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William James Miller Manor human human reliability amin salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he also pH My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are you doing Alhamdulillah night number 18. And before we begin the interesting question,

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one of the last when or the last 10 nights of Ramadan, because this month most likely and Allah Allah knows base there'll be a 29 month 29 day Ramadan very likely, but even Sharla will be on the fifth of June, which means we only force it for 29 days well hamdulillah if Allah wills we would have another day if we are lucky but unlikely. And of course we will go to site the moon and all this will still be happening. But now with the 2929 day Ramadan, pushing comes when is the last 10 days, because the last thing you add nine backwards in the last thing we'll start from the 20th. Now, it is unanimously agreed by the former value that the last 10 nights will the month is full or

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short begins with the 21st night of Ramadan. The last team begins with the 21st which is the Sunday so everyone's to make a gaffe. You would start on Sunday night before sunset on Sunday, you will go and you'll begin you pick up and this is based on a hadith in Bukhari Muslim Mustafa finally agreed upon with the promises of lamb he made it decaf on the first 10 days of Ramadan. And then the individual said, what you were looking for is not enough was not from these nights, and then I continued making it decaf up until another team and anybody else it's not a nice thing either. And so that abyssal Salaam made it decaf again the last thing and he in dream we saw himself prostrating

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in, in some water, like mud and water. And it was during one of these teen nights that it rained a little bit in Medina and the roof became whipped and made to jute. And so there was this water on his face. And that's an indication that this was a little toddler that was the night of life. And it mentions that the Sahaba said on the morning of the on the day of the 20th the 20th day of fasting, then associate whoever made it decaf with me the last 20 days basically, let's This is now coming from the 21st night this is when we should do it. Right so it was on the 20th day when he said Come with me and we'll make it tick off again and it's in these teen nights that we will have this is

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when inshallah will be so the last 10 nights will happen inshallah from the 21st night but as we said that if you if you want to be sure of getting later to college, then make sure that every one of these remaining 1112 days are done in Nevada, make sure that every single night it does not be missed without some form of ibadah some form of worship Allah Subhana Allah grant us to achieve later to other achievers to have the strength to push through what remains of the month. Some of us are tired, we see the hits are down, that inshallah we try our best to achieve it and always take it that if this is the last Ramadan. These are the last few nights of Ramadan that we ever have. They

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make it count in sha Allah make it count inshallah we continue without a seed of surah Yusuf alayhi salam. So we mentioned how we used to convince these brothers to bring Binyamin with and when they brought him with the use of the cup of the king or the vessel of the king inside Kenya means bag. And so when as they were leaving, they said someone has stolen the cup of the king's cup. And so they began unpacking the bags and the Eagles found in Kenya means bag and before that, then they asked them that if you people are the thieves then what is the punishment so they said the punishment of the one if he steals then he will be taken as a slave. And so they said okay, and then

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it comes out of being here means bag. So when he first came out of the beans bag kalu they said in India sirico fukasawa hula hoop and they said

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this is the third time they are now coming to an abusive and they say to him

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yeah as is that if this boy stole this guy stolen his brother, the one that died in the well he was also a thief. And

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useful fiend FC. He never uses it. Allah says he kept it kept that inside of himself. When you when you had a home and he did not exceed not show any emotion towards that he didn't say anything in color. And he said inside of himself called unto Sharon McKenna, you are in a worse position and Allah knows

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that you Allah knows what you are saying, now is a tough scene. Hello, Adam, either from the EDL is not from a clear source that they coordinate the use of a thief because something happened in his childhood that they use against him. Now what happened? It mentions that nobody uses maternal grandfather knows nobody uses paternal grandfather

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who's his paternal grandfather?

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His paternal is Huck right? nebby Yaqoob is dead is hard to learn. So that's his paternal grandfather, his maternal grandfather meaning his mother's father, the books of the dimensions that he was

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An idol worshiper used to keep a personal idol. And so we never use it was a young boy. He didn't like his grandfather to worship this idol. So he stole it and he threw it away. And so the grandfather was of citizens, you the thief, but of course this was this is not stealing this was to teach his grandfather listen that how can someone steal your God and so the brothers use this and that brother of ours, he was a thief just like this. So never use have kept this inside and he did not say anything. courtroom. So now the brothers are pleading with the abusive. Yeah, you Yeah, you will Aziz. Now you've seen abusive has the title of Aziz. Now. This is an indication that he took

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the position of, of the old Aziz Kalia, you will Aziz Aziz in Allahu Akbar Kabira this guy this Binyamin he has an old father old sickly Father, you know, old man, this is his father middle says our father is a year old.

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McKenna who, and basically our father, this man, he loves this boy so much, it's gonna break his heart if we don't bring him home. rather take one of us, we will rather take one of the 10 of us and give us back. Binyamin in Nana Raka masini. We see you as one of those who do good. Now, when did this words come before? Who said this before in this in this

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spot price for this?

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The prisoners, the prisoners. Remember when he was in jail, the two prisoners came to him and said we have a dream. In naraka monopsony, we see you we don't really know you. But you appear to be a good person, the brothers saying the same thing as us. We don't really know you, but you appear to be a good guy. Now those compete him he competes position. When he was in jail. He was at the lowest point in his life. But he was still a good person. Now he's at the height of his power. And he's still a good person. So behind all of this, many of the things we learn that life goes up and down. But how many of us can maintain being the same person, whether we hit it big whether we drop down in

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the well we don't know, sometimes when we, you know, some people come for counseling, and they said I wish it we were like we were struggling before now that things are good. We have become different people now that when we got into positions of power, we got money. It changed you we changed who you were for the worse. And suddenly the other way around, that we used to have no matter how we situation fluctuate up or down. He's always he's always a good person. And everyone can see it just by interacting with him. So the brothers are basically saying, we have a father, he is going to be heartbroken if we don't bring this boy back. Remember we said he doesn't want to get Let go of him.

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So if we don't bring him back out, this father of ours is going to be heartbroken. rather take one of us, one of the team take any of us we've never interceding with with never use of color or other law. This is how we use

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the law. Right? So this is marvelous, like Subhan Allah, God forbid. And the inland man was Edna Medina in the who in Iran Lavalle moon super analyzes that we should take anyone except in whose position we find this thing, when in that case will be unjust. Now abusive also is very interesting. It's a very, very long winded way of saying except wish, how can we punish except the guilty party but you don't want to say Binyamin is guilty, because that will be a lie, if you want to say he's a thief. So he says we cannot How could we take anyone you know, as a slave except the one in whose bag we found this cup. And if we were to punish anyone except the guilty party, then we will be

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unjust. And this is a very interesting point here. It shows you the level of justice of never use of now that is in a position of power. That's why the Rama mentioned that a person who most personifies the seven under the shade of Allah throne is never useful. If you look at all the categories, he ticks all the boxes. He's a just ruler. He was invited to commit Zina. And he said no. But he was someone whose eyes would cry when he's alone for the sake of Allah that He made. And he disperse only for the sake of Allah that He spent and he gave without knowing the right hand with the left hand knows that he was attached to the masjid. Right. So these are all the qualities of the those

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seven under the knees as a young youth he grew up in the body of a law all those seven boxes and every use of ticks. Now we see what kind of ruler he is that we can only that justice, even though he's in a court system as we see it, but he practices fairness and justice. So for them for them stay assuming Hakuna Jian. So now when they had the speed, meaning they gave up so they were pleading and begging with an abuser for a long time, but they realize this is not going anyway, they finally gave up and so they secluded themselves in a private consultation. So now the 10 brothers get together and now they are discussing what are we going to do? How are we going to go back to

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yaku and say we lost another brother. How are we going to do this?

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Lm lm o

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ra como te con minella

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cuppla forgotten for us. Now the eldest of them said, Do you not know that your father, like, Don't you realize that we took a solemn oath with Allah We swore by a law that we're going to make sure we look after our brother. And before you failed in your duty to use of and before, what did we do to use? So, remember, at the beginning of the story, one of the brothers said, Don't throw him Don't kill him, throw him in the well. Allah doesn't say which one. But it was the oldest one year Allah singled him out. The oldest one said, Why? Because back then, he was accomplished to a crime. So Allah did not singled him out to make him look bad because even saying throwing them in a well is a

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bad thing. It's not a bad thing. He didn't stop them. But yeah, he separates himself. And he is giving good advice now. So now Allah singled him out. Meaning when someone commits a sin, and Allah forgives them, Allah doesn't even mention who did this. And one of them said, but when someone does something good on the highlights which one did it the eldest one said that we made a solemn oath with Allah, and will remember what we did to us of now. 30 years have gone by, and he's still being eaten up by guilt. 30 years have gone by and still he's basically suffering from the guilt

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for an Abra

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Abby Oh, yeah. kumala li hua Hua hadal Hakeem. So now he says, so now As for me, I'm going to stay here. And I'm not going back home. Until, until, until my Father gives me permission to come home. Or Allah decides my fate but I'm just going to stay I'm going to keep trying to get our brother out. I'm basically I can go home and face dead. I'm not going to be able to do this. But as for you, if you guys go home, either go to go to daddy basically and save a coup abana in Lebanon Akasaka say to him father, your son has stolen well Masha hidden 11 alumina lahmacun, a little baby halfling. So it is our father, indeed Your son has stolen. And we did not testify except and we we don't know except

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what we knew, basically, we can, we can manage the unseen. And we will not witness to the unseen, we can't control that which is out of our power. So I'm going to stay here. And you guys go and you go and speak to our dad. And then he can continues was Korea till he couldn't see her and ask the caravan that came the town that we came through when he left the acumatica and the caravan that we came with in that last article that we are truthful. So now of course now we have to begin to believe the story that he that your son stole and now he's captured after all this time. This is the second time you lost the son. So now they're saying look, ask not only as all the people with us,

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because income alone they came in a caravan. Ask everyone ask everyone about this and ask the townspeople that we came through because that was big news that as each one of them as a slave and spinal as we see this is going to be a V DVD difficulties on NaVi aku inshallah, tomorrow, we're going to see a person that goes through great tragedy, how he manages what suffered, you know, he lost one son, and now he loses a second son. And this is the height of sort of the most difficult thing for a person, perhaps the most difficult thing is to lose a child.

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Just read something sometimes on Facebook, you know, sometimes you find profound things amongst the very silly stuff that you find. They say that when you lose a husband or a wife or whatever, wherever there's a name for that, when you lose a parent or parents you are an orphan, but there's no word to describe a parent that loses a child because this is something which really, you're not meant to experience. You're not mean to bury your children, you're not mean to lose a child. So maybe APU is going to go through one of the most difficult experiences now having lost one is going to lose not two, but actually these three children. Why? Because the eldest one is also staying in

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Egypt, and we're going to see that tomorrow, inshallah. Tonight's last night's question we sit in whose bag was the missing cup found, of course was the bag of beans. I mean, then the question tonight, what was the reward for the one who found the king's cup? What What was the reward that we're going to give? Were they going to give gold coins silver coins, a *load of grain? We came a load of grain what was the award for the one who found the cup, reminding shala that the Maharajan with those who would like to contribute to a pot of food to feed someone or feed a

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number of people in the day of eat? How much can you feed them apart? How many people can eat from a part of 200 people so 200 people can eat from a pot of food Hispaniola to give a family of number of families food 3004 pot get together as a family and hamdulillah spread the blessings and in Phaedra and video footage and Phaedra everyone figure only those who cannot force a video every day inshallah and then kiambu Lael will begin from hospice nine from Sunday evening Sunday, the 21st of Ramadan kiya Malema zebra Muslims knucklehead Solomonic Mercado,