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Santa Monica and I happen to live with our cattle salons where are you from five people say Salaam and we'll get started I save five and then I wait for like 50

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I'll see it off my neck Mr. Ram

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wells money arrived in Toronto Alec Messina

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what travels around the world but stays in one corner

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in Nigeria Alabama Sudan while suffer is hungry, like Mr. Ram Rahila Malik Mr. Ram

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my in Kashmir radical Muslim, saw a hot link Muslim Shahida in India, or even Mr. Nam Habiba got the answer. Right. I got the answer.

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He welcomed the heat. I think you came at the end of the Facebook Live yesterday. Welcome today. Pamela Azim Sharif, from UAE Rashmi salam from me and the kids in London, UK. Mara Chaudry Auntie humera Chaudry in Virginia, Alec Messina. Somebody said stem

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South Africa somebody like Mr. Nam Rosa.

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Alec, Mr. Ram, Safa. Yo, I recommend Sam Raj, a Jana Swapna hit on the beat heightened NAS Yeah, like Madame

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Hani I'm the result Ali O'Meara

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nodine They thanks for tuning in Noreen from Dhaka. Have you been in Leicester? We'll get started in three minutes inshallah.

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Somebody said How am I doing? I'm doing all right. I'm doing okay.

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Butchulla in India onic. Muslim

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maybe La Liga.

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It's hard to do riddles these days because everybody's always googling the answer.

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Muhammad Azeem sure you said you answer only females I remember answering you too. So are you male or female?

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Hamid Azim Sharif remember that? I may if there was one thing you want to do before you die

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read question.

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Basra in Lahore, Pakistan or ACHEMA Sudan.

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I mean, I think

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we'll get started in two minutes inshallah.

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I found that when I started the sessions that like 45 that Facebook wasn't broadcasting it as far like we're getting bigger audiences when we'd start closer to the top of the hour, and it's actually confirmed I started 55 Five minutes for the top of the hour and I can already see the numbers have changed. Not by much but they've gone up by about 30%.

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Like I said, I'm Marissa bad. You got Jenny Sharif saying give a shout out to Portland, Muslim homeschooling students. Yo Portland Muslim homeschooling students, Sabrina Madea Rob had Hafsa shout out to you.

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Portland, Oregon.

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Must be beautiful in Portland

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Hamid to me Malik Muslim, Massa Si, si si or ACHEMA salaam Bashar

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Bashar says what do you think about right now situation all over the world? Inshallah we'll talk about

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the daily check in

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that's an interesting one. Everybody said stamp but Zadi says the answer to the riddles is choose.

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Say in Uzbekistan Alikum. Assam say nice to have you.

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Now, Raj says for third world countries do you recommend a lockdown? What's your take? The interesting now

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Right. So my take is it. I don't get involved in issues that have nothing to do with me. Like, nobody's going to ask my opinion. Nobody's like so what do you think Muhammad? Oh, Muhammad said we should do this. So let's do it. So I actually don't waste time in my mind thinking about a decision in which my opinion makes no difference. You want to focus on decisions that do make a difference for your future for your family, for your employees, for your work for your community. That's the kind of thought process and I remember one shift, this is actually in Maryland. And they were asking about, oh, how was the Halifa chosen and stuff like that? He's like, look, when the Khalifa gets

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chosen, nobody's going to ask your opinion. So why are you bothering? Worrying about these isosteric type of discussions just focus on what's in your control? Like how do you better your Salah how to become better Muslim? How do you take care of your family, stuff like that? So I learned from that, that I don't bother my mind thinking about stuff in which I have no one will ask my opinion.

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No bear is here when it comes to them. Ma Ferriss love you for the sake of Allah because yeah, but then either. Alright, let's get started. We've hit the top of the hour.

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Take one. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah. Alhamdulillah. Wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman, wala, and my bad

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Good Morning, Vietnam.

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How's everybody doing today? We have an interesting topic for our discussion today.

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So yesterday, we were speaking about the draw of in a lie on a railroad your own Aloma Jiminy female, see what he was looking to hire men. And actually, you know, right before I continue, we got David in Italy, Sadiq Khan, David Morales, fantastic, keep you guys safe.

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And it's the rise in Spain or Alabama Sudan. So in yesterday's talk, I asked you guys think of something specific, that you know, you feel you've missed out on, or you feel that you've lost and make this dua to that thing that you've lost. And a lot of people actually mentioned and it even is, in my mind, one of the basic

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now most of Allah subhanaw taala that we've lost during these days is going outside, going outside breathing, air, traveling, walking somewhere, something as simple as that something, you know that a lot of times you take for granted, that this is the neshamah that we feel like a Annamma that we've that we've lost that we feel sad about. So I was looking through some Islamic books and one of the ways to deal with you know, when a person is feeling

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down, one of the ways to deal with it, is to actually go and travel. So it's an ironic situation. So here in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says,

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when talking about

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when talking about people who disbelieve in Allah azza wa jal just believed, in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala tells the prophets of Allah, they say that the argument to say back to them is this, this is, you know, you want to debate with somebody, this is the argument you say back to them, or to see roofing, go and travel in the land. So it's a really interesting argument. So somebody comes and tells you, I'm atheist, I'm this and that. And then you say to them, go and travel in the land, go and travel, see how you know, nations that came before you what happened to them what took place, and SubhanAllah. There's something that transforms a person, when they travel, and they see the

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world, sometimes our egos get so big, and we think so big of ourselves. And then when we travel, we realize we're not that big after all, and we're very small. And even during these times, do you notice understand the magnitude, or understand even, you know, maybe the problems that we personally have, if we were to travel and to see what other people are going through during this time, we could say 100 love for our problems. 100 love for our farmers when we see the problems that other people have and the things that they've been tested with. But having said that,

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actually, you know what, let me add a special tip. I used to I used to teach a class called fiqa Dower, the you know, the understanding the thick of calling to Allah Spano Madonna. And there's actually a section where I talk about how do you do Dawa to teenagers? How do you do data to the teenagers? And my advice that I gave you know, based from what I learned what the Quran says is take your teenagers, camping

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I take them camping, as a means of them to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala. take them on trips, let them see different types of people let them see because sometimes when we get like I grew up in Winnipeg, and Winnipeg like there's no fitna, in Winnipeg, there's nothing going on in Winnipeg. But if you stay in Winnipeg, I visited there after many years, and I saw some brothers that had left the dean, and I'm like, Of all the places in the world, that you're going to leave the dean, you left the dean in Winnipeg, like go somewhere amazing. Go, go to Los Angeles, go to Tokyo, lose your deed, somewhere exciting. But why would you lose your deed? In Winnipeg? And the answer is, these are

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people who just never traveled, they never left their, their location. And so a means of doubt means of calling to Allah subhanaw taala, and for your own teenagers is go and travel in the land. And I'm sure some of you even I know, so I was in Spain with her kids. And she can explain about, you know, what is traveling and living abroad with your children? What does it do for them and other people? That being said, what do you do? How do you benefit

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from travel? And get that get that that fix that travel fix? Or that that fix of going outside walking around? How do you get that fix even though you're still in your homes. So this is what got me this, this led me to the idea I was at a senior home in Canada.

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And I was in the elevator. And on the on the elevator, there was a sign that said arm chair travel every Thursday. And I said arm chair travel. I don't know if everybody here calls or knows what an arm chair is. But it's basically just one of those nice chairs, cushions, chairs, arm chair, two arms, put your put your elbows on the arm, that's an arm chair. And it was called arm chair travel every Thursday. So

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arm chair travel every Thursday. And so I was wondering, Well what happens on this day on arm chair travel Thursday, there would be one of the seniors in this home would present their pictures and their lessons their experiences from their travel. And they would find people in the building some seniors that had traveled somewhere really amazing that everybody wanted to travel to or somewhere unique. And it would be great if they brought some food or they had some some stuff from from that place. And every Thursday, they would go on an armchair travel and somebody different would present. You know what they learned what they experienced on this trip. So I thought I thought that was

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amazing. And it gave me the idea for today's for today's reminder. And that is how do you benefit from going outside and traveling, even when you're in isolation.

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So here's number one, number one tip.

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Yeah, and sada says watch National Geographic, and I love to watch travel cooking shows, you're welcome to post your recommendations as I'm talking so other people can can get ideas as well, you know what posting is free on Facebook, so go for it. It's not actually free. But number one, prepare your trips from now. So my advice number one is to get that experience of traveling somewhere amazing. Prepare your trips from now and read about the cultural nuances of of that culture. So give you an example about this. One of the places that I've been wanting to go for years for years is Japan. I've always wanted to go to Japan Hamdulillah.

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About few years ago, I was I was actually I think it was only two years ago, I was able to go to Japan. Finally,

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when people travel someplace, I found you know, there's tour groups, there are things you can see and do when you go there. One of them is if you go on a tour, they usually show you architecture, so they'll say this is such an such parliament building. This is such an such you know, famous water fountain, there's that kind of tour which to me is kind of boring. The other thing that they'll show you is temples and you know places of worship. And to me that's super boring, too.

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So this is a temple so on so this is a place that was okay, great, I got it. Third thing that they might, that the temples, this and maybe some areas so the one thing that I love to learn about the one thing that I love to learn about is cultural nuances, cultural nuances. So for example, how do the Japanese approach respect for elders? How did the Japanese

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approach education, how to Japanese approach, you know, mealtime and speaking out loud, and so on. So I'm really excited about cultural nuances. And so there was a book before I went to Japan called geek in Japan gi

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G K geek in Japan

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and and it was all about this style, what are the cultural nuances so things like you know, if you're in work culture in Japan they'll treat you with complete respect and afterwards they always get together for a drink and and then they will treat each other like equals. But you know stuff like

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so planning your trip in advance I actually wanted to get Dr. Lin Hakim's advice on this. I told him like how can people travel before they you know, while they're while they're still at home, and I didn't get his response before I went live right now but insha Allah Tala share with it. But I know Dr. will lead Hakeem his excitement, his geek excitement is preparing like months in advance, before he goes traveling. And he builds a map. He has these maps where you can drop pins. And he designs the shortest route through all these different pins how to get from place to place to place to the best places on a map. So even that, and that's kind of like a bonus tip right now. You can design

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your own maps on Google Maps, or I'm sure there's other

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there's other places that you can find maps like that, that you can customize to yourself.

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The second thing that I would recommend, I know you guys are having like community huddles and whatnot. But why don't you have this armchair travel. So for example, if you got five friends, 10 friends, and all of you, you know, you say to somebody, hey, somebody here is has gone to some place that we'd all like to visit, let's suppose

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I know the other place that I really want to go to that's kind of top of my mind right now is what do you guys think is top of my mind right now I'll let you guys guess. And and if there was somebody from that country, or somebody that's traveled there, I would love to have a zoom chat with them. And they present their pictures and tell me about the cultural nuances of that. So it's like going on a virtual tour with this person's pictures. So they can be so organized, armchair travel.

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Yes. The place that the place that's top of my mind right now that I want to visit insha Allah Tala one day soon, is Vietnam,

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Third, a third idea to a third idea to get connected with this and enjoy is go on Facebook groups that are specific to these countries, and start interacting with the people from that country. Tell them hey, I'm, you know, I'm from such and such a country. And one day, I would really love to visit your country. Can you tell me about what are the top places I should visit? What are the top foods I should visit? What are the key statements,

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phrases I should learn when I go there, I'm sure that you will find whatever country you go to. And I'm always amazed by this, that whenever I asked this question, where should I visit? Or anybody asked that question, people are so welcoming, and everybody's like, visit our country, visit our country to do this do that they're so welcoming. So if you go on, like, let's suppose in my case, if I said I go on a Facebook group for you know, Vietnam, and I just go in there, and maybe not everybody is talking English, but I say, Hey, my name is Johanna Shea from Canada. And one day, I'd really love to visit Vietnam. Can you guys give me some tips of you know, what are the best street

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foods that I got to try when I'm in Vietnam? What are the best places where I can experience the culture of Vietnam and people, I'm sure you'll have so much fun and enjoyment. I know everybody complains about social media these days. This is how social media can work for you. And it'll be a release.

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So the last advice that I would give you and some people mentioned this, as well, is food tours. Food Tour. So I was telling you guys earlier about boring type of tours, where they're just doing architecture, or they're doing places of worship and stuff like that. It's like boring, who cares?

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But food tours are different. Now there's two ways you can approach this.

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You can actually research the the food of that country. So let's suppose Vietnam in this case, and I say Hey, what are the top 1020 Whatever? Foods that

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what are the top 10 or 20 foods? Trying to think of something?

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There is actually a list of the top 100 foods from around the world. And I remember Yeah, yes, I remember now. So the number one food

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the number one food in the whole world according to I think it's time magazine. What do you guys think is the number one food which country has the number one food and no, it's not Vietnam.

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And don't look it up just guess what?

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country in the world has a number one food and I totally disagree with what they're saying. But anyways, food tours, you can go on YouTube and there's some famous food tour people and you look up food tours for XYZ country the place that you want to go. And sometimes those food tours are very long videos and you can watch the food tour or you can go on what's his name? Anthony Bourdain, maybe he went to your country and

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and he's got a show on stuff like that. Or the the food tour is really beautiful. And then you could start also getting tips on how to plan your trip to those locations. The number one food in the whole world according to Time Magazine, is

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is from Thailand. I totally disagree with it. Yeah, somebody said Thai is from Thailand and the food is called mas nm let me type it for you Macedon because I'm sure I'm mispronouncing

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my son

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I am not a fan of Thai food.

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That's how you spell it.

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Masa Nam is the number one food in the world according to Time Magazine.

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So bottom line is this that Allah subhanaw taala tells us Placido fill out go and travel in the land. We don't have the chance to even go outside at this moment. But that doesn't restrict us, we have all this

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all these things that we can do I give you example, to prepare your trips from now. And part of the enjoyment of going on these trips is is the the build up desire, you know, actually, which is another side point you know how people like surprises. And they're like don't tell them it's a surprise. Don't tell the kids it's a surprise. Don't tell this person is surprised. I have

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lots of fun says I don't like Thai food. I didn't say I don't like it. I don't prefer it. I don't prefer I tried it a couple of times. I'm like okay, I'm done with typing. The point that I wanted to say is Oh man, I just lost it.

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Anyways, to take action on this, what you do is look at the different things that you have available to you and take cash on pick one, one of my favorite of the things that I recommended is going into a Facebook group of the country that you want to go to and having conversations with those people and making new friends and insha Allah Tala, I think you'll even find that people in that country will invite you to their home and would want to yes process I was talking about surprises surprise, this is what I saw. So

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when people give surprises, the problem is that the enjoyment of a surprise is only a brief fleeting moment and then the gift or whatever is given to the person I like to tell a person in advance that they're gonna get a surprise so if you're traveling somewhere and you have kids back home and you tell you don't want to wait till you get home and then show them the surprise, the enjoyment a moment is only like one minute one second before they get the surprise if you tell them at the beginning of the trip hey I got this big surprise for you. It's a big box or I got you this new bicycle that I'm bringing back with me or something like that. Then the enjoyment and the

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anticipation last longer and I'm telling you guys that because if you prepare for your trips from now if you prepare for your trip from now you'll actually get more enjoyment from it from the trip than if you just said hey I got a weekend off where should I go and then Allah Tada and that's it. Okay guys inshallah Tada very soon we are going to be doing a few days we're going to be doing this awesome online event the time to thrive summit it's about mental health. And we focused all the all the content all the speeches, all the live, people there, sister, Dahlia Mujahid myself, Sean Abraham, we've got sister Mina and all the amazing speech speakers brother Deadwood, Chef Myka El,

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all of the speakers are all going to be talking about mental health wise related to what we're dealing with these days. So inshallah Tada I look forward to seeing you guys getting your tickets and hopping into that program.

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I said, I'm on my blog how to get by

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