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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Shia's teachings and belief of the end of the world are discussed, including false malady and false events in history. The M caterism is a false malady and is a false malady. The M caterism is a false malady and is a false malady. The M caterism is a false malady and is a false malady. The S sett for a person to follow guidance and the importance of following guidance is emphasized. The segment also touches on the potential for physical or mental health issues and the use of water panels in buildings. The segment ends with a news announcement about upcoming events and a music class.
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Are we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, WA l mursalin Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise be to Allah subhana wa tada load master sustain of the universe La ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped except him. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us and put Baraka in our lives to forgive our sins to let this walk of jumma Mubarak for us without us be accepted, and maybe a week to come be full of hate and Rama and Baraka I mean, we send our greetings our love our salutation, so on abhi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his families elevate his companions and all those who follow him sooner until the end of time. Will we be in the company of NaVi salsa lamb on the day of TMI. I mean, we continue with our discuss discussion on Shiism. And we

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spoke over the past few weeks about Shiism, its origin, and we're discussing over the past few weeks, the beliefs of the Shia and how they are different to that of Alicia novel Gemma. And I will repeat this every week saying that the purpose of these lectures as they are controversial, the idea is not to further create more controversy. We do not want further hatred. We don't want to see what's happening in Iraq, in Syria happening here in Cape Town. We don't fight with violence. We don't do so we don't differ, except with wisdom and hikma. And when we differ and uncertain issues, we cannot agree certain issues, we need to say this is our view. ocea we cannot agree with you on

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these views. We do so with respect with understanding with wisdom, without compromising our beliefs without accepting and condoning the beliefs. But there is a room to coexist. It's Allah subhanaw taala created this dunya that is a room for us to exist. Across the deen there is no compulsion in religion. We can live and coexist with the atheist with a non Muslim with the one who sees where you have to be law Allah came in human form. If we can live together without accepting the beliefs, then certainly we can coexist with the one who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah Salam. But we said we need to understand these differences. We can't hide from it. Why? Because everyone knows

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that this is a reality. We won't discuss any further to the points we've discussed already. The origins and the different beliefs. We've discussed about eight different beliefs, beliefs of the Shia, which are different to that sooner, well, Gemma last week, we spoke about the malady. And we said Imam Al Mahdi is a primary figure is a key focus in Shia doctrine. If you don't believe in the existence of God, then per the majority view, per the majority, Shia are the 12 then you are not a Muslim. It's an act of Cooper. to not believe in the malady is an act of Cooper. Right? And we said what are our views with regards to the malady we said he's an ordinary man, his name will be what?

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Mohammed even Abdullah Mohammed the son of Abdullah as the name of the vessel Salim you'll be from Medina, he will be taken to Makkah at the time of tribulation, he will be forced to give the pledge people force him the people of Makkah will make him the halifa at a time when the Muslim Ummah will be divided, when there'll be infighting, and after his appearance as the MADI, and army beating the black flags from hoorah sang, which we said is around Iran, Afghanistan area will emerge and they will join with the MADI when we see that if you are alive, and we don't make you out to see these things, this is times of tribulation. Don't make dua to see the fitna. These are great events of

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great fitness difficult times. That when you see if you are alive, when you see the army of hoorah son with black flags joining the malady, and he takes charge of that army, the navy seals and says it is worship on every Muslim to join the army of the malady, even if you must crow on ice. But before that there is no obligation. You don't need to go look for the malady. You don't need to go and find out and Google who is the mighty, wait till that event occurs. And insha Allah, Allah will guide us to make the right decision.

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But the concept of the malady

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is not something new. And it has been, as we said, misused and abused by many fraudsters and charlatans over these past 1400 years. And the danger that it poses is great and significant that the oma has been split To this day, those splits remain. There has been many 1000s if not how

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Hundreds of 1000s if not millions of lives that have been lost through the thickness of false melodies, and false prophets. And that is why it's so important for us in this day and age, not just with regards to the Shia, but to understand this concept of the malady.

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False Marty's have appeared throughout the service lamb. Why? Everybody wants to believe in a savior. And this is a mindset of insanity. As I said last week, the Christians are waiting for the Messiah to come and save them save the world. The Jews are waiting for the Messiah, right? They didn't except that he says the Messiah, so they're waiting for the Messiah to come. The Shia waiting for the malady to emerge. And many, many Muslims today, they look for a Savior, the Wali the hazard to save them and take them to Jenna. This mindset of someone is going to take me and solve my problems is a sickness that is prevalent throughout insan we want to abdicate our duties to someone

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else a superhero will come and he will save me he'll take me to a law. This is the mindset of Islam. This is the mindset of many of the Muslim Muslims only but throughout the world. We don't take personal responsibility. As I said, Now visa Salaam will not be able to even take Fatima, his daughter to Jenna, everyone is liable for your own account with Allah subhanaw taala. Every person carries their own burden as the Quran says, There is no way

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that nobody bears the burden of anyone else. Your father will not save you. You will not save your father. Everyone will be accountable to along the way. But we have this mindset of looking for a savior and especially in times of tribulation. When we see things getting out of control. It's easy to be fatalistic to say this is kiama the kiama is close. When people saw a nuclear bomb falling on Japan they must have now this is kiama. Hoss. This is the sign of the end of the world when they saw the Mongolians destroy the Muslim Caliphate, they thought this must be tiama. Now we know these are some pasta which people thought Halas pm and now every time we think pm is going to come and we are

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told BP Fukuyama This is when people take advantage of the situation. So these false maladies appear in times of tribulation, when people are looking for a savior looking for a shortcut to the solutions of the problem. Some superhero will magically click his fingers and all our problems will go away. He will liberate Palestine, he will defend us against our enemies, he will fix the problems in Syria, not us. He's going to come and going to do it. We forget our individual duty and we become distracted with the big things we need to fix the big problems in the oma and forget the things which we can fix in our home in our personal capacity. This is usually how these melodien these

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false melodies, how they appear and how they take advantage of the oma. So let's talk about some of these false melodies and the harms that they caused and the danger of the false melodies. Back in history, the most one of the most recent ones in swana law, which is claimed to be the valley till today, the people who made the arrivals the CD's is basically a series calling to the emergence of a new Maddy. Maddy, who claims to be mid year in Cape Town and friend asked you what evidence do you have to the MADI? He says you know when Navy moves me closer Elisa to Sarah, they meet at the place where the two oceans meet that must be Capetown. And if you see Table Mountain and signal and lions

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it it looks like a law. Isn't that a sign that this is the place of the MADI Swan, Allah, this kind of fantasies and people believe it. People believe it and people follow it. Why? Because you want to feel special. You want to feel part of something big that this is the end of times Allah selected you to be the supporter of the malady, you are going to be part of the one who changes the world, right? Focus on changing the world. But getting Salah in JAMA is too difficult for us to achieve our priorities shift to the big and fantastic instead of that which we can change. So let's talk about some of these methods and the harms that they did in 1979. Not so long ago 1980. A man by the name

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of john Heyman, he was a pious man. And he studied under the great Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia shift members. And he was a student, a graduate of the Jamia Islamia in Medina. And he made many great scholars himself was a scholar. And he became part of the the

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clinical society which commanded good gave Dawa. But he saw in his country in the in the end of the 70s, and the 80s, that Saudi Arabia was shifting, that, you know, TV, all the evils of the dounia of the Western world was coming in, and he felt that this is time that something is going to happen. And he became more fanatical more extreme in his views believing that the Saudi government they could fire whatever you've used the Saudi government might be. He believed that they are corrupt, they are far and that we need to remove them by force and emit a man by the name of Mohammed bin Abdullah.

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Hello bait from Medina. This is vanilla all the boxes are ticked off. And this man must be the melody. And they took this man from Medina to Makkah and they beseech the harem for two weeks. They went in with a guns 500 of them and they took over the harem they close the doors they keep the Hajaj the prisoner, and they forced everyone to say this is the MADI look all the signs of the name is the the families they from Medina to Makkah in a time of fitna and tribulation.

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It was so serious that when the Saudi government sent the army to go and stop, to go in and liberate the harem, many of them said no, we know that an army will come to stop the malady and they will be swallowed up before they get to the heart of the

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chest be embarrassed to issue a factor saying that this is not a true malady. Eventually, with the help of Pakistani Special Forces, French Special Forces after two weeks of seizing the atom, eventually they were able to take over and capture all these people, and they will execute it after that, but about hundreds of Hajaj were killed in the crossfire, the shooting between Special Forces and these, this group of people, this was not even 50 years ago, and I shut it off and my dad was telling us that he was in Saudi Arabia when this occurred people that he studied with in Medina University were part of this group so easily when we see tribulation to look and think that

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something big is going to happen and I'm a catalyst to that. What are the methods appeared and false methods? The parameter or the Commission's they are they are a shia sect long time ago over 1000 years ago, she has six and how this appeared This is going to become important when we talk about the Smiley's later on. Yeah, philosophical mistakes. We need to now focus a little bit here. Java sodic is the sixth Imam of the Shia so they have 12 imams. Number six is Jaffa sodic Elisa to Sarah, great, great scholar. A mom is a teacher of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah Jaffa the great men that she of course called him and Imam that is the divine link with a lot and per Shia doctrine. When the Imam

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dies his eldest son becomes the new Imam correct. This is a Shia view. But Jaffa saw the eldest son He smiled he had a sunny smile and Musa Jaffa sodic he has a sunny smile The eldest and Musa the younger smile died in the lifetime of jafra Sonic. And this caused a big problem for the Shia, who is the Imam was Jaffa sodic the Imam was Israel the Imam was Musa the Imam, the Shia of today. They say that Moosa, the younger brother, he became the seventh Imam and his son and so on to the 12th Imam. But the majority of the Shia back then they said no smile. He was the Imam, that when he became an Imam at a certain age Jaffa sodic. Number six, even though he was alive, he stopped being

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the Imam He smiled became the Imam when he died. He had a hidden son, a son that no one knew a son that no one saw only a few people are in contact with this hidden Imam. Right. And this hidden EMA is Mohammed even is married. He is the Maddie. And this is the majority of the Shia follow this view. And they said the fact that this malady is now hidden, it's a sign that the end of the world is coming.

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So a group formed called the chronometer believe that the end of the world was now happening because we said as the body comes, the end of the world is going to come and they took strange beliefs from the Persian Empire from different sects saying that if you look at different religions, the world is in seven cycles. That's why they called the seven as they believe in seven cycles. After the seven cycle, a world the world basically comes to an end and a new religion forms. So they say this is a sign that Islam is the religion of Islamism in this was a Muslim group. When they began adding things to the point where they said Islam is now finished. A new religion needs to emerge and to

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prove their point. What did they do? They attacked Makkah. They killed the judge. They stole as little as sweat for 20 years it took it to Bahrain.

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And the man who did this right had to be licensed. Where's the Tehran abiel lecture to the field? Where are the birds coming to help me This is a sign that Islam is finished. Of course, the oma revived and defeated them and returned the Blackstone to the Kaaba. But this is why because people believed the malady has emerged.

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Another false malady, Sayed Ali and I shy to say they would say Ali Mohammed Shirazi was called the BB. He appeared in 1850 in Iran, so as we know the Iranians or the twelver Shia believe that the 12th Imam is 12 Imams, and the 12th is the malady and he's hidden like never he says he didn't occultation. So this man said, I am the Bab to the mid I am the gateway that I can communicate with the mighty, the mighty appointed me to be his gate. And he started saying the man he told me this told me that eventually he said you know what I am the MADI.

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I'm actually the MADI, and eventually the Shia the Iranians executed him. But his followers remained and he had 1000s of followers. And these followers said he was a caller to someone greater, and a bow about hula and one of his supporters said, This man was actually calling you to tell that I am coming. I'm a new Prophet, and a new religion, the Baha'i religion emerged. We heard of the Baha'i is a new religion we'll talk more about this in detail inshallah, but emerged from a false malady. Today the Bahais say we are not Muslim anymore. We're a new religion completely. The Quran is abrogated. They wrote a new book Kitab Arcadis, the holiest book saying that this is now Quran.

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Point two, version two, an upgraded Quran are yet to be loved. And the headquarters is way in Haifa in Israel. Right. Then, of course, one of the most famous false maladies lives

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in India. He first said that he was a scholar and alum claimed to be a magette did a revival of Islam when he said Allah communicates with him, you know, semi divinely. And before he's the malady when he said, I am the mercy. I am the Messiah. Not not the ISA, Isa survived crucifixion. We know he was not crucified. And he came to India and died in India, the believer, midazolam Ahmed, and therefore, when Allah speaks about the coming of the Messiah, it was meant to be me. When he went one step further, and said, Hello, I'm a prophet altogether. And this is a new religion of the globe when I visit the Muslims, but we also a new prophet with new laws. One of the things very

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interestingly, he said Jihad must stop now. That's why this was at the height of conflict between the Muslims and the colonial British government. And many millions of people supported him and he said, Don't fight against the colonial power

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was being funded who was funding him. So how long this is, and then he passed away until today, the amount of the time throughout the world passed the unanimous vote was saying anyone who believes another prophet lift off the Mohammed Salah This is tantamount to poofer and this is outside of the fold of Islam. This is this is one of the few cases where we can actually say that someone

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if you believe this, then you are counterfeit. Why because the Rama pasa unanimous factor Not me, not you, we can make that factor up. But if the allama have united and said from Saudi Arabia to Sudan, to India to Indonesia, saying that any party any that believes Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a prophet and this an act of Kufa outside of Islam palace.

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So what is the Shia view of the malady? What do they believe with regards to the mahadi? Firstly, not all of the Shia six agree with one another with regards to the MADI, not all of them agree these differences, but we are talking about the twelver Shia. The mme isn't actually the predominant Shia, the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Shia of Iran today. What does a Shia in Iran believe with regards to the malady they believe that they are 12 imams as we said 12 imams will come one after the other. The first demand we say 90 of the A lot of it hasn't been Hussein, then the son of Satan number 13 is in Aberdeen and so on the sixth Imam Jaffa sodic the same with Mr. moussaka, the son of Jaffa sodic

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until there will be 12 Imams, and the 12th Imam will be emammal Maddie and he will be the beginner and when he comes piane will basically happen so we have 12 Imams, and then kiama will occur. This is the belief of the Shia is naturally the 11th Imam

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Hassan Askari, right the number 11 he died without a son. He died without the sun. So we are waiting for the 12th Imam was Matthew to come and he dies. And he doesn't have a son to such an extent that even his brother said Hassan has died without a son. Therefore his inheritance was split between his brothers. He has no he has no children. Then another man said, another man Earth man even sad. He said no. The 11th Imam did have a son that he was hidden. No one saw him only I see him. Right and he's the 12th Imam.

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I say again, the brother of the 11th Imam, Jafar, he said my brother never had a son. And to prove the point they said the inheritance of my brother is split. It would have gone to his son goes to me because I don't know he doesn't have a brother. He doesn't have a son. No one saw the sun. But a man said no, I am. I've been appointed by the 12th Imam emammal melody, to be his diary to be spokesperson is a representative. I speak to him. I see him. He is a five year old boy. And he's the 12th Imam and I communicate with him and he's the malady and whatever he tells me, I will tell you. This is the belief of the twelver Shia that this person was born 1200 years ago, and he went into

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occultation, he disappeared a five year old boy he basically disappeared.

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And no one saw him. No one speaks to him at that time except this person and a few other of his family members. And it was the responsibility of the duality or the working of the muddy the sky with a man to collect the funds 20% of the income goes to the malady he needs to collect those funds, any laws and regulations, he must say what they are per the malady, of course, and

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then he went, as we said, in this thing of LIBOR, so that she I believe, in this issue of LIBOR. What is LIBOR? LIBOR is, as we said, occultation, what the ISA is in a state means absent, absent or occultation, so, like never, so we believe he's alive, he doesn't exist, or he's not here physically on the dunya. But Allah used him up to a place that we don't know where he is. So the she I said, similarly, our melody, the 12th Imam, he's like in that realm of her Eva. And initially, he communicated with some people, but now he stopped communicating. So they believe that the Imam has been withdrawn by Allah from the eyes of the people whose life has been prolonged, 1200 years, he's

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still alive.

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He has been some people claim to have seen him from time to time, and he speaks to others whenever he feels like doing so. And he may interrupt me is the guide and the control for the believers. And I mentioned this point before, that one of the strongest arguments of the Shia, they made a strong argument when they said, the doctrine of imama remember the doctrine of Mama, when she said, we believe that there must be a link between us and a law? Why Because Allah wouldn't leave us without any guidance. Sounds like a good argument. Right? Sounds like a good argument that Allah needs to put a divinely appointed representative Allah wouldn't leave us blind, we say, of course, a lot lift

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the Quran and the Sunnah, and hamdulillah. That's sufficient. They said, No, it's not enough. We need a man who will see to our face. And if we need 12 Imams, so we say, oh, Shiites been 1200 years, where is our link? We don't have a link with Allah anymore. In terms of a man, there's no physical link. Had this been the case there would always be an Imam. And that's why some Shia six still today have a living Imam. Whereas the twelver Shia say, No, our Imam is alive. And he communicates by spirit, like the Christian concept of the Holy Ghost, he guides you, he sees to you if you make dua to him, and when the time comes, when the time is right, he will emerge and he will

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fix the world. What else do they say about this email?

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Right? So what else they say about the event and Maddie? They believe that the world exists because of him, he keeps the earth and the universe in balance. If it wasn't for him, Allah would destroy the world. Right? That you can make the art to him and ask him and many of the narrations they will say we asked

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him, support us help us and we met miraculously things went well. Whether it happened or did not happen. Allow them but we know La ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped but Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what Islam is all about. That no one can even make do I am hammertoes salaam provide me with resik Yamato Salaam forgive my sins Yamaha moto Salaam blessed me with a child. No one has the right of this except Allah subhana wa tada

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must be said it's not just the sheer that do this even within Allison novel Gemma, how many people pray at the graves of Olia? How many people pray at the graves of Nagisa Salaam had this, you know if this was possible when the Christians are better, because they're praying to someone that's alive, and actually exists.

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Lots of answers and

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other things that you worship besides a lot of the same, they have created nothing whereas always created, where they are themselves created and what they are did the things that you are praying to a date, they couldn't even stop death from themselves couldn't save death from themselves. What do you think they're going to do for you? And Allah says, they don't even know when they're going to be resurrected. Everything is in the command and the hand of Allah. This is our leader. This is our belief. Anyone that says you can worship anyone else besides Allah subhanaw taala, irrespective of the lineage, irrespective of the powers and the miracles, know that this is not from Islam.

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Amongst the things that they say and in fact, if you look at the difference between the Shia 12 Maddie and Nevada Mama, Allison ojama system, it will come he will bring unity and peace he will fight against the enemies of Islam and he will liberate you know, you'll fight in Palestine and liberate the difficulty the Muslims are going in until the Jihad emerges. And then Nabis la salatu salam will come back and take command of the situation, the Shia mahadi it will appears that his primary focus will not just be to take control of the world, but he will make a point to punish all those Sahaba that did say Nally in rhodiola that

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stole the position as they claim of scenario do they say that he the man evil is a dictation of the law where you have the biller and He will punish her for committing Zina. He will resurrect Abu Bakr and Omar and he will crucify them in Berkeley where he had to be learned. These are from the books. Let's read the MACD will come to yesterday meaning Medina and he will destroy the house of Ayesha which are working on what are buried in and he will dig out what is in while they are in a lien they'll be thin, and you will order them to be sent to Bucky and all the two pieces of wood to be brought they may be crucified or you have to be loved. As for the evolutional drama, when the car is

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what they refer to as the malady appears, they will bring every now CV meaning every non CA, every Muslim there is not a shear to the malady if he accepts Islam, meaning that those who are not sure are not Muslim, and we recognize that say nalli was the true halifa then he'll be freed If not, his head will be cut off by the melody or he will pay the taxes as a coffee that he will bring per coffee as I said, well, coffee is the body and coffee is the body of the Shia. He says the original Quran will only be brought back by the Maddy. right this is in a cafe that not to believe that God exists currently and he's alive and he's in the labor is act of prefer, you're not a Muslim if you

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don't believe in this. So this these are the views of different groups and six. These are the views with regards to the MADI by the different groups and sects within Islam. And we said that this is an issue that has caused so much fitna and facade in not just our time, as I said, continuously and we love Allah protect us. As we get closer and closer to piano. As the minus sign starts to fall into place and many of them have, you'll find more and more false claimants of being the melody. Many different groups will emerge, claiming to be the savior. Until as we say, The day will come when a man will be able to fly, when you will control the weather when you will resurrect the dead. And he

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will first say I'm the murderer and even will follow him when he will say I am the Messiah, I'm the mercy and people will follow Him then He will say I am the Prophet of Allah and they will follow him to the point where he will say like the Bible say, I am Allah incarnate. I am Allah in human flesh, and people worship Him. And this is

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whatever looks for miracle workers who ever worships only worships because someone can miraculously heal someone can see the future and you worship that and you turn to that, know that that is the way to the jail. The guy I told you the ones above the man who began the by faith religion who claim to be the Bob the link between the 12th melody the 12th, the 12th melody. Remember we said the byes when they start a man said I speak to 12 Matthew was hidden. When Iran wanted to execute him. They tied him up and they got a firing squad of Christian soldiers. And they shot him and when they win, all of them tend to think of him fired the guns empty big guns. When it was done. They found out one

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bullet hit him but only the ropes that were tied him up we hit people struggle this this man must be the malady this man must be what he claims to be right from the gym. After that they brought Muslim soldiers and they were able to execute him. So these people have powers these people have abilities it's real. Where does it come from? From the gym Nabisco tells us that the gel will bring your father and mother back to life, not your father and mother. It will be gene that look like your father and mother and they will know things which only your father and mother knew. And also how can you know this except it must be my mommy no one else knew that. The gene is constantly surrounding

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you. They see the year you communications is not a talk about the gym. Don't fear them Don't worry about them fear Allah subhana wa tada fear disobeying Allah subhana wa Tada. So this will be when and I say this again. I got a few calls this week about people that have gene problems. And they go and they make things worse when they go to spiritual healers, spiritual, you know, gurus that can heal all your problems that can bring bring you a child, even when the doctor says it's impossible that can kill your cancer when it's terminal. Sometimes they can do these things. How is this possible from the gym? This is from the gym. There are a few very special people like the earlier

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who do have karma through the power of the duels Allah accepts they do us how do we know when someone is working with Jin? Or someone is working with Allah? Remember, Emily's has powers and gnf powers. There's a beautiful book written by scheffel Islam and Tamia. He says Alfie Kohn, the criterion between knowing distinguishing the ugly of man olivella and The Ugly of shaitan. How do you know if this person is a valuable or valuable

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straight on both can do fantastic things. Where does it begin? He will follow the Sunnah completely. He'll be five times a day in the masjid. He'll be fasting every Monday and Thursday. He will be up at night into Jude. You will never call to people to say Mr. Lee. Instead he will feel like he's the biggest sinner on the dounia. He will have knowledge of Islam you would have studied, learned Islam, you will recite Quran night and day. When you see Him you will see that a lot of newbies are seldom he will look like Nabisco Salaam village like nobody so Salaam. That is the Valley of Allah, not someone that can fly and do amazing things you would find in other religions, gurus that can walk in

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fire, other religions, people that do cheat day and defy this, where does this come from? Where do these miracles come from? From shaytaan from jinn, and as I said, when you follow these miracles, you look for these miracles, why the biller when that gel comes and he has all these miracles, the bulk of the world we asked how will people follow a man whose eyes defective and deficient why would the entire world follow him? Because you will have miracles that you can't explain.

00:31:07 --> 00:31:47

Some Allah guide us and protect us some final advice on the malady final advice on the malady. What can we say for us, Noah, Gemma, we believe in the muddy spots of our theology, we believe at the end of times a man will come from the family of NaVi salsa lamb, and he will be our leader and He will guide and He will guide us as the whole of our shooting. When I say guide, again, we don't mean it in a mystical sense. We don't mean that Allah puts hidden knowledge in his mind No. As the resources follow my son and the son of the hula Rashidi and Maddie in the rightly guided caliphs fall off to me like Abu Bakar, meaning the man and the intuition. When they put their mind to something it will

00:31:47 --> 00:32:27

be sincerely so follow the lead, follow them in the lead, not in terms of Sharia avacado can't make new laws and the money will not be able to make noodles. Now Hassan says even though he said when he comes back, he will not bring a new book, he will follow the Quran, his prophethood came to an end when he was brought taken up by Allah when it comes down, he will come as a normal man except that you will have the ability to kill the gel and you will have the leadership of the oma. So what do we say about the Maddie? As I said, the need for a Savior is not what Islam encourages. Islam does not encourage us to look for someone who's going to take me to Jenna. And we've heard why so many

00:32:27 --> 00:33:08

worries. This is vinyl this one Imam chef, he sees in his book, man, Ronnie the whole agenda who ever sees me I guarantee you I will take you to Jenna. And whoever sees the one who sees me I will also take him agenda up to 20 people he has been the chef You don't even know if you're going to gender. Right? That Islam encourages every single person you have a personal link with Allah don't feel that my do is need assistance through a shift. But the shift if I McDowell wasn't going to answer me so you make dua for me. No, you make the offer yourself. Whether that's alakay by the army in Korea, when my servants asked you about me tell them I am close Allah says that I come to them

00:33:08 --> 00:33:45

and I respond to the doors. Each and every one of us no matter how good you are or how bad you are, even if you are the worst of the worst. If you raise your hands up, Allah will respond. Allah will listen to your da Allah will guide you in sha Allah. You don't need a spiritual link between you and Allah. Your spiritual link is the Quran and your Eman. You follow the suit under the guidance of Nabeel Salaam, that's enough. That's enough between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala each person is responsible for his own relationship with Allah. Even in the time of the prophet SAW Selim, the Sahaba never laid back and said you know, a buck niversity aerosil salam you and me were tight,

00:33:45 --> 00:34:23

right? You're gonna shoot me out on kiama? No, no abubaker deal and he was the first to follow the Sunnah. He was the first to make solid the first two in every time that gave a command. He was the first one to fulfill it. That's why it's acidic. Even though he's also lamb didn't lay back and said, You know, I'm Mr. Salim. You know I'm the first to intergender so I'm going to sit back and Allah will sought me out. No, in the Battle of butter when they only had one camel between three people. Now this also meant to share camel will say nalli and Abu Baba. So sentiment to other Sahaba they were seeing a camel so obviously they see the arrow solipsism you ride the camel, and we will

00:34:23 --> 00:34:39

walk and what did you say to them? Don't think that I'm not in need of the reward I needed just as much as you need the reward. Give me the reward of walking. This is hammer salon. Yet people will see you know, so long as I have the chef's blessing I have is he I have his picture hamdulillah I'm safe.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:49

Everything depends on your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we end up with this, that piano is an interesting topic, the signs of

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

the jet exciting topic. And people used to ask the visa seller all the time. When is chiama going to happen? Give me a date. Wouldn't it be some say say I don't know. But he would always say

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

respond to them and say, What have you prepared for pm? What point is it to know pm is tomorrow when a million years if you are not ready for piano and the visa Salaam would look for the youngest person in the company

00:35:13 --> 00:35:53

when that boy is an old man, for all of us, our piano would have come. You don't have to wait for the gel. Emma Maddie Yokoyama is going to come with the day you die. Are you ready for that? That was the mystery of NaVi salsa, lamb. That was his message. Don't think about the future and future problems. Look at the problems that you can fix that I can fix. That is what I was going to ask you about. All swans are going to ask you about things that are out of your control. But it's an ask you this you had control about what did you do? What did you say? So Allah subhanaw taala guide us from falsehood. We make this in a certain study guide us constantly to the straight path all these people

00:35:53 --> 00:36:10

pull us away from the State Bar keep us safe keep our minds and our hearts safe. Forgive us your Allah for shortcomings. Forgive us for our mistakes. Don't seal our hearts have put Baraka in the good that we do and make good see more good when we intend to Jenna. I mean, some of our signum hamadryad

00:36:12 --> 00:36:35

been challenged a few announcements, email address. As you all know, we'll continue next week on the elevate our senior classes inshallah we'll begin in February, we'll begin our senior classes in fib in sha Allah. I currently am doing a series if you're in the northern suburbs on a Wednesday night at the North pine Masjid, about building in a Muslim society you're welcome to attend. It's free of charge. Also, I must announce again.

00:36:38 --> 00:36:58

I'm not collecting money. And this is not to collect money. Announced once again the importance of water. Now visa salami should take with you from this 750 months he performed. Sinaloa we stingier with more than this. Right? Anyone who saw was full of these two liters or three liters

00:36:59 --> 00:37:31

that we saw Salaam would also full of this and he would share what I share of the alarm. This will be enough was perfect. Anything more is waste. Anything more is waste. So directly mean a lot are suspended on water and from what Allah created or life. This is a medical, medical substance that Allah has given great status. So in sha Allah, it's our duty as Muslims, especially in the masjid. We're not paying for the water bill. Someone else is paying for the water bill. Let us be conscientious about how we use our water molars panel of makers of those who are wasteful, I mean, cinematic with litigators.

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