Zahir Mahmood – The Judgement Day

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origins and challenges of the idea of death and the loss of human life caused by actions from the past. They also touch on the negative consequences of actions like the Mahdi's actions and the importance of the Bible in modern times. The upcoming event will involve young Muslims and a young Muslim man, and participants will be under the shade of the last panel. The Mahdi's actions include cutting off a man who had his clothes unclothed and leaving him in a bath, as well as the actions of the Mahdi during a trial to determine if a person killed him was a Muslim or not.
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brothers, sisters, youngsters, elders, so I want to

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have you ever seen a small baby, when it's born?

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You were all there. What should we say we've all there, once upon a time

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you see the baby, how much is need of assistance. It is totally dependent on other people.

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And this is our last panel data creates a person Why? Because he wants him to remember his origins.

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He can't turn by himself, he wets his nappy.

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He does number two in his nappy, and he can't clean himself until his mother comes and takes that nappy off. He wants to drink is hungry. And he can't move or drink until his mother feeds him. And then after a while, that same little baby becomes older, and older. And then he starts thinking that he's something special.

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And then he forgets his origins. And he starts to think that he is it. He is the man

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forgetting his origins. And the older that he gets,

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the more independent that he regards himself. And when he starts going to the gym and pumping some iron, and he's and he starts taking horse growth hormones. So he bloats that after a while, he thinks that he is something really special. And come somewhere day like this, you won't find him here in LA, Mashallah. He's on the street or the T shirt on.

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And then a time comes, that that very same person becomes old. And he becomes big back, if you reach that age.

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And he walks with a stick. And when he wakes up in the morning, all his bones hurt.

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All those bones hurt. And then a time comes that he becomes ill sick.

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And he can't move without assistance again, why? Because Allah made him dependent, then Allah made him independent, and then an age cave that Allah made him dependent again. And then he lies upon his bed.

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And he can't move.

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And medical mode is sitting upon his head.

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And it is waiting to take out his roof, his soul.

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It's waiting, he sees it, nobody around him sees it. And he sees the reality. You know, the other day I was speaking to somebody who was really seriously ill I went to meet them in the hospital, and they thought they were gonna pass away. But hunger Allah Allah gave him recovery. And you know what he said to me? Because molana is not easy dying.

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It's not easy to die. But the reality is that everybody here me you and the millions who came before us came and they left this dunya

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if you go into the graveyard and this is why the prophets of Allah they were some of them said that you should go to the graveyard and you should visit the graveyard. because it reminds you of death. Look at the tombstones it will say 1835 1825 it shows that these people spend more time in the grave under the grave under the earth.

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And then a time comes. He's lying in his bed

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and he sees medical note.

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And if Allah gives him if he's been a good person in his life, Allah gives him the dopey to recite that galima and if not,

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if not, then he leaves this dunya and that very same person.

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Now they give him a vast he can't bathe himself anymore. They give him a bomb.

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And the water shouldn't be too hot or nor should it be too cold.

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Because he feels it

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and then the person

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imagine it, imagine it because it's got

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I happen to every single one of us. But sometimes we get so diluted with this dunya we forget, a time comes, they dig a ditch six feet

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And they put you in it, and then they put the sand over you.

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And you are all by yourself. Imagine it. Because as I said, it's gonna happen to every single person.

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And then the only thing which will remain with you in that brief is your good actions.

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The only thing

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your muscles, your money, your car, your house, your friends, your children, everything will remain behind. And the problem is a lot of them said only one thing will remain with him. And that is good actions. And if you have good actions, they will save you. And the problem is a lot of them said that the grave is the rover. In reality, Jenna is a garden from the gardens of Jenna, when a person is placed in the grave, the grave stays left person, out of all the people walking on the face of this earth, you are the most beloved to me.

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And now you have come to me, you will see how I deal with you how I encounter you. And it opens up as far as the eyes can see, and the windows into Jenna open. And then they will be the other person who lived this life. Because you either go to Jenna you either go to john

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who lived his life, but he did whatever he wanted. He womanizer he wined and dined and he actually believed that he's gonna kick 50 and when he kicks 50, he's gonna grow a beard and do Hutch and go to the machine. But there's no guarantee.

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There is no guarantee.

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And he put in his grave all by himself.

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Nobody with him.

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And the gray will say to him, out of all the people walking on the face of this earth, you were the most despised in my eyes. You were the most despicable in my eyes.

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And then the province of La Salaam said it was squeezing, it was squeezing.

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And then the bar was rusted his fingers in one to the other. And he said his ribs will go into each other like this. This is how it will squeeze.

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And the only thing

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the only thing which will suffice and safeguard you on that day is your actions.

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There was a hobby lobby Ilana and look at this a hobbies virtues. This was a Sahabi causado mojarra The Aladdin when he passed away, when he put he was known amongst the Saudis as the Abu Bakar of the people of Medina. Every time there was a Muslim cordon like Abu Bakar replied, he would reply.

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And when he passed away, his janazah was very light, very light, and the machinery key and the Manasa T, we got to say it janazah is light, due to the reason due to the reason that he had no weight by last panel data. And the problem is a lot of there was alarms and no,

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that's not the reason. The reason was that because 70,000 angels descended from the heavens to carry his janazah

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and when he passed away that ratio mentioned jubran la salatu wa Salaam descended upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he said, Oh Mercy of Allah, who has passed away for

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the doors of Jenna have open

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man and the urge of Allah has began to shake.

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And the rule is a Muslim ran and he found out that

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he had passed away when they were very sad. This Sahabi upon his device,

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the other tshabalala began to shake the doors of open this Sadiq have the answer. The professor was standing on the grave. And all of a sudden he said a lower a lower what

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was in it behind him. And then he said suparna last panelist, Pamela place and there's a Harvard said it behind it. And this Harvard said was wrong. And the professor Larson complex should change he went and read and the profit and loss of them said the grave was about to squeeze out. But if there was anybody that he will not have squeezed out of namazi Allah

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and His was smart when he would go past the grave

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He would cry, he would start by the grave and he would cry because he would say, this is the first stage. If you pass this, you pass the rest. And if you fail here, there is nobody to help you.

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And we get we get deluded really all of us we get diluted by our surrounding, we believe that we're never gonna die.

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And this Ahava had reached the stage they more than doubled the profits or loss and gave us a Yamaha. How have you encountered this morning?

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And how can as a true believer in the province of colossal upset liquid Nicola haqiqa for every statement, there is a delete a reality. What is why do you believe that you are a true believer? And he said, because

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he said, because they never been a morning that I've encountered, believing that I will reach the evening

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and never been an evening that I believe that I will live to the morning. And then he said something really exemplifies the model of these people is that I have never taken a step, believing that I will take the sick.

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This was the reality of a man and these people's hearts.

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And the prophets Allah Allah was alum said that when a person dies, that you will be in your grave. And there is Seraphin will blow the trumpet, everybody will come. And you know what that day was, I know someone molana spoke about the day of just I don't know what he spoke about. So it was repetitive, excuse me, but I want to dwell on the lessons we can derive rather than telling you stories, because we all love stories, especially if we don't have to do anything after

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makes us feel good.

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And the above is a lot of them said that on that day.

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People on the Day of Judgment, the sun will be at the distance of a mile.

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The floor will be made out of steel.

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And people will be drowning in their own sweat according to the evil actions. Some will be up to their ankles, some to their knees, some to the hips, some to their necks, and some will be drowning in their own sweat. Joe need drowns in their own sweat. Can you imagine the sun at 10 miles distance, and everybody will be naked on that day, but nobody will have time to look at the body of anybody else.

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Nobody. And the problem is a lot of them said that one person will do now you look at we become independent. And we think we have something special. But the problem is a lot of them said when man will be bought in front of one last panel dollar, he will be like a business. You know what the business does?

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Have you ever seen a calf when it's born

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and it tries to stand up and it folds down again. And then it stands up and it folds down again. The problem is a lot of times when man will come in front of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment to give account for his actions. He will be like a buzzer. His legs won't be able to hold him he will try to stand and he will drop and then he will stand again and he will drop and it was like a little cough and he will do this and he will do it again and again. And really look how often we delude ourselves believing that we are something special. But on that day every man will know how special he is. The biggest gangsters the biggest drug dealers, the biggest macho men the bouncers

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will know their reality. Their reality they will no matter what he will see his actions on the Day of Judgment, the profit and loss of his evil actions. He will cry, he will cry until his tears dry up.

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And he would have no tears left and then the Muslims and he was still crying. But he will cry tears of blood when he will see the reality. And this is why the Bible is defined as what yo Hassan

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a day will man will have remorse. He will have rewards Why didn't I spend my life in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala and that will be the final date you will go Jenna and you will go to Jenna. And then then we'll never be for the person after that date. Death will be finished alone will bring death in the form of a sheep, a black sheep

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and the people who are wanting to Jenna will be in Jannah

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The people who are going into janam and they will go into jahannam. And then this is the black sheep is death.

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And Allah will slap the black sheep slaughtered.

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Meaning death has been slaughtered after today there is no death.

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And then the robot is alive and then Allah will call out to the people of Japan. And he will say

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hello for them.

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He will say Oh, people are Jenna eternity. That's it eternity, you will go into Jenna. And then he will turn to the people of Chanda, can you imagine that they may love bakers, or from the people of Jenna.

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He will turn to the people of Johanna. And he will say oh people of Johanna, eternity. These this, this has been finished. And then Allah will cause you bruh la salatu salam, and he will urge you pray, he said who is still alive, and He will give the name of him beguiling Seraphim and Hamlet. And he will say, Oh, you will love but no death falls upon you. And is in medical mode, and medical mode, going into separations will take the life of Gibran he and Nika Eve, and then Allah will call Israel in the angel of death. And he will ask him who is left now, and he will say he sort of feel and Hamlet and you Allah, but this doesn't before upon you. And Allah will say,

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take the life of this sort of field, and the library sort of field will be taken, and then Allah will call him again. And he will say who is alive, and he will say those angels who are carrying the throne of the last panel dollar, Hamilton ash, and Allah will say, Take them as well. And then it will only be Allah and Israel he the angel of death, and then Allah will give him death as well.

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Until there will be only Allah, every single thing will have tasted death. Every single thing will have tasted that. And then Allah will call out and I'll do it on my own world. Allah will call out and he will say, Where are all he said Who? For who is dominium today?

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Who is the master today? Who is the king? Who is the ruler and allowance say Where are in my own words, Allah will say Where are all the bad boys?

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Where are they today?

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Where are those who thought they were special because they had a BMW. We were those who thought they were special because they had a piece or they were drug dealers or they spent a few hours in the gym. And they thought there was something special allowing us ask

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us Where are all the pirates? Jabbar Bella? Where are all the names? Who does belong their wife's? Who does do other people who ate the wealth of the thieves who had no consideration for their neighbor? Hello and ask Where are they? Who is kingdom for to date

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and that they kingdom will be solely for last panel

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solely for last panel. But on the Day of Judgment.

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When the sun is at a distance when the floor is made out of steel. When people will be

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drowning in their own sweat. They will be these youngsters, these youngsters who will be under the airship last panel who will be under the shade of a last panel Darla. The problem is a loss of limbs and out of those seven young people who will be under the shade of a loss Mandela is a sharp measure of the burden to law. A young boy, a young man who grew up in the worship of a last panel. He saw his friends loafing around, he saw his friends wining, dining, womanizing, but he failed the last panel

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and he did not follow these people. He followed the command of the last panel and this is a real man, a real man he's not that person for follow society. A real man is he who can hold his own.

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When he sees the drug dealers, easy money.

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Sell a few packets here and there.

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People will respect you because people are mad nowadays.

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People are

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Last, and now they will respect those people who destroy society. And that shows how low the Muslims have become.

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And he will sell a few packets.

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Have a big car. And you see this? And he said, Yeah, I want to be like that as well. Easy. don't have to do much. Just destroy a few homes.

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Just all you do is sell a bit of heroin, a bit of crack, destroy a few families, that's all you have to do. At least you have a big car, because I don't really care about anybody else as long as my wallets loaded. people and people have come to the state that they will even respect you for this. But this youngster will say no, Oh Allah, when I was a youth, I worshiped you. And you will be under the shade of the last panel dollar on that day where they will be no shade beside the shade of Allah Subhana Allah. And on that day, let me tell you, a youngster will be under that shade. He was in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his name was Muslim, a middle male of the Allahu

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Muslim woman of us understand, Makkah was the center of the Arab peninsula of that part of the Arab peninsula. And Morocco was the center place. It was you could say the London of England. And the man who would set the trends in Makkah, the fashion trends was Muslim in America, the Alon, he was a young man, his parents were very wealthy, and he would set the chin, the clothes that he would wear would be the fashion of the time.

