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Villa rajim Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali. He was a huge Marine, my beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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As you were doing Hamdulillah, the 15th nights of Ramadan, I was corrected overnight is the 16th night of Ramadan, right coincides with a cool note, something to remember hamdulillah. So we've now entered the basically beginning into the second half of Ramadan. And we asked the last panel tab to bless us in making it the best best Ramadan that we've experienced. I mean, well, hamdulillah we concluded yesterday, with this the story ultimately of the fitness of wealth. Remember the surah Allah subhanaw taala began by saying that we've made this this world beautiful, as a taste, the beautiful things that taste so we would the youngsters in the cave youth is a beautiful time. And

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it's a test which can be used for your benefit we can use to destroy you. One of the ways to protect yourself is to surround yourself with good company for our youngsters. That's how you basically win the test of youth surround yourself with people that are good. Then these the tests of wealth, Allah says Allah is going to give us wealth, and we provide a lot will be tested with this wealth, either it's going to be a benefit for us, or it's going to be a masiva against us. How do we break this taste of wealth? How do we overpower it? Because one of the things that wealth can do as we saw the man with the gardens, it can completely destroy you to the extent where you even lose out the after

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you actually can achieve with Allah. And what is the benefit of it? Allah says, When is the ultimately you will come to this you'll die. When you're on your deathbed. Will you care about what's in the bank? Will you care about what's parked in your garage? Will you care about the value of your property? Allah says that's the end for everybody. There was a few in a year ago, years ago, it was a beautiful You know, moment we there was a generation of two ladies. One lady passed away in Bishop score, and the one lady passed away I think was bannenberg and they were both buried in in Johnson or maqbara. It was like sister so and so from Bishop score janessa, will leave Mowbray

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maqbara sister so and so from Annenberg journals also Mowbray maqbara, whatever, and they basically should applaud neighbors, but look at where you build use different places, but you end up in the exact same place. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying, This Is Your Life. The way to break this fitna of wealth is not to run away from it or to shun it. We are in oma, we asked Robin attina dounia Hasina give us the most of the dunya we wanted, the dunya must be in our hands but not in our hearts. use as much as you can have this dunya to purchase your Akira that is how you you break the cycle of, of the thickness of wealth, spend it on buying your hero through that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala then of course mentioned the Acura and we concluded this set of discussions about getting the books and you will see what's inside and above here to solid had only the good deeds were lost on piano. So Allah spoke about the future, the day of the AMA, and in the Allah said, Now it's it's like a flash forward flashback. You're flashing forward to piano lessons on piano. Allah will say to us, like you are standing before me now was like how you started in the beginning. This is the end of the basically the conclusion of the exam. I remind you of the beginning so Allah now in Sudoku calf turns the clock back to the beginning. What if culinary modalities to truly identify such

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beliefs can immunogen me for fast economy there have been a lot talks about now the pseudo Caf now talks about our origin, the beginning, was remember, remember, we all started how this whole piece began. When Allah said to the angels that I intend to place on the earth, men now when you read when you read the Quran, the very first story of the Quran is the story of Nevada in Surah Baqarah the first story you get the story of our father Adam. So Allah subhana wa tada seated and we remind ourselves about the story because it's a number of themes that come from it. When Allah says to the angels, I intend to place on the earth, my representative, someone that's going to be halifa

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generation of the generation, the angel said, Why will you put on the earth, those who would shed blood and cause mischief when I know when to cut the slack. But we are worshipping you continuously. So unless it to the angels I know of them that you don't know, I know of this creation of mine, something unique and special about them. Now how did the angels know about mankind will cut up this world? How did the angels know about this? They learned this because there was a creation before called the gene. Right? Now Allah is introducing to us remember this is one of the early souls in Makkah was introducing that we are not that special. They were mainly creations before us. And

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they'll be many, many creations after us. The test is we've got a taste, we've got a job to do, we will stop it'll come to an end. So before us with a gene and Allah Subhana Allah says, Remember when Allah now created Adam, and it was a beautiful we got let's go talk about

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The story of nebbia Adam will allow us the angels who will go to the earth and fish for me some clay, pitch me clay from the earth. So I confession, and I can mold this person, this creation, and the angels went down one by one. And when they reach the earth, the earth the ground says, I seek refuge that you stick part of me that the angel and when they said when Earth said that, the angel that came down would say, then I because you seek the protection of Allah, you have a lot of protection and the angel list, and one by one they came and they didn't take anything from the earth. And when the angel of death, of course, he wasn't the angel of death, yet he wasn't he sort

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of he, he came down, and he was to take the clay from the earth and the earth said, I seek refuge and protection from a law that you take anything from me. So the Angel of Death said is what he said, and I seek protection that I don't obey the command of Allah. So the Angel of Death collected samples of Earth from all over the world, some clay was white, some clay was black, some was hard, some was soft. This is our temperaments, and a lot took that clay and with his own hands, and we said only four times in history of creation, the other use his own hands in a manner which be footsoldiers majesty, to create something. When Allah creates, he doesn't use his hands, Allah says

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what could be or justice Be and it exists, but four times although use these hands, to create the arch, to create the pain, to create genital for those and to create our Father and to be Adam, Allah took that clay and mold that clay into a into a man into the fingers of a statue. And then Allah blew into into our father, a soul, a living thing and our father Adam came alive and he said to Sam, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala taught me Adam directly knowledge. And then Allah tested the angels and said, Tell me the names of these things. And the angels could not answer the question. So then Allah said, Oh, Adam, give them the answer. And I'll follow the item knew the answer. Now the items

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now, when the item was able to answer the question that the angels couldn't answer, that is when Allah says what if couldn't eliminate equities to do item. So now I'll listen to the angels Now make sure you bow down to Adam bow down to him. Not because he was made of something better, we are made of clay, that that's what we made of the angels are made of light, bitter, the jinn are made of fire even better than us from a material since the G not even between us because they made a fire. But what Adam had that the jinn and men and angels did not have was that he had knowledge or was again teaching us that knowledge elevates you in this world and in the life after. So Allah says to the

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angels, make sure you do so and make sure you to Adam for Sasha do all of the main sujood in that he believes except someone called the police can aminul gene for foster con Emily Robbie, he believes was of the gene and he disobeyed the command of his load. So who is this creature he believes? Who is this creature and what is the gene? So as Allah subhanho wa Taala had created many creations before us. The jinn are a nation or creatures that were made before before as Allah says, we made the gym before you made from fire without smoke and the gene like us are unique, they will given free will they have the right to choose to obey or disobey the angels cannot disobey the angels obey

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Allah completely. Why discuss this is because it's one of the pillars of our Eman to understand the angels to understand who they are, and also the jinn.

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The angels, some of them are mentioned in the Quran, some of them some of the angels so let's talk about some of the angels these the angel gibreel jabrai jabril He's the angel of Revelation. His job is to come down and deliver the messages from Allah subhanho wa Taala he had other jobs as well destroyed. People have never loot, but God Allah says this is beautiful. How do you think about this? The Prophet peace upon him CCTV Did you know I longed to see you very often. Come to me more regularly. Why don't you come down more often? So jabril said, I also want to see you Oh Mohamed Salah wa sallam, but I'm only allowed to come down with Allah permission. Only when I have a job to

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do. And when revelation stopped gibreel doesn't come down anymore. right he doesn't come down in the dunya except on one night on Layla, who called on later to call that Allah sees the sins He comes down. And he spends the evening year with us on the dunya. The only time of the GPL comes down this Mika l the angel of mercy. Malik the angel of jahannam is a sort of field, the angel will blow the trumpet and the world will end he saw the angel of death and makara Nikita the angels of the grave and there are many, many angels of Allah. The gene, as we said, made a fire. And Allah says that for all of us, we have a companion for amongst the gene that will constantly look to mislead us from the

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day we are born. There is a gene assigned to each and every one of us. This is another test we're going to go through on the side always was spinning, always encouraging us to do wrong. So Allah says to us is Luna who was Rita Who? Oh yeah, I mean, do

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Hola como de salud Dolly Mina Bella is asking us, will you then take him he believes, who prove out he will be our enemy. Will you take him and his children, he believes his offspring children as protectors and Olia, take them are you taking them as earlier above Allah you choose him as your only instead of a lot. So what an evil exchange This is.

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He believes he made a promise to us. The day he refused to bow. Now, question here is if he believes he's a genius, he's an angel Soraka clearly says he's a gene. So but when Allah says I asked the I told the angels to make to you they all made to you except the police. Why? Why was he believes the many, there's no clear Hadith or reason why could be that everyone was the all the gene and all the angels were there. And they all made sujood except the beliefs could be the gene that he believed was a very pious gene. And he was elevated to be amongst the angels. We don't know he believes his backstory. The point is, he believes when he saw the angels bowing to Adam, he felt that same sense

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of pride like the man of the gardens, I am better than him. I made a fire. He's made of dirt. Why should I bow to him? But bow to Allah He believes bows to Allah, about to Allah, but not to Adam, I refuse to bow to Adam. So when he refused Allah subhanho wa Taala offered him an opportunity to repent. So he said Allah let me make a dua give me an opportunity to make a door. So it's almost as you have an option, what do you want? So he says, oh, Allah allow me to live until kiama. So Allah says, Okay, I'll give you that you want to do all you can little piano. So anybody says, Carla for women with any luck, well, then Allah who Serato who stuck him he believes, because you have seen

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from yesterday, you have seen me as today, surely I will sit in wait against them on your straight path, then I will come to them from before them in front of them and behind them on the right and on the left, and you will not find most of them thankful they will all be there will be ungrateful to you. Now we'll look at the difference. And we continue with the story of nebbia. Adam quickly, you all know the story. He believes in misleads Adam, he believes misleads Natalie, Adam and Hawa they eat from this apple they will put in Jenna, what they could do everything they wanted, except eat from the apple. And then he believes cheated them. How did he cheat them? He believes told them.

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Do you know why Allah doesn't want you to eat from the apple? Oh, Adam. Allah doesn't want you to eat from the apple so that you cannot become immortal, or you can become like angels. So Adam, so the angels are beautiful they were and Adam knew Look, I only live for a certain time and I'm gonna die. So he believes promise them if you eat from the apple, or the tree, rather the tea, you will become immortal or you'll be from one of the angels. So when he ate from the apple when he ate from the tree, Allah subhanho wa Taala obviously cost them our parents and he believes our agenda. But look at the difference he believes is to Allah because you must lead me I committed sin because of

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you are Allah. So he was cursed. When Adam and Hawa our mother and father made sin they said, Rob Burnett alumna Susana, we committed sin. We're in Lambton, Finland, our hum Nanakuli, aloha city and if you don't forgive us, if you don't return to us will be lost. So Allah accepted the repentance. This is the difference between us and anybody's. I conclude with this, he believes will constantly be a companion, you will always be with us and you will constantly encourage us to do wrong. So on the day of karma, he believes will be given a chance like in the court, you will have a statement on piano, you believe will now make a statement to everybody. He will say analysis in the Quran. Carla

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shavon shavon will say lahmacun el amor when V Mehta is done, when the judgment is done, people are going to johannah people are going to Agenda he will say he believes Verily Allah promised you a promise that was true. And I also promised you, but I betrayed you. I had no power over you, except that I invited you. I just invited you to commit sin and you obeyed me you responded to me. So don't blame me but blame yourselves. I today I can't help you know, can you help me? I cannot deny you I reject you. I reject your former your Kufa in making schilke with me making me a partner with Allah. And I reject you today. vailian Allah says then for the dollar mean there is a severe torment. So

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this is a police's promise to all of us. He will constantly be a companion, as I said in our fitna encouraging us to do wrong and Haram. And that's why there's no this it's amazing that this month of Ramadan makes us better people. Why? Because he's locked up. When he comes back. He's gonna come back in 15 days, and we need to be ready, stronger to reject Him. Allah grant us the strength. I mean,

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last night's question, what is the heaviest thing on the scale on piano? The answer on the screen is wrong. It's not like little cotton. It's the heat. The heat is the heaviest thing on your schedule or heat. Right. The heaviest thing is the heat. After that, for the believer. It's solid and after the problem

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You know when you do the basics, then good character

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tonight's question and is very interesting so we introducing a new thing insha Allah, from tonight you can answer either on your cards in the masjid or if you would like to participate you can answer online as well. So those who are not present in the masjid or if you want to use my email if you want to enter a few times, you can enter online a lot of times they go to burano.org the day until tomorrow inshallah you could enter an answer the question so tonight's question and this will be around until the end of the month inshallah this online quiz as well. What is he believes made of? Is he made of light is he made of darkness is he made of clay is he made a fire? Also on the court?

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Oh, but I know that all those a day now draw will be on Sunday. Any questions, concerns, comments with [email protected]? join our mailing list or wait for triple to 1308 reminder fitrah 10 Grand philia Phaedra 14 and 15 Lanza Hola. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.