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AI: Summary © The success of men in Islam is highlighted, along with the struggles of women in obtaining the right to be worshiped. The importance of trustworthy and strong employers is emphasized, along with the need for acceptance of certain conditions and staying in Egypt during the desert. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam, including the birth of Islam by a woman and the importance of learning to take care of animals. The missed weekend edition of missed weekend edition is highlighted, along with the upcoming weekend edition of missed weekend.
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Are we live in St. JOHN rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah Allah Fillmore serene Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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or Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala our Creator, our sustainer Our Lord, La ilaha illa Allah and Allah has the right to be worshipped except the last panel Tada. We submit ourselves to Him and returned to him in this walk of Juma pleading that he forgives us for the sins that we have done over this past week. And Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us in this week to come as ignore this Juma make it a light for us, and we send our love our greetings and salutations so beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect and pure family, to his the base of the companions to all those who follow me soon until the end of time Allah grant us to be amongst them.

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I mean, while hamdulillah we continue with our story about the most mentioned man in the Quran, Avi musala salatu salam, the greatest personality in many regards. And in terms of the Quran, a person that Allah mentioned the most in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala, his favorite Nabi Musa with certain things that no other nebby besides the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam received, and we spoke about his story, that he started off as a parents growing up, rather from a buddy, so growing up in the house of your own, and when he committed a murder, and he ran away to the city of meridian. And last week, we mentioned how he came to the city of Medina, and he found two girls

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unable to water the animals. Why? Because the main of madeon were extremely oppressive to the ladies, and that they were sexist and that they were abusive to the ladies. So they stood back and waited. Also, we didn't mention this the fact that they'd be removed. So ask them, What are you doing here and they see that our father is an old man, that in reality, what is being understood here by Nabi Musa, and then this is a job for a man. And even though we live in a time when it is agreed that people say, you know, everything a man can do, a woman can do, if not better, right? In Islam, we said certain things are out of honor and current for a woman. We don't want to see our

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women carrying heavy loads and burdens, and taking animals to water these things. As Allah says, we honored men we gave men strength, physical strength over women. Therefore, with every blessing, it's not something to be proud of. It's an Amana. It's a trust, Allah gives you knowledge, not to be proud of it, but to use it in the proper way. Allah gives you a wealth nuts that you can flaunt your wealth, but you can do good with your wealth. So men, we gave you physical strength over women, therefore the physical burdens of things should be the duty of a man. It's not we shouldn't allow our sisters and our mothers to be carrying loads of things and a simple lesson, maybe the groceries,

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you know, it is part of our Deen that it's if it's something like a bag of groceries or luggage, whatever, should be asked that carries it and not our sisters and our mothers. This is not the duty. Maybe if you come across the side of the road and hamdulillah perhaps it will still be strange today. You come across the side of the road. You see a person's tire is flat, and the lady's changing the tire and the man is sitting in the car we also heartbroken what's happening here seemed like nobody was asking these girls, what's happening here. This isn't the norm, why you and what's going on? Nobody Moosa doesn't even ask them permission. And this is the kind of chivalry of the

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Gambia, he just takes these animals and we said he's a big, strong guy,

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quite attractive and handsome and he takes these animals he waters them, and the girls go on home to the Father. And the father asks, What are you doing early? And many of them have Assyrian says that one of them must have spoken very highly of nubby Moosa to the Father. He's so tall. How tall? is he so tall. What's his name Moosa. He looks like this, you should have seen him You should have seen the way the guys were looking at him. The way they just moved out to the way I've never seen a guy Soto. So one was really impressed and intrigued with what she saw in Abu Musa. And again, this is the first time these young women have seen a real man, a man who's doing the jobs or the work of a

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man and that's why the father said call him but not you, the one that is so made up with Musa the other one you go and call him. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned

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that one of them came down she lsttl walking shyly call that she said to me Moosa in our father, yet the ruka he is inviting you like Tao He's inviting you, Lee aka Azure amasa catalana to reward you for the task that you did of watering our animals and the ayah before now be Moosa what is the animals? He goes back to the tree and he makes it to our and he says, Yeah, Allah, I'm in a bad shape. Yeah, Allah. I just need something. Anything I need. I've got nothing. Yeah, Allah. He didn't even say yeah, like give me money. I just need anything. I'm not as picky

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You know, it's like someone coming you you really starving and you say, give me anything to eat. I don't care what's on the breed. I don't care if it's read, just give me something. So he says, Yeah, Allah, I'm really in need of your help. He made the dua. Immediately after that the sister comes and says, Our father wants to reward you. He didn't say, No, my sister, I did this for the pleasure of Allah, that this is the pleasure of Allah. He may do our this was the answer to his door. Sometimes we think when we make dua, Allah responds by opening the summer and raining gold upon us. No, this is the opportunity you may do Allah answered it. And he didn't ask for the for the reward even ask

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the sisters, I'm going to water the animals, you're going to pay me something. No, he's Nia was whether you pay me or not. But now that they came back and said, Our father wants to give you a reward for that he didn't say Jazakallah Hey, I'm doing this for them for the pleasure of Allah. No, you may do all yell, I need something. I'll send him something. So he's hungry. Not Let's go. And I don't want to go meet your father. Your father wants to pay me something. I'm not gonna say no, even the MBA, don't be shy, to take payment for something that is justifiably good for them. So we need to be Moosa now came to this old man, remember, the sister said, Abby Shay. hunkapi. Our father is

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an old chair is a Big Buddha. He basically can't even walk wakasa Allah He taught us remember, the sutras called pseudo, pseudo classes, the stories and costs literally means to take footsteps meaning you following the footsteps of the past. So what casada his courses he mentioned his entire story, but by but that'd be Moosa Elisa was Salam. And so we see of his character. He's a very, very strong man, very, very confident person. He has a high sense of chivalry is a high sense if he sees injustice happening, he intervenes immediately, sometimes even too quickly. And he's a person that doesn't speak like you will find that nobody moves up not a very eloquent man by his own account,

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and he doesn't twist his words he says things very upright and frankly, sometimes not even politically correct or very diplomatically. He sees things as it is, and here he comes to the stranger's house and he says basically, imagine you invite someone to your some some Jamaat Buddha Mashallah is in the masjid come and he tells you all the story, you know, I killed someone like a few months ago, I'm on the run from the police. I have no way to live, right? He tells you everything was exactly brother inshallah next time, but we don't want to see you next time. Right. So he tells the full story to this man and his family. And the girls are inside listening while

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gonna be most telling the story about his life. And the fathers is not the half Don't worry, the Joe terminal COVID volume mean that you are now safe from in from the evil people. You are safe. Yeah, no one's gonna harm you. Yeah, they won't find you. Yeah. The father goes and asks the daughters so you heard the story of this guy. What do you think of this Mussa guy? Call it a dogma one of them against it perhaps the same one that says, Yeah, but he Oh, my father is to employ him. You just heard he's a murderer. He's a criminal. He's wanted you say employ him immediately. Give him a job. In the Hydra minister Jetta. The base kind of person you can employ, I'll call you. I mean, and it's

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actually true today. She says, Our Father, the best kind of employee you could have is someone that is strong meaning competent. And I mean, and he's trustworthy, that this is a trustworthy man. And he's competent. He's shown that he could have taken advantage of us he didn't do it. He wanted our animals without asking for money. And he's very strong he's competent he can do the job the best kind of man you can get the best kind of employee you can get she says employee but what she's actually saying the best kind of man you can get is a strong competent man that is trustworthy. Forget about the fact that he murdered someone that's that's a side issue we don't worry about

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that's the past. Alright, so the father's listening to his daughters and again, like father asking the opinions of his daughters asking them what do you think what you know, my goals? What do you think? I'm the old man I'm the chef Kabir. What do you guys think? And they say yes, employ him. Bring him anything. Livia with us. So now this man, we could be nabeshima if this old man goes to be Muslim, he says, Allah He said in the UI do an inky ha

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ha ha teeny Allah and junie damania Hey, Judge, that I intend, oh Musa, I've got a business of business. I've got a proposal for you a little proposal here. I've got I have a suggestion. I would like to marry one of these two daughters to you in return as a mother, you work for me for eight years. What does happen? He came to have supper together he would. He asked the girls What do you think the girls would employ him? Now the father is saying how about you marry them? There was no talk about marriage yet the father is proposing marriage to me Moosa why and Allah mentioned here. And perhaps you know my daughter has at least a little bit young but for the brothers of God

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teenage daughters and a bit older, and for a father to think about your daughter getting married. It's not an easy thing.

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The daughter is saying he's such an amazing guy and he's such a strong person is trustworthy, he'll make a good employee, you'll make a good employee read between the lines. She's saying you'll make a good husband. And she's saying it indirectly Oh my father, I wouldn't man wouldn't mind a man like Musa as a husband. So I'm gonna say directly. Father understood what she meant that I'm quite keen. I heard about this guy's story. I've only met him for the for the day, but I know enough about him to marry him. I want to marry him. Father obviously is more level headed logical, and he's thinking more rationally and clearly. And he agrees that this man is worthy. Now again, we need to look at

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marriage. The prophets of Salaam says what kind of men should you marry to your daughter? The prophet SAW some says if I men of Deen and character comes to you and proposes then marry your daughters to such a person. What is Dean and character isn't isn't one in the same. Usually Dean encompasses everything. But yeah, the prophet specifically separated the two Dean meaning his relationship with Allah is intact. He has the correct belief. He has he performances Salah he does what is required of him not a volley of Allah nada. He doesn't have to be a saint, but he does the basics correctly. He doesn't commit major sins, and he has good character meaning he treats people

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well. Now when you want to wait your daughter to a person to a man, you need to look at his treatment of others. Because when they are alone, there is no one to protect your daughter. The only person basically is he is the only is the is the only person with her. So if he treats people well, publicly privately inshallah we hope you'll do the same. And the problem is these are the really the two main qualities you should look for D must be intact. If it doesn't have a relationship with Allah then discount this person anyway is not a good person to other people. Then also don't marry your daughter such a man. Obviously if he has well it's a it's a bonus. If he has looks, it's a

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bonus if he has whatever excellence or excellence but these are the fundamentals. He's got his Deen intact and he has a good character. Character means how he treats people kindly, easy, honest, easy, trustworthy, these kinds of things need to be there. So they'll be most as these things Alhamdulillah he's got these things. He doesn't have anything else and to the sisters. Not too many of them here today. But you might find a prince. He might not looking the way you expect him to look. Maybe Musa is a prince. He's basically the son of Iran. He could possibly be a to the most powerful kingdom on earth. But he's got nothing to his name at this moment in time. He doesn't have

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a home. He doesn't have a title. He's running away. But he's a prince in Oh, he is really a prince. So your prince might come but not in the way you expect. But uh last seen this girl, this is going to be her husband. So he the father listens to the daughter. He understands the doctor is saying, you know, employ him and also the father understands I have two young unwed women. I've got this hunk of a guy living on the property. It's going to be problems. You know, if you see your Yo yo yo, you youngsters, you, your teens, your daughters, your sons, and they're always in the company of a member of the opposite *. We just friends don't think they're making dadgad together, right?

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They're out studying alone all the time. Don't think young people or young people, the father is wise enough to know they're going to be in close proximity of one another. fitna is bound to occur. Let's rather nip any problems in the bud and he automatically says, I don't he didn't say I want to employ you. Maybe Moosa needs a job. He says, I'd like you to marry one of these Daughters of mine, you choose which one you want. Right? And

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also, he then mentioned in return, the matter is that you need to work for me for eight years. Now the mother is a pillar, an integral part of Nika with ultimate her can get married. You don't have to pay it upfront. And this just shows you never Moosa married from day one. But he had to pay this Maharaja to lay by his mother over eight years, basically, and it's permissible. It's fine. The lady can ask him or her of whatever it is 10,000 Rand and you paid 1000 Rand every month every year, that's not a problem. In fact, you can even pass away if you pass away, and it's a mahad owing it will be a debt paid out from the state panel of their brothers. Unfortunately, they got married,

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they stipulate the Maha they got divorced. They didn't pay it, they still paying for a woman that are married to anymore. This is the agreement that we've made. Mahara is a very powerful data that must be paid.

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Also, he stipulates upfront and sometimes and I find this as an Imam. Last minute negotiations a week before the winning about my heart, or these things should have been discussed long time ago, long time before the wedding dress and all these things. And now the mahad is a complication. mahad shouldn't be a complication. It should be discussed upfront. This is the expectation for the brother. You might

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You all just too much I can't afford them ahead of us. She wants a house. I can't afford it right now, should I say yes or no. But we've been we know each other for two years we've invested in this relationship. Now this, the parents say this is the mother. You can negotiate. Yes, you can negotiate back and forth. But ultimately the mother is the daughter's the wife, the bride. And she stipulates that and that's it. There's no limit to what she could stipulate or the husband can accept or decline. And that is why, on the day of the nica, we might ask, why is the groom saying I do this is the bride's day. As a non Muslim welcome is a strange kind of wedding. It's the day the

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bride says I do but then we have the man saying I do why. Some lm acid we asked him, Are you really sure you want to do this? Really? Well? It's only men around here. She's not here even in the masjid. Are you sure you want to do this brother? Right? That double confirmation? Why because we telling him brother This is the Mahara right whatever it might be a Krugerrand Do you accept these are the conditions under which nikka will be bound? Are you ready to accept these conditions? When it is cobbled to analysis? that contract is signed by Allah subhanaw taala and they are man and woman that Alicia is such a beautiful thing nica? Well, that one word, this concept of wilaya Alicia

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has moved over a while he means obviously we say what he means frame. What he means Li it means the supporter. It's the one that when you're in trouble, he stands up. So Islam has both this concept that for every woman she has already if meaning if her rights are infringed. The one is that they to control you, your friend is only to control you. He's here to protect you when you endanger whenever your rights are in trouble. The one he stands up and he defends you. Every single woman, Allah has placed our lead to defend her rights not to control if it's a father, or her brother or uncle, whoever it might be. And the minute you say called bill to that worry ship has transferred to you as

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the husband, meaning you are responsible to ensure her rights are they to be protected. And that's why we asked the brothers are you sure about this and then he says COVID Alhamdulillah he's taken on that Amana so the father says to the Navy mooser I'd like to wait one of these daughters to you and that you work for us for eight years. You help us in our farm, whatever it might be for in Mamta Sharon farming in the UK. But if you go beyond eight, you actually stay with me for 10 years, then this will be an extra bit from you. I only ask of eight. Eight is the Mahara but you can add more. You add another two years this is from you. Well now what do you do on a shoe colic? I don't want to

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burden you. I would like to when I allow them why the why not be sure I stipulated 10 years maybe the one dose was quite young. She needed another 10 years before she was mature. I need a man 10 years. Yeah, but if you do eight that's fine. And if you do more than that, that's from you. But I don't want to burden you so that you do need insha Allah Minnesota him that you would find me in sha Allah of those who are good with an issue I've said this with the old man said this will not be Moosa either way is correct. Perhaps both of them said that, that you would find me that we agreed to this contract and you will find me solid, good I would. I will be truthful to my contract as the

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best I can ensure insha Allah, Allah wills I will do my best to fulfill and under this contract called Allah cabeza Enoch that now this is between you and me we've agreed this this is an agreement now they shook hands on a human Jelani called a two for one Allah that whichever Nabi Musa saying this, whichever of these two terms come first whether I take eight and that's it, that's enough for me. Well, I take 10 then this is we agree to this. For that one ally. There'll be no hostility against me if I only do eight no one's gonna be angry with me. What love what am i Nakula Hill and allies the work he'll the custodian, the watcher, the one that is interested over the law is now

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witness to the two of us of this agreement.

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And none of us have spent eight to 10 years in the people of madeon. He just got married now. And really, this is the only Nika that we could say of an abbey in the Quran. Allah really goes into detail about Nabi Musa, so it speaks about him as a child as a baby as a prince as a young man as a refugee, Irani and now as a young man getting married, maybe he's in his early 20s, or young, late teens, and he's become and he's married one of the the daughters of this old man. And he spends eight years eight to 10 years in median in the city of meridian. And he's a shepherd This is his job. He's what what what is the father wants him to do? What's the work to go and look after the

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animals take them for watering bring them home, watch over the farm. Now viso sees this amazing Hadith which we've mentioned before, that every night we have Allah subhana wa Tada. every prophet of Allah was a shepherd, every single Nabhi of Allah before they received the new Buddha. They worship they worship. It's a lot of

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The training part of the internship of becoming an AVI was that they should learn how to take care of sheep and animals. We said if only our presidents could do that, perhaps we'd be better. Although some say Jacob Zuma is a shepherd he was a shipment of low Adam how good he was at that, Allah Allah. But if this is something Allah trained and taught the MBR also I point here, I will get to a beautiful verse where Allah says to me Musa, now you are ready to receive message revelation, and Allah will mention all the steps in his life, that the shepherd, and that the man who is the janitor, or the street sweeper, they might know and learn of lessons that the king or the prince

