The love between Prophet Muhammad SAW and Aisha

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says jasola Tell me about the hardest hardship you've ever had in your life, the hardest time you had. And then he started telling her about, about when he went to five. When people threw rocks at him, he was bleeding and you start to see them. And then he goes, and she's going through her menses. He goes, he gets her a cup of milk. And then he he goes, and he says, Hi schepis drink. She says yes or no, I want you to drink first. And then he goes, nah, Isha, please, I'd like you to drink first. So she drank smaller.

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And then the Prophet took the same cup, and then he turned it from exactly the same spot that she drank from, and then he drank from it.

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There is no germ sharing, or he sees wife. He gets a piece of meat. He said, I shall have a bite. She's the other Salalah No, please you have first she's no no, you have first and then she has a bissel like a morsel of meat. And then he takes that meat from the same spot that she had that bite from and then he had another bite and then when they finished eating I'm sorry to say this but this is simple Holly I'm sorry to say but again it's it's a Sunday. He takes her hand and then he

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after they finished food, don't you guys know when you eat through gentles will eat with it as they understand it would you rather than you lick your fingers? The Prophet took her hand

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and he licked her fingers? Yes, Allah say yes Allah. Oh

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this is love. This is the art of love.