Seerah – 01 Specialities of Prophet Muhammad Part 1

Episode Notes

As the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ commences, we embark alongside Shaykh Yasir Qadhi to concentrate on the life and times of the greatest human being to have ever walked on the face of earth.

Some of the broad characteristics of the Prophet ﷺ, the Shama’il (the appearance) and the Khasa’is unique and specific characteristics only attributed to him) will also be discussed at length and one is surely left mesmerised and wanting to know more. The  stature of this great man is gathered and understood with evidences of how Allah SWT name and the Prophet ﷺ name is always mentioned together.

As many as 250 names have been given to him such as Muhammed, Ahmad, Mahi, Aqib and many more. No one is more praised more than him. When will the ultimate form of praise be given to him? What is Maqam al Mahmud? Shaykh Yasir answers these questions explicitly.

Details are also divulged on how the names of the Prophet ﷺ – Muhammad and Ahmad – are used to signify different meanings and what is the context in which they are used.

Of the innumerable Khasais of our Prophet ﷺ are that- he is the final Prophet of Allah, he has been given the largest Ummah among all the Prophets, the powerful miracle of the Quran has been given to him, the miracle of Isra wal Miraj, blessed with the highest level of Jannah and many more.

Do listen intently to get acquainted with the Prophet ﷺ.


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In the hamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to stay you know who want to stop fear of one or the other Billa human sruti and fusina woman sejati our Medina, Maria de la la mobila woman Yulin who Fela hodja Allah why shadow Allah illallah wa de hula Sheree Kala was shadow under Mohammed Abu who was pseudo? Yeah you Latina Ahmed otaku LA to call t watamu tuna in layer one to Muslim moon. Yeah you know so takotsubo como la de Hala Kakuma Neff Suma Haider wahala caminhar Xhosa Ha. Weber Theremin humare Jalan Cassie wrong one Isa. What topo la la de Tessa Luna v one or ham. Enola? How can I leave Kamala comilla peba Yeah, are you holla Xena Armando choco la pueden colon sadita useless la

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cama como de la comida novacom. One minute we're in LA Sudha who are frozen alima I'm bad.

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Today insha Allah Allah, we will embark on a new series of lectures, a series of lectures concentrating on the life and times of the single greatest human being who has ever lived, ever walked on the face of this earth. And in today's lecture, I wanted to begin by talking about some of the broad characteristics of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Some of the wood in Arabic is called Shama in some of the unique and specific characteristics that Allah subhana wa tada has given to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, before we embark on the journey of Sierra and why we study Sierra and what to Sierra that will be in Charlotte next weekend, next week. And then we begin

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with the birth and the pre Islamic Arabia. All of this will come before we even begin. A little bit of a tantalizing tidbit, if you like, of the characteristics of the unique speciality is that our prophets have a lot of why they he was seldom was blessed with because when we began the series by talking about his speciality is, even though all of us are motivated to study his Syrah when we study his speciality is we will be even more motivated and will be even more eager to learn about the life and times the lessons and morals, the incidents that occurred in the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so where then do we begin? When it comes to describing the

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one whom Allah has chosen above the entire creation? How can we do justice to him? One, Alonzo Judd himself says, what a fine look at the clock. Allah says, We have raised up your mentioning and remembrance. Allah has raised up his mentioning and river and remembrance and even our bus and other scholars of the Sahaba. They said, Allah has raised up his remember in such that whenever a lot is mentioned, the prophet system has mentioned right after that, and how true this is. Whenever Allah is mentioned, the prophet system is almost always mentioned right after that, even in our Shahada, La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah in the event in the Salah that we pray in the Quran itself,

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there's hardly a hoot but that we give except that we praise a lot and we send Salat and Salaam upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Allah subhana wa tada himself has called our prophets a lot of sudden metodologia mean you are the mercy to the entire world, you are the embodiment of Rama, Allah has sent you and through you, you will be given Rama and you are a Rama and you are the channel of Allah. So, he is Rama of the Prophet system is Rama and his sending is Rama. And his message is Rama and his teachings is Rama and believing and acting upon what he has come with is Rama. He is everything associated with mercy that is Rama to live the mean. So how then

