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alumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah should have been more steady and steady now Mohammed in Allah Allah He will savage My beloved brothers in Islam slimani Kumara La Habra, cattle

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How's everybody doing? And hamdulillah night number 11. And we're in the second third of the month of Ramadan. And as I said before, that it's usually this third, that that becomes neglected in a way that a third of the month of Ramadan is the one that we sort of lose focus, because monolight

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part of getting to the last 10 nights in the best frame of mind is what we do in this third, this middle section, don't lose focus and do the best you can do. It's also the section of forgiveness, that Allah subhanho wa Taala increases in the forgiveness of those who asked a lot. So make this make sure I mean Allah grounded all of us are exempted and experienced from our sins. I mean,

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yesterday we touched on the eye of Allah Subhana Allah says to the peninsula, he challenged me You asked me a question, I answered your question. Now say what will happen to me Rob become say that the truth is from Allah, dementia for human woman shaliach for so whoever view wishes, let him believe. And the river view wishes let him this belief, the choice is us. You have the option in what you wish to do. And this opens the door into the question of other predestination, freewill and destiny. We know from initial discussion, there are six pillars of Eman, six things you have to believe to be a Muslim, the last one of them. The final one is a man with a belief in

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predestination. He was sorry, he made the good of it. And the evil of it is from Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala pre designed everything. There's an article about faith, one of the essentials of being a Muslim. And why we go off in this tangent to discuss this this evening is because something big is happening, can I come up in the next couple of weeks, few days time, a massive event with regards to destiny, the Knights of elkader is on our doorstep. So we need to understand the implications of the of so how do we understand? So destiny basically in the English terminology, predestination or destiny or fate? What is it? It basically means that everything before you were

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born, was put out for you all your decisions, all the events that's going to happen in your life was determined before you were born who created right you'd like to skip, there was a script for you. And you follow that script. On the other side you have freewill, we nothing has been determined nothing has been pre designed any and as you do things, you make your own choices. Now what do we believe as Muslims? Which of the two do we believe? What do you think? Do we believe that our entire life is scripted? Everything that we do has been destined before? Or do we have free will and everything is in our hands? What do you think it is?

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So the one brother says he's on the view that it is predestined has been decided before someone else do you all agree is the only one must have? Yeah, do we all agree with that method? with a different mother? Very strange if only one mother bred

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both of our badasses No, not neither. I believe in both and that's the critic that's the month of Gemma, understand that this is one of the most controversial issues in theory, theology, not just in Islam, or religion. In fact, all people struggle with this anyone that believes in a creator has this problem, you know, because part of Alice's prediction is that nothing can happen without ease decree, right? Almost perfect. Nothing can happen without God's will. And then if we say that then we begin to get into this this this discussion in our minds, what if Allah decided, if I'm going to be a believer, this believer I'm going to general Jana, how's it my fault, it was all of it decided

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I'm coming to the masjid or not there was all of that decided if I'm going to be a believer in this believe I'm going to be charitable or not. So everything is ultimately in all those hands. Now we have this internal conflict and these debates have gone on for 1000s of years. So there are two extremes. This is one extreme called Java where everything you're on a conveyor belt, you have no choice and they say this group will describe as you would like leaves on the tree. The wind blows you you have every movement This is by the wind you have no control at all. The other group is of course complete freedom. They'll hold the other the other Jamia complete freedom, both these groups

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we reject that and as soon as we say we believe in both Allah predefined everything and everything you have free will. Now let's discuss each one individually and then explain how both is possible. So let's prove that Islam that let's prove that Islam believes in both let's let's give evidences for this as we said one of the themes of pseudo Caf when we speak of Allah, we speak with evidence. So I need to give you evidence for that right this is you must start getting into that motion whenever someone with respect. Can you give me evidence for that? Please, can you give me a reference for that this is part of how you how we protect ourselves. So our belief with regards to

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our laws, Destiny predestination is full level so in your mind, you picture this, what is this issue of predestination, there are two sides of it two sides of the coin, these destiny and this Free Will this thing is broken down into four levels will be

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Believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala has knowledge of everything right we there's no problem everyone understands that Allah knows the future, the present the past, Allah knows every single scenario possibility. If if the if the sun, you know if it was a one degree hotter, what would be the impact if 1% more than failure? What would be the impact every possible scenario, Allah has all the all the permutations, Allah knows all of that, before he created everything, Allah knew that that's fine, no one can argue with it. Then we believe number two, Allah created this thing called the problem the pain of the first creations. And Allah said now inscribe, right all of my knowledge

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down in a book, right to the second level is a lot of down everything. The third level, Allah looked at all the different permutations, and this is the controversial one. And he decided which ones will happen and which will not happen. He decreed some of them to occur, and some not to occur. And then allow the fourth level he actually created what he will, he chose the ones he chose. So they could have been this kind of Mohammed or that guy, he could have been a to Mohammed bin Mohammed or whatever kind, but he chose this is the one I'm going to create, but that's the kind of Mohammed I'm going to create. Now evidence for this, Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, through Hadith masabi

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mercy, but in fill out of the water, FEMA, uchumi lucky to have him in Kabul, that no disaster befalls upon you on the earth or within yourselves, except that it is in a register from before meaning before you were created before we bring it into being. And indeed that is easy for law. So it's very, very clear that all of this has been written down before we actually occurred. And the last is in Nicola in her lap now because, indeed, everything we have created it with color with predestination, everything has been pretty fated already. And even more explicitly, the prophet peace be upon him says Allah has written the measurements of the creatures of all things that is the

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future of everything. Although I wrote it down 50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth before he created anything, he already wrote it down. And he's thrown a lot thrown his above water in other Heritage's and the pages of the snugride the ink was written Colossus dried, permanent ink now when we look at these evidences appears like there's no room for free will Yes, when you look at these evidences, it looks is zero room for freewill. Yet at the same time you find in the Quran, Allah Subhana says, like we mentioned in the iron pseudo half wave of you wants to believe me forever if you don't want to believe you have the world you have the choice, the choice

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is yours in another is the queen Alexis dementia, I mean, come as the him, whoever of you wants to be righteous to be righteous, it's in your hands. So Allah has given evidence as to that. Look at this hadith even more explicit in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim. Now, before mentioned the Hadith, one thing that if I ask all of you now you will say, if I asked you, you do Is that something you can change? Will you say you This is

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the date, please how you're going to die? Is that something that you believe is changeable?

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Look at this Hadith, Allah says, This is the Prophet says, Muslim, whoever would like his music to be increased and his life span to be extended his life to be explained extended should uphold the ties of kinship, meaning a lot decreed for you 50 years, you can actually increase it to 70 years by keeping the ties of kinship. So if your death even your exploration, they can be extended means everything that is pre designed, you have some influence in it. So from this we have this evidences that the is different the predestination and these evidences that we have free will, how do we join them? And that this question how they both interact with one another is not very important question

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to understand. I don't have to understand how this mic the science behind the mic how it goes, my voice goes in the amplifier, I don't have to know how it works. You just know how to live with it, use it. But the other might have gone into an theorize. Look, this is one of the deep mysteries of Allah. But Allah have come up with some things to make our minds put at ease so that you don't spend all night tonight thinking about this, you know, bothers you? How does this work? So they give some examples. One example is that Allah subhana wa Tada. He has mapped out all the different courses you could take, if you make this choice like a flowchart. If you do this, yes, no, this is what's going

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to happen. The implications are mapped out. But you still make the choices. The destination was pre mapped out you with me, you understand, like the GPS map, you decide the turns you take, but ultimately the destination is has been pre mapped. But the choices the turns you make, those are us. Maybe a very easy one of up to you. This example is very simple. To show you in your everyday life. I always ask you the clothes you're wearing right now who chose it for you. Either you chose to your wife chose it for you, right? It was someone chose that took out the carpet, you had a list of clothes, you had a set of clothes, you chose one outfit, but if it was storming snowing outside, you

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would probably be doing something else. Yes, you'd have chosen a different outfit. Now that choice you made was your choice, but it was influenced by a loss decree. A logically the winner you didn't control that. So in one choice, you had your freewill, but it was the

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pendant on a decision Allah made and almost basically saying your life is based on that. You work hard and you get insha Allah you do well in school, but ultimately what family are born into what economic situation you have, what environment you are, these are all going to influence you, meaning you're constantly influenced by external factors. Allah SCADA is always influencing you, when you still have the ability to make the choice. So that's how we understand it. This is a very beautiful and very scary and a very beautiful eye as well Allah says about the bunnies.

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And once they turn away from me, I turned them further away, meaning when you choose a course of good or bad, allow makes it easier for you to get to the destination. So you decide, okay, I want to become a better person when you can walk into Allah, Allah anstieg. Now Allah puts in your way, reminders that you didn't expect, Allah opens doors for you that were not the main initially for you. But because you made the right choice, Allah facilitated for you, you gave charity. Now a lot opens up a new door of music so you can give more charity and so on and so forth saying, Listen, you do one mistake. And then Allah says fine, you've turned away from me. Now I will influence bring

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external influences to make things even worse for you. So that's how we have to understand these things. Ultimately, we said, this is a very unique situation. The only two creations that we know that has this only as engine, every other creation of Atlas creations like the sun, the moon, completely compelled they submit without any choice. Allah has given us in gene the ability to choose very unique creations. That's why the angels were like sketching the hidden they said, Yeah, why would you create these people? Why will you go through this experience experiment? Again, we saw with the gene, what happened didn't work out? What about these creations of this creation of Adam,

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you're going to do it again? So Allah says, I know something of them. You don't know. I have? No, there's some goodness in them that you don't know. So how do we apply this color in our daily lives? Very simple.

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We live our life as if though, every choice is in our hands. When you go and see Chris, don't say, well, Allah provides so I'm not going to do anything. That's laziness. That's not that's not. That's not even. That's not even. That's laziness. When you are sick, you go and search for the cure. When you you in your mind, you take it my position in general janome has not been decreed it's up to me, I need to block my seeds in general, I need to save myself from Jannah. That's it's in my hands. So you work hard in this dunya for the outcome. You don't say my mom and dad, what am I study? I'm a man of a man, Allah has decided when I'm going to pass or not. This is a man that's a man that's

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laziness, right? So you work hard as if those are going to pass the exam is everything all possibilities open. But once the outcome has been given, once after you've worked so hard, and you put everything in your in your power, but the result came out in a certain way, either you succeeded, you don't say are those mice my hard work? You say no, Allah declared this for me. Or if you fail, you say I've done my best. But this was a decree of Allah, that when you've taken all the precautions, and the doctor says, well, there's nothing we can do that you know, so and so has passed away. Now. It's nothing I can do with Al Hamdulillah. We accept the decree of Allah. So in

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life, you live by doing this, by working as if though you have the choice, when but when the result appears itself, we attribute the result to Allah. And we are people of a people of any great we never, ever live in regrets. Prophet peace be upon him says, never, ever say if only so and so if only, you know, if only I was in this area, I was from this family who I had the surname went to that university, then my life would have been suited. I don't, that is not a way of believing Allah has decreed a set of circumstances for you. Knowing that everyone is no everyone's got a gun got the circumstances to succeed in this dunya in the dunya and akhira. Allah has made a way for all of us a

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lot of that burden anyone beyond the ability, so work hard in the dunya and strive to attain that for the dunya and akhira. Now I move on to layer two color, how does it fit in this whole picture the night of the night of destiny. So like we said, a lot determines things, but you also have input.

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Once a year, this gathering, all the angels get together with Allah subhana wa tada and Allah gives them the decrees for the year to come. The angels don't know the future. The angels don't know the angel of death. He does not know whose souls are going to pull wait and wait. This is given to him by Allah. And it's understood that is on this night as a lots of hands is inserted on indeed we seen the Quran down during a blizzard night indeed we will to warn mankind. On this night on the night when the Quran was revealed is made distinct, every precise meta level may clear the matters of color to whom to the angels. So the angels will be informed on this coming evening or this night in

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the next couple of days. This got one of these evenings, who are going to get who's going to get the music who's gonna get help, who's gonna get death who is going to

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I was going to be successful in the dunya, who's going to be it was going to fail in the dunya we're going to live was going to die. All of us we are going to be on a list. Every single one of us sitting here, we are going to be on our names, our family members are going to be on one of these lists, for good or for bad. We don't know it's called arbitrarily determined. But Allah gave us the opportunity to have our input on it we can make dua, the prophet peace be upon him says nothing changes color, except da. So your do as Now is the time now in Ramadan when you do as I do so accepted. Now is the time just think about this. You know, sometimes we don't we don't appreciate

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this. We know if we add the President on speed dial, and he just asked me it will happen, will believe I've got a connection. All of a sudden you've got me basically on speed dial. If you want some new life you don't see a way out financially or medically or whatever. Just make dua, let Allah decrease, Allah, whatever you declared for me in this year to come, let it be the best decree for me piety decree, for me health, the key for me Baraka in my money in my children and everything in my exams, make the door at least you've got that opportunity. I've got that opportunity and it's coming up now. It's coming up now, in the next week or two, this Night of Decree is going to come and this

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night. We said not only because this night is so special and holy, some some massive event that's going to occur like you know, the budget of the Parliament gets together, the angel parliament is all getting together. some amazing things happened on that evening. On that evening, as we say, all the angels will receive a decrease, but they will come to the dounia they will all descend to the earth and unless is set up they will be complete mercy and forgiveness. So these are night in the next few 20 nights the next few 19 nights with is complete mercy and forgiveness. If you make dua, Allah will forgive. So there's a night of amnesty and who ever plays any type of soda with a man he

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plays even if it was to rock as with proper Eman, Allah will forgive all that sense. And then the greatest reward and I end up with this great great reward when our describes a little harder what is the last one Morocco Morocco Qatar, what will truly make you understand appreciate the greatness of it. What is it? You mean Alfie Shahar it is better than 1000 months? What does this mean? Perhaps the best example I can give? Think about your salary. Anyone want to tell me what the monthly salary is? You know, right. So if it's 10,000 Rand, you earn 10,000 Rand a month well hamdulillah Allah says, I'm going to multiply that by 1000 for one evenings work from mockery until Isha for marketing

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until fudger. If you put effort in that one night, he was acidity, I'm going to multiply so you've instead of getting 10,000 What's 10,000 times 1000 10 million you're gonna get 10 million Rand if your boss told you and I mean this is this is we our Eman needs to get to we need to we know this. We need to believe this a lot is telling you and me in the next couple of in the next two weeks, two and a half weeks, these are nights that if you work hard, sincerely on that night, your monthly salary will be multiplied by 1000 you will get 10 million 20 million, whatever 5 million whatever it is, how would we work? How would we strive how what if it would be make, right let's just put the

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dounia I was talking about 1000 months of rewards. If your boss gave you 1000 months salary, it's a lifetime and you say to me I can I can retire after that night I can retire. That's the same with us. If you calculate it for me, I catch it once in my life so long as you don't squander it wasted. I've set myself up to the Acura my pension, my qiyamah pension is the it's done. My place is done. I have achieved. I don't have to slog for another 83 years of part of Eman. 83 years of worship. I have the reward of it. I just don't have to waste it through sin. But that's what I was giving you a lifetime. A lifetime gift is coming up in the next two and a half weeks. We don't know that night.

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Because every night and don't take it it's only the last 10 nights It could even be unlikely but possible to even happen before the last 10 nights but most likely in the last 10 nights so May Allah grant us only good Messina books of Decree May Allah grant us only success in this little corner. We don't know yet love is our last Ramadan. But if it is our last Ramadan latest all captured a little further put on our scales that reward of 1000 months here Allah and lit none of us leave this month except that we are forgiven of all our sins. I mean, tomorrow we'll we'll continue to recap. We are now on our fourth section of the surah. The man with two gardens. And this is perhaps the story

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which is most relevant to us today. One of the most relevant stories of Sukkur we'll discuss that tomorrow. Insha Allah questions.

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Last night we asked what is the

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right we ask what is the highest level in general, we see the highest level in general general CEOs and we see what is the true Night of the restaurant. Question. The

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question was what is the tree that grows in Ghana? And that tree is the comb the tree of the comb. I mean tonight insha Allah. Tonight's question is what is the two? What is true? So which of these are true with regards to Lady Gaga The Night of Decree? Which of them is true Islam recorded on the 15th of Siobhan Yes or no? Is it true that the label quality is always in the last 10 nights of Ramadan? Is it always on the 27th of Ramadan? Was the Quran revealed on it? So which of those four options is correct? Any questions or concerns with gmail.com? One one last quick, quick message

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announcements. I just want to spend this time to Sage's Aquila, head Maloney award you we have two great events. One of the great one was the ceiling look was damaged through rain Alhamdulillah. within two days, every oversubscribed VC people have donated so much. And I like to think that because you know how these investment houses they will say since nine since 1815, whatever whatever it might be 1925. So we can say this magic was 150 years has been giving returns to those who have invested in this measure. Those dividends have been paid the blue cup massage have have a track record of returns from hamdulillah. within two days that many funds was raised and Alhamdulillah

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repeat the roof but you can continue giving to nursery school that's also been here for many, many decades, continues to teach small kids the basics of Islam. So that's another subject area if you could contribute towards and we had our opening started this evening. So for those who have contributed mallari Award and except from us, and May Allah grant blessings to our orphans and Allah make it easy for them. I mean, Jazakallah Haider said I want to come over to get to