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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are you doing and hamdulillah night number 25 one of the odd nights, one of the big nights and also on top of it, it's Thursday night which means it coincides with the blessing of Juma so very very powerful night a very strong You know, we don't spot for a little quarter we sprint we make sure we cover all 10 and you will catch it inshallah. But if there is anything lift, push hard this evening, tonight, and of course Saturday night is a single night work to be spotted in 27th of who stands out. But tonight the fact that it falls on little Joomla might add some significance to it in sha Allah, Allah grant is distinct this evening to achieve it we make throughout the last projects, it's

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all about that May Allah forgive all our sins May Allah grant that if our books of decrees are determined this evening, but only goodness is in it may only goodness lay ahead of us prosperity in this dunya protection from calamities. am Allah interesting to His mercy and grant us gentlemen, for those for those who have passed away, may Allah have mercy on them. And that piece that comes in medical content may reach the people of the Buddha as well. I mean,

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so we've concluded with sort of the use of and tonight inshallah we'll summarize and hopefully go through all some of the major themes that we've discussed, and then tomorrow we will do something interesting inshallah. So we spoke about the big themes of pseudo use of the first one, of course, the Quran is about the heat and the dependency on Allah, if you want to trust in Allah, ultimately, Allah subhanho wa Taala will always will always assist us. When we see the soul sutra is about a family and the children of the coop, and we said every family even the NBS family are dysfunctional. Even the ambia have dysfunctional families sometimes, as vanilla, whatever difficulty and tests we

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go through some of the hardest tests we can have is within our children. And if you look at the MBR, the hardest test Allah gave him with regards to the children that we know his son wasn't a believer. Nobody knew could persevere so much difficulty but he's on Sunday don't believe that he Brahim had to sacrifice his son and yearn to be coops. Voila, he sees one one group of his sons harming another one. And what was amazing about him as a father is he never gave up on his relative, perhaps one lesson that comes out. There's lots of reasons to break break family ties, lots of reasons to cut someone off. lots of reasons we we have the black sheep in the family, or in fact, you could be the

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black sheep of the family and turn away. And Swan Allah, Allah one of the reasons Allah says when Allah describes the believers, they maintain what Allah has ordered them to maintain that whoever cuts our family with a major son, because it takes it takes it's hard to keep families together. It's hard to persevere with the relative that is terrible. The teacher barely that has only something negative to say. And as well within Lowe's, there's always this tension. So one of the things that we do is persevere. Don't give up nubby aku Bala Salaam never gave up on his son useful but even perhaps even more interesting. He didn't give up on his he lived his 10 sons, that was so

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bad Swami basically committed murder. He didn't give up on it. He believed that they will reform they'll get better, and Subhanallah they did get better. And as I mentioned in the Quran, that we follow what was revealed to Ibrahim is, well, it's hard well as what some What am I even mentioned that some of them became Gambia, the US versus Amina Yusuf, about.

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We continue and some one of the big themes as well is about the rivalry in V and the evil eye, that

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Allah is going to bless some of us with certain things and he's going to bless others with different blessings. None of us will achieve all the blessings, some will get wealth, some will get beauty, some will get power, some will get prosperity, some will do well in school, especially with your kids, you're going to find different kids fluctuate. And each one is special in its own way. Each one Allah has given with with a decree with a measure like little corner. Allah has done this with hikma with reason and with wisdom. And when we one of the big things rivalry envy is one of those sons a unique sin, that even feeling it in the heart, you get punishment for that usually Allah does

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not punish for the feelings of the heart, right? So you don't get punished for feeling lost, feeling angry, these things don't get punished as long as you don't act on them, but in return absences, that when you look too much at the blessings of other people, and you want it for yourself, and you know us, you know, why is it with us? Why did this person get it, I am more befitting for it. And to the point we actually hate that person because of the blessings in this actually starts burning away eating up of your good deeds, and at the same time. So those who don't have don't look, look too much and desire that which wasn't given to you a loss of 100 gave what you what you and I have for

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the reason that those of us who have, do not flesh all that's vanilla, when we have people that are starving.

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struggling to pay bills. And then we see night after night, you know, you post, I was at this restaurant and I was on this holiday, what is naturally going to happen. So we invite the envy upon ourselves. Now via the first advice he gives the use of, don't tell your brothers about this dream that already you are favored in so many ways you have so many blessings, and on top of it all is gonna make you an IB as well, naturally, it's just human nature, that people will feel ill towards you. So beware of the evil eye, protect what you have of blessings, and swannanoa. If you find that now someone might say, I have this envious competitive streak in my heart, how do I let myself of

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it? How do I rid myself of designing that more and more, it's not bad to one good in life. But when you look at what someone else has made, it's a problem. So how do I get rid of that and I shall tell you about a person from the people of Jenna is about to pass by, we don't have this hobbies name. And the man walks by a big Sahabi one of the big names. So have a look at this man and he just walked away. The problem is again, this man is walking by is a man from the people of Ghana and three days in a row he did this. So one of the youngest Sahaba wanted to know what is this guy doing that has earned him a place in Ghana. So he goes and spends the night with a Sahabi and after

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spending three days that he says you know what? To tell you the truth uncle i the only reason I came is because the proper system described you as someone from the people of Ghana and I hope to spend time with you to see what because you are making you must be making some big gadget that are getting getting you in general but in reality I'm doing basically moving you I'm doing the attitude I'm forcing ways this man is just doing salani sleeping nothing big. So he's What are you doing that it's done so special. And the man says the Sahaba again, we don't know his name, he says I don't have anything special I can think of except that when I see someone have it has been given a

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blessing. I feel genuinely happy for them. And I make do our our giving even more in depth and make the art for that person. So when I see someone gets something new, someone gets a promotion, I feel anything, just Masha Allah, Allah even increase you in that. And this young Sahabi said, this is a very difficult quality to attain. But if you can attain that it is your ticket to gender. So make dua for the one that you're competing with. Make dua that Allah increases them, and then you will also get that reward. I mean, we see in the surah,

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a young person living in sin, surrounded by an environment of sin, everything calling him to sin, you know, literally calling him to sin. Not only peer pressure in the house that is in constant temptation, he perseveres, yet he has patience. And that's why a young person that worships Allah, that the other young men are if that if this young boy, Allah to bless him with piety in this life, what Allah shows that if you look after Allah in your youth, he will look off to you when you're older, than he used to says to his brothers, that Allah has given me so much because of the patience and and basically worshiping Allah and being sincere when I was, I remember him always. So then

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Allah gave him what Allah made him basically the most one of the most powerful men on Earth, we want to achieve prosperity, power, all the goodness of the dunya. remember Allah through your youth, because in your youth, these are the times you make the big decisions of your life, who am I going to get married to who what profession I'm going to do, your friends you make in your teenage years, your early 20s, they tend to stay with you for the rest of your life. And you want to make those decisions when you're close to Allah. So it's a very difficult time, youth is the time when our temptations are high, we and very few can control himself in that in that youth, especially in the

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society we live in. But think of the use of and that's why not only if you remember a lot in your youth will see to you when you're old. But even in the day of karma, you will get that honor which very few people are going to get that Allah will watch you know shade you with a throne about the shade of Allah on the day of karma. So youth will never come back. Your youth will never ever come back. Those of us who are past our youth, I don't know when the cutoff is some say 40 and hamdulillah. It's 40 we still have a chance. But some have said no, it's not not that far. But if you are in your youth still understand it's one of those blessings that if you lose it, you can't

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get it back, you can't fix it in. So use this opportunity to really really get the pleasure of Allah. We see also the consequence of sin and the rewards of avoiding sin. The brothers plan they plot and the rationalize that if we do this, and we make Toba always gonna forgive us, and then our life will get better they will get the love of our father, they get the love. In fact, they are who was even more, you know, thinking of Yusuf, he was more actually who is involved. And sometimes we don't understand the harm that we're going to cause others throughout the life of a disease he didn't fully understand how much is going to perhaps cause harm to her husband, the people that put

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us in jail. So the sins that we do these great implications. We understand this, then and the sin will never ever lead to something good that we have the sin this bad relationship. It will only take the Baraka away in the future. At the same time we see with Yusuf The one who avoids that sin

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perseveres, then through that a level of bliss, everything afterwards. And the only way to avoid sin and temptation abusive is in the midst of temptation in abusive and what does he say? I also desire this woman. Yeah, I also want to, I my body is screaming out to have. But the only thing that stops me is that my relationship with you is more important. The only way to avoid sin, the only way to save ourselves from sin is to love a lot more than the sun. And this month teaches us that this month, we've stayed away from food, drink our desires, we didn't look at what we shouldn't have. If someone was nasty to us, we said, okay, I'm not going to respond maybe on either men respond to you.

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But we, we kept that back. Why? For the sake of Allah, and that's the thing that's going to save us. So build your relationship with Allah. And that's the thing that's going to keep us safe from sin. We also see this pattern line started finish ordering this evening, the blessings that can a blessings can be a curse, but Allah tiss those, Allah has tested all of us, some of us is tested with hardship, sickness, calamity, loss of life, that's a test and there are some we're being tested with blessings, Allah has given them a lot. And of these two blessings, having the blessing, the taste of wealth, the taste of of ease, is more difficult notice of hardship. I say again, the taste

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of ease is more difficult the taste of Archer. Imagine we had the looks of use of imagine we had the power of Aziz, we were the Minister of Finance, not in this country, but the Minister of Finance of the most powerful country in the world. Right. At that time. Imagine you had all these things, what would you do with it would make us closer to Allah would take us away from Allah. So the blessings Allah has given you and me, it is also a taste and it can be a curse. It's Pinilla. Every single problem in YouTube's life was because you got a blessing. The minute Allah says that he was blessed with the love of his father, he ended up in the well the minute he was blessed with good looks, he

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ends up in jail, the amenities placed in Subhana, Allah every time things go difficult in his life. So sometimes Allah withholds that blessing as a mercy. And sometimes if Allah has given you a lot, if you're a person that has a lot, then that is your taste. What do you do with those blessings? Because every blessing of Allah is something which you will have to answer for the fkm. At the same time, we said, there is hardship in the surah we are days when we lose, can lose everything we said, use of wind from having everything to losing everything and getting everything back. And he maintained that no matter how the ups and downs of life, go the fluctuations of life, I maintained,

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my priority in life is my relationship with Allah. When he was in the bottom in prison, the prisoners saw him and said, You were a good person, when he was the Aziz. They said, The brother said, we see you to be a good person, no matter what life throws at you. It is your relationship with Allah, that is what's most important. And we see in in patients in a big group, when you are tested with something beyond your control, when you're tested, given something we hear a lot, it is so difficult. I can't fight this disease. Someone that I love that's been taken away, I don't have a job, there's nothing I can do. What do we do in the Uber CEO who's needed Allah in turn to Allah as

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Jakub said, I only turned to Allah with my with my grief, with my pain, I come to Atlanta complaint, not complaint yelloweye. But yeah, Allah I'm dying inside helped me learn from that is one of the beautiful lessons of the solar eclipse in southern Germany, I will continuously put my faith in Allah, I put my hopes in Allah that He will never ever leave me like this without the reason. So we are tested sometimes with hardship. And therefore the one who has suffered losses for them is at war without any limits. And in the law, your hips are very, very few times in the court. And also I personally love of them are those who are patient in times of hardship. And we believe we touched

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that in when I'm in that well, like an abusive, Allah will take me out of that, well, Allah will take me out of that poverty, Allah will do his side, if I do my part. Last few points. Understand that the people were wrong, Allah will give alone may give them power over us in this world and definitely in the next, on the day of karma. We will be peoples behind Allah will succeed, they will feel that they are on the verge of getting the agenda. They have done a lot of good deeds, very few sinful things, and Allah has basically given them plenty agenda, then Allah say, Wait, there are people that you have wronged in the world, and you need to answer for them, you need to, you need to

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you need to settle this dickeya. And this is the man is

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the one who is bankrupt, he is going to have to give all those good deeds over to the person who's harmed. He said some words that hurt that person's feelings. He said some gossip about that person. He took something that wasn't didn't belong to Him. And this swannanoa will be the cause of this man ends up in janam. He didn't wrong a lot but he wronged others. So Allah basically see shows us in the story of abuse of his brothers around him. around him, she put him in jail for she framed him and then he had power over them and he was just out of

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His mercy as a person that he forgave those who wronged him. But don't be so sure that the people that were wrong will be so merciful to us in this dunya and definitely not in kiama no one on kiama even our own mothers will not be merciful, they will take the douchey the Huck anything we owe someone as the proficiencies What if dates whatever, animosities have not been settled in the new settle them because they have piano, there's going to be no negotiation, even our own mothers will take every last blessing from us to save itself from the five gentlemen. So think of the person that you are wrong. Think of the person that you have wronged someone in your business that might have a

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claim against you. Some, you know, you have some personal dispute, if you can forgive, forgive, give that person whatever, because the prophecies will ever let go argument even if he's right, when he gets a guaranteed place in general. So don't let anyone have claims against us on the day on this world. And at the same time, while we might wrong people, they are those who wronged us. Yes, the mother in law might have said something to you is the daughter you know might have said something to you. Yes, the boss might have done this. The employee might have done this. You have you also have claims against people just as people have claims against acid we try to settle we also have a listen

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to the Okay, fine, you're going to claim from me, but I know I've met a man in Fatima will they owe me a lot of Kiana we will see kiama will see no Spangler we don't have that mentality. As the Prophet Allah says William on sobre offer in the Delica. As we all know, that the one who is patient and forgives, any forgives isn't only patient that's something you know. So let's use a source steals from you take from his final, like you try to find something you can do. But now you're patient, and Subhanallah you even offer you know, at the end of the day, I have I forgive I forgive and I won't even know this account. Allah says this is in essence, this is one of the most difficult

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things to do. Very, very difficult to forgive someone that has harmed you. So but this is the quality of the base of ambia. The base ambia are called What are the five elite MBA. Why? Because everyone that harmed them, when they had the turn, they forgave they said, You know what, I will be a bigger person in this because I want something more than that. More than retribution. I want a lot to forgive me as I make a fool of them. Allah subhanaw taala makes a fool of me and we learn this from never use of returns from an abusive. There are many other small lessons and we will just quickly summarize them we learned about the types of dreams what are the three types of dreams from

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shavon shavon from Allah Romani, from yourself University of sunny you have the types of foods the soul that is sinful, the soul that is fighting itself and the soul that is at peace with Allah, we learned how to take vows. Come Tell me how you take vows. What are the theories? What lie the lie and belay and so Allah, right, that's not one of them.

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Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Maybe Yousuf just tells them and the interpretation of a dream, and that man goes and he meets the king. And a few years later, let me use of as the top job. You don't know what small conversations you might meet someone you don't know a stranger. Just be a good person. You don't know that's a seed that plants that might fruit into something amazing in the future. Be good to everyone that you know, be kind to everyone that you know, we see the dangers of gossip, the ladies and they cut their hands. We see tarnishing someone's reputation abusive refuses to leave jail until more important than my freedom is my name. I want my name to be cleared before

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I'm live. We see a lot about leadership the kind of man that he was as popular as some of us sitting and said that the reason why Egypt became such a powerful nation, the pharaohs was because of the good leadership policies of an abusive when he was in charge of the source of Egypt. It's apparently became very strong and we see how to give Dawa even in jail he gives power to the prisoners. So inshallah that is the completion of the swan chapter. Season One of bunnies for the children of our group. Tomorrow we'll begin with Season Two of bunnies are in The Chronicles of Novi Moosa, it will only be a start and we won't be able to finish it will continue to be finalized the stock and will

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continue next Ramadan inshallah, but we'll begin it tomorrow in The Chronicles of Nabi Musa alayhis salam, because maybe Musa and never use of the same, we're going to jump 300 years in the future, often abeokuta children come to Egypt 300 years later what happens to these children? We will see tomorrow in sha Allah. Last night's question, how many dreams in pseudo use of food dreams for dreams? Right? The first three was the dream of thoughts right now the use of his dream, the stars and the moon and the sun. Right? The next dream was the two presidents The one who will put in the cup and the one whose brain is being eaten. And the last dream The King the dream of the king, the

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cows eating the cows eating the fat cows. Right so these four dreams in the surah when tonight's question, which animal is not mentioned in the surah so was a camel mentioned the cow

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Mention the sheep mentioned a wolf mentioned which animal was not mentioned in the surah? Alright, it's for tomorrow you answer the question and we put in the cause inshallah. So with that we conclude surah Yusuf will begin a new chapter tomorrow inshallah just to remind us to lay lapaz nine this evening and with this being said the last few few nights they'll fit around your video Please remember to give them it's coming close to the deadline in equations concerns with [email protected] sokola hadal Salah Salem Mohammed Al al. Islam sunny la mina Salaam Alaikum.