Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 125C Tafsir Yusuf 65-67

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the struggles of a family trying to find food and eventually finding it. The use of "branded" to obtain certain items and the importance of privacy is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for trusting oneself and one's plan to achieve success, as well as the importance of being prepared for anything that comes before the plan is complete. The use of Islam as a means of protection from evil behavior is emphasized, along with the advice of avoiding harassing children and being calm when seeing something beautiful.
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So we learned that the brothers of use of an s&m when they were experiencing famine and drought in their homeland, then what did they do? They went in search of food. And they had heard that in Egypt, there is plenty of food that you can buy at a reasonable cost. So they all went to Egypt in order to purchase food. And who was it that was directly dealing with people selling them food? Who was it? He used to run a center and use the real estate? And when he saw these 10 men walking in, he recognized them immediately to be his brothers. But did they recognize him? No. Then what happened? Yusuf Ali Salam, he was very generous with them. And he said that next time when you come to get

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food, make sure you bring your brother. How did he know they had a brother? Because he wasn't supposed to tell them. Right? He was Yusuf. So how did he know? Because he was selling food for family. Right? So they were buying food for their brother also in the Senate that he couldn't come. So you support him said next time you better bring him if you're truthful that you really have a brother. Otherwise, if you come next time without him that I'm not selling any food to you? Why did he threaten them? Why? Because he wanted to make sure that they brought their brother next time. So then what happened? When the brothers they were leaving on their way home? Use of artisan I'm had

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them ready and prepared for their journey. What did he order his servants to put back in their bags?

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Their merchandise, meaning the price that they had given to purchase the food? Why did he do that?

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Okay, to make sure that they come again, why would they come again, because they found their money in their bags. Why?

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Because it shows the generosity of user listener, right? That he gave us all of this food for free, basically. I mean, this man is so charitable. This is not an accident. We gave them money and the money has been put back in our bags. So it was like an incentive for them. This guy is so generous. He's giving things for free. Let's go again and again and again. Right put yourself in that position. If somebody gives you something for free once you want to go back again, of course. So then what happened? The brothers they said For sure we will bring our brother back and when they went to their father, and they told him that this is what has happened. We have to take veneer meal

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with us otherwise we're getting no food. What did he say? He said all the * when Okuma Alayhi in la cama amento Comala, a human capital, should I trust you with him? Just the same way as I trusted you before with regards to his brother, meaning I sent use of with YouTube. And now you want me to send video mean with you? What did you do with yourself? Aren't you going to repeat the same thing with Vinnie? I mean, in other words, he was saying that I cannot trust you. You've lost my trust. But he said for logo height on Hatfield law because he realized the need that it was necessary for him to send Binyamin even though he didn't want to even though he did not trust his sons, but still

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he realized that if he did not send Binyamin then how would Binyamin have food? Him and his family? Right? And in the future? Where would we get food from? So he said Allah is the best protector. Don't tell me you will protect him and you will take care of him. Just like you told me you will guard your brother. No, don't tell me that. I don't want to hear anything of this for law who hate on half Allah. Allah is the best protector. Well hello Hamid Rahim in and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Now, when this happened, the brothers basically kind of understood that their father was not in favor. But then what happened? You can imagine they got home and instantly This is

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the first thing they told their father we have to take Binyamin with us otherwise we're not getting our food again. Their father said how can I trust you? So you can imagine them going back towards their camels to unload everything? Has it ever happened with you that you go ask your mother something so excited and you gotta play? No. He just got to know what does that do to your mood? What does that do? Doesn't make a difference to you? Or does it make a difference? Do you tell me when you're all excited about something and you just get a no for an answer then what happens? You get upset you get sad. So these brothers they went to alumna and when further whose or they went

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back to their bags further who they opened Madonna home their baggage their things when they open them up what do they found bedarra home their merchandise route that LA him it was returned to them route that from the letters raw than then

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they went to take all the food out. And in addition to the food, what do they find in their beds? All the mudhar all the merchandise that they had given to use of as the money as the price for the food. They found it all returned to them. They were so excited Kalu they said yeah burner

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or our father manually. What more do we desire? What more do we want knobbly from beveling yet literally what does it mean to seek something to desire something? And then buddy means rebellion because many times what happens when we are pursuing our desires? What do we do? We rebel we cross our limits. So the manopoly What more could we desire? Heavy heat. This is Bhilwara tuna our merchandise route that Elena it has been returned to us. Look, our money has been given back to us. Why should we not go again? Let us go when Emile Atlanta and we will obtain supplies for our family. Naomi root from the root letters mean Yeah. Made made is basically to bring food for your family.

