Muhammad West – Shiaism – Part 05

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and origins of the term "thever" in the context of Islam, emphasizing the need to be educated on what one thinks is right and avoiding violent behavior. They also discuss the importance of acceptance of shia ridials and the belief of the HalVN, the person who leads the way. The conflict between Muslims and non- Muslims is expected to involve warfare and the loss of leadership and resources. The speakers stress the importance of finding a person with special powers to overcome false accusations and create a powerful culture, and mention upcoming events and topics related to Islam.
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Lumina shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah Baraka to

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all praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord sustainer, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Most Merciful most kind, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to have mercy on us on this walk of Juma to bless us in this walk of Juma to lead this hour of Juma bi cafaro an explanation for the sins we've done last week and the sins for the week to come. May Allah guide us and let this be renewed for us. There's an hour in this day of Joomla that the US nevison says is not rejected a specific hour north of Joomla so make the other day or Allah bless us our families and the oma at large that have cleared and Baraka in this dunya and in the mean and we send our love our salutations our greetings

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to our beloved Nabil Mohammed Al Salaam to is celebrating his family, his companions and all of his oma until the end of time when we be of that omega Allah in this dunya and in the era Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. As I always mentioned, he had to handle Islam. It's as if though we have to Gemma's we have the working Gemma. And when it's holiday we have the residents Gemma the people in the local area. And before the holidays before the festivities started, we were doing a series on Shiism, discussing and understanding the origins of Shiism, understanding the beliefs, understanding where we can coexist, and understanding the differences and how we respond with those differences between

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a hallucinogen and the Shia. And we took a four week break, I believe it was four weeks, because as I said, many of us had left many of us had been on holiday. And if you're coming back from holiday, maybe you have a prosperous year ahead. And for those who don't. mitrik May Allah bless you and put Baraka in your future, to make the right decisions and the choices in your life. And if things didn't go so well, Alhamdulillah we don't wait and we don't stop, there is always a chance, there's always a second chance, don't let this stop you or hold you back. But hamdulillah we back with our series on GSM, Part Five, and we ended off on a cliffhanger, we ended off with the melody, the

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melody. So just to remind ourselves, if you're new year, this is the first lecture and you might have feelings and this is the feelings that we find. Why do we discuss Sunni Shia? Why do we even get involved in this discussion? Are we not just further isolating and breaking them up into six? When we are facing, you know, challenges externally, throughout the world? The Muslims are being oppressed from east to west, we need to unite rather than divide. Why do we mentioned such a thing? Number one, that this topic is not to further divide us. It's not further to blame or to criticize or to spread hatred between this group or that group. But these divides exists, whether we like it

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or not, whether we close our eyes from the fact these divide these differences they exist, that Muslims have different beliefs and some belief some differences Alhamdulillah good, like our format that we don't want one method we like that we have for modality, Allah has made it easy for us certain issues, unfortunately, we cannot agree is there is disagreement on fundamental issues. We we cannot simply say Alhamdulillah. This is right. And that is right. No, we need to understand these differences. We need to know how to respond to these differences. And unfortunately, we have to take a stance. I'm on the side of the fence. I'm on that side of the fence. How do we interact after that

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Alhamdulillah we talk about coexistence after that, but just to remind ourselves that these differences are not here.

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Recently, they didn't start 50 years ago or 100 years ago, they were there for over 1000 years. And these lecture series are not meant to, to change or to fix those differences. It is just meant for you and me to be educated as to what do I believe? What do I believe as a Muslim? What do I believe as a certain view? And what's my take on these issues? Because today, we can't hide from the facts. We hear these terms on CNN, BBC, she has Sunni non Muslims, even though that is a Sunni Muslim and a Shia Muslim, even non Muslims know that. What are the differences? Your your kids come to you and say, Daddy, Mommy, what's the difference between Sunni Shia can I marry her? She can I marry a

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Sunni? What do you say? We need to be educated in the times that we live in. We can't avoid the fitna because the fitna they in our homes, on our TVs, on our telephones in our bedrooms. So this is basic knowledge that we've come to learn. This is basic Muslim education that we need to learn. And as we said, Alhamdulillah in our context of South Africa, for 300 years, and till today, 90 odd percent of the community more than 95% of the Muslims in the in South Africa, also know Gemma and the Muslim Ummah at large over 80% is a hallucinogen. So this is the majority view that this is the majority view. And this has been the view from the beginning of Islam. And that here in South

