Muhammad West – Ten Secrets to Happiness

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of happiness beyond the current status is emphasized, along with the need to achieve success in life. The negative impact of negative emotions on health and satisfaction is also discussed. The importance of working hard and patient behavior is emphasized, as well as the need to focus on what one can control and personalizing one's life. The importance of fixing relationships and maintaining healthy relationships for one's life is emphasized, along with the need to be aware of one's happiness and positive relationships. The speaker also provides personal examples and promotes a free program for children to participate in.
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Reliable shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen satana Muhammad Ali, he was of mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah Allah, Allah will witness that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah, we send our greetings and love and salutations, whatever it may be Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, through spice and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow you soon, until the end of time, was the last panel data to grant steadfastness in this life to be upon the student of Navy Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that will lead to the ultimate success and happiness in the era. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, over the last couple of weeks we've been talking about, we've been talking about

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how to prioritize our lives, leaving a legacy, how to make the most of the little time that we have here we have a very short period of time on this earth, and how do we maximize that short period of time. And this leads into the sort of life lessons and we talked today inshallah about 10 tips or steps or secrets, to attaining happiness, how to achieve happiness in this life. I hope everyone you know, wants to achieve happiness. I'm sure that's the reason why we do what we do. And if you look at the one common thing, we believe that all people irrespective of color, race, religion, everybody wants to be happy. In fact, if you did not believe in that, in fact, even if you include the afro,

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the thing that we are all looking for his ultimate happiness, some people believe that happiness is only going to be in this world. Some people want happiness beyond this world, everything we do is happiness is to achieve and find happiness, yet we look for happiness in different places. For some of you happiness is the money that you have going on holidays, Happiness is your family, your job, sleep, eating, whatever it might be, whatever, you different people achieve different happiness. But yet we live in a time we the things that we think makes us happy. If we're to list the stuff that we think would make us happy, comforts of life, life expectancy, travel, all of that this generation,

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our generation is doing more of that now than ever before. Our parents didn't travel as much as we had, do not have the kind of comforts that we have. Even if you look at the kings of old, they did not have the luxuries that we achieve today. Having the ability to just put on an air conditioner, opening a tap and it's warm water, if you don't didn't have that opening a fridge and you have whatever foods you want from one side of the world to fruit from the other side of the world, if you don't didn't even have that. So we live in a time when we live so much luxury and enjoyment. Yet it is also the time that more people suffer from unhappiness depression, that you have, in certain

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countries, a higher suicide rate than the homicide rate people actually and it's usually the westernized countries, the countries that have already developed. So what is the the source of happiness and sadness? And how do we achieve that? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants for us ultimate happiness, how do we find happiness? inshallah, today, we'll talk about 10 steps, that if we try to implement them, it will lead to happiness in this life and the next for us as Muslims. Our philosophy is we want fiducia Santa

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Ana, we want all the happiness, all the goodness of this life, and all the happiness of the ohana. We don't sacrifice the dunya for the author. And we most certainly and we don't sacrifice the theater for the dunya we want both. And Allah subhana wa tada has given us guidance to achieve that. And you need to ask yourself, I don't know if I take a quiz. How many of you are happy? How many of you tick the box I'm happy? How have you how many are unhappy, you go through life miserable. Every week is a you know force yourself out of bed. This is not how we should live. It's not how Allah subhanaw taala intended for us to live.

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So the first secret to happiness and this is something which is confirmed in the Sunnah is confirmed in the Quran, it is confirmed even by science. And that is that happiness is a mindset. Happiness is you tell yourself, you're happy, the way you look at life. Psychologists have studied lots of happy people, and lots of miserable people. And they look at people having the same circumstances. Some of them are happy and some of them are sad. One person has, you know, looks at the glass and he sees it's awful and other person looks at his life and he sees half empty. One person looks at all the things that he has and he's happy. Another person looks at all the things that he doesn't have. And