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Now tell me something when you go do do a quick grocery trip. What do you pick up from the grocery store? Just something that you need urgently for that night? Or for the next morning? You get your milk, eggs, bread, butter, whatever? Right? But when you go on the weekend, all right. To get your groceries, then what do you come back with? Just a bag full of groceries? What do you come back with? Come on, say something. What do you come back with?

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A lot of food. Has it ever happened with you that you're standing outside Costco waiting for your family members to come out? And you see people coming out of Costco? Or do they have big carts that are full full of stuff? And most of it is what? Its food many times right? So made is to bring food for the family to bring it in bulk. Why? So that you can store it for the future? You don't have to keep going back every day to buy food. All right. So these brothers will remember when they went all the way from Palestine to Egypt. You think they brought just enough food for the next day? Or they brought enough food for the next week? How much do you think they brought with them? A camera load

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per family means what? A lot of food, you know, like a bag of rice, or a bag of flour. How long does it last you perhaps depending on the size of your family a month, two months, maybe more? Maybe less? So this wasn't just a bag of rice or a bag of flour. What was it? What was it a camel load? So this is why the word Namita has been used. Alright. So now Emile Elena we will bring food supplies for our family. Let us go let us go we will bring food for our family we have the money again. The money was returned we can go buy more food. When I follow Ohana then our brother come we will guard him when as they're due. And we will increase gala berry the measure of a camel meaning we will get

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in addition an extra camera Lodha food. Now the word does that do is from zariya the Xia Xia is to increase and as Dadoo NAS Dadoo Why are there two dials over here?

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Isn't there supposed to be one dial in ze yeah dial

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an extra dial. Okay. Now this extra dial was originally attacked.

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Okay, it was originally attacked NAS Dadoo. And have you read words in which there's an extra all the time. Economically what Yeah, can this 13 That isn't part of the route it's additional right. So NAS Dadoo became

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it became known as the okay. So NAS Dadoo it means that we will get in addition.

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In addition, we will get one Caleb or Eid Kane. What does scale mean? Measure of buried buried means camo. What they mean by a camel is a camel load. Okay.

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Meaning let him come with us right now. We brought only 10 km a load of food. If our brother comes with us, we can bring back 11 We will get an extra then he got quinoa seed that is a kale that is a measurement that is yes, he is very easy, meaning we can easily obtain it. If Binyamin comes with us we can easily get it we have the money, all right because the money was returned to us. And secondly, if a brother comes we get more food. Now use of our s&m what he wanted. That's exactly what happened. He used the rice and I wanted that the brothers come back. They don't go on looking for food elsewhere. Right. He wanted to make sure that they came back and he also wanted to make

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sure that his brother Binyamin came. And we see over here that these 10 brothers, they have barely returned from their trip. They haven't even you know finished unpacking.

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They were already making plans about their next trip. So now you will see that everything is working in the favor of use of earning seven

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Bala he said who said their father your Cobra listen I'm said learn all Silla humara come I'm never going to send him with you give me whatever incentive you want promise me anything you want. I'm not sending him with you have until there is only one way that I can send Binyamin with you. And what is that that Tony you give to me? Tony you see the noon at the end with a Cassandra that indicates a knee with a yet yeah of multicolor meaning me i But that has been shortened. So had that Dooney until you give me most upon a promise, a firm covenant it pledge min Allah He from Allah. Mo sick, does that remind you of any other word?

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Meet up good. From the root letters whilst they are off? Okay. Remember meet that we learned about it earlier in Surah Baqarah, where it has now been meter cocoa, what kind of a promise is it? That has been made firm how, with an oath.

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Okay with an oath. So one is that you say I promise I'll do this. And another say is that you say I promise will Allah He I swear by Allah, I will do this. What is more stronger? Which promises more firm which promises more reliable? The second one why? Because an oath has been sworn the other person is saying that by Allah you will do it. Right. So he says over here that you give me a mouthful, a firm promise mean Allah from Allah meaning you swear in Allah's name, that letter, do nanny behave that surely you will definitely bring him back. You make a promise in Allah's name, that if you take Binyamin with you, you will surely bring him back. If you don't give me this

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promise, I'm not letting him go with you. Would you do that? As a parent? Would you do that as a parent? Many mothers over here, if you trust your childhood, something and they, you know, cheat you or they break your promise, the next time? What do you expect from them? That the better show that they're committed? Right, the better show that they are committed. And there are different ways of doing that. And one way is that you make the other swear by Allah. You know, it's like if you keep borrowing things from your teachers in class, Miss, can I borrow a pencil miss? Can I borrow an eraser miss? Can I borrow up? And then what happens? The teacher is going to run out of everything.

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Why? Because people come and sit, may I borrow and then never return. So then what does the teacher say you put your book here. And then you take the pencil. And when you're done, bring it back, give me your shoe, leave your shoe here, use the pencil, and then come back, give me the pencil and take your shoe back because I can't trust your words anymore. I need some guarantee. Right. So likewise, jacobellis, and I said, I want some guarantee. And the only guarantee that he could demand from them was you believe in Allah, you swear by Allah in His name, that you will bring him back. But look at him, someone who truly believed in Allah subhanaw taala. And in every way, you see, somebody

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promises you, they give their work to you. They even give you a guarantee that they will definitely return. Is it possible that they are not able to fulfill their promise? Is it still possible? Yes. How? How is it possible? Why would it be possible? Because they're human beings, and they're weak. They're weak? Has it ever happened that you make an appointment somewhere and you also give them money in advance? You say, Okay, $50 in advance, right? And then when I come from my appointment, I'll get my deposit back, for example, right, it happens. But then you are not able to go for your appointment. You gave the $50 you gave the $20 Whatever it was, but you are not able to why? Because

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you are a human being. Sometimes things are not within your control. And this is something that we must understand when we're dealing with people. Because when we're dealing with people will become very, very, you know, sometimes when we're very professional and everything, we become very strict and strict to the sense that we forget the human factor. We forget that there are human beings. And there will be times there will be situations when things will be beyond their control. We deal with people as if we're dealing with machinery. But people are not machines. They're human beings. They can forget they can make a mistake. Things can go out of their control. So be gentle. Be forgiving,

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be accommodating.

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So for example, recently what happened, I had an appointment somewhere. And we had planned the whole day that this is when we're going to leave and this is what we're going to do with the kids. And before we have to go my daughter, she's sitting very nicely on the carpet doing her stickers. And you can imagine this is not like a rowdy kind of an activity, very calm, and all of a sudden, she just moved back and twisted her arm and dislocated her elbow. You can understand if somebody pushes or she falls or something, then he or she dislocated her elbow. Just sitting on her own, she fell back. And that was it. I knew that my appointment was gone. I was getting really upset that I have

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been waiting for this appointment for so long. But this has clicked that Allah, Allah is decree. Right. So this is something that we need to be open to always and look at jacobellis annum as much as he wants his sons to fulfill their promise. He makes an exception. He says in that except, and you help people that you are surrounded, you help from helpful to surround. So you are surrounded, meaning your situation overcomes you. And the circumstances or let's say you're surrounded by some enemy, you're surrounded. And as a result, you're not able to return you're not able to bring Binyamin back. So basically, he's realizing that he's making it clear that there can be exceptions.

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And this is the way of the true believer that he makes a plan he does whatever is within his capacity, but he also realizes that Allah can cause his plans to fail.

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Always remember, you do your best, but realize that Allah can cause my plans to fail.

