Muhammad West – Sweetness of Hunger

Muhammad West
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen syedna Mohammed Anwar le e wasapi. And mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord creator Sustainer of the universe La ilaha illAllah none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, we submit to Allah subhanho data and Ripley and we believe that Allah Subhana Allah blesses us with the reaching the full month of Ramadan in the next coming days, I mean, and we send our greetings and salutations and love to our Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect family to his companions, and all those who follow him soon until the end of time. May we be blessed in this month of Ramadan to fast as he fostered and to follow his Sunnah in this Ramadan, and for our life after that mean?

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Well, hamdulillah the month of Ramadan is almost upon us in sha Allah, either Monday, or Tuesday would be the first fasting that I'm not mistaken. So the first thought we have will be either Sunday night or

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Monday night, right Sunday night or Monday night we will first start off with Am I correct in saying that? Right. So welcome to the learn. Obviously, we know the reason why the not so sure isn't that we don't know how to look at a calendar is that we need to observe the moon and depending on when the moon is born, the month will will begin. And this day or two before the month of Ramadan is a day for us to prepare ourselves spiritually, physically prepare ourselves mentally for the start of the month of Ramadan. And shaytan knows that he's about to be locked up and therefore he's going to do his utmost to try and mislead us right at the beginning before the month begins. And he will

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whisper to us how bad we are. And he will whisper to us how ill prepared we are how guilty we should be feeling because your Ramadan is not going to be worth much though Mia you have done her arm you have not changed from last Ramadan. So what's the point you're just going through the motions shavon wants to whisper to you and to me that this Ramadan is not the life changing moment that it should be that the Muslim who understands the value of Ramadan should see it, like like we see Hajj you know when he goes and he really believes that this is going to change my life. When I come back from hiding. Everything of the past is finished, I begin a new Ramadan is like that, if not even more

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than that. Everyone should see this opportunity for the sleep to be wiped clean that the person that you were before Ramadan does not mean that you'll be it'll be a completely different person after Ramadan, you could have been the worst person before I move on and the interview could be the best of the best. It is possible. It is what the why Ramadan is the and we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at our ibadah. But at two points of the divider, he looks very closely. And in fact if those two points are correct, everything in between it can be fixed if they're not perfect. What two points at the beginning and at the end, we know that Nebojsa lumps is really actions are judged by

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our team, by the way you end the action, Allah will judge you how you end your life. How do you spend that last moment and May Allah grant us a good good ending? It has died in the state of Nevada Allah in a bad way from Allah forgive us here Allah. So we know that the base of Ramadan comes towards the end, the big nights are towards the end. So that extra emphasis to end on a high note to end on a good note that your account ends on something positive. At the same time. We know the first Heidi's in poverty in America. Yeah, that in that your actions will be judged by by you intention. The Union. And I see this many times that unfortunately, Nia or intention has become a ritual it's

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something we say. We just go through the motion. Nia is purpose. The reason why someone will ask you why are you fasting?

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Why are you fasting your co worker was ashamed a whole month? You're not going to feed you're not going to eat I feel so sorry for you. We say no, we actually feel sorry for you. But why do you force? Is it simply because well Allah said so so we must do it.

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What is the reason behind so why did Allah say you must first what's the purpose? What's the goal? What's the objective? Why does Allah want us to first the intention that we sit isn't just that yeah Allah no way to assume and we intend I will force the intention should be Allah I intend to force physically but to enrich my soul spiritually to feed my soul spiritually. Yeah, Allah I intend before the month begins. I want to be the very, very best person I can be in Ramadan. I intend I make that Nia Allah. I will

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Every day of fasting perfect, I will not miss a single Sala

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of extra salatu

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salam ala etc. I will try to make as much as I can if not all of them in JAMA these are knee as goals objectives you sit yourself unless it was you based on apnea

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you lose out making a big near no you don't lose out. I wasn't gonna punish you and say you made this big Nia you only did half of it so we're going to punish you. No, I was I reward you for that big nia. Is there anything to be lost? The man can say are likely to fall so well this year. He doesn't reach the month even he passes away May Allah protect us before Ramadan but Allah right seem to fool and

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this is how Allah operates. That's how Allah works. So we make that Nia today. Now as you sitting in the Zumaya Allah, this will be my best Ramadan, and I will do everything I can with your assistance to obtain the maximum reward to achieve later we'll call that if you don't believe you can get layer two cars or you've already lost layer two color, you must believe that I can get layer two color.

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Everyone has the ability unless someone tells you each of us have the ability to do good or too bad. You could be the best or the worst. It's in your hands, Allah leaves whoever whoever wants higher it's for you whoever doesn't want that. It's also for you. So make that neerja Allah I'm going to do and be the best man woman I can be in this Ramadan and I'm going to achieve every blessing every benefit and bonus Ramadan has to offer. I'm going to get it and inshallah, by your mercy and grace to Allah. I intend that I will make Toba mistake for that when I exit Ramadan I will have zero sins to my account. I'll be perfect and pure by your mercy and grace. Make that Nia and believe it? Why

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because you will. It's part of your Eman And Allah last week. We said part of our Eman is to believe his Rahman Rahim that as bad as we are. And as big as our problems are, Allah is bigger and more powerful and more merciful than that encompasses everything with his mercy. We intend for the maximum that is unique. That is the near that we go with. And we start that near today. If not, if we haven't started already. And just a side note, you're on the fixed side.

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So we also know in addition to having Vania and having an objective and a purpose, and that's why the Howdy, enamel ama to be near. It's not about saying something with your tongue. It's about what is the true intention in your heart. When you do that action.

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They say the biggest reason of all is to do the right the right thing for the wrong reason. This is the biggest reason you betray yourself. You do the right thing outside but on the inside the reason is bad. So if you don't have any say even if you say with your tongue, I'm going too fast. But on the inside, it's not correct. And that's not a proper near. And similarly, we say as a fifth question here, the brother he forgot to say that I am that we say after and we said this rhyme is not important. Now way to Samadhi. This is not needed to say you don't have to say this. The Nia is in the heart. The man he bought all his sources and his dates is clearly ready for him upon Allah.

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He woke up off an hour before fudger and he had the support the other Professor those of Eros, viola, I forgot to say that Nia She is my fossil valid? Yes, it is. Did you intend to force rather? Yes, I did. My Neil was there. So what hamdulillah that was his near his intention. The only time you need to double check your near.

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And this is important. If you have a day in Ramadan, where you can break your force, for example, you are traveling in that day, then you need to decide from the beginning of the day, I'm going to force today. You can't say I'm going to travel and see if it's easy, then I'm going to force and if it's not easy to break my force. No, you decide from the beginning, I'm going to force

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right use decide from the beginning, you must have that decision before. I'm going to force and if the journey becomes too difficult, you can break your force no problem. You can break your force, but you can't have a questionable near at the beginning of the day. Understand that point. So if you're traveling, no problem, you can break your fast but if you want to force that they have that near from the beginning. And if you break you're near and out of your control, like someone who becomes sick in the middle of the day, no problem Allah subhana wa tada has given us this leeway. So the Nia as I said,

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is that we're going to do the best we can do this Ramadan, one Ramadan brothers sisters is enough for a lifetime. Allah made it such that when Ramadan is enough to remove all your sins, and to give you a lifetime of reward to your account, you have zero sum and maximum reward. So how the complaint How can we compete with people like nobody knew who lived for over 1000 years 1000 solar 1000 years of fasting, how do we how do we compete unfair, they're obviously going to get the best gender. So Allah gave us labor the other one night is equal to 84 years. You catch that night you have a lifetime of good deeds. Now we don't want to compete with Nobu. We just want to compete with

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ourselves and so yeah, Allah does have one lifetime of good

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So Allah gives us a Ramadan you can achieve that. And Allah gives you the reason why you fast. So this must be part of that Nia, Allah I am fasting so that not just because you commanded me to do it, but when I'm done with Ramadan and this is what I want to achieve and Allah tells you what you must achieve at the end of Ramadan. Yeah, you will Edina Manu Kuta Bali CUCM kamakoti Valentina makaveli con la la quinta. tahune you open the Quran and will hear this the first night of Ramadan. tarawih Allah begins with the Baccarat by describing three people, three types of people, the pure, the complete cafe, whose heart and mind and ears everything is sealed off. Then those who mislead

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and deceive themselves between a man and Kufa and they could fall into hypocrisy. They could fall into Cooper. And then the correct ones who are

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the people of taqwa. Right? How do I become a person of oil? Allah says you must try your best to become the person of taqwa. This is the shortcut. This is how you get taqwa. Allah says the purpose of Ramadan, Lakota, Dakota, that may be Ramadan. We'll get onto taqwa, that at the end of Ramadan, you will get something from Allah besides the rewards and all the benefits we'll talk about. The reality would Allah will give you if you force correctly, is your taco in your heart. And if that taco is with you, it fixes your life your problems, everything you ask, become answered, this barakah in your money, that everything even calamities become a blessing for you. That is what that

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is the real reward of Ramadan. But Allah says Allah Allah, maybe perhaps is not guaranteed. Not all of us will get that. Fasting is not an automatic just by staying away from food and drink does not automatically mean taqwa. But it is an opportunity that if you do it properly, you will not maybe not all of it, but maybe you will get it. That is the objective. I foster Allah so that you give me taqwa at the end. Teach me taqwa. And Allah describes another thing that we should achieve at the end of Ramadan. Allah says, Shehu, Ramadan and Lillian Zilla feel could add Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. And therefore Allah under this month was the revelation of the Quran

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and the allama day for the make the best thing you could do besides fasting and standing inside and obviously what's standing is to decide as much good as you can. And this is what people ask what is the sooner do I must make or the sooner the sooner Salah I need to make besides you the hydrogen pm late night, if you have any free moment in time, the best Vicar you can make is to recycle.

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Don't worry about making 100 try as much as you can, as much as you can. Just the point is more than last year that needs improvement. That is the purpose of an Eliza linked the Quran with Ramadan, but Allah continues the ayah that the Quran who deadliness with the anatomy Buddha will recall that it is guidance for mankind and that it is a guide and it is the criterion dementia hit me Shafilea soon, so if you find yourself you find the month of Ramadan you must force women can Mr. Eden Allah suffering fight that woman a man Oh Ha. But whoever Allah now pardons us, if you are sick on the day in Ramadan, or you're traveling, then you can make up that day from an another day. And another side

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note here we were the question, you know,

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do I have to break? Does the journey have to be difficult before I break my fast if it's an easy comfortable first class flight from here to Johannesburg, not even you know even closer with you in Durban, you flying to Johannesburg, that flight is not even our new first class and you having everything? Can you still break your fast? Yes, you can, if you want to. So the ruling is whoever is eligible to break his force and a traveler is anybody who has a journey more than 85 kilometres. So if you have a journey outside of your locality, not if you ride in the city for 85 kilometers in a circle outside of your city for 85 Ks. According to the majority of scholars, that is a journey. And

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you have the choice of fasting or break your fast and we know it is sometimes more difficult to make up your fasting outside of Ramadan. And we all know this. If you have days away, it's so difficult to fast when the whole dunya is partying so difficult. So if you can force fast, and if you want to break your fast, break your force as for the sick person, if it's a temporary sickness, so I have the virus or something and fasting will make my sickness worse, or it will delay the kill. Why did you must break your force you cannot make yourself more sick. It's Haram. Now these are some force people break your force. If you this is not what online teens he doesn't want harm to the body. So

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this is for me when you break your fast and when you become healthy again. You make up

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These in the next year. But if you are permanently ill like the diabetic, he can't force and he We ask Allah to cure this disease. But for the time being diabetes is a lifetime sentence, there will never be a day with healthy enough to force. So this person pays a fee. And, again, continuing on this frame, and this is for our mothers and our sisters who had the hide who had pregnancy nivas postnatal bleeding or they were breastfeeding, they take the ruling of the person who is temporarily sick. It was a moment where they were too weak too fast, they couldn't fall because they're pregnant, they couldn't fast because of the height, they couldn't fast because of the breastfeeding.

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So they need to make these days up and they can't play a video philia is only for the one who's permanently sick. It was very difficult some sisters have five years of fasting didn't achieve, why to be as children. So you know this is something which Allah has, has put on our mothers and our sisters and Mallory would infer that difficulty and sacrifice just have to make up these days.

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So when Allah Subhana Allah says you need to love you can Will you serve Allah you really become an officer. So Allah says if the Allah is saying, I want you to force the month, and I don't want to be I don't think I want difficulty on you all. It doesn't need to explain why you can just do what I say and do it. But Allah says, I want good ease for you. I don't want that don't ever think I have made Sora as a punishment on you, or Hajj or fasting away to burden you. But Allah once you see with some effort, we will you through that effort, you will get some blessing. And then Allah says what is the other blessing? What do I need to communicate that I want you to complete the number of days

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Allah say, wanting to come to LA, I want you to magnify me and understand I am the priority Allah Hadouken what I have given you. And that's why I say hamdulillah if you are and most of us, even with our little Eman when someone says Ramadan is coming, I feel so sorry for you, non Muslim, we actually say we feel sorry, you don't experience what we experience that which we have Alhamdulillah it's not easy. We're not going to make a you know, saying that it's the best thing to do to go through a bit of hunger. But what we get in return is so much better. What we feel physically we haven't seen the reward of the author and seeing what we feel now we are excited. No one here is

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here and says I don't want Ramadan to come we all excited for it, to analyze a bit of Eman. So Allah says when Allah come to school and hopefully at the end of Ramadan, the Nia should be that you will obtain appreciation that you'll be grateful Allah come to school, I want to teach Allah says I want to teach you through Ramadan, taqwa and sugar appreciation. Those two things are what we should achieve at the end of Ramadan. Those are two objectives. So the Nia should be ally first, so that I can attain taqwa. And I can attain appreciation when I'm fasting. So what should go through our minds and they will be difficult days and spinal Ah, I went through the interview go through it. We

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you wake up as those of you who didn't have school, right, you didn't have to hold so you have no option but to force obviously, if no choice and say I love five minutes, and then we'll force know that then those are finished. You must and and then you have to force yourself to there is a difficult day of fasting. And it's normal. Fasting is difficult even for the Olia even for the ambia it's not something easy. So it's something that you forced and you will feel hungry, and you will feel maybe some people are even more irritable than others. Right and the world doesn't stop for us. We know that we're hungry. We don't expect the world to stop for us. We still have to work we still

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have deadlines. We still have kids we still have school exams while hamdulillah we fast and we manage all these things and we don't complain even though we feel a bit of difficulty when you feel that hunger know what should go through your mind I want you to think of these things when you feeling hungry when you feeling thirsty when it comes to five o'clock and it's only like you know, an hour left. And that's your difficult time. Think of these things. Number one, it's an evidence of your Eman inside hamdulillah Allah at this moment

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I know I'm a believer.

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Why no one forces me to do this. No one sees me as like I could go and eat and drink go to the buffet and no one's gonna say anything. But I'm doing it just for you. Only you and I know I'm fasting that allows viruses and we will surely taste you your Eman with something of fear and hunger. Allah says this is the taste of your Eman and you're passing the test. Every time you see something of food of goodness use your stomach is shouting at you Bismillah Bismillah you say no matter if

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you are forcing your knifes and you overpowering it with man. So when you feeling that and you still continue in that that is taqwa. That is evidence that I'm a believer. Yeah, Allah, I'm doing for you. No one's going to give me money at the end of the month for forcing a full day. Right you

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Your only hope is for Allah subhanaw taala to feel good that you will believe a movement and they have Taqwa. Number two, it's evidence that you can give up sin.

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Now, Visa says if it does not give up false speech, ugly speech, and evil actions in sinful actions, and Allah is not in need of his leaving of food and drink.

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So I was saying, I've taken away the most essential thing that you need. The biggest the thing that you need the most, you need your food, your drink, and hamdulillah our wives as well. We need them the most, we take these things away from you during the day, if you can give up the things you need the most. Then what about habits which you don't really need, you can give up the cigarettes. You can give up looking at her arm, listening to her arm speaking her up, because you've given up that which is more difficult to give up. Your body needs these things. And still your Eman overpower those needs. So your demand is strong enough to give up anything. That's what Ramadan is teaching

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you. I can give this up for you. Yeah, Allah, I can give up anything here Allah for your sake, you have the power and the ability on the other side of the coin. If you're unable to give up those sins, even in the mamajuana, remember, shaytan isn't around. The only one that's doing the talam is from you. Not even shaytan is blamed for that. Then the shaitaan is in the inside. And that's when you must watch and be careful and make Toba is the Father. in Ramadan, at least we find the sister dresses a little bit bitter. The brother stops with every stopping they don't go to places anymore. Alhamdulillah least one month later, we hope he continues after Ramadan. We don't look down on

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someone for trying more. Because we all try more. We all try to do more. If you had that mindset, the values are now only ones to decide, oh, now he wants to make the 100 leave it rather no we don't look at like that. We all try to do a bit more. And he said earlier that you can do more.

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The feeling of know that while you are fasting, it is like a shower. Your sins are falling off every single moment every single second of fasting. those sins are disappearing, almost wiping erasing those sins from your account, no resources, no fatigue or tiredness, no sickness, no sadness, no sorrow, no pain, no distress, even mental sadness befalls a Muslim, even if it were as small as a thorn pricking his foot, except that Allah will remove a sin big or small. Imagine you are going through all this pain and anguish for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So know that your sins are disappearing. And last a lot enough, in fact, all our sins will disappear in Ramadan.

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While you're fasting, you can experience a little bit of what the Navy says Solomon Sahaba and the earlier feel almost daily.

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So we listened to the Sierra and we listened to the lives of Sahaba. And we hear that they went through hunger, and so heinola for most of us, we don't know through hunger Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us that we don't know to hunger. But when you feel that hunger, know that this is what Neville has lived with his whole life, that he would wake up in the day. And he's Rasulullah saw Salaam he's the most loved creation of Allah. And he didn't have food, enough food to eat he had to go look for somebody to invite me for a meal.

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So Allah now you begin to appreciate why Abu Bakr and Omar are they have the because they felt this every day when someone came to the son of Satan or the live animal. When Islam is sprayed it became the empire that was he said, I have some medicine. Yes, special medicine, as Abdullah normally said for what he said for like indigestion, you eat a little too much. And then you have this medicine and you feel okay.

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to swallow. I've never felt that feeling in my life eating too much. I don't know what that feeling feels like. So this is what the Sahaba felt like. We don't we can't if we don't change our life to that is not saying that we should try and be hungry the rest of our life. But at that moment say I know this is what Neville felt like, this is what he felt any for jihad. And he taught that he did all those things. And hamdulillah I feel something that he felt and I'm with him in that he made this a bada the same way I'm making it. Think of it like that, just so so fasting is the same way you are fasting Alhamdulillah so beautiful thought and of course appreciating the blessings that you

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don't have to feel like this every day that this is a self imposed restriction, mockery will come and this will go away. For some people Muslim neighbor comes. Some people living on this dunya feel this every single day their whole life. This is how they feel. They will like that terrible feeling that you will go through and when Ramadan is at its worst, and you feel like complaining or you feel upset or you want to say something negative things behind Allah. This is how someone feels all the time.

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Allah did not give him what he gave me. But hamdulillah that feeling and that should bring that sugar that maybe salsa lamb. Another Hadith where he had you felt so hungry that he woke up he couldn't sleep abubaker a number of them as well. They were

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Working in Medina, none of them could sleep. Why? Because they were so hungry. And we were invited for a meal by a boy, Yuval Ansari, and they had the meal and he sits vanilla, this little meal of dates and bread and some meat is such a great bounty. I was gonna ask us about this on pm.

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Allah, so all our blessings, you we only appreciate it when it's taken away for a little bit. And Allah out of his mercy doesn't say give your all your food away, or give all your money away, don't become poor, Allah says become hungry for a little bit, so that you may be appreciative. So when you get it back, Margaret time will set these are hamdulillah

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allow us to switch at hamdulillah la Alhambra Thank you Allah. But why should we neglect that husband that we neglect, Allah separates you for a little bit, so that when you see her again,

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in the new lights on hamdulillah so that's the appreciation that you'd come out of Ramadan, that Alhamdulillah how many of us have seen when you open the fridge and you say I don't know what to eat, there's so many options here.

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Really thank Allah for that. I really think las panatela for that. So that's part when you feel that hunger, think of that. And it is the mercy that Allah has done for us. It's the path you're on the right course to gender. So remind yourself I'm doing this because it is for me to get to Gender Analysis you read a lot more you sir, what are you reading? I want ease and not difficulty on YouTube. Allah reminds you I don't want to punish you or torture you. If Allah wanted to. He could have made 11 months of fasting and one month you also made you to fall I made you to worship me. But I don't want 50% for me 50% for you to be fake of the year you fall South do you play? No, this is

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just one month, and I will reward you for the other 11 the honor my liking the llama bond. So the brothers have use of the 10 brothers of use for the 11 brothers of use of they made a mistake but Allah gave one brother Yousuf and he was sufficient for the other 11 Similarly, one month of Ramadan is not only the reward of Ramadan, it is at least the minimum time sin, which means you have 10 months of fasting in your account. You still have another six days to force timestream to get the 60 that show well. So Allah gives you the reward of a year of fasting by just forcing one month. So this is how Allah multiplies that he would live so that you can intergender easily. That's what

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although once he wants to give you Jenna with the least amount of effort, go get Jana and Jen needs to be on offer in Ramadan and Alhamdulillah. The taste the sweetness of Eman, you will hear the aroma and the only speak about the joy of EMA and the love of a vida. And we might say yes and hamdulillah It's so nice to mix it up. But we know it's not the truth that we sell hamdulillah when they said that super

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Malakal, kudos Alhamdulillah it's done. Let's we all we all feel that way. Let's not fool ourselves. That when the thought always comes to an end, there is a sigh of relief when it is coming out. hamdulillah we feel a little bit, but we also feel sad. We also feel sad when it is coming. And when I'm abroad is coming to an end. Why are you feeling sad? Because for the foot a few moments for that month, you take the * out of a man, you tasted the joy of Eman. You felt how good it feels to have a man how ibadah can make you feel, you know, enjoy it while hamdulillah and that shows that you are in the right direction on the right track. Therefore you're near brothers and sisters. And

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can you really do you day to have an ear like this? May Allah grant us the commitment and the belief in Allah mercy that we can have an ear like this. We have special people all the time not only for Sahaba that Allah loves. And Allah and abbyson tells us in Bukhari and Muslim when Allah loves someone, a local video come here and says oh jabril I love Mohammed I love him, I love him, I love him, you know Miriam, I love so and so. So you must love that person, then God will say that he loves that person and he announces to the angels, all melodica a lot of so and so and if so and so. So you must all love that person and the angels will mention that person by name. This happens all

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the time. There are people living on this dunya whose name is being mentioned by Allah and God and the angels. Why not you? Why not me? Why not? Am I not good enough for you? Sure. is Allah's mercy selective for a certain color or race or person know for certain age you know, only the aroma. No, it is taqwa. This love is from taqwa.

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Say Allah. I want my name to be mentioned by you at the end of Ramadan. I mean, that when the angels come down and later to quarter, they'll come down with your name as well.

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

And that the people on earth will eventually also the true believers.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:19

will love that person who is a man and hamdullah we find that we love someone. We never make this person. So they sue the shoe much i love that image here for what he says why schools do the good he does. That's part of that email. So is this possible to achieve? Yes, he can be believe in it and now make that near

00:30:20 --> 00:31:04

and what pleases Allah? How do you get our love? How do we get all this love nevison tells us all of us is that to become a valley of mind to become someone that I love. Nothing else is nothing makes me love my servant more than doing that which is compulsory on him. Nothing is better to Allah than doing the follow up. So if you ask Allah, I love you, I want to do something for you that will make you love me What must I do? The best thing you can do are the compulsory things. Like Sala like Ramadan. So when you are fasting in your mind, no, nothing on Earth, I could do better than this. There is no ibadah that is better than this event at that moment in time.

00:31:05 --> 00:31:48

I'm doing 100% the thing Allah loves the most and this will bring you the love of Allah and just to enforce the power and what is the to be had in this month of Ramadan? Just to make you imagine when we think of the earlier sometimes we imagine the the guys are fighting feasability law that's through a man the guy who died fighting in jihad. How can I ever be like him? Yeah Allah we just make do Arreola to be Shaheed in half of your living really gonna happen you've already defeated the door because you don't believe I can achieve that. We have someone who passed away in sujood we passed away fighting Jihad we think wow, what the Mubarak person what this? How would I ever get the

00:31:49 --> 00:32:31

the something better than that that you can get? Which is Ramadan. How this hadith we thought of the alignment of the tin promise, Jenna is tells us as Heidi thesis, two men came to the prophet SAW Salem and they embraced Islam on the same day, these two men, one went off to fight Jihad and the other one live this life normally good pious person normal life and the one for jihad. He died. A one year later, the other brother died a year after that. So he said I slept one night and I dreamed of these two men. And I found myself in front of Jana, with these two men. And an angel opened the door of Jenna. And he called the one who died not in jihad. The other one who died a year later. He

00:32:31 --> 00:33:10

said you come to Jenna first. And after a while there was a pause. The angel came back and said now the Shaheed you can intergender and then he came back and he told us for you not yet. Your time will come, right. So tell how woke up. This is one of the 10 promised gentlemen, so it's time for January still to come. So he was confused by this dream. And he was so confused, and I've even heard about it and asked me about how Why are you confused about this dream? So God has said what we would all think. Why did the Shaheed go to Jenna second, shouldn't he have gone to gender first he died feasibility law. So the prophets have said no. Did the other men not live one extra year? The law

00:33:10 --> 00:33:14

said yes. And did he not witness one more Ramadan than that men

00:33:15 --> 00:33:44

and not make one more year of salah and therefore he's rewarded that Ramadan versus the Shaheed Shahada, that he would have Shahada is like the distance between the heavens and the earth. This is not to undermine by any account the Shahada, or the Shaheed what he's doing, but one, but we know and it just makes sense that jihad is not a pillar of Islam, it's compulsory at times, but Ramadan is a pillar of Islam. So take this more seriously than even jihad.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:28

This Ramadan is greater in reward more powerful in reward than even dying fee sebelah. You know, we were doing our weekly classes, we're doing the story of nebulizer and after Allah save Nabi Musa from Freetown, Allah wanted Nabi Musa to come and have a meeting with Allah not in person, but Allah was going to reveal and speak to him directly. This was the very words of of NaVi Musab the benefits of NaVi Moosa, but before you can go to any King or any powerful person who was creepy, so Allah wanted to prepare himself how did he prepare himself to meet Allah by fasting for a month, increase it to 40 days. This is what prepares MBA to meet a lot a month of fasting. This is what I think of

00:34:28 --> 00:34:59

that that you are preparing yourself if you make a lot of data at the end of Ramadan fasting properly, you are in the state to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's how powerful this month is. And if that's not enough, we know of the speciality of Ramadan. The gates of Jenna opened meaning it is easy to intergender and Jan numbs doors are closed it is difficult to enter jahannam in Ramadan and it's a special gift just for fasting. If you perfect fasting and you are known as the one who fasts properly. Your name is in that day of January and you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

That through that door into the door insha Allah, we know the shouting are chained up and they kept away, which means it's easy to do good deeds and difficult to commit sin that you are of the fasting person is not rejected. One of the types of people when they make a raise the hands and only accepts a dua is the forcing person, you're going to be in a Mubarak time. So use that time to make dua for yourself. And believe that Allah accepts that da and will grant you that do something better than that, and make dua collectively for the ummah. Maybe my da, yo, do Isaac enough to change the situation. But if all of us make dua, maybe Allah will change the situation. To believe at that

00:35:39 --> 00:35:47

moment in time, all your problems can be fixed, that Allah subhana wa Taala describes what is the reward of fasting.

00:35:48 --> 00:36:27

What's the word of fasting sometimes we hear the man who dies Shaheed 72 wholegrains or the one who doesn't, who doesn't, who keeps an orphan his reward is he'll be with me like this in general meaning next to nobody. So salami will live in a place close to nothing so seldom, we sometimes given the reward for the good deed right? We find Hadith and ayah, which tells you you will get this reward. Allah subhanaw taala basically says, very word for fasting is so great, I can't tell you what it is, you must come and see because I'm going to give it to you personally. Allah says the fasting is for me. So I will reward the fasting person for it. The way you force it, each one of you

00:36:27 --> 00:37:09

will get a special personalized reward from Allah. Specially would you each one a different type of reward just for you. Because this is a personal a beta between a lot and you was preparing waiting for us? Yes, God would. And Allah says whatever you do in Ramadan, multiplied by 10. How to make you understand what multiplied by 10 means. We know that the two attackers have budget, not the compulsory ones. The sooner ones, Allah says is more as more reward than the entire dounia. And everything it contains, if you were to give all the gold and diamonds and platinum in charity, the two records of budget is more powerful than that. That's the two records of budget. What is the

00:37:09 --> 00:37:52

toorak sooner what is the final two records worth? And the Ramadan is times 10. Ramadan is times 10 everything times 10. One Rand of charity we don't know how much I was going to give for that one and he'll give you 10 palaces or whatever times 10 in Ramadan, everything you do 100 times 10 in Ramadan, every second of Ramadan, and that's the minimum right that's the minimum later to call that is over 1000 months more than that there's no limit on top, the lowest point is times 10. And you have three chances brothers and sisters to get all your sins forgiven. You went to have your sins forgiven you think I need to go on hygiene. Yes, go on Hajj. But in Ramadan, you have at least three

00:37:52 --> 00:38:29

options. You will get your sins forgiven by doing this thing properly. Even if you don't make it stay far. One of us can have our sins forgiven today if we make proper instancia Toba and I like sipsey Palace Your sins are forgiven. But there are three types of a bother you can do in Ramadan if you do those three correctly. Allah guarantees for you zero sin, all of it big small Xena murder, whatever it might be gone of the account of the register. What are those three options? Who ever forced the month of Ramadan sadita visa Salam we will foster Ramadan with Eamon and sincere he believes they are aligned fasting for you and I want the reward just forcing the day. If you do it

00:38:29 --> 00:39:11

properly, at the end all your sins are forgiven option to whoever stands the month of Ramadan inshallah, Allah does not tell you standing mean in Surah Allah doesn't say how many records Allah Who ever spends the month of Ramadan in Salah he tries to do more. At least not to eat a single night go away without sadhana sola, ne stands the month of Ramadan in sada with Eamon and to believe and to believe that Allah will reward him or his sins will be forgiven and before the tick in Ramadan is to make sure that with the Imam because whoever stays the entire week with the Imam Nabisco says it is a lesson for him as if the we played the entire night in Salah. So you're alive I

00:39:11 --> 00:39:51

played the whole month from sheitel fudging Sala Am I not the one who stood in Sala EMA and YT serve and I stood I've done that the quality of my Salah is not perfect, but at least I have that opportunities for me. And if that's too difficult, then whoever resources whoever makes sada Eamon and stands the night of later to father. Now we don't know when little posit is. It can even be the first night of Ramadan. It could be the 30th night of Ramadan. We don't know it could be any night. But more likely it will be in the last 10 nights and more likely it will be the odd nights of that last 10 nights. So at the very least if you capture in those 10 nights, and you make extra solar and

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

you capture those entire 10 nights and Sala even captures little quadrant solder, all his sins will be forgiven. So Subhan Allah

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

These are the rewards. Then Allah gives you the clinical and the base of the base of Ramadan is the night of labor to ponder on what will make you understand what is later called, just to explain this issue, The Night of Decree. Allah subhana wa Taala knows the present past and future. And Allah has does decrease the future based on our actions as well and we have a say in that decree, but what Allah is going to do on the Night of Decree, there is a process in the summer like an annual process, where the angels are given the budgets, the Angel of Death will be given a list of names these people for this year you will pull the

00:40:40 --> 00:41:19

angel of mercy These are the people who will get very sick and mercy These are the people who will be born in the coming year and our names will analysts last year we will mention by name on some list either a list of this we haven't yet ended this year's budget could be that we die before the next little other but this later to cover that's coming if we have a we have a savior Allah lick goodness spirits in our records When the angels are given these people will have blessings and these people will be predicted make dua Allah put my name in the while we believe our decrees everything that he says also teaches that do our changes the decree that I will do our influences the decree of

00:41:19 --> 00:41:52

Allah. So if you know that the President and we as we like to make this example but if the President or the king is in a write down what you're going to earn for the year, but he's going to ask you How much do you want, you're going to say I don't want to I'm not going to attend that meeting like that. Do I Allah let goodness be in my book of decree. Let me live another year for goodness. And if you are going to take me out a lot of and take me away in goodness you can make that decision through your door I can make the decision. And we know that the Quran was revealed on that night, and that the decree for the years are going to come and the angels descend on that night. And will

00:41:52 --> 00:42:32

ever captures that 19 a vida and all you can do it's 12 hours 12 hours. If you spin that 12 hours in properly better, nothing more you can do besides salah and Quran that's the best you can do no special funny liquids that you can make. This is the best you can do is solder and Quran and you do that properly. Then you have 1000 years 1000 months of reward 84 years. What does 84 years mean? It means 84 years of solder, a fasting of jihad of charity meaning a lifetime of complete reward and loosen. I imagine you exist Ramadan, all your sins are forgiven. And you've given 84 years of goodness and your decrees worth it in goodness varnam law.

00:42:34 --> 00:43:09

This is what the objective of Ramadan so we make Nia Allah that we not only want to fast but we want to achieve these bonuses at the end of Ramadan and believe you can do it brothers and sisters. So how about made from the same stuff you are made. They have the same Quran that we had. It's our taqwa that must change. It was increase. Allah grant us that taqwa. I mean, and I am open and I believe that a pray that all of us have the best of Ramadan, we achieve it. And for those so sad for those who are not here, because they passed away, may Allah also continue to reward them and increase them. And Allah bless them in the month of Ramadan as well. I mean,

00:43:10 --> 00:43:52

also announcement of if you like our website will hamdulillah it's live, you can get the slides the audio from the website today, please join our website and you can get the slides and the audio. You can download it also just an announcement that the K fee plus the book retreats. Now this is a part of the forum's of Ramadan in South Africa, the book retreats, it will be available next week a fee. k fee is replacing the companion and the throwaway serve as it was to the mosque and all those things are in coffee and some excellent articles written by a local and international scholars just to remind us about things in in Ramadan. And funny that we have a

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cooking book in the month of Ramadan is supposed to be fasting but haven't realized part of our culture. And we bring people together with food. That's a good thing use the kusa to mcdow Well, hamdulillah it's available next week 1:50am in

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salaam aleikum, wa salam ala Sayyidina, Muhammad wa, salaam

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