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never moves sighs work as a young man is in the company of high politics, governments and armies and these kind of ease around this kind of thing. But there are lessons that he can't learn even the he needs to go down to the ground level, meet with the people on the ground. In fact, he needs to live with animals before he can fully learn lessons allow us to teach him lessons and it takes him 10 years of being a shepherd before he's actually acquired the skills to be in it. So Allah says furama, moose, moose and agile that when Moosa completed the term of Army, he completed the term meaning the eight years or the 10 years which he agreed on wasabia li and Assam in January torina on

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Kalia hareem Khufu, Iniesta, naran li te Caminha Bihar in Ojibwe, jawatan manana de la la que tous balloon

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after about eight years, never moves a field something in his art. He feels now after being a shepherd

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my life with something missing. Now visa Salam went through a similar kind of experience. And you'll find that the professor salams life and that he moves his life has many parallels. Now he must have felt there's something missing. I'm not mean to stay in Madison my whole life that I didn't plan on staying here all my life, it was an eight to 10 year plan. I'm going to stay in Madison.

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So once that term was finished, maybe Moosa now informs the family. I'm going back to Egypt. I've been on the run, but my destiny lies in Egypt. He didn't know he's gonna be an AVI, he just felt I need to go back to Egypt. And he takes his family now he's a man that's married, probably has children. So he says Sara Lee, with him and his family, he took them from Madison, and they leave Madison into the desert, the desert of Sinai to go towards Egypt. The last time he left Egypt, he went without a map any directions and Allah guides him directly. And he was the last state to imagine a lot of how that is possible. Now he's got a map, he's got a plan. He knows where he wants

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to go. He didn't know where he wanted to go. And I looked into it. And now he wants to go to Egypt. He knows that God knows the path and he gets lost in the middle of the desert. And it's a dark, dark night, not a star in the sky and on a moon to be seen. Pitch Black can't see anything. It's extremely windy and cold. And they are in a dangerous situation in the middle of the desert late at night.

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And all of a sudden, maybe Moses is in Indiana, in Baja, it is nice to be able to narrow that I see he says I can see towards the mountain Mount Sinai. I can see him on tour. I can see a fire and usually we miss in the dark of the night and you see a fire everyone can see it right all of us can see it. But it mostly is a fire day and no one else could see it except him. I can see that fire. I see there's a fire way. Now we lost we don't know where we going. It's windy, it's dark. It's cold also Nabi Musa says let me go and find out what's that fire. You stay here and in many in many times will not be Moosa stories mentioned. He has to tell his family You wait here You stay here and we

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can almost imagine that Mrs. Nabi Musa said you are not staying young going with you. Right? I think you leave me here with the kids in the dark. I'm going to come with you. I mean, Moosa is in convincing I know you guys stay here. Why? We don't know what's the in that fire. Could be a group of bandits. Don't take your family. So the allama mentioned a known danger he knows the danger of being in the desert, could be stung by a scorpion could get cold or windy. Unknown danger is sometimes safer than an unknown danger. don't expose yourself to an unknown danger. But me Moosa realizes I can't stay like this. I need to go and find something and that fire so he tells his wife,

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Uncle to relax. conquista means like magazine, Allah speaks about the people of Ghana with that same term, you relax, you stay you get comfortable. You open up the mats, just you and the kids relax here. I'm I will go I see the fight. You guys can see it. The only t caminhar be harboring maybe I can go there and get some news some word. Oh, just do a 10 minute nap. Oh, a piece of burning wood from the fire. That alone that you can keep yourselves warm. We really

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Cold he says lovely maybe don't over promise to your wife right always teaching you don't over promise he doesn't know what he's gonna get there. So he says maybe I will get you something. And in Surah Taha Nabi Musa also says, maybe I'll find that the fire houda he died,

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he died what he meant was directions, May and always playing with words beautiful looking, I was playing with the words here, who that means guidance. So he says that the minister says to his family, I see that fire, I may believe me go there, I might get some news, I might get some at the very least, or bring some fire back. Maybe I'll get directions to guide me straight to mean to Egypt. But Allah means guidance meaning to be guided on the straight path.

