Lauren Booth – Walking Tour of Istanbul #1 – Explore Uskudar

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker is walking on a challenge to raise money for her youngest sister's husband who has brain tumors and is getting experimental treatment. She is taking a day long route to Istanbul to visit various sites and eventually reaches her destination. She is walking alongside a large ancient graveyard and mentions that she wants to take a rest and donate to her cause.
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piece to you. This is day one of my 30 day, walk three miles or four miles in a day challenge, I got to reach 100 miles by the end of this month. And this is for two reasons one, and most importantly, it's to raise money for my youngest sister's husband who has two brain tumors, and he's getting experimental treatment, which is working. And there's a link below. And I've got to complete this challenge for you to hamdulillah helped me raise 500 pounds, I think we can smash it and do a lot more they need 50,000 pounds for the next stage of his treatment. And secondly, I live in Istanbul, this incredible, varied historic city. So I'm going to be taking you on different journeys, three

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miles to four miles, and we're going to look at where you can go and visit when you come to Istanbul, my favorite places and some places I've never been to. All right, day one, and fasting, let's go. We're on the Asian side of Istanbul, and there'll be some links to places you can visit down below. Make sure to like and subscribe these videos, especially if you're planning on moving or visiting Istanbul anytime soon. So we're here walking alongside one of the oldest

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one of the oldest graveyards in the whole of Istanbul it's it's huge Subhanallah

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so it's a bit off my route. But it's got to be done. We need to have a little look at this beautifully maintained and vast cemetery here on the Asian side of Istanbul and it's ancient and it's new there are people buried here from 2018 and people going back hundreds of years so come on a bit of a quiet visit with me

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there's no pathways here

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it's literally happened as it's happened

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so when I say beautifully maintained there's care and it's growing and it's kept but how you get around is as really treacherous.

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Do a special on this I think with lots of historic information but for today it's just on my route and I really need to be getting my nails done.

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So I'm gonna leave it here and just say from Allah we come unto Allah we return

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so what that's one with raspberry and the chocolate one Yeah. Good. Yes. Okay excellent. And the milk ones traditional right? And Alicia, Kelly Masada Carmel Kelly check nice thank you eid mubarak.

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This is my favorite Street for eating sweets and also for

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stores and little treats unfortunately I forgot my car today was meant to be getting my husband his Eid gift but anyway I want to take it into habit come on let's go have a look

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so many trees

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in my

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made it past him feeling that the past right now it's 1.3 miles so I'm still only less than halfway. So time delay that this is what it's all about though. If you're a tourist. It's about the sea.

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Pause isn't it Subhan Allah just look at this love

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I dream

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my dream of love super no supernatural love

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maybe the

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maybe the ounce of breast

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struggling to

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this is a long long, sweeping hill

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there's still more to go Hamdulillah that will help me

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oh yeah

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yeah it'll be so please do make donations and I hope this has been useful useful video if you like it subscribe share with your friends

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and then this happened

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love these guys and take them as well as you know why? Because they're the guys who wake us up every morning

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and they're collecting money now.

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Thank you for their service. hamdulillah May Allah they did a good job. It's loud at three in the morning. This is me come home. I made it. Thanks. Please donate below. Save a life. Do some good and Sharla and if you like this video, subscribe and share. That's it. I'm going to lie down in Sharla

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