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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying in a temporary house and not wanting to be criticized. They emphasize the need to remember one's origin and not forget about it. The speakers also discuss the history of Islam, including the use of "med strict" to describe bad behavior and the use of "med strict" to describe good behavior. They provide tips for increasing one's risk score, including staying in a healthy lifestyle and not giving charity. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding cutting corners and being honest in business transactions.
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Learn English at Domino, James Miller Manor human hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jermaine, my beloved brothers in Islam said I want to live but

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I want to ask you how you're doing because I can see from all of you really, really tired.

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Malaspina data, make it easy, set up about two and a half weeks left for Ramadan, two and a half weeks lift for us to push ourselves to the maximum, Allah grant us the strength to do it. I mean, yesterday, we began the story about the man with two gardens and lots of data says, I want a lot gives a parable of two men. And some of them I have mentioned that they were brothers, some of them they were friends, but they knew one another. And the one had been given a lot of different types of wealth. A lot goes into detail many, many Ayah three, four is explaining the different kinds of investments he had, he had properties and he had farms and he had livestock and crops in all these

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different kinds of wealth. And he had with in the midst of all this wealth, he had a river running through it. And Allah says that this wealth never ever failed him. I mean, the investments always gave him the maximum return. And after an Allah Subhana says, We gave him this, we gave him back. And after he had received all this wealth, what did he do? How did that make him instead of humbling him, instead of making him more grateful, he became haughty. He became filled with pride. And he said to his friend, and this was during some kind of discussion. Maybe they had an argument. Maybe they had a disagreement, maybe just out of in a way of saying it. He made his friend, he belittled

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his friend, he said, Do you not see that I have more money than you I'm richer than you. And I have, I am stronger than you in respect of me, meaning I have more helpers, I have better servants than you. In fact, I am better than you in the sight of people. So we continue what the * agenda to avoid Malinowski and he now entered his garden, he looked at his investments, he looked at his portfolio of investments, where who volume will lead to losses, and he was bracing himself. The person that was he was harming the most was himself called Madden and who had the evidence and he said to himself, I don't think this empire of mine will ever come to an end. Look how great this how

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many acres of land I have, it will surely this will last forever, this empire of mine will be there forever, and even when to a certain level and he said, mama Lusaka call him and in reality, I don't even think Yama is never actually going to happen. Whether inluded to but if I were to return to Allah in Arabi,

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Amina mukalla, surely I will have better than this for Allah because because there are good I am and how great I am. I was obviously going to agree with me even more than this. Now, this man's wealth, as we said, wealth, wealth and poverty are not are not rewards, not punishments, they are tastes. For some people wealth will be the reasons the intergender for some people, wealth will be the reasoning to jam them. And it's the same with poverty. For some people, poverty will get them to gender. For another group of people poverty will be the reason the internet janam this man or let's give an example of this man, how this man's wealth destroyed him, he began to feel himself superior,

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he began to feel that his wealth made him better. And in fact, he began to doubt even kiama Now many people will say, look, and this is the thing of the material world that we are in. We will know what if you also want to mistreat, you know, Muslim, do you believe in karma? So of course, I believe in karma. He says that, but what have you really invested for your garden in the Euro? How much of your time is actually invested in the Euro? With all your focus is on this world, all your effort all your Yo yo yo sweat and blood is to put into the garden of this world, when you're not really focused and you're not really your actions? Don't say that you believe in the hero. So this man use

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his entire life pumping it into his fields into his dunia investments, without any concern that I'm happy that they have an app here I'm going to like one shift mentioned it strange that we we spend our life and work hard to beautify our house which we're only going to stay in for 30 4050 years. But the house which we're going to stay in forever, you know this is only a temporary house the house you're going to stay in forever your cupboard. You are here that house we forget about we neglect so this man neglected he's our hero. So his frenzy to encourage the so called oh sorry boo. So the poor man said to him while you have it during a discussion during a dialogue at the felt

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ability to come in to Robin Misawa Corolla Have you made Cooper of Atlanta. cooperia Cooper has two meanings. Cofer means to disbelieve. Yes, and it also means to be ungrateful. It's two meanings here. For example, Fidel and sister Moosa. Are you making Cooper not believing in me? Are you ungrateful to all the blessings I've given you? So this man the poor man is saying, Are you ungrateful to Allah now? And he you know, how we sometimes say to people that are quite, you know, impressed with themselves. We say, don't forget where you came from. You may be now living in Bishop bishops code, but you will from district six also not so long ago. Right. So this man is telling his

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Remember where you began, before you became so rich, we will you, maybe you will also work in the fields. And in fact, if you go all the way back, Allah says, you began as a sexual discharge that events drops fell on your clothing, you would wash it off. And even before that you were dust. So Allah says, this is where you began, this is where you started sand and dust. And in reality, that's where you're going to end up again, that's where you're going to go. So do you forget that you forget your origin. So when you feel a sense of self pride, always remember, before I got I achieved this qualification, I achieved this level of income. Remember where I started? Remember my origin,

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you know, Subhanallah, behind our titles, behind the clothing that we we and the wealth that we have, we have a false sense of greatness. But remember, we didn't want all the we didn't all start like that. We started with much, much less and so easily, can we go back to that?

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Lackey now who Allah would be without we should not be shy, that he is my Rob, he is my Lord, and I do not make any issue with him.

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So welcome, Raja. And he says that, as for me, I say that Allah is my Lord and I do not come and check with him with anyone. Now how did this man come a chick? How did the wealthy man come a chick? And this is the dangerous thing. And this is this part is very important. When we think of chiraq we imagined someone worshipping an idol or maybe worshipping Jesus where he had to be like we said, we as Muslims, we can ever come a cheat sheet is the one thing that will cause us will cause somebody to interject them forever. So we always feel we say from shit because I'm extra year the poor man says to him, you are making schilke with Allah How? Because he forgot Allah completely. He put his

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wealth above that of Allah, He put his his dunya investments, his dunya pursuits, he gave the honor and the dignity he gave the his time and his effort to his dunya above that of Allah and in fact, he went a step further and he believed this is mine. I am the one that did this. This is my brilliance and my intelligence. So you could actually end up committing shield with your wealth. Your wealth can be the reason that you can achieve what you have to be

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what Allah so now he's teaching his friend what Ola is the hot agenda, Masha, Allah La quwata illa Billah so he says, It would have been better for you if when you interview God and then you saw all these amazing things you said, Masha, Allah, La quwata illa Billah that there is no power except that which belongs to Allah. Now he's teaching him a very important sooner.

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That phrase, Masha Allah, it's actually three words. It's Ma sha Allah vet which Allah wills and it is it is the sooner when you see something that you like,

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either in yourself or in someone else when you see it the first thing you should say but also before you say Wow, that's so beautiful, say Masha Allah, meaning you execute this blessing to Allah, because the minute you forget to say that you take the Baraka out of that thing, even in yourself, when you feel a sense of self something that makes you feel you look at yourself and you think well I'm looking quite good today say Mashallah, you look at your kids you say oh, look how nicely doing in school say Mashallah, and especially when you see something in someone else, that gives you a better sense of envy. I wish I wish I had that should have been mine. Say Masha Allah, La quwata

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illa Billah Lockwood, elaborate billah is a shortened version of the hola La quwata illa Allah, the prophet peace be upon him says that Hola Hola. illa Billah this phrase is one of the phrases as written on the doors of Jelena that hola means there is no change and La kuwa and there's no power except with Allah. Now usually when we say La La ilaha illa Billah people think we say for a bad thing right? You see something an excellent La hawla wala quwata illa Billah you know when the other end goes? Hey, Allah Sala halal for you supposed to say La hawla wala quwata illa Valencia, illamasqua mixer la, la la la, la la la. Right. It's not it doesn't mean that the whole level equity

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will means that no change can happen except with Allah's permission. And this is for good or for bad. So usually when we see a bad thing we say only Allah can change this and also when we see a good thing we say it's only from Allah so the adapt the thing that prevents you from you know you can harm someone unintentionally with your eyes This thing is called the evil eye right you it's mentioned in certain Falak The asadmin has been surely has it in either hazard someone's envy even if it's unintentional, it can harm someone just by that Ill negative feeling and the way to relieve yourself of it is to say Masha Allah, but even better to actually make barakallahu like May Allah

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increase you in that so you make do without that person hearing, you know, I wish I had that but Allah give this man more than that. He has a beautiful car. I wish I had it. But yeah, Allah May he get in second one like that. When you do that, the angels make dua for you. It was a hobby. Prophet peace upon him says, you want to see a man of the people of Genesis also, let me see I'll show you a man from the people of gender. And this Sahabi we don't know his name, he walks past the masjid and that's the man

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The second day, something similar. So the companions, we don't even know who the Sahaba is that walked by unknown Sahabi, one of the big Sahaba that we know. So one of the youngest Sahaba said, I want to find out who this man is. So he went to his house, and he said, Look, I had an issue with my father, my dad, can I stay with you for a few days? So he said, no problem. So he stayed with him for a few days, and he wants to see what is this man doing? That makes him a man from Jenna. After three, four days went by he says, You know what, I haven't seen anything. And he told him, Look, you must be I must be honest with you. The Prophet peace upon him mentioned that you have the people of

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Jenna, I thought you're doing some great Vicar or some gadget. In fact, in reality, I'm doing more than you, I do more damage than you I do more. As far as singling you what do you do? What What is it your secret? So the man says, Well, I don't know what it is, except the one thing I can say is that when I see a person getting something good in their life, they're moving forward in life, I'm genuinely happy for them, I feel good inside for them. And I want them to do better. And this is what I genuinely feel. So the Sahabi said, this is the reason why you have your personal agenda. And this is a very, very difficult quality to attain. Allah grant us that quality, we love for each

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other, what we love for ourselves. So he says in taurani now now is beautiful. This poor man was insulted. The guy says, You are poorer than me. Your kids or my kids are better than you I'm a better person than you. And when he went on to say he does, he doesn't think he is going to come and all this is mine. The man first began teaching her about Allah you He insulted Allah so the poor man defended Allah. Now he defends himself and then shows you another Tao methodology. So then the poor man's is in tyranny and condemning command and whether there will be any hate amin genetica. Are you serious? ban Amina sama, first fotospeed Hassan zanaco used to be hold on for them to study Allahu

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Allah. So then the poor man says, You know what? Why don't you like say, Masha Allah and you praise Allah for what you have. Don't do not consider that maybe Allah can give me something better than what you have. Yes, you have your wealth and your property. But a lot can give you something better. Not all blessings are the same. So one person is given wealth, one person is given beauty, but Allah can give you something else. So never ever discount the blessings that you have. We always judge success in terms of monetary success. That's just one type of blessing. How many people have so much wealth, but they don't have health, so much wealth, but the relationships where the family is not

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happy, so much wealth, but they internally miserable, so never ever think that we as much as they have heck equals to happiness. And then the man says, and Are you not afraid better, do you not consider that Allah can remove this blessing he can send a calamity upon your orchard your fields, or it could cause the water to sink in and disappear and you won't be able to reach it. And in reality, this is what happened. So with this, we this man didn't make it. But he just suggested it and Allah mentioned here, be very very careful of the people you offended that you are so the ill feelings the harm you cause to an A well we have a lot even though he doesn't make do against you

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but because you hurt his feelings. Allah subhana wa tada will take it into tribution on his side, and also the doors of people that you regard the doors of the poor, very powerful. So when you give charity, don't think I'm giving because you know I'm such a generous person, you are buying, they do us by they do us so that they can make the art for you and they can put barakah in your in your life. be selfish about it. I want all these people to make the art for me. So I give them I give them a better melody Will you mail increase you that is that is the Baraka in your life. So then Allah Subhana Allah says what will he be summary towards? Allah spent is explaining all the

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different types of wealth that he had. And then in two words Allah says and then we surrounded and destroyed his wealth all just so without any detail like that disappeared overnight. One second. It was done for us by your colleague, McAfee, McAfee and he began clapping His hands are shaking himself like hitting his hands in in sorrow of what he spent in the his 50 years of work disappeared in five seconds all that he spent disappeared overnight. Well, you have with another urrutia the talk was turned upside down by a coup de la Tony languishing there'll be either Oh yeah, Allah would I wish I had not ascribe any partners with you. So how quickly also never can always consider how

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quickly a blessing can disappear. Especially when you take it for granted Swan Allah we know that what speaking to my grandmother, grandma Long, long life, I mean, he was he was saying, isn't it amazing how we never ever considered opening a tap a blessing was made once it just you know, Allah Thank you Allah for the water that comes out of my tap. We never ever said that very few of us we flush the toilet, and we thought it was a blessing. Now to flush the toilet is a blessing, a lot. A blessing that we just took for granted. We withheld it and we pray pray Allah returns it so that we now appreciate what we have. We begin to count those blessings.

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heinola how many blessings they are, what I'm talkin low fear tinian tsunami de la Americana, mucho Sierra. And the same man who said I have so much strength and so much power Allah says he had no group to assist him when the calamity of Allah comes, no one is going to help you, your best friends, your money, your partners, your family, they get to stand one side. Allah says when the calamity of Allah comes, there's no group was there to help him against any could not defend himself with and it's too late to win the punishment of Allah comes. It's too late. So we jump quickly, and we'll but I quickly to the slides will talk about how to increase your IQ, right? So we skip to

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three slides of it. Right, next slide. Like how to increase your risk. Now, being wealthy is not bad. And you may understand from this parable, or Alex Toki against wealth not bad too. In fact, many of the senior Sahaba they were wealthy and having wealth is a is a it's an asset. It's a resource which could buy your place in general, the poor Sahaba complained to the Prophet Salaam they complained about the wealthy. They were envious Why? They said, just we force the first we make solar, they make solar, but they give charity and we can't give charity which means they have a higher place in general in us we can't compete with him. So your wealth is your opportunity to

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increase not in the dunya only Yes, it's fine to be comfortable, but more think of it more than that your Hara investment. So how do you increase your wealth from the Quran? There's a few. There's a few tips that we know of says to his people. If you make Toba you'll see some alchemy. Mirada Oh my people make soapmaking tober. Allah will open the sky and seen the rains down and suddenly we need we all should make Toba and he will increase you in wealth and children, and he will send the rivers for you just making Toba is defer Allah Subhana that's number one. Toba taqwa meaning being conscious of Allah, Allah says, and if the people of the towns had believed and held taqwa, we would

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have opened for them blessing from the heavens and the earth underneath as they so much of resources we don't know. And on top of so much resources, Allah says if we had taqwa, he would send it to us.

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It's a beautiful one. The prophets of Salaam says, if you want to increase your, your wealth in the dunya, then you keep ties of kinship. So that if you if you keep your family together, you're good to your parents, your kids, your brothers, your sisters, it will be a means by which Allah will increase you in your wealth, you will not pay chick to go further, then one of the ways to do it is to keep family ties. Of course, giving charity will only increase you in sadaqa charity. Also, Allah subhanaw taala says, the more you worship Him, the more he will increase you Allah says, oh, son of Adam, take time out of your worship, take time to worship me. And I will fill your chest with

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richness, and I will remove your poverty, the poverty of your heart and the poverty in your pockets. And if you do not do that, if you don't, if you if you focus only on making money. So somehow people sometimes message me and say, is it okay, I can make? You know, a third of this, you know, what they mean by work is so hectic, I can't make the word and a sermon, can I just make all of it are we you know, five, five watts, when I get home because work is important. So how are you putting the difference of your dounia over that of Allah. So Allah says, and if you do not do that, you don't give Allah His do HeyGuys do Shay of ebara. Allah, I'll make your hands busy. I'll keep you very,

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very busy in the dunya. And you'll you'll risk will not increase, you will work harder and harder and harder. But you won't go anyway. Panama alone make you lose double Hajin O'Meara is another means of increasing your your, your IQ. And we've seen it's amazing how people are people who never went for oma before in their life. Once they go for that first one, they seem to go every single year, they spend 30 years to save up for one camera. Then once they go for the first one, they go for the next one and the next one, the next one hegira that's for those who are losses if you leave a not only the Germans leave the country, but you leave a job. A job is a look this job a is going

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to give me more money, but it's bad for my team. I make hegira of that job and I go to a job which is less. Allah says I will give you more when you choose something out of duck what two choices Allah says I will give you more.

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And this one is a very easy one and perhaps this is the one that we should all be doing. Allah Subhana Allah sees and we get liquid but every time whether in Jakarta as he didn't know that if you just give sugar Allah says just say, yeah, Allah thank you for the blessings I have, he will give you more of that. Just count your blessings. We should count our blessings daily. And say Allah, thank you, especially now when we fasting, give sugar for what we eat, so that Allah can increase us to Baraka, our partners, our family, our Deen, the safety we have in this country. We should all praise Allah be before Allah takes it away. Being honest in our dealings, Allah the prophet SAW

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Selim says, When pop when two parties are honest in the business transactions is Baraka in it. When people are dishonest in the business and Allah takes away all the Baraka, that Prophet that you had will actually

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Destroy you it will actually have no, it will give you no blessings and then the last thing is always have dependency on Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says if the Prophet says if you will trust in Allah, He will surely and you put your trust in Him, He will surely provide for you as you provide for the birds. Every morning the birds leave the trees hungry, and they all come back every day. You don't see a bird dying of starvation. They all come back to the three fold up so Allah says, These are easy for all of us is no need to cut corners, no need to cheat, no need to go, you know, break the law for that or to put the deen second your music is there for you and Allah will provide for

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all of us. Now Lockwood Baraka in our music. Allah grant us blessings in hiding it may be a means that we will insert agenda May Allah not cause our wealth to be a means against us. I mean,

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we continue with our quiz. So there was no question last night and therefore we'll have a question this evening.

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When should you say Masha Allah? Should you say it when you are going to do something in the future? Do you say it when you forgot to do something? Do you say before you eat? Would you say it when you feel pride? Have any questions with [email protected] if you'd like these lectures, put dot zayday and we have a mailing list. So if you'd like to add your name to the mailing list, those of you who would like these lectures on your phone, take this number down it's a wait for triple to 130884 triple 21308 you can receive this this so you just send your your phone number you send a WhatsApp message and you'll be able to receive it via email or WhatsApp.

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These lectures Phaedra 40 rant video Tinder and my lovely says amin sokola hate us and I want to come

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