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If you believe that you are free from the plants have shaped on that you are living in cuckoo land.

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Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and told us that with every person there is a journey with them.

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There is a shape on with them. And with every person there is an angel with them, the angel will seduce his individual with God

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while the shade bomb

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will seduce this person with even

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so when you are sitting down and you are thinking to yourself that you plan to do even just know that there is a shade Bong

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that is on your left who is seducing you with even

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and there is this is how some of the fortune tellers

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the people who deal with magic communicate and know what you are doing. Who you wait, why you got in your house because they use this companion that is attached to you. This genie this shape on and they extract information

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about and they give it to the fortune tellers and the fortune tellers themselves use a genie ha ha to extract this information and they spread lies and this is how they plan and plot and get information.

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And they use it

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against you. And they use it to destroy

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and they use it to do magic on and they use it to buy booze and they use it to confuse and they use it to manipulate

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to get money out of so when you believe so you believe that whatever they have said they have told the truth and this is how

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the shaytaan shall teens and these magicians work? They use that genie that shaytaan that is with you to extract information about