Ramadan Series Day 26 – The Month of Forgiveness

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The transcript describes a series of popular culture and political events. Monica, the person who was given the name for "back home" by YT server, introduces a series of popular culture and political events, including a night in error, a fasting crisis, and a forgiveness announcement. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding major sins and staying true to Islam.

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So now Monica Monica walking over a castle.

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One of the viewer to from one, and hence the name was given to them by one is the month of forgiveness.

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soiree Salatu was Salam said in 200 it's related to Ramadan. lashley three, first one, and I'm sure we have heard that many times, but let's see, it's the day 26 of Ramadan the month of forgiveness and roswaal is to Samson masama Ramadan amen and what he said orfila hamata condemning them back home so ever fasted Ramadan, Eman and it was from YT server, looking and waiting and believing that Allah will reward him or her offer the hamata

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Allah will forgive all the sins that was done earlier. As long as there is no major sins. Same thing about Roma, one man, Ana Ramadan, Whosoever stands up in the night, in Salah, specifically in Ramadan, chooses a man and wacky server who believe that this is what Allah wants from his own obligation, but it's sooner and it is highly recommended. And that's what he pleases a lot. And the seven waiting for my reward I know Allah will reward me same reward. All Fira home akademin Jambi all the sins are forgiven month of forgiveness. So there's already two things Allah has given it to me to her to help me have my previous sins forgiven. Fasting Ramadan, and the night Salah with two

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conditions. I do it out of faith, not as a habit, not because everybody else is doing it. No, I do it. I believe in Allah. I believe in Allah Swati salt was sent out. I believe in that sort of Psalm is an obligation and I wait for my reward. As long as the major sins are avoided. That's one thing we have to change. We have to make sure the major sins and what are the major sins, major sins are any sin, that in the Quran, the punishment is clear. Killing

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is a major sin. backbiting is a major sin because in the Quran, there is punishment or there is wide warning in the hereafter or there is a learner there is course from Allah to the person who does that act so as long as I stay as long as I stay do my best to stay away from it. Third thing that I'm about to bring related to forgiveness also was what he thought was said and said and this is also in Muslim he said Asana your Salah,

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our Salah electro comes I'm sorry Asana electro comes to the five Salah will July Elijah Friday to a Friday or ramadan ramadan and one little Melbourne to the other mocha theological II Medina. These acts will remove and will expiate and will makes the since that's done between them for given again as long as the major are avoided and what are the major sins killing as we said lying backbiting Riba? interest of usury

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cocoa why they not treating parents well? set how the magic

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Amina Ramos, the false witness or the false testimony. This is all major. How about if this already happened? that were the worst we put on your planet? Don't despair.

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Marina asako Allah unforeseen sin, my servants who have transgressed against yourselves don't despair, from the mercy of Allah in Ohio for the Naga Jamia ALLAH forgive all the sins in the overly he is affordable, all forgiving, All Merciful. This scholars teachers is the most hopeful verse in the Quran. Zuma, don't say don't know what I did. There is no way Allah will forgive me out a lot with forgive. In fact, Allah one of the meanings of his name Allah for he brings reasons to forgive. One of the reasons is Ramadan, Ramadan is a reason that our sins are forgiven. What do I need to do and what do you need to do? Again, let's show Allah the best in us. Let's move fast properly, with

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full waiting for my reward. Let me stand up in the night and in prayers with full full waiting for my reward. Let me do as much good deeds as I can in this

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month following the footsteps of Rasul Allah salatu salam, he was so generous, not only in giving, but in the acts of worship.

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sala de Soto Sara in forgiveness in his Vicar reading the Quran, all these thoughts do more and more and more, and then I will ensure Lahore biani. will be not of these people who are Swati salatu salam, once he came to him, and he said, I mean, I mean, I mean, one of them, they asked him, What is the shadow swallow? Why did you say I mean? He said jabril came to me and he said that a loser is the one who lived through Ramadan and Ramadan leaves and his sins are not forgiven. We have no excuse. Allah gave us Ramadan. Let's just do it properly. ask Allah Don't forget to ha Don't ask. Don't forget to ask Allah to forgive us along have learned as an opener. ask Allah for step four, as

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we have said

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in the previous ones that he,

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like me, quinto me upon me as tequila Livia.

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In words of Stefan, ask Allah ask Allah to forgive the sins. The month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness along the filling of the Nova Jamia here Allah forgive all our sins, sins, it'll be me