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Because when things don't go as expected, we get very upset. Don't worry, if you think about it half the time. Why are we upset? Why are we angry? Because things did not go as we planned, as we expect it.

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Now, one is that you don't put in enough effort. That's your fault, and you better be angry at yourself. Okay? But the other is that you've put in all the effort possible. You've made all the arrangements, you've done everything that was within your ability, and then things don't work out. So at that time, don't be too tough with yourself and don't be too tough with other people either fellow man than when I told who they gave him multicol home their promise their pledge. Color, he said, Allah who Allah is Allah mana Kulu over what we say, what key atrocity, meaning I leave the matter to Allah. Now he is a witness to this, and I don't rely on you, even if you have sworn oats,

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I leave this entire matter to to Allah subhanaw taala. So what do we see here, your Cobra exam does not seem to depend on his sons at all. Even if they are 10 of them, and they're strong. Even if they are old enough. They're not young boys anymore. They're men. All right. And likewise, even if they give him a firm promise, still he does not depend on them. Who does he depend upon? Allah subhanho data. And this is how it should be. No matter what we're doing, no matter who we're dealing with. Don't place your trust in people. Whether it's a doctor or a nurse, or a spouse or child or parent or a friend or a boss or an employee, employer, whatever, don't place your trust in people place

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your trust in who? Allah subhanaw taala and when we place our trust in people, that Allah subhanaw taala shows to us how weak people are, how undeserving they are, that we should place our trust in them. Because people are weak. They could cheat us and even if they have no intention to break their promise their week perfection is only with who? Allah subhanaw taala will call her and he said now he advised them yeah bunny yet oh my children letter the Hulu do not enter meaning when you go to Egypt and you're entering the city, then do not enter min Bevin were hidden from a single door from one door. No, all of you 10 of you together as a gang as a group. Don't enter from a single door

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from one door with a hello and enter meaning instead you should enter many of weapon from doors that are most of America that are different meaning enter from different gates. Now what are these gates? What are these doors? Remember that long time ago people would have walls Okay, surrounding their populations, their cities why for the purpose of protection? Okay, so nobody could just enter like that you had to enter from the gate and for security purposes during the night those gates

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It would be closed, right? And there would be guards present over there. So he advised him that when you're entering Egypt don't enter all of you together from one gate, rather disperse off, enter from different gates. Why did he say this to them?

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Why do you think so? Think about it, if you see 10 foreigners, foreigners, because Egypt is a foreign land for them, right? So they're coming in Egypt as foreigners, they're not Egyptians. They're from Quran they're Palestinian. Secondly, different religion also.

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So they must be outwardly different also, because they had a different religion, people of Egypt, their religion was different. They were a non Muslim people. Okay. So think about it. If 10 Muslim men wearing cannulas or soaps, okay, big beards, and hats.

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Den of them, they enter from one door into square one shopping mall.

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If anything, people would feel uncomfortable.

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No matter how much you say people are good, they're okay with it. You know, they're relaxed. You worry too much. No, no, it's going to make them feel uncomfortable. Let me give you a different example so that you can understand it better. If 10 men wearing Sikh turbans? big beards entered from this door.

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How would you feel? What's going on? Huh?

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Exactly. They will be very, very noticeable.

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Right? Very noticeable. It would cause people to be uncomfortable that what's going on? 10 of them have come and people become suspicious of them. If anything would go wrong. Who would they remember? Maybe it's those 10 Palestinian men who just came

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right. If anything would go wrong, who would they first think about these 10 men. So your Cobra, Sam wanted to make sure that all his sons are safe. And this is where we see the love that this father had for all his children.

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These sons What did they think that our Father loves only use of only Binyamin but the fact is that he was equally concerned about them also. So he advised them that do not enter from one gate rather enter from different gates meant of weapon with a Philippa

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woman only uncom and he says to them that I cannot avail you I cannot protect you i cannot avail you against mean Allah II against Allah meaning against his decree min che in anything at all. I can only plan something I can only advise you but if Allah has decreed something bad to happen to you, then I cannot protect you from that. In ill Hoekman. In not I'll hook you the decision, Allah except Allah for Allah, meaning ultimately decision lies with who? Allah subhanaw taala meaning his decision will prevail. My planning cannot do anything, it cannot save you. Ultimately, it's the decision of Allah that will prevail. Or lay he thought call to unhemmed I have relied I have placed

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my trust, where I lay fully at Oracle in whatever kiloohm and upon him, Let those who should rely, indeed rely, meaning don't rely on anybody else. If you want to rely on anybody rely on who place your trust on who? Allah subhanaw taala don't place your trust in other people. Don't place your trust in yourself in your plan. Rather place your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. Now we see a beautiful balance over here in the way of your Cooper a sinner. That first of all, he is the walk call on Allah is very clear. It's very evident. Alright, earlier he said, Allah who I don't have. Right now he's saying again and again that on Allah, I put my trust earlier said Allah is working.

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So there is the Oracle for sure. But along with the Oracle, we see that he is also using the means. What are the means over here, the plan that he's making, right? And this is a beautiful balance, reliance on Allah subhanaw taala along with your own effort, your own work your own planning

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both of these things together,

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then a person is successful. Do everything that is within your capacity. But don't trust on your plan. Don't trust on your efforts, trust on who? Allah subhanaw taala what do we do?

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What do we do? Either we place our trust in our plans in our efforts.

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Or we don't put in the required effort and we say to what could what could Arla

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And so then what happens when we place our trust in our plans in our efforts and then we fail? Things go wrong. Who's going crazy with frustration and anger? We are, we're upset.

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And secondly, what happens if we don't put in the required effort and we just say Toka or Allah taka, Allah, then we become a laughingstock for others. In Hadees, what do we learn aircall What are called airikkala meaning tie tie up your camel and also do tava coolala Okay, now I have a question for you. What is the Wakil?

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What does it mean to place your trust in Allah? Yes.

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Okay, that whatever happens at the end you're content with it, you're satisfied with it that this was Allah's decree, okay, but doesn't know what could come before you're doing your action. Or during you're engaged in that action and the result comes after you hope for the best from Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, good.

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Okay, you trust that He will help you. You've made your plan, but your plan cannot work unless Allah makes it work. unless Allah allows it to work. You understand? The welcome basically includes four things. First of all, slit called erythema or the Allah, true. Trust upon Allah. Like, really, you mean it from your heart, you believe that Allah will make this happen.

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Allah will grant me success. Allah will create ease. Allah will cause this to work out. Okay? This is set called erythema or Allah. You truly believe that Allah can make this happen? Not with this doubt, you know, maybe Maybe Allah will help me maybe he won't. Maybe he'll make me successful. Maybe he'll cause me to fail.

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Whatever happens, happens. This is not the worker. The worker is well confident that Allah will make it happen because you're asking Him for help. You're relying on him. So this is the first step. Secondly, Mara Thika Dube, CIPA, what does it mean that you hold on to him, you hold on to him, you do whatever work that you can. But then at the same time, you have this faith that you're Aloni you can make this happen. So you're constantly turning towards him constantly remembering him, constantly calling upon him making dua to him. Not that you. First you have your planning, you say the Lakota Allah insha Allah this will work out. And then five days later, you realize you haven't

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even made the are once you're just busy studying planning, no Marostica TV, you are holding on to him, you reaching out to him. You reaching out that Yalda you helped me you make this possible. Remember the prophets of a lot isn't about the Battle of better

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at the Battle of other how he was making dua. That is Martha TV. Thirdly, we're who's no one has no one positive thought about who about Allah subhanaw taala that Allah does not disappoint his servant. Whatever Allah decrees for his servant, that is the best, you know, like Zachary Ellison when he made door What did he say? Well, I'm a computer I cannot be Shukria. Oh my Lord. I have never ever been unfortunate. When I've made door to you. I've always want every time I've called upon you, I want you've always responded to me. So hospitals learn. Think positively about Allah. That yes, insha Allah, Allah will give victory. Allah will make this possible Allah will facilitate

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this hospital one Biller, and fourthly, Farrell ASVAB. Adopting the means also do accomplish the task. So do you see all of this over here in jacobellis Anna, does he have set clarify that Allah Yes, he says to Allah, okay. Don't have good luck. I don't depend on you. I depend on Allah. Mara, Philippa TB, is he holding on to him? Yes, very clearly, because he keeps on mentioning Allah subhanaw taala. And then 30 hosts in Islam. You know, he's hopeful he's positive. And then Farrell ASVAB is also adopting the means. So we see that on the one hand, jacobellis anam he made his sons were the odds and on the other hand, he advised them with certain instructions and his trust is on

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who? Allah azza wa jal. Okay. Now, one more thing, before we continue that jacobellis And um, he advised his sons not to enter from the same gate. One of the reasons was, as we discussed earlier that because they will be very noticeable this is like asking for trouble. Also because some scholars have said he was afraid that they would get the evil eye

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Okay, because a lion is how the Prophet salatu salam said, the evil eye is true. It's a fact it can happen. And 10 strong men, okay, entering, you know, it would definitely attract attention. And he was afraid that his sons might get the evil eye. And thus they may suffer. You suffer the sun was said to be one of the most beautiful and like, usually in families, if one person's beautiful than like, most of them, like are beautiful, too. Yeah, they have some traces of that beauty right of those looks. So the firstly was 10 of them. And definitely they must be handsome in some way or another. So he was concerned for them that they might catch the evil eye. Now remember that aligner

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health, it is true, it may happen. But this doesn't mean that you don't do anything. You don't say anything. You don't show anything. You don't have people over you don't go to other people's house, you don't do anything publicly out of the sphere that you might get the EagleEye what is the way the prophets on a lot is that I'm taught us that we seek protection from Allah from before. Right? So first of all, you seek protection, how through the US, right, and also, through your plan through your efforts. So for example, over here, jacobellis me advise them to enter through various gates. And also remember that whenever you see something beautiful, someone beautiful, then don't just say,

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Wow, I just keep staring.

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Because it's the eyes, right? They can actually affect a person.

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Does it ever happen that you're somewhere and you're feeling like uncomfortable and you're looking somebody who's got their eyes glued on you?

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It makes you very uncomfortable.

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Right, so likewise aligned, if someone is looking at another person, or an object with envy, or with deep admiration, they're literally staring, they can actually cause harm. So don't be the person who's causing harm to another. Once it happened, that companions of the Prophet said a lot of times there were somewhere and one of the companions, he had a very, you know, he was beautiful, a beautiful body. Someone saw him by accident when he was changing or something. And they just, they were like, wow, and they stared at them and this Sahabi he fell unconscious. So the people they took that's a hobby to the profits of a lot of them that this is what happened somebody was just staring

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at him in Wyoming and he just fell unconscious.

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So that was a case of Alright, evil I and my dear growth I know you love children, babies, right? They're very cute. Very cute, but don't harass children by pulling their cheeks and holding them and squeezing them and playing with them and to the point that the poor child is screaming and crying for somehow that the child could escape. Another thing that we do is we stare too much at children. I want to say oh, you're cute and we keep saying Masha Allah please. The mother in her heart is freaking out. So please say Masha Allah Allah Quwata illa Allah

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you go to anybody's house you see something beautiful say Masha Allah La Quwata illa biLlah Okay, so that in sha Allah there is no evil eye and you also don't feel any kind of jealousy. Okay, let's listen to the recitation. Well

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we bought that

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Bernama and I believe the be bought all know that Elaina one Emile as

00:33:44 --> 00:33:45

you can

00:33:46 --> 00:33:59

see the Annika Can you Louis I see all Ellen Zilla sila who had to tune email

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me now law healer

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00:34:09 --> 00:34:11

you have on be calm

00:34:17 --> 00:34:18

on I'm

00:34:20 --> 00:34:25

gonna wonky wall Benny

00:34:32 --> 00:34:34

Ballroom in other words

00:34:42 --> 00:34:43

mean a lot

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to our

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Kelly Muto.

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