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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sina Mohammad Ali, he was so happy he married our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are you doing and hamdulillah I begin off by giving sugar and sing hungry lion congratulating all of us that we've achieved. We've gotten to the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan, the holiest nights of the year, the most important nights of the year. No blessing like it, they're out there. And it could be very possible that tonight the 21st night could be that very special night the night of lady who called her the night where the angels will come together in assembly and receive the decrees of Allah subhanho wa Taala what would happen in the year to come and the blessings of this or that night would be so great, and allows mercy so great ceremony.

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To fudger there will be an amnesty a peace general sense of forgiveness, whatever asks will receive forgiveness and it will praise on that night with a man all of his sins will be forgiven amin and whoever achieves the full benefit will get 83 years of reward a lifetime of reward could be tonight, which could be any of the remaining Nine Nights of this month of Ramadan 19 nights of Ramadan and therefore as always for feeder league affiliate NFS Illuminati soon and to achieve this so to get that strive hard to achieve a do your best to achieve it we begin and humbly began on an excellent footing you began in para we want to mix ishai with the environmental the as if though he stood the

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whole night and will mix fudger in Gemma as well as if though he stood all night so making making sure Allah you started video well continue and make dua This is the time when Allah subhanaw taala answers every single door This is the time where Allah subhana wa tada is giving and is forgiving some Allah bless all of us and forgive us and we will leave this month all of us with Rama and the mercy and forgiveness mean and those who can't be here those who are in the graves behind on what they would give to be what they would give our mothers fathers grandparents to be here for one night to make two records in a man for a loss even those who are successful would wish to come back so

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make dua for them. Allah bless them in the kaboom Allah have mercy on them spread the COBOL and forgive them their mistakes and increase them in goodness. I mean, we continue with our without the seed of surah Yusuf last night Alhamdulillah and abusive he confronted and he told his but I was I am used to I'm the I'm useless, and they confess the sins and they said we have made a mistake and we were wrong. And they never use of says these mighty words which Nagisa Salaam emulator and these are some copies of the Sunnah of never use of witnesses letter three barlick William, there is no blame on you in fact like no ill feelings between us we have no ill feelings, no hard feelings. It's

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all water under the bridge over it's done. And this is a powerful message for us to take in life. So many people will around us so many people we have in our garages mother in law daughter in law someone at work everyone and we mentioned this in Jamaica that if you can picture in your mind someone will feel oh I hate this guy so much I hate this guy so much for a personal reason. Right not because you harm Islam we did that those people will make the offer them as well but someone will harm you personally. Forgive them Allah sponsors of the of the attributes of the believer care the meaning of life, they hold back the anger, when MOFU gnarliness and and they make apple and

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others notice do others will make Aloma inika for 1214510 Allah make a fool on me, pardon me wipe out my faults that Allah sees the people, the believers, the good people, they make a fool on others, those who wronged them. They said no hard feelings. It's water under the bridge. We don't even remind you about it. It's over. When things are bad. We don't go back and say remember what you did five years ago? No, no, it never ever happened as if though it didn't happen. So it has led to three barlick milliohm today and Allah has forgiven you. And Allah is our hammer Rahimi not me. I'm not the forgiving one. Allah is most merciful because he says how many sins do we do against Allah?

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What are the names of Allah, Allah had him had he means forbidding that no matter how many sins we do against him, night and day, then we come and we'll make dua to Allah give grant to give. Allah says go ahead and have no no problem. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us a net which we give we use against him yet he continues to give and that is why he's unhappy and he's a forgiving, Most Merciful. Whenever he used to system his brothers, it will become easy. Take my shirt, take this shirt of mine. This is the third time never use which shirt comes into play. Third time first time with a false blood. Second time with a woman t shirt. Now he takes another shirt of yours and he

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says take this shirt of mine Heather for Allahu Allah watchi Abbey and throw it over my father's face. Yeah, people see it on what Tony we actually come in His sight will return and bring all of our family here to Egypt, bring all of them wives, kids, children, dead, most of them, bring them here and settle them in Egypt. I have a place suited for all of us. Now. Remember, we said that they were living in very difficult times. In fact, they don't even have enough food even in Palestine. Bring them out and they say to you

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In Egypt, and so we see the reason why the use of wait so long it could be politically it wasn't the right wasn't the right time. Maybe you had a king that says we're gonna make Egypt Great Again, no foreigners allowed. And then a new king came into place and said, We opened the borders, maybe Yusuf Ali Salaam, now achieved a much powerful states and much more strong, much stronger status. And so now he brings bunnies around is a very important point I said this is just one story of a much longer story of bunnies are the children of Yaqoob the children of Yaqoob is in Yabu. So his kids into Egypt and we will know a few centuries later, these kids will be approached by film, how did

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they get in the house maybe and, and maybe Moosa will try and take them out of Egypt. This is how they get in, they never use have brought them in. And they came of course the reason for that is to is to be out of the poverty and the difficulty of Palestine. Allah says what am fossati ie and when the caravan leaves Egypt with never use of shirt so they still in Egypt. And as the caravan leaves called Abu Dhabi, who said in the legendary her use of the sin of Yusuf, I get the smell of never use of na Subhana Allah we all know, smells have an important link with memory, that you associate a smell with a certain memory and it sort of implants in you in your brain, the doctors will will tell

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you that the the the part of your brain that senses smell and memory are very close together. And therefore a certain person, you maybe associate a smell with a certain person, you know that feeling. And so 40 years 3040 years have gone by but now the group still remembers the smell of use of and now he gets the sink out of nowhere. I smell I smell use of the caravan has only just leave Egypt hundreds 1000 1000s of kilometres away. And so he says Lola and definitely do I find the smell of use of and I would say I would say that he's alive. I'll tell you more, but you probably think I'm going crazy selling his family, you probably think I've lost my mind. You think I'm now losing

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it. Now also very interesting thing before we interject, I mean, we will first get the sin of Jenna, before we see it. And I imagine that journey, you know after kiama after the questioning, and you've passed the questioning now Subhana Allah everyone must pass by Johanna cross over that bridge mama grant of safety. And those who cross over the bridge, they still walking the journey isn't done. They've been saved from janam but they're not yet not yet in gender. And they're walking into Mahanama they find the smell coming in on a basis and says Who does this you will not get the smell of gender those who do this they'll not even there'll be so many years away from the smell of Jana.

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So the first thing they will get is this amazing smell this amazing smell my old granddad for us I mean, so he gets the smell of never use of any sense. Maybe you think I'm going crazy. Now this is pepsin I imagine if all the sons are in Egypt, so this must be the woman focus on abeokuta his wives his daughters used to do this God Allah in the caliphate or in the radical khadim they said by Allah, Allah, Allah He you have gone Oh, you're you're senile now. Now it's proven you all you've lost your mind. You're off your rocker. The fact that you smelling useless just shows that you are now finally you've lost your mind for them and Jaya al Bashir. So now when the caravan arrives, the

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same night mentioned here, the same son there was a certain son who was appointed to give the news to the dead. So he gave all so far he's only been giving bad news use of is gone. And he also was the one that said Binyamin is gone. So now he says, allow me to give them the good news. And now Allah calls him the machine, the one who brings the good news, but I'm Angela al Bashir, when the Bashir came the son who comes to bring the good news with the shirt, and he threw it put the shirt over the face of the father for the Basilan. And he's a site came back or granted, maybe a coop site, came back and I'll be khusus Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah tala, moon, Serbia, and

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Swamis with an old man, we get a bit grumpy so then I tell you so the first thing is I told you so you all for 30 years, you've been questioning me 30 years you've seen us with long time did you know that you go and you lost the ladies you just sit now you've gone boliden khadim you old you can see now see, didn't I tell you? I know from Allah what you don't know. I know from Allah, what you don't know. And and Subhana Allah says I never gave up hope all those years never gave up hope on my kids vanilla. This is the love of a parent right? never gives up hope on his kids always need to support always the trying to assist Kolya abana and so now they say oh our father the sons is still filling

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out alumina in 14 is it Oh Dad, please make dua for us. ask Allah to forgive us because we were sinners, we will centers. Now side note here. How do you ask someone to make the art for you? There are certain rules you can do in condo. You can ask someone that's alive.

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And someone that can hear you someone that is present. She, mom, dad, and it's very good to ask the parent because they do have the parent is always Mister, they do have the parent for the child is very, very powerful, because that is very sincere, you know more more sincere. And of course the art from the child to the parent is very powerful. We know the Navy so specifically said, of the things that benefits the parent in the other is the death of the children more powerful than to have the shear of the Imam of whatever it might be. Because you know the mom, no matter how big this law was, he's not gonna cry for your parents, but you will cry for your mom and your dad. And therefore learn

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how to make several janaza before the time comes, be able to stand for your own parents agenda sorta. And so we make the art for one another, especially parents and children, of course, as well pious special pious people the other Mr. Jab, for example, nebia, who is a prophet of Allah, but there are limitations we don't depend on the desires of others. So for example, you can only or someone that's alive, can go to the karma and say, shift one guru make dua for me, because once you are Did you kind of make dua even they cannot make dua for themselves, they need

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to assist them. And that person must be able to hear, you can't say shih tzu days, all the way in Saudi make dua for me know, because obviously, only Allah is only earning an old scene. So this is also not permissible. And you can ask others to pray for you, especially those who are pious as we sit, and we need to make to offer one another. So yes, make dua for yourself don't only depend on others, but we need communal do our very, very great Hadees Hadees of those three men was stuck in the cave. long, hard to summarize, three men came into a cave and the rock fell down. And so the door was shut, the cave was shot, and they were about to die. So each one had to make the door. The