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Africa, Shia Islam is a relatively new phenomenon, and the Shia are open. And they don't make an excuse for it that they split the views. They say we believe a certain view, we accept it to be correct. And we teach it if you want to learn it, we don't force it down anybody's throat. Similarly, we do the same, we say she has have a view and we have a view on certain things. We agree on many, many things on the fundamental things we agree, but there are certain fundamental differences where we disagree. And we can we should learn as Muslims now how to discuss differences, even if they fundamental with understanding with tolerance without compromising, but at the same

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time without being violent. Today, a big problem with the oma is if you disagree with me on a certain issue or certain massala then I blow you up. This is the answer. We don't fight. We don't debate intellectually anymore. We use our fists because we can't debate intellectually. This is one of the problems of our age today. So we take this with wisdom, with an intellectual stance and we ask Allah to guide us to the haka is only one there's only one truth and that truth is with Allah, he didn't set off nothing. Yeah, Allah guide our hearts, you are the one that shows us the straight path you guide us to the straight path. And if we make mistakes, yeah Allah, let us have the

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courage, let us have the honesty to say I am wrong. I have made a mistake here Allah and that we don't have that arrogance, like the beliefs that maintains on incorrect beliefs. So inshallah we continue. We see that the Shia,

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not to go too much into recapping the problem that I do. I'm not going to summarize too much. But we said Shiism began as a political party. They were a political group that fought against the Omega dynasty, the Omega dynasty and this goes back again, in the history of the whole of our regime, the Romanians became like a kinship for good or for bad. They were good kings. They were bad kings. But there was a political party that broke off. And the Trump called the claim was that we against the government. Why? Because the halifa must be divinely elected by Allah. This is something they claimed, and they said, We have evidence that the halifa is someone that must be of the lineage of

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Nagisa Salaam, and anybody else who's a halifa, other than the family of Nabisco Salaam, as made an act of Cooper, including aboubaker and Homer and everybody who became halifa. That was one of the family of NaVi so some say no backcrossing family of Nabisco, Salama Callaway, so everybody who took political leadership of the oma and he's not a heavyweight. He has committed an act of Kufa, this was a political view, they were a political group. And this was a minority group. And this is a group that never succeeded politically, they didn't succeed. They succeeded. And they broke up. Obviously, as we said, The fitna and the time of Satan, Ali. And this group became further and

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further estranged. They became further and further ostracized. And yes, we even say that that the the Sunni political leaders even oppressed them, and went beyond the the ways of which to, you know, they oppressed and harm them to the point where many of the shears political party had to go into hiding. And a new ideology formed that this political party became a religious party, where they said we have beliefs different to other Muslims, and evolved and before we took the break, we missed about nine beliefs of the Shia. We listed nine beliefs of the Shia, which we say are fundamental to the Shia. These are important beliefs to achieve. We speak to Shay and you ask him what are your

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fundamental beliefs, you will mention some of these things, these are important to me, and they differ to our beliefs. For example, we said the issue of the halifa and it began as a political fight for should be the Khalifa. They obviously say the belief of the Shia is that if naturally she added 12 she has the majority, she

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They believe that they are 12. And these are highly specific that there are 12 divinely appointed caliphs, believers who will come and rule the Muslim ummah. And when the last one, the last one comes, it will be close to the end of time. So they believe that 12 imams from the family of Nabeel Salaam, they have to be the halifa no one else is allowed to be halifa Therefore, as we see the fundamental split was they believe that say no Baccarat, one way or the villa stole the right of Sonali have been Khalifa and we said we cannot agree to disagree on this issue. So in Abu Bakar, on the line, we spoke about the Sahaba not only are you cursing not only are you insulting abubaker de

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Alon, all the Sahaba that stood behind him in salah and took his VEDA, which was 99.999% of the Sahaba. In fact, 100% was even those who had some criticism afterwards they gave the pledge to say now Baccarat the land. you question the man? And when you question the man of Sahaba, you question the man of those who carried the Quran, who compiled the Quran who compiled the sooner the fool you break Islam down at its most fundamental basis. So we spoke about how the fight between the caliphate occurred. We spoke about the view of the Shia with regard so Sahaba very clear what they see, or what they view the Sahaba something which we cannot accept. When we said the Shia have this

