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The transcript describes Jesus's story of abuse and abusive behavior, using a detailed overview of the surah and holy Bible to explain the meaning behind them. The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing the history and moments of the story for future reference, while also emphasizing the importance of providing evidence and guidance for end-users. The transcript also touches on the negative impact of rejecting people and the potential for people to be better, as well as the use of words like"over the weekend" to encourage people to learn from past experiences and avoid future mistakes. Finally, the speakers emphasize the importance of learning from past experiences and avoiding future mistakes, as well as reading the Mahalews and offering small donations.

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Villa rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. Kadena Mohammed Ali he was a big marine. We have brothers and sisters in Islam and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing Alhamdulillah night number 23 Subhan Allah and very strong likely with the tonight could be this very special night the night of Laila to father and always ask yourself if this was night have led to color Have I done enough ever asked enough? Have I, you know, given enough evader? What if this were the last Laila to father that we would have malice panatela grantees to achieve the full blessings of this evening, I mean, I mean, we continue with and this is the last listening shala of surah Yusuf the last 10 verses of the surah and Allah subhanho wa Taala. As I mentioned, the surah begins with an introduction to the miracles of the Quran, and that this is a reminder and

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a guidance. And then he told us a very long story about an abusive and now it concludes again, and it's important for us to understand when the sutra was revealed at the beginning, we said the Navy SEAL Saddam was basically in his well, like an abuse of force in the world. He was at the lowest point in his life, his people had rejected him, these people were not believing in him, he felt so down so rejected an empty that Allah subhana wa tada sin the surah as a reminder to look at how other ambia went through hardship, but they came out on the other side. So Allah subhana wa tada now speaks any of the story of use of an abusive, concludes and he says, Allah, let me live as a Muslim

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and die. Let me die as a Muslim and amongst the allegrini masala hain, and let me be amongst the righteous people that was the end of the last ayah. And now look, continues Valley coming in as a new he like that this is of the hidden knowledge that we reveal to you or Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it's amazing that the Prophet peace upon him if you just think about it, that he lived in a society, we very few people could read or write, and no book has reached the city. No person has ever even heard of use of a laser system. There was no there were no Christians or Jews living in Mecca. And the surah is such a detailed sort of remember the surah came down in one go was the day

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before it wasn't me. And the next day this entire surah in detail that we've been discussing this past month. So Allah says this is spontaneous revelation I give you of the hidden knowledge American Terra de Janeiro amerihome bohemian Quran and you will not be the details you speak about. As we said even jacobellis didn't know about his son throwing abusive in the well it Allah is explaining the details. No one was the to see what happened between the lady and abusive no one was the when the ladies got together, Allah says I'm telling you about a detailed plot that only a few people witness. And you know these details now, when a colonel nasty widow has meaning and I wasn't

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intending to be so solemn. And unfortunately, most of the people, although you are striving very hard, you're trying very hard. Many of them do not believe it's also turning the Navy so solemn, that it's not your fault. You can just give the message, you can just try and it's with him to follow for them to reject. What matters are Humala human nature. And you're not asking them for any money. You're not looking for any enrichment through this in who Victrola mean. But this is only a reminder and only a guidance for the item. And it's free knowledge I was giving you free guidance for the mean meaning not just for the Muslims, this is for anyone that reads the story who knows the

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story, and as you said, it's a biblical story. It's the story of the world and then I saw that there's so many things in the have so much benefit to anyone who opens the story of novel use of work I mean it very similar to a lot of yamo Runa they have already done analysis so how many signs daily you will pass in the heavens and the earth each day, every time the surah is assigned, and how many signs Allah says and calling insan constantly giving them signs giving them reminders. They pass by it. Woman ha Marley dude, get the turn away yet we are unmindful of its vanilla we know that every is in fact a sign and i would i It doesn't mean verse it means sign that every verse of the

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Quran is something to reflect on is to remind us so Allah has called us now this entire month. We've heard the whole Quran we've recycled the old code on many of us we are completing items on hamdulillah. Allah says how many of these signs will we take heed of what might occur hoobler illa machico noses Unfortunately, most of them, they only believe in Allah and they come up with him and most of them they believe in Allah exhibit the machete with him. So the very important point here that the machine is not the one that this obeys, that this believes in Allah, He believes in Allah, but in his times of difficulty equals out to Jesus to the idols to the comics, I believe in the

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Creator, but in times of hardship in times of gratification in times of forgiveness, I turned to someone other than Allah is a beautiful story. Never say normally the Alon, he is a man making a dua Yeah, Allah liquidity of the few will be of the few. We have a few wishes, what kind of devices make me of the police. So he says

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To say normal look in the Quran when Allah speaks about the majority, it's accurate and accurate. The majority many times on the wrong the majority of us is most of the times the majority are the ones that are neglectful. Whereas Allah says we're kalila many body yes Quran that a few that only a select group of is is worshipers of sincere a select of them are grateful a select few of them are reflective and SubhanAllah. You and I are the few, that few selected group how many out the not in the masjid? How many will go through the Knights of Labor to color not making one act of Allah, Allah has favored the few to be mindful to come in and worship Allah. It is a it's a great blessing

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that we are here with hamdulillah. So let's just I mean, and to whom? Shia tominaga Billa otium Sorry about that. And

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also, how many signs do we just walk past? How many miners? Will we reject? Until do we feel do they fill us Do they feel secure, that they will not come to them an overwhelming punishment of Allah or that the hour will come all of a sudden meaning this can come all of a sudden and while they are not yet received or not ready? So are we ready to handle if the inevitable comes we all know Pamela we're going to die? Are we ready to meet a lot and if you're not ready Swan Allah Allah has given us this this few days this night, one night in pure, pure sincerity with little quarter, a lifetime of sin can be forgiven 80 years 90 years of sin can be given fully forgiven just to ever stand these

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nights in Nevada could have solved analysis could have easily been either in Allah Allah Sidoti, nanometre Manny or Superman Aloma and Domino machine. So now the understanding the professor Lam don't beat yourself up your job is just to relay the message and say, This is my way this way, the way of the NBA the way of Ibrahim in his heart in Yahoo. News racela This is my way as well. I invite you only to Allah, Allah sera with clear knowledge with clear insight that this is the deen not of just belief, but it is with with evidence. It is a belief of basura clear guidance for the end for those who follow and follow the professor lamb and Susquehanna law. We are not of those who

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are not of those who come a chick with Allah.

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publica illa regenda new II mean, Cora Philomena zero fill out a defender Okay, if I can ask you to let me copy him.

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Latina taco ferrata Aquino Sala Now again, remember the proper Salam is being rejected. He is completely rejected by his people. So Allah says to him, and this is not new. This what you're experiencing is not you're not the first one to go through this. And we seek not before you except mean to whom we revealed from amongst the people of the cities, we send the revelation to people amongst the communities so have been so then travel through the earth and look what was the result of those before they look at what happened to those who rejected and the home and ultimately they reject you in the home of the year after is best for you who fear Allah And when will you not reason

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for that document really, this life, Allah says whatever rejection hardship you're going through, it's just ups and downs, and the author of the Indies for you, the Indies for you. It's a promise of success. This is a promise that at the end of the day, an activity routine at the end of the day, the good guys will win those who are on evader with a lot they're going to win. They always had to either stay as a result of

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the coup de boo geheimnisse Runa Fuji amin, Manisha

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Suna la comunidad mean. So Allah says they continued, being rejected and they continued pushing up, you know, rejecting the MBR until when the missing is the speed, and they were certain that they had been denied. They came to them our natural victory also it means our punishment here and we will we will be saved and our punishment cannot be repelled from the people will criminals always not telling them. You have an ultimatum. That when a law neighbor punishes a city, Allah, Allah never sins destruction upon a people, until then Abby of that people says Allah, I've given up on these people. When the prophet of those people gives up, then Allah sees the punishment. For example,

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Nabina Muhammad Salaam and the deaf gamma, these people were the first people to be destroyed. And when people ask me I knew you were the first messenger of Allah the first of the rule, will you please ask Allah for forgiveness, he will feel the sadness in you will say, I was given a special door any do I could make, and I use it against my people, I made dua for them to be destroyed. And he was people with the first and then the sooner continued. So Allah says, only when the when the messengers themselves if you give up on them, then I can send my punishment. And of course we know that obviously he has a choice now do I punish them? Do I ask Allah to to these people that mocked

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me that that almost killed me that are harming me that killed so many of my Sahaba I can either make dua against them and Allah says I will send my punishment and I'll save some those who are selected or if you persevere, what would you choose?

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Any chooses the path of never use, you will persevere he will take the hardship until the end and rather forgive so we know that the Navy so solemn in 10 years time as the city will come back and you'll forgive these people so let's look at the kind of ecosystem

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that we live in the in the story in the life is an Ebola is a learning.

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For those who understand that if you do not study the pseudo in depth analysis, go back now and studied in depth and look at the number of lessons and SubhanAllah. Tomorrow inshallah we'll do a quick summary today, tomorrow and the day after about those sort of before we start something new. And I hope some those of you who listen to the lecture, you can take at least one lesson that is applicable to your life. Allah says in the surah is a lesson for anybody, anybody who just thinks a little about it, Mark and I had either new for our campus Deacon Medina, a lot of sila hula, hula warahmatullah colico me, you know, Allah says this Quran was never a revelation invented, this is

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not an invention that we

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that it was fabricated, but it is a confirmation of what was before it and a detail and it further explains things in detail that Okita did not know. And it is a guidance and a mercy for people who believe the people and if they read this, they will find any guidance. SubhanAllah as we said, the surah if you compare these a long story about Joseph in the Bible, in fact, it's longer than the Quranic story. But inside the you'd find the details that we know including to some of the those that say the prophets have them copied the stories of the biblical stories, but many of the details that are left out, were the details that are proven to be incorrect, inconsistent, in only the quick

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things are found in me, and a person will ever read and ever experienced the use of so Allah says that this is a clear evidence for those people who have knowledge and understand if you compare the two, it's completely his knowledge. But of course, ultimately, this is meant to guide you and me to implement in our life to be better people to be better fathers sons, brothers to one another how we fight temptation, all these lessons will come out we'll summarize some of them tomorrow. I hope inshallah some of you I'm gonna put you on the spot, what lessons have you learned? If you learn nothing then spammers, Mashallah, we have to start from the beginning. So inshallah we will will

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listen to we'll go through a few that and then we'll start a new new section inshallah. Over the weekend,

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we asked yesterday's question, Who is the moon in the dream? And the answer is not been here. I mean,

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the answer is not. So we said that we use have had a dream It began with him dreaming. He said, I saw the sun and the moon and 11 stars making Salut now the 11 stars very clearly, you should know 1111 brothers that you should know. So Binyamin is one of the 11 brothers right? So let's definitely not be near mean, it couldn't be an abusive was the way to do to never use so the sun and the moon. And there are two opinions effective you sit in abeokuta is the sun and overnight be the mother is the sun Allah, you know, this, the both ways can work this stuff seen in both, but most likely, maybe I mean, he's the son. Right? Maybe the father is the son is you in, and the mother is the

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moon. Oh, his is his Auntie that married his father. She was the moon. So as as an abusive, he raised his parents up on the throne. And his brothers are the stars. So this is the the Tafseer. And that's why he never uses. This is the dream I had right at the beginning. All as many come through, it took 40 years later. But now I see this three this dream coming through. So the answer is the answer is the last question. And I hope you're paying attention. How many verses are in Surah? Yusuf? How many verses on surah? Yusuf? How many verses 110 111 1230? Easy, you can't take them off.

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You can't take them off, we just passed by. So inshallah it's quite easy. So how many verses the last question and then we'll do a quick summary tomorrow. Just a reminder, for those who would like to contribute to the Maharaja 1004 Potter food for 200 plus people to eat from it. What a great challenge to give on the day read. For those who haven't paid your fee, you must pay your fee. This is for everybody. In your family that someone asked me I must pay for my dependents. What about myself is yourself and your dependents goes without saying so anyone in your whole house you and your whole household even those who are not it will collapse inshallah 40 Rand per person. And in

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PDF video only for the person that cannot fast and never can force. If you miss the day, you don't pay for Do you just make the day up if you're able to force but if you can never force then you feed one person for every day and it's 10 grand, and with a tiny piece collecting way and we will distribute last point on this people said can I just give the fifth round figure to someone you cannot give cash, you cannot give cash to the poor person, the poor person the person who receives the feature of India must receive food. So yes, you can give on your own but then you must buy rice or bread and you must distribute kind. So Alhamdulillah mercy does this for you. We go and source

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the thing and find that the people were eligible and anyone can get fitter also. So this is a big sigma. So give us some time this has to be distributed before eat. So please put your finger on your video now. So it can be done in sha Allah.

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So let's lay that off post nine cycle of hate was a Latina Mohammed Al Islam sorry al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen