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AI: Summary © A woman describes her struggles in society, including problems with marriages and false advice given to women. She describes a couple trying to convince her to go for a marriage with her husband, and a couple who is also trying to manipulate their behavior. The segment ends with a call to action for women to take action and avoid split behavior. The speaker also talks about the devastating consequences of male and female marriage in the UK and London, including false advice given to women and issues with couples causing them to manipulate their behavior. They end with a prayer for forgiveness and a warahmatull hadn't warahmatull hadn't warahmatull.
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On Alum Rock Road.

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There wouldn't be a woman with a hedgehog with a niqab, walking down the street.

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And all of a sudden

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you will have this wannabe Shahrukh Khan, this word of the Bollywood actor

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dropping some lines, some Bollywood lines

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giving women numbers, sisters numbers, someone's wife a number, and then giving this old

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I love you and I miss you. And I want to go, I'm going to be there for you.

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They corrupt the mind.

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They corrupt the brain. Now this woman is thinking that my husband, we just had an argument.

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Mr. Rome your husband up

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after praising the King of all kings, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the one the only Allah as Zoa Jalla the mighty and sending salutations on the Imam of the Prophet, leader of the Prophet, the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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O Muslims.

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shaytaan has one plan.

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And his old team of planning is

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that he leads you to the fire of Johanna.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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that the shape on sits in the ocean

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on his throne, and he orders his armies to go out and to deviate,

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people's lives.

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And amongst the acts, that the shape bond loves,

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is when one of his members

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goes out

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and causes a argument between a husband and a wife.

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This is the art the shape on loves.

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This is the art that the shape on

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IBLEES himself will crown one of His followers and stroked them and pat their back.

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Why? Because he has caused trouble.

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In the marriage

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from amongst men, from amongst women,

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we have the same issue.

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We have share themes amongst men, amongst women who are out there

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to destroy your lives

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to destroy marriages. Why? Because they think this is a trend.

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And the sad reality is that this is a fact

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that you have women

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who generally go through ups and downs with their husband.

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And then you will have that one friend

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that has been inspired by Shavon

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she will go out her way.

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And she will cause problems.

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She will cause destruction.

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She is the right hand woman of shaytaan. Why?

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Instead of women

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advising another sister who is going through problems

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telling her explaining to her be patient Allah will help you turn to Allah. But in spite of this

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you have women

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who will make

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their wives go against their husbands. They will make

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call corruption, destruction in marriages. I know people who have four kids, five kids

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The sister is confused. She's going through problems.

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And then you have women out there

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who will say

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that you know what? If you want your man to listen to you

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take an overdose.

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Take a overdose and you will see that your mind will listen to you, instead of in war advising

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this woman this system, that you know what? Let's make your work. Turn to Allah, Allah has better plans for you. Do not despair from the hope of Allah. But in spite of this,

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this woman, she will crop the mind.

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She will corrupt

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the situation making that woman believed that her husband is evil.

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Destroying a marriage.

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The woman, the god, husband and wife take a full five kids, but in spite of this, this woman okay. Why God she's out there to destroy marriages to destroy people's lives.

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The sad reality is

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she don't care about your husband. She don't care about your kids. The only thing that she cares about is herself. And same goes for the guy. You have guys out there who will go out their way

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on Alum Rock Road.

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They will be a woman with a hijab with a niqab walking down the street.

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And all of a sudden

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you will have this wannabe Shahrukh Khan, this one of the Bollywood actor

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dropping some lines, some Bollywood lines

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giving women numbers sisters numbers, someone's wife a number and then giving this old

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I love you and I miss you. And I want to go I'm going to be there for you.

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The crop the mind, the crop the brain. Now this woman is thinking the my husband, we just had an argument.

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Mr. Name your husband.

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This guy makes me happy. And then Shavon comes

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he beautifies the harangue for you in your brain.

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Making you believe that this guy is telling the truth. And next thing you know, the woman runs off.

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And this is a sad reality that is happening in the UK, in the streets of Birmingham. In the streets of London, Manchester, Bradford, you have men and women who are destroying

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households by giving the wrong advice.

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advise us to bring people together not split them up or you have women out there.

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They will crop the mind.

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You have men out there and they will corrupt the mind.

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They will confuse the situation and she thought will come in

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and marriages break. Why? Because you are the one who gave the wrong advice.

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And this is why my brothers

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are more Muslims. If any man comes to you

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and causes problems

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between husband and wife

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you know why? He is shaper?

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He is shaper because he is called to destroy your life.

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Any woman comes to you

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and gives you and makes you go against your husband

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this woman

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is a shaytaan why?

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Because the job of shaper is to split husband and wife.

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Well you have people out there

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they don't care about this one law he I promise you will lordy.

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There is women

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out there who are

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Ready to destroy your marriage. There are women out there who are ready to take your husband. There are women out there who are ready to destroy your life with the false

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advice that they have constructed in their brain. And I don't care if this woman is an animal, or if this man is an Imam, any single person,

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be a Imam

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be a aneema

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If she or he

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worsens the situation between a husband and a wife, stay away from these people.

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And Wallahi This is a fact.

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I know of situations, the women out there

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the sister is confused of a situation where instead of giving the right advice,

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what does she do?

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She manipulates the situation.

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Take an overdose.

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The girls the woman the sisters got four children, and you're telling the girl to take an overdose so your husband hears you walk out if she took the overdose.

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Wallah he by Allah you will be to blame.

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You will be responsible. And Allah will grip you on the Day of Judgment. If you out there who will who is listening to this message,

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man or woman

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if you are not qualified

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to give advice

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to do counseling,

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don't get involved in other people's marriages. Why?

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Because you're living hunky dory life.

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You're having, you know, a Romeo and Juliet scene or your home.

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But you're out there, emailing messaging, sisters, or brothers, whatever it is giving them the wrong advice, and daily are on the verge of committing suicide. Why? Because you were too clever to give the right advice.

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But in spite of this,

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you don't.

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There are people out there who've got husbands. There are people out there who go wives, but then you have an outsider who would come in

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and destroying what they have what they have built for 10 years. I end by saying

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they feel fear Allah.

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If you have a friend

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if you have a friend

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if she or he is going through difficult times.

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Trust me,

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make the situation better for them.

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Don't give them false hope.

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Don't corrupt their mind. sold the situation out.

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And Allah will honor you in this world. And the next I pray to Allah azza wa jal at the mighty that those people who are going through problems in their life,

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husband and wife issues. I pray to Allah azza wa jal, Allah the Mighty, the Allah fixes the affairs.

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I end by saying

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the Allah

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the Almighty, He will forgive

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as long as you are sincere.

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Return to Allah, the Almighty. ask Allah for forgiveness. If you committed sins that number the sand in the desert, you return to Allah and you ask Allah for forgiveness. Allah will wipe your slate clean.

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So till next time, salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh