Knowledge and Arrogance

Mufti Menk


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people with a lot of knowledge and wealth are considered arrogant and not actually practicing their true values. They suggest that people should be empowered by others, and that they should be like the future leaders. The speaker also mentions past struggles with the age and the challenges of the future.
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You know, knowledge comes with a lot of arrogance when it isn't actually practiced upon in its correct way. So when you have knowledge, the most arrogant people are those who have a lot of wealth and those who have a lot of knowledge when it's not checked with luck. So that's why they belittle people, they call people names, they don't have value for someone they don't see the good a person does because of one thing they may disagree with, or they may not have understood or whatever, even if it's a disagreement, the way they actually cancel that person out completely. If that was the way the professor Sallam taught it to us, we would have to cancel everyone because everyone is actually

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flawed. But so how do I agree with you, I remember when I when I studied, you know, shift out one of our my machines told me that 95% of what you've studied is going to be for yourself only 5% you're going to be teaching others unless you're a specialized teacher. And that's a fact because I know we've read far and wide. I don't like to brag about what I've learned. I don't like to brag about the books. I know, I don't like to brag about the assignee that I have. I don't like to brag about these things. But you know what you got to be humble. People don't want to arrogance, the public will never listen to someone who comes across, arrogant in any way. You have to come across as one

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of them who's struggling with similar challenges. Even if you're not really struggling, make them feel like oh, I'm a guy just like you. We go through the same things and Come on, don't worry, inshallah, things will be fine. You know, so and encourage people empower people, I have a habit, I don't know if you might have picked it up. If I see people in the dour or in in anything, I will encourage them to the degree that I will purposely make them feel like they are superheroes and superstars. The reason is, they are the future leaders. It's not me. I'm here temporary. I mean, I've already clocked mid 40s. I'm about to clock 50. inshallah, and to be very honest with you, you

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know, the we're past our sell by date, by the will of Allah there are other people who are going to be taking on the challenges of the age when I say that, I mean, technological advancement is moving in leaps and bounds. It's not going to be easy for us to keep up, you know,