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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including the use of shay normalization and the struggles of woman in fear and terror. The segment also touches on the use of shay normalization in actions and actions to avoid violence, and the importance of forgiveness and a strong stance. The transcript also describes the struggles of woman in a city with fear and terror, and the use of words to describe actions and actions to avoid violence. The transcript ends with a mention of a woman in a desperate situation and a woman who wants to see her coworkers.
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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali he also remain. My beloved brother and sister in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Oprah is going to Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful, the most kind, La ilaha illAllah a witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah subhanho wa Taala the first the last that you were loving that eternal, and I send my greetings our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabil, our Master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his companions is pure and perfect family. May Allah bless them. And may Allah guide us to be amongst those who are on the student of Nabil Mohammed Al salam to be upon to be a part of this oma and to be with him in sha Allah and to stand with him on the day of karma and to reside with him in Jannah. Ameen. We ask Allah subhana wa tada

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to bless us in this the month of show while that all of our eBay that are fasting and standing until our was accepted by our last panel, Tyler, may we all start this month clean and free of any since May each and every one of us have all our sins forgiven. through the month of Ramadan. All of us be saved from a fire of jahannam Allah subhanho wa Taala grant is to maintain the taqwa. And if we've fallen short this past few days from Allah forgive us and grant us to revive the good that we did in Ramadan. I mean,

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we continue we started a few weeks ago and we had a bit of a break the stories of the Quran we was talking about the most. The most frequently mentioned story that of Nabi Musa alayhis salaam, wa salam. And the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that it moves us so many times 114 140 times versus the prophets of Salaam which only mentioned five times by name. There is a reason why Allah has mentioned the story of nahi Moosa in so many chapters of the Quran. And before we continue the story, we spoke about how Nabi Musa from a as a young baby of an oppressed community, got to be raised in the palace of Freetown and was raised basically a prince, he lived in the luxury of Iran,

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and he was basically amongst the ruling class of Egypt. And he looked like the Egyptians, and he was named by Iran. And very, very probably we said that he could have even be raised by fear around himself. That same fear around will come to no reason to be Muslim. But Allah says that he grew up to be a man, a young man of strength, he was strong, ista, he was very tall. He was like a three, he started using us for three syllabi Moosa looked like a tall, strong men, and Allah had blessed him with knowledge with understanding. So yours a young boy, a young person, with strong, who is rich, who has status. And usually when we have young people, all these kind of ticks to the names, it

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usually results in something bad, but Allah says, We gave him wisdom and knowledge how to use these talents. And gallican seen him, this is how we reward good people. Now, we Moosa was a good young person. And also we said he would go and he learned this from his mother, and from our car, his adopted mother about his lineage that he was from Bani Israel. He was from the offspring of NaVi Brahim Elisa was Salam. And he would see his people being oppressed, couldn't do much. So he would go during the day, and he would help them we know one of the Egyptians would see you would go in secretly, and help people. And then the day came when he found two men fighting one from the family,

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one of them being Egyptian, and the other one being nice or ill. Now, maybe mooser being a young man, maybe mooser being a strong young man, he sees something bad, and immediately he jumps to conclusions. He immediately says, The Egyptian is oppressing the Israeli, and he intervenes. So Allah says first author hula demon God, Allah levy mean I do when for wakasa who Mustafa de la so the man, so picture this, you have an Egyptian soldier beating up and it's really

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young, Israel, every person must say, Sorry, buddy, sorry, ILA, right. And he's being beaten up. And he sees that he Moosa and this man being being beaten up, calls out, Help me Help me, oh, stranger helped me. Now the Messiah immediately thinks he wants to do good, his intention was to do good, he see something bad happening, and he makes a decision on the spot. And he punches the Egyptian soldier for kavala. He called meaning he finished him, he killed him, one shot, now he moves to kill this man. And then we move so we obviously can now begin to understand the physical strength of W Musa. And we can also understand what we learned from this. So Allah just said in the previous ayah,

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he's a good person. He has knowledge, he has wisdom. He has strength. He has everything, but he kills a man

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For us, we are young people that have no knowledge, no strength, no wisdom, we don't kill people. Now we musculoskeletal Salah with all these things. He still killed somebody. He didn't mean to do it. But what we learned from this is even the best of people find themselves in a situation, which they don't mean to be in, and it affects them. Also it shows us and even even Rahim Allah says this, that for every single person shavon has a plan how to mislead you. If you're a bad person, he helps you on that sin. If you're a good person and your intention is good, he uses your good intentions to lead to mislead you, the man who goes to come a chick and he goes to worship idols is his intention

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good or bad. His intention is good. I want to go and worship these things and I want to be closer to Allah. But that makes him even further. The Allium. He speaks and he wants to guide people are shaytaan uses go and speak be a great alum learn and then he puts it in your heart, you start loving the attention. So that thing that you do good shaytaan managed to mislead you. Now B Moosa has a soft spot for the oppressed. He wants to help people that are weak. So shaytani uses that against him, and makes him overreact. And this is a lesson for us. We look at big problems in the world, and a big story of nobody who says about oppression. And it's they are no quick fixes, and usually

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violence seldomly yesterday's room for jihad, we know that. But if we look at the sooner the MBR for more examples of patience and perseverance, then action, that we need to assess the situation that Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even the people he destroyed, who people how many years, almost 1000 years before Allah takes life. It needs to be a process. Now he moves out within five seconds basically made up his mind. He didn't mean to kill the man, but he killed somebody. And he was wrong. He was wrong. So how about in the middle of battles? Sometimes they made a quick decision, and they killed somebody and the Prophet also says, Did you kill this man after he said La ilaha illAllah CP

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Rasulullah He only said La ilaha illa Allah because he was scared of the sword because of Allah. Sona be so seldom said How will you answer on the day of kiama when he brings La ilaha illa Allah and then we look at the world today. You don't like someone you disagree with someone because he follows a different view method, we blow you up. That's a quick answer to everything and chose even the MBR of Allah that this mistake is not the way to do things. So let me move to an outcome what are the major grave sin and he immediately feels regret and he says what color he said has been Amelie shaped on that this was of the works of shaytaan shaytaan has misled me in now who I do one

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modellen movie in that he is a manifest misleading enemy, Nabi Musa wanted to do good and shaytaan use his good Nia against him and resulted in killing somebody.

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But look at the next area. And this is an important lesson of a sinner. And again, Nabil Moosa is the most ancient man in the Quran, greatest of the MBR. Yet he has a mark against him which Alhamdulillah we can all say most of us, we don't have that mark. We never killed somebody. Maybe we committed Zina, maybe we took something we weren't supposed to take, maybe we didn't make all our Salawat but we didn't kill somebody. This is something you know, something which is very big. Allah shows how even out of the sin a base of people can come. And it begins with this color. rabine turn immediately to Allah. Now again, the shape one of his tricks, the minute we commit a sin shaitaan

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tells you, it's too late to come back to Allah. Now you want to come back to Allah after you had done your haram after you had committed that Zina after you had stolen or drank whatever it is, Allah doesn't look at drug dealers or drug addicts. So imagine this man killed somebody. He killed somebody and he turns immediately to Allah He says color I'll be in need Alam to enough. See I made the SR Allah I didn't mean to but the Allah I turned to you that I have made. I have placed myself. The loom is oppression. I have a priest myself for fiddly. So yeah, Allah forgive me, but we said ma Fira Mr Faraj is a shield. So what he's actually saying is the Allah shield me. I am my own enemy. I

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hurt myself. You are my shield for fiddly.

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Offer Allah who so I was it so I forgave him. He asked me to forgive him. So I forgave him. Simple. This is how Allah works with Toba

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Musa killed somebody he says he Allah made a mistake. I didn't mean to I don't even want to do it again. Forgive me. So those are all the requirements of Toba MIT Allah upon I forgave him. And that's why we came out of a month of forgiveness. Part of your Eman in Allah is to believe that when you make Toba Allah accepts October. But as bad as our sins are, it is small compared to Allah's mercy.

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You must believe and affirm. Imagine that Allah washed away all my sins if I've made the tober because Allah says in the who Oliver fudo Rahim that he is oft forgiving, loving to forgive and merciful, he loves to be merciful to his creation. So now that we moved on to do a color A B, B Ma and I'm Talia from Elko, Nevada here and the majority mean he said, My Lord, for the favor You have bestowed upon me I will never be an assistant with criminals so this is your Allah, you've given me a lot of the favors could mean you're strong that he had a position I will never ever again. So you made that sincere Nia I will never ever again use my strength or my talents to do evil. I will never

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be with the criminals. Yeah Allah I've made that me and this is part of tober the Allah I won't go back to what I did.

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For us we have in Medina the HA if Anita Yakubu v de la v estanza, who will emcee your stance, your stance anywho Carla husa in nikolova, we move in. And he became inside the city fearful and anticipating he became anxious, so that we must kill this man.

