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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah should have been more serene Sayyidina Muhammad in early he was happy he was a lymphatic Sleeman kathira about

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a beloved brother sisters in Islam I greet you Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala load and Alicia Sustainer of the universe We ask Allah subhana wa tada for his mercy and His forgiveness Allah forgive us for the sins we've done in this past week. Forgive us for the wrongs that we have done put Baraka in the good that we have done except our Salah except our coming near the walk of Juma Allah accept from us that we have lived our work for your sake, let us benefit in this time Allah and make right our face in the dunya when we leave this message, I mean, this Juma expiation about sins from last week till next week and I liked between the two genoise and we send our love our greeting of salutations to Nabil Mohammed Salatu

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was salam, our leader, our, our nabee, we hope to be within the day of karma and all those who follow me sooner his family in particular, the Sahaba, the best of the best, and all of the Muslims throughout the world and Allah subhanho wa Taala unite our hearts, heal our wounds and guide us to him once again. I mean

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Alhamdulillah today is our series on shears, importing the spread of Shiism. So it's discussing Shiism, and it was only 10 parts excluded from this 10 part series were the discussions of haram and Ashura, the events of Karbala and the second fitna, which are all part of the series. So we've been spending maybe 15 weeks on the discussion of Shiism, and we're now drawing to a conclusion this week, and next week, inshallah we'll conclude, hopefully next week in sha Allah, we've discussed at length, initially, the predominance sick with enthusiasm, which is called the Mamiya is naturally the mommy twelvers. And this is the these are the shears that we see in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini,

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the Shia, which we are common we are familiar with. And the Shia that existed that year in Cape Town and in South Africa belong to the mummies. Naturally, they make up 80 to 90% of the Shia around the world. So this is the predominant group of Shiism globally. And if we spent a long time discussing the beliefs versus the beliefs of general Gemma way, there are differences and how do we reconcile them and how we affirm Alhamdulillah our view and our basis and our and our theology is based on Quran and Sunnah. And we've discussed those 19 points of Shiism, of the 12, Amamiya beliefs when we took a break from the Mamiya twelvers. And we discussed the different six the other secrets with

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enthusiasm, like the sad sick, the smiley, sick, the other hand sick. Last week, we spoke about the new Syria, of Syria, and gave a brief synopsis of why Syria is where it is today. One of the reasons and we said part of the reason is the exploitation, people using religion, people using divisions, to further political gains, understand that there are people who profit from this, there are people who benefit from war and fighting and killing, and they will use every means to keep the fire of war going. So this was a look at Shiism. And we discussed at this point, Sunni Shia divide is something which in the past maybe 10 years, five years in particular, has really risen up globally. And we

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fear that it might appear here in South Africa, we don't want that the easy room, in spite of our differences to coexist, that violence is not the answer. Violence is not the answer. Similarly, blanket acceptance is also not the answer, because as we'll see today, Shiism and the Shia, the if Nigeria, EMEA, they are flexing the muscle, and they are openly, they don't even use the PA anymore. They are openly propagating the views without fear, and they feel hungrier, we know where we stand, we know where they stand, and similarly we respond, and we don't have to respond with a fist with a gun. This is an intellectual academic discussion, and ultimately, the battlefield is not on the

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sands in city. It's in each individual's heart. Each and each and every one of us will stand before Allah and answer for our beliefs and our convictions is in line with the Quran and Sunnah. Each and every one of us must make that decision, our families must make that decision. So let's discuss how Shiism is being spread globally. And next week in sha Allah we will discuss how do we respond we do we stand ultimately, do we have to be enemies and say well, they call

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far the only way there's only war between the two of us, can we compromise a certain things we draw the line are the two far away not too far. Can we marry them? Can we eat from them? Can we stand behind them in sada? Do we reject them from the masjid? How do we respond? Because these issues are being highlighted, not for religious reasons, but politicians are highlighting it so that they will be a wall. So let us discuss how Shiism is being sprayed. We know that Iran today is the home or is the center of Shiism globally from Iran, the Shia agenda is being spread. And it might seem to us that Iran has always been a Shia country not to Iran has come under the Islamic with within Islam,

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the time of Satan, Omar Abdullah In fact, in the time of say, Now bucket of the Alon, Harding Walid Roddy Alon already began the expansion of Islam into into into Iran into Persia, the old Persian Empire, which encompassed Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the southern Russian states was all part of the Persian Empire, Iraq was part of the Persian Empire. And it was in a time of Satan, Albuquerque, Alon very early in Islam, that Islam, the first place it spread outside of the Arabian Peninsula was the Persian Empire. And it wasn't the time of a normal segment across all these 10 people 10 companions from agenda at the Battle of God, the Seiya Persia came under the Persian Empire, which

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stood for more than 1000 years came under within the control of the Muslim state within the Islamic State. And from that point, until very recently, in historical terms until the 16th century, for about 1000 years, Iran has been a center of Sunni Islam, a center and one of the leading areas of Islamic knowledge of Islamic theology of Islamic learning and education to give you perspective, bahara is what's within the Persian Empire? Imam Bukhari Muslim Imam to me the most I imagine all of them these are the aroma of Suna

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Lama of Gemma, the current they have verified the books of Hadith all of them came from the lens of Persia. But this was the center of Islamic learning Persia. It was only in the 15th century that a strategic move to convert the people of Iran to Shiism occurred under a group known as the sacraments and we'll talk about them today inshallah. So Iran's population for the past 4000 years before she has appeared, was Sunni. Shafi Hanafi Sunni with the Hanafi, and Shafi matter. Not we don't, under we don't under estimate and say that they were, you know, majority. This was about 99%, Sunni, we were very to know she is within Persia. This was a solid Sunni bloc, to such an extent

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that the Ottoman Empire when the when the halifa was in Turkey, the Obama had to be important of Sunni Allah to be imported from Persia, because this is we this madrasahs were the massage it were the universities of Islamic knowledge. The center was Persia. So this is the extent of, of where Islam stood the Sunni Islam stood with in Persia. So who the safavids the safavid conversion of Iran from Sunni ism to Shiism made Iran the spiritual center of Shiism, this was the first time in a long period for about 600 500 years, she hasn't didn't have a foothold. So if we just summarize quickly, the history of Shiism, she has was always a minority opposed to the millions of assets out of no way

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they were able to raise a dynasty in North Africa, in Egypt. These are the limits these limits. They ruled North Africa for about 200 years. And to some point, they actually became the dominant Muslim force rivaling the halifa in Baghdad. So we had a Sunni halifa in Baghdad, and we had fought the Metallica in Cairo. When Salahuddin Allah up remove the 40 minutes, and that was about 1000 in Gregorian terms, and for 1000 to 1500. They basically had no state the shears were a minority scattered around the Muslim Empire, then the safavids would come and re emerge as a Shia state.

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We who are the safavids what do we know about them? The safavids the history is that they began as a Sunni Sufi tariqa called the sofiya. in Azerbaijan, there was a tariqa called the sofiya. And they had a shape shift is a few Dean or the V. He was the shape of the tariqa. And he was revered and it's a great way of the Olia Allah subhanho wa Taala. These many of the earlier and many of the teachings of the great scholars get distorted later on, but from all accounts inshallah this was a great way of Allah subhanaw taala he was the head of a tariqa a very popular tariqa a movement

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For that information spread within Azerbaijan, to bring people to Islam and to bring people to conscient eyes about Islam. And as things went on, something went wrong. The tariqa went from father to son, father to son, to the point of about 200 years, the tariqa began to view the Imam of the tariqa, the shape of the tariqa, similarly to the way that she has view the Imams, that he's the link between us and Allah, that he's a descendant of the Navy so that we can go through him to reach Allah, that we can go through the dead imams to reach Allah, that they both shines on the graves of the Imams. And the Study Committee moved from being just a spiritual movement to being a political

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movement, arming themselves militarily. So they saw themselves now as a distinct group. This is the suburbia, they were Sunni Shafi, and then they slowly moved to Chisholm. Then, at around 1500 or 500 years ago, the head of the tariqa was run, he was hated by a by a man called dismayed was 15 years old, his father passed away. And as we said, at this point in time, the tariqa saw the tariqa saw a lineage that the father when he dies, the son is the link between us and Allah, that they have a divine link between us and Allah. And we said, this is incorrect. This concept of karma will you call him the Imam or the Wali or whatever it might be. We don't believe in hereditary spirituality

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that you inherited piety from your father. This does not do we don't agree with this. And we don't agree that this is the intermediary between us and Allah, that you can be a valley I can be a valley that anybody can be a valley and the only Allah it is not confined to a certain bloodline.

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This concept was taken from Mr. Ahmed Shiism. So the head of the suit of the Sufi tariqa is my 15 years old, he converts to Shia Islam. And he basically takes on board the Shia beliefs of Imam Ahmed claiming full on that he's a descendant of the VESA Salaam, but only through him, can you reach a loss via no data that he his word is low that his people basically started to worship Him. And this person, if you look at his history, by no means was not even a descendant of Nazism. It wasn't even Adam was of Greek origin, redhead face skin, right from southern Russia. This is where they hailed from. And he's these followers that revered him to the point of divinity, not to worship Him. Now,

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he's not only in charge of a religious movement, he's the head of a movement which ever he says goes, he also has a military wing. So they will not suffer we movement now becomes a political force. And he spends 10 years to conquer lands within Persia at that time, 1500 Persia was not under in any authority, the Ottomans were unable to conquer Persia, suppose you basically existed as a number of small states divided and armed week. And this is exactly the same methodology, when we find ourselves in such a weak position, easy for foreign ideas, foreign forces to take over. So from Azerbaijan, he saw that Iran was scattered and fragmented, no Holly for no leader, each town

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basically ruling itself. He enters into Iran and starts conquering areas of Iran. So within 10 years, he's able to carve out an empire, from Baghdad, and beyond visiting Iraq, from Syria, all the way to Afghanistan, and all the way into Russia. This is now becomes the safavid dynasty. And as we sit he converted to Judaism. And now he makes a point in the history of Islam, which is not my words, not even Sunni or Lamas words. These words are from orientalist, not European writers. This is a time when Europe starts to explore the world. They get to know the Muslim lands, they begin to see what's happening in the Muslim world. They write this they say, from the very beginning, the set

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of a dynasty was established on two fundamentals. One was Shiism. And the second was Persia, they one of the we'll talk about this the Dow was we are bringing the Persian Empire back to life. Why should we be under the feet of the Arabs or the Turks? We are Persian, we are in a new, unique, distinct identity. And we heard this kind of rhetoric before that why should we be under another race? We should be a race on our own, and we are superior and we should have our own agenda and objectives. How often do we have politicians use race and identity to further what political means for them so they can do so you share them and the person identity and it's my new concept, but they

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say is my ID concentrated more on the first is primary objective was to make the Sunni country of Persia, Iran into a Shia state. And listen to what they say. He's hated for Sudanese knew no bounds. He was the most innovative

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tolerancia ruler since the fall of fatty meats, and he's persecution of Sudanese was ruthless, he aimed at no less than the complete destruction of Sunni Islam. So Iran was the center one of the centers of Sunni learning. This man and his forces overpower, take control of Iran. And he has an agenda to eradicate to convert basically 90 odd percent of its population to Shiism. How did he do this? So after the conquest, his mind began, begins transforming the religious landscape of Iran, forcing twelver Shiism upon the population. And again, if we look at the sheer history, we see the twelver Shia minority group in the beginning the Z, these were the most popular and the strongest

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shia sect. Then the Smiley's, under the 40 minutes had some power and for some, and they were the leading she has the twelvers will always in the background, they will always unknown, obscure, didn't have much influence until the safavids appeared. So twelver. Shiism is really a new phenomenon. It's not something that goes all the way back to now visa asylum. This is a new, a new picture on the landscape of Islam.

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When the safavids take control of set up Iran. So how did they convert Iran from a Sunni population to a Shia population that we know today, since most of the population embrace Sunni Islam, and since an educated version, in fact, the first thing he realized was that there's no shiroyama. In Iran, he couldn't find shiroyama in Iran didn't exist. There was a Shia populations in Iran, he had to import them from areas like Bahrain, and Lebanon. And this is where the fatty meats were imported them from these areas, telling that the religious clergy will have a special, a special position. And today, if we compare Sunni Islam, to Sunni Islam to Shia Islam, you'd find that the ayatollah of Iran have

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a clergy like structure, they have far more influence than you imagine in the masjid, or the amount of Caesar. So that's his opinion, well find someone else with a different opinion. Whereas the clergy in Iran, the ayatollah, when he gives a factor, it's almost binding. So the clergy were established under the safavid ruler under him, he made them prominent, and he made them dictate the face and the laws of his state of his country. So he brought them from all over the world all over, he had an open invitation, if you see, this is where you need to be come to Iran, and he gave them position and status. And he fired all the not only fired, he forced the family to leave, were

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executed and persecuted them, and in return by force to the land of the people and gave it to the new Shia clergy, if you wish. At this time, it was very profitable to be a Shia in Iran at this time, in 501, is my invite all the Shias living outside Iran to come to Iran and be assured that they'll be protected from Sunni persecution? He now made the Shia religion, the official state religion, something which even as we said, Sunni Islam, and sometimes we have the sympathetic view, we say, you know, you guys are the Sunni we have Sudanese We're at 90% of the Muslim population. are we picking on the little guy? We have within Muslim lands, Coptic Christians, Jews yezidi, z, z, z.

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This is it is a form that pre dates Islam, Muslim, we look at India, for example, it's a Hindu country, it was ruled for centuries by Muslim rulers. Never did we impose you might find one or two hollyford were extreme, or that they were totally oppressive. But by and large, the Muslims when they enter the land, they didn't forcibly convert its population. Under the Sahaba. The majority of the Muslim Ummah was not Muslim, and a number, majority of the Ummah was not Muslim. There were many non Muslim communities. And when we seem to be so certain that when it comes to Medina, this they take from Rasulullah sallallahu. When it comes to Medina, he finds a huge Jewish population. What

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did he do? He made a constitution to say your religion is religion, and you'll be governed by your religion, and the laws apply to your people will not apply to us and we won't force our laws on you. This is Sunni. This is what we believe Sunni doctrine. Here we find Shiism imposing a state religion, if you're not sure, if you want to be Muslim, you must be Shia, no room for any other views. Christians will welcome Jews are welcome. But Sunni Muslims are not welcome.

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So you made an enforce that this is the state religion and it's not accepted.

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He appointed official leaders, as I said, a clergy class within Iran with a view of transforming Iran into Shiite state and the southern or the ayatollah, as we would call them, they basically will have the jobs of disseminating Shia doctrine. He destroyed all Sunni mosques. And yes, we we say building on graves and having massages like the shrines This is not part of Islam. We don't build a shrine on a grave and worship they but this was possible.

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Throughout Islam, the Muslim lens was incorrect. The Turks documents were very liberal with this view until today you find in Turkey but of shrines on graves. But so this was prevalent and he destroyed all of these to eradicate the grave of bukata Gilani, he removed the grave of Abu hanifa. They removed why all the great personalities of Islam should be wiped off the map.

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Look at what the ambassador, the Portuguese ambassador to China, so he traveled through the Muslim lands, he said about this person is married. He said he is a strange character. He reformed our churches, he rebuilds our churches and destroys the houses of the Muslims who follow the suit of Mohammed,

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Ambassador of Portugal, Portugal to China, he says we find as Christians ease and security within Iran. But the Sunni Muslims, they're having a tough time they he brought this thing back. That part of the Joomla is not accepted. Unless you curse Abu Bakr and Omar northman, every week from the member. This is the this cursing of the Sahaba was reintroduced. So before the Shia, they were moderate, they were different groups amongst them. We didn't do this. But now it became a state requirement, you need to cut a bucket or more and man from the from the groups also fee tariqas. With this band, the assets were seized, they were replaced with Shia doctrines. They started to have

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rituals, one of the biggest festivals was the ninth of Arabia, which commemorated the death of Satan armor where they would curse him and have poetry against him. And the highlight of the ceremony was to burn an you know, an effigy of a model an idol representing a nominal deal on why he chose to sit down with so much because two things as we said, Shia Persian, who was the man that brought Islam to Persia, say normally on the line.

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This is in both hated for say down the line, because under him, the Persian Empire came to a halt.

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The man that killed say normal dialogue was a Persian was a Persian, because of you know, he's hated it for say normal, he brought it into the civilization. And this was why they hated naramata more than abubaker odilon.

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And this is why this Persian doctrine is what really brought Iran to becoming a Shia Shia community. So initially, there was resistance. Many Muslims, many Sunni Muslims had to leave Iran. Many of them that were stubborn, were persecuted, were eventually executed. We said this is contemporary orientalist right to say that 1000s of Muslims were killed, Sunni Muslims were killed under the rule of the safavids. And eventually, they started a new method by making Persian culture, the winning factor, and this eventually won the succeeded. They basically say you Persian people don't fit in with the Ottoman Turks, nor were the Arabs, so be a race on your own and have a religion on your

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own, or a view on your wife follow the Turkish or Lama or the Saudi or Lama with Egypt, or Lima, we have our own Iranian or llama, which is Shia. And this eventually after 200 years of state sponsored forced conversions, eventually Shiism to crude within Iran, and it became a Shia state that we see today.

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And therefore, the hostilities between Sunni and Shia Islam didn't exist for almost 1000 years, from the fall of the 40 minutes until the safavids. There was no persecution of the shears. They lived within Muslim minor for 500 years, they lived within Muslim lands as minorities, free to practice the doctrine free to live their life without war or conflict. But it's when the safavids made this point that we are against the Sudanese, and we are at war with the Sudanese and we perpetually hate them. This is when the line was drawn. So many people will say why do we talk about Shia Sunni Islam? You again picking on the small guy? No, no, we're not. This is an issue brought up by shears

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themselves. Historically, we don't blame the current chair for what five someone did 500 years ago. But these lines were not grown by us. These lines were drawn by the center of the dynasty. And they maintain these lines today. They maintain this level of hostility between Sunni and the Shia. So why in modern terms we fast forward to 2016. Shiism without a doubt is authorized, it's reading suddenly decline. It's spreading phenomenally. It's actually spreading. You know, at lightspeed as many of the rmse you find sheer population springing up all over the world. Why? Why is it number one, not on the list number one, because the Sunni Shia divide, it benefits people in areas of the world in

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Russia, in Washington in Europe, it's good good for business for Muslims to fight each other over Sunni Shia

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So there's an external force, constantly playing both sides against one another, constantly highlighting your neighbor who you never knew where she are, suddenly, now all of a sudden you see the differences. And it comes to like we are Sunni, or Shia communities that lived side by side for 1000s of 1000 years and understood the differences and lived peacefully now it becomes an issue. It's like someone coming to South Africa to be like tomorrow and putting Muslims against Christians and saying you can't live together. We lived 300 years together, Why all of a sudden, is there a problem? Because it's it's, it's in somebody's interest, that there's a war. Someone benefits who

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benefits the guys who are making the bombs and the weapons in the arms, same people, the same people around the peaceful negotiation tables are the biggest exporters of arms and weapons. Secondly, as internally that's external influences internally.

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spirit of Shiism Why hello sooner? Well, Gemma we are basically ignorant and oblivious to this topic. And there's a reluctance to discuss it when we talk Shiism many people feel Let's not discuss this. It's controversial. We can't hide run from controversy anymore. As I said, even your Christian colleague at work will say what's the difference between a Sunni Muslim and a Shia Muslim even they've heard of she has now your kids are going to hear she has them you can't run away from the reality base we can do is face it moderately, academically, wisely, know where we stand, know how we respond. No, don't know the views. Know your views, know your religion and be comfortable in it and

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be secure. This is what I believe why I believe it's based on Quran and Sunnah. I'm not just following what the Imam says, I'm following what my uncle my intellect has led me to believe, informed decision and inshallah This is the base prediction. When ignorance prevails, easy for any group to come in and influence you. Strength of Iran, Iran is growing in strength, sanctions have come down. And as Iran continues to become stronger, it's flexing its political muscle. We see the intervening in Iraq, basically, Iraq follows the cue of Iran, the president of Iraq is predominantly Shia. Now you have an Iran, Iraq Shia block, influenced in the influence, as we see the forces on

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the ground in Syria, force on the ground in Lebanon, making issues in Yemen as well, in Bahrain as well. So we begin to see arise over sheer, sheer bloc of countries. And with wealth and with sanctions coming down. The funding is going throughout the world to promote Chisholm and Shia communities throughout the world. And that funds are coming to South Africa coming to Cape Town to give coal people to Shiism, don't be under the illusion that black and Latino community know. She has them in Cape Town is a new phenomenon we didn't have she has to 300 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, even from the Iranian Revolution, now we have massage it across South Africa fold was she

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has she has come from conversions from Sunni Islam, to share them.

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Right. So this is, again, Don't feel shy to discuss the topic because they discuss the topic. Don't feel shy to highlight your beliefs because they highlight the beliefs if they proselytize meaning, they give power, you also give down and you have the right to ask and to question and to debate with Hickman with wisdom. One of the biggest drawing cards is constantly the slogan for alibi, we spoke about at length you cannot claim to love elevate when you curse the wife of Muhammad Sol Center, the wives of Amazon seller, you cannot call yourself elevate when you curse the man who married two of the daughters of Nabisco sell them and he said if I had a third gift with mine as well, cannot love

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Nabhi so solemn if you hate the people he loved the people that He is buried next to say Narayan says, of the sorts of normal being very deceitful ly how many times and you'll see this in Hadith. We saw Martin avviso. Some come and Roman and obaku was with him. And so when V and abubaker nominals with him, I'll keep them together in the dunya. And even in death, Allah kept them together. How do you hate these people who never use also love the most. So the slogan of debate, we prefer the family of Nabeel Salaam is false. And then, of course, as we said, they are extremist groups within Sunni Islam, extreme Sufi groups, extreme deviant groups, political groups, modernist

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groups that find support within. So unfortunately, we are Gema. But there are always these fringes working against the Gema. So sometimes when you align with the outside enemy, you find support against the Gemma. And this is one of our biggest problems as well. I take this from a report issued by the German dilemma in cases in the report in 2014, about the spirit of Shiism in South Africa. And this is the findings they say. We must understand that the lightnings the lightning spirit of Shiism, in se is not random. It is well calculated, well funded and well monitored. That is an agenda with a plan that there are people in the background that are funding people

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The is a strategy to bring Shiism to South Africa. And the key focus areas of history the black townships, we Sunni Muslims will not go into the masjid and we will not give our they will give our our failing our shortcuts, our our racism, our mistakes, that's been exploited 300 years, unable to bring Islam to the masses of South Africa, we will bring our brand of Islam South Africa. If you won't do it, we will do it. Our failings. The youth, the extremist Sufi groups, the universities, young people always want controversy, young people, when you give a nice talk on sada and love for Allah and the beauty of the Quran, no one listens. But when you talk about the melody and key arm

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and the gel, everyone's eyes open up. So people by nature, look for controversy, look for, they're not happy with the basics anymore. They want something, you know that that makes the mind that you know that amuses them. They want amusement from the dean. And when you combine ignorance, you never learn to analyze it as many times if a person comes to me, and he never went to high school, in my mind, this person is not I'm saying that the older generation was different. But today's times you basically illiterate. That's the level of our madrasa education of the primary school you don't go to Madras anymore. And that was one hour a week, four days a week, you go eight to seven years. If

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you have that education, we say you basically have no education. You don't even know the basics. The same applies to the dean. Now you combine knowledge. And

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you know, you feel that you're intelligent you sitting in a university, you think you the cream of the crop. And you want to question though these old orlimar don't know anything? And are you looking for excitement? recipe for disaster, a recipe for disaster, you will find if you look for, for strange things, you'll find strange things and you can find it on your phone, on your laptop. And that's how the targeted This is targeted. Look at university so these are the men sitting around the table saying we need an evil University people who call the youngsters to Shiism, the next generation Muslims are future Muslim lawyers and doctors. How great would it be if they are here?

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If they not if we're not doing anything about it, then this is going to split. The radio stations we know TV speeding, they are far more advanced in the social media, on the websites if you and this is another thing, if you don't know knowledge, if you don't know what's you have a baseline of what's right or wrong. You went to look for a photo you will end up more often than not on the share website. The first websites that pop up.

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Al Islam is a Shia website. Yet it will be the first website that pops up when you look for Islamic knowledge. We don't know. So you take fatwa from itulah this one Ayatollah that one quoting from caffi you don't know why because at basic education of Islamic knowledge is not the and as I said they openly building massage it now before it was hidden, secretive. No.

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It's not open and it's clear because they feel a level of strength that no one's gonna stop us.

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So it's something for us to open up our eyes again, the Gemini dilemma continue. They say certain misconceptions that needs to be fixed within the Muslim community in South Africa for us to move forward. They say Muslims believe that meaning Sunni Muslims, the majority believe that she has a mistress another matter. We have Hanafi Shafi Hambali, Maliki and Shia Islam with jaffery. They just another matter? No. We said before that there are theological differences, and they are big differences, big differences, no problem. You can debate about fake matters until you're blue in the face, you will still be 115 when I put my hands on my chest, or below my navel, whether I make me

00:33:51--> 00:34:29

loud or soft, with the feet is the hour of the woman with Ms. White my whole head off my head. These are big differences, not going to general gentleman based on that. But theological differences to say that Sahaba copy, the Quran is incomplete, that this man leaves me to Allah, this is major theological difference. We can't agree to disagree. They you have your way I have my way. There's no middle ground in that he has have theological difference to us. I didn't say this. So they say we are not as Sunni Islam, picking on them. But this is in the books that we are different to you as soon as we believe that Abu Bakar is in Gangnam. below. We said we can't believe that. And we can't

00:34:29--> 00:35:00

say okay, that's fine. No, these your view is my view to understand that the all these differences, and they've been there for more than 1000 years. Secondly, politically, politically, Iran is seen as the savior of the oma that they are standing up to big bad America. And the Saudis and the Turks and the Egyptians are basically in the back pocket. So we support the fight externally, against politically aligned with Iran, and even

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

In South Africa, when the Iranian Revolution occurred, I hear this from the older generation. I wasn't around that time. But Muslims here in South Africa align themselves with the Iranian Revolution, because they were going through a struggle against apartheid. Yeah, they see a Muslim leader overthrowing a corrupt government, through Islam, so many Muslims that we live through the time have an affinity, it's understandable. Politics changes with the window. Religion is a tool that politics uses. today. Yesterday, Hezbollah is bombing Israel to today they bought a bombing Damascus politics, if you base your dean on politics, in fact, this is where the Miss began. They

00:35:40--> 00:36:15

killed off man for political reasons for what the dean political reasons, don't base your deen on politics. As I said, you can be a DA Muslim, an ANC, Muslim, don't sell your Akita. for political reasons. you align you can align yourself politically with any group, so long as it does not compromise your theology. So people align themselves politically with Iran, automatically, they start taking on the dogma and the doctrines. It's a big problem. And in South Africa, I say again, we are very a very politically hyped people politics is important to us. So watch out for that.

00:36:16--> 00:36:54

There's a view and this is a very big thing with in universities and that you don't have to be here. Just take one or two of our practices. You don't even have to say the Sahaba coffee, you can practice Buddha, you can do you can make SATA three times a day. It's just another view another factor. You know, there's always two three views in Islam. But we have another view you keep 99% of us just take one or two of us. This is the foot in the door. Number three, Shiism as I said they like to play the victim card. And without a doubt Muslims have persecuted Cheers. And you find in countries like Pakistan, where she has all the minority Muslims, people into the mosques, and they

00:36:54--> 00:37:37

bombed the Shia mosque is completely unacceptable. Completely Haram, nobody so salami didn't do this to the people who said You are a liar. They never say no, this is the idol worshipers. He didn't do that. How would you do it to someone in the middle of sajida, to Makkah to Allah you bump him up and say this is what Allah wants. So the shears without a doubt we oppressed the Sunni lands, have a history of placing Shiism, but at the same time, now she has, when they have the opportunity, they return the favor. We should not become bogged down in mistakes of the past. It's about today. What's today, what do you believe? What do I believe what happened in Iran 500 years ago, or in Baghdad

00:37:37--> 00:38:12

1000 years ago, that's between them. And Allah, we talking about today what's happening in Cape Town, and if we shouldn't feel shy to discuss this matter. And lastly, another misconception, this is not going to get written. I'm actually this is from me, that Muslims, on the other extreme, pick on GSA, all of them are coffee, all of Iran is caffeine. And this is blanket statement unacceptable. When you have this view, automatically, your kids are going to say, but this doesn't make sense. All of them can be careful that we hate a person that, you know, like me, I'm just a normal Muslim, I grew up in a certain home, and I'm going to join them. They say the same about me. I say the same

00:38:12--> 00:38:52

about them. This cannot be right. Let me go and see the truth. So we knew our extreme either way, automatically, the middle gets forgotten. So this is another extreme. And that's why next week in sha Allah, this is a very delicate topic. How do we respond? Now I know where the Shia stand, I know where I stand. What do I do? How do I live my life? Do I avoid this person? Can I speak to this person? Can I greet this person and I marry this person? We do we stand. So that insha Allah, we don't have number one that our kids our families fall into this trap of Shiism? And number two, that we don't have a situation where it's either us or them. We don't want that either, is room for

00:38:52--> 00:39:01

coexistence. At the same time, we don't compromise on our values and our email Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us now be so solemn, into this Hadith

00:39:02--> 00:39:37

of the Alon, the keeper of the secrets of Nagisa Salaam, Sahabi. Who knew things that other Sahaba didn't know why, because he asked the right questions, or maybe because he asked the wrong questions. He says other Sahaba is often the vessel silent about the beast about good things. He was a pessimist. So he says, the Sahaba would say, What's the best thing I could do to get the agenda and say do this do that, but I was scared about the bed. So I used to ask you about the journal about the future, what are the things I need to avoid? So therefore, because you are strange kind of questions, you got different kinds of answers. One of the questions you asked them is asylum, will

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

we are living in such good times now? Islam is strong, the oma is thriving. Will it always be this way? And nobody says no. Islam will become weaker, the oma will become weaker, and he speaks long about it will be bad and then become good again, but not like before, then it will become worse. And one of the reasons and instances you'll find people like us they will look like

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

But there'll be quarters to janam and people will follow them believing they're telling the truth and they will lead you to Jannah. And we need a visa visa salon. What should I do if I live in a time like that? I see this one beautiful beard and turban. I don't know if he's calling me to the truth. This one saying something totally different. Who do I follow? So now visa says stick to the Gema stick to the majority and the leader of the majority. And now in two years time it will be 100 years we don't even have a halifa that's how bad we are and who they've asked about this. What if we don't have a leader and we don't even have a Gemma. We don't have a united today we don't have a

00:40:36--> 00:41:18

united Muslim oma each man for himself. Alhamdulillah locally in South Africa. We still have a semblance of authority. We have a Gemma for the masjid. We have with issues you might have. We have an authority in the MTC. We have some level of Jama but for the first is what do I do? When I come to a time if I were to live with a six and groups and there's no unanimous there's no even majority clear majority. sunedison says avoid all the different six. Stick to the Quran and the Sunnah, and cling on to that even with your teeth, and this will save you inshallah, we live in a time unfortunately, close to the days of karma. The only thing that will save us is Allah says if you if

00:41:18--> 00:41:52

you if you debate with anything to do with a lawyer, so they refer the matter back to Allah and His Messenger, that's where the truth lies with the loss of an organism. So the Quran and the Sunnah you will never go wrong. If you make solder like nobody's made solder. If you live your life like him hamdulillah then you know you're safe. May Allah grant us that tofik I mean, shall I say next week, we will conclude on the series, any things that I have missed any questions that you might have, please mail me and anything and we would like to do things in series here. If you have any ideas for an IC series, I've got some ideas, but it was a better idea. You can bring it forward mainly to me

00:41:52--> 00:42:29

shala we'd like to give things to the topical things that are important to you. So please mail it to me. Also our Tuesday classes now a Monday class, and it might be a Wednesday class next week. But for next week, it's Monday. I'm trying to juggle two class the same as a problem and I'm trying to get everyone to agree and my wife also agrees to be kidding. So inshallah next week, our Tuesday class is on Monday, and we will discuss what's the best time for all of us. Then next week, Saturday, Sunday, excellent program. The Forgotten jewels are co authored course global. It's run across the world excellent course to learn about the women who have shaped Islam, the female role

00:42:29--> 00:43:03

models that we should aspire to be like and we won't focus on the Fatima Isn't it just about the famous people is that people we don't know that many times you found a scholar. He was a great scholar. We remember his name yet he had a sister who was even more learned than him. We don't know these things for any person who would find mothers who are easy man Buhari Imam Shafi How did they do it single mothers? How did they do it? Something for us to learn. We have daughters what role models do we have? We don't have Islamic role models automatically the Kardashians become the role models. You need to send our daughters to this kind of places so they can see what the influence

00:43:03--> 00:43:19

Islam but you have a role to play in Islam. So inshallah hope to see all of us the next week Saturday, Sunday UCT PD and upper campus in sha Allah please religious Allah Hi, Cena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Sallim wa salam ala rasulillah salam alaikum