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We live in a tornado James Renner Manor Haman hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica Monica the library here to

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you will doing hamdulillah night number 24. And against vanilla don't lose focus on the evening nights every night could be later to cover. And if you exert yourself, I exert myself every single night in these last 10 minutes up until the day of eat, then inshallah you will get later to quarter you will achieve it. And there is nobody would like later to quarter. So please exert yourself and always just think if this is the last time I get Ramadan, and we can't take it for granted that we'll get another one. When leaves behind Allah make sure you've asked whatever you need to ask. And that's why I'm going to be some cities that everyone will receive of its mercy accept someone's

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really, really unfortunate that whoever asks you will receive of this Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We concluded the sudo yesterday, and I got a very, very good question. Tough question, actually, last night from uncle Qian on pseudo use of the complex question it might actually take up most of this evening. And as I mentioned, my good friend and colleague, Chef chef, he's also doing some sort of pseudo useful, and I have to confer with him on some of these points. So the question has a number of levels number one, what's the difference between an IBM tool? Okay, that's easy enough. When when was the use of an AVI? Or was he which of them and when did he become an AVI? And

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if we look at his life, we don't see much nubby work in the story so far, right, our understanding of an abbey you know, he's preaching and he's calling people and he's leading a nation and he's giving loans and Sharia. Like we imagined how would that be Mohammed Salah might not be Mousavi, Brian, that we use. We don't see much of that. So at what point is he being a Navy, okay, and we had to think about this for some time. So let's break it down one by one. The definition of a Navy, a Navy a profit is anyone who Allah has given way to a certain type of way. Allah inspires certain people, even normal people inspired the mother of Nabi Musa to put him in the basket, inspire them,

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nubby Maria Maria salam, even Allah even inspire certain pious people and gives them righteous dreams. But then there's a higher level of walking and I think in like number two or three, we actually went down into the levels of way from getting inspiration from getting a video visiting you up until the highest level of inspiration is when Allah speaks directly to the Navy just with a barrier and he said only really Navy Moosa had this and abyssal Salaam had this on Eastern Mirage, otherwise, this is a very unique, the highest level of ye. So Allah subhanho wa Taala when he communicates directly to a person, then he becomes enemy. So that's gonna be out of soon is a

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messenger, a prophet is gonna be a messenger of soon now the messengers are the elite of the Gambia. So you know, how you have your soldiers and your special forces, the messengers the rule, or the Special Forces of the Gambia. So every lawsuit is an IV, but every now V is a lawsuit and the AMA have struggled. What is the difference between the two? Because we know for example, that the item was definitely an IV, but not that soon. And the very first lawsuit is gonna be no, no has the first rule and we find that the senior most lumberyard is mentioned mostly in the Quran, Nabi Musa and Isa and Avi Mohammed's also named him these are crucial, these are crucial, and the others were ambia.

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Now what is the distinction? Again, there's no clear guidance, but we know from the Hadith and Elisa says there were over 124,000 ambia, but only 300 plus receive only 300 of them and allow them to look at them the rule. And again, what is also a messenger, he comes with a message to a people that did not have it and it says it's mentioned here or assumed is someone that comes to give a speech he preaches to a disbelieving people, of course, preaching to a believing people teaching and even teaching Muslims is difficult sometimes behind Allah, but to teach non Muslims in calling them is even even more difficult. So the rule if we look at them, that we know, he was the first man to come

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and preach to non Muslims, that we either didn't have non Muslims. Before he didn't have either escape again, the community had not committed CIC in avenues time shift began. And so his message was a contour completely disbelieving people. And so this is sort of a definition that the AMA have sort of lean to that our soul preaches to a disbelieving people and with that comes a lot of oppression whereas an OB just reaffirms to a believing people what was there before so especially the umbrella of bunnies or like maybe

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he came to his own children and his own tribe and they were believers already but he obviously they were not even killing each other. Right. So, like we have never Moosa is preaching to Freetown, whereas heroin is an abbey who's assisting that we moved out with the bunnies are in understand. So that's first question done. Now. We will talk about it with the use of our insulin was an era question.

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To become an MP, we need to receive inspiration. Well, we see the process begins before you get full inspiration. What happens at the beginning? What's the first stage of nowhere who remembers?

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Yes, yes, it correct. It begins with dreams. Now VSA themselves sit for six months before the video came to me, I had dreams that came through. Now this the sooner I begin, the abusive starts having a dream. So that's when abeokuta says, Don't tell your brothers about this. Because NaVi aku understands, he's now becoming a Navy. And then when he actually receives, you know, gets pushed over the agent becomes a full Nabhi was really when he was in the well because Allah says and then we inspired we say to you use Windows alone in the world, you will tell him about this one day, don't worry, you are going to grow up and you will tell them and they won't know. So at that point,

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he became an AVI. Now this was a very complex, complicated thing for them frustrating that we use isn't even yet. mukalla What does a boy do as an OB? What's his job? Why is Allah selected as an IV and is a boy What's he supposed to do? In fact, never Isa Islam was already an IV at birth because he spoke from the cradle. And so therefore the MBR the job is different things. If we look at NaVi Salam in the initial phases, phases of his mission for about two, three years, he did not preach publicly. He just wasn't, you know, spoke to the people that were close to him and conveyed what Allah had told him to convey and that message is very simple. don't worship anyone besides Allah.

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Then as his community grew he had a bit of followers when he became worship Allah don't come cheap and be a good human being don't kill don't murder don't lie don't steal as his community grew even further. Now you need loads and cherry what to do this what do we how to make sorta and really this only if we look at Navis also not only happened when he said Tina, Medina, we needed political authority. Now you have laws and regulations, a Sharia, and very few ambia actually reach that level. If besides the visa system, only maybe nambi Moosa reached a level where he had actually full Sharia, he had a complete system of laws, the MBR before them, they were just basically preachers,

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they would preach in a personal capacity. Now as whenever Yousuf and I said we were struggling with this when you look at the story because Allah speaks about an abuse of more on his personal capacity rather than his nebby capacities public capacity. Is there any guidance and spinal is an is amazing idea out of you know, in the Quran that it's monologist answers the question, now, this is Surah Surah. Number 14, Surah Surah. It has another name called surah min. is a Sudoku, tsunami noon, the believers, this surah. Surah means the believer, and what is it about who is this believer that basically in the middle of the surah. This is the time with their own and Musa alayhis salam, and

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our own has a meeting with his committee, and he says, Let me just kill moussaka. Why are we even worrying with all this thing? Let me just kill him. So then unless he's a believer, from his family, from your own family, and this is the Egyptians, there's not many sorry, who was a Muslim, but he hid his faith. He started negotiating with Iran saying, Don't do this. But what if he's telling the truth, if he lies, he'll die and nothing will happen. But if he's telling the truth, then the punishment will come? And what if all the things he's saying is true? What is the key and all this stuff? We need to think about this further, and then he sees a very interesting thing. So this is a

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Egyptian pharaoh basically the family of their own. He says, What aka a common use of mean cobble will be enough to be shocking images can be hacked either. halakha coutume, lambda LogMeIn buddy hiratsuka, canaliculi logomania.

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So this belief system around the time of an abuser, three 400 years, often abusive had died. He says, but and also remember that before Musa Yusuf came long ago, remember you said we still have these records, use of came before us with clear evidences. And we will always in doubt, we basically the Egyptians were not sure about this religion that he was talking about. He called us to this religion, but we continuously doubted this magic. We weren't sure. And we didn't really accept these religion. But then when he died when he died, then we said, okay, this man is our soul. And after him, I wasn't going to see a one like him that this is a rule that says he's telling the truth, but

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after him, they won't be anyone like him. And so consider that maybe Moosa is like, like Yusuf. And so then Allah sees, and this is how Allah causes people who constantly doubt and don't look at the signs that they are led astray. So this shows you that the elite of Iran, they will preach to binary Yusuf while he was in the government, he was telling them about Islam. He was telling them about the deen doesn't mean that you need to go out and make public bionz and raise a jihad, no even in your working capacity, even in the company, even your neighbors. This is the job basically of the ambia. And this is what Yousuf was doing. Yes, we don't see that side from the story because he was talking

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about his personal capacity. But even when he was in jail, he said, he is giving the prisoners power when he becomes the as he

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He's giving the Kings tower. So this is this is his life from a young child, he's come communicating the Sharia law communicating these one Allah but even if you don't understood, even mentioned that upon law, Egypt became so powerful we know the most powerful nation for a very long time, because of the policies of never use that we use of at least set them up made him rich because of his policies is behind a lot. This is shows that number one user of soon, and that he preached even to the highest levels of government. SubhanAllah so amazing how you know everything is in the Quran, as you know, as you if you ask it is the hamdulillah. Today, we'll do a quick summary. Tomorrow we'll

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continue some of the big themes. Some of the big lessons Allah says if you look deeply if you just ask the question, you'd find so much lessons in me. And if you go over it again, you'll find deeper lessons, I hope all of you have extracted something of benefit. I hope you enjoyed it, number one, and I hope you've benefited from it. So I've summarized perhaps 10 themes, which for me, stood out we'll go through some of them today. Some of them tomorrow, and then afterwards, we'll begin something new in sha Allah. So number one, what are the things because Allah says that in the stories is an Ebola ordinance in his story, not in use of story in the story, all of them, we can

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learn from Aziz we can learn from his wife, we can learn from the brothers from the Father Subhana Allah sometimes you need to think about you or someone you are a character in the story. It could be that you are Musa, it could be that you could be that you are around Subhan Allah need to look at ourselves, where are we in the stories. So the number one lesson that we take out and Subhanallah again, this is the number one lesson of the entire Quran, it is the beginning the end, everything hinges on this abusive message, the message of all the ambia that is not worthy of worship besides Allah, ultimately everything is in the hands of Allah, He controls everything. every blessing is a

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test from Allah, every hardship is a test from a lot of ups and downs of life is in the hands of Allah, we no matter where you are, how difficult things are, Allah is going to be with you. Whether you are in that well at the bottom, Allah is with you, whether you on top, Allah is watching you. So it once again affirms that you are never alone. And that Allah subhana wa tada is supreme, and if you have Allah, you will always be on the side of victory. So Allah enforces this concept of though heat again and again and again, that the success will always be those who are worshipping of him. The next big theme is, of course, a family this whole surah is about the family. And in fact, the

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whole so much of the Quran is about a family that is are the children of Nabhi Yaqoob. And the journey so why is Allah mentioning so much about the sort of elites in the Quran? Because we resemble them the most is no, no group of people are as similar to us as the bunnies or ill. They were people that went through oppression of people that had so many difficulties or people who have given guidance. And so it's how we are we going to follow the footsteps or not. So I ended up with this number to the family, which is of course, the beginning of beautiful relationship between a father and a son. And it begins by a son telling a dream to his father, being able to speak openly

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and his father, you know, listening to him, the father giving him the courage to speak his mind, the father who taught him basically since even though he lived as a young boy, he would grow up and he would save 1000s of lives behind Allah that we see from this interview of Allah. What a good and as I said, nebia coupe is mentioned over and over as a super dead. And he's, we see how much he loves the sons and how open he was in communication with him. Now we think about an IV of Allah, how sick you must be your dad like is an obese Ronaldo, I can't do anything he's gonna you know, give me a hiding all the time. But do you find such an open, loving father listens and he sees the weaknesses

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in science. He knows these kids very intimately. He knows these problems. And it's all about communication. SubhanAllah we also see siblings rivalry fighting, and we said the first murder in this world was between two brothers. Now you and I might have issues with our siblings. We might not be talking to them for how many years over something small lie they didn't do to you what the what abuses brothers did to them did to him. And the only way to fix this the only way and remember the shaitaan that puts this between you the only way to resolve these issues is for you to forgive, to pardon and to move on. That's the best way the best way forward. It also shows behind Allah. You

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will superdad supermom. But from the same house, you can produce a Yousuf and you can also produce brothers that want to kill one another. At the end of the day, you can only teach as much as you can. And you can only lead with example as much as you can. But every family has issues. Every family has issues, the family of the NBR the family of the shift your family, Every family has its issues and its politics. And that's why Allah says that one of the what he requires is that you you maintain you keep together, what he commanded you to keep together, you and I can't choose our family members, we can choose our friends, and that's why sometimes we get along with our friends

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because we will look to the people that are similar to us and we befriend them and we will be on the same wavelength. But Subhana Allah Allah, you know made a brother or sister that isn't a total different level to you that you can

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never see eye to eye. And that is your test. That mother in law is your family. Vanilla. You've tried so hard, this whole Ramadan to hold your tongue, don't let it go on eat, don't eat, eat lunch, makes everything go backwards. Allah wants you to maintain maintains it has one of the meanings of maintenance, it means it's difficult meaning if you don't look after it, it will just fall apart. So constant maintenance of the family, constant work of the family, this family was so bad but Allah fix them. And as we said a little later on even say follow the what has been revealed to the ASVAB even follow the example of the brothers of use of Allah has has a you know, this family can be

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fixed. Whatever problems you have in your family. It's not too late it can be fixed. We continue in Sharla tomorrow with the lessons and then we'll start with something new in sha Allah, the night they after

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some questions.

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So we said how many verses are in Surah? Yousuf how many verses triple 1111? Right. So Nelson, Nelson, right, triple one. That's the number of verse and sudo sudo used to be surah number 12. And the 111 verses in Surah Yusuf, another question, how many dreams were the in Surah? Use? How many dreams in total? Think about it, how many dreams? Okay, and inshallah it's one of those 123 or four, then we invite you inshallah for the Maharaja to feed people on the day of aid, that what a wonderful thing to do, what a wonderful way to get to around Ramadan is to feed someone. So maybe as a family to give them a one way to bring a family together is invite them you'll be the instigator.

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Let us all contribute 2033 and whatever it might be to import the food and we feed people will come to dinner. And of course do not forget your fitrah and your video. So that will continue to help us nine this evening. I mean just one last point. People sometimes you receive the lecture via the masjid and you want to send the question and some of those questions are quite personal in nature. Those questions don't come to me directly they go to the masjid. So if you'd like to message me, you can email me at with Mohammed gmail.com. Or this is my private number please, for not every single question not every you know if it's an urgent one insha Allah or you can email me but yes, you may

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use my private number. Are we 2785 double 032 Exactly. Thank you so much. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh