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We learned Machito no James Miller manual him from the denial of the law to mean but salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Sayidina Muhammad Ali he will savage My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah the 16th night of Ramadan two weeks time from now we'll be looking for the moon and seeing if it's a barren which eat and so just two weeks left of this Blissett month of Ramadan May Allah grant us to to be strong in these two weeks. So this is the base of the month to cover the base gifts of this month is to come inshallah, before we begin, a couple of questions came through the WhatsApp. Couple of them some of them are quite quite hectic. We'll discuss each other we'll see how much time we have.

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First question quite easy. We find that as we resize through the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada mentions the ebony slot. Right? It's wrong, it's wrong. Now you look on the news and then we say we in favor of Palestine. There's no such countries Israel is only newly invented it you find in the Quran, Allah mentioning this place who this word is or eat all the time. How do we understand this? In reality? Yes, the country that is known as Israel, Israel has only been in existence for 70 years, never there was no country like that before. But Allah speaks about Bani Israel. He is sort of he is now via the via coup the son of NaVi is hot, the son of NaVi brought him so that he brought

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his grandson was Yaqoob yaku had 12 sons, one of them was used, his nickname is brought in. So we know from the story of Nabil Yusuf that the whole family moved to Egypt after a while they got the the family of Nabil Yaqoob are the children of B and abeokuta are the children of Israel the sons of Israel, he became a tribe and they became enslaved by fit around and that's where Nabi Musa story appears and hamdullah we're doing a series Juma The Chronicles of Narnia moves up. So tomorrow inshallah we're going to do the, the show of the face off between the moose and Farah on this great debate between these two, these two men is in our Juma tomorrow, but it's an ideal day for his nebia

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qub. Allah speaks to my niece or in Allah saying, oh, offspring,

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descendants tribe of NaVi Yaqoob. And also just from a genetic point of view, the actual people that were the descendants of NaVi Ibrahim, they don't look anything like the Israelis we see today, the blond blue eyed fi This is European features, and be able to aim and be jacoba the use of these Middle Eastern people that if we were to trace the debate of Libya Brahim would not be those that loving Israel in but you'd find them more in huzar or in Palestine. But of course Allah we don't look at the race. We don't even look at religion. We look at humanity, what's happening in Palestine. It's not an issue of human religion. It's an issue of humanity if the tables were turned,

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and it was a Muslim government doing that to a Jewish people, we would say that is wrong. That is wrong. And therefore we the people in Palestine and the people in Tel Aviv should remember the story of Musa Musa and this is being played Which side do you think is Moosa? Which side is fair? On which side is David which side is Goliath? hamdulillah next question we find in the Quran, Allah says many times and we created and we gave and we did this Why does Allah speak about poodle? You know, those a little girl? The teacher the mama told her you know, Allah is one Allah is one and she said that I find that strange I'm then five How can only be one and how is that possible? How can I be bigger

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than Allah? Right? Obviously we speak or the oneness of Allah, Allah is one and only any singular, but the term we this is an Eastern phenomenon you find in eastern languages

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Hebrew in the Indian languages a lot out of the we have a royalty so instead of saying I created I did this I did this we our majesty and our power, but it's interesting you find in the Quran when Allah changes the pronoun to me and I it's very personal and if you if they asked you about me than I am, and Allah uses that singular pronoun instead of the poodle, we me and I musician I'm close to you Lola changes the pronoun but that we use obviously not in number but in power.

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Question on what is weak Hadith strong Hadith is a very big question. But just to summarize very quickly, had if our, you know pieces of information about the life of the Prophet of Islam, you know, find you find stories one person says the Prophet peace upon him he fostered on Monday, you find another person says he made eight records, you find another person CCD, the CD that lots of information, not all of it is authentic, not all of it is reliable, lots of stories. So this the scholars of the past time even before Mr. Bahari, you know, a few few decades after the death of the prophets of Salaam. Allah went through a process of authenticating this information they took every

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piece of it we had even generation said let's look at it let's study it, can we can we rely on it? So some had, if they would say is strong meaning it's very, very reliable, we have, you know, 95, even 100% certainty, the Prophet peace upon him he said this he

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that somebody we're not so sure there's some, there's some problems with it. So it's in the middle, you know, it hasn't, it's okay, we can accept it. But we're not 100% Sure. Others we can say are completely weak or even fabricated the Prophet peace upon him. Never ever see that this is all it's made up. So that's what we mean by fabricated and weak Hadith. So, as we said, there are many, you know, when we say strong, we mean reliable headings, headings that you can trust. It's sort of certified. And remember Holly Rahim Allah, he's his analysis was the basis of all the scholars of Hadith, and therefore his book is called sight. Why? Because every, every Hadith in that book has

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been tested and authenticated. And as for the other books, most of it authentic, but you find weaknesses in the last question. And this is perhaps the most deep one. With regards to the story of the two manuals to gardens, how do we apply that it's a fitness wealth? How do we apply that to the world that we live in today? So really long question, but just something to think about. South Africa is perhaps the most unequal country in the world, in terms of wealth. This is a huge fitna, in our country. And in perhaps Cape Town is the worst of South Africa, Cape Town is the worst. So you find statistics as doing some analysis. 55% of this population lives with 1000 Rand a month,

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that's what they have to survive on families, you know, 1000 Rand a month, where as you find the top end, two people in South Africa own the wealth of the rich, like, you know, 50 plus percent of our country's wealth together, two people own it. Now, this cannot be correct, this cannot be right. This is something wrong. You know, you don't have to be an expert. You don't have to be a religious person to say this is wrong. But some people will struggle their whole life just to put food on the table with other people, you know, the shoes they weigh is worth all the assets of another group of people this isn't wrong. And this as I was mentioning, his horrible calf Remember, this is a

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guidance for fitness to prevent the coming of the gel, close to the end of time, you will have extreme extremes like this. And therefore we need to do something to break the cycle, to break this poverty to break this inequality. Islam is not is not communism, it isn't say just take the wealth of everyone and we divided by everyone equally, that's not Islam. Islam doesn't say that. Islam also not against, you know, capitalism, in the sense of you can make a profit, yes, and you can become wealthy, that's fine. You can work hard, and you can enjoy the luxuries of life. That's not a problem, but to a level and to an extent, not to the point we exploit others remember, what did the

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rich man do? He abused the poor man use his wealth to be little to make the other man feel inadequate. This is the problem with a wealthy exploited the weak This is what Islam is against this is a form of oppression is the modern day form of oppression. And yes, if we look at our history, you know, freedom has come. But for the last two decades, not much has changed on the ground for a lot of the people and we beginning to see the frustration, you begin to see people rioting and the violence increasingly against violence, but the frustration is understandable. Now to many people that are so if you earn more than 1000 Rand a month if you live in Hana, you privileged think about

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that, obviously, people are even more privileged. And you find like that rich man you find people who have so much privilege, they aren't argument will be like this rich man is me. I worked hard for this money. No one did me any favors. I studied hard, and I went to university and my businesses did well. Also behind a lot of fact that you could go to a school that had electricity, that you had teachers that were the the fact that you had the opportunity to go to university, you didn't have to work a job to pay for your university, the fact that you had food on the table, that means you're privileged, right? The fact that your family didn't have to start from scratch because everything

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was taken from them. And to start from zero, like that is privilege. So Allah guidance to those who have number one, remember what you have is a gift from Allah. And it's only temporary because you're gonna take it back. Either you give it share it, not all of it, share it, or it will be taken from you the day you die, you're going to lose it and I was going to give to someone else won't benefit you. You're only holding on to it for a few years and then I was going to take it, share it. And if you continue to hold a lot with this disease in the people's hearts when you hoard that you become you never ever get satisfied that people have you know, we think you know so you've got Clifton

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you've got the bishop score you got Constantia, you got Kim spray, why do you want buka also, why do you you know when is it enough? When will you finally be satisfied and this is what wealth does it makes you never you never feel true happiness alone will make you poor on the inside. When you look at people that she again when we say she we don't mean he gives all his wealth away. That's the only a very few people do that. But they feed people they sponsor an orphan 502 sponsor an orphan 1000 Rand a month to sponsor an Imam, you know, to put something in the masjid and you see people benefit from you though happiness you get from helping other people is more valuable. You would enjoy that

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more in that extra wealth. If you Subhanallah instead of buying you know a

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2000 pair of shoes that you bought, you know, two pairs of shoes 1000 and each and you got to see someone wearing that shoes that didn't have shoes. It will make you happier than winning the 2000 shoes on let's we'll bring you happiness in the dunya. And of course in the Acura, it's a great reward. So this is something which we as those of us who are publishers understand that if we continue the cycle, it will be detrimental to all of us, all of us are going to suffer we're going to see these riots and things are going to become more violent. So Allah protect us and grant us understanding to to save ourselves from this fitna. Back to supercap also spoke about the jinn.

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Allah spoke about the police. We spoke about his football he would give on the deaf piano. So Allah says about those who worship he believes those who follow the gym, those who obey the gene, Allah says Mashhad to Hanukkah sama what you will

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see him mama Quinta de de nada, that the gym he believes he did not he was not very when I created the heavens and the earth. Everything that you worship besides Allah, it's a very, very simple, very basic argument was making whatever you worship, wherever you go to for assistance asked, Did this thing, this gene, this idol, this Navy, this hazard, this climate? Did this thing create the heavens and the earth? If not, then how can you worship anyone besides that? Because only only the Creator who controls belongs everything belongs to him. So Allah says they will not be when I created the heavens and the earth. They didn't even see how I created themselves. The jinn don't know we don't

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know how Allah created us. We went up the mountain with Dr. Medina and I was I will never ever take those who sprayed misguidance as helpers I do not need helpers, especially the likes of the police in the gym. Now we've still on the on the on the issue of gamma Matsuyama Coronado Shoraka Latinas am to further home for now Mr. De Bula home with Jan la Vina who moved the car a lot as an added humiliation for those who come and cheek a little sensitive kiama come you call them in the dunya you insisted that they will help you now here's your opportunity on kiama who those who worship besides me Will my partners now call them we are you know, and we said when we talk about chick even

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at men What did they say to the rich man and maybe this is the religion we speak about today. The religion of you know secularism obscene materialism the man said to the poor man see the rich man you are worshipping your money you're committing *. So I was gonna say now call your money now. Call your power in your army aquatic now Kiana what's going to help you and they will call out but obviously no one will respond. No one is going to stand up. And unless Allah says they will call for let Mr. g vuillaume there'll be no answer they will call out to all those things that they took as part of the law, which Allah binomo before and they will be a barrier we Valley in fact, Moby caught

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some animosity. It's a place in jahannam that we placed in this place called Moby caught between them a valley of punishment. So part of the punishment is that they will go to jahannam with the things they worshipped so as a punishment and added punishment, this is what you you, you worship in the dunya your power, your wealth, your idols, your statues, all of it is with you in gentlemen, of course this is excluding people like maybe Isa who will not worship because of themselves.

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Even though Allah will osnovy sounded FTM I did you tell the people to worship you and your mother in kiama? was in a question of Isa Did you say it and at least we'll have to testify I did not say that I only said to worship you what almajiri Moon and narrow further No, and no Morocco and Hamas if I'm Allah protect us. So basically, when once the judgment is complete, we sit janome is like a cliff, that people will fall into be pushed over into it. So when it is done, the those who the majority mean meaning the criminals, also the criminals, they will now get to the fire and they will see it and they will realize that they're going to have to go in it and the angels basically will

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throw them push them over the edge. Allah speaks about that moment. Imagine that moment, that feeling of looking down and this is where I'm going. And conversely, when Allah speaks about the doors of gender being opened, when you step inside, knowing it's over, no more worries, no more stress I've made so Allah speaks about dimension, that feeling that moment at that point of those will fall into jahannam versus those who open an inter step into the doors of gender. So Allah says they will find no Messiah, no way of escaping jahannam and then Allah plays on words in the next ayah and will conclude with this, what are called a seraphina he had and could actually Nassim

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including the method that we have made. sarafa means to make different we've made different examples in the Quran. But if you look at if you jump to the previous I alysus they will find no muscle if no refuge that also is we've made this good on many different muscle fibers like different refuges, different ways of prediction in the squat. And we're always saying I have put the screws on in many, many different ways for you. And you find guidance in it from when you were when we were children. We read the Quran and we took guidance. When we're teenagers. We read it for different reasons, marriage, intimacy, those things we read the Quran maybe as youngsters then we read the Quran as we

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get older, but

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Children inherit wealth as we get older we read about, you know, different things the Quran is with you all the time. It's amazing. It's one of the miracles of the Quran. Allah says, I've put this could unfold in many, many different ways in asmin Colima every kind of example you can think of. It's in the Quran. We're currently in Santa Clara in Santa Clara, Shane cedella. But mankind is always trying to argue with Allah, he's the most argumentative of all those creations. The last Hadith we mentioned here, the prophet peace be upon him came one night to Fatima and earlier of Yolanda, his daughter, Fatima, and her husband and he was in the middle of the night. And when he

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came in, he found him sleeping. And he was quite surprised to see Hadith is humble. And he says, I you guys not up for tahajjud profit assume you would make the making dadgad. So say Rasulullah is tired. He says, Don't be like harsh with us. So don't feel upset. When we fall asleep. Allah takes our souls and he keeps it there and he didn't give it back to us yet so that we could make that. So he made this excuse to the Prophet he decided this I can insert an extra change Allah and the Prophet tapped his thigh saying mankind is always looking for arguments always kind of trying to make excuses through arguments right. So while also protect us from arguing, and through through

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taqwa, we look at the beliefs. He believes yesterday, I love to make sujood you wanted to argue we are a little bit on fire. He's claiming it doesn't make sense for me. What makes us as Muslims is Islam we submit whatever you say Allah, whether we understand it, we don't understand it. We obey that this is the truth. And that is that is the test of to him through Eman. mela grant says that he Daya to submit into obey and to follow His guidance without any question. I mean, last night's question, and then once we see it again, these questions are online, we'll send the link as well in sha Allah.

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So what is he believes made off? He believes Of course this is a gene is made of fire therefore, and then we say this was our first question today. Which profit was Israel whose nickname is Israel? Is it prophet Yaqoob Prophet Ibrahim Prophet Musa Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu salam.

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So that answer you can you can fill up the card we can go online and we will be talking about the Chronicles of aneesa in Juma inshallah tomorrow. Burano de PUE blood CD and you can email me with [email protected] also announcement, if the weather permitting we'll be having cukup iftaar tomorrow right outside it so on the Start for tomorrow in wale street by the Hilton side. It's a massive theater. It's a brilliant buka and everyone you don't have to be in the boot camp to participate. Everyone is welcome the weather permitting insha Allah Sokoloff Salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh