Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Follow Islam as you have been commanded ) 6# )

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speaker describes the history of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa (the Hickman of the story) as a powerful source in the Quran. The Hickman gives a clear advice to the listener, saying that if they are called to rule by the Lord, they should not ask anyone else. The Hickman also gives advice on how to be a good Muslim person.
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solitude is one of the most powerful sources in the Quran, and one of the sutras that had a huge impact on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanaw taala. In the Surah. He tells us the stories of the prophets and what they face from their people, when they relate the message. And you ask what is the Hickman of the stories? What do we gain from it, Allah made it clear to us. He said Maynooth a bit before adding this while we tell you these stories, to make your heart firm, to make your heart firm. And he said it's a it's a more II than vichara that it's a instruction and reminder for the meaning. When you see the past prophets, what they faced a difficult day went

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through and helps us stay firm along the path as well. And then after their stories, and after he showed us the hikma Subhana wa Taala another verse comes and just a few small words, but with a very powerful meaning. When Allah said, first the team cannot omit to be steadfast as you were ordered. And we reflect on this. When Allah subhana wa Tada orders to be steadfast to be on the straight path. He said, Come out, omit. As you were ordered, meaning not as you see the fitting the way you want it to be leaving certain aspects and taking certain aspects, but that you enter into Islam completely, as he told us in the verse in Surah Baqarah when he said subhanaw taala to enter into

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Islam Caf completely in totality. And when you look into the verse in Surah, Al Azhar ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada told us that it's not up to a believing male or believing female, either called Hola Hola, su Imran, if Allah and His Messenger have decreed something that they have the HERA that they have the option they have to hear and obey as a lot of tourists throughout the Quran in surah, to know he told us that the way of the believer if they're called to rule by that which Allah has commanded and natural what His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has commanded that they say Submit Now while honor they say we hear and we obey Sufian ibn Abdullah, McAfee, Ravi Allahu and he came to the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said to me in Islam, something I won't ask anybody else other than you give him that one thing that's going to help me that one thing that's going to save me just that the best piece of advice that you can give me, he said la salatu, salam, Quran Bella thermistor to see my Lord is Allah and then be steadfast

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