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Are we live in a town rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen syedna Mohammed Nuala early he was so happy Ah man, I beloved brothers in Islam and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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operation to Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful, the most kind the most Hi, la isla in the law, we have a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for bringing us here day number seven of the month of Ramadan one week already has come and gone first Juma of the month of Ramadan and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us and except the by that that we've done this past week, all the fasting that we did, the Salah that we've made, the two hours that we made Allah accepts all of it that is still far Allah forgives our sins. Allah subhanho wa Taala bring this and be a means that the rain comes back to us here in Cape Town especially. And

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I was kind of $1 washes away our own sense. I'll also have mercy on those who are not here with us to make the offer themselves. They have passed away from Allah, alleviate what's in the cupboard and split it wide and grant them happiness enjoy. I mean, we send out greetings and salutations to beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect impure family, his companions and all those who follow him soon until the end of time and will be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah since it's the month of Ramadan, one of the objectives of Ramadan is to connect, reconnect with the Quran. And as you're going to recite in sha Allah, all of us are

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hearkens. We will hear the stories of Pharaoh and we'll hear the stories of the different nations that were destroyed. And the reason for the destruction usually was the attitude towards the signs of Allah, Allah sent them a sign whether it is the camel of of the people have never decided that was Sam or their own seeing the signs of Allah. And when they rejected and turned away and ignored the signs. This is what brought about the anger and the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We shouldn't think of it as them, we should ask ourselves, what is our relationship with the signs of Allah? What are the signs of Allah, the Quran, Allah gave us as our miracle, the Quran, and if we

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turn from it, we don't really cite it. We don't understand it. We don't implement the Quran, when really in many ways we are following the footsteps of those nations of old could be one of the reasons why Allah forgive us why the rain isn't coming down could be one of the reasons why things are not going right in our oma because we are not following the signs of Allah subhanaw taala and therefore Ramadan is the month not a fasting and not of Salah, but it's the month of Quran and it is important for us to reconnect with the Quran and therefore it's only appropriate as we doing at our tarawih program is the Tafseer of the last surahs of juice ama the Indus Juma lecture series.

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inshallah, through Ramadan, we'd like to do something connected to the Quran. And also as I know, everyone is functioning at about 50% right, and we are moving towards empty as we get to mothership, nothing heavy, nothing heavy shift, please. We can't do heavy topics, and we all want to hear stories. So we'll discuss stories from the Quran. And I think we'll only manage to get through one story of the Quran through Ramadan. The most repeated story of the Quran being the story of Nabi Musa alayhi salatu was Salam. And therefore I will begin the story of Nabil Musa from Surah number 28 of the Quran surah cosas. The surah of stories Allah calls it the surah of stories costs us.

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And we will not tell a story but rather do it in a tough seed format so that we could look at the words are used and all of us we've learned the story of Nabil Moosa, all of us we know the story of Nabil Moosa, but in sha Allah, Allah repeats the story so many times because of the lessons to be taken, the word costs, and we begin with the name of the Surah Surah. True costs. His costs refers to stories, but its origin, the way the word originates from in the Arabic language, Casa yakusoku means to trade in the footsteps of those before you. So Allah is giving you a story about people who walk down a path, and we can see this is the direction that Phil took and what happened to him. This

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is the direction that nahi Moosa took Alyssa to Salaam, and this is what happened to him. This is the story of Vanessa L. And when we read the stories, we should look at the characters and ask ourselves, who do we emulate your story? Am I like NaVi Moosa? Am I like NaVi Harun? Am I like bunnies? Or am I like fear around? We need to ask these questions because these characters in the stories are still prevalent today. We still have these people around in our times. So we should ask ourselves these questions when we go through.

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Now pseudo costs.

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So it'll cost us

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very local to the story and Allah tells it like your story. And in fact, it's like, quite dramatic. Allah begins like, you know how you have

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you know, I can't say movies because I know none of you watch movies you know what I'm talking about. Right So, books, maybe these a prologue you know a narrator telling once upon a time there was a kingdom and Allah begins this chapter similar to that with a bit of a prologue. Allah begins and introduces the story. So Allah starts this chapter of the Quran, bar scene meme, these are

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disjointed ladies of the Quran, and you must have come across them when you began reciting Surah Baqarah. Leave me one of these letters. And we can spend a whole month discussing these letters, but just to give you some understanding, these letters are referred to as the Hirofumi kata. The kata means disconnected or disjointed, the unconnected letters.

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If you look at the letters on the screen, Parsi mean are they connected or not. They connected right the ball is connected to the scene is connected to the mean. Yes. So why do we call them disconnected letters? Well, what's missing? The bodies the E and there's no vowel sounds. Those are like standalone letters like you would put x JK, you know, that's how these letters are. So Allah has put in the Quran. Always at the beginning these disconnected letters you will not find in the middle of a surah so you won't be reciting a sutra without levena muffler on caphyon. You won't find it in the middle of the surah they are always found at the beginning of the surah they only found at

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the beginning of the surah and 29 out of the 114 chapters of the Quran. Begin with letters like that either. Alif Lam Meem hammy baja yacine bossy meme, right most the one that appears the most is Harmon, from chapter number 4247 all the homies are they together? So what is the purpose of these letters? And in reality, we have no idea what the meaning of these letters are not even Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam knew the meaning of these letters. All we have are theories. But one interesting clue is that you would find in almost all the cases one or two exceptions to the rule, an exception. The next idea speaks about the Quran. And if I mean the legal Kitab ye seen, well, Quran Al Hakim,

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bossy meme tilka to Nikita removing these are the verses of the clear book. So after these letters are mentioned, usually the next ayah refers to the Quran. And one of the functions of these letters was perhaps to give attention. Most of these tools are Maki sutras. So when the Quran these things like what what is that? What are you saying XYZ? What What does that mean? and it created anticipation. That's just a theory from the theories of Dharma, but the knowledge belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah begins the surah with these latest bar scene meme tilka to look at the movie in that these are the verses of the clear book. Now very important to note.

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is not a verse.

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The only time the only book that refers to a verse as an area is the Quran. You won't say that this is an area in this Tafseer book or this is the ayah. In Bahari, a law refers to each verse as an ayah as a sign and the word ayah. And you'll find this in the surah. Allah uses Ayah to mean what medical. So Allah will say I sent with nebby Moosa nine, yet not nine versus nine medicals to show for your own. So every verse in the Quran, I was calling an ayah, meaning it's a medical and a medical not to amaze, but the purpose of the ayah is to wake us up. And as I said before, the same kind of all and amazement and fear that you'd strike our hearts was likely to apply to fit around

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when he saw Nabi Musa stick becoming a snake. When he saw the hand of Nabi Musa becoming bright when he saw that he opening Allah saying this could earn every verse is like that, if not greater than the Quran is the greatest area of Allah. So Allah says these are the miracles we could say of the clear book, the book that is clear. Could it refers to the Quran? Yes, but also the great the book of the low hanging fruit with this preserved tablet with Allah subhanho wa Taala which is clear the Quran comes from the the master copy, these are the ayah from the

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the prologue continues, Allah says net Lu la Cammy never imusa warfare honorable hockey the code

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mean you know, we recite, like to our to recite, we recite to you to the prophets of Salaam but to all of you muslimeen we Allah say we recite to you may never be Moosa from the news of Musa and Freetown, Bill Humphrey with truth liko min min, for a people who believe

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it will only affect and mean something for people that believe only a person who was Emmanuel Allah. And they believe in karma and understanding that this gentleman Gangnam, you will understand realize there's not a story for entertainment. You're not watching a movie by listening to the story, you know, it's not a movie for you for entertainment. in one ear out the other there is a law called never, never means news. And when you see news, it is to inform, to act upon it, that this is a lesson for you and for me, look at what happened. I'm showing you the trends of the past and the future is going to be the same. So what's your next step? How you step? Look at the story, look at

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this lesson.

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Also not to be confused. Allah says net Lu we recite and I get this question very often. Why is it we Allah is one and yes, Allah is one. But he uses the term we not know us. It's a we call it the Royal we in Semitic Eastern languages. It's understood that someone of authority, someone of stature and greatness, he doesn't say I I so he says we we have decreed and we have revealed and when Allah and this is also just we learning to see it now. Sometimes Allah will say me and I, instead of we and those times when Allah says me I like inequality it is to emphasize a personal relationship with you. For it so Allah give it a knee when they ask you about me not as been say I am near I am near

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because the meaning is more powerful to say I am near to you than we are near to you. But when Allah speaks about his power, and it's within we will punish you sounds mo and we will help you against the far right so the Allah uses these pronouns to add emphasis and to create inclusivity and closeness. So Allah says in that glue we recite upon you from the news of Moosa and further on was truth becoming you may know and for people to believe in it, and also to take lessons from it. The prologue continues, I am number four, in Fiona.

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Phil Aldi with Jada she just started a food bar, if I can mean whom you love. robina whom is that he is a come in who can mean aloof sitting, losses, vinly fear around that fear around, Allah fill out, Allah like we say, Subhana Allah, hi, Allah means to be Hi, he exalted himself. If some, if we say that man makes Allah of himself to anyone, right, that person, sisters, now that person makes Allah of himself, he walks with his nose in the A, he believes he is superior. So Allah says fear, Allah filled out, he saw himself as superior, as Supreme, as exalted above everyone else fill out on the earth.

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Also, Allah deliberately also puts you on the earth, that the earth is the low point, he thought he was quite high up and big, but he's still on the earth. He's not even in the sky on the mountain is still on the earth. So from a loss perspective, this guy thinks that he's so big and mighty, they are at the bottom of the earth in a fair Oneida field. And what did he do with Jada, and he made the people of his land. She was Shia and Shia means literally a faction, a group a sect. So, he made the people into groups and sects,

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the dark skinned people on the side, the you know, brown people, the side, the people from this country, that side, each group Malays, this side Indians, that psychokinesis side, this is what surrounded that he divided his people into groups, yesterday, football, if I mean him, and he took specific operation upon a specific, one group of people. So after he divided them into little groups, He punished and he abused one group in particular, he put them right at the bottom.

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What did he do? You will be who

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is that he is a home that have this this tiny group of people that he divided and put them into a little, little group, he would kill the sons and he would leave the females to love what does this mean leaving the females to love and kill the sons? He basically was doing population control. He used this group of people

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As slave labor, and when the population became too much, you would say my army go in and kill all the sons, and he would have a policy. Every alternate year, we would kill and walk in, take the sons from the mothers, newborn babies and kill them. And this is the highest form of tyranny and oppression. Even today, even though we've got fairgrounds with us not on that level, we don't find people openly, publicly as part of a law and adopted and walking in and taking children and killing them newborn babies, and these people could do nothing at all. So think of the oppressed people and how low and how Weekly's oppressed people were, they didn't even fight back. They went around, and

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his army walked in and said, Bring me Your son, they gave the sons without any opposition. And he lifted the women to be alive the girls, he didn't kill the girls. Why? Because they will factories to breed more slaves. So this is what the rounded Allah saying, This is what this man did. Now you understand who he was in the who can mentally move city, he was of those who brought about if sad, if sad is to corrupt. He corrupted himself. He collected these people, he corrupted an entire group of people, and he corrupted the world, he only brought mischief and corruption in the earth. Now, how many leaders and we'll find the dictators of the world today, follow the same footsteps. We've

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come from a time when we know what did the group What did they do, a group of people thought they were superior, divided the masses into a certain group and gave them labels you on this label of the ladder you on that label you on that level and personally abused a certain group worse than others. And he kept these groups fighting one another.

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We know of, in our times, it's still happening and it just happened in our country, not that long. And he still continues. Allah says this is corruption at this level of racism and this level of apartheid, that if your own growth apartheid, this was corruption and we've seen and when we know when a certain corruption gets to a certain level, a lot rectifies the situation he intervenes.

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So again, the prologue continues to picture this a you know, a country and in some groups of people living in palaces, some groups of people living in posh areas, others living like in in squatter camps in in refugee camps. And they were locked in, they couldn't leave, they were forced to stay, they couldn't leave leave. So Allah says, One redo unimin No, no, no mana Island Lavina. Yesterday, a full fill out of the one Allahu Allah Jalla wa resene. And we Allah says we wanted to confer a favor, we wanted to put a near ma a blessing, a favor, upon this group that is being oppressed, a lot to put on this group that was being so oppressed and abused, Alyssa, I want to put a favor on

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them. Fill out one ledger alone. And to make them an ima, not only will we eliminate them, we're going to make them leaders. We're going to make them the leaders of humanity. We're going to make this oppressed tiny group of people, the leaders of mankind, when World War II and we're going to make them inherit all the strength and the wealth of their own. So Allah sets the stage, I'm going to change the table I'm going to turn the tables upside down. So who is this group of people? We of course know that this group of people we call them bunnies are in the children of Israel with Israel eel nebbia aku. the grandson of NaVi Brahim NaVi Brahim Addison is Huck, who had a son Yaqoob who

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had 12 sons, one of them was used to. So the bunnies are either called the children of NaVi Yaqoob Nana Viva he lived in Palestine. What are they doing in Egypt? Why are your children in Egypt? Why What happened? We know from the story of number Yusuf, but maybe Yousuf was in a story for a different day, was sent to Egypt to take him to Egypt. And he became a minister and his brothers living in Palestine were going through severe drought. And he brought his family to Egypt. So initially, the bunnies are ill. They were refugees. And again, the parallel Yeah, don't think of bunnies are you think of our brothers from Somalia, from Bangladesh from wherever they come from the

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world through difficulty they come here. And what do we think this is an easy target to exploit? I don't have to pay them the full wage. I don't have to give them the same rights as I give the locals is exactly what's your own thought. These people are here in our land, they have no way to go so we can exploit them. And as the exploitation increase and increase increase, they got to the point where they were seen as nothing. We could just think they were like cattle we could kill them late this year. Too many of them kill them next year. We need more breed them. This was what we don't need. And again, we take the parallel refugees coming to our city our town should open our homes and

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our hearts for them. So this group bunnies are the children of reading, Ebrahim

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You're in Egypt. Allah says I wanted to give a favor on them. I took pity on them. And not only that, not only was he going to liberate them, Allah says Allah sits the story. I'm going to show you how I'm going to elevate them and make them the leaders.

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When you makin longueville out of the end, I'm going to establish them in the land. I'm going to give them a place that is firm in the land. We're Nuria Farah onawa Harmon, our Judah Houma Minh who Makkah New Moon. And while we doing all this, while we confer favor, we liberate them, we make them leaders, we're going to give them the land and make them strong, we're going to make your own see this happen. We want your own to watch how all these fears come through fear own and Herman Herman is another character in the story, how a man is like pheromones, right? 10 men, and we know with every dictator, you would find a supporter or Z, a minister, encouraging him to do more and more

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evil, that he has a council a panel of, Ill advises of evil people, encouraging him to continue the dictators of the world and the dictators and the corrupt leaders. In our own context. We know they don't stand alone, that without the supporters without the ministers without the armies, they really nothing. And in fact, it's a it's a saying of the setup of silence, that the Kings need the people a lot more than people need the kings. We can all do without our leaders, but our leaders need us to obey and submit. So Allah speaks about this character Harmon, and he is either the minister, the Prime Minister of Iran, or he was the general general the Chief General, because unless this was

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your new dogma, and the troops and the soldiers allow one to fit around, and Harmon and the armies of your own and Harmon to see this tribe rising up, and which they had feared. So Allah says that deep down, deep down fear own was losing sleep over this group, as much as he was oppressing them, and trampling on them and abusing them as much as he wanted. He was terrified of them in his heart, and every dictator and corrupt leader. He doesn't sleep peacefully at night, behind his walls and his armies and his muscles. He's terrified, because he knows what he's doing is wrong. And he knows a day is gonna come when the scales will be balanced. So Allah says, I want you to bring to reality

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that which they feared. So Allah sets the stage like this grand story, and oppress people, they're going to take over and overthrow this corrupt leader. That's the prologue. Now we move to chapter one, the beginning of the story.

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Well, ohana Illa ami Moosa and he, and immediately the story shifts to a mother, in a little shack in little in the shanty town, a mother with her son. The story moves now to a picture a lady sitting alone in the dark with a newborn baby, in this tiny little house, terrified with a hyena, and we inspired overseas and we placed basically in the heart of nubby mooses mother, we explain we say to this lady,

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it'll be a circle him giving milk for either 50 and he felt he he philia me What are the hoffy What hasn't, but when you fear for him, cost him into the river, and do not fear and do not grieve. So this lady just gave birth to a newborn baby. And it so happened, that the decree was issued by Fiona and Harman that population control. You, police are too many. This is the year we're going to take your sons and execute them, bring your sons to us. Or we will send our soldiers into your homes and take them from you. She just gave birth to a newborn son, what do I do, she's completely without any options. So Allah chose her way out. Allah says, feed him, Feed this baby boy. But when the

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situation becomes to keep him with you feed him keep them secret. But when the situation becomes too dire, becomes too you know, when the soldiers are too close, put him in a basket and throw the basket into the river. The river of course, being the Nile River of Egypt.

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Allah says for either 50 I leave it helium, put your newborn baby in a basket, throw this basket in the river, what are the half a dozen? Do not be afraid and don't become even sad, don't even feel sad. Now. In many if you will see this later on from Allah. Allah gives a command that is quite dangerous. Pick up the snake to never be Mussa. Throw your child in the river. Beef and then Allah says and don't be afraid. Why? Because Allah is good for us. Listen, Allah gives us a command. Do this, do that. Give that Zakah give that charity. Don't be afraid of poverty. Instead of saying Don't be afraid, and then do it. Because even if you are afraid you still obey our son giving you

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the command. Do it without fear. But even if you're afraid you still do it.

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Because the command is not conditional on whether how you feel the command is the command, when the salary is given whether you like to perform Salah or not, you still stand. So Allah is giving the command to Moses mother, throw him in the river, without any fear and without sadness, in that we are in Roku, la ki wajah, Illumina mursaleen, that indeed we will return him to you, and we will make him of the messengers. So how did that be mooses mother get this message from Allah. Cheerio didn't come to me, Moses mother, it's mentioned she got dreams where she saw herself putting Navy Mussa, this baby Moosa in the river in this basket and throwing him in the river.

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Fell takaku roofer en la akuna, whom I do one has an app. So when the time came, when the soldiers of Harmon into this area, and she knew and Abby Moosa is crying, nothing she can do, she's gonna be caught. The day came, we finally she had to submit again if she didn't obey our last command. Now, from one perspective, it might seem, it's even worse to throw my child none of this is certain this, maybe I can hide him, maybe he can get away, maybe something can happen, but they throw you in the river house is dead. If she followed her, her logic, if she followed her own instincts, what would have happened, she would have been caught. But she submitted to Allah she said, this is from Allah,

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I trust him. So when that time came, she threw me in the river, and the basket goes down the river, felt the call to Alfie around, it washed up on the show of the palace of fear out of all the places for that basket to go to the enemy, that the one and two enemy of this baby the man in charge, the basket goes to his house, a lot of leads. So he's so you can imagine the Pharaoh's palace was obviously on the bank of the Nile. Obviously, it was the prime location, always the prime location is close to a body of water. That's why Jenna, tragedy mentality and heart that they are always rivers under each and every one of our homes in general, will be rivers and oceans. And that view

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you can imagine if Iran also had a palace on the water, and as of all places this boss could could go, it lands up, she trusts it, Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah shows I will put this basket in the house of your own. And the person who finds it is a fit on the family of your own.

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The family of is always mostly refer to the wife, it's very important point. A man's URL is his wife. So when you say Elevate to the end of the resolution, it refers to the wife of the men, the mothers of the believers, the wives of him, or his family, and the wife of their own. She was the one that found this basket in the river.

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She found this baby in the so Allah says I deliberately made her find it and that she picked it up. Leah Khun Allahumma do one ohana so that he this baby would become an enemy and cause them grief cause fear on grief. I put this baby they would grow up and make them make them sad in the future. The people of fear own interferon Alpha Man who was you knew the Houma kanuha team. So Allah says I plan to punish them not because I was being unfair fear Oh, man and the soldiers they were wrongdoers they committed wrong. So this plan of mine was only a adjusted tribution. for them. This entire story was planned by Allah to bring fear and harm man back bring the skills level. So now

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fear owns wife and her name is Asya. And she's one of the greatest women one of the greatest women in in history. She is of the believers Allah speaks about a woman a pious woman married to a horrible man, the worst of men. Imagine a person who feels nothing to kill newborn babies and we can't fathom that we can't imagine that I will fit through refuses to accept that this was filmed. So imagine how he treated her if this was him publicly. And we know you was in private What was he like to her in private? And she finds this baby and the policy is all newborn babies that are not from that we don't we're not from our class will be executed. She knew the policies to kill him and

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the gods were going to kill this baby. So she intervenes. She says what call it merata fear

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around that fear owns woman, just a new one. So I'm going to put in here

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these two ways of speaking about a wife zone

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yeah as in nebby zone, and Emerald is woman. And usually when Allah speaks about the zone of somebody, it is with love it's a good relationship there is and his kids and his happiness between them so allows Yeah, as far as you know, the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim. But when overseas in Morocco loot in Morocco, new Emirate of her own the wife, the woman of Pharaoh and a woman of new the woman of NaVi loot, there is no love and affection between these

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That this. They they're not she's not Zoe's like partner and spouse with him or his woman is a big difference between having a woman and having a wife and a partner Asya wasn't just wasn't ferons wife, she was just these woman. Right? They were married legally, but there was no connection between them. So Allah says, what color equal quality to your own? So she needs to defend him. The gods are they they want to execute the baby for their own comes the queen of Egypt say no, you can't touch him. If Iran says what's the story, you know the policy. Bring him here. We must execute him bring him here. So she says and this is how, ladies close your ears. This is how you get your

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husband to do something that you don't want.

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If Asya could get fit around who was the worst of the worst, get him to do something he didn't want to do. Your husband isn't around. I know sometimes you think he's around, but you can get him to do something that he doesn't want to do. And this is how she does it. So she has this baby in her arms and she says, who wrote twining Lee Wallach letter to Lou aza and the N Fina owner who

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were Humala Sharon, she says so as soon as they fit on this day, she's got the baby in her arms. She says quote i in in Lee that he makes my eyes happy. He's the joy of my eyes. I love him so much. He really makes me happy. even fit I don't want to do make his wife a little happy. I really like it. So the husband picture this. You're going to the shops in your mind. I'm not going to buy another pair of shoes. I won't do it. No, it's not gonna happen that's in your mind. She goes to the shop. She chooses that choose you telling yourself No, she puts it on and she says please it makes me so happy. I'm so happy Don't you want to please me? kurata Finally, it's not that she doesn't say it

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makes me angry. She's cooler to me is the thing that takes away all my sadness. It's the happiest thing for me it is the most joyful thing for me. That's what this is this pair of shoes is my cooler line has been feels and then she sneaks it in What luck? It will also make you happy. Look at him Look at these pair of shoes how nice they are she gives the baby to figure out Look at him first. Isn't he cute? He will make you happy also wasn't their owns idea she put the idea in his mind and why he's looking at this baby. And allow mentioned in sort of Baja that he pulled onto nubby moose I love so much so that even others who came in contact with him felt soft towards him. So while he's

00:32:31--> 00:33:08

looking at Iran is looking at this baby in his arms. And she sees Look how cute he is. Don't you think he's cute? And ferocity is he's cute and she's you make us happy? He makes me happy. He's gonna make you happy. Talk to no don't kill him. Don't be quick and easy answer and the answer Anna. Maybe he'll grow up and we can benefit from him. He could be a soldier. He could be something. So now the pair of shoes was for her. She says Don't you think those shoes are also nice. You think they are pretty they quite quite nice shoes. I agree. She says and it's going to benefit you. It's not for me. You have that function in Ramadan, the orphan program. This matches your thought it

00:33:08--> 00:33:21

benefits you also it's not for me it's for you. You're going to benefit from this baby. And as you're only thinking and picturing maybe he's gonna grow up I can train him I can make him someone she sneaks in own.

00:33:22--> 00:34:01

Maybe we can even take him as a son. Not only use him, but we can actually love him and adopt him. You like the shoes you're gonna benefit with it? What about the matching bag as well? Right, she sneaks it, she sneaks in there, and for your own gives in while hoom la showroom and they did not perceive what was going to happen. So Allah says that fit our own actually gave into his wife and he didn't kill Nabi Musa, but they did not perceive a loss plan being played in sha Allah we continue next week with the story of Nabi Musa insha Allah. Just a few few announcements that as we know that we are on level four water restrictions,

00:34:02--> 00:34:10

which means that it's going to be more expensive and more important for us not to waste water, especially you know, we do also very important as I said before,

00:34:11--> 00:34:48

one of the reasons I love withholds rain is the sins the sins of a community collective sins. And if we all think of our sins that we do, in private, between us and Allah, we contributing to this rain not fooling and we hope and in Ramadan, we stopped doing those sins. And we make Toba that Allah will forgive us because one of the benefits of Toba is that allow you to see the symbolic and with Aurora, and we could as we collectively are causing the rain up to come only collectively through Toba can we cause the rain to come back with even the law so we ask Allah to forgive us whatever we are doing, please have mercy on us and sin the rain back to us without the shows you once again how

00:34:48--> 00:34:58

powerless we are without a love you withholds that nothing we can do all our technology, all our wealth and power and strength, nothing we can do. We are at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Also just to announce the book athletes 2017 is out and available if you'd like to purchase a copy, it's available they could add to it, it's gonna be the coolness of the eyes of your wives. Right? So it will make them happy. Do it for them in sha Allah. And then tonight inshallah we continued our Tafseer of ama sudo to tiene su teen. And I must say, each night I do have a surah I feel I've recited the sutra so many times, but this is my favorite. And so for sudo to Tina really, it really is. It's like it's it's amazing. It's a very clever, clever surah So, the sutra of the fig, whatever the root of the fig What's that about? You've Subhan Allah please attend you won't be you won't be

00:35:39--> 00:35:51

disappointed by attending and you can participate now quiz insha Allah for any questions you can email me with [email protected] sokola hydrocele la cena Mohammed Ali, WhatsApp, Islam, saline and handler bellami Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh