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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The shia's views on elevating the houses of the Prophet and the family of the houses of the prophets of legislation are discussed, including the use of "slivery of Islam" to describe actions and actions of the shia's family. The shia's use of "slivery in the title of the book" and "slivery in the title of the book" is also discussed, along with the importance of honoring the wife of the Prophet Y and not speaking like that. The shia's importance of not sharing personal information and not being able to see actions of others is also emphasized.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad and while he was so happy to slim and feel bad about Allah, I greet you in sha Allah with the beautiful greetings of Islam Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us this holy Walk of Juma that Allah subhanho wa Taala bestowed upon us His mercy and His Rama, that it was Baraka in our lives, that forgives the sins of last week and put Baraka in the hours in the week to come May Allah subhanho wa Taala heal our sick guide our young, protect our young and us from the fitness side of this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala bring us back here next week bitter Muslims in sha Allah. I mean, we continue with our discussion on she has an understanding the Shia and the beliefs and how it relates to us, and Alhamdulillah over the past. This is lecture number seven, I believe, over the past almost two

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months, we have discussed in detail the origins of Shiism, and many of the beliefs. Last week we concluded with a discussion on emammal melody, the melody, our view versus the view and the dangers of going to extremes with regards to amendment Maddie.

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We're coming to the end inshallah. Today, hopefully we will end on the list of key fundamental beliefs of the Shia. There are many differences with enthusiasm amongst themselves. And then amongst them, and also Noel Gemma. And in fact, with international GMR. We know there are different groups and six unfortunately, it's the sad time that we live in. And it's a sign of tiama.

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But we have discussed the fundamental salient points and by now we should have a clear understanding how she has began and what is the foundation on which he has his wealth. Today we'll talk insha Allah about another key element of Shiism, which fits in with the concept of employment, which fits in with the origin of the political differences. Sunil Gemma, and that is the debate. We hear this term being used very commonly very, in the debates between Sunni Islam and Judaism. We hear the term

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being thrown in. And this is the key rallying cry of the Shia. This is the the main dour tomcod of Shiism to say that we are we are supporters and helpers, and lovers of debate that in fact, we are the shape of debate. What is meant by debate, and you might be law, they don't call it a call you suddenly they call you navassa now asked about the ones who hate the debate. And this is obviously a fundamental issue one is not a Nazi you hate debate. This is we all agree, this is haraam. This is evils In fact, tantamount to confer if you hate the family of NaVi salsola.

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So what do we mean by elevate? And as I said, the claim is we are the only supporters of albite that we are the ones that support the elevate, and we have taken and followed the debate and everyone else is not for whoever does not follow our way does not follow the debate. First let's discuss this term and debate.

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A little bit elbaite. In Arabic, if you open the dictionary What is

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it refers to one's family, one's relatives. And if you open the dictionary, if you ask even the Shia in the books of fatwa, who is the family of a man, they will say your children, your parents, your blood relatives, and your wives. This is common knowledge in every in every part of the world in every law. The first basically your dependence, even you know today in modern times, the first person on your list would be your children, your immediate family, and the family or the relatives of and it goes further by saying elbaite the house, the family of the house of the prophets of Salaam, meaning the people who live under the shelter of Nabis asylum, who lives under his in his

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house and who lives in a man's house, his wife and his children, sometimes his parents, this is what is referred to as elevate the family of the house of what is maintained whose house the author of the novel Salaam whose house they're also the prophets of Salaam. So in other words, the family of the Prophet so that she I would say we are the only ones that support the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we love them and we and and it's true to say that if you don't love the family the prophets of Salaam you don't love Neville Salaam and we agree with you on that 100% anyone who hates the family of now visa asylum is actually hating the visa asylum. But what we say is, you have

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not understood it correctly and they've built their religion. They've

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Both the belief on this concept of debate by as we said before, quick show with the recap, we say that she hasn't began as a political, a political movement saying that only a select group of people should be the leader. And that these people have a special link with Allah and they are called imams. So we say Who are these people, they say these people have a family of a prophet who Allah purified in the Quran.

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So they will say Allah purified and says in the Quran, that this people these people are purified, therefore they cannot commit sin. Therefore they are linked to Allah. Therefore, we have no choice but to follow them to understand how the belief system is structured. And they've built an entire belief system on one idea. The idea of purification is 33 verse surah, 33 is 3333 33 easy to remember the idea of purification.

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And a quote the end of the year, we lost behind dialysis in NEMA de la julio de Banco. De Ll Wait, we thought Heroku Tahira many of us may decide this frequently, by ends with this piece where Allah says Allah intends only to remove from use the impurity remove sin from you. Oh elebrate Oh people of the household of the prophets of Salaam and to purify you Tahira to purify you with an it's a perfect purification. So they say this ayah says that the family of the house of the Prophet meaning is activate or purified to a high degree that they commit no sin and that Allah year in this ayah puts them in a special bracket, that they are the link between us and Allah subhanaw taala. And from

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there we get the concept of Imam and we get the concept of you need to follow an Imam because Allah purified him. So they have taken this ayah and they have said, you need to obey the debate, as if, like you obey even to be so solemn, they have the right to legislate, they have the right not only to control you politically, but religiously. They are the link between you and Allah understand the argument. This is the Allah says he purified them from Olson. So what are you going to follow up the follow up? Are you going to follow the ones who Allah purified? This is the argument. So now we get back we say okay, who is Allah referring to in this ayah? And what does Allah mean in this ayah

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don't think it is out of context. So they claim that the debates are infallible, they committed can can could cannot commit any kind of sin and they divinely guided by Allah based on this idea. And they affirm that this only the first two full select people, Sonali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussein, only these four are the people of calibrate these only four people fit in the way Jose nalli shouldn't be the leader because he's the link between us and Allah as Allah subhanaw taala purified them perfectly. And naturally from this, they exclude the lives of Nabeel Salaam, the Wise will be so solemn, this is not that elaborate,

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based on the Tafseer of this idea, so we say okay, let's not argue about words, let's not even arguable, let's go to something we agree on together, which is the Quran does Allah give an explanation to what this debate? does Allah use the term debate in the Quran some way? A lot only uses the term twice in the Quran twice. Let's go to the first one.

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A lot of times is inserted who would call that la la de la jolla, Anna Jews with Alicia.

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Right so this is the story of Sartre and Habib Rahim, Allah salatu salam, when the angels came to the beaver on him and said, We you Bashir cabaco Dam, we give you the good news, you're going to have a son is happy. And so I said, Whoa, am I going to give birth I'm an old lady, and my husband is in His 80s His scapegoats is a Shiva is an old man, or we can have a child now, in

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a jeep. This is a strange thing. Although the angel says jabeen I've been amarilla are you amazed at the command of Allah, the decree of Allah Rahmatullahi the mercy of Allah wabarakatuhu and his blessings Alaykum elevates upon you, oh, family of the house, who are they speaking to? Sora did they have even any children? No. They say oh family of the house of the Prophet, meaning Ebrahim

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was referring directly Oh, sorry, you are the family of the house. And she's the only one the the first person in that Allah saying is the wife of the Navy. This is of course LeBron we talking about. This is the one place where elevate is used. And it can be no discussion. Yeah. Who is this referring to? There's only one person in the house sobre la salatu salam, the wife of Nabil Ibrahim, in now Mohammed Majeed says the first place and maybe this is a clear, unequivocal, you know, showing from the app

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Hello, refers to the wife of a man in another IRA with another argument that we can use before we get to the second term of debate. Allah says to be loot, that we will only save you and your family, but excluding your wife, meaning what? That your wife is originally part of your family, which we are going to save, but we exclude her from your family. So Allah goes into this to the double exclusion, to prove a point, she's part of your family, but she will not be part of those which we save. The second place Allah uses that debate which is in the ayah we spoke about the if purification which the Shia have built the belief system on, let's go to the ayat before that and we

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ask ourselves, who is Allah talking about in these ayat? Let us go back. Five six is before that. And we look listen to the car, listen to the flow of the ayah Allah says over nabee Oh Prophet, say to your wives, if you should desire the worldly life, and its beautification, then come I will provide for you and give you a gracious release. I will call up you. So before we get to the iOS do some deaf seed story. Now visa asylum add a bit of a spat with his wives because maybe salsa lamb, he lived a visa, the highest level of you know, in the service of the oma And naturally, the family of the visa asylum had to shoulder that responsibility. Even today. We know that the family of the

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Imam, the family of the President, the first family, they take on part of the burden. So the wives of the Nabi saw Selim, you know, they went through a tough time, maybe some isn't working. He didn't get charity is how they are giving power. So obviously, like any person like any women, they became restless, and eventually, NaVi Sana became frustrated with this, asking him for things he cannot provide for them. He can't provide what they want. And the questions were not unreasonable. The wives are going to be some of them were not being unreasonable. They said, We just want what other people think as basics, that we should have food in the house, should have decent clothing, and

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obviously couldn't respond, because his job is outweighing the dour. So eventually, in Episode Seven became a bit frustrated, and he shunned them for a month he went and he stayed in the masjid in an apartment. So normal tells us long IDs. He says my friend from the I had a friend My neighbor from the unserved right I had a neighbor from Medina, and we would take turns one day he would go to the masjid and listen, and I would work in the field. And then we would share the profits. The next day, I would go to the masjid and learn and he would work right because they worked for knowledge. And when my friend came home one night crying and he said we are you know we are ruined? Things are

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really bad and say now mostly What's wrong? Are we being attacked? So he said the answer he said no, it's even worse. Now visa Salaam divorced all these wives. Now say Norman's daughter hafsa is the wife of bisazza. So say now Madonna runs to hofsas house and he says to her and he finds a crying and he says has been absent divorced. And she says I don't know. He's just he's left us I don't know if we divorced or not. And say now motels I told you don't you give them any headaches? You're not the most beautiful of the lives you if you have any problems come to me I will provide for you don't listen to what I said I and it's I knew this was gonna happen to you. Then maybe say nominal Dionne

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goes to the masjid. And he wants to see in Ibiza Salaam and Absalom says I'm not taking basically any visitors he has a god at the door is very upset. Normally thrice tries to get into the, to the room to see in a visa asylum. And each time he's not given permission. On the third time he says he says it loudly in I want to know that Omar is at the door. And if he thinks Ahmed has come to basically take the side of hafsa he shouldn't be confused. I take his side even against hafsa even against my daughter

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maybe tsunami is gonna come and plead his case of his daughter. So say normal was permitted to enter and we know this beautiful Hadith. This is usually this is the part of the Hadees that we know we say normally comes in and he finds the result of lying on a mat that's cutting into his back and say Norman says finally look at how you are sleeping and you are the greatest of all escalation and the importance of Rome and Persia are sleeping on like jewelry, and a piece of syllabus. This part of the Hadith is well known. When say normal season abyssal Salaam who is his friend is not in the best of moods, so he tries to correct like a joke. He says Yasuda wa sallam remember when we came from

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Makkah. We used to have the upper hand over women in Makkah we were tough and the women obeyed. Then we came to Medina and we found that the women was had the upper hand over the mean. Now our women from Mecca have learned from them so much so that even my wife started talking back to me. And I said like What's wrong with you? We know your place. So she said Who are you? Your daughter talks back to the prophets of Allah

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Well You are my icon talk back to you so say now so Nebula now smiled when he heard you have the same problem like me right so then visa Salaam they say Namaste then let's say maybe salsa them say nama Lawson, who Salah, have you divorced your wives eresources alum. So he said no, I have basically stayed away. And I've made a promise to stay away from them for one for one month, after that month, and Elisa Lam comes back down. And Allah reveals these verses say to them, if you prefer the dunya, they know this job, you didn't sign up for this. If you want this job, I will divorce you know, businesses, I'll divorce you in a nice way. And Allah will take care of you, you will be

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punished for that no one is forced in a marriage. But you have the choice. So all the wives of Nabisco Sallam were given a choice? Do you want to stay as my wife? And once they said yes, Allah said, Now you have sources a lump, you can't divorce any of them, and you can't marry anyone other than after the house, no more change. Then Allah continues about the ayah. But the wives are going to be so silent. But if you should desire Allah, and His Messenger and the end of Hera, then Indeed Allah has prepared for the doers of good among you a great reward. So Allah says you to take the burden of being supporters of the visa asylum, I prepared for you a great reward. So that means

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something comes down after the month in fact, it comes down off the 29 days, and I shall was crying for the whole month she sees him He says, didn't you say you coming back after a month is only 29 days. So now visa says Don't you know some months are 29 and not 30. And then he says to Ayesha, Allah has asked me to ask you if you want to remain as my wife, and don't answer, speak to Abu Bakar speak to your parents first. What's best for you? And I shouldn't say why should I speak to anybody else I prefer to be with Allah and with you. And for the era I've made my choice, and I shall see all the other wives as well made the same choice except it to be the wife of an abyssal Salaam and

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these problems even obese only through them and these problems now we're at an ease a lot continues Oh wives of the Prophet Yanni, sir, or any sir Navy.

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Whoever you should commit a clear immorality for her the punishment would be doubled to fold and evil is for a lot easy. And whoever Have you devoutly obeys Allah and His messenger and does good deeds will give her her reward double and we have prepared for her a noble provision. Oh wives of the prophets of Salaam, how many times Allah saying Yeah, and he said and maybe a wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, you are not like any one among the women. You're not like any other women. You are special kind of women. If you fear Allah, they do not be soft in speech. list those in whose heart disease the disease should cover they should desire you but speak with appropriate speech, and

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abide in your houses Allah standing the lives of individuals, and stay in your houses, and do not display yourselves as the display of the former times of ignorance. The hijab of the wives of an abyssal Sallam was a higher degree than that of normal women. They should have been a permanent petition between them and normal women. And then Allah says to them and established sada and give zakka and obey Allah any sort of suit over now look at the ayah Allah intends only to remove from you the immorality and old people of the household impurity or people that are also well you thought hirakud patera who's also speaking to in the area?

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In the very same iOS is a wife stay in the house of your husband webisodes, Allah.

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Allah only wishes to remove any impurity and to purify you with the pure but the perfect purification, these Ayah from the Quran 100% clear it is in relation to the wives of Nabisco Salam. But we also know Gemma, we don't say that the debate is exclusively the wives of an abyssal Salaam. Of course, the children of Nagisa Salaam and his grandchildren and members of his tribe are also a debate and we take and we agree with the Hadith of the clock when abyssal Salaam Ayesha again who gives us Heidi is the she I will say what about the Hadith of the cloak when a visa Salam took a few people hustling per se in an alley and Fatima de la in his job by in his cloak and he said This is

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Matthew Wait. Where did you get this report from? Ayesha told us the report I should have told you find in body I should have the law says that. Then abyssal salon went out one morning when I striped cloak of the black of camel here and then came out hasn't and maybe Samira hasn't inside that cloak. And then Hussein came and he wrapped Hussein inside that cloak as well. And Fatima came and he told the you also get in under the cloak. And earlier the Alon came. And he said you also get in under the talks and I was hugging the four of them and maybe saw some seeds. And then he decided these verses are only designed to take away any impurity from you or people of the household and purify

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you meaning and these are my debate as well. In addition

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To the wives, we say that obviously father the man has an insane insane idea of the law of family of the Navy so seldom.

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So therefore to disrespect the wife of Navy so seldom, Ayesha will have some, because you don't like the Father, you are actually disrespecting the elevate. You will actually you are the ones that are actually insulting and cursing everybody. And we said before, to curse abubaker is one thing bad, but to close is even worse. Why? Because Allah revealed yet about her honor. A lot of our data revealed is exonerating her honor and saying don't even speak like this again.

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Right, so Allah, so with regards to the elevate we say that no sooner well, Gemma we are older, we are foremost in honoring and looking after the rights of the animate. Before we get to the next matter. What is our duty to celebrate is the family of Nagisa Salaam. If it's proven that this person is lobate What does it mean? The visa system says, oh, Fatima, Fatima, they ask of me whatever you want of the dunya I'll give it to you. But I cannot save you from the punishment of Allah. I will not carry you into Jenna just because you have the blood of my blood flowing in you. As we sit how many ambia the wives went to Johanna that'd be no sandwich to jam them up. But it was

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farther into jahannam we don't we don't believe that these divine blood was special blood it will take you to Jenna is the family of vessels Allah mentioned in the Quran requires a special kind of respect from us. We honor them. We we love them. We support them. Why? Because the family of Nabisco Salaam they helped in bringing the deen they helped in bringing the deen to us until today. If you can't receive Zakat, and charity, no matter how poor you are, you can't receive it. The family of the besitzer don't inherit it. So they take the brunt of the burden of Islam. Therefore in return, we give them our honor and our love and our respect, but they're not a link between us and Allah

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subhanaw taala everyone is accountable for himself. Other matters within Judaism which we find difficult or contradictory with the Quran and the sooner we said this before, they attribute certain qualities which belongs exclusively to Allah subhanho wa Taala knowledge of the unseen the ability to forgive sins controlling you know the universe and resurrecting the dead we spoke about in my method. They claim that the magic and resurrect the dead said this belongs exclusively to Allah subhana wa tada that they make Sala and sujood to the shrines of the Imams. The biggest hedge in the world, unfortunately is not to Mecca. It is to Karbala. The biggest hedge in the world. Double the

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hedge of Mecca is the hedge to the grave of the center of the line. This is Sheila Villa, to make tawaf around the grave to bow to the grave to put the picture of the Imam or the Wali in your house for protection, all acts of ship. This goes against Islamic belief versus what Nagisa son came to bring. La ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped except Allah said that we find people evil in general Gemma, they go to the shrines of Olia and make dua to the dead. The dead cannot help us they need our drawers. If someone could make if someone could make the art for you in the grave, then what's the point of the life once he dies, you can just do more good off these days and get a

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higher place in general. We know that once you die has, your time is up. You can do more good or bad. You're now in the grave and you take whatever good or bad came from you.

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But as I said the Shia, you'd find many of the rituals involved making Salah even at the graves of the Olia.

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The act of self mutilation. This beating we know this happens at Ashura. We The reason for this, they claim is to feel the suffering of the lion. And we know the story of St. Louis that we did the story of receiving love to learn when he was massacred by yazeed and his army. We don't deny this. But this is not part of Islam. Had this been permissible? We would have to beat ourselves at the death of Mohamed Salah Salaam.

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If anyone had the right to be more and in this manner, it would be Mohammed Al salam, or even about even if we say well, there'll be some wasn't those killed? What about say nalli? He was murdered? He was assassinated. Why don't you beat yourself then? Why are you saying so it shows is inconsistent. And we know that Islam teaches this act of janelia when something bad happens, they used to tear the clothes they used to beat themselves. This became Haram in Islam. This cannot be permissible in Islam to cut yourselves. Do we really think that Allah subhanaw taala takes this as an act of worship that Allah sees this is a bother to cut yourself and beat yourself. This is not from Islam.

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Now visa sort of never did this. Sahaba never did this. No way even in Shia sources have any of the great companions or the family

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I've never so seldom seen it never did this, the children are saying never did this. The children of her saying, never did this. So when you come with these things, or yeah the other acts, it is praised. Look at this, it is praiseworthy to perform Salah in sacred places belonging to the Imams, it is even stated that it's better to perform Salah at those places the caliber of the Imams than at the masjid. It is mentioned that performing prayer at the grave of St. Ali is greater than $200,000 in any other place where the biller look at this narration right below, it says that the carrabba and Karbala they had an argument who is better Karbala or the Kaaba. And then what we learned Allah

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is free of this Allah says Allah yours this and then he revealed be silent Aqaba You keep quiet and wait a little by my might and my honor. The excellence and the distinction I have granted to the land of Karbala is more than I've given to you Aqaba. Compared to Karbala. Your position is like a knee like a drop from the ocean. If the dust of Karbala had not been the I would never have bestowed this honor upon you. If the one resting in Karbala meaning Imam Hussain rhodiola and who had not been the I would not have created you know the house over which you are so haughty. Be humble, or I will throw you in gentlemen

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to say that Karbala is of a higher position in the Kaaba. It was against fundamental beliefs when the Kaaba is the keebler of soda. When we make solar to the curb, we make homage to the curb obviously not to the curb but to Allah subhana wa tada but let's Alibaba. We also know other matters with enthusiasm. that the kalama is a three part Kadima, La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and Allah will you LA and it is part of the sheer belief you must be a CA, you must say that I lead the line is the Wali, the Imam, the representative of Allah, they make three solders a day, not really true. They make five solders but they joined lower Nasser and mockery and Asia like we do on

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Mousavi, they say you can do this while not on travel as well. We know when they take what do they make money on top of the feed, but these are matters of fit. These are matters of fit. And this debate on this these these issues.

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Another issue which is very controversial and is raising its head we see this and I've heard Unfortunately, this is happening actually in. in Cape Town, sadly at our universities, the issue of muda. muda means enjoyment. Like the matter the heart of the matter is the hygiene of easier pleasure means enjoyment. And basically what this is, Nicolas Mata is a marriage in which a man marries a woman with a specified time limit, meaning there's an expiration date on the contract. So we get married for two days, one day, one hour. After that hour automatically. We don't even give a padlock it ends the marriage expires, right? So this is something which this year not only permits,

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but encourage the Shia, encourage these things they encourage Muhtar? So the basic principles concerning and we know that in Islam, marriage should be continuous that we should live together actually

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live kindly with one another and that should be as best as possible forever until pm and until Jenna obviously, Pollock is permissible in extreme cases, but temporary marriage as we said,

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It is something which the sheer permit and we say clear evidence and the visa salon forbid this initially, initially, if we go back in history, this was a marriage and the people of India had very strange types of marriages. You would have a swap one man would give his daughter and your friend will give his daughter to you this will be a marriage. Right Islam came to forbid all these marriages. Muhtar was a kind of marriage which initially was allowed and then say Nally himself tells us in Buhari and in Muslim Buhari and Muslims analysis now visa Salaam made Muhtar haraam the day we conquered labor, basically the 70 of the hegira when we conquered labor, the visa to see

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today is also haram and we know that Islam came in stages initially hammer wasn't Haram, it became Haram in stages, certain hijab wasn't the when it slowly was revealed similarly Muhtar was not was permissible initially. And then it became haram afterwards if you want to get married, you either get married the correct way or you abstain. This is from the from the hadith of Nagisa Salaam.

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It is mentioned in the books of the Shia, that to encourage Buddha it says, Whoever does move out once will have the level of Hassan and whoever does Buddha twice level of Mata thrice the level of Allah and he does it four times the level of Navy SEALs alone, right? That if you don't do without once in your life in your mind is not really 100% these are the kinds of things that they encourage that

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With that should be performed. The other issues if you say what is the difference between a motor marriage and a normal nikka? A normal nikka number one, not OSHA and I must, must qualify this not OSHA. But in the old books and many of the leaders, there was no limit, it says Jaffa sodic. And Jaffa sodic. We said, Allah, He never said this, that there is no limit to having a Muhtar. She's not really your wife. She's someone you hire before you can have 1000. Without wives. There's no limit to it. At the same time, there is no money on time period with a one minute, one hour one year, you can decide between the two of you, you don't need the permission of how early you don't

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need the permission of her father to get married to her. If you are married, and one of you dies, she's not really your wife so she cannot inherit from you and you will not inherit from her. There is a contract based on *, you don't have to. You don't have to give a maintenance. You don't have to give her home. You agree with her. We'll be married for two, three hours to three days to three weeks. for sexual pleasure, you name your prices. mahad I give you that I don't live with you. I don't support you. If you stop providing me the sexual pleasures, I will take back what I owe, I will withhold the remainder of the payment. It's a service contract. We have another term for

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this in today's times. So this is clear from the visa Salaam from the Quran that this is haraam. Yes, people have said it's so difficult to get married today that we either choose between dating and falling into Zina or we can't get married. So this is you know, a middle way. This is even worse in my opinion and Xena why? because number one it is Xena because of a legal nikka and number two, you're playing with the dean, you're making halaal what Allah has made her arm. You're making hella what Allah has made her on the one who commit Zina. He knows I made a sin and he makes Toba but the one who does this, believing that some justification in his mind that it's permissible. He's playing

00:31:55 --> 00:32:09

with the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is a worse situation. This is a more extreme and more problematic thing. And again, this is one of the draw cards for young people into Shiism, they will say the argument is moot. I was never made haraam

00:32:10 --> 00:32:52

say nama made it Haram. And it's true that in his time, say narmer made a point to prove that it was Haram. When he became when he was in control and the Muslim spread across the world. He basically heard that some people practicing without and he said the results are made is haram. And if we catch people doing Buddha, we will practice the punishment of Xena upon them say Nadia Dillon. He reports yesnaby sola made this hard on the day of labor. It was allowed. Now it's haram to stop what you're doing. She has no say normally they say normal cannot make halal or haram. He can say only rasulillah salam made it harder. So this is not a nikka. This is rather Xena in the guise of Annika

00:32:52 --> 00:33:32

and as we said, to enter into these transactions, believing it is correct, makes it even worse because you make harder, but Allah has made her arm. So with these few points, we have now concluded the fundamental beliefs of Shiism, and some of the key practices where we differ with them, some of them serious, some of them, we said, are tantamount to poofer. But as I said before, and I repeat again, you and I do not call anyone who says La ilaha illAllah kaffee. Even if the man worships an idol, he has an idol V and he bows to it. This is like the highest level of Kufa. And he says, I believe this is Allah, we say, do you say la ilaha? Illa? Allah is are you Muslim? Yes, brother,

00:33:32 --> 00:33:38

this thing is an act of God for what you're doing. This can lead you to janam Allah subhanaw taala can count you as the Sheikh.

00:33:39 --> 00:34:21

So he's calling me a coffee. So now I don't call you a coffee. But I'm telling you, I'm advising you that this thing that you are doing is liable for copper. So while we listen to the beliefs, and we say that this belief is categorically poofer, to say the Quran is fabricated, to insult the lives of Navy SEALs seldom is tantamount to Cooper to bow to the grave of St. Raphael on tantamount to Cooper, we don't call you coffee. That's not my job, your job, the job of Allah subhanaw taala. It's our job to determine what's in the heart. We don't open the hearts. So we asked is the coexistence possible? Where does that leave us? of the studying these 19 points? It seems that the distance

00:34:21 --> 00:34:47

between us and the Shia is like night and day. It's like this huge chasm between us and them. Are we do we ultimately have to end up what's happening in Iraq and Syria, that we kill one another in the name of Islam? No. As I said before, with all the differences between us and the Shia, without a doubt, they say la ilaha illAllah. They love Mohammed Al Salaam, they have one Quran the same Quran as us, they face Makkah in the Salah.

00:34:49 --> 00:35:00

This is better than what we see of the non Muslim, which is why you have to build allies as a son and it came in the form of a man, yet we can coexist with even the non Muslim so what about someone that says La Ilaha Illa

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

We don't compromise on our beliefs, we don't allow the views and the beliefs to be sprayed within our massages. Similarly, as they will not allow our views and beliefs to be split into a massage, we should not allow our children to when we get married, they should look for good partners or any Muslim, even a good Muslim. So we don't marry into these groups as well. Why? Because it is going to be a difficult thing with regards to different beliefs, but we respect them. We agree with him and what they say is true. We give them the heart of if they're our neighbors, our fellow brothers in humanity, even our fellow brothers in Islam, because this between them and Allah with a child, but

00:35:39 --> 00:36:21

the minute they beliefs becomes an issue, we say this is where we draw the line. I will support you in whatever good that you speak. But this way you say about the Sahaba I stepped back I can't be part of this was how we coexist. And when we find differences lakum De Luca Maria Dean, then that is your dean, this is my Dean, we will argue and we can debate in a in a way of wisdom if nobody so salameh to give our to the idol worshipers with wisdom, then people will say la ilaha illa Allah deserve more wisdom. Look at this ayah Allah subhanaw taala tells me Moosa go to around and say to him, Colin lane, say to him a soft word. Who is Phil? Phil, I want to say hon qumola. I am a law.

00:36:22 --> 00:37:02

This is the height of Cooper, you don't find anyone this scarf in this wheelchair is the worst of the worst. ourselves. Nobody moves in liquid and go to fit around and speak nicely to him. respect him softly to him, maybe he will listen. So the one who differs with us on certain issues. They deserve Tao in a beautiful way. And if we can't come to an agreement, then we say we agree on these points. And we differ on these points and I don't compromise and we make the other day Allah Allah guides you. Allah guides us that Allah guides all of us. We don't know we will end we are here today. We will our hearts be the day we die. Allah guide all the Muslim in malice of our many

00:37:02 --> 00:37:41

sincere people standing in Salah, not knowing what they doing is wrong not knowing what we are doing is haram. Allah guide us every day make the dua in a Scirocco study guide as to the path that you are pleased with your ALLAH forgive our shortcomings Allah inshallah. Next week, we will continue with Shiism. But now on the historical account, the different sects within Judaism, how did they split? How did they get to where they are today? And you know, we are how did we get to today through the history of Shiism? Why is Iran a Shia country? It wasn't that case like that before. Iran was the center of Sunni Islam for for over 1000 years. How is it a Shia country today? We'll

00:37:41 --> 00:38:14

discuss that inshallah. Next week if nilla once again my email I know many of you have mailed me for the slides I've been but slow shallow this weekend I'll try and respond to everyone's emails and then I'm glad to announce our senior class begins this Tuesday once again, from seven o'clock to eight o'clock from seven to Muslim inshallah I will see it our class will come a lot of interest people have asked about it, it's free of charge, you can come you can attend, we will discuss the life of the vessel seldom get to know the Sahaba and what bits of people to know the name of Allah subhanaw taala grant us to follow the footsteps Dracula hired a solo Satan and Mohammed while early

00:38:14 --> 00:38:16

he was aqui Salaam Salaam from Nairobi, Lamanna Samaniego.

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