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can we begin to do justice to the prophets of the law while he was setting them when Allah has praised him so highly, however, even if we cannot mention all of those blessings and characteristics, then at least let us mentioned some so that they can be an indication for that which is not, it cannot be mentioned because of time and restrictions. And we begin by mentioning some of the names that Allah azza wa jal gave our Prophet Mohammed Salah law while he was setting them. For our Prophet system had many names. Many of the names of our Prophet system were given to him by later people the Sahaba tab their own the early scholars, and one of the famous scholars of

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the Sierra has derived over 250 names of the profits of a long winding he was selling them, and if we were to give a class on this, we'd spend three, four weeks to

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Just talking about that list, but I wanted to mention some of the names that Allah has given him. Because you see names come from Allah, and names come from the people and will obviously the ones that come from the people we can benefit from them the but the ones that Allah has given our Prophet system, those are the primary names that have the deepest meaning and of the Hadees that the Prophet has mentioned his names, he said, I enjoy VEDA motorman on the Allahu Allah and so hey Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in nearly a smart and I have a number of names. So the Prophet system is telling us he has a number of names. He said, Anna Mohammed, I am Mohammed one, Ahmed, and I am

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admin I'm going to mention each of these names. What unelma II and I am Allah He of his name is his alma he and he explained an MA He is the one who yum Allahu be Hilco for Allah erases Cofer one al hasher of his names is a Hashem alethea shortener so Allah khademi people will be resurrected, how shall ye shall remains to be resurrected on my footsteps or meaning after me? One the last clip of his names is after and he said an active is the one who has no profit after me. Wanna be your Rama? He said, I am the Nabeel Rama that is one of my neighbors nebia your Rama, one and EBU Toba and I am then there be of repentance, one and more. And he is the more coffee and the puffer we're going to

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explain what this means. But the one that who has come after all are the one who preed not not predates the one who comes Consequently, the one who comes at the end of a long chain that is an alpha one and a B you will miss him and I am the prophet of Mullah him. We're going to explain all of these names one by one. So the most common names of the Prophet system and the two that the Quran explicitly mentions. The Quran mentions many adjectives but it only mentions two nouns. The Quran mentions many adjectives for the Prophet system. From those adjectives we can derive names so maybe your Rama we can derive it from the Quran metodologia mean, this is a description and adjective, but

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in terms of proper nouns or in terms of nouns, there are two names that are mentioned. And these names are Mohammed and Achmed. The name Mohammed is mentioned four times in the Koran. And then a Mohammed is mentioned a few times as well. If I my memory serves me correctly, it is two or three times the name that is mentioned. And every time it is mentioned, it is mentioned from the tongue of Jesus Christ. The only time Akhmad is mentioned is from the tongue of Jesus Christ. narrabeen back this morning, he seven Imodium says that I'm going to tell you of a prophet coming after me his name is Ahmed. Both Mohammed and Achmed come from hamidah Yeah, murder him then. And ham to hand means to

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praise but not any type of praise. Ham, these were the first word of the Quran Alhamdulillah and ham the means to praise not in return for some favor given to you. Because that is sugar. Somebody does do something, you praise them back that is sugar. You that's that that is a praise the makabe it's something that you give and take, right? You give me some money, I say thank you, or you're a generous man. This is not called hemd. This is sugar, because you have given something back in return for something has given you hemp is higher than sugar. Sugar is a transaction in a way, even though it is something that is good, higher than sugar is hemp and hemp is the highest form of

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praise hand is a praise that is given because of the inherent characteristics in the object that you're praising. Not because he's done you anything you given back to him, because he deserves to be praised for who he is. Hand is an object of perfection, an object that is worthy of being praised and praised. Regardless of what he's done or hasn't done, He is worthy of being shown praise. And so the Prophet system has two names and his two most common names come from the root which describes praise Why? Because Allah has praised him, and the angels have praised him. And the people on earth have praised him and all the prophets have praised him. And every single one of mankind praises him

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directly or indirectly. As for praising him directly, these are the Muslims they praise him directly. And as for praising him indirectly, then the characteristics and qualities that he has come with are characteristics and qualities of perfection. So even those who reject him by the tongue, they must

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Admit and they must praise the qualities that he came with mercy, tenderness, Rama shafique. It doesn't matter even if their tongues deny his prophethood they must praise the qualities that are in him. So he is worthy of praise from all of humanity. And therefore, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is praised in the heavens and in the earth, He is praised in the previous Omen, and in the present Omen, he is praised in this dunya and in the era, this is the ultimate praise, there is no human being who has ever been praised, or is praised at this point in time, or who shall continue to be praised more than our Prophet salallahu it who was sent him and think about it, no milli second

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occurs on this earth, except that there are not millions, not 10s of millions, hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Praising this one person sal Allahu Allah, He will send them either by sending gluten Salatin serum or by giving a horrible lecture or by giving a the saying the Salah, because you cannot pray any Salah you cannot bring any other car except that what do you do in that Raka Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Ali Mohammed Think about it. There is no second on earth that goes by, except that hundreds of millions of people are praising this one human being there is no person who is more praised. Then our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the ultimate praise

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that he will be given by humanity. Of course the ultimate praise he has given us by Allah. As for humanity, the ultimate praise he will be given will be the praise that you will be given on Yom Okayama on the Day of Judgment. On that day, all calf ears will know the truth of Islam. You cannot deny a lot when you're seeing your Muslim, Muslim and non Muslim they will know the truth. Of course it is too late to believe in the truth, but they will know it. So when they recognize the truth, the people will all go to Adam alayhis salaam Hadith is in Bukhari and Muslim they will all go to Adam alayhis salaam. And they will say, oh, Adam, you are our father, and a lot created you with his

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hands and a lot blew his rope into you. Do you not see the situation your children are in? Why don't you go to Allah and beg for forgiveness? Why don't you go to Allah and begging him to start the reckoning so that we can move on. So Adam, Allah has said I will make an excuse and he will say, I committed a sin that I should not have done meaning I'm not worthy to go and ask Allah azza wa jal, I committed a sin and I'm worried about myself enough, see enough, see, go to another person go to know alayhis salam. And so humanity at large will go to the Prophet nor and the same request and the Prophet know who will say I made a mistake, which I should not have done a lot told me not to ask

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anybody to be saved. And I asked him to save my son and I disobeyed him and I'm worried about myself, Neff, CFC, go to somebody else. Go to Ibrahim, they will go to Ibrahim and he has sent up Ibrahim Ali his sin and will say the same thing that I made three lies even though they were not lies, but he's so worried. He says I made three lies, and I'm worried about those lies on the Day of Judgment. What are these three lies number one, he said the big idol did it right this is that what's not even alive, but he's so worried now. I don't know maybe Allah will call me to task number two. He said I'm sick when his idol when his people went out of the town. He said in the supreme I'm

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sick, I don't want to go with you. So let me stay here. Why? Because he wanted to destroy the idols. And number three, he called sorrow his wife. He said sada is my sister, meaning in Islam because the king was about to kill him. So he said, She's my sister, I'm not husband, wife, we are sister and brother, meaning and he meant sister in Islam because he wanted to save his life. These three things he was so worried about. He said, I'm too scared, go to somebody else. Go to Musa alayhis, salaam and Moosa will also make an excuse, he will say, I kill somebody in anger, even though it was an accident, I kill somebody in anger, I'm worried so go to somebody else, they will go to Isa, Isa his

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system will also say, I'm not worthy, go to somebody else. And so all of mankind will come to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it he was sending all of mankind Muslim and Kapha and they will beg the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, to intercede, to be a representative to be a messenger from them to Allah, and to be an intercessor and to be a representative. So they choose one human being, to be a representative to go in front of Allah and plead for all of humanity. plead what to begin your monthly, ama

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The claim is taking too long and they are getting so worried. So, so, if you like the punishment is increasing, because pm itself is 50,000 years film in Canada of the auto home scene alpha center, gamma itself is a type of punishment and the people who have rejected Allah, they will be so exasperated by Yama, they will say whatever comes, let it come this just get rid of this day let's move on to whatever it is the tension is too much. So, they will beg Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to go in front of a lot and begin an ask Allah to begin the reckoning. And so the Prophet system will say, this is my job and Allah and Allah, this is my responsibility. And so, he will then go in front

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of a law and because he will be the representative, all of humanity will praise Him and He will be given the praise worthy station which is called Alma calm, and in my mood, this is a common man mood, this is exactly what are the common mood is what is more common my mood means are more common my mood means the station macom the rank that is my mood, what is my mood from Hamed? It is the one that is praised, everyone will praise Him, no human being will be left except that he will thank the Prophet system and be thankful to him and praise him for them a common machmood Allah will lift him up to the macabre mood, the angels will praise Him humanity will praise Him, every single being in

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existence will praise the Prophet system at that point in time, it is a macabre mode and because it is a common mood, who better to then be given to then the one who is Mohammed and the one who is mad Alma Carmen, my mood is for Mohammed and it is for Achmed wood and both of them mean the one who is ultimately praised. What is the difference between Mohammed and Ahmed Mohammed for those of you learning Arabic is more fan and how many you have me do the Hamid and Mohammed means that he is being given continuous praise continuously time after time, praise after praise. So Mohammed is for the quantity of praise, that every single point in time he is being praised. And as we already said,

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from the beginning of time, up until our time till the day of judgment on the Day of Judgment, after the Day of Judgment all of the time, our profit system will be praised. So Mohammed is for continuity, Mohammed is for quantity. And as for Achmed, Allah was a foul means that he is being given the best type of praise, the highest quality of praise. So Achmed is for quality. Muhammad is for quantity, and the both are combined in our Sol Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam that He is worthy of being the praise the highest way that any human being can be praised. Of course, the praise that we give to Allah is a different type of praise. And that is a divine praise. But the highest praise for

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any human being is for our prophets a little longer, and he was seldom and the most continuous praise is for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Mohammed is for quantity, adjustment is for quality, and the both of them are combined in our sole sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will be given a Mocambo mood, which is the Praiseworthy station now. As for the issue of why is it that the Prophet Musa alayhis salam predicted our school with the name of Mohammed as the for answers and reset predicted our school with the name of

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the famous scholar of Napoleon said that the wisdom behind this

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the wisdom behind this is that the largest oma after our oma is that of the Jews, the Bani Israel. They are the largest oma of real followers. That is because the Christians as we believe the majority of them, they took a different path, that of Paul and his version of Christianity. The original Christians, the true believers of Isa were few in number and their religion died out very quickly. As you know, Constantine and all of these they changed the religion and it became a trinity it became a divine nature of Jesus Christ. Of course, he sent ever preached this from our perspective. So the Prophet Musashi has set up His people were the largest amount of true Muslims

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after our oma and therefore, they were given quantity because they have quantity. So they are told the name that is conducive that is fitting with them because there are large quantity. As for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his followers refute his disciples were few and the people who truly followed the actual message of Jesus Christ, were not that many, but they were great in quality.

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The disciples and those who followed them, they were persecuted. They were tortured. The pagan Romans killed them. They put them in front of the lions, they comb their, their, their their bones and their flesh with combs of iron, just like you see on the movies, these tortures This was given to the early Christians, the real Christians, meaning the followers of Jesus Christ, the true followers of resub demonium. They were few in number, but they were truly devoted and righteous. And so for them, they were given the name Achmed because they were people of quality. They were people of quality and they were told that our Sol Sol Allahu Allah, he was seldom would be the one who is

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worthy of the best quality of praise. And so Mohammed and I are both his names of the third name that he mentioned unelma he, Allah He explained it himself and ma he is the one whom a lot young fella who be here

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and Maha means to a face to wipe out. Maha means to wipe out. So through me, Allah subhana wa tada will wipe out Cofer, and we see this occurring in his lifetime that the Arabian Peninsula was immersed in Kufa, and in his own lifetime, the entire peninsula was immersed in Islam, and within 2030 years, major bastions of Kufa were then converted to Islam and they have been in Islam ever since. Within 6070 years, Islam reached the borders of China and underdose where it remains to this day. So Allah subhana wa tada used our profit system, as a Mahi Allah He means to wipe away and will lie if you look at a geographic map. If you look at a historical geographic map that tells you the

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expansion of Islam, you see exactly what is literally the religion of Islam is expanding 510 1520 3040 years it's as if the other gopher is being wiped away. And the religion of Islam is spreading forth. All of this is Allah he the one who erases any faces for one and a half shell, the prophet system said, and Hashem he explained it as well. A lady should not swallow khademi that mankind will be resurrected, either Academy Academy means two things means at my feet literally, but what it actually means is right after me. So the prophets of the law while he was selling is the signaling signaling of the Day of Judgment. And in fact, the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam is the first sign of the Day of Judgment. His sending is the first sign that judgment is now close compared to all the previous prophets, the very bare Earth at the very decider of our profits are seldom is the first of the signs of the Day of Judgment. So he is saying uninhabited. Another interpretation is that I am the first person who will be resurrected, and everybody will be resurrected after me under the sureness Academy, so after I am resurrected, I will be the first person resurrected. And even the order of resurrecting shall be a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's no question that the prophets will be resurrected first and foremost, and then

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the solid throne and the Shahada, and then the rest of the oma so even the order of resurrection, and the order of recognizing what's happening, because Allah mentions in the Koran that when they are resurrected, they'll be shaking off the dust, and they will say, You're waiting, I'm in Bath, and I'm in man cordina, what is happening to us who has brought us forth from our resting places, people will be confused, what's happening, and the prophets will understand immediately what is happening, and the first person to be resurrected. And the first person to understand will be our Prophet system. So he's saying and then Hashem, the one that is signaling the Hessian. By His

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coming, he is signaling the cunning of the Day of Judgment. And by His resurrection, on the day of judgment, he will be the one after whom everybody else will be resurrected one an athlete and he said I am the outcome allows that he himself explained it, there is no profit after me. They said that the inner be so an athlete means the successor, the the, the word seal is not appropriate, cuz that's caught him. But what it means is that the one who cuts off basically, the one who is at the end is the best phrase here, and after the one who comes at the end, and then he said, I am gonna be your Rama, and I am the Navy, you Toba and you understand the view Rama and Allah calls him but I'ma

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tell you that I mean, I am the newbie you tober which means I am the Prophet that is the prophet of repentance. I am the source of repentance, meaning that by believing in me, and by following my teachings, people can be forgiven. And I am mocha. And mocha here means that the one who comes at the end and makes the previous prophets complete, or the one who makes the message of the previous prophets. There's no need anymore.

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Because we have the full message or the complete message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in one Hadith he called himself an OB, you will mela him, I am the Prophet that will signal lots of trials. And that is because the biggest trials that the world has ever seen, will occur with the oma and during the oma of the Prophet salallahu it he was sending trials such as that the john and trial such as the three major earthquakes that will signal the end of time and trials such as the coming down to a sub memoriam and the MADI, all of these major trials they will occur within the oma of this profit seller send them so he called himself I am Nebula him and this is a a description

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that is more of a warning for us and for those who oppose him that that that there is going to be a lot of trials and tribulations in his time. And there are other names that are mentioned in the Sunnah. And there are other descriptions mentioned in the Quran and insha Allah in the course of our lectures and series, we will be talking about some of them, as for his speciality is what is called an Arabic Hassan is something that only he was given, and no other human being was given. And there are many books written by the early scholars about kasana is for nebi and about shama eluna, B, which means that his characteristics and what is unique to him, and there are many, many

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characteristics that are unique to him. Some scholars in our times have lifted has lifted, listed up to 50, specific and unique characteristics and blessings that only he was given. And no other human being was given some of these again, this is all the summary there's so much more that can be said some of these number one, he is the final prophet of Allah. No prophet of Allah has obviously ever been the final prophet. And there's only one prophet that can be the final and Allah chose him to be the final prophet. And this is explicitly mentioned in the Koran, Makana Mohammed on urba. Ahead Emery Jericho wacka rasulillah he waha teman. Naveen and another recitation Well hi tim and Naveen.

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And that is the seal and the end of the prophets. Number two, the prophethood of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had been decreed by Allah, even before Adam alayhis salam existed, even before Adam alayhis salaam was a living soul. Allah had decreed the Prophet the prophethood of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even before the rule was blown into Adam, one of the Sahaba asked the Prophet system, when were you decreed to be a prophet Yasuda Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Adam was between the clean between the mud and the root, in other words, Adam was not yet combined with Roehampton when Adam and Islam was still two separate

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entities, and that is the rule and between when before the rule was blown in Allah Subhana, which Allah had already destined and decreed that I will be coming for mankind,

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of the speciality of our processes. And number three, is that he is the only prophet to have been sent for all of humanity. In fact, the only profit to have been sent even to the jinn, no profit before our profit system was sent to all of humanity, no profit, every single profit was sent to a specific nation. Now, somebody can say here, Adam alayhis salam was a prophet. And he was sent to all of the people of his time because his children, there were only his children there, and no other his Salah was pursued. And he was sent to the people of his time, and there was no other people of his time. So he too was sent to the people of all of humanity, how then can this be a unique thing

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for our prophets a lot wider he would send them the response is that Adam and Noah, were both exceptions. That simply happened by a coincidence of early history in that Adam is the first human and the only human beings will be his descendants. It is not that a lot destined him with the title, you have been sent to humanity. It just so happens that the only humanity or his children, and the same goes for the first messenger ever sent and that is newer, I think he said, um, there's only one city in all of humanity. There's only one city in Ohio, he said, when he was sent, there weren't villages and bodies all over the place. There's just one group, one people, one nation, one

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community, that's his people. And so when Allah wipes that one village out, the world is wiped out because that's only one village out there. So once again, it is not as if no was intended to be sent for all of humanity. It just so happened, that all of humanity was one village, and that's why both of these are the earliest humans.

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Right, no prophet after them, when there were multiple cities was sent to both cities, no profit after them. When there were other civilizations were sent to more than two civilizations other than our Prophet system. He wasn't just sent to two civilizations, he was sent to all of humanity. And not just this another speciality, he was actually even sent to the gin. And this is a uniqueness that no other prophet has ever been sent for. And insha Allah in the course of our lectures, we will mention a very famous incident in the early McKenzie era. It is called the night of the gin, the night of the gin. On this night, the jinns came to Makkah Muslim gins, and they wanted the Prophet

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system to teach them about Islam. So the Prophet says that he went and he taught them what they needed to know. And there are details that we know of that night and we'll talk about it during that time. of the speciality of our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was sending them that no other nation and no other prophet has been given. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah has helped me with robe. World means a type of fear that Allah will inflict into my enemies even before I reach them. Even one month's journey before I come to them, they will become terrified of me. So Allah helped him without even physical combat, that in his time, of course, this is unique to him only not

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to the rest of prophet or even to his oma to him only that when he went into battle against an enemy, then the people began became terrified of him even before he reached them. And this he said, Allah helped me with Laurel robe is frightening or fear. And Allah struck, struck fear into the hearts of my enemies, for the distance of one entire month of the speciality that he has been given was that he has been given the largest amount out of all of the profits.

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And this has mentioned in addition, so he Bahati that he said that Allah showed me the omens and I saw an oma as large as the eye could see. And I said, Maybe this is my oma and I was told no, this is the mo Salah his Salaam, and then I saw an oma even larger than that. And then I was told and it was larger than the horizon. It blocked my vision. And I was told this is your oma? And in another Hadith he said that to the Sahaba. Do you wish that your own meaning the Omo, the process of them should be one third of the people of gender. They said Allahu Akbar, there have been hundreds and thousands of rumors, and if one oma is one third of gender, a lot about him. So he was silent. Then

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he said, Would you be happy if I told you that your oma is one half of the people of gender. They said Allahu Akbar, then he was silent. And then he said, by a law, my hope is that my oma shall be two thirds of the people of gender. Not that we want to kick the rumors out stuff oh, they're all gonna get in if they deserve it, but that our oma will be so large. So panela modern estimate, say how many people are Muslim on the face of this earth? around 1 billion, right? 1 billion, do the math from the time of the Prophet system until your monthly ama imagine? I mean, already, the percentages are so huge, and then compare them to the real followers of the prophets, right? The

52: 00:33:25 --> 00:34:03

actual true Christians, not the Christians who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, the Christians who believed in Jesus Christ as being rasulillah how few must they be? And then the actual binding is read at the time of Moosa at the time of the prophets of the Old who believed in the prophets, they must have been in the hundreds of millions great number Mashallah great number, but you cannot compare to the billion that we have now and, and throughout history for 14 centuries. And Allah knows how many centuries till normal karma and so when you look at that in shallow you can see how true the Profit System and imagine he's speaking at a time, when there's only one city of

53: 00:34:03 --> 00:34:39

Muslims, that's Medina, he speaking at a time when there are maybe 1500 Muslims on earth, and there are probably two 3 million Christians and hundreds and thousands of Jews and he's telling a group of 50 Sahaba in his Masjid, that I hope that inshallah you will be two thirds of the people of gender when we hear this hadith. Now, we say of course, it's common sense. But when he said it, it was a miracle. And we see this now, right, your line with our two eyes of his speciality is that no other prophet has been given is that he has been given the most powerful miracle

54: 00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

and that is the miracle of the Quran. Now, I've given many lectures about this issue and inshallah one day we'll talk also about this issue in more detail, but there is no miracle that compares to the Quran. There is no miracle that compares to the Quran. And one thing will demonstrate this for you and that is that look, look at any other miracle.

55: 00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

You can imagine the splitting of the Red Sea, or the resurrection of Lazarus, Jesus Christ resurrected by the permission of a lot of the dead, right? All of these miracles, we have no access to them. He didn't see the splitting of the Red Sea. You were there when Jesus Christ called out to Lazarus, and he came up walking from the grave. So how do we, it's not really a miracle for me and you accept that we believe in it. But the Quran is a miracle that I can hand to anonymous today here, this is the miracle of by prophet. The Quran is a miracle I can recite and the people can hear, it's a living miracle. It's a miracle that all of humanity has access to. And there is no

56: 00:35:40 --> 00:36:24

miracle that compares to the miracle of the Quran in many different ways. And that is the topic of entire other lecture of this speciality is that our profit system has been given and no other profit has been given and we will spend inshallah, two or three weeks discussing this one speciality is the Night Journey of a restaurant well met Raj. No other prophet has had the privilege of undertaking this journey. Even when Allah azza wa jal spoke with one of the greatest prophets and that is musala his Salaam, it was the divine speech that was given to sell while Moosa was on Earth. Mozart was on tourists a nap, and Allah spoke with him, as for our Prophet sallallahu and he was sending them the

57: 00:36:24 --> 00:37:04

only human being to have been called up to the Presence of Allah. So Richard, no other human being has ever been called up to the Presence of Allah and the Prophet system undertook a journey that no other mahalo as far as we know ever undertook. And he went up to a macom that gibreel told him my permission stops here You must go alone. Even jabril said I, this is my my my stop is right my visa whatever you want to call it, right? This is where it ends, and I can't go any further. And so our prophets of the love Wiley, who was send them went up for Cana Baba ko Sadia was in according to an interpretation and this will talk about inshallah in more detail

58: 00:37:06 --> 00:37:52

in the journey of a distraught one marriage, but this is definitely one of the greatest blessings that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was given, of his speciality is that he was given is that he is the leader of all of humanity. And he himself told us this and had eaten Bukhari and Muslim and say, you do one or the other. I am the Sayed. The Sayed here means, say, you Saturday or sudo means the one who is in charge of the one who is the representative, the one who is the leader, and say you do one or the other. I am the Sayed, of the children of Adam. And what is said here means many meanings first and foremost, he is the master meaning what does it mean? Say it master

59: 00:37:52 --> 00:38:34

here, meaning he is the perfection of humanity. And he deserves to be the leader of humanity, and he will be the leader of humanity on the Day of Judgment. So they say it here has multiple meanings, and he is all of these meanings. So the Prophet system is the Savior of the Day of Judgment, of the blessings that are unique to him is that the prophets of the Lord why they he was seldom will be the very first human being to be resurrected on the day of judgment as we said, I didn't so my body tells us this, the first grave to open up when the second trumpet is blown, there are two trumpets right, thermonuclear coffee O'Hara the trumpet will you learn twice the second Trumpet will be one

60: 00:38:34 --> 00:39:20

the graves will be opening up. So when the grades are opening up, the prophets have said the first grave that will crack open will be mine, the Prophet says will be the first human being and that also explains his name and Hashem and he will also be the first human being to be closed on the Day of Judgment of this speciality that he has been given his that he will be given the largest, how old and how old is a pool that our profit system has been promised, we talked about this when we talked about the fear of circle coauthor and this is a pool a held which is square in shape, he has told us it is square in shape. And it is so large that one side of it one of these squares, it is as if it

61: 00:39:20 --> 00:40:00

is from Mecca to sun app, which is the entire earth or half of the Arabian Peninsula, right from Mecca to sun, this is just one side of it, you multiply that by four you get the perimeter, and I described the co author and the held in a previous lecture inshallah Tada, you can go back to that of his speciality he is the co author he has been given the main tributary the main river of gender and all the rivers of gender split from that it is as if one can say it is as if the people of Jenna will drink water from the gift of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because it is our culture and our culture is in the outline eco Kota. So the people

62: 00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

of gentleness water is all a gift for and coming from and given to our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of his speciality is is he will be the first to cross over the Surat, and he will be the one guiding his oma to gender and he will be the first to knock on the doors of gender, and he will be the first human being to ever enter gender after our father Adam has left it and he will be the one in whose name the gates of gender will be opened, when he knocks on the door, and the angel, the Bab, the angel in charge of the gate will say who is it and he will say Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the angel will say to you, I have been commanded to open meaning I

63: 00:40:43 --> 00:41:27

can't open for anybody else, you are the one I have to open for. And so when his name is uttered, it is his name that will give me the permission to open up the gates of gender and therefore as he told us, the very first footstep to be entering into gender will be that the right foot of our Prophet Mohammed Salah la vida, he was selling them and then his own will be the first oma even though we are the last oma chronologically, but because we are his own, and because we are His followers, Allah will bless us and Allah will gift us and Allah will honor us not because of us, but because of him, and we will be asked to enter along with him. So we will be the first oma to enter agenda, even

64: 00:41:27 --> 00:42:12

though we are the last one chronologically and this is of his speciality is and the final speciality will mention and there is so much more to be said. But time is of the essence here. The final speciality that will be mentioned is that Allah has blessed him with the highest level of Jen, it is a level that is the pinnacle of Alfa dos Delilah, it is an entire level, some scholars have said that Jenna, you can look at it kind of like a pyramid in that the higher up you go, the fewer the people, right, the higher up you go, the fewer the people. So, gender will be more populated at the lower levels, and there will be no crowding in gender Alhamdulillah. But nonetheless, it will be

65: 00:42:12 --> 00:43:07

more populated in the lower levels and the higher up you go fewer and fewer people will be able to get to those levels. And there will come a point and they will come a level that is an entire level of gender. And that is meant for only one person, the whole daraja the whole plane of that field of gender is only meant for one person and it is the pinnacle of alpha dose and honor and it is immediately underneath the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is called alpha Lila. This is called alpha leader. This daraja is called a frog leader. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this frog Lila is a menza filled agenda. It is the level of gender that Allah has

66: 00:43:07 --> 00:44:00

chosen for only one of his servants, for only one of his servants. And then he said modestly, that four out of June, I hope that an akuna honor who that I am that person and this is out of his modesty where there is no other human being that is qualified to be of that place. And so he simply said I hope I pray that I am the person that that is destined for and that is why he wanted us to pray that Allah gives him This was sila and for leader and that is why every time the UN is called What do we say alohomora Buhari he diverted ma was sada to call him a RT Mohammedan Allah see that I will follow the law that is the daughter of Jen right. Weber's who. So it is for the human player,

67: 00:44:00 --> 00:44:41

it is for the Day of Judgment, it is for after the Day of Judgment, you give him after the Day of Judgment, we give him a see that will fill data that is suitable for data were bad and resurrect him on the Day of Judgment more common my modality whiter. So the more common my mood is on the Day of Judgment, we explain what that is, and that is all of humanity will be praising him and all of humanity will be sending their Salat and Salaam upon him, even those who rejected him in this world, even those who cursed him and ridiculed him and mocked him and drew diagrams against him. Well, he on that day, they will be praising him and sending Salawat and Salaam upon him because they have to

68: 00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

because it is a common mood. So all of humanity will be praising him on the day of judgment on a common mood. And in the era he will be given a will see the NFL leader and that is why we make dua to Allah to give him all of these levels and characteristics and these are simply

69: 00:45:00 --> 00:45:21

Some of the facade is some of the speciality is of our Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and unfortunately there's only a few minutes left so there's no point beginning the next section, which is about his characteristics and how he looked and his mannerisms and he liked his lifestyle insha Allah Tada. We will be talking about that next Wednesday, isn't it la heat to Allah

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