Hamza Yusuf – Imam Ghazali On Fasting – Part 3

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The importance of eating before praying and not being shy is emphasized, as it is crucial for health and productivity. The Isha prayer is also discussed, emphasizing the need to practice it and not just pray in a row. Min beforehand is also emphasized, as it is important for learning how to handle stress and avoiding offense.
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But don't eat before you pray.

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And if you go to listen houses, that a lot of times they'll ask you do you want to eat first a prayer.

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So people, let's pray first, don't be shy about that, because people will eat and the marketer goes out of the time,

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a very short time window, and you don't want to do that, because it's, it's most of the

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time right? After it comes in.

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To do to find a pure place, cut off the fasten your give it a little window of Beijing soccer boots and water.

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And then we'll finish it,

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that's a good thing to do, if you eat at somebody's house

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is a great place to learn, and to practice them and to learn, and then

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the Isha prayer,

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have a strong idea, then it's better to

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be better, if you don't understand

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that there's nobody who's gonna be hot enough. And we want to be the hottest, it's Monday.

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So if you want to do the hot end, in the nested, that's a good thing. Also.

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What, unfortunately, a lot of our brothers are afflicted with

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this idea that the terrorists is only eight

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and 700, that we're calling the singer

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outside and talk for the next hour. Outside, I'd rather listen.

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You know, just admit, I'm lazy.

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It's really wrong for me, whenever the phone start justifying, you know, Senior Brother unfollowing, not to sit down at the domestic and talk, I guarantee you that

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the protocol did not waste his time. And he talk as a kid is that that's

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I mean, that's, that's that.

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And we don't want to be part of that. And don't belittle, people don't look down on people, I don't get judgmental about people,

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for whatever reason, but the point is, don't see yourself as better than them that

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afflicted you without affliction, because it's an affliction. And then the prophet SAW 50 people who said that 100

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to recognize

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that you deserve it more than they do. Because it's just a hobby, for whatever reason,

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that he can take that away from me, and,

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and put you there sitting at the board and talking, and one of the men who accused me

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doing something wrong.

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Mr. Java, blah, he was known for that. And this man was seen as

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teaching girls on the streets of Medina, with they said, his eyes, his eyes,

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his eyes had fallen over. The

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dog has literally fallen over his eyes, and he's like, pinched, and that was

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when I logged in and

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falsely condemning him and just so, you know, don't don't

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get self righteous or anything like that myself included. But the point is, don't really if people are talking to a group of people, it's a it's a journalist time. It's a time that we should do that. to Amanda is our brothers and sisters to in Great Tribulation. Now, the people of Palestine, the people of Iraq, the people, the people, the people of India, I could go on and on and on. And I don't want to there's people who are suffering and so

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with some gravity as well, the better things about life that I learned a long time ago and I think it's really true is that sometimes a people's reaction to a lot of spiritual life is to get giddy and laugh and get frivolous

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You can see that people and it's a red light on Ramadan can do that to people that they get, because there's so much light that they end up kind of like laughing the whole month. And

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people will end up like just kind of spamming it having a good time. And what they do is because they haven't learned how to contain the benefits, they just spill it all out.

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Try to contain the benefits of that.

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is the best way is that that class gonna go?

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Yeah, I'm gonna come back to after the

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after the awesome. Are they gonna leave now?

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because there's still a little bit more time, I wanted to read from the section on passing from the walker for the better service. And

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I'm glad you mentioned that. The other thing

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I know.

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He did not like storyteller and didn't like he said, this is a time of q&a. And

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so the best Vicar during Ramadan is

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that you should still do

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that those are really important to do in Ramadan, and anytime, but you should have read the Quran

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said that, if you read it at least twice a year, they will not consider Jonathan.

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In other words,

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Iraq, Iran

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are concerned about the economy

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that these people have

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neglected or lost. And

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that is a time where we should be trying to spend a lot of time Republican. And so preferably, if you can do more than one hop, and that would be good, bad people. And I will say this personally, but

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he did 26 hopping around with that. But that's mostly what he was doing, obviously, people that are working and things like that. So it's difficult, you know, to do that. And if you're not as proficient with it, you know, there's also the listening to the local if you have the tape, in other words, when you're driving, if you don't know how

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to read

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when you're driving, but if you don't then just listen to the on the recitation and also do something about that at the core

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of it.

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If you can do verses seven, the

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Quran, which is

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the first 357 911 and then in the first one, you go read the first three

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for the first bear that and then the the the first three, and then the five, the next five,

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and then the next seven, and then the next

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nine, and then the 11. And then

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so in seven days, you can

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either set to the end of the current or

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So the point is, is that a lot of setup with the current reboot by the odd 3579 1113 McKesson

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you should do this

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as a time to gain all your power back.

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Instead of corriander. Because the only if you

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don't mess them up.

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You do

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that then you have to

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own the mannequin. You'd only do with her and the Roomba

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and Dawn, the pre dawn prayer that you do and you should do according to it.

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If you do less than five

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throughout the year, if you do less than five

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We're not doing enough,

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what we should do is do a minimal amount. If you're a lot, if you don't know that many I really do this, if you're a lot like us, then do the minimal amount.

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Prayer, the prayer to be valid.

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It's a bet that you all know and

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inshallah, I will accept the

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when not the LMS says that you should do the best to estimate. In other words, if you left the player, so you remember that you were 17 or something like that. I mean, people should know, around when they stop praying, hopefully,

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it probably was a point they said going ceaseless pray in their life, that should be most people remember when they go?

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What you should do is do the other con, and the basic.

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and, and that's it.

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People that would say you should make them up. And

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I think that you just if you're a little sick now, then that's something just make Paragon ask. In other words, you had a buyer that you didn't know. And

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I would just, you know, ask a lot of some people, you know, a lot of Muslims, they were not aware that.

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In other words, their parents never told them, they really didn't know. And so in a sense, I mean, this isn't a thing that really is going back, right? Because I listen, is the child is an Amana and one of the ananas that you're supposed to do is teach them the thought of buying. So I know a lot of Muslims who were not told any of these things, and they just thought they were probably right. And I think those people inshallah I would just, I would say, look terrible about just ask Allah to excuse your ignorance and and to accept those? Well, I wouldn't allow them. I mean, I wouldn't I think that might be.

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So you do the math on these two accounts of mother.

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But about the record after

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marriage, learn how to make them up is

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that if you should continue doing

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that, that definitely

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should be done in spite of

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if you have time to make repairs, that's what you should be doing.

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Everybody should go to the fall, you know, not

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anything more than ever to live in the fall so far over everything.

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Lesson five, then you should deal with

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more than five then then

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then you should

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just do that at the time. Like for instance, if you

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obligatory, less than five. If it's more than that, then you don't have to do an order. And if you are a lot than what you do, you just pick a certain amount

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At least five. So you do 5555 like that. So you don't have to do in order.

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Okay, let's

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face it in Los Angeles it looks okay. inshallah, a couple of one I want to lose because you saw last class

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going on the intensive record in my head on your controller and I want to thank all of you for the attendance and the respect and

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just the general good spirit that's been present throughout the whole course. And, you know, excuse me for any shortcomings or

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any breaches of courtesy

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and Libra also

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