Is the Evil Eye Real

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AI Generated Summary © The speaker discusses the similarities between two posters with similar pictures, but with different characteristics. They also mention a person named Maria who claims to have been hit with the evil eye, but the speaker describes them as a "uranceess eye." The speaker describes the characteristics of two different posters, one focused on the cause and the other on the protection eye.

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this ever happened to you? I had two posters hanging up on my wall and my favorite two posters hanging all year and then I show them off on Instagram. And then look what happens to it it just collapses all by itself just falls apart the prophets Allah like this and he said I know how the eye is real and so when you see something that you like, you gotta say Mashallah.

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So I'm echo Maria. I was thinking really quickly so the evil is real because the province little alias and instead of you know how clear were companions who got hit with the evil eye, like it's very documented the province of Linus and him said if anything could overcome destiny, it would be the evil eye so it's super powerful. What is shake that * is when you rely on those amulets, you know, those eyes those, you know, there you go. The when your person relies on these instead of relying on Allah subhanho data for protection, that's where Shipka is. So these are two different eyes. One is the cause, cause your eye which is documented, the other is the protection eye, which

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is schicke. I hope that helps.