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The Bible and men and women have been discussed as they relate to the origin of the Bible, with a mention of a dream where a woman gets a new job. The discussion then delves into the struggles of Islam's life, including the use of video, the lack of fear in public, and the importance of acceptance of the holy Message. The transcript also touches on the use of words in religion and the importance of showing one's religion to others, as well as a brief advertisement for a tour of a church in Egypt.

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Relying on a

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man or woman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shafi mousseline satana Mohammed Ali he also have h main will have brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are y'all doing have any less I'm tired faces I see to eat chicken nights and as we see even the even nights even the even nights in the last 10 nights could be later to Potter is a chance in there so always ask yourself if tonight was little did I do enough that are asked enough? Have I done enough so please whenever I speak to myself first it's you know what we all want to do is go home and sleep but viola, let's just give it this week the best we can and Allah subhanaw taala except from us. I mean, and of course the more difficult it is, the more you would is that is that is that the law speaks about the four sacred beads even though they love it, they want to be on the bid.

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Imam Shafi used to say you looked at his bathing suit curse you are soft you are how soft you are, because he had to get up and now it's difficult even for the early Avila. mela make it easy for us. I mean,

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so the good news at each Debbie Yahoo. Elisa ceram that his sons are alive, his sons are well and the site was returned. And then also he has an invitation from an abusive come leave Palestine leaf parasite and come to Egypt. We things are good. I'm in control. And now they leave the entire family. Israel meaning Yaqoob and his children the bunnies sorry, they leave Palestine and now they come to Egypt for that mahalo other use of and so now when they came to us, via Cuba and his family, he he took his parents to one side he took his father and his mother basically with a stepmom we'll talk about that in a minute. But he took his mom his father and his stepmom to one side away for our

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in a way it took him and he basically made some of them were called odorheiu Misra insha Allah meaning and he said to them into Egypt insha Allah safe and secure into Egypt in sha Allah safe and secure it's a DA and even today you know if you if you go to the Egypt the airport in Egypt the title this is still they they still put this the in the ayah into Egypt safe and secure a lot of it is that case that is the I don't know the reality is like that I'll make it easy for the people of Egypt mela make it easy for those in Palestine. And the interesting thing just a side note, we said many many times when you make dua we don't say inshallah. inshallah means if Allah will so you say

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Allah forgive me Allah guide me Help me have mercy upon me inshallah, meaning if you want to. That's not the way of asking you know, that shows us even though whether you want to don't want to doesn't really affect me. So in sha Allah is not used for this year. is not a dog in the scenes but he's saying you will be Safia Allah willing, you will be safe here and secure that I will make sure that you are safe. And then after he had brought him in and they came to his throne room and somehow an abusive was senior, we said maybe even at some point, so powerful that he was you know administrating the government. The king was the but he was really the the man behind the the throne,

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or whatever other way. He added. He raised his parents upon the throne on the throne now actually the throne of the king. He put them on thrones, his father and his, his mother will talk about his mother, his stepmom. Well, her ruler was to Jeddah and then they bow to him in frustration they fell into due to use of men, his family, his mom, his dad, and his brothers, they fell down in salute to him. What color? Now think back what is the beginning of the story? The story began with a dream. I see in my dream, the sun and the moon and 11 stars making salute to me. Now, his mother, a stepmother, his father, and his 11 brothers are making salute to him, we'll call it and he says, Oh,

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my beloved dead. Again, Abba T. You'd find all the brothers throughout the story. They say, yeah, Abby, abou his father was Yeah, but he, you know, makes himself like a child. You know, my loving dad. Oh, my dear father, he says, has wielu in common. This is the meaning of that dream that I had when I was a child all those years ago. This is the dream coming true. in Kabul, Colorado, Herbie Hancock, my Lord has made it come through I remember when I was seven years old, I said I had a dream. And now I see it coming through. What could it be? And how good he has been to me meaning Allah is a hydrogen and oxygen. When he took me out of the jail he saved me from the jail was a big

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communal battle, and he brought you my family out of the building one life in the desert mimbar the anessa shaytaan rubini will be a hottie. After shaytaan put some problems between myself and my brothers. She can cause immunity between us in Nairobi Latif in Lima, Yarra Valley, my lower is very subtle and loving in that he wishes to do in who he will Hakeem and he's all knowing and all Why is so very long higher so we break it down into pieces. So the first thing he honors is pay. That's when

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They come in, he puts them on thrones even though of course he is in charge. They should show you the honor of his parents. Now, we said this before that the lady that's with Libya who now is not his mother, his actual biological mother never uses mother died giving birth to me. I mean, right so he she is a male mother passed away when she when she gave birth to Binyamin and Sona via cube actually married his wife, sister. Now you can marry us two sisters, but at the same time, so the one sister had passed away. And then he married her sister, and Subhana Allah in terms of the Sharia, the prophets of Salaam says the maternal sister, the maternal maternal aunt, sorry, the

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maternal aunt takes the place of the mother in her absence. And in most cases, if you look at it, we've got aunts on our dad's side, and on our mom's side, usually you're closer to the aunts on your mom's side. And this is a Hadeeth that in the case of parents being missing, they know parents parents are gone. Then the person who has the most right over the children are actually the maternal side. And in fact, the mother's sister is a beautiful story of Hamza rhodiola, and Hamza, the uncle of genovesa. Lamb his daughter, so Hamza we know passed away fought in jihad, and he died and his wife also had died. And so the Muslims come to Makkah to perform an aroma. And as they were to

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leave, a young girl runs out he says, I'm the daughter of Hamza Take me with you take me with you, and the Muslims feel so sad. So first of all, they are the Alon zaidan Hamza were made brothers, not biological brothers. So Islam had this thing originally, you two are brothers, and you will look after each other. And you two are brothers, and you look after each other. So they it was Hamza's brother. So he said, Because Hamza was my brother, I will adopt you. And so say that he said, No, you can't do this. Hamza and I are actually cousins. So I'm closer to him biologically and even closer, I will adopt him and then say Natalie's brother, Jaffer said, well, you I'm your older

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brother, and me and you are the same in terms of relationship to Hamza. I will take her. And then the Prophet said none of you. In fact, yes, you all have claimed to her. But actually, Jaffer, you have the greatest claim, not because of you, but because your wife is this girl's maternal aunt. So it's the wife actually, she will take the place and therefore he adopted this girl has found a very interesting that the maternal aunt is the closest thing to your mother per share. Yeah. And so look at what he says. So he says in the meeting user licenses, oh my father, this is the explanation of my dream. Like this is not I can see the sun the moon and they live in stars. And then he says how

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good How amazing has allowed me to come through and how certainly how great Allah has been to me how kind of has been to me not have so much difficulty. He was taken from home. He was in a well, he was a slave. He grew up as a slave in Egypt. He was in jail, all these difficulties and he says how amazing Allah is and how good Allah has been to me. And he says he saved me from prison. He took me out of prison. Now worse than prison was the well, because the people put him in prison was not his family, but the people put him in the well ways brothers and Swann law being three days a seven year old child three days in a well is more difficult, I think when seven years in jail, and he doesn't

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mention it. Why doesn't he mention it? Up until now? Yeah, who doesn't know that his kids through use of in the well, they didn't tell him and usually isn't gonna tell them either. Remember, the son is done. He said, Let the business there's no in between me and you. It's finished. It's done. So when he tells his dad, I've, you know, I've been through some difficulty. He doesn't mention what my brothers did to me. He said I was in jail. That's all he says. And then he says and he brought Allah has brought you out of the beta one life of the shaytaan local releases after shaytaan had insight engaged between me and my brothers. Some of it was anything in use of video do anything wrong, but

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it begins with me and my brothers shaytaan caused us to have an argument. You can look at this this man, this is true. This is true pardoning really no graduates in his heart. And he doesn't blame his brothers shaytaan cause some problems between us but now it's over. And then he says indeed my load is a lot if not one of the names of a lot a lot if you don't find it very common in the Quran. The thief look is soft, and it also means subtle. So it has a meaning of loving and being soft and being subtle. Like you don't sort of cap off that's the middle word of the Quran is a lot of right in the middle of the Quran. That word wonderful. What does it mean? When the boys were in the cave, so they

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should go out and buy food? Well yet a lot of be secretive. Don't let anyone see you. You know be stealthy. So Allah subhanho wa Taala it mentions here, he is intimate in terms of he knows each one situation and we act. He acts in a vat subtle way, but with softness and with love. Latif is deeply compassionate. So now I'm usually saying I look at my life now. If I look at my life, yes, I was a boy and I had problems with my brothers, but this was part of a much bigger plan. I had

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To say I to be the instrument by which Allah would save 1000s of lives from drought, and I to become sort of the strongest man in the world. All of these turns was part of the master plan and how certainly Allah works. And then he says, in our ability for Lima Yeshua, that he is so subtle in doing the things that he wills when over acts, he acts in a very subtle way and we can't understand and sometimes this is we don't understand it is he's knowing an old wise but always all knowing and all wise.

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Also very interesting. We said they fell down in sujood have never use of now we know in our wish idea that is hard to make such data to anyone or anything besides Allah. Now there's two types of prostrations two types of surgery, when I say Judea, it means prostration and bow in ruku, as well. So Jude and Lu, in our Sharia both are haram to anyone besides Allah, in this room, it's haram to anyone besides Allah. Now these two types of borrowing and there are two types of student one of worship, where you worship the thing that you're borrowing to. This is only for a lot all the time. And the was permissible in the past, a sujood and Riku. of, of respect. For example, when Allah say

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to the angels bow to Adam, it wasn't out of worship, it's a worship item, Bow, bow to item out of respect. This is another example bow to the bow to us out of respect. Like for example, in Japan, in the culture, they still bow to one another out of respect, not worship, but for us, even in our shed yet. And evisa made that haram

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Satan Martini just a little deal. And he comes to us to sit here and he saw how the Marines made sudo to the shakes, right? That's how they honor the shoe they made to do to them. So when what comes back from Cydia to Medina, and he wants to greet and he falls down to Mexico to gonna be so solemn. Jamar, what is this? So he said, the people in other nations, they make sudo to the holy people, and you deserve more respect than that. So I felt I should make sudo to you. So there'll be some said, this should not be done. Right. This is not allowed. Now, surely, no one is allowed sajida except Allah. And then he continued, and this is a controversial Hadith we can discuss

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another time. He said, If anyone deserved that level of respect, if any two people had that kind of relationship of respect, we one would follow someone so intimately that actually makes to Jude it should be a wife to her husband.

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So authentic hadith. But here's the thing, the caddies and we accept it and what is mentioned here is that if you have a husband that is worthy of your respect, sisters, this is sort of the kind of honor that we would give but of course, this is only exclusively for Allah. This is only for Allah subhanaw taala. So as he says, This is the full meaning of the dream. And so behind Allah, Allah now calls them stars, the brothers are stars now that Allah has made the Father the Son and he's bright, and the mother is the moon. She is a very deep discussion as to the different types of lights. In the Quran. Side note that when Allah speaks about the light of the sun, and the light of the moon,

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he uses different herbs. The light of the sun is warm, hot, and the light of the moon is cool, it's called mood mood is cool light and it's obviously in darkness, it as a as a as a more closer meaning especially in the desert life. And the brothers being stars now stars would guide you in terms of in time times of darkness to the point that Allah subhanho wa Taala will mentioned him that you should follow the

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Ibrahima is harkaway ohkubo. One is about as bad meaning the 12 sons of Nabhi of Yahoo's Allah actually elevated them from being murderers, to being people that you should follow behind Allah, how Allah changes the way of the of the Sunnah, how merciful Allah is to them. And voila,

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this is an abuse of continuous energy. Now, this is the last ayah of an abusive story, not the end of the surah. But this last I have never use of who says, Rob because at any minute Milkyway Alemany mental health is now never used to speaking to Allah. Now he makes a closing door. And he says, My Lord, you have been so good to me. You have given me power. You've made me basically the most powerful man in the world. And you've given me the ability to understand dreams to perform miracles and understanding dreams. For the summer what you want out of it is your Creator of the heavens and the earth creators of the character of his creation thought there is even before that before

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creation, meaning the one who pre plans everything so he says yeah, everything this in my entire life. This was pre planned before we even existed every step this was part of it was massive. And it is similar what you will and will even do, Nia will hear you on my particular I put myself in your hands in your trust in this life and in the life of this. And so this is the thing that I want most. I after he has got everything now basically he's got everything, right. He's got no Buddha. He's got beauty. Think of all the blessings just count the blessings of love the use of he's got Prophethood he's got the most beauty. He's wealthy, he's powerful. He has a woman that is crazy man in love.

