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Are the military ministry Donald James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he also remain. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala who has granted us these past couple of weeks of Ramadan, Allah subhanho wa Taala except from us all are aware that all the good deeds that we've done, Allah forgive us for any shortcomings that we've done in our fasting and in our Salah, mela grande and all our sins to be forgiven. May Allah grant us a place in gender with him and prediction from the fires of janam. May Allah have mercy on those who are not here with us to make the offer themselves. We ask Allah to increase them in the grave to grant him goodness and happiness and there'll be a garden from the gardens of Jana, and we send our love our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabina

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his Blizzard family, his companions and all those who follow is soon until the end of time, Alexander's to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah we continue with our stories from the Quran. And we reciting from Surah two costs us last week. And we're discussing the story of nebby musala. salat wa salam not to recap that too much. They'll be most of course we see the story begins with Iran who is abusing his people, one group of people, he specifically abused the bunnies that are ill, and he did population control on them. way every alternate year, when the population got too much he would massacre and kill all the newborn babies.

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And it so happened that a new baby born was born a boy who was born in the year in which they were supposed to be executed. And this mother she doesn't know what to do. And it's Viola. We didn't mention this, but it shows us a lesson. Now we Moses mother had no options. She had no way out. But she turned to Allah into Allah. And Allah basically granted her medical. And this is something we should always believe, no matter how bad or difficult life is, and how hopeless The situation is. We never give up hope. We never give up on Allah subhanaw taala even though we might not have an answer, Allah subhanho wa Taala will have an answer for us. And we turned to him. She did everything

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she could. And then she submitted into Allah and Allah showed her a way out. Allah said, Put your baby, throw him in the river, and wait and see what will happen. We said that river washed him up maybe musala. So slam into the house of Iran with a wife of their own found him picked him up. And she convinced her own. We spoke about this last week how she managed to convince Iran not to kill him. So they I showed that Iran wanted to kill this newborn baby. But as La salatu salam convinced Pharaoh not to do so. We continue with our story. This week, we go back to the mother. So if you look at the story, you watch the baby going down the river. It's the baby is now in the house of

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fear when the camera goes back to the mother in her little shack in the little in the in the refugee camp bunnies are in. She sitting Lee even though her son is gone, she doesn't know she has son is gone. She doesn't know whether he was alive. He's dead. What's happened to him? Even even if he's okay, but she's not with him. So Allah subhanaw taala says out to Bella even shaytaan regime

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what us baja Mimosa feriha incur that lead to bdmv Lola and robot nada, Colombia that akuna Minal Mini, and the heart of mooses mother mooses biological mother, her heart became familiar it became empty. And now what this means and I don't know if any of us has been in a situation if you are under extreme trauma, you eventually stop feeling you get to a point where the shock is so you know the accident is so severe I'm Allah protect us the The news is so horrific, that you don't know what to have you become numb, your mind cannot comprehend. Navi mooses mother went through this. She felt completely devastated. Beyond fear and sadness, her newborn baby was gone from her. So Allah says

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her heart became empty, the heart of Nabhi mooses mother became 30 ha and the side note many words are used for hot cold is hot Southern the chest also the hot fluid is the the faculty of thinking and reasoning and emotions. So her mind and our heart became empty. And incarnate. Allah says if he did not, was he not if Allah did not strengthen her, if Allah did not tie her heart down, she would have disclosed the matter. She would have ran to Pharaoh and said, that's my son. I can't live without him. That's my son. It became too much for to be interesting point that Allah mentioned. This emotion that never moves as mother's feeling isn't because she lost Moosa the Messenger of

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Allah the defeater of fear around to her. This was just one of her

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This was just an ordinary mother, losing one of her kids. And every single one of our mothers will feel like that with us, that each and every one of us, this is the extent of love our mothers have for us, that any mother if she was put under this kind of strain, she would have gone through that this panel Ah, we don't realize the emotions that the burden that is on our parents and particularly in our mother in our mothers, may Allah bless our mothers, Allah grant a mercy as they had mercy on us and if they have passed away Allah grant the welfare and forgiveness and place in Jenna.

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So Allah says in candidly took the baby Lola and robot Nala kalba, that akuna meaning.

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So the heart of mooses mother became empty and she was about to disclose the matter concerning him, had we not bound faster whatever, even if we did not make a lawsuit if we did not make our heart steadfast and Ravana is to tie it down. So all it was moving from one side to the other, her mind was in confusion. So Allison, if it wasn't for us to hold a chain, bring her heart down, she would have she would have opened the matter, and that she should be of the believers, allowing her to show her that if you put your trust in Allah, no matter how difficult the situation is, Allah will show you a way out. And she said, and Subhana Allah Allah mentions and I'll be Moosa of all the ambia I

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can't think of another an abbey who had a sister, they must have been embedded as sisters. But we don't know of any other sisters if I'm trying to think if anyone knows afterwards you can mention but this sister we know Nabi Musa had an older sister and he had an older brother, Allah mentions his mother, his sister, his older brother in the Quran. So the mother of nebby Musashi said to nebby, Moses Bana, or his TT, the eldest one, we're currently have T equals c

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fosatu v anunoby, rahula, Sharon. And the mother said to the sister, follow him go along the river along the bank of the river and watch the basket, see where the basket is going. And she did so from a distance. So this very smart young girl, she's may be in primary school, but she was smart enough to know if she's watching this basket, eventually, someone's gonna notice. So she's walking around along the bank of the river, and out of the corner of her eyes, she's watching the basket float down, she's watching her baby brother float towards the palace.

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So now this baby comes back to the palace of your own new baby boy if Iran said it's fine, no one's gonna harm him. He's keeping you safe. He's newly born all he can do is drink breast milk. And Asya Elisa to Sarah did not have breast milk. So she brought different mother's milk mothers to feed him obviously this is the wife of his own so all the the ladies were you know able to give milk came up in the cued up but Allah says hi Rama Allah Hill maratea Minh cobble. faqad lumada live 18 yaku Luna lacuna hula hoop, Nancy hoon. And we had prevented from him all the witnesses before so Allah made that it is haram for NaVi Musa to drink from any of his mothers. So this newborn baby is screaming

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his head off, as you can imagine, is a bit worried Fiona is about to get upset. All the milk she's bringing more and more witnesses, but none of the milks tastes what nobody moves on. Once this baby moves up, none of them are able to feed him any screaming and shouting. So this smart girl, she's outside of the palace, she manages to somehow get word to the gods are fit around, that she knows of a good breed of milk mother, she says, shall I guide you direct you to a household that will be responsible for him for you while they are to him a sincere in his upbringing. So she didn't say I'll tell you my mother, and she's a smart girl. She says I know of a lady. That's a very good lady,

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and she will look nicely after him. And since all the milk mothers are not succeeding Asya became desperate. So you should bring this lady bring the strange lady. Let's see if she if if Moosa will drink then I was just follow that now Who else make a camera in her wallet that has an Juanita Anima and Nevada law whether Tina Clara whom Allah Allah moon, and so Nabil mooses mother was called summoned to the palace. They see that we heard that you have milk and you can feed this baby. Let's see if you can do it. And obviously once nobody moves, I was back in the lap of his mother, he began he began to drink. So Allah says Pharaoh that now we returned him to his mother. Why? What was all

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this supposed to do? Why did Allah make it haram for the Messiah to drink from the other mothers? The purpose was not to be Moosa it was that she might be contained and not grieve over love this lady so much. That part of his plan was I don't even want this lady to be sad.

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But it took away Karina we said this last week curato

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kurata is that thing if you say, my kids or my wife or my family, they could rock line. They are the things that make my eyes happy. They take away all my sadness and my sorrow. But no matter how bad life is at work, the minute I'm with them, they make my life happy and pleased and we make the do our opennebula Amina Gina was to react in a kurata eunoia Allah let our families be the coolness and the pleasure of our eyes, that when we with them, all our sadness goes away. And again, that'd be Moosa was the coolness and the pleasure of his mother's eyes. When he came back, all that emotion, that empty heart was filled up once again, that feeling that she was of complete devastation. It

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disappeared immediately, the minute she held him. Again, this is the feeling of every mother. And to think that we are the coolness of our mother's eyes. We bring pleasure to her that no matter how difficult her life is, how bad her day is going. When we pick up the phone and we see said I want to come home I'm doing I love you. It brings pleasure to her eyes. It takes away all her sadness. And no matter how good day is going, if things are bad in our life, it makes her miserable. Some allegan bless our mothers. I mean,

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what a dozen and we don't want we didn't want her to be sad while he tie them and we want to teach her and let her know and our other lighthawk that when Allah makes a promise it will come through Allah shoulda in a dream, follow my instructions. You not only will your baby be safe, but I won't keep our he will be with you. Don't ask how how is this possible? It's going to happen unless telling us the same listen. When the impossible. It looks like impossible. When you trust in Allah, Allah will always keep his end of the bargain, while our kin but acciara whom Allah Allah moon, most of them, most of us don't realize this. Most of us don't realize when Allah says, donate in charity,

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it will be better for you in the dunya and in the afternoon, you might feel I'm getting poorer, but Allah says I'll make you rich. trust in Allah. When Allah says stay away from this thing, which is how long it will be better for you in the long run. Sometimes we think we know better allow us to show you do what he says and it will come out in your benefit in the dunya and in the Akira.

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Allah also mentioned and now we jump to Surah to Baja, we take a quick Allah mentions and I said this fetch for me is the my most I love this ayah the most in sort of Baja and it's quite unique. If you if you recite the Quran, Allah doesn't use this kind of language very often.

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in sort of bar that I bestowed on musawah alcohol I threw upon Musa muhabba My love, I threw upon Musa my love from me, and I wanted him to watch the Arabic is incorrect, and I wanted to watch him grow up. Allah doesn't say this very often in the Quran that I poured my love over. So Allah says the minute Moosa was born, I put all of my love upon him, so much so that even if it is hot became soft towards him. And I watched you Allah cease to be Moosa, I put Allah says this to him, I put my love upon you, and I watched you grow up under my eyes, you will get he will growing up in Pharaoh's house. Yes, but in my eyes will watching you grow up.

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Some interesting points about Nabi Musa Nabhi mooses name. If you look at the Hebrew, the rabbis they will say his name is Moshe Moshe, which means in Hebrew, something in the water, like in Arabic, Maja is water Ma and Shea is something they said it's something that was in the water. That was the standard meaning that moves are the name Moosa means someone who was in the water, but it didn't make sense that Phil would name this boy a Hebrew name. Right Pharaoh is raising this boy, he would have given him an Egyptian name. And until the 18 hundred's until about 200 years ago, when Napoleon conquered conquered Egypt, and the science of hieroglyphics started, we know that the word

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Moses like Moses, and Moses means son of surah, Moses is the son of law does Moses the son of tough Moses means the son of but they left it blank. Why? Because they didn't know who his father was. He's a boy without a father. That's more likely what his name was. And then Allah says, When I'm Bolivar, I should know who was Stella and when he attained his full strength, meaning when he became a Caliph and mature when he became a young man. For Stella what Stella, Stella is to rise up, meaning nebby Moosa became very, very tall, was an extremely tall man, that even they would say, tall people.

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Who would say that guy is a big guy? So he was tall and big and strong. And what was his complexion? He was dark skinned, we known to be Musa was very dark skinned. And this really is how the Egyptian pharaohs looked like. If you look at pictures of the pharaohs, they told they basically have Ethiopian Somali features. This is the features of the pharaohs. And they'll be Moosa looked like one of them. Why obviously, if you look like a Hebrew, this would have caused that fear I want to execute him what Amala should do and when he finally when he reached his maturity, what Stella and he rose up was told, t now hookman while we Alice's we taught him gave him as a young man, wisdom,

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and knowledge, workaholic and Nigel Silverstein. And this is how we reward the good doers. Now, eventually, they'll be Moosa growing up in the palace of Iran. And he grew up, for all intents and purposes, is a prince above the law. He looked like the ruling class, he was treated like the ruling class. But at the same time, this this nanny, this maid, as we would call them, comes in every day, and speaks to him and raise them and I must and you can only imagine that after she breastfeed him for two, three years, he became so attached to her that as you said, You stay stay in the house. You Moosa is so attached to you. He got to know eventually that this is his biological mother, he got to

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know about his sister, and his brother Harun, even though his brothers and his sisters, whether they went to school, or they were in labor camps, and he was going to the top education, he loved this, this confused life. And he kept it hidden. He didn't tell fit around, and Asya what he knew, perhaps he told us, but he never seemed to fit around. So as a young man, he had this identity crisis, but he understood where he belonged. So Allah says, We gave him wisdom and knowledge, and we this is how we reward good people. So he's got looks, he's got wealth, he's got power, he's got knowledge and he's got wisdom Subhan Allah, all the qualities and we say young person, usually young people who

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have looks seldomly have good, good judgment and if you give them wealth on top of its vanilla, then they are ruined altogether. But Moosa was different. Moosa was given all these things why Allah says this is how we reward good people. He was a good person, a good young men.

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Chapter Two, now as a big man as a young young adult, maybe in his early 20s or his late teens, what Allah Medina Medina Allah henikoff Latina Allah for what should be her Raja Laney yakata lon her dementia de la mina dooby Nabi Musa had this policy what you will do is during the afternoon, two o'clock, one o'clock the afternoon, if you go to any Middle Eastern country, one o'clock the afternoon, is more quiet than one o'clock the night. One o'clock the night you saw have shops open and people walking, but one o'clock the afternoon everything is quiet and did. Why because it's sleeping time people sleep. It's too hot. It's called Chi Lula, and it's the son of Nagisa Salaam to

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take a chi Lula that time. Please don't tell your boss I'm going to follow the sooner now and make the kalola I want to sleep at one o'clock the afternoon, follow the suit nine other things that I tried, this would be of the suit none other areas. But in desert climates, it becomes too hot to work. So everyone basically goes and sleeps during the noon and the hot periods. And this is the time when Debbie Moosa would sneak out of the palace, he will disguise himself and he would look we could help bunnies or you would go into the camps where you could, if someone didn't finish the work, he would finish the work for them. If someone was couldn't carry something, he would carry it

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and he wouldn't. No one knew who he was. So one of these days this young good doing man, strong a prince secretly goes out in the middle of the day, and he finds two people fighting on one person beating up another person. The guy being beaten up was bernisa. Ellison is Riley, and mean she it she a side note chia means a sick way group. This one is from his sixth meaning from Moosa six, and the other one was from the enemy, the Egyptian. So a soldier a policeman, from the Egyptians, was beating up one of the Israelites and a B Moosa. A young man good dude.

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Isn't intentions are sincere, he looks at the situation he immediately thinks he knows what's happening. This guy is abusing and oppressing one of the helpless people. So he gets involved first, first of all who and let him initiate de la mina do we for workers are who Miuccia Prada Ali, and the one from his faction, and this man calls out to Nabi Musa helped me. You they help me strange I'm being beaten up by this police officer helped me so now we move

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comes and gets involved. And Moosa hits the soldier, and immediately the guy dies, can be Muslim never knew his own strength, and he never before got into a fight, he gives his first throws his first punch and immediately kills the soldier on site.

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And Moosa realizes he committed a grave sin, He committed a big, big sin, and he said what color had mean Amelie shaytaan inna who are the one who didn't move in another Ayah he says Robbie the lamb to nuptse. Listen here. Now the Moosa learns that we must have one, his intention was sincere, his Nia was good. His desire was good. He wants to change the situation, but he was too rash. He was too overeager and even a good person shaytan can mislead you with your good Nia Nabi Musa went overboard. He committed the sin, He killed someone, he went extreme. And that's why he says, Rob, be the alarm to enough see, oh, Allah, I have committed a sin. This was severe, I shouldn't have killed

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that man. It was an accident that we must, I didn't mean to do it. But the lesson again for us, you might have knowledge and wisdom, but you're inexperienced in terms of youth, you immediately sum up a situation too quickly. You look at a situation and you think I know what's happening here. And you act and you act irrationally, you act impulsively, and it's the wrong decision. He didn't wait to ask what's happening here, break them up, immediately throws a punch, and it kills this man. It was an accident, and maybe mooser. The idea isn't here, maybe Moosa blames himself. So initially, he says, and this is a difference between us and the police. The difference between us and the police.

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And he also says Carter has I mean, Emily shaytaan, this is now he realizes this what I did was of the doings of shaytaan, this killing someone was an A major son in law who are the one with the new movie, and indeed, he's a manifest misleading enemy. But then in the next year, maybe Moosa says, arrabida lamb to enough see our law, I have sinned against myself. And that's the essence of tober.

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doba isn't that we don't make sin. We commit sin. And this month of Ramadan is an ideal opportunity to get our sins forgiven. If you look at the story of nabby Adam, and we don't want to go too deep into Debbie Adams story. Now he Adam come up to the sun, and he believes committed a sin.

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He believes he believes his response was our law, you must lead me and because of that, I'm gonna mislead them. Now be Adams response was not our law, he believes misled me. He said, I'll be the lamb to never see our law. I have sinned against myself. He took ownership of his sin. And he said, I made the mistake. I was wrong. So Allah forgave maybe Adam and Hawa, he didn't forgive the beliefs, and when you will make Toba when we make Toba, we don't attribute the sins to anyone else we say yeah, Allah I committed the sin. And Allah who gave me Moosa for killing a man. Yes, it was accidental wasn't murder, but he forgave nebby Moosa for killing someone and raised him up and Abby.

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Now inshallah Allah, no one year has blood on your hands, so to say, none of us have committed a sin insha Allah like that murder, killing somebody. But even if we did that, Allah says, I'm going to forgive you. And even we know the story even beyond that, where a man killed 99 people 99 people he killed. And then he went to an Abbot, a pious person. Uh, well, he have a law. And he said to this, well, he, what he I've killed 99 people is the center of my mercy from Allah for me. So the world is it? No, 99 people tell us you're going to jahannam so he killed his family. And they by killing 100 people. After some time he went to an island and he's so sick to the island. Look, I've killed 99

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people, one and an end an extra one person who was overly of Allah, is there hope for me and the holy city, the island said yes. So long as you alive. This hopefully, allows Mercy is always bigger than yourself. No matter how big your sin is, the mercy and forgiveness of Allah is bigger. So the alum, advise this man reform your life, leave the city, go to another city, where people are much better the city you're in the environment you're in is corrupt. One of the ways of leaving sin is leaving the things that pull you to sin. If it's your friends, if it's your environment, if it's whatever temptation, get away from that go away from it. This is the beginning of your tober so this

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man left his city and he died on the way before he could reach his destination before he could get to his destination he died.

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And the angels we know the long had these two angels came down one of punishment and one of forgiveness. And they began arguing we said this man was going to jam them. He killed 100 people he didn't completely sober

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The other one said nobody's Nia was need to come over to make Toba and he was on his way to make Toba

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and a lot decreed the one that he was closer to the city the destination, therefore except these Toba just to break off here, tomorrow in sha Allah, we are having our orphans evening. We inviting the orphans, the Muslim orphans in the orphanages and I want you to think about this Ramadan time family time, if you are an orphan, you don't have your parents what must it be like to fast in Ramadan? So we are bringing the orphans from the Muslim orphans inshallah and we are taking them out to the Sports Center for the day and then having afar and giving them some gifts. So there will be a special collection today for the orphans inshallah a special collection today for the orphans in sha

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Allah, please contribute to that and if you'd like to bring your kids with to the sports center tomorrow I think it's off the door just to interact with some orphans probably a good thing man ask the prophets of Salaam he knows Hadith My heart is hard. I don't feel anything when I yo janam I don't feel anything when I need to decide the Quran it just goes over me What can I do my artist did How can I bring it back to life prophecies or wrap the head of an orphan and spend some time with him and if you join us inshallah tomorrow with the star and you have a meal with them, it will change you inshallah, it will do something to you. So, we make dualities successful and please

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Back to our story tsunami Musa killed this man. And he affirms that I've committed the sin

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no matter what path you're on.

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And the lesson for us is we know the how the story ends. We know when a B Moosa is going to become what he's going to become. But in his road, he took this major went off the track completely killed somebody yet stole you're not so far off the path that you can't come right and in fact, he came of the greatest people that ever existed. Listen for us is where you are today does not determine where you're going to be five years from now, two years from now. All that is needed is to raise your hands as the NBA. FC Allah I've sinned against myself. I have committed the sin. So forgive me, Allah so long as you come to me, no matter how much your sins are, even if it reaches the sky, I

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will forgive you and I won't mind even if it is the weight of the earth, in sin, but you don't come a chick, Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us, to grant us of His mercy. To forgive all our sins this month of Ramadan that we exit this month clean completely on a clean slate, every sin major or minor, every sin that we have dunya Allah, deliberately or unintentionally, the sense that we do openly or secretly those that we know we don't know why Allah forgive all of them, wipe them away Allah from our records, and replace them with good deeds, and guide us not to return to our sins and our mistakes. And pardon us for the things

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that we have done that Allah bless our parents and our grandparents and all those who have passed away. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of us in the remainder of Ramadan. It only could be written for us in our scales in our books of decree, when layer two cuddle comes in the next two weeks, the greatest night of the year for all of us is coming in just in the next two weeks your decrees are going to be put out all of us insha Allah make dua for yourselves and for all of us. I mean, just a few announcements that book retreats are available at the back 160 Rand for the back. We know that we also unwanted restrictions and we thank Allah subhanaw taala for braving the rain,

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we ask Allah to alleviate those who suffered because of the rain. Allah bless us with beneficial rain. I mean insha Allah and we invite you in sha Allah to join us in our post Ramadan lecture series, which is the deaf seed of sort of just another last half which is ama with we will start it as zillertal zella tonight in sha Allah if you'd like the lectures the audios, they are on the the on the website Burano Burano website, please visit and you can get the lectures of the the sutras that we recite every day in our Salawat we should know what they mean inshallah. So please join us and if you are here, you can participate in our lucky prize or quiz every evening with your prizes

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to be won each week inshallah don't come for that reason, but it's just an incentive which Allah says Allah hi Rasul Allah syedna Mohammed wa salam Islam Celine hamdulillah Bella domina. Solomonic mahalo

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