Builders of a Nation #21 – Fatima bint Muhammad (ra)

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Fatima, a woman of great resurrection, was known as the "elf of the mother of her father" and was born 40 years before she was known as the "elf of the mother of her father". She was also the "elf of the mother of her father" and was born 40 years before she was known as the "elf of the mother of her father". She later passed away and was buried in a flower, the flower of her flower.

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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah today, our journey will take us to a special woman, the beloved daughter of a Swati salatu salam, one of the best woman in Jannah. That is none but said of Altima. Her full name faulty move into Mohammed Abdullah. Now look at the nickname. She's known as the flower known also as Fatima to Zara, the shining one and the special characters about her. It's actually narrated in a hadith by Rasul Allah Who salatu salam. She narrated Hadees formula Swati salatu salam and many companions narrated Hadees from her. She was well known for the following, being patient, persevering, content, and

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grateful to Allah and act with excellence. She has two sons, the beloved grandchildren of rasool Allah salatu salam, Al Hassan, Al Hussain, she's also known as the link of Al Mustafa, the link of the chosen to Saraswati salatu salam, because only her children, they survived and had offsprings, she was beautifully called frequently on more Obeah the mother of her father, because she had great resemblance to oral Swati salatu salam, and she took care of him, specially after the death of Seder Khadija. She was known as the best woman of her era, and one of the best woman of Jannah Sadan Abdullah have now been reported, in a hadith, recorded by Imam Muhammad at Roswell a Salatu was

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Salam said, the best woman among the people of paradise, or Hadid, Ubuntu hoilett. Fawlty may have been to Muhammad Maryam will being turned around and asked him into Musa him, the wife of Pharaoh. So for Khadija been to Hawaii, the first wife of Roswaal Esau to Sarah Fatima, his daughter Seder, Maria moved into Imran and asiyah, the wife of Sharon, the best for a woman of Jana and the Rasul Allah salatu salam loved her immensely, that every battle he goes, when he comes back to Medina. He usually pray in the masjid. That's his Sonali Salah to Sarah. And then he goes to her house, and he usually make sure he sees her before he goes to his own wives. And she had a special status with a

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Rasul Allah Who salatu salam, and let's share this hadith. And he said, Imagine a father said this about his daughter. He said Fatima will go out to mini from an Alaba Alaba honey farm Fatima is a part of me, piece of me. And whoever make her angry, he actually makes me angry. Seda Heisha was asked who was the most beloved person, Torah Swati has salatu salam Nisida, Asha responded, Fatima. And then she was asked, How about from among them and we see that she responded, her husband saved nearly. And she said he was so one on one. He was always in a state of fasting or he fasted a lot. And he will stand up long nights in prayers. Sita actually ported this and she said, I have not seen

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anyone who resembled or saw alayhi salatu salam in speech, the way she spoke, may Allah be pleased with her more than Fatima when she entered. Look at that. When she entered on him he stand up to greet her, kiss her and welcome her. And she would do the same towards him. When he comes she stand up, welcome him kiss his hand. She was the fourth daughter. And she was born 40 years before Rasul Allah salatu salam become the Prophet. Her mother is say the Khalifa.

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And Ross soiree salatu salam, I loved her dearly. She grew up as a Muslim. She didn't live long with the era of the pagans. However, having said that, she witnessed the torture of Christ to her father. And one of the stories that really should move us all is when our soiree salatu salam was praying in the courtyard of the Kaaba, and the disbelievers came and throw the interesting one

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off the camel on him. She ran to him when she heard that crying, and she was removing it and clearing the dirt from him and saying, Oh daddy, and then she loudly advocating against those who did this to her, her father. She was young when her mother died. And she lived with her sister or MacArthur, who took care of her. And with her mother in law, say disorder, migrated to Medina, with her sister was say naughty and received a soda man married. Halle Aldi, Allah one, two years after Hijra Saraswati salatu salam gave her in marriage to his cousin, Sade. Nadie, two years after Hijra after the Battle of Bader, she was 15 years of age, and he was 21. But they did not live together