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he's miserable. For the believer, the prophets of Salaam confirms this, that happiness and contentment is a state of mind. And sometimes we need to fix the way we look at things to change our our circumstance the province sees inside Muslim how wonderful is the face the situation of the believer. How amazing is the believer for all he's certainly

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concerns are good, no matter what Allah throws at you, it is always positive is always positive. If goodness comes to him, then he gives thanks. And this only adds to His goodness, if he gets a increase, even as some blessing, if something goes good in his life, he is grateful to Allah and Allah increases him gives you even more. And that's even beta for you. And if some bad thing happens to you, and this is life, bad things will come, the rain will come, the storm will come lots of life, it is part of life, he realizes that this is only a tip from Allah, it is only a moment that a bump in the road. And when that comes, he beats it patiently doesn't mean he likes it. He's smiling,

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but he's patient, and he is satisfied with the decree of Allah. And this is good for you. And this is only for the believer, meaning Allah will make it as a means of goodness, that he's calamity is actually a blessing that will lead him closer to ultimate happiness. So it is a state of mind. Each and every one of us look at the things that makes you happy. realize it's only momentary, your kids, your money can disappear overnight. Do not put all your happiness in that. And also understand your calamities, your hardships, the things you don't have, is momentary or lacking give it to you, Allah can remove your hardships overnight as well. It is ultimately as we know, this entire life is a

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mirage, it is a it's a fake reality and illusion. It is a test to see who will achieve success in the theater. It's an exam on a paper, that's all these the profits or losses, to richness, the thing that will bring you contentment is not having a lot of wealth. And we know this today, we know that today we live in a time where people are ridiculously wealthy, and imaginably. wealthy. It is that same group of people that are on antidepressants, they need tablets to wake them up in the morning tablets to put them to bed at night. They need tablets to function. They are on drugs, even though they have everything, money, power, fame, they have everything that you could want, but they are

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deeply miserable on the inside, why

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they feed the body, but they have starved the soul and then episodes on the seas. And this is the truth of the matter. That true richness is the richness of the soul, that the one whose soul is happy, no matter what happens on the outside, no matter how empty the pockets are, no matter what he drives, what address is on his letter. If his soul is contented than will lie, this man is happier than most of the kings of the world, the kings of the worlds behind Allah, do you think they spend billions on security and armies because they're happy? Is because they're insecure, fearful, paranoid, do you think that they live behind fortresses in prisons of gold, because they are so

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contented? No. But it is the man that goes to bed, easily contented he wakes up, he goes and does his job, as simple as it might be he eats is he's hungry, satisfied. And he's contented in his soul in this is the happiness that the professor says is what we achieve. And it's a mindset, you could be the happiest person in the world with what you currently have. And you can also be the most miserable person. So change that mindset. Number two, and very closely linked to what will make you happy is we know it is being satisfied with what you have. Now, I listened to an interesting talk by an economist about what makes you unhappy. And he said, it's, it's it's strange that we have so many

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unhappy people in the world, they have so much, but they're unhappy why. And this is one of the things that makes you unhappy. I give you the sooner you know, if you watch the Olympics, the most unhappiest person on the podium is when the person will get silver. Second Plus, the person who gets third places usually happier than the person who comes second. Why? Because the person who comes second, they see that they've lost out on gold. Whereas the person comes third, I just got it, I made it. I even got onto the podium.

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We have this expectation gap. You go to the restaurant, you order something you hungry, it comes to you wonderful, it looks good, you have to eat it, then your friend's plate comes and looks a little bitter. And you actually now don't like your food anymore. Why? Because we are not satisfied with what we have. That which we have is good enough. But the minute we start competing and competing, when we lose focus, we look at all the things that we don't have all the things we missing out on the salary that we don't have the job that we don't have the life that we don't have. And so this leads to constant dissatisfaction. Allah subhanaw taala says

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about gratitude, whether in Chicago to LA in Chicago tonight as he didn't know whether he will refer to in other big lecture did a lot of hydrolysis. And remember when we proclaimed we said Allah made this a law that if you give thanks and you have gratitude and you are pleased with

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Allah has given you, the Allah will increase your blessings. And if you are dissatisfied, and ungrateful to Allah, then Allah will inflict on you punishment, punishment, not just the fire of janin punishment mean he takes the Baraka out of it, that you can have so much in the bank, but you feel like a poor person, whereas the another man has very little in the bank, but he feels like a like a millionaire, because he's grateful he understands, this is what Allah has given me. I have no power over anything. And who is based at distribution, that Allah subhanaw taala. We're not saying, Don't aspire for wealth, don't work hard. And one more of the boundaries of Allah, work hard and try

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your best and dependent Allah. But when Allah has given you his share your share of the kingdom, you will never get out of it, he will give you a portion of it, you'll be satisfied with what you have, and know that this was best for you. If I had given you more than this, it would have been worse for you. Look at what you have, and don't compete at the things you don't have. And today's behind the law. We competing not even the reality with reality, we compete our basic, ugly, dysfunctional lives to someone's fake Facebook photoshopped life. And we complain, we think that is what it should be. And we constantly live in this the cycle of dissatisfaction. The Prophet peace be upon him says,

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ultimately, it's about being relative. If I say a million enemies is a lot, you'll say depends. If I'm in the company of billionaires in a million is little, I'm the poorest of the lot, I will always feel like the poor one in the company. But you take that million a and you put him in another environment, then he's the king of that area. And so the way you look and how you position yourself will determine how you feel, you'll either feel like the king, or you'll feel like the Pauper, you'll either feel like the most blessed person, the most privileged person, or you'll feel like the most deprived person and the promises of the forces. A good advice to us. Look at those who have

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lists, and don't look at those above you financially we're talking about for this is better for you financially,

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in terms of status and money and power, spin time in your life with people that have less go to the orphanage. Your kids that are the Oh, our kids are always dissatisfied, there's always things they want that he doesn't give him enough, maybe a trip to the orphanage where they see children who don't have parents, they'll realize what they have. Same with us. We spend time with people that are in a better social class than us, we begin to feel inferior with our life. But on the other hand, spend time with people on a higher degree of ibadah we will feel our deeds are not enough screen time with those who recite a lot of good on each panel, I struggle with my surecav once a week, I

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should try more the person who wakes up with the hydrogen FOSS, they will encourage you to do more. So the properties will encourages us when it comes to the dounia phase. It's good to be in touch and it's good therefore to be part of your roots. Many of us Manila, we know we come from families that didn't have a lot, maybe two three of us here have come out of it and we have a little bit better than enjoy things that our brothers sisters, cousins might not have achieved. It's good to sit and be part of the roots, understand where you came from. When you realize how much Allah has given you, and you'll be grateful. So be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala when you sell hamdu Lillahi Rabbil

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alameen old account in your mind, you know the profits of selling through depression as well. And of the advice of the industry

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have had the finesse for the near miss of accounting begin to count them when you feel bad, count all the blessings I've given you, then you won't feel so bad anymore.

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But we know that loss also comes to number three. So number two, number one, change your mindset and look at you look at number two, be grateful for what you have. And number three, be patient when loss comes because reality alone will bring about calamity May Allah protect us and a level of success with hardship sometimes some more than others. But Allah says, ensuring he promises when and when the condition in and hopefully will jewelry that we will surely taste you all with something. Some of you will get fear. You will feel insecurity, paranoia, hunger, your wealth will be taken away from you loss of wealth and lives, property and fruits meaning fruits here means offspring. The

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most difficult thing to be is the loss of a child. Allah says I will teach you some of you will those things.

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And may Allah make it easy that some are being tested more than others. There are some we're sitting here listening to this lecture whose health is failing, which is buried a loved one who just lost the job.

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Why Allah Why have you done this to me? It is part of life and we don't know when our turn will come. We don't know when my turn will come tomorrow. When my health and life and things I love is taken away. And also Allah says this is going to happen. Well, but she saw between but give good news to the one who base it beautifully patiently. But he sits there and he's dying inside.

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But he waits patiently the tongue does not say anything of displeasure to in disobedience to Allah. But either I live in a either Saba tomb that when they are struck with a disaster, they say in Allah He will do, all of this came from Allah, and he took it away again, it was just alone to begin with. It was never meant to be permanent, allow you to Chris, you gave me this life, I would have loved that that stayed with me for 20 3040 more years. But you've called in early and for wisdom, I put my trust in you. And remember, no matter what all it takes from you, you always have a love with you. And whatever Allah takes from you, he can give back more and better. That's why the believer when he

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has calamity, he he he runs towards Allah. Because Allah is the one that takes and he gives. And so the person who is patient in what Allah has given him in that eternal life, Allah gives you patience, it is better than the thing he took away with it. Kevin, Allah continues with him salatu salam, O Allah. Allah says, For such a person, who when calamity and hardship strikes him, he's patient and he and he says in Allah in La La Jolla, and he's patient with Allah. Allah says with such a person

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with send Salawat to him, we say Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa salam, we send greetings to the prophets of Allah. Allah says, I give you greetings Allah says to jabril sin my Salaam to Ahmed to Fatima Allahu Akbar. Allah thinks of you when you go through hardship mirabai more often, I'll give you in return his mercy now for the loss of a few reigns and since and a bit of discomfort in exchange for that Ahava law. It's a small price to pay. So May Allah grant us not to be tested. But when we are tested melograno has to be patient beautifully, will not be dissatisfied with the decree of Allah. You know, nobody salsa, lamb was beating his son, his son was dying his last son,

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he was in his 60s. And he got this last son, Ibrahim, he believed maybe this boy will grow up maybe I've buried he buried all these children up until that point besides Fatima, the sons, three daughters he buried he has his last son in his 60s, and this boy is growing and he's one years old, about to be two. And then he starts dying. And the Prophet tells his boy and he's crying, the tears are flowing, and the Sahaba together sutala What are these tears meaning of these? Are you showing this satisfaction to Allah. So the problem is, this is tears crying is not to be ungrateful to Allah, the heart is said the eyes are said we cry, but the tongue only gives Praise to Allah

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. The tongue only praises Allah in goodness and embed. This is the believer. This is what makes us Muslims. This is about submitting to Allah. So Allah make it easy for us.

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An important thing that will make you happy,

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stop competing and looking for the approval of others. If you want people to give you the approval, you want to be big in the eyes of others will allow you will never get that you will not get that. It is the nature of men, that when we see someone excelling most of us, rather we dislike the person that just went on holiday, the person who just got the new car, the person who got the promotion with his Mashallah through gritted teeth. This is the nature and we are only satisfied when we see someone being brought down to our level. So Allah subhanaw taala says, He says that the Messenger of Allah said, If anyone seeks a law's happiness, at the expense of the People's anger, he doesn't care

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what people think. But he only cares about pleasing Allah, that Allah will be happy with him. And Allah will then cause the people to ultimately be happy with him. And it's amazing. It's the people that under 18 people that have done good pious works. At the end of the day, people praise them. We don't do to the praise of people, but they're the ones that we love. When we see a person on the deen, this is something why we feel an attachment to them. And conversely, the visa system sees whoever, whoever and will cause the people to add However, if anyone seeks the satisfaction, the approval, the likes on Facebook, the to be number one in the eyes of people at the expense of Allah,

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Allah anger, you do it to, to please them and forget Allah, Allah will be dissatisfied with you. And the people ultimately reject you. The people will be dissatisfied with you, you will not get the approval as well.

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We live in a time where we buy clothes and we buy things for us. We buy it for the approval of others, so that other people can say something to win the minds and hearts of others.

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We're not worried about what will please Allah or embrace Allah, we do to achieve the approval of others and others may tell you, you will never achieve that you will never get that. It is the nature of insight. We don't care. It's all about myself and we live in a society selfie myself. It's never seen I've seen I only feel good when I'm on top. And I can't stand that someone excels over me. Very few people have this ability. It's really a person

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have extreme taqwa that loves to see others Excel even at his own expense. So don't worry about people. Don't worry about pleasing people or worry about pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you will achieve happiness he was doing it in another Hadith.

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The prophet who tells you about a person who is loved in the dunya, how do you achieve the love of people so difficult? We struggle just to get the level of children, the love of our life so difficult sometimes. What about all of humanity? How do you get the love? Allah tells us how the might there are some people who are so pious, and they remember Allah that they named, Allah will stop mentioning the name in person, I lost lots of mentioning you by name, Muhammad, so and so of that place to the angels, did you video and when he says to the person to do video, this person I love. So once a lot loves a person, then automatically the angel will say if you love them Allah,

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then we will love him and they will start talking about you through the semi what, but on Facebook or Twitter, the angels that Allah is talking about you, and that ultimately will filter down to the dunya. And so you begin to get love. We love Mr. Mohan chef why we never met these people, but because they are still loved by Allah, these this love that we find in our hearts for the mela grant. Team, the love of Allah.

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As a scholar say many people love Allah. But very few people will attain the love from Allah in return. We strive and we work hard, but may we attain not only the pleasure of Allah, but actually the love of Allah, this is perhaps the greatest thing that you can achieve. Number five, this is from the from again from the Quran and the Sunnah and psychology live in the present. They say if you are a depressed person,

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and I'll make a cure those who go through depression, those it's a it's a genuine illness, like your heart gets sick, your brain, your mind also gets sick. And sometimes Well, we are a little impatient with those who have mental illness, we should never say it's a weakness of a man. But if you believe in Allah, you won't feel these ways no Subhanallah it goes into reality. But also understand, as the scholars say, the man who is depressed and he said and regretful, he lives in the past, he thinks of all the mistakes and the things he forgot to he lost out. And the man who's anxious and stressed out, is worried about the future. So he worries about the past. He worries about the future, and he

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forgets the now and the present. And he forgets now and he forgets the present. So the psychologists tell you focus on what you can control. You can only control today. You can't change this today. And you can't preempt tomorrow. So focus and live on today.

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If your biggest sit down if you're depressed or an angry, stressed out person, ask yourself what is stressing me out. And if it's not something that applies to you right now. I'm hungry now. I'm going through difficulty now. It's something that's going to come in the future, then don't worry too much about it. You prepare to the best of your ability and leave to Allah so Allah says to you about the future and the past masabi musi but you fill out a form to see Camila fakie Tabby min min cobban, a number amicably and abraha indelicato la se Allah says, No disaster strikes you upon the earth who amongst yourselves, except that it was pre ordained long before in a register in a book long before

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it came out into being and that is easy for Allah. Why? Why is Allah telling you this wise Allah saying that your life is already put out in a book before you even made like a lead so so that you don't speed over what you have lost. Don't feel too bad about what you have your fault that you missed that opportunity that she married someone else that you didn't get the job, it's not your fault, don't worry about it too much. You feel bad you learn from the mistakes and go forward. But don't get stuck in the past of regret. This was bad timing for you from day one before you create a learning moment for you to have it. So don't feel too bad.

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For habima tocom and also so you don't delude yourself. exalt yourself in what you have was never also your greatness and your brilliance that you caught this. It was given to you as a gift. So don't worry too much about the past. Don't worry too much about the future. Worry about the present and focus on what I can do now for the theater.

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While la hula hula does not like the people who are overly proud of themselves.

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Number six, if you want to achieve blessings, and happiness, if you want to be of those who find will go to bed happy. They wake up happy. They feel good in their hearts. They feel good in their families. They don't feel as depressed of the things you need to do is to do more good and avoid evil. The more ibadah you do

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will increase your happiness and the more you do, it will increase you in sadness and misery.

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Even above the line, he had a statement and he says good deeds make the face bright.

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You find this * on the face, and it gives light to the heart. They'll be * in the heart. And it will bring about an increase in your provision. It will even increase your health and love in the people's hearts. Relationships will go good. But bad deeds make the face dark. It makes the heart dock it deprives you of your health, your physical power, it will take away your provision, and you'll be disliked by the people.

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As Allah subhanho wa Taala as you please Allah, the more he will give you and the more we turn away from Allah, The least you will have of the set of society the pious PTC says they will leave famous statement he says, you know, when I stopped when I start committing sin, I find things in my life go wrong. When even my wife, my children, my animals start disobeying me because I disobeyed Allah, so they start disobeying me. That's how Allah subhanho wa Taala works, that you've rejected and neglected Allah. Now the Baraka and the Rama comes out of your job, your family, and things are going wrong in your life. The Sahaba understood this, that to get success and happiness in my life,

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I need to fix my relationship with Allah. You have people I had this question from Angela, someone asked me, you know, young people, they also say to me, why should I make soda? What's in it for me for baking soda? And why does Allah need me to make soda and when you realize it's planula soda is your connection with Allah, it is your relationship with the law, that if you don't have that basic relationship that is Salah is so difficult, or something that you neglect, you don't have a relationship with Allah, it's not that only you have to worry about janam that you're gonna go to Jerusalem 20 million billion years? No, no. When you turn away from Allah, you're turning yourself

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away from his Rama away from his risk away from his assistance. Now you're on your own, and you're isolated, and the soul will feel empty. That in itself is a punishment, that in itself, is that you will lose out by not being in a lost key and is his prediction. So the more good you do, you will feel happiness, in fact, psychology call it and we'll talk about this now, that help is high, the more good you do something in our brains, something which are less putting out fitrah. And when we do good in this world, we actually start feeling good. And when we commit sin, and all of us know, we've been through cycles of good and bad and perhaps the best example is Ramadan. How happy do we

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feel in our hearts of the Ramadan during Ramadan? Even though we are hungry, tired, miserable, you know,

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fasting in the day that we had night dadgad in the night very difficult, charity, non stop non stop, but we feel a happiness in our hearts. Where does that come from? It is because of the evader. So if you are someone that is going through a bit of depression, or sadness or hardship,

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take to make make we do pray to talk to Allah Chi to Allah, Nabi aku, one of the most beautiful Ayat of surah Yusuf, he says, Yeah, Allah only to you do I complain about my son, my son Yousuf is gone, the thing I love the most is gone. I complain, I cry to you, and that will bring you contentment and happiness. Number seven, what will make you happy is to be part of something bigger, to have meaning in your life is the Arabic proverb. If you give a young person, youth, money, and freedom, they will destroy themselves. Many of you have everything that you could have wanted, you have nothing to work for. There is no hardship in your life. There is no meaning to your life. You'll feel like whether I

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wake up in the morning when I sleep, when I do anything, it has no meaning your life will become empty. Psychologists even write this we as people Allah has made us that we need to feel part of something we need to have a purpose. Otherwise why do you wake up the person who has no purpose in his life? He will take his own life because now realize there's no benefit to being here. Allah says to you and me, Miami lasallian whoever does good good to others good to the environment good to people who ever helped someone else mean Decker in own sir, whether you're male or female, or who are moving and you have a man in your heart for No, no, hi, Atlanta Eva, we will give you a good

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life. Again, this is a promise from Allah. You live a good you be a good person, you will help others Allah is going to make you a happy person.

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With Don't you worry about the job. Don't you worry about the family. You do your job and Allah says I promise you I'll give you a good life. That's in the dunya

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when he sees one as he will

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be asked any mechanic and in the Acura will give them the best of rewards for what they have done. You will get Gen nine mascara. You will get a good life you will get gender marker and will allow you some of our life and our life. I know this

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Those of you who are part of a project that is more than yourself, not just to feed yourself and go on holidays and to buy new things, you do something for your community for your environment, you feel happy. I look at the brothers, certain committees, they work the late at night projects, holidays they working, but in that is the joy. It makes them happy. There is something in you that if you give, it's a famous proverb that the one who gives is better than the one who receives what you get in return of enjoyment of happiness is something Allah will give you. So if you are not contented in your life, and you can't understand why am I not happy? Because you haven't given

00:30:39 --> 00:30:58

enough. You have not given up yourself over you have too much. That's why you are unhappy. Man comes with me. So Sadly, many complaints. My heart is sick, there's something wrong with my heart. I don't feel scared when I have them. I don't feel happy. What's wrong with me? And I go and spend time with an orphan. Rub the heat of an oven, spend time with an orphan that's going to fix your heart.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:10

Make being a good person, not just on the masala This is talking about, be a good person out be and you will have a life of happiness. You will have a good life. May Allah grant us a good life.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:12

Number eight

00:31:13 --> 00:31:58

more than money, your relationships is what makes you happy. Relationships are more important than money. Allah Subhana Allah tells you I mean, is he most romantic verse of the Quran, woman iottie and Haleakala common acoustic massage, Escuela de la Vina como de la la season of the signs of a law that he created doing partners and in peace, so that you may find in one another tranquility, what joy you feel in your relationship with your wife, with your kids, with your parents, your siblings, your friends, no amount of money can replace that. And if your relationships are not in order, if you don't have a friend, you don't have a partner, you don't have someone in your life as far as

00:31:58 --> 00:32:37

you're alone in life, then you will never ever be happy. They fall for us as Muslims, not only because it's a requirement from Allah, it is an it is for our advice, fix your personal relationships, if they are quarrels, and you know how you feel. For those of us who are married, we know if we had a big fight and we come to work tomorrow, even though everything is good at work on the back of my mind, I feel miserable. fix those problems. If there's a problem in your marriage with your parents, you're not talking to your parents, you're talking to your child, your siblings, a friend, fix it, even if it means you need to give in, move on. The joy you'll get from that

00:32:37 --> 00:33:15

relationship is so much more than the animosity that you will have. Move away from your problems. The professor's around all the prophets who says Allah created beings as dependents of Allah. And the most beloved creation to Allah is the one who is good to his dependents. The one who has the most obliterated life is the one who has the best relationships with people, fix your relationships don't have arguments and quarrels even if you are right, even if you are right, even though your brother took your Huck, he cheated you forgive him and move on. And let your relationship prosper from the because it will make you happy. Don't do it for him to make you happy and alone with you

00:33:15 --> 00:33:52

would you fix your relationships? I mentioned this last year, there was a study the longest study ever done in history. They for over three generations, they've been looking at people taking them, what makes you happy, and they see time and time again, it's not money. It's not the job, the car that you drive, it is the quality of your relationships. That is Muslim, non Muslim, whatever it might be the quality of the people in your life, the job that you have, doesn't matter how difficult it is. If the people in your life that you work with are good, you will feel happy to come into that job. If you're happy with your family, no matter how beautiful or how, you know rundown that houses

00:33:52 --> 00:34:06

what suburbia is, but if you love the people in that house, you feel good about that house. So fix your relationships, rather than trying to get more financial benefits, better holidays that will not make you happy. So fix the relationships in your life.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:43

Number nine, and this is actually number one in everything. remember Allah because if relationships with people makes you happy, imagine how good you are if your relationship with allies fixed. That's why the only other law the people who are deeply close to Allah, you read their biographies, they went through so much persecution, they've lost everything, but they happy people. Why? Because my connection with Eliza right? That cannot be harmed that can be taken away. If you remember Allah in times of goodness and badness, you will always be happy. Now we know the very famous ayah

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

and that'll be the lie. In Nakuru, we know this. That really was the remembrance of Allah, the hearts find comfort and peace. And we usually think of this when I'm going through depression I say Subhanallah 50 times it's almost like a tablet 50 times Finally I go sleep and I'll be fixed.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

Okay since upon all of this, but that's not remembering Allah, remembering Allah is to be conscious of him in times of goodness and hardship. But no matter where you are in the world, even if you're alone and you broken your he hit rock bottom, I still have Allah, I can still think of Allah I can still be with Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:54

Even taymiyah Rahim Allah is a very famous scene, one of the great scholars of the past, he was persecuted by the government. He says that if they expel me from the world, they take me out to the community and they expel me. Then for me, it's like I get to I it's a holiday, I get to see the world. And if they lock me up in jail, they might generalize in my heart because then it gives me time to make more evader with Allah. You can't take away my happiness is with me wherever I go. You can't take it out of me. Because that is my connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. remembering Allah and Allah says this, you will find happiness. The more you reflect on Allah, the more you

00:35:54 --> 00:36:27

know, How good does it feel, when you're feeling anxiety, I'm starting a new job, I'm going to buy a new house, I'm going to change jobs, whatever it might be, that I'm in the hands and the key of Allah, Allah, I did my part, and I put myself in your hands. You don't feel bad anymore. When you look at the past all the mistakes and the morons, only today's Angela, forgive me and it's forgiven. So you need to have means of feeling sadness. Remember, love. And of course, these two are for happiness. They do offer happiness. If you say Allah, give me enough for what you have made local to suffice me from. Give me what is enough, not too much, not too little.

00:36:29 --> 00:37:06

suffice. Suffice me from what you have made. And suffice me, Allah give me enough of what you have made lawful to suffice me from what you have made unlawful and do not give me of what you made unlawful. and enrich me by your bounty, and give me independence from all others than you let me not be dependent unfair on anything of this dunya may only have dependence in you, Allah grant me enough of Hydra to be sufficient, and not, I need to do harm, and grant me of your bounties and independence from everyone besides you, that you are the constant in my life. If you do that, then you'll be happy. Lastly,

00:37:07 --> 00:37:14

and this is what gives us the most happiness is to know that this world, I mean, what is the saddest thing to think about is the

00:37:15 --> 00:37:56

scariest thing to think about is I might die. And I will die. Maybe 10 years from now, maybe tomorrow, maybe 2030 years. If I have all these treasures, all the goodness, even the man who has the most of goodness is going to be taken away and have to go to the cupboard. Lonely doc. But when you think about it, that that is your entry into Jenna, that what you're waiting behind death is a place of eternal joy. I will never feel sad. It is the palaces, the rivers, the threes, the animals, the hula is the food, whatever it is in your mind, all of that eternally of joy. Every single day, something new to new and entertainment, something new that my imagination hasn't thought about. It

00:37:56 --> 00:38:35

is just waiting around the corner, this is around the corner. And behind that is that is the ultimate happiness, that this hardship I'm going to be going through very, very short in comparison to the real holiday that's coming around the corner. So the believer always knows I go to my I make my Salah five times a day, I try to avoid heroin to the best of my ability I make my Toba I put my dependence in Allah and I feel confident in my heart that one day, I will into the gates of Jannah. And I will never even feel sad again. May Allah grant all of us to indigena May this time between now and the imposter we will go away very quickly. And Allah grant all of us to be together in the

00:38:35 --> 00:39:12

highest palaces and tips agenda. I mean, when hamdulillah quick few announcements next week, Saturday, the 19th of October, just below is my good friend and colleague of mine will be coming down to Cape Town. And he's going to do a course on the mercy to the worlds that the biography the seal of the prophets of Salaam, the first half of his life, the period from birth until the era. So it's a very one it's a wonderful course to learn about the Prophet Salaam. If you'd like to know more, you can go visit the webstore and his posts at the back as well for you to look into more more information then, then also, as I mentioned last week, our youth which makes us very

00:39:12 --> 00:39:42

happy. Those in varsity are looking to assist those matriculants who are about to write the metric exams, and they have all our study. So if you have a child in medical, you know someone who's struggling, this is free of charge, completely free of charge. They've donated the time, sign up and they will queue to your children and inshallah we hope that they will do they'll be successful in the class. I will see you tonight they get calluses on Monday evenings, from six o'clock the audio is going out as well as back to basics. Soon to be in Charlotte Sokoloff, Ada said I want to come on out line over the counter

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