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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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are y'all doing hamdulillah night number 17. And voila, night number 17 is a very special night in Ramadan. Many of them are mentioned that if flavor to quarter will not in the last 10 nights, and it's possible that it could happen outside of the last 10 nights very unlikely but possible, then the night 17 seems to be a very special night. The Battle of buzzer was in the 17th of Ramadan. The conquest of Makkah was in the 17th of Ramadan I showed the one passed away on the 17th of Ramadan, Hadi German passed away perhaps even on the 17th of Ramadan. So a very special special night and they will take tonight as potentially an every single night going towards the end of the month, as a

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potential for for labor to father, even if it means do a little bit extra one extra two etc cause my last partner except from us, as we know the Hadith that we began the month in whoever stands the night of labor to Qatar, in sada with a man with sincere belief in Allah and hopeful that he would what doesn't say stand the whole night will stand 100 Records, five records or anything, just standing a moment in Salah with real who should have Allah and Allah accepts that sorta then all your sins are forgiven. So find yourself in these last two weeks to expand a lot before the month is over. To find yourself in that level of assurance, Allah Spangler, except from us. I mean, before we

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begin out, I've seen a few questions popping up now I think I need to clarify some stuff SR and Phaedra. Okay, this is Ramadan. 101. So fear, Allah Subhana Allah says that all of us should force the month of Ramadan. And if you're unable to force a certain day because you're sick, or you're traveling, or you're pregnant, you're you've menses, whatever it might be, when you don't force that day and you make it up after Ramadan, you make it up after Ramadan up in the day. And that's it. There's no fear upon you. But as for the person who will never be able to make the day so if granny is too old to force now, in a month's time, she'll be even older, she wouldn't be able to force it

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in, inshallah granny becomes stronger, I mean, but unlikely, so therefore, she will pay a fee do a video where this video video actually is that you need to feed someone for every day that you don't fast. And you can do this upfront, as say Nana, Serbia lon, he would feed 30 people on the first day of Ramadan, the first night of Ramadan when he lived almost 200 years old, he feed 30 people and that was the whole month of video finished for him. And actually it's better to feed someone than to play a video. And if you can't invite someone to house and feed a poor person, maybe make a pot of soup, give it to the soup kitchen and let them feed 30 people because the idea of Ramadan is to feel

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to sympathize with the poor. And a cheap way of doing it is to pay the money. And if you can't do that, then yes, pay 10 grand for every day that you haven't fasted, you can do this now you can do it after Ramadan, you can do it off the eat is no problem. So Tinder and for everyday affiliate, what is Fedora Fedora is that you need to pay a soccer it's a cartoon feature. It is a compulsory thing on every single person that has money to make sure a person on the day of eating enjoys a meal or has clothing, right a meal that is suitable. So every person that is under your your dependence will be forced into fasting, you need to pay a fitrah on their behalf. So if there's a father who

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has a wife, he has three kids, he has a mother whoever lives with you and you are responsible for them for every single person 40 ran, give it to the masjid the masjid will buy food and we'll distribute this to the receiving party receiving party this is Phaedra This is Phaedra even if this is some people feel it. But if a person is not required to foster my five year old child maybe they're not required to force they still fit that are compulsively upon them understand that fitrah is compulsory, some have even gone to the point if your wife is pregnant, then on the fetus these even fit on that Why? Because we do not want people to be begging on the day of eat on the day of

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eat. We are enjoying all the foods hamdulillah it shouldn't be someone looking for for food. Last question on PDF idre Can you give this to a non Muslim Can you give it to a non Muslim now in in reality soccer is not meant for non Muslims rather it is for Muslims first and foremost. And any type of charity which is compulsory for the fifth rasika this is compulsory kind of thing is not the sadaqa this should only be for the Muslim. If we have exists, then without a doubt it's okay for non Muslims whereas a normal soccer like Khubani on the day of carbine is not compulsory, the novices may enjoy as well. This is from the understanding from the sooner Allah subhanaw taala except from

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you. So we will click the fitrah will click the video but the telepresence table at the back tender and for everyday and 40 rent for every dependent insha Allah, we continue with our Deaf scene of surah Yusuf alayhis salam, we said we obviously missed yesterday. So if you didn't get the lecture a lot of people miss it, you know lecture last night last night.

