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Are we let him know she's on the regimes winner. Okay, Mohammed Larrabee, Armenia salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marina Santa Monica, la vida cattle

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operation to Allah subhana wa tada Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us with a another day of Ramadan and quickly getting towards the middle the midpoint of this mother's month of Ramadan and how quickly it has gone melos pocket blessed us with what remains of it I mean, we have completed three sections of Central calf. And just as a quick recap, the first section we see to the first 10 verses which is a prediction from the gel, that first thin verses was about the concept was introducing the theme of the sutra, this technology the life will be challenging, you will have tests of ease and tests of difficulty. And the one thing that will be constant in your life. People will fail you your

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family might even failure, your health, your wealth will failure but the one thing that will be consistent in your life is the Quran. And this is your refuge. This is your safe place that Allah spoke about a group of people, the youth of the cave, who ran to the cave, when they were in persecution, they

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avoided fitness which they could and then they be they stayed in the cave for a number of they stayed in the cave to run away from his persecution and Allah subhanho wa Taala then went into detail describing the story. And we learned from of course, the people of the cave. You know the importance of having good company the importance of finding a solution that when you are confronted with fitna, the best thing you can do is to try and extract yourself from it. And for us our cave our prediction is the Quran. The third section Allah subhana wa tada spoke about speaking without knowledge, guessing, and especially orlimar who debate unnecessarily unnecessary questions asking

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are they were the people who look a fool with a five? What about the dog? What color is the dog these are unnecessary information and Allah subhanaw taala even told the Prophet peace be upon him because he forgot to say insha Allah, but don't you even speak without without knowledge? And Allah subhana wa tada then says to us, Allah puts the challenge so now that the truth has come from Allah, your choice to believe with the spirit, that is your choice, this is the life that we live in. It's what we make of it will ultimately determine our destination in the after. So Allah spoke about a garden that will last forever the previous ayah Allah Subhana says, without economic agenda to add

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an integer needed for those who believe those who follow this guidance, they will have a garden that will never ever die and eternal eternal reward. And Allah will speak about gardens in the next section, the fourth section of the surah it is the parable of the man was to head to gardens Allah Subhana Allah says in the 32nd is what the republic masala Raja Laney jannetty had imagined attain min and a half now Houma, Louisiana Bina humara. So Allah says, and put forward to them the example of to mean whether this example was actually really two men, two believers, or if this is a parable, something which Allah is putting forward, the scholars are not in agreement with regards to that.

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But the meaning really applies to all of us. So look at this example unless I give you the example of two men, one of them we had given him two gardens of grapes. And we had surrounded both those those gardens of grapes with the trees and we put between them fields of crops.

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kilter, Jonathan added akula Lucia, Jana Ferrara, Houma Hara, that these two gardens brought forth its produce, and they never come up to me said is to commit translation, meaning his fields, his crops, his day trees, they never, ever failed in the least they always produce, he gave him a profit. And on top of that, Allah says, We cause a river to gush forth in the midst of them. Now, side note here, someone asked about with regards to gender, and with regards to these things, understand that the Quran was revealed, it's for all time, but it was revealed 1500 years ago to the Arabs. So for them, the highest form of wealth will be gardens and palm trees and those things back

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to be made irrelevant to this day, I was saying, think of a guy who was given with, you know, he had massive plots of land, you know, people loved in these two massive, huge complexes that they lived in and surrounded it with skyscrapers. And in the middle of it, he had like an oil field, and he had countless cars and countless kinds of, of different investments, and none of his investments ever failed. Every single one of it gave him the maximum return. And lots of answers. Well, Canada who found out And on top of all of that, he had some really nice fruits, but he could say he had other properties. He had all kinds of investments. So remember what I'm giving you the parable of two men,

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one men, one of those men, we gave him all these bits of wealth, and it's interesting to say, to see how Allah says, Jan, now we gave him half now Houma that we put in those trees, we gave him every single one of these things, we gave it to him for all this rip, So now Allah has hasn't even told us about the other man. And unless Allah describes

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The wealth of the one person a lot doesn't describe the wealth of the second person, meaning that other second person has nothing. He basically has no wealth. So now these two guys are getting together and they talk. Well, how are we do and during the midst of conversation? He said an accidental mean commando was whenever I am someone to the rich man says the poor man, don't you see that I have more wealth than you and I even have more helpers, more children in the new beta children in the new my wealth and my children, I am a better person than you side note here.

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We mistakenly assume that wealth, and poverty is synonymous with success and failure. Even without kids, when we raise them, we tell them, you need to go through school, you need to work hard, why? So you can become wealthy one day, wealth, we've taken it to be equal to success. This man, the wealthy person automatically thought, because I have more than you, I am better than you. This was the first one that he did, he automatically believed that his wealth made him better, and allows it in the period previous if I gave him that I gave him that none of those things he could do from his own self, the water in the ground, the plants that grow the water comes from the sky, those things

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no control does that does he have it within from himself, this is purely from Allah subhanaw taala, they will. And we take this from our side today. When we look at success, we should not look and measure a person's worth in terms of his bank balance in terms of how much they have. That is not what success entails. Like if you think about it, we all will we into the world in the same way with nothing, we leave the world the same way with nothing. There's no rich or poor, when it comes to the grave. Everyone ends on the same way they start poverty and wealth or merely tastes. One person is going to be tested with poverty, that will be his challenging struggle in life, another person will

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be tested with wealth, how he earned it, how we spend it, what will he do with it. And as I said before, the heart the Sahaba and the people of knowledge and understanding. They always fear the test of knowledge, the taste of wealth, more than the taste of poverty, they saw wealth as a very, very burdensome thing. Because, you know, in the dunya a part of my job probably the worst part of my job is when I get audited, the auditors come and they question you on every single thing. This is like the most challenging part. Now there will be an audit on the day of kiama where every cent that you earn, every cent that you use, will be questioned by Allah subhanaw taala and therefore the

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Sahaba out of the the own, you know concern for themselves, they discharge their wealth in the dunya it also something to think about you and Allah speaks about the wealth a lot against I gave it to him, I gave it to him. Everything is on loan, everything's on lease, even that's why when you die, you have no say in your world, your world doesn't belong to you. Because Allah loan you that money, when you die, he takes it back and he distributes it to whom he wants not to the son or the daughter that you prefer. It goes to whomever they want. I ended up with this. So a lot of the policies that these two men, they were actually friends, and during the course of the conversation, the one seed

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one seed

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I am moving you in wealth and strongly in respect of main meaning I am I'm a better person than you. Now he didn't just knock on the door and says Assalamu alaikum Mohammed, I'm just here to tell you that I'm richer than you and I have more my better person exactly the Solomonic. No, Ellis is one who you have, in the course of the conversation, how many of us are guilty of this, that during the course of our dialogue with people, we like to flesh that which we have nothing wrong to have nice things, but we like to flesh it in a way that makes others feel inferior. We like to show off our wealth, we'd like to in the midst of a conversation and says, Oh, you know what, you know, and

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usually phrase in a way, you know, I had such a terrible, terrible holiday, you know, I went and it was five star everything but you know the room the AC wasn't working properly? Well, by the way we did yoga, what did you do, and you know, this person does not have that kind of lifestyle. And you put pressure on these people to match a certain lifestyle. It creates resentment, we live in one of the most unequal countries in the world. And we can see the resentment building up bubbling up. Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, one of the one of the evils of wealthy people, we'll talk about poor people as well. Each one is a taste. But one of the sins and one of the evils of a wealthy

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person is that they use the wealth to make others feel inferior. They usually wealth to belittle others and in fact, in their in reality. This is kind of an inferiority complex in themselves, that they measure themselves as well in me, in many positions. The Prophet peace upon him says, wealth is not in terms of what you possess, but it is the richness of your heart, that one person can be very, very satisfied with a little and another person has so many things, but he's constantly thinking about the next acquisition. The next thing that he doesn't have, he's constantly thinking about the things he doesn't have. We have someone else appreciates the little that he has, has one of the

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things of Ramadan is to show that the things that you have and we took for

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Granted throughout the day, just that glass of water that you know, leftovers in the fridge, how much we appreciate it, how much we should be appreciating it. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala trying to teach us in this month of Ramadan, the little that you have the so much of wealth, independence in reality. We are all wealthy people. We are all privileged people. So now Lord, grant us the understanding of Allah grant us appreciation. May Allah grant us not to be deceived with wealth. We'll continue with the story and see how this man's wealth actually ruined him in the dunya and perhaps even in the arcanum Allah protect us I mean, psychologically, the Solomonic law