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belief called Emma. And that is why today if you ask the Shah of Iran, what do you call yourselves? What's your name? They will say we are naturally Mamiya Shia. We are 12 Imani. She has 12 us mommies. What does that mean? We believe in 12 imams. hamdulillah we have like how many imams in every month should we have an Imam not only 12 they said no, no, no, no. What you mean by email is different. What I mean email. For us email is someone that leaves the solder or is a great alum like Imam Shafi, we should know our believe of Imam is that Allah has divinely appointed this man to be pure and perfect, infallible. He doesn't commit any sin. In fact, he doesn't even forget. In fact,

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he doesn't. He knows the unseen that his death, he controls his death. And even further and further exaggeration to the point where, in fact, and we spoke about this in the last lecture, Ayatollah Khomeini in his book, he wrote that our imams to us our 12 Imams, they hold the position that even the NBA and the angels don't hold this in his book. Right. So this is the belief. This is what they believe. Right? So the concept of an Imam being a direct link between Allah and us is something which we don't agree with, that the Imam cannot be disobeyed that the Imam is a shared meaning he can make and decree lows today, the MDC, even sheffy. Weak they cannot decree lows they cannot say

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this is halal or haram. If he says it's haram to do this, you should bring your ideal. What's your proof? Scott, Allah Allah said, and the recent said, not from your house, no one has the right to make helado haram except Allah obeso salam through the sooner year they believe that the Imam has the right to interpret the Quran as he pleases. And that's why when we talk about the different sects of Judaism, we found imams within Judaism, not the 12 hours, but the amount of enthusiasm that abolished even certain solar, certain groups of Shia that only make three solar, how do you do so Yeshua said, No, our Imam said these two are no longer they are null and void. Because the Imam said

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so is the link between us and Allah. This is the view and they believe we spoke about the we spoke about the stance with regards to the Quran. And as I said, I repeat again, the Shia of today, they don't claim to have a Quran different to us. And to say that is to lie on them. But we see the old and great scholars, many of the greatest scholars and in fact they saw a body of coffee which is the body as a chapter on way the Quran has been fabricated. So we say OSHA either you distance yourself from the scholars and you say these scholars have spoken lies, or you say they spoke the truth and then we have a problem. You can't have it both ways. We spoke with regards to the sooner Of course,

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they don't accept the Hadith of the Sahaba by and large, and therefore we have fundamental differences.

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We got to the muddy This is where we stopped and the Shia, as I said the Mamiya they believe in 12 Imams, 12 divinely selected imams who are appointed by Allah to govern the world to rule the Muslim ummah. And the 12th one the last of the 12 when he comes he will be called Imam and Maddie, the rightly guided Imam and he will be a sign of the end of times when he comes kiama will basically follow him very soon. This is the Shia belief and we will talk next week about specific beliefs with regard to the malady. This is a very important character within Shiism, we as a hallucinogenic. We also believe with regards to human morality, but it's not a fundamental

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Believe to us you won't be covered what you say about Emma Maddie, but the she, I believe that they Emma Maddie is alive. He came 1000 years ago, 1200 years ago, and he disappeared and he's alive. And he continues to see to the face of the dunya in absentia. This is the belief she has and we'll discuss it next week. More importantly than that, my question is, what are our beliefs with regards to Mr. Modi? What does a hallucinogen say? About the malady Do we believe he exists? Is he is he mentioned in the Quran? Is he a fabrication? Is it exaggeration? Is it just a figment of imagination? we uncover inshallah today the truth about the malady in terms of the Quran and the

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Sunnah. So in sha Allah, because begin with us, we are coming closer to the end of times without a doubt. Now besides who said, I am pm will seem like this meaning, I am one of the last major signs of karma, that in fact Yama would have come before me so closely are we with one another in abyssal Salaam was one of the last major signs of the coming of the AMA in mankind in the history of mankind. And the four Nabeel Salaam gave many indications and signs to look out for the coming of glioma, we're not discussing the signs of PM, but suffice to say signs of pm are divided into major signs, and there are 10 major signs, and there are many, many minor signs up to maybe 300 minus

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signs and skatey. If you look at the minus signs, vast majority of those minus signs have come through vast majority, for example, that we saw some seasons very well known Hadith, the hadith of gibreel. When he asked the vessel Salim, tell me one of the signs of glioma and the V system says neither I know you know when is gamma we both don't know when it's gamma. We didn't know to anyone who claims to know when to Yama is lies, when the resources I enjoy video don't know when piano is belongs to Allah alone. But all the signs of piano is when the Hofer tune or our tune when the Arab Bedouins start competing with one another in building tall buildings. One of the signs of chiama

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tallest building in the world is way in Dubai, and this competition between Saudi Arabia and building tall buildings, another sign of kiama when they will be widespread literacy, most people will read and write but knowledge of the dean will be will be gone. So how about the opposite very few could read and write, but many of them are limited in knowledge. And as we said, you would find strange weather phenomenon earthquakes and floods and storms video hot, very cold, you'd find the Muslim Ummah spread throughout the world, huge numbers billions, but they will have no power, the world's will dominate them, they will have no leader there'll be divided. These are all the backdrop

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to when piano will occur. Allah protect us that Allah of caliber will pass away and they will not be replaced knowledge will be lost behind Allah. So many of these things are clear from the minus signs they occur and then just then after that the major signs of the AMA, which are 10 will occur in a malady is one of the signs of karma. When you see him on Monday, when he appears it's an indication kiama is close is you have the major minus signs of gamma

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is of the minus signs of gamma. In fact, he's probably the last minus sign that will occur when he occurs in his lifetime, the major signs of gamma will occur. So what does it mean? Who is Emma Maddie? It's a title, right? Maddie, anyone you called Maddie, it's a title. Right? title means guided a hole of Arashi, Dean Dean, the rightly guided caliphs and there are many methods as many as I could say my Dean guided caliphs abubaker was a melody a guided Khalifa. But he will be the guided halophytes a title, that he's the Imam that will bring guidance back to the oma. He will be guided by law, and He will guide others as well. What do we know about him certain things we know his name

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is Lochmaddy number one, his name as Neville says says, even if only one day was left of this world, if the dooney had one day left, Allah would make that day long so that he Allah could send a man who is of my family, whose name is as my name and his father's name is as my father's name. So the three things number one, this man that will come will be of the lineage of Nabisco, so he will be part of the family of Nabisco Salaam. Number two, his name will be the name of the VESA meaning his name will be Mohammed. And his name of his father's name will be Abdullah as his father's name was Abdullah. So his name will be Mohammed even Abdullah lubeck family of the prophets of Salaam and as

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we sit here it goes without saying that if you name it something else Sulaiman even a hermit and you go to Home of faith and you change it I want to be Mohammed even Abdullah This doesn't count right? This does not count to change your name and say oh on Facebook, my name is something else but you know it something else. I've changed my name. No, this is just one of the indications of the malady

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of lubri where would he come from the difference between us and she another major difference but it is a difference. Now visa salam, of course it to the oma that beautiful statement to the Sahaba when he's granted

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And Hudson was entering the masjid. He picked up his grandson and he said, Oh my Sahaba this boy of mine the son of mine is a seed a leader amongst you. Why? Because you bring unity to the Ummah, of the two great parties of them will be fighting. And he said from this voice of mine from the sun, a man will come he will resemble me in conduct but not in appearance, and he will fool the earth with justice. A ruler will come from this boy from Hassan. The Shia believe of course the Maddy comes from the lineage of Hussein. As you look at the lineage of the 12 imams for saying his son becomes the next Imam, and so on and so forth until the 12th Imam sinology Amar, we believe that it will be

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from the lineage of Hassan Raja lon, who would be Mr. Modi again, doesn't matter whether from Hassan and Hussein, wherever the lineage comes from, if it's a debate Alhamdulillah This is an added emphasis, but also just having blood in your veins from Abu Bakar. From say, nama from Ibiza doesn't mean anything. Swan Allah has a certain place without a doubt, but you will not intergender through your lineage. And similarly, you will not into jahannam through your lineage if your grandfather was fit around, doesn't mean anything. Allah subhanaw taala shows in the Quran that the wife of Iran was interred in agenda and the wife of no and loot the intergeneric the son of Nabina into Jana, the

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father of Nabhi brought him into Jana. So Subhana Allah lineage is not something that will get you any way in kiama might have a certain position and mansilla. So you'll be able to elevate his lineage to be from Hassan through Fatima and alila de Alon, and he will be an ordinary ordinary man, we believe that he will be born a normal man, he will not live for 1000s of years and he will not be able to fly or have super human powers, but rather he'll be an ordinary man. We said that even the Beatles alum could not control the weather, and he could not fly and he could not resurrect the dead. Then how would it be if the Sahaba or even greater than later generations couldn't do this?

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That someone many hundreds of 1000s of years later could do this. A value of the earlier cannot have a a ability greater than that of Sahaba impossible, whose taqwa The kurama comes from taqwa your taqwa cannot be higher than that of Nabeel sanlam. Before this is exaggeration. What more do we know about this man? The results will sit the maladies of me. And this is the resemblance and the way in which he doesn't give much detail. He is he has a prominent forehead and a prominent nose. He will follow the world with fairness and justice as it was filled with injustice for seven years. So we know that most of you will come at a time when the Muslim Ummah will be in turmoil, when they will

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be filled with injustice and corruption. This is the backdrop of remember you will come at a time when the oma is going through difficulty and he will assume leadership of the oma and for seven years he will bring justice to the oma The world will be in this unity the Muslim Ummah in particular will not have a halifa and we said,

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inshallah 2018 will be an anniversary of 100 years with this Almighty never halifa never in our history, we will not have a halifa is we had good Holly was bad Holly was politically first. But at least we had someone which we said that is the halifa 400 years almost now we've not had halifa. This is something unique to the history of Islam, I've never had a situation like this, he will come at a time when the oma doesn't have a halifa our time will come in time similar to our time, there'll be disunity within the oma, there'll be fighting amongst the Muslims, and they will be attacked externally from non Muslims and you'll be a survivor of Islam.

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Now, because we didn't specify which they were year or generation you would come he just gave an indication of the basic environment that would occur and many false predictions have been put forward. As we say, you'd find many many six. We found this would claim to be the MADI they'd be very charismatic, they may even have some knowledge and they will say I'm the MADI, and people follow them blindly. And they put full put forward false predictions if nobody saw some of them didn't say this year is when the map is going to come any website that says so you see that they close that website immediately blocked don't ever go to that website again. Call me on.

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So then Elisa was not given this knowledge no Arlene would ever have this knowledge. What else can we say about the appearance of the mighty so when will he appear? How would it be to Heidi's and a bit complicated but we'll break them down the resources before you they'll fight before your treasures will three will kill one another meaning three people will fight over the Muslim Ummah for leadership. There'll be three countries three governments, three sons of kings, three hollyford. There'll be different internal fighting to rule the Muslim Ummah politically, all of them being sons of different callups but none of them will receive it. Then the black flags will appear from the

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east and this group that raises the Black Flag

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They will kill you they will fight the Muslims even in a way that has never been done before. So if you see now it moves over if you see this black flags then give you allegiance to them, even if you have to crawl over ice, because surely he is the kalevala. Maddie, the leader of this army with the black flags. And if you see the black flags coming from hoorah Hassan, Hassan today is in Afghanistan, join the army, even if you have to crawl over ice for this is the army of the Caliph. It and this army will not stop and they will not be defeated until they reach Jerusalem. Very important point here, Jerusalem in the time of an abyssal Salam was not under Islamic rule when he

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passed away in abyssal Salah Jerusalem belonged to the Romans, but he said of the signs of gamma is you will conquer Jerusalem, this happens a number of the land, then you will lose it again. And mid, mid or concrete once again. Right? Another Hadith. This agreement will occur Upon the death of a caliphate and a man of the people of Medina, you will flee from Makkah, he will flee from Medina to Makkah, and some of the people of Mecca will force him out and bring him up against this wall and making except the Bay of Bengal choosing as the leader between the rock and the Blackstone and the McCormick Ibrahim, and then an army from the people of Syria will be seen against him. And as they

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approach to stop him in a place between Mecca and Medina called by law, this army will be swallowed up. And when the people see this, the earlier of Syria and the earlier of of Iraq will come to him and they will accept this video. So let's put these two heads together, let's break down as to what the sweetness of them is saying.

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The owner will be in a state of disunity, there will be extreme fighting for power and leadership. And in particular, the fighting will occur in Syria and in Iraq, as it fits in Sinaloa of the signs of kiama. First, the people of Iraq will go through difficulty they'll be deprived in their homes and in the people of city will be deprived and then piano will come soon after that. So there'll be fighting and turmoil between the oma in Iraq and in Syria. And this has occurred many times before. It's only unique to our time, so don't jump to conclusions. And there'll be a lot of fighting between different leaders to rule the oma then a man from MK Medina, who is family of Nabisco.

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salami has the name who has the features. People sought, saying you are the malady and you will run away he doesn't want to be the melody, he will run you will leave Medina and you will come to Makkah. And in Makkah, the people of Mecca will take him out against this world. And they will sit him at the Kaaba and they will give him the Pledge of Allegiance by force, they'll say, we take you as our halifa. We need to halifa will make you the halifa. When this occurs, an army from Syria will be sent to stop mmid it will send this army to Makkah and before they get to MCC, this entire army will be swallowed by the earth. Then when that occurs, an army with black flags from Afghanistan

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will be released and they will march and you will be the leader. And then episodes is when you see this army of black flags arising being led by an by Mr. Modi. That is when it's compulsory on every Muslim male to join the army even if you must go to the army on ice, because the army of the Maddy, what can we learn from these things? Number one, as I said, conflict in Syria and Iraq, but we don't jump to conclusions. Although we do think that's vanilla. This is where the fight is currently happening. In fact, even the Bible it says that when Damascus is in the ruins, the end of times is near even the Bible has a prophecy like this. There's we say that he will rule he will take charge

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of an army with black flags. Now he automatically we think, Oh ISIS has black flags. The Taliban has black flags. Orlando pirates have black flags.

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Everyone that claims to be the malady. And the supporters of the malady have black flags. Don't read too much into this, again.

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Don't read too much into this. Again, everyone takes snippets of these prophecies and they said we apply to us. That is why we've had so many false melodies, many many false melodies. And one important point here is that it doesn't want to be a medic. He doesn't want leadership, the Muslim, the Sahaba against the world. They took leadership positions, they didn't want it. They didn't fight for leadership positions. They were forced in their hands. We need somebody you take it hard and when he say fula he didn't want to be the leader said you are the man you take it. We're going to be you know defeated. And he took it reluctantly, Emma Maddie will be the same. So he eventually will

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be forced into the position of employment and that the oma will now he will have his army of black flags. And then from Makkah, he will move and he will start fixing the problems in Iraq and Syria and you will move to Jerusalem.

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As he reaches Jerusalem, or as the fighting occurs in Syria, the news arises of the first major sign of chiama will appear the first major sign

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The MIB the journal, the journal will appear in the life of humanity. So just as the oma is starting to fix itself, just as a method is starting to revive the oma the Muslims are starting to regain momentum in Palestine, rather in Iraq and in Syria, in Afghanistan in Mecca, Medina moving towards Jerusalem moving towards Palestine, that gel will will appear, the gel will be released and sort of lecture about the loss, the 10 signs of gamma we can do that again another time. But who is the gel, the gel refers to the title as well. His name is on the gel, it refers to extreme deception or fraud. He will use false sticks and false miracles to deceive mankind is of course also certain

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signs about him that the some problem in one of his eyes, one of his eyes, will have a defect. And he's of course the Antichrist that is believed by Muslims and Jews and Christians, that he is the opposite of Nebuchadnezzar. Why is he called mercy hit the jab, the false messiah. Interesting point here. The Muslims are waiting for him at the end of Messiah, the Shia are very much waiting for a malady. The Christians are waiting for a Messiah, the Jews are waiting for Messiah, when they see a man coming that performs miracles and there is an extra date, which that gel will do, and it will bring rain and withholding. If you don't believe this is the Messiah we are waiting for.

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Everybody's waiting for the Messiah, what more the gel will say do you want I can split the sea, I can bring the rain, I can heal every disease you want. I fix the problems of the world. All I want from you is to worship me say I am Allah, and people will say is Allah and this also says everyone, if you face him, you cannot defeat him. Nobody can withstand him even in a melody. The only prediction that we will see is that he cites surah to the calf and then run away from him. Circle cough What did the children of circle cough do? They ran to the cave they hid away in the mountain do that because your Eman will not withstand that Giles tickity He will teach you imagine to such an

00:32:01 --> 00:32:39

extent he will he will tell you if I bring your mother and father back from the grave. Would you believe me and he will bring to gin that will appear like your mother and father and they will say my son, this is your Rob worship Him and people worship Him. He will come to Medina. And a Shaheed from amongst the Shahada will have the courage to stand up against him. And he will say I say you are the false messiah, you are the gel. And the gel will say to the people, if I chop this man up in half, and then bring him back to life in your with your eyes, Will you not then believe I'm Allah? And the people say yes, if you do that, you must be Allah. And he will cut this man in half and walk

00:32:39 --> 00:33:16

between the two halves and then he will bring this man back to life. And the people say now you Allah, and that man will say, now I'm convinced you are the job because even the MBA didn't do stuff like this, and you will try to enter Medina, but you will not be able to interesting point here in the Hadith, the jealousies to his people. Look at that white palace. That is the magnitude of that type of an abyssal Salaam it didn't look like a white palace. What does it look like now like a white palace. Again, we're not jumping to conclusions, but things we need to be aware of. So the agenda will come and he will undo all the good work of God and He will rule the world and there's

00:33:16 --> 00:33:54

many headsets for 40 days one being like a year one being like, month one being like what does this mean? Yeah, Allah will the Sun stancil Allah knows best but such behind Allah. As I say many times again, look at the question the Sahaba asked, we asked How is this possible? mathematically? What question Sahaba asked when they heard this thing yasumasa Salim when that day is like a year, would it be sufficient to make five solders almost we make a sweater for every calculated day. The mind was so nice. What's important about the gel and the resources you calculate. So now we know if you live in an extreme location six months of summer, six months of day you calculate your days based on

00:33:54 --> 00:34:36

this Hadeeth so the gel will come and no one will stand him. In fact Navy salsa may do our every solder our law particularly from the fitna of the punishment of the grave. The fitna of life and the thickness of Jannah and extreme fitna of mercy hit the gel is taste and trial will be the most difficult trial ever. No man has ever stood a taste like the gel. Nobody will. Your Eman will not be intact. If you meet him. He will show you exactly what you want. Exactly what you want to see give you whatever you want. You'll be on your defense. I'll give you another 100 years of life and he will convince you the full Navy SEALs advises when the gel comes runs away. The only one that can

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

withstand him the only one who can defeat him is the true mercy, the true Messiah. And after the gel spends his time on earth and does what he's supposed to do. Then any mama Daddy will be defeated and try to beat the jab. When they will the army of humanity will be camped in city again everything is happening in Syria. So the Hadith mentions Emma Maddie will be standing at the Grand

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

mosque in Syria had mentioned before Syria was a Muslim country. Just put that into perspective. This house Miss Levison said this hadith before Syria was a Muslim country said Mr. Modi will be standing and making sada at the Grand Mosque in Damascus. And the advance of fudger will be given an image, it will go forward to lead the solder and the people will point up and they will see a man coming down beautiful looking, and to be as if they'll be sweating and his face will be he'll be fair of complexion. And it'll be like as if though, isn't it? You know, for people when they're in the

00:35:33 --> 00:36:14

extremes, they go rate he will look like this and the switch will be dripping from his forehead, and on either side will be two angels. And when it comes down, it will be maybe Isa the Messiah. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions the coming of Isa in the Quran. The gel not mentioned in the Quran, even Medina mentioned in the Quran. But the coming of Navy size mentioned in the Quran when Allah says about Nabhi Isa, we're in who Lorraine Melissa, and indeed he may be Isa shall be unknown sign for the hour, he is a sign of piano, and when he will come down at the white menorah at the Grand Mosque in Damascus, and he will take leadership of the army of the moment he will become in he will

00:36:14 --> 00:36:53

be in charge of the leadership of the army and the in Damascus the army will now ready and they will face the gel they will come and they will chase the gel at a specific place in Palestine. When the gel years that Imam in he says come you'll try to escape because he can't beat the visa. And then a visa will hunt him down and the visa will basically execute him and off the job leaves. The visa will now do the math for 40 years. And he will bring back the most prosperous time in the life of this dunya will be those 40 years and then a visa as a rule. And then Allah subhanaw taala will send you a George and George which even though the ISA cannot fight and so and so forth until kiama

00:36:53 --> 00:37:34

prevails. But getting back to my melody, as I said this is not a lecture about piano. It is a lecture about Mr. Modi. And unfortunately time is really against us we'll have to complete next week. But we What do we say about Mr. Modi? As I said, we take the middle route once again between extreme isms you have two extremes in one extreme elevates him to the point we are the Billa is like a lot. He knows the unseen like the Shia that he believes that he's alive for over 1200 years. But because of his existence, the heavens and the earth stand in balance, that he communicates with certain selected people that he decrees things this belongs only to Allah subhanaw taala not even

00:37:34 --> 00:38:09

abyssal Salaam control the sun and the moon. We know that beautiful Hadith when there was an eclipse in the eclipse doesn't occur for anything we do on the dounia that is of the commands of Allah. Nothing we do on earth decrees what happens to the sun and the moon. And then we have the other extreme and say the malady is basically fables. It's something that we have made up we are looking for a savior, we don't want to deal with our problems. No, this definitely a man who is going to come towards the end of time and he will lead us to the correct view of the Imam method is that as we said, He is a man, an ordinary man but will be from the lineage of NaVi so Salaam, he'll be

00:38:09 --> 00:38:45

endowed with guidance how he will be five times a day in the masjid, he will be hospital, he'll be an island, he will practice Islam, not a new Islam or something will teach us something we don't know. But he will practice and put into place the Islam that is already there in the Quran. And then he will be a force of unity he'll bring through Allah subhanaw taala through him will bring the hearts of the believers together, and he will start to fix the problems. This is our belief, myth rather, we don't believe that he's a miracle worker. And I ended up with this point we'll talk about false maladies that occurred a number of false matthys came throughout history. We'll talk about

00:38:45 --> 00:38:49

them next week in sha Allah. But one point I want to stress once again,

00:38:50 --> 00:39:29

that anyone who follows and looks for miracles and looks for saviors through miracles and Powers and abilities. This is the same way that gel will win. This is the trickery of the gel. Emma Maddie won't have these miracles. He doesn't even mention that Nabil Isa will have these miracles again, the gel will have those miracles. When you find somebody that has special supernatural powers, know that this usually is not from Allah subhanho wa Taala we believe the only if some form of karma but very mild, nothing to the extremes that we see people walking through fire, people stabbing themselves and coming to life. People that know the unknown, unbelievable things. This is all

00:39:29 --> 00:39:59

through the work of Jean and he believes this is the power of the jungle, so ever worships miracles, whose Deen is based on miracles or other than Quran and Sunnah. That's the pathway of fitna of the gel in sha Allah, Allah protect us and safeguard us. We'll continue next week about the false melodies and the belief of the Shia with regards to the melody versus our belief in sha Allah, we continue to some of the false maladies that occurred and that brought great fitna today we still suffer from any of the mischief that

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

These people have caused the remedies, the highs, another man that beseech the harm. So inshallah next week we will continue.

00:40:09 --> 00:40:48

inshallah Bismillah we just make a few announcements inshallah, that on the Sunday the 17th from 10 o'clock the morning until four o'clock the afternoon is a program at the Santa Barbara Remembrance Day. It's 30 years anniversary martial law 130 anniversary of the oldest Muslim burial I think in South Africa. So, obviously great many pious people buried me just to understand who they were, what the contributions they did, but also lots of put Baraka and * in the keyboard. Allah elevate them for the sacrifices they made for the dean and may we follow in the example in terms of knowledge, also our class, this my email address, if you'd like the slides or any comments, I will see the

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classes that has not yet started. We will inshallah begin you know in the in the new month in February in shallow earlier than that, also, Scottish kloof Mola Gemma hierarchial Hassan, I believe they will be having a program this Sunday as well at the Civic at 10 o'clock. everybody's welcome. Sheikh Mohammed Siddiq and doubt Blanche will be guest speakers at the event so please in sha Allah, please attend does UCLA hire

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Good morning.

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