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He moves to the point of dangerous love, right? He's got his parents and his family and they love him. And he says, after all of this all I want to do what? For any Muslim and just let me die, a Muslim will take me beside him. And let me be in the company of the Saudi people. I want to be with them. That is all really that I want. It's all I want. Is vinyl. This is the army of us mix to be a Muslim. Yeah, although this may be a pious, righteous person, it can be a good person. He says, All these blessings I have is nothing compared to Islam. This is all that I really, really want. And they will think about the dogs finally think of a simple door. Now he brought him the man who brings

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the heat to the earth. He says yeah, Allah save me and my children from evil worshipping idols within How is it possible for NaVi Ibrahim to worship an idol and he says I'm scared I might end up worshipping idols one day, so he makes to again should we should always make dragons This is the most important thing in life. Now we jump out of surah Yusuf isn't done. So the user has an introduction about the Quran, and he has a conclusion about the Quran. And but we jump out of surah Yusuf because the story of never use of is another ending in Surah Baqarah so Allah says, What sabia Ibrahim Benny he soon Avi Allah says NaVi Brahim gave a will see, our CEO is that last advice when

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you're on your deathbed, so that we brought him before he died? He had his heart and he had an obese man, his two sons, they brought him together. And he spoke to them and he advised him and his family before he died. And yahoo yahoo did the same thing. Before he died. He called the sons together and he gave him a last advice. Yeah, baniya He says, Oh, my dear sons, the 12 of them. Yeah, Benny, in the last of Allah Kumar Dean. Oh my sons. Indeed Allah has chosen for you this religion. Allah has really blessed us by giving us this religion of our father Ibrahim, and it's hard for that. Mouton, 11 to swim and the thing we say every time so he says to them, make sure that he's dying now via

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COVID-19. Just make sure that before you die, you always die as a Muslim. Don't ever lose your Islam. This is the most important I can't give you any more advice. This is the most important thing is to die as a Muslim. I'm content so Allah says to the processes were you to show them medicals of Nagisa Salaam? Allah says, I'm going to Shahada if Hydra kuben mode. Were you there when abeokuta was about to die and he was speaking to his sons, his kaliba he said to the offseasons

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Mata buena min, Daddy, what are you going to worship after me? As I said before when I see the good no say all the time. This is the theme of the Quran, the theme of our religion, what are you going to worship? And so the father asks the sons he didn't say what you fight with each other? Will it be good? He just said what are you going to worship after me? Just one question for you my boys. What will you worship of the I have died? They said, Follow Naboo Isla haka, we are going to worship yo Isla. Yo God, what

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am the God of your fathers Ibrahim, what is married what is hoc our forefathers nibble on him our uncle nubbins man and are grandfathered in obese Huck and your either Illa Illa and wahida. The one and only Illa are the same Allah when Allah Muslim and we promise we are Muslims that we are Muslims Manila with a beautiful ending. And that's why we are who passes away in Egypt. Now the use of also pathway in Egypt. And this is the end of the story of never use of and in fact, if you go through the whole Quran, only one or two places is mentioned by name. But the interesting places where often he's mentioned to Pharaoh, Pharaoh and actually speaks about Nabil Yusuf. We'll talk about that

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perhaps tomorrow. And we will continue with the last few verses of the surah conclude on the surah and then I have something very special inshallah for the last few nights of Ramadan. We'll wait and see what to do for the rest of Ramadan. I mean, right. So now, last night's question, which was not from Yousuf shirts, so she never use of shirt pops up three times. It was stolen from the back. It had false blood on it. Obviously when he died when they said he died, and his shirt brought back in abeokuta sight Bismillah what was not the shirt, it was up to him from the front. Obviously that didn't happen. Now in the dream or in the frustration whenever you see the sun in the moon, and they

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live in stars made to do to me who was the moon in the scenario? In fact, there's two opinions I should give both right? But we'll take the one that is the one I explained. In one opinion, actually Susan abeokuta is the moon but in reality the other safe opinion the son the father is the son is you in the father is the son is you in. So who was the moon yaku Binyamin Yusuf, his mother who is on tours that easy answer the insha Allah invitation to feed some feed people on the day of Ichi, the blessings 3000 and apart, maybe not yourself, but your family can get together and you can contribute to the Maharaja and people ask me what's the Maharaja? Basically you can pay the money

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and in the pot will be made but bigger than that. You can come the night before even you can actually make a pot and that's vanilla. Someone will eat food from your hands on the day of eat feature on video if you need to pay with a 30 piece of a piano Lael 930 to 10 Imam Harun Foundation.

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invites you to join us in remembering the day Mr. Harun was martyred Rahim Allah. Shaheed on Tuesday the 28th of may so Tuesday that's tomorrow, tomorrow in sha Allah and this will be held at the old granary building 13 bacon craft street at 11 o'clock and 1130 until 12. So this is the afternoon, in my home rahimullah shade, Mr. Harun, we were able to attend please attend insha Allah, one of our great heroes of this de mela grantee, my place in general. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant is to follow in his footsteps and Allah bless his family for supper the Father, the grandfather has passed away in the course of the dean. I mean, just like I said, I'm working with the library Gatto.