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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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at hamdulillah

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last night we began the introduction to Surah Yusuf which we see the first city is about the perfection and the majesty of the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, this month as we said, in fact, the very first mention of the Quran in the Quran is attached to the month of Ramadan. This is the month that we get closer to Allah through the Quran. And the beautiful Hadith the Prophet Islam says, Allah has special people. And the Sahaba asked who are the special people who are lost people and the prophets. Allah says they are the people of the Quran, Allah, his own people and those who are closest to him. The closer you get to the Quran is the closer you get to Allah.

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Remember the Quran we believe is the creation of Allah but it is the column of Allah is the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala and so let's get to the prophets of Salaam without this Quran you would have been lost. So what about us behind Allah? Now begins the story the story that he said is the best of all stories It began with a dream Yousuf if the use of use of Sidley Avi to his father ever to my dear father, Indira a to either Ashura coca ideen. In this dream I saw 11 stars was Shamsa when the sun and the sun and the moon or a tomb I saw them Lisa g Dean, I saw him making sudo to me. So this is the first mention of never use in the Quran, who is used to use

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and edit the video and comes with an IV. So Solomon says, Who is the most noble of people and the prophets have said basically, nobility is the most noble in the sight of Allah is the one with the most piety. And so he said, not that kind of nobility I mean, who has the highest lineage now in the Arabs back in the day, your family and your status meet a lot. So he wants you to know this was a guy he kind of mentality like, which race is better? The blacks, the whites, the Arabs? He's asking this question, which raises the base. So the result is if you really want to know based on lineage who has the highest lineage, then that is useful. Why? Because Yusuf is gonna be the son of an Abbe

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Yaqoob the son of an abbey is the son of an amoeba him. So maybe Brahim had two sons, his heart and his Mary Lisa is in Makkah and from him comes the Arab nation and from the smile will come to be Mohammed soulful lamb, and from his heart will come all the ambia have been Israel, up until now visa Moosa Sulayman Isa all of them are from the offspring of NaVi is Huck, maybe his Hawk had a son, Yahoo, and Yahoo, his nickname is Israel in Israel. That's why when unless you have any sort of eel, Allah is saying, Oh children of Yaqoob because yaku Mashallah was given a big family 12 seconds 12 sons, and each son would be at the time of its own. So when Allah speaks about the Ebenezer, he

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was an offspring of Yaqoob. In fact, even the country Israel is based on a sort of a mini Yaqoob. So Nabil aku, we said has 12 sons, now Yusuf is one of those 12 In fact, he's number 11 second, last second youngest. Now we know from other sources, and this is from the Jewish scriptures, and it's nothing contradictory in this, the Navy had a few wives Mashallah. And from the one wife, he had an obese man, from the from this one wife, he had the other oldest sons. And then from his last wife, he had Yousuf and the final son beniamino, Benjamin, so Yousuf and Benjamin Binyamin. They were from one mother and the other team were from either different mother or the other wives, and they were

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So maybe Yusuf is around seven years old when he sees this dream. And we know that Neville Salam tells us that the use of was exceptionally beautiful. Allah had blessed abusive with many blessings. And one of the themes of the surah is how blessings can actually be your test, that the wealthy man, he's testing this dunya is his money. It's and it might be even more difficult when the man who was poverty, the man in leadership, the men who become the president, tomorrow, the day after he states will be that power. That is what did you do? Now Yusuf Ali Salaam, the theme of one of the themes is use of is given, almost everything is given beauty. And now he's given the love of his father. And

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now this dream, like we said, before you become an OB Allah start sending you the unique dreams. So none of us is having a strange dream. At seven years old, he doesn't understand but his father understands this is a premonition that he's going to become an OB, Allah has chosen him of all these 12 sons, this boy is going to be an OB. Now as we see and this is important point the beauty of never use of universal senses. That beauty was as if it was divided in half and one half was given and spread across all of humanity or the model.

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And supermodels and muscle all of them were given a part of that half of the beauty. And the other half was given to Yusuf Ali Salaam, very, very beautiful, exceptionally beautiful. And on the inside, even more beautiful. Now many of us are smiling and see how we wish, but we can see how this blessing is actually difficult. It's a taste. So in abusive says and what we take from this ayah also is a beautiful relationship between a very young child, seven year old child with a very old father. And he's comes to his dad and he says, Yeah, Betty, you didn't say yeah, a B Oh, my father. Yeah. But he means Oh, my beloved father, I have a dream, I can understand it. How many of us have

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gone to our fathers and our mothers, we have a relationship, we can still talk to them about our dreams, this open relationship between a father and a son that he seems so open that something it's not a nightmare, I just feel it's an odd one. It's stuck with me. And he tells his dad the dream, what is the steady and he says it in such a beautiful respectful tone. And the way nebby is hot in abeokuta. Sorry, response, he says yeah, boonie, my beloved son. So this bond between father and son is also a big theme of the surah and the respect in which maybe Yusuf has for his father. Now we could have seen abuse, we just see the dream, but Allah puts in the Quran, how he addresses his

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father. And this is a big important point, that if you grow up, not giving your parents the correct respect and the correct honor, and this is the problem that we have today, you're not going to be able to respect your friends, your siblings, your spouse, your children, that that respect the first people that we should have, I speak to myself first, the utmost highest respect is that for paid and in fact, if you look at the Quran, Allah has joined worship with Allah obedience to Allah, the very next thing, obedience and respect to patrons, that a person and they and this is showing us use of will have exceptional character, the beginning of your character is how you teach how you treat your

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parents, and how parents raise those children in that relationship. If that relationship is good, then Subhanallah is the beginning of becoming a beautiful, a beautiful human being. It is the thing that needs to be fixed in your life, there is a problem between parents and kids. This is the thing that needs to be fixed. And so this is my dear father, I have a strange dream. Now we sit in Islam dreams of a very special place. What do dreams mean? Now that tells us the dreams in somebody comes there are three types of dreams. All dreams can be summarized into three categories. Most of them are the dreams of the enough snuff signing, meaning it's on your mind. You know, if you were a

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Liverpool fan, you'll be dreaming about soccer yesterday, right? Right, you would be dreaming because that's what's on your mind that you dream with that which is on your mind. If you had an assignment and you were very busy with a maths assignment, you'll be dreaming about numbers and those things. And this is just your subconscious thinking. And a sign of this dream is that when you wake up, you sort of forget it very quickly. You sort of lose it immediately. It's gone. It doesn't stay with you. Then they are dreams which scare you like means and any disturbing dream any dream where you see something bad or you are worried all of it is from shape on every single disturbing

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dream. A dream that gives you a dreaded feeling is from shape on. And this is ways in which you can play with us and Ibiza celebrities. If you see something scary a scary dream. Don't say it don't even tell anyone. If you wake up in the middle of night, blow over your left shoulder and say I want to be let him initiate on the regime. So those when you get into gene and these things, as we our subconscious starts to kick in shape on has a greater influence, all he can do is whisper and when we sleep he can whisper more deeply to us. And this only is a form of playing is a form in which he's trying to laugh at us. So he makes you dream of a car accident you wake up You think I'm not

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gonna drive to them and lock myself up then he laughs at you. Don't worry about nightmares, when the is a third type of dream which is very, very unique. And a recent series of the remainders of

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resources Prophethood. This relationship with Allah communicates with mankind, they are 46 parts of IT department, part number 46. The 46 piece is through dreams and this door is open still, meaning all the other doors of profit would have been closed, but exclude him from Allah is still still possible. And it's based on very pious people, very few people get this. And if we get a dream from Allah, as we said, it will be more like a memory. You won't lose it when you wake up. It won't be scary, it will tell you something which will encourage you to do good if you dream about the process of settling for example, in a dream when it is a dream from a law. So this kind of dreams are very,

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very unique. And understanding what these dreams mean the science of dreams is something which is which Allah blesses only certain people that he sees. the truthfulness of a dream is real Israel is related to the sincerity of the dreamer. The more pious you are, the more truthful your dreams are, therefore the ambia the prophets of Allah when they dreamed it was ye from Allah, every dream that they got was a revelation because that's the level of it

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sincerity. And those who have the most truthful dreams are those who are the most truthful in speech therapy, some says the most truthful in speech. So if you see certain dreams, don't think too much about it. And if they're very special, so what do you do if you have a special dream? you dream about? nubby salsa lamb, you dream about something very unique. What do you do? Look at what nebia qu Sr. V uses another use of is coming and telling is that a very special video, what should I do? Call a a boon a, he says, Oh, my dear son. And as I said, again, the reason why Yusuf has such a lot of respect for his dad is because his dad gave him that respect. He didn't say abusive. He says, Oh,

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my beloved son, my dear son, but this line of communication between them was so open. And so he says, Oh, my dear son, his advice laptops UI, aka erotica, via key do like a Qaeda initiate on an alien Sony movie in his advice to use of is don't tell this dream to your brothers. Don't let your other 10 brothers know about this dream. First advice, don't tell them. Because why they will plot a big plot against you, they will look to scheme against you. And really shaytan is ever an enemy to the believers. What does this mean? What does this mean? So number one, Yaqoob knows his sons. And he understands that as we're going to come to see that between his sons, they are a bit of sibling

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rivalry. And he knows already that the oldest sons are looking at Yousuf with a degree of envy. Now on top of that, to say that Yusuf is going to become an OB, this will just push them over the edge. So immediately since we send my dear son, don't tell this dream to your your brothers. Also, he's not only protecting us, as a father, he's protecting his older sons and his other sons. Look at what he says. He says, your brothers will do something, but shaytan is evil. You know, he doesn't say your brothers are evil. He says shaytan is evil, meaning shaytan is looking for every way to sow animosity between you. And this is a beautiful, this surah you learn a lot of etiquettes from the

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surah you learn how to talk between father and son, you learn to have this open dialogue between your kids. One thing here, when you're talking about someone, and you talk about something bad about them, and we all have negative qualities. And we know this person does this to this person that you shake on as an excuse for him. So we say, Oh, I saw Tuesday in the pub in the shebeen. He was either we make an excuse for you when we say you know, shaytan is very evil. We don't say what is evil. That's when it comes to someone else. When it comes to yourself. You don't use a pawn. No, no, no, it's not my fault. Satan is very evil. That's why I'm here. You don't do that. So you understand the

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difference. If someone does something wrong,

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and he's found guilty and he does we say it's shaytans fault. But when you do something wrong and you speak about yourself you don't blame it on you blame yourself this is the ticket the way in which he comes so you Yahoo is making an excuse. That is they don't like they have an issue with you use but it's not their fault, the chickens fault. And so therefore, even though you we love our when we're good people shaytan will use every means to sow animosity. Also what what maybe who is teaching us humble Yo, selfie, humble yourself, don't flesh your blessings, you open up the door of hustle and envy, you open up the door for shaitaan to cause harm. So here's a great blessing. He's

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going to be an IB. He's saying don't split this news secret, a new car, you've got a new offspring, you've got a new house, a new promotion. Don't flesh this except with people that you really sincerely trust. Because we're only human. And humans naturally will look at why you have and not me. So Humble yourself and don't flush your blessings can age with every single blessing we have, whether it's a nice steak, whether it's a holiday, whether it's when a romantic date, we need to take a picture and share it with the world. This is opening the door, opening the door for envy and opening the door of harming yourself. So we are who is saying to you and us. Don't put it on

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Facebook, don't spread that you should don't put up maybe just been selected. Thumbs up don't do that.

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There are also some people so behind Allah, they only can enjoy the blessings when they make others feel inferior. Only when other people notice it. Only when other people comment on that new car, comment on the new shoes, do they feel good about it? They need to feel this is a disease that you can't enjoy your blessings on your own. This is something to think about. This is a deep sense of insecurity. And I end up with this ayah Allah Subhana Allah says, and when he speaks about calamities, but also to blessings, he says, Nicola, so

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that when calamity hits you don't feel too bad and despair about it. What will be my attack home and don't feel too good about Allah gives you this Old Quarter of Allah. Allah chooses we give us and we takes away Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you money not because of you, but because of him he decided and Allah takes away not because you have sometimes it's not your fault, but Allah has decreed that you will never

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To be a rich person, you will never live in Bishop's coat. That's the choice in the decree of Allah. So Humble yourself. Whenever you have don't flesh it, don't show it. Only share it with people that you really trust. And here we see Swan a lot of unconditional love of a father. Now he aku understands this nebbia who knows what this dream means the use of doesn't know what it means. Eventually right at the end, you will see the meaning Yahoo understands Yahoo understands this dream is showing that he himself will make sure you to use meaning use of will exceed Yahoo. But a parent doesn't mind a child exceeding. But if we we see our brothers going way up and we stuck at the

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bottom naturally will feel a pain. But when a dad sees his kids excelling above him, he sees from Allah, your son will exceed you. He's happy. He's actually a piece of vinyl. This is some unique bond between a parent and a child that we don't mind our children even outshining Subhanallah How beautiful is that? So have this open relationship with your parents. One of the problems with the sons is that the other sons, they didn't speak about the grievances what they did, and so they fell into misery. Whereas Yusuf comes to his father and looks for advice. And the parents knows and he has premonition. We'll talk about sibling rivalry tomorrow inshallah, and this is a story about

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brothers. So if you have siblings, brothers and sisters and we get a lot we sometimes fight with each other. The surah is for us, inshallah we continue tomorrow. I mean this evening squishin last night's question was how many verses in the Quran mentioned that the Quran is an Arabic Quran we said 11 verses and it's so interesting just something I thought about a lot that the next verse about after the Arabic Allah says I saw even stars with this link in this but alas panda leaves these easter eggs in the Quran for us to see and then the question is evening, according to the Hadith dreams are of three types, which is not of these three. So the three types are is the Romani

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Neff Sani sola sola hottie shaytani All right, so I think I give the answer away. But it's one of these four one of these three is Romani from Allah, necessarily from yourself the number c and then shaytani from shaytaan. So which one of them is not a type of the circle of hate? So now with the library