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wilhemina shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad. He was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How's everybody doing? I'm Lila

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usually I should start off with questions. People ask questions we respond. Didn't get too many questions so far.

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But I had a very nice, the sweet question that I got from a non Muslims when we were speaking about Ramadan. And you want to know about how can you guys go and decide on a date wise, he says confusion. And we explained about the moon sighting. And he said, yeah, it's amazing the minute because he says I stayed in Woodstock. And the minute they saw the moon and the next day they fasted people don't want to eat in their homes. We see people going outside with plates and running around. They want to know what's that all about? So I say no, that's the cookies that we we pass on. And Alhamdulillah it's a beautiful, beautiful etiquette. It's a beautiful thing that you find very

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seldomly in any other place in the world and it's one of the Sooners, you have Cape Town, and it's something wonderful and the point of this is even non Muslims notice this, that it's something wonderful that if Auntie Fatima makes Polish tonight, she's going to make an extra batch for her neighbors. And then she she's an auntie hydrogenics two sisters Oh, samosa and everyone gets a little bit of everything and hamdullah we know that the reward of feeding the fasting person you get the reward of it as well. Then a more technical question someone said I'm from South Africa but I moved to London fostering is very difficult in London Can I force with Capetown no but keeping it

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with Makkah but I know what firstly with Cape Town and of course the answer is unfortunately no just as you would perform sorta with the local calendar that you have with the local sightings when you they in in wherever you are when it sounds it does matter if you make money and pay for the first thing you make you break your force What if it's an extremely long day some parts of the world we know like the poles you'll have six months of this day and six months just night What do you do in those extreme situations the scholars of those areas they will decide have a reasonable time they will look at a neighboring country that has a reasonable time and it will follow that so Iceland for

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example I know some of them want some you know this to Madhouse one might have photos maka and the other might have photos actually the 21 hour day false and actually false with 21 hours. So try not to make it easy for them. And then someone asked so what if you you flying? So I so I get on the plane and within one hour it's Monday begin What do I do and that's only one hour long? You break your force and hamdulillah that's the ruling wherever you find yourself you follow when the sun sets its Muslim and that is the ruling when hamdulillah last question someone asked what do I do during the days in Ramadan? So at night I know I can make that shoot. I know I can recite Quran and if you

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can recite in the day as well is there any special event that I can do during the days weekend for example. And as we said there's so many good deeds you can do besides just sorta besides just reciting Quran being good to your neighbors and you know as we sit visiting and often is something which you don't get an opportunity to do tomorrow is a chance for you but there's a good sooner so you can't do this maybe during the working hours but off the budget we know the sooner of Salatu ha you come to the masjid you make gemasolar with the Imam when the Salah is finished don't leave stay have an hour and a half or so until sunrise sunrise about an hour 15 minutes of the of the budget in

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suggested in the masjid recite Quran make Vicar and then when the sun has risen get up make to rock as the Prophet says that he would have that. So Salaam is a completed Hajj Diamond Diamond Tom and a complete Hajj. So it's a at least tried to do it once in Ramadan. Now maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday, choose one of the weekends and try and do that. It's a great, great so now, I mean we get back to Yusuf Ali Salaam. And we said last night that never Yusuf, he obviously told the man that when you leave the prison, tell the king about me and the man who got seven years goes by he completely forgets about an abusive until the king has a dream of seven fat cows being eaten by 7000 cows and

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seven green stalks of corn and seven dry ones. And the king doesn't know what the answer is. And so the man clicks and he says I know a guy I have a connection with a guy in jail and he can seek me out. So he goes to an abusive after these seven years and he says use of my best my good friend, please tell me the answer to this question. And so tell me what this D means and abusive very casually without asking without reprimanding since What this means is you will have seven years of good agriculture, the rains will come, the plants will grow, keep it store it because you have seven years of drought. And after those seven years the rains will come again and things will be good

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again. So the man goes back to the king tells the king the story. The king is very impressed by this. And so the king says bring this this president to me go and fetch him from the jail. And so Yousuf says to the Kings messenger. This is the rasuna very interesting Panama Rasool Allah says Allah

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This is our sole meaning, not the messenger. This is the messenger of the king. Very interesting. The messenger is coming through the use of the use of is the messenger. And he's saying, The king is calling you. So never use this. Go back to your load, Rebecca, go back to your Lord and ask him, what is the story with those women that cut the hands, he says in a very cryptic way, very ambiguous way in Arabic it in Allium. So look at this number, you say ask your Lord about what happened to the ladies that cut their hands because my lord knows my Lord, Allah knows what happened to them, but let him find out. And I'm not gonna leave this jail until my name is cleared and swallow explained

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the seriousness of tarnishing someone's name, you only have one name, you know that said I am which is very wrong. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. It's the other way around. your bones can always you know, recover. But your honor and your name will be tarnished behind Allah. So the king is amazed. And he must have been very impressed because he actually reopens the case. And now he investigates what's the story. So the king sees now the king is talking. Cada Amar heartbroken Radha tuna use of an FC. So he says to the ladies, tell me what's your story. Now these are the top ladies maybe even the wives of some of his advisors is holding

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them together. He has a you know like the Zonda commission. He has a commission now the use of clear commission, and he's asking him, what was the story about what you people wanting to seduce us. So now that they are in the hot seat, Khulna, they also have actually led the same way they say this is the second time he's saying this phrase, Hashi law is like Subhana Allah Glory to Allah. So they say we remember the first time they said it when they saw use of the law. This isn't a man there's an angel. So now again, they seem to the king Subhana Allah, ma alumna, la Minshew in that we have nothing. We don't know the clemency we don't know anything bad about him. They say we can't even

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think of anything negative about him. liquidnet is one complaint about him. He didn't say something he looked at me inappropriately. They said there's nothing that we can lay a charge against him. But they escaped they telling the truth now called the Moto Z. So now the wife of Aziz, she was quiet the whole time. And now that all the other women says he didn't do anything, we didn't do anything. Now she's the only one not speaking, she says, and Hassan that now the truth has come out. Now I can't hide everyone is pointing the finger at me. And are our two NFC we're in or in between. and now she says to the king. Yes, it's true. I wanted him for myself. I tried to seduce him, and he's

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telling the truth. So now the next is very interesting. If there's a lot of debate, the next two is this multiple series, because we don't know who sees this ayah either YouTube sees it, or the wife of the Z sees it sees it and each one has different meanings will first say so bear with me a little bit I know it's Friday night, but just bear with me. So let's first mentioned this, these verses as if though the wife of Aziz is seated so the lady says she first says to the king, okay, the truth has come out I wanted to seduce him and he's telling the truth when she continues there luckily Allah and Neelam who know baby wanna la la de da de la in LA FC in an episode of American zoo in in

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Morocco, in Nairobi for him. This is the week of view where she speaks and she says, I am now confessing because I want him to know that I did not betray him in his absence, and that Allah does not help or assist the betrayed. Allah will never ever assist the betrayals, and I do not acquit myself of any wrong. I'm not saying I'm innocent. I'm not saying I'm innocent. Vallely. The soul is persistently pushing you to do harm, except if my lord has mercy. Indeed, my loads of forgiving, Most Merciful so what she's saying, if it's her saying this than what I've seen, you mentioned, she's saying, Yes, I wanted him but I'm also putting on the record. I never ever betrayed my

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husband, that wanting him and trying to get him is different to actually committing Zina against my husband. So I want to be put on the record. I never betrayed my husband. It's also mentioned here as he is dead by now, he has passed away. And, and then she says, but I'm not also saying I'm completely innocent. I had these desires, and the knifes the nuts is always inclined to her arm, the left always wants this. So don't blame me for that. That's the one view. The other view is these three views. Second view, she still speaks, she says, and I want him to know I'm not betraying Him, meaning I want us to know, I'm still madly in love with him. And now when I'm confessing I want him

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to know I am. I made my mistake. I want to retract that I framed him that I am no longer kind to betray him. I've rectified My husband is dead. And I have come right. And I want him to know that yes, I was weak and I made a mistake. And Allah is Forgiving, right? So that's the secret view. The third view which is perhaps more plausible that never used to be saying this. Now listen, now if it's gonna be useful, just listen to his statement. He's basically saying to the king, I have done all this. I basically re

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Open the case why not because I want you to punish the wife of Aziz not because I want you to harm these ladies, I am doing this so that they legally allow him so that he must know Lama who know who believe I did not betray him in his absence meaning as he's even though as Jesus did, Yusuf has been cut up for the past seven years thinking, This man thinks that I slept with his wife. I just want to make it clear I never betrayed him in his absence, and that Allah decadal harmony and Allah subhanho wa Taala will never ever allow a betrayer to be successful. And then he continues now this is a statement of usually saying after is cleared of these exonerated after you know his use of his free

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when he sees the second woman battery NFC But still, I do not acquit myself fully. I'm not saying I'm innocent and I'm an angel in unnecessary amount of to be sued that the soul every soul is inclined to evil, every soul wants to do haraam. Illa Mara Mara be that if I was able to stay away from Haram, it's only by the mercy of Allah and whatever haram these people did, it was a mistake. It wasn't the fault in Nairobi who Rahim and Allah is of merciful, most forgiving Look at his statement as he comes out of jail. Subhana Allah He exonerates everyone says this is just a mistake. And I just want you to have this entire trial to make Aziz no I never ever betrayed him. So when the

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key is this record and medical now he still hasn't made use of his stolen he's not gonna go to jail and use it wasn't gonna leave jail. So now the king seas were caught in America to an EB three Bring him to me now as to His Holiness. See, I want to make him like a class means purely means exclusively, I'm going to make him mine exclusively, that he is going to be of those close to me, for that matter Lama who called in Nakayama Dana Makino I mean, I want to make this guy very close to me. And so finally, never use of comes to the king. And now they have a discussion. Allah says the two of them spoke. And at the end of the discussion, the king says, indeed, today, oh Yusuf, you

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have a well established place basically, in my court, and you have my full trust, what do you want, you have I am now you have my full confidence, tell me what you want anything you want, make it whatever money you want, position, whatever you want. So now the use of series called adjani alhaja. In in the half even, I mean, give me the position basically of Aziz, I want to be the one that will store the grain for the seven years, and I will make sure that we have enough rations, when the outcomes make me in charge of being of this job in the half, isn't it? I will look after this very, very well. And so Allah continues, and he says, What can I like? Again, two meanings. What does it

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mean? And just like that, we have made use of into a high position, we change the situation overnight. Again, reminding us if you are in the Well, today, tomorrow, you can be on top. And if you're on top, you can be in the well tomorrow workaholic. And also I was saying workaholic and because Yousuf was a good person, and he was persevered. I put him on top in the dunya Alice's I gave him his high position in the dunya. He could have taken the easy way out many times. In fact, some scholar says if he did leave prison early, like the king said, he maybe would have gotten a few coins. But by opening up this case, by proving himself innocent, he got his dignity back. And now he

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gets to basically the second highest position in the land. The king says he only reports to me. Allah tells you you want goodness in the world, where can daddy come a canal used to fulfill out we established him in the earth, yet about what would mean hi to Yeshua, and he now had the opportunity to move any way he wanted from being locked in a cell. Now he has access to everywhere, the pellets, the Kings room any way he wants to go, he has no restrictions. You see what I mean? I mean, magnesia Allah says, we give our hammer to whomever we want. What do German and we will never, ever let the good deeds you do go to waste your good deeds will always count for something. Allah continues on

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the slides. Allah says what on earth here are the halal livina M and o what can we attack on but the reward of the akhira is even greater. I can also I can give you the highest levels of success in the dunya I can make you the king. But remember what I have in the afternoon is way way better. For those who believe Where can we get the goon Sudan of Yusuf he jumps again now abusive is now in charge of the the funds of Egypt and he is making sure that it is saved he does such a good job. So those seven years of harvest Allah doesn't mention it. Now that the outcomes so now the user is in charge of handing out directions and he's making sure everyone gets the full shape. Now Egypt is

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doing so well. And that out spreads to all the other lands around Egypt, including Palestine and then all of a sudden one day what what to use but the hollow lie for

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one day while he's sitting on his on his throne as you know in the ministry.

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Handing out young teen young men walk in. And he knows that these are his brothers and they don't know It is him and they coming to look for for grain. We continue tomorrow. Insha Allah, tonight's question, who revealed the truth about user's actions with a woman who revealed the truth was that Aziz was the wife of a disease that told the whole story. Was it the women that kept their hands or was it the king who basically came out with the truth? Tomorrow, the orphan program, calling idemia tomorrow evening as well, Zach Lehane salaam aleikum wa flavour cattle