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till she was 18 years of age. These days, we all want to live in prosperity. We want to have good life. So imagine the daughter of Roswaal is salatu salam married to the fourth Khalifa, not yet Khalifa. But his cousin. However, they were very poor. They had minimum, they had nothing for her marriage or a soiree sought Austro. He prepared for her the basic necessities to use in a home, leather water feature award in bed, and some cushions. She used to work very hard. And there is a Hadith where she came to rasool Allah salatu salam, especially later in Medina, when Allah subhanaw taala opened wealth to the Muslims and she said, it's getting very hard on me. I need to help her.

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When she came to ask for help.

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From Rasul Allah salatu salam, this is the daughter of the best of the creation, he actually advised her instead of material help,

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eternal help. That's the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. And he asked her to say, say 10 times Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar after each prayer and say 33 times Subhan Allah will hamdulillah and Allahu Akbar, before you go to bed, or a soiree salatu salam really loved her. And she had a special place in his heart. She came to him, said of Altima, and she said, in a coma Kenyatta, her death owner, and Nicola Doblin fanatic. She came to him and said, people are saying that you do not get upset when your daughter's get upset. And here you go. A hottie is planning to marry the daughter of Abuja, or Swati salatu salam stood up. And after he said, I should only isla.

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And he said, I have given my daughter to Abdullah house of Nairobi, and he treated her very well. And file to move into Muhammad is part of me. And I don't like her to be tested. And by Allah, she cannot be together in the same house with a daughter of the enemy of Allah, in one house with the same man at all.

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And say daddy did not marry the daughter of Abuja. And in fact, say Nalli did not marry as long as he was married to say, the Fatima after she died, he actually married slave girl by the name of mama. She gave birth to four children, two boys and two girls, and her son, what Hussein and then two girls, who she named them after her late sisters omocha thaum and Xena a soiree. Salatu was Salam was there when she gave birth to Al Hasan. In fact, he gave a down in the ear of Satan, Al Hassan. And he suggested that she makes it a celebration for the birth of the boy, there is

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a narration that states the status of Seder Fatima. This was actually Hadith that Roswaal a salatu salam said, an angel came to me today to have never descended to the earth. And he sought permission from Allah from his Lord, to greet me with Salam and to give me the glad tidings that Fatima is the best of the woman of Paradise, and that Hassan Al Hussein are the best of the youth of the people of paradise. Some of the memorable moments of her life. She actually the time the death of Allah Swati salatu salam. She was the only daughter who survived him. His three daughters passed away before him. He sought out to Sarah so she entered

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At the end, he was dying. You can imagine the moment and the feeling. She came close to him. She was crying. And then he whispered something in her ear. And she saw it start crying even more. And then he whispered something else in her ears and she starts smiling. And no one knows. At that moment, what did he say Ali salatu Sera, when he passed away, and they took him the companions and buried him at his salatu Sera. They came back to his house, she was there. She looked at them and says, Paul Butler, come on, Prusa calm, and that was total Ravana Rasulullah. How can your self made you throw dust over a rough Swati Serato Sara, look at her love. And look at the faith of the Sahaba

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they looked at her and says, daughter of Muhammad, thus what he taught us and he he sought out to Sarah said Aisha asked her afterward. What did he say to you? That made you cry? And what did he say to you? That made you smile? She said the first thing he said to me? What made me cry harder, that your father has not much left? Go back to Allah subhanaw taala. That's when I start crying very hard. Then he whispered again, and he said, You're the first one was going to follow me after I die. And I smiled. And absolutely she died six months after him. And he salatu salam. She was buried in bacteria. She was buried by seed gnarly after he preyed on her. May Allah be pleased with her the

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flower, the unique, the part of a Swati salatu salam, and she died very young at age 28. May Allah subhanaw taala make us follow her footsteps. Learn from her and bless us all.