and he didn't say anything else. But you see when you're going to mention this you would typically say the incident agenda melodica. But he didn't but but whom and the evidence is derived from a form are generally considered to be extremely tenuous and weak for many reasons. And he didn't mention the the animals will die even though we know they die. So my form is not a strong evidence in and of itself, but it is something that has been added to this list. Now, in the end of the day.

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Not only is there no explicit evidence whether the angels will die or not the fact of the matter and I'm somebody

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Toto this bluntly, there is no tangible benefit in knowing whether the angels die or not. It doesn't change our Iman. Nor did Allah subhanho wa Taala tell us explicitly to believe in this or that, but you should know, there is no evidence that the angels die at all. There's no authentic evidence. And frankly, I am sympathetic to even hasm that,

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there's, I mean, the the inhabitants of the gender between the two trumpets, it has nothing to do with them. They're a different world, the Trump it has to do with our world, not the world of gender and the people of gender. Will the Hillman agenda die? Will the children in die between the two trumpets? Not that it matters but I mean, what what why would the wisdom be there? Now somebody will say, but doesn't the Koran explicitly tell us lemonade Molko yom lillahi wa had alcohol and we say go back to the verse. Go back to the verse suta hoffa, verses 15 to 17. Look it up.

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Allah says in the Quran, Allah Fira de la gente hula she you will curl him and Emily here and emanation nearby the Luna regelmatig Allah, that Allah azza wa jal is the one who raises the ranks the one who owns the throne, the one who sends gibreel to whomever he wants of his creation, to warn them of the Day of Judgment Yama talathi, the day they will meet one of the names of Judgment Day yo Mattel RP, yo ma home daddy zone, on that day, they will be in front of everyone. Like follow him in home shade, nothing will be hidden in front of Allah azza wa jal and then Lima Neil muku Leone, Lila halwa.

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To whom does the kingdom belong today to allow the water the Baja Aloma to juice coluna fcmb Makassar but today, everyone will get what they have earned and deserve now, today today today, all of this is this before the trumpet or after the trumpet

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after the trumpet is blown, not between the two trumpets. Okay. So, to be clear, the Koran does not indicate that Allah will say limonade Merkel yom there will be dead silence, then Allah will answer himself because no one else responded. Lila has had an aha. Is that plausible to extract from the verse? Yes, it is plausible. And if you look up the classical tifosi and I looked up one of my favorites of series and one that is highly underrated even though it is a beautiful book. It is imminent. Josie is a book of No, Josie was a great scholar of the 506 century of the hedgerow and he was a polymath. He wrote books and Hadith and books and of seed and books and filk books in Al

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Qaeda. And he has a nine volumes of C which is I personally benefit from it immensely. And I find it to be one of the most useful to use for me, it's something that is very original and it is called saddle Mercier and it will Josie and his other machine. He says that this phrase Lehman in Moodle, Coolio, everybody says that this will be uttered after this world, but they have different when upon two opinions. The first of them is that this will be said when basically between the two trumpets, when no one will be able to respond. And so Allah will respond to himself. Limited Volkl yom Allah will say the law had widen nakahara and the second opinion is that this will happen on the Day of

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Judgment, meaning after the second trumpet on the Day of Judgment, meaning after the trumpet. And if you look up other books of cod you find he is absolutely correct. For example, even Abbas said, and this is off the seat of the setup, it's not a headache, even my boss said, once all who are in the heavens and earth are created or destroyed, and only Allah is left alone will say Lehman in Maluku, Leone, and no one will be there to respond. So Allah will respond upon himself and Allah will say, Lila hahahahaha. And that is an opinion. Therefore, according to an Ibis, therefore this is between the two trumpets. However, a number of other authorities including our thought and had been rude,

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they said that this is going to happen after the second trumpet meaning on the Day of Judgment, and even Massoud said, Allah subhana wa tada will gather all of the creation on the Day of Judgment. And

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the very first announcement to be made will be an announcer who says, not Allah, to whom does the kingdom belong today?

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My name is Julian. And even Massoud said, all of the creation will respond when the angel says who does the kingdom belong to? And all of the creation will testify lilla Hill wha Ha, ha ha, he totally reverses the narrative, right? In Eben mushrooms version, an angel asks lemon in Mongolian, to whom does the kingdom belong? And who responds, the entire creation responds to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, bottom line

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between the two trumpets, we do not know. And nor does it make a difference in our a man who will still remain alive. Some have said that the entire creation will be destroyed. But there's no evidence for this. And some have said, No, only this world and its inhabitants will be destroyed. As for the angels and the people of the heavens, there is no need to destroy them. And while there is no explicit evidence, they do have the default that that is the one that makes the more sense. And in any case, we conclude this section before we move on to the next one by saying

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by saying what, it doesn't make much of a difference, but it is an interesting intellectual exercise, is it not? We go through and we see why people say what can we get an understanding of why people say what they do, we'll only do another 10 minutes and then call it a day inshallah. Tada. The next section, we're going to begin and continue next week is the issue of the hash of the issue of the hashes. So we finished the trumpet. Now, the first issue on our list was the trumpet. The next is the hash. And the hash is clearly linked to and right after the trumpet. There is no controversy over the order of the trumpet and the hasher whenever the second or the third depending

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on which option you follow. And by the way, there is even opinion this is four and I just left it out, because how much do you want I mean, this is an advanced class, but not that advanced some rule am I even said four trumpets, I just let that go. Two or three is the most you should be knowing Oh, but some of them I said for so the end trumpet when it is done. What is going to happen after the end trumpet, the hash of what is the hash of the Arabic word hash era means and it's such a deep verb, such a deep verb and only the Arabic language. The verbs are so deep. It means listen to this to intentionally gather. So it's not accidental people or entities who have been separated so

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they're not already there. For a higher purpose, three things. The word Hazara implies three things. Number one, that the gathering is done by a third party, it's done intentionally, doesn't just happen randomly. Number two, that the people that are gathered, were not there in the beginning, they are gathered, that is the whole hashtag. And number three, they're not just gathered, for no reason. They're gathered for a goal for a purpose. So for example, and the Quran has this meaning for non judgement date versus for example, in suta nemaline. So they Suleiman calls all of his army and entourage of animals and jinn and beasts, and our soldiers to parade a war parade and what word

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is used? Well, Hiroshi ra bluesoleil, mana Juno de homina Jean Nouvel ncwa worship, this is Heschel. He is the one calling them they weren't together. And there is a purpose. This is a war parade now, right? So this is Hasha. Allah uses in this for this meaning and the story around when Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that Pharaoh and wanted to execute Musa or do a debate with him and whatnot. So the

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the entourage or the visitors of Freetown said why don't we do it on the day of our celebration? Let's have this debate when there's an EEG going on, or the moment to calm yo Musina T one you Sharon na pseudo ha, okay. Let us have our debate on the day of our celebration. On this day, everyone will be gathered your shadow, right, this is how sharp they have been gathered by the Federal there's a gathering going on, everybody is going to be there and there's going to be a higher purpose of celebration. This is what has showed is so Allah calls the first act of the Day of Judgment hasha and

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over 35 times in the Quran. Allah references the hash of 35 around that exact around 35 times Allah subhana wa tada mentions passion and is

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Especially in the context of, for example, why limo under Camila Hito Sharon know that you will be gathered in front of him or by him and to him. So there are many verses in the Quran and of them as well is one that links the hasher with the trumpet immediately. And this is important because and also also logical. What's the first thing that's going to happen when the Trumpet is going to be blown? Everybody's going to come and gather that's the hash. So in pseudo ta hovers 102. Allah subhana wa tada says, yo, Wilma Yun philhealth is sorry, when I shuru Yo, yo, yo wanna shuru immediate the day that the Trumpet will be blown? And we will then gather them would you remain

00:35:44 --> 00:36:39

we're either going to gather them on that day, so the hasher will come right after nuclear officer and that's something that is logical and, and common, like what else is it going to be other than the hash and the hash? Well, we'll begin with a gentle and persistent rain. The hash it will begin with rain falling, not to torrential rain, but a gentle rain that is going to rain for Allah knows how long the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, in a hadith in Sahih Muslim thermoset Allahu taala mataranka hotelu will fatten Buta men who don't know us, then Allah will send down rain, as if it is a cloud or a you know, a pail is like a mound, not a mountain. It's like a good quantity but in a

00:36:39 --> 00:37:33

gentle way, Allah will send water down and from this water, the bodies will grow back and become full again. So water was used to create us. Allah says in the Quran, hora colada but remember, water was used in the initial creation and it will then be used in the second creation as well. Allah will send water to the earth and from that water that comes in one Hadith which is slightly weak, it says the water will come from under the throne of Allah subhana wa Tada. So a water that is of a divine source will come and it will then cause mankind to grow out back as they work, it will cause mankind to come forth from their graves. So the bodies will be recreated with that water coming down and the

00:37:33 --> 00:38:04

sand that they were in or the soil that they were in, just like we were first created from the combination of water and soil water and sand right? Allah says in the Quran that we created man from water and we created man from Deen from clean from cleaning lazyboy and clean elizab is mud. And Allah says we created mud from Rob to rob is dry sand right so Allah says we created man from water we created man from dry then what is water and dry sand together clean in

00:38:05 --> 00:38:17

muddy water right this is muddy stuff and then after this solid solid in color for hot salt, salt is hardened clay when you take that mud and you harden it that is solid solid.

00:38:18 --> 00:39:09

That is salsa to reverberate salsa is literally that sound is salsola. So anyway, that's a different thing. So the point is that Allah is saying he sends the water down and the water will then cause the bodies to come. And this bodies coming out of the graves is explicitly referenced in the Quran multiple times multiple times. Perhaps the most explicit one is by using the phrase by Sara by Sarah which is mentioned at least three or four times in the Quran of Allah Allah either born Rama Philco bore way the Guru berthiot and by thora means the earth is turning over and shaking. The earth is going Helter Skelter. So when the person is going to come out, what's going to happen to the earth,

00:39:09 --> 00:39:56

the earth that is around him, that's by Thoreau, either through birth Iraq, when the cover will the earth that has solidified it will just go around everywhere and therefore what why will that happen? Because the body is coming out. Okay, so the body will come out and Allah mentions will either Bora Bora heroes have had I am either born here or marfil aboard and of course the body coming out of the grave and coming out from the Earth and the Sun. This is exactly what Allah says in the Quran, which is the famous verse that is the culture of our religion to say when somebody is very min ha ha lakanal come wafi hand or Edo con woman How did you come to Ratan O'Hara from this you will create

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

it from sand and clay and water and we are going to return you to

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

To this, and then we shall cause you to come out one more time from the same creation. And so this shows us that the bodies will be recreated. Obviously, our actual physical bodies will become dust, they're going to perish, then a law will recreate the bodies come up, but what the * can he do who like we created you in the beginning, we shall recreate you again, there shall be a second recreation and that is why Allah says in the Quran, well, who will lead the yerba the old hollowcore from your ego, who will who won't do it, and he created the creation once in the beginning, and then he shall do it all over again. And it will be even easier for him. This is the doing it the second

00:40:50 --> 00:41:39

time, this is the re creation that every one of us will be recreated afresh, but we will be in our shotgun our forms, but it will be a second creation. And Allah says like we did it once we are going to do it again. And as the people come out of their graves, we learn that they will come out in different manners. One thing will be the same in all of them. And that is that when they come out of their graves, they will come out as our Prophet Allah said, I'm said Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim to Sharona, he'll fatten or rotten Hola. You will be resurrected. Hellfire, fatten hillforts means not wearing any shoes who farts means barefoot, or rot.

00:41:40 --> 00:42:27

naked, naked without any clothes. Hola. Hola is a word that there is no actual equivalent in English, but the closest is uncircumcised. ie before you circumcise the child, it is horrible. It is uncircumcised or before you serve as an animal or whatever it is. So circumcision changes the status of water, and aurilla is basically you are not going to be circumcised, ie the way that you were originally. And that's what Allah says, Come out, but that now what the * can you do? Who the way that you were first created, but you won't be a baby, you're going to be a full person. And when he said this, he said Dr. rasulillah, the men and the women will be naked. Won't they be staring at one

00:42:27 --> 00:42:34

another? one day be staring at one another. And the profitsystem said, Oh, Doctor of a sudden

00:42:35 --> 00:42:39

he would call his wife this lovingly adventus the daughter of a sadistic

00:42:41 --> 00:43:29

The matter is much more terrifying than that. The matter is much more terrifying than that. Meaning, you know when there's a tsunami wave coming you're not worried about these things. When the genuine terrorist strikes May Allah protect us an earthquake is happening. You are not concerned about anybody else is just enough. CFC enough See, right? Oh, Isha. The matter is much more terrifying than people are going to be caring about anybody else. Nobody cares what anybody else will be look like. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in an authentic hadith, that the first person to be the first person to be resurrected is me, I will be the first person to come out of the

00:43:29 --> 00:43:44

grave. So out of all of the creation, our Nabi sallallahu Sallam will be the first to stand up. And he said in another Hadith, that the first person to be clothed is

00:43:47 --> 00:44:01

Ibrahim and is a very good is it for him. So I will talk about this and shallow data next week about some of the wisdoms over here. Now, before I conclude. So the general rule is that everybody will be resurrected.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:33

barefoot, naked and uncircumcised. Now, there is a slight potential problem in that our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was sent them authentically said a number of times to a number of scenarios that, for example, the Shahid that bury him in his clothes, keep those clothes on, because he shall be resurrected. And

00:44:34 --> 00:44:37

the blood will be smelling like

00:44:38 --> 00:45:00

Musk, and the wounds will be the center. And he said to the one in Iran, who died, there was a famous incident that has a lot of faith in it, that when the process was going for hedge, one of the judge his his his camel, went back and he fell down and the Campbell is like 10 feet high. He fell on

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

His head and died. So the profitsystem said, this is the fifth of when you die in, ROM, bury him.

00:45:09 --> 00:45:12

Does anybody know in his head on

00:45:13 --> 00:45:39

bury him in his or her arm. And that means his head is not going to be covered because he's in the state of Iran, for he will be resurrected. In that state pronouncing the LBL a big Aloma debate is Iran will still be there. Now, why is this problematic? How is this problematic? Because the first heading says what? that everybody should be resurrected, naked. And then we have a number of studies that say these clothes will be

00:45:41 --> 00:45:45

will be there on Judgement Day. Okay, how do we reconcile?

00:45:47 --> 00:45:59

Okay, one opinion is exception. But the problem with this comes our profits are some said the first person to be given clothes is going to be Ibrahim.

00:46:01 --> 00:46:03

If anybody had an exception, we the prophets.

00:46:04 --> 00:46:06

Okay, so anybody else have a guest here?

00:46:12 --> 00:46:14

resurrected earlier? Yes.

00:46:21 --> 00:46:52

So this is an interpretation, Mashallah brother has an interpretation that the Shahada are alive. But of course, and some have said this. But of course, this is problematic in the sense that will not the Shahada be resurrected on judgment day and come on judgment day and be judged, even if their judgment is easy, even if they're gonna free pass, won't they come physically on Judgement Day, they will. So some have said this, but it doesn't quite solve the issue, I'll just give you the response, that seems to be the most obvious one to me and two other odema as well, and that is that

00:46:53 --> 00:47:42

they will all be resurrected naked, but the clothes that they will be given will be these clothes of the dunya. And in this dunya, they might have been cheap or whatnot. But in the era, it will be a badge of honor. In the AF era, the fact that 99.9999% are naked, and only the moon, as we're going to discover will be given close, right? And now imagine if you see somebody in their home, on the day of judgment, obviously that's going to be a sign of honor, like Allah is honoring him that on this day, you're wearing your hat on, right. So they will be resurrected naked, but the clothes they're going to be given will be the clothes that they died in and they are instructed. So the

00:47:42 --> 00:48:16

mortar and D and the moharram Okay, these are the two and that the main ones that that the process have told us they should be buried in their clothes, let them they because they will be become badges of honor on the Day of Judgment. So this is an interpretation that brings both of these ahaadeeth together and Eliza knows best we have to continue this but time is up. So inshallah tada we will stop here and open the floor for some q&a and then inshallah continue next was indicted any quick questions about today's lecture Bismillah? Yes.

00:48:22 --> 00:48:25

We're getting there. That's gonna be next week and his brother's good.

00:48:35 --> 00:48:36

Okay, so

00:48:38 --> 00:48:42

whether javeed asks that those who say the angels will not die?

00:48:43 --> 00:49:10

How do they reconcile with the fact that only a lot is a hate? And an Oh, well, and an octave? And yeah, because no one else is in Buffy. Yep. Whether it was name is about there or not, is another controversy. So, the response to this is that how do you respond to the fact that once we are resurrected, we will never ever, ever, ever perish?

00:49:11 --> 00:49:19

However you respond to that is the exact same response that can be given to the angels because the angels were created at some point in time.

00:49:21 --> 00:50:00

And they're then going to live forever. We to the Muslim and the cafr, after our resurrection, will have that same eternal life, right, that eternal life is one direction unidirectional, it is not a teach you some two English words sempiternal and post eternal, okay, these are fancy schmancy terms, pre eternity and sempiternal if you like eternity before, eternity after, so Allah azza wa jal is pre and cemp both a lot as well as a woman. No other creation is both right. All creation has a beginning.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:17

No one is an O one right? And therefore, since no one is an O one, there can be no one there was no 101 except Allah. We are not allowed here because we didn't have an O one we were created, who will a 101?

00:50:18 --> 00:50:25

So the answer to that is as I have said, sisters, any questions before we conclude inshallah tada? Yes, sister You are very, that you'll have to speak loudly.

00:50:51 --> 00:51:43

So, sister, will you hear when we talked about the buzzer is the first lecture of the buzzer for the second one I talked about the soul. And I mentioned it is a common misunderstanding that the soul is a part of a law and I said this is not Islam. When Allah says wonderful huffy Hema rule, hey, Allah breathed the row into Adam his role, his role here is not the role of a law. It is a creation that Allah has called the ruler. And Allah has said this creation is mine. Not that it is a laws row, Allah does not have a row Allah is not like us. So this notion of a part of divinity being inside of us. This is not a notion that is a part of Islam. In fact, this is something that is known as

00:51:43 --> 00:51:55

Gnosticism gn o s t icsm. Gnosticism. agnosticism is an ancient philosophical trend that has many manifestations and

00:51:56 --> 00:52:05

you can look that up but it is not Islam. The rule that a law blew into Adam is a created rule. It is not

00:52:06 --> 00:52:17

a rule that is divined from Allah. Is that clear? Okay, inshallah It is getting late. So inshallah we'll stop here. We'll continue Sharla next Wednesday is Aqua loca somebody catches

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in Indonesia. Salah

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Do The Angels Die?

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