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For that matter, once he reached the fire, and this furama that far implies it took him a bit of a it was a bit difficult to get the year to climb up to get to that fire. New dmxaa now we've jumped to Soraka Allah says he was cooled, NaVi Musa doesn't know and the Quran leaves it blank Cuckoo. He was called. The coral is unknown. Yeah Moosa. So he stands in this valley. He sees this fire. It's a strange fire. He sees this bush this plant is burning, but it's not disintegrating. The flames are not destroying the plant, and he stands in front of this fire. For new do a voice calls him yeah Moosa oza. in me and Rob buka favela lake in NECA, bhilwara del Mercado de la Moosa I am you load so

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remove your shoes first command Allah gave Nabi Musa is take off issues very first command. First command Allah gave me so Salam was ikura read me Moosa gets the first command, take your shoes off in the locker does he know that you are standing in a holy Sacred Valley to either the name of the valleys to work or it means very, very holy Valley. And this is the only spot on earth with the voice of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a manner which be footsies majesty was heard, the plot the thieves, the stones in that area actually experienced the voice of Allah. The only Nabhi that Allah spoke to directly on Earth was never most of the prophecies and spoke to Allah directly on the

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Saranda Mirage, only to ambia only to know these heard Allah directly Allah says in the Quran, that it is not for the MBR that Allah communicates with him, except through an inspiration like a dream, or a messenger, meaning tiberio comes to them. But Allah spoke to be Moosa directly. This is the case with Allah actually, his words were heard by Nabi Musa, in a manner which be footsies majesty and therefore Allah says, remove your shoes Moosa, you are in a very sacred valley, and I am your Lord, I am Europe. Well, Anna Touka first, Lima you have and I have selected you from all the people on this earth I have selected you. So listen, first stammer is smart. And this is the beauty of the

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word Islam is listen. You know some Arabic is smart means listen. What's added to the word if you look on the screen, is a TA his stomach means Listen, listen very carefully. Allah says I am Allah. I've chosen new Moosa. So listen very carefully, to what I'm going to tell you. In sha Allah we complete next week, what Allah told Nabi Musa Alright, let's start the next phase of his life, just a few announcements in sha Allah.

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So this is Tafseer. Obviously, this is the science of going through Iowa. And our Amazon lectures was the seed of the last part of just the last half the suitors that we received from Russia, Russia, and also to NASS, and circle Fatiha as well. I could see the students will recite all the time and see this beautiful. So we've completed the Duff series on our website, And you can see that I'm about 2017 there, Brother sodic uploaded it to one or two lectures still need to be added. But it's the so you can go to the website, listen to the deaf seed so you understand when you stand in like sorta what you say to Allah subhanaw taala. And you can go to Muslim Central

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as well. There's an app and the website is available. So please, you know, log on and listen to the seat the next week. Next week, Saturday, the 15th of July I believe it's next week. Really we fortunate in having I don't know if any of us No brother Ishmael David's. He's a South African scholarship is my David's, and he moved to Australia a couple of years ago and has been living in Australia, but he's really one of the world's experts in hajj. Like a world renowned expert on Hajj. She's written a book if you go to Savannah, you'd find is a very nice book on Hajj, and he teaches around the world the school's journey of the hearts on Hajj. So he's coming back to South Africa to

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

visit some family and we've managed to convince him to do a one day course on Hajj. 50 Rand

00:30:00 --> 00:30:44

basically nothing a full day course Islamia auditorium might even have course notes available in the audio. So if it's a giveaway it's a course I'd usually charge around 500 Rand. So if you want to go Please go on to the alkota website. I know tickets are flying off much food a course ha ha to sit at the Islamic auditorium next week. Saturday I believe the journey of bots by shift David's please go there. And just some hedge greetings as well the time of the year. Brother Abdullah Hadi Dali and new Eva. They would like they're going on Hajj, we ask Allah to bless them in Hydra. Li Reuter, Adam and son Mohammed Hassan Sally and wife Surya parekh Ali and wife, mommy's Brother Mohammed bossier,

00:30:44 --> 00:31:22

who's with us in the masjid as well, the convener and his wife najwa they'll be going on Hajj as well. And we'll see if Ali and wife Niihau will also be on Hajj, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless them on the journey that the NEA begins and from now the law already begins to accept the Hajj that Allah grants all the Hajaj of the world easy and safe journey Allah grant them to fulfill the obligations of the monastic mela except from them all the EBI that when they keep us and our people in they do us and when they come back to us free of Austin's I mean and we all join them soon for Hajj and Umrah I mean any questions or comments you can mail me with [email protected] or visit our

00:31:22 --> 00:31:30

website that's exactly Hi, Sam hi Medallia wasabi Salaam Salaam Larabee alameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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