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They will say that when most of it may or may will go through the street, we wouldn't know after he had gone after half an hour had passed, because you could smell this sweet fragrance that he would win. Everybody follow this trend. But then the time came, he embraced Islam, a young man. He embraced Islam and he sat at the feet of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the robbers taught him about Islam. And then when he migrated to Medina, the narrations mentioned the same Muslim man once came to the gathering of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the hope is a Muslim saw his clothes, and he had his old tattered clothes on and the prophets Allah Salaam began

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to cry. And he said, I swear by Allah, I never saw anybody in Makkah, who had better clothes, it must have been a male. And on another occasion, most of them no maid came to the gathering of the brothers, a Muslim, and his clothes barely really covered his body.

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And the Sahaba they all put their heads down because his hair barely covered his clothes barely covered his body, and they all put their heads down. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, look at Muslim male male, I saw Remi Makkah, and then the Muslim said, you will remain in this poor state, until a time will come, you will defeat the Romans and the Persians. And the Sahaba said, O Messenger of Allah and the brothers in law Salaam, said, then you would wear one clothes when going, and another clothes when coming. And the Sahaba asked a messenger of Allah, will we be better then who are we better today we have no clothes, and the prophets, Allah Salim said, your

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deed and your Eman and you're strong, and your status by Allah is better now than then

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is better now then then.

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And then a time came that Muslim brother in law who fought on the battle. And then relations mentioned that Abner komiya came and he cut off his one hand, he was holding the flag. And then he cut off his other hand, and he held it between his chest. And then he hit him in the chest, and he passed away. And after the battle, after the battle, the professor lost a limb pass by the man who said, set the trends in Makkah set the trends in that area, the purpose of Muslim walk past sort of middle middle of the land, who and he saw him in the robe is the last of them stop there. And he said, I swear by Allah. I never saw anybody in Makkah, who had better clothes, and more softer hair

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than Muslim men. And he said Muslim I see you today. He said, I see you today lying in front of me.

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Your hair unkempt. And you only have one sheet that's all they had to bury him in.

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And that's why when and then the Romans cited the verses from the believers are those from the believers are those men when they promise a law they fulfill their promise, and most of them no man was from amongst them the promise of law Some say

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And this is one of the one of the over the Atlanta, they bought him some food when he was going to open it fast. And when he saw the nice food, he began to cry.

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He began to cry. And he said most of it, no man was better than me.

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And he was buried in one sheet. And he said Hamza was better than me. And he was buried in one sheet. And the durations mentioned that he cried a doula food with cold. And who

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would remember most of this young man, and he will say that we did hit you up, we migrated with the prophets, Allah, Allah was alone, and we attained our reward. And there was a from amongst others who died before they got any of the dunya. What did he mean by this statement? Who was hooba? Let me tell you who baba baba was a person who was a slave who embraced Islam. When he embraced Islam. His master was the woman, she used to heat up rocks, and place it upon his head. And then she will tell him denounce Islam, but he would remain firm.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:22

She took place upon his head, and he will remain firm. And upon occasion, what they did to him is that they made him lie upon hot, cold,

00:26:23 --> 00:26:30

hot, cold, can you imagine hot cold until the skin of his back began to melt?

00:26:31 --> 00:26:52

And they said, denounce your religion? And he said, No. They said, denounce your religion. And he remained firm. And upon occasion, the aligner said, Oh, Bob, show me your back. And when he showed a sore back, he said, I swear by Allah. I've never seen a back like this in my life. Who BB when Islam spread.

00:26:54 --> 00:26:55

He would cry.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:04

When Islam spread, and they became rich, he would cry. And he would say it looks like allies rewarding us for all our efforts in

00:27:06 --> 00:27:30

all our efforts will be rewarded this dunya and this is why when he said remember the Muslim male man, he was saying that this young man passed away he left this dunya before having any of these worldly things, but his reward was by the last panel of them. His reward was by Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is why my dear respect to youngsters, if you remain

00:27:31 --> 00:27:33

in the worship of Allah Subhana Allah

00:27:34 --> 00:27:39

on the Day of Judgment, you will be under the shade of a last panel.

00:27:40 --> 00:28:00

And let me tell you on that day, besides your actions, nobody is gonna help you know how much your mom's love you. Your how much your dad love you, you know how much they love you. On the day of judgment, the province Allah Sallam said, there will be one person who will lead just one, just one action to enter into gender.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:23

One deed to enter it two gentlemen, they will places on the scales, and he will only need one action to go into gender, but he won't have this action. So he will think you will say Who can I go to? Who will give me this one action and it will come to his mind. Let me go to my mother.

00:28:25 --> 00:28:29

And he will decide to go into his mother he will say my mother, she loved me.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:34

There was no man no person on this earth who love me more than my mother.

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