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hamdulillah we, you know, commemorated the people who have passed away the Imams and the committee members and all those who system Allah granted my place in general Amin. And so we continue with our series tonight, we said that never Yusuf Alayhi Salam told his brothers remember, they don't know easily, but they came to buy supplies because they were going through the famine. He is now the Aziz. He's not the Minister of Finance of Egypt. He knew them, he recognize them. And he says, You guys are 11 Brothers, but only 10 of you are here with your younger brother. So they said, No, our dad won't let him come with us. So maybe you should sit to them, go back and feed him and bring him

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to me. Otherwise, I'm not going to give you any more supplies. So they rushed home to the dead, and never use return the money to them. And so they said to the dead, you know, dad, we need to bring our brother with us. We're not going to get our measures. And it's so easy that as he is such a nice man, he will give us more than we need. And he returned the money and it's something so easy, so just leave Binyamin come with us. And so maybe Yaqoob said to them, I will only let you take him if you make a vow, swear by Allah and how do you make a samba What do we say? What leases what law he and Bill he and Pillai and we're going to see they like to use the Law of the Sea and caked on what

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law is the preferred way? Yeah, the kids have no idea who the bunnies are in the US but lucky a lot. So they said we swear by Allah, He will bring him back. And so now we could say okay, fine, go. But don't all of you go from the same dog rather go from separate entrances into the city. And what is this was something inside of the cube, meaning abeokuta understood that there was something there was a plot foot here there was something at play, and that this was from his intuition, which was correct. But even though they follow the advice of the dead, they could not escape the plot of Allah subhana wa Tada. So side note, sometimes granny grandfather, our parents, they have this feeling,

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you know, I don't feel it's right. A lot. The Hadith says, beware of the intuition of the pious person, because this comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes they feel something's off here. Just be careful. You know, don't take this road. Allah puts that thing in pious people so beware of that this is Heidi's gonna be so solemn that I can't really explain it but in the the some wisdom is some hikma in that so now they did as they fought that commanded another university and now the 11 of them are going to be useful to get the the major, what am useful, our he should have you should have accepted them and he looked off to them and he gave him a meal and he's waiting for opportunity

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to get his younger brother on the side. Now remember, his younger brother doesn't remember him at all. In fact, I don't even he was still a baby. Basically, we never used to disappear. So whenever Yousuf took his brother to one side and he said called Indiana huka for the SP American family, and he said I am your brother, your long lost brother. I'm used to the one that you heard about the one that dad is crying about I am that Yousuf so don't feel bad, don't despair of what they used to do. So it's very clear that these teen brothers were picking on Binyamin and that's why be a coupe kept him one side so don't abuse will be saying to you, you are now protected. I will look after you and

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I have a plan. Just go with the plan. But Amanda has a home BJ has him and now maybe Yousuf had given him remember they came for the grain. So now once they packed all the grain and they were ready on the way out of the city, Jarrah Sequoia Rania he from

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A to Z in the Communist Party. So then as they pack the grain on the on the camel's net, we used to put the cup, the expensive cup and it's mentioned here, the cup that they would use to pull the grain into the bags with a special symbolic cup that was that belonged to the king, or belong to the use of made of gold, whatever it might be. He hid that inside Binya means bag, he put it inside window means bag, and as they are about to leave the city I've been more than not giving a damn for sada and announced a quarter. He says, You caravan you caravan people in the military when you guys are thieves come back You stole something. So as they are leaving the city, this man shall tell them

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that they are thieves follow up by the mother the spittoon. And it's interesting is almost one says they said while turning around and walking towards them. They said what have you lost? What's the hikma of this? ayah it shows that, you know, guilty people. What do they do? They run away when the cop says a thief they ran away. Yeah, Allah says they knew that they were not thieves. So they turned around and they came to the accuser. Meaning that if you're accused of something that the hikma is, you go towards it and you clarify your name. So this is just shows that they turned around and they went to you went to the vignette, the man calling them thieves and said they didn't say

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what was stolen. They said What did you lose? What did you misplace? Call you they said the announcer said nothing to do so while Maliki William and jarabe him look at what they said we are missing the measure of the king this cup that belongs to the king and whoever produces it, there is a camera loads reward and I'm responsible for that meaning and guarantee that you will get this camera load. Again extract very interesting points here. So the use of not much fake in the surah the makansutra

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The laws only happened in the Medina schools but they mentioned interesting. Usually, you will not get prize money it's like almost like gambling. But this shows you that you can say look, we have 100 you know, Easter egg hunt, and the one who gets the prize he will get. So when bronto gives up the tickets every night and you've into the quiz, there's not gambling, no problem and you allow to give someone a prize for a certain deed for a certain thing you do and you can get nothing as well. So this is an evidence for that and it's one of the extract everything from every story. So, he says that whoever finds this cup, they will get an excellent camera load. So now the brothers is called

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outta law he he has utility by Allah Nakata adding to magic not enough see the field out of the cocoon. So the thing is, you guys know now they are appealing to the gods, you know, this is not the first time we are here, because our second teleported in Egypt, you see how we do business? We are honest people, we are decent people, we are not here to make mischief. And we are not thieves. How do you call a Steve you and in fact, you know this, you know we are decent people. So now maybe you should sit to the sea to the gods when they declare the innocence. This is the plot of never use of color images in quantum Caribbean. So they ask them okay, if you are really innocent, then what is

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the punishment of the one with lying? If we catch you, then what's going to be the punishment? Now they're so confident we know we're not thieves. I mean, they, the sons of MBA have decent in spite of the mistake with who they are, they know the evils of stealing. So they're very confident none of us are stealing. So they said so what is the penalty if we catch you that you were stealing? Call Jessica woman Wuji Daffy Hirohito who can adjust the volume in they said the punishment the price would rather the thing that will be given. If you find it in one of our bags, then he is the price meaning he will be the penny you will give him as a slave. This was the punishment in the Sharia of

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nebbia hope that if you stole your hand cut off, you became a slave you became the property of the man you stole from so they sit in our Sharia, if you steal, then you become the property of the man that you stole from. So this is the penalty because it can adjust the volume. This is how we punish the wrongdoers so remember this was the plan of never use Have you wanted this to happen? For better so define for better be at him public Wi Fi to Mr. Raja mean Wi Fi so now they said okay, let's unpack the bags and they impact every single bag. And with Binyamin last so they packed every single one's bag and just for dramatic effect. The last bag they come to is beanie means bag. And when they

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pull out storage me like slowly they pull it out. The cup mean we are free from the brothers bag Galaga kidnap us, Allah says this is how we plan for use of meaning. Allah says I plotted this plan and I told you so if you do this and say this and do that, why mechanically houfy Dini, Maliki Allah because Allah sees the punishment of stealing in the king of Egypt's law. It wasn't that you could take him at a different punishment. Maybe they would bless you, maybe they would cut his hand off. So he had to tell them well, you tell me what punishment you're going to do. And when they said, We will give him as a slave. He said, Okay, fine deal. And now it's found in the brother's bag. So

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Allah says, net Pharaoh Dara Jatin Manisha Woolfolk really the Illuminati very, very powerful I am very, very powerful segment Allah says, After he says that the use of plan this plug by Allah dealings, he raises up whom He wills and above everyone who has knowledge, the someone more knowledgeable than him, what does this got to do with anything less number one linking that the person with the most power in the world, the person with the most control the person with the most influence is the man with the most knowledge, we said knowledge is this unique blessing, that Allah does not give for free, you can get power you can get status, you can get money, beauty, you can

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even get new Buddha you can even get kingship to be the king of the country at birth, you can inherit that, but Allah will not give you knowledge for free, you need to learn it. So Allah is the one who has knowledge he will be raised up and then if you are knowledgeable, you are the professor you have the PhD You are the CEO, Alice's and him above you is always someone even more knowledgeable than that. And of course above all of those of knowledge is and he lost himself allow that he is the most knowledgeable and what am I of course use the example of Nabi Musa and hydrolyzes saddam when and we said the link between the emotion and the use of a close link,

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basically the opposite so one brings the bunnies are into Egypt and one takes him out of Egypt. Now, of course he's the man who Allah speaks to directly the only Nabeel besides the increase of Salam O Allah spoke to directly without even an intermediary. And so when the money sorry, you asked me Musa Who is the most knowledge who's the most learned man in the world? I mean, what a silly question. I need to ask you a question. serious question. Okay. What is the question? Who's the smartest man in the world? So they'll be Moses is stupid question of course me. Nah, I don't look speaks to me. Right so Allah immediately moves

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Don't speak without knowledge the someone that has knowledge that you knowledge more than you and he did. And so now we move in we finally look at them and we take this lesson we learned this last year and it never Mussa he left the band he saw it once in his life and he came back we found him worshipping cough but now that he is it is no status This is God that knows knowledge I don't have the Allah give me a leave I want to take a sabbatical from being a newbie so I can learn from this man being Allah Please let me go and meet this man. And so Allah allowed you to meet him. And that's a story for another time, but Subhanallah it shows you the power of knowledge our last idea for the

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night so now when they pull the cup out of Kenya means back in front of the brothers extending the they say call in your trick for kosaka looming call for use of NFC he went

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on to Sharon McKenna will love to see food. So this is your if he stole this guy this Binyamin is a thief in well he had a brother was also a thief before right so this is his brother was also a thief. So remember they told the president Oh, never use never use of this ID. We had a brother but he died in a well and he was so bad XYZ to this. He this younger brother and his brother, they were both thieves. He's a brother just like that. So Allah says Surah Yousuf enough. See, he got hurt by that. But he kept it inside him. He didn't let it out. He didn't say anything. It hurt him and he said to himself, without exposing it. You are worse than what you're saying you guys are worse when

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what you are saying? Well, our mental suffering but Allah knows very well what you have done also shows sometimes you get thrown comments by people of humans. You don't have to respond to everything. You don't have to get into an argument abusive to get inside. It hurt him and he just kept it inside and says Allah knows what you are saying is that I this person that listened to the CD with the Juma What are we doing? It's about special people, the special worshipers of Allah and one category Allah says of those special people in the heart of Amalia Luna called Osama when England people confront them, when they are bullied or they're insulted. They respond by saying Sam

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they don't respond well that that's of the special people have a line so someone told me that my resolution going forward in life is if someone tells me this thing I'm just gonna say Sam I'm not gonna respond back to anyone that says bad things about me so in abusive did this he kept it within himself, and now he's taken his brother and we're going to see inshallah, what's gonna happen tomorrow with Binyamin last night's question we asked what is not a letter of vowing which letter is not ready to use for borrowing. So we see biLlahi tala with a TA and what law he would allow not bla bla bla bla so wrong so number D is the the answer is not a letter of course on tonight's question,

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in whose bag was the missing gold measure measuring cup found in the bag of Judah in the bag of beniamino Benjamin in the bag of Russia in the bag of Dina the know these people are we asked also, you know, obeyed put these questions by this writing exam tomorrow. And swana is still here this evening, put the slides together and all those who are writing it's busy time but they still here and they're assisting with the magazine. So we don't only honor those who have passed away. There's a lot of people doing a lot of work still for the organization and for the oma We ask Allah to grant him success in the studies. My luck with Baraka in which they do Allah make it easy for them and

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growth in height in this dunya and the cycle of Hey, thank you so much. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh