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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My beloved children, we're living in a world and we're sharing this world with so many other creatures. So Allah tells us think about the fact that you're not alone on Earth, you're sharing it with so many other creatures. You know, we speak about pollution, we speak about carbon dioxide, have you seen the cars that move the trucks sometimes, and the fumes come out, the people who smoke and all the smoke comes up, and so many other ways that people are polluting the earth, they throw their rubbish, without recycling it, they might throw it in the river, they litter the place, and they don't care about other people, and they don't care

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about the future at all. They don't think for a moment that tomorrow, what might happen to this world, you know, so I'm sharing this world with so many other creatures imagine throwing a plastic into the drain, and it clogs the drain, and it causes a problem for people down the line. And it might find its way into the river or into the sea. And then you have a fish that has maybe swallowed the plastic and Subhanallah one wonders, the fish might die or any other creature, even the other animals that might be eating, and then they eat up this plastic. That's why we say don't throw the plastic down the drain. You rather throw it into the bin and try and use that which you can recycle.

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So that once you've used it, they can make it into something else. And someone else can use it as well. That's the best thing. So we are taught by Allah to be conscious of meaning to constantly think of the fact that I'm not the only one on Earth. This is why when you eat, eat, but don't waste, don't eat too much. Don't eat too much. You know, sometimes we are hungry, we see the food and your mom says what would you like to eat? And he says, I'll have four burgers. For burgers, you won't even be able to have half a burger. So why don't you start with one. And if you're still hungry, you can have another one. The same applies if you're dishing out in your plate, some food,

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you don't just take and take and take and fill your plate that it looks like the main dishing out bowl. No, that's not how it should be, you should take a little bit and if you want to take again, because you're thinking of the others as well. And don't waste your food.

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When you're finished eating, you need to look at whatever is left over and think about what's going to happen to that food are you going to eat it tonight or tomorrow, maybe it's not wrong to eat food that you ate, perhaps at lunch and have it again, you warm it up and have it again for supper. It's not wrong to do that. But some people don't do that. It's okay, so long as you don't waste it, you don't just throw it in the bin, you need to pack it all you need to think about the poor people around and how I can give this to them. And if you're living in a country where you cannot do that, then tell your mom to cook less, or tell your dad or whoever is going to order food. If you're

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eating takeaways to order less, you rather order less and finish the food, you achieve the blessing of Allah and to order a lot and waste the food and what will happen the angels. Allah subhanho wa Taala and even it's a waste for others, meaning Allah will be upset at the fact that you're wasting food in del Mobile Vereen, a candle one a shouting, Allah says in the Quran, those who are wasteful, they become brethren of shebang, Brethren of the devil, because the devil wastes you don't need to do that you shouldn't be doing that. So we're sharing this globe with everyone else. Today, I spoke about how important it is to actually preserve preserve the global meaning this globe so that more

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and more people can make use of whatever needs to be made use of insha Allah, be it food, be it electricity, be it whatever else it may be, try to preserve and try to go green as far as possible, what is the meaning of go green, I'd rather use that which is recyclable. I'd rather not

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pollute the whole world by my fumes. And whatever I'm doing that might be polluting the world, I need to minimize cut down, do a little bit even if you enjoy it. But remember, there can be no joy when others are going to suffer because of our actions. I can't do something and enjoyed knowing that another person is going to suffer because of what I just did now. So therefore, my beloved children think about this, we have to share this globe. And at the same time, we need to preserve the things within it to the best of our ability. Yes, maybe you can leave me a comment. If you're listening to this from my official YouTube channel of demand official. Leave me a comment at the

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bottom telling me what you do to preserve the globe and what changes you've made in your life. Whether you waste food or not, what you do when you're dishing out how much you take and so on. Even little

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Comment, I'll try my best to acknowledge it, and inshallah I pray that we've benefited from what I've said, until we meet again, my beloved children. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.