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And he didn't go and report himself. He didn't go to the police and says, You know what, I killed somebody. He ran away. He covered it up. He ran away. But as we all know, the minute you've done something wrong, that paranoia starts affecting you. You hear people start talking, there was a murder. Are we looking for somebody one of the soldiers were killed? You may tell her might have heard a report, sitting at the table having supper fear and asked him what did you do today Mussa, nothing, do anything. And report came by the general and said, if you're on one of your soldiers were killed by the Israelis. What are we going to do and they'll be musei sitting there. So he

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became fearful inside the city. Every way he looked, he felt being he felt exposed. He felt like he was open.

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When suddenly the one who sought his help the previous day cried out him once again. So that we Moosa is now walking the next census day, the second day so maybe this happened on Monday, Tuesday in Abu Musa is walking around, assessing the situation I do, he maybe even visited the scene of the crime, what happened? And here he sees that same man that he helped yesterday. Again in trouble. The same man is again fighting with somebody else, and he calls out, help me like you helped me yesterday. Moosa or stranger. I don't know if he knows it's Musa, come and help me. So Moses said, Indeed, you are an evident, persistent deviator you are a mischief maker. You are the problem. May

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be the Egyptian soldier. Yes, they will, pleasing people, but this man could have been a criminal. And the soldier was intervening, whereas this oppressed person was wrong. And the lesson is, don't be quick to judge the situation. You might see this weak person being been kicked around by the strong soldier, and automatically you think you understand what's happening. You don't know the situation. You don't know the reality. You look at somebody. person isn't dressed in a certain way, or a person is placed in a certain way all must be a great It doesn't mean you don't we don't judge on appearances. We don't judge on what we see on the outside Allah Subhana. Hadid says Allah does

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not look at you outwardly appearance. He looks at what's inside in terms of the taqwa. We can't judge the taqwa from the outside. We need to assess it and yearn to be Musa realizes this man is the mischief maker. But even though he's weak, and he's getting into fights and quarrels again, he's done something wrong.

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From Radha and Tisha, Villa de la Houma and when he wanted to strike the one who was an enemy to both of them. So now this guy picture this is again in trouble with an injection soldier, for whatever he did, and he says, Are you You helped me yesterday help me again like we did yesterday when kill this guy also, you know, you the guy, sued me Moosa now is upset, and he goes to this Israeli, but he's really and he says, You are the enemy. And I'll be Moosa walks to him, and that walk now this guy knows what he's capable of. and it moves us walking towards this guy, angry. And then he says, look at this, he says, Oh Moosa Do you intend to kill me as you killed someone

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yesterday? So now that'd be moves on wants to reprimand the guy who helped and when he sees he's in trouble that when the Israeli sees in trouble look what he does in front of the soldiers is Moosa you didn't you kill someone yesterday? And you want to kill him? Are you gonna do the same thing to me? So now the gods are looking at Musa Oh, you were the one just yesterday, you will be screens. Just yesterday, he helped you. But the minute you become an inconvenience, what do they do? It turns on you, he says nobody moves down the river.

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You only and then he says to the user in Toledo anila takuna Baron fill out Mr. Toledo and takuna Milan muslin, you

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You want to be a tyrant in the land and you don't want to be of the good doers. So now whatever so this guy might have been doing selling some illegal products, and the soldiers are interrogating him. And what does he do to get away? He points the finger musawah Why are you bothering me? That guy just killed one of the soldiers today? Doesn't say that I came to save you. What do you mean actually, Medina TSR. We have the same idea in nebby in in Surah. Yaseen. What this means is what yeah, I mean, what Yeah, Rajan but a man came in a Muslim school that for the most of that is far away, was originally meant actually Medina as the fall in the city. Yes, sir. He's running. So

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somebody is coming, running from far away in the city. Looking for an AVI Musa Qala Moosa in Alma, Tommy Runa Vika Leah Toluca in a inilah, kameena Nasim and a man came running from a far end of the city. And he said oh Moosa, indeed the matter the the basically the security forces, the guys in charge are conferring over you and they intend to kill you.

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So leave the city indeed, and I'm giving you sincere advice. Now what this could mean is that fear around wasn't involved in this fear around was predicting maybe Moosa but, and we know if you kill a police officer, then the police are going to take it upon themselves to hunt you down. So now we Russa killed one of their own. And maybe they even knew that he wasn't really part of the royal family, some of them might have felt, you don't deserve to be there. And you think you can just do what you want. We're gonna get to you before fear stops us. So this guy says I was part of a meeting. And the security forces, maybe the guy he killed had a brother in the army, or a cousin,

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whatever it might a father, he was an important person. So they said, we're not even going to take Moosa to trial, because once he gets to trial, what's going to do is going to stop the trial and predict him. Let's find him and kill him. Let's take him out. So he says, look, you have to leave the city. You're not going to be even fear I won't contradict you the army wants you.

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So for Harada Minh ha ha Effendi at the rock club, so he left fearing and he left fearful. So he left the city of Egypt, he left the city, he was full of fear, he was full of anxiety, the whole world had become smaller him. Now imagine the scenario Moosa only knew the life of a prince, he only knew the life of in the palace, and all of a sudden everything was taken away from him all. You know, basically everything was taken from him. Another listen. Now we Moosa Yes, he made a mistake, but throughout the story, his intention was sincere. He's near was sincere, yet Allah puts him in this difficult situation overnight. One mistake, Allah takes away his family, Allah takes away his

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home. And not only his home, basically the palace, his position, even his life is in danger. overnights, voila, my brothers and sisters are lucky and take away everything from us overnight. We never know what's around the corner. We never know what Allah has put in front of us. And it's easy to maybe be grateful to Allah in good times. When a lot takes away things from us. How are we grateful? So Allah now took away everything that he moves ahead, everything, his status, his wealth, his position, even his life, and he has to leave Egypt secretly. So what does he do? He runs away. He's never left Egypt. He doesn't even know where to go. He doesn't even have a plan. He doesn't

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know what to do. So he says call her up be nagini minako mithali mean he says all I can do all I have when things are hopeless. What do you have is it's all you have. So he said yeah, Allah save me from a wrong and evil people that they are not even willing to hear my side of the story. They just out there to hunt me down. Yeah, Allah you the only one that can protect me. So he makes dua, in his desperation. What am

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Medina, Cora sarabi Ania de Sala Sabine, so he didn't know where to go, he had no idea whether to go east west which direction to go. And when he directed himself toward Meridian, and basically he standing through pictures again he standing the the highways or going outside of Egypt, he faced a certain direction which was to Meridian, which is in Jordan. And he says, perhaps my Lord will guide me to a sound way What do you mean here is guidance meaning on the road, but also Allah means a different kind of guidance. Allah will guide me to the correct path. So there'll be Moosa looking which way this way or that way he faces madeon any fields. Maybe I should go in this direction. I

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don't know why. I'm just making do Ah, yeah, Allah guide me, and he faces in the direction of Jordan, which is the city of meridian

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a side note here madeon was one of the cities which were destroyed. And then a B that went to madeon was nabeshima IPE. Now, this scholarly debate whether this was before or after b mooser, or at the same time, that nabee shuaibu went to the city of Meridian, which is in Jordan and you will see, today Petra, this beautiful structures were part of this type of view they call the Napa teens, they live the and nabeshima I was sent to them and they were destroyed. So allow them if this happened before, maybe Moosa or this happened after or very close by. And this will talk about that debate in sha Allah, salami Moosa faces madeon he's never been too muddy and he might not even have known

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what's muddy and he didn't intend to go to muddy and he just may do it Allah All I have is you. I turn in this direction. Maybe you'll guide me.

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What am I What am I Deanna wacha la Mata mina nasya, schooner oystermen dooney himer. I think you need to do to do Dan color mahatva Kuma colorata learner ski hat ustilago ariah una chez Hoon cabbie, tsunami, Moosa walks in the direction, and you know, Subhanallah, this is in the middle of the desert.

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This is the middle of the desert. If you were to walk blindly in the desert, like 99%, you're gonna die. But Allah without a compass without a map. Now the moose turns direction, and he walks in a direction and saying, Allah, whichever way you guide me, I'm going to just put my trust in you and I'm going to walk, and he comes directly to the city of meridian. And when he came to the well of Magento, he comes to the city, the valleys, obviously outside, he comes to the well of Meridian, he found a crowd of people watering the flock, so this as well, and people have come to bring the animals to drink from the water. So he comes to this well, and he found aside from them, so there's

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a group of people and two outsiders, two people that are or two ladies or two girls outside, they're not part of the crowd. And they're standing there with the animals watching. They're just standing there not doing anything.

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And the two women there and they're holding back the animals so obviously the animals are thirsty, the animals want to drink but they're holding the animals back and they standing the tsunami Moosa walks up and he sees is quite strange. The animals want to drink, but the ladies are allowing them to go smell hakima What's your story? What's wrong? What's up? Why are you guys doing this? Why don't you go and water the animals? So they said, We do not we do not water until the shepherds leave. And our father is an old man. So what they saying is, we are we don't want to bring our animals to water while the other main around why why do you think because they molest us, they touch

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us, they do stuff to us. So we standing back and we wait till they leave. Then when it's all quiet and peaceful we can go and our father is an old man meaning this is not the work of ladies. Our Father is not here to help us because he's a shaman. Kabir is an old shave actually means old person. That's what it really means. It's like Buddha. Buddha means like, you know, a senior person. So you'd have in Arabic, the shape of the Kabbalah, Kabbalah type, the shape, meaning the elder or the elders of the tribe, the issue of the elders, right. Obviously with time the word chief has also become to mean a leader way, a an Imam, because elder in terms of of status or knowledge, but they

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say our father is an old man, meaning he should be doing this but he can't, he can't get up and he can't walk. And these men with these supposed men, instead of helping them, they would harm us if we mix with him. So we stand back and we wait till they're done. Another beautiful Tafseer is interesting. Maybe mood so these two ladies are complaining to the remoter look at these guys. They are is a strange man, big strange guy coming up to them and saying, What's happening? What do you What are you doing? What Why are you standing here? So they said, You know what, we're not allowed to water our animals because the the shepherds are, are basically bad to us, and don't get any ideas

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or follows a picture. So watch out, my dad is a big shift. People don't also you get ideas stranger, because all they knew of men was a person who exploits women, the only kind of men the new they've never seen in the one beautiful cities. They never encountered a real the real man. Until now. And this is the only kind of mainly experience with these kind of shepherds who not instead of helping them harm them, so they always had some negative connotation to mean. So for sakala Houma to Mata Walla Walla Valley, for kohlrabi in nilima and delta la minha in Sakai, without a single word. Now we Moosa takes the animals he doesn't even ask him, he just takes the animals and I think you

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I can see from his personality when he sees this good to be done. And be Muslim anything is a bit overeager. It is something good. He himself does it. So he takes these animals from these ladies didn't ask them anything. And he walks up to the shepherds, and they see this tall, big guy coming in. And they basically said, step back, he basically stepped back. And that'd be Moosa waters, the animals brings the animals lets them drink, and he returns them to the ladies. He doesn't say so much as a word to them, he waters it, and he lets the animals to them. Then he went to the shade and said, so now that we

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have the he gave these animals water, he returned it to the ladies, he didn't ask them for anything. He just said he didn't even say too much to words to them. Now, as a man of much words is more of a man of action. He does things rather than say things. What is the animals gives the animal's back, he goes to a tree and he sits down and he lies under the tree in the shade, and it makes to her so he doesn't know what what can I do? So he says, our law indeed I am for whatever good you should send me to me in need. Yeah, Allah even. So this man doesn't have a home. He doesn't have food. He doesn't have a place to live. He's sitting under the tree. And he says, Yeah, a lot. If you can send

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me any any good. Anything of benefit. I'll be very appreciative. Yeah, Allah.

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Listen here. Nabil Moosa is in a desperate situation. The ladies were in need, yes, the ladies were in need. But they had, they were in a better position than him. They said that the only solid animals that we use, it doesn't have anything like that. Yet he can still do good. No matter who you are in society, or what you have who don't have, you can still do something good. You can still contribute something good. And

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this all works. If you do something good. Allah is going to do something good in return. So that'd be Moosa basically did some good action here. He helped these ladies. He didn't ask them for wealth, even though he needs something he needs at least a piece of bread. He didn't ask them that. He did this because he could do it. Do good things, not for something in return. But if you can help the situation and how can I help and if they are not going to pay you if you're not going to get paid in the dunya have faith Allah will pay you back somewhere else. If you can assist in the masjid when the school or in the orphanage, don't look for reimbursements. If you're not saying that everything

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must be done for free, but if you don't get paid, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala will repay you and now the Moosa basically says that, yeah, Allah, I am in need. I have nothing. I literally have nothing. Please whatever good you can give me. I would be so appreciative

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for the act to the Houma tenshi LST here in Abuja, the ruca. Li Jia Jia Rama cerca de la familia o Casa La, La La Casa scholar of the Jota minakami volley mean.

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So often I'll be Moosa sitting here and it makes us to our life you can send me any good anything send me something my way I'm really needy Allah. Let me Musa Prince of Egypt, sitting under the tree with nothing, not even a wonderland in his pocket. And after a while, one of those two girls comes walking to him shyly, so Alice's LST. Here she comes walking very shy, not really looking at him directly. What do we say? Lola say, look at this. When he came, he was a stranger. They didn't know who this guy was. He could have been a criminal. But when they were together, they weren't shy. And one of the lessons that Allah might take that usually when we in groups of people, our inhibitions

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go away. When we are in a group, we are able to do a lot of things in usually haram things in a group or when we are alone, when we are a bit more hesitant. So yeah, this girl, she knows that we Moosa is a good guy. Right? But now she's shy, because she's alone. So she goes to him, and she walks to him. So that removes the sees this girl walking towards him. And she's walking in a very shy, modest way, a very modest way. And she sees in a shy in a shy way that my father has invited you is called your over, he wants to reward you for, for watering our animals. So what happened was these girls obviously went home and it was quite early. Usually they come home, maybe late in the

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afternoon. Now they coming home quite early. So they follow us what happened, why you go home so early. So they said, you know, there was this guy, we don't know his name. He just came up and he took the animals and he pushed the shepherds on one side and he looked at them and made sure No, they didn't bother us. And he wanted the animals and he didn't ask us for anything.

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You know, the father, these girls never met a guy like this something strange. This is a new kind of person. So he said, Call him I'd like to reward him. So this girl goes and and we'll pause and we end on this Darla ask this stranger

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You don't seem you know your daughter alone to go meet a strange big strange man, big guy alone. Why did they Why did this old man seen one of his daughters, and one of the tough scenes is that one of the girls was very excited about NaVi Musa. And she was telling the story this this guy, and he's this and he's so amazing and so that so the guys that the false that okay, you stay here, the other one, you go and call him. You go and call him. I want to see this guy myself. I want to meet him myself. And then once NaVi Moosa came and went home, she showed him the way, and he came, Casa La de cosas, meaning he told the whole story, a twosie about his life. He told this old man his own life

00:30:46--> 00:31:18

story, meaning he lived out no detail. He told him, I'm homeless. Yes, I'm on the run from the police. Yes, I killed somebody is the most powerful man on earth is looking for me. Basically mouth so he left nothing out. And this old man listens to the story. And this man and some orlimar mentioned that this could be Navy shoe if he listens and he says don't feel Don't be scared. Don't you worry. Oh, young man, don't feel scared. Now. Jota you've been saved from an evil people. You've been saved from people that are evil.

00:31:19--> 00:32:00

So then so and I ended up with this idea called Amaya Batista who in Hydra minister gelatin can we use I mean, so Nabi Musa, and the old man are having a conversation, and I've been telling him about how you know what he did? He's a, He's a murderer. He's got no home, he's got no money. And the father then goes inside and says to the girls, what do you think of this man? And the one goes is how you employ him. And I imagined Spinola this man has nothing to Islam, and she says, I think you should keep He's a murderer. He's on the run from the police. He's got nothing and she says, I think you should keep I think you should he's a good guy is a strong trustworthy person. And inshallah

00:32:00--> 00:32:17

we'll see that Allah mentions this is the only Navy in the Quran, where Allah actually mentions a marriage none of the ambia allegedly speaks about them getting married and this is one of the only incidences maybe Musa marrying his wife will continue inshallah his story next week inshallah. any announcements

00:32:23--> 00:32:32

okay. So in showered is a one of our our brothers with the site Parker is passed away. He's Genesis, afternoon Shafi mustard, and mustard chef.

00:32:34--> 00:32:40

Okay, they will further announced we will follow Allah subhanaw taala. grant him gentle Filipinos. I mean,

00:32:41--> 00:33:22

one of our very close to the mercy of Ahmed Isaac's passed away, literally an hour or so after Ramadan. And he was with us every evening for iftaar wonderful character, wonderful person, Allah subhanaw taala tested him taken away his family, his kids, his son, his wife, and always in a good spirits and we just had iftaar with him, you know, a day or two before he was probably the the most that evening and Allah kept him well and healthy. And then he passed away just as basically the walk of eat came in and he passed away so Allah subhanaw taala bless him and all the people have passed away. Place in Jana, some people that are getting ready right until the end, and then Allah takes

00:33:22--> 00:33:28

them away. So we believe we ask Allah to bless them and all the unwashed mean malignant hypertension and circular fate, soulless in them hamadryad

00:33:30--> 00:33:30

salaam alaikum