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first one made the door and the rock moved a little bit, but not enough for them to exit. And in the second, maybe two hours, the rock moved a little bit more and the last one made in the rock finally move meaning each one's do I was accepted, yes. But on your own, even though you'd accept that he couldn't fix the situation. We need all that will do us to be accepted to fix the situation, we need to only do one another. And also if you make the final one of the lessons of the surah is you can envy someone or you can love for that person to go forward in life and what he sees when you make to offer someone to have prosperity, goodness or whatever it might be When the angels make dua for you

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and say Allah and grant him the same grant him or her the same. So they say Dad, please make us defy for ask Allah to forgive us because we were sinners. And so they'll be yakushi scara sofa still silicom Robbie, I will in like sofa, not sofa to sit on sofa means I shall means very soon, not immediately I shall make the show is the stuff will come for you I will make it hard for you to my load. In a world of a food or humid out my lord is all forgiving, that he has will forgive everything again Subhanallah if these boys tried to kill the brother, and they brought grief to the Father for 30 years, 40 years and so easily he says a level forgive you. Now I hope none of us are

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as bad as that. We only seen that no matter how many times we've done we haven't heard our parents like that we haven't tried to kill our brother we'll throw him in a well so behind Allah and Allah will forgive without any without any issue. But now Why does he say so far I assume soon I will make you still fight for your wife. One one steps even at buses you see it's always easy to get things right with a younger person older person is going to delay is going to take a bit time. Also it mentions that he wanted to wait until that time so that will make to offer you at that job because that is the MR job time. But a lot of this is perhaps the interpretation challenge the base that

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before I make a stick fart for you. Allow me to go and make sure to Allah I first want to thank Allah for returning my son returning before I ask, I want to thank and so he said let me first thank Allah let me go introduce mC mC sada I want to thank Allah He brought my son's back keyboard my sight back we are going to be reunited as a family we are going to be taken out of poverty all of this just overnight everything is going to come right with me first of all make sure to him then I will make it still fun for you to ask Allah to forgive you and now Subhanallah enough this is the most important time of the year to make dua and you are in a very very special position the person

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who is fasting is the is Mr. Jab the person in Ramadan is to ice Mr. Jab the one who's going to stand in sada and especially towards the end of the night just before so whole time he's to ice Mr. Jab so make an effort to make How do you make dua This is a format take we do face the Qibla and it's best to do it in sorta you find the MBA visa Korea Common Core. Usually if you mess up the visa carrier is crying for a son and extending his standing inside a sustained insula. Begin by praising and glorifying Allah before you start yeah Allah I need this I need that I need first idea Allah glory beauty you thank you for all the blessings is given you whatever I have here Allah I thank you

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and more mentioned his greatness. These ganja the creator means even when you're done praising Allah and thanking him now me

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Your situation yeah a lot I mean Media Studies this is a problem in my life. Yeah, a lot really painful says acknowledge your sins and then ask what you need say Allah grant me this, give me this. Pray for others pray for the oma and then at the end that hamdulillah Isaiah Allah, no matter what happens, I am thankful and I appreciate what you give me. And then you always add Salawat on the measles always in Salawat on the prophets of Salaam Alaikum Wa salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa Salaam serene behind me and the best times to make dua the last third of the night, school time just before you break your force if our if our time when you between the Adana and the karma of sada

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before you say Assalamualaikum in your Salah and of course in Graduate Institute and can you make Can you speak Can you make a dua in English yes you can can you do so inshallah this debate so in your faults Allah don't do that make it to our in Arabic robina Tina for dunya Aloma in Nicaragua foon to HIPAA law. And if it's as soon as a Law Institute big time make do I in English, speak to Allah and cry in fact one of the people will get the shade of Allah and the day of karma is they shed a tear for Allah we know when see some Allah bless all of us, all of us be accepted the beast to this time of this month is a llama inika foon to him will have over one hour you are the one that

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raises You are the iliza you love to eat a sense so it is all of our sins. I mean, last night to ask the question, How many times did the brothers come to meet never Yousuf they came four times four times which was not from use of shirts. So we said never use this shirt appears three times in the story which one was that? There was a shirt that was told from the back there was a shirt that was stolen from the front there was a shirt that was covered in fake blood and there was a shirt that was brought back in abeokuta site which one is not correct, right? Which one is not correct then insha Allah we will have our lucky draw for this evening. Mashallah the Hassan as well. I know the

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supplies actually going to go through but that's

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the price and then we're

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left in initial one before the finish we're

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not here. Alone sir. What are the four this year? Okay. JazakAllah head we just reminded each other this evening. Of course nine will be pm Elaine Saku Kamala just 14 o'clock MLA and then of course please stop paying your PDF at the end for every member of your family fitrah 10 Rand per person and if you'd like to contribute to the Maharajah it's 3000 Rand report the food is grown so much as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh