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Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a course on marriage online, emphasizing the importance of healthy marriage and addressing problems related to divorce and custody. The course covers topics such as pre-m attention issues, problems in marriage, and issues relating to pre-m attention and pre-m attention problems. There is a break between the course on weekends, but participants can still attend. The course is designed for individuals who are planning to get married and is offered on weekends, emphasizing the importance of learning about cultural differences between the two cultures.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking.

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So don't worry.

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We're gonna go to your brothers and sisters. I hope and pray everybody is well inshallah Tada.

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It's the year 2021. I remember it was 2005, I think or 2004. When I was invited by an organization here in the UK, to conduct a course, on the topic of marriage, it was in a small city, not a city, but maybe a town called Loughborough, which is very close to my city of Leicester, at Loughborough University, and over a period of six or seven weekends, I delivered a very detailed course on the fifth and the spirit of marriage. I remember many brothers and sisters attended. And after that Hamdulillah, they produced a CD set as well, based on that course, I during that time, when I was preparing for teaching that course, I gathered a lot of notes and made some coursework material for

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that course. I can't believe that it's been, you know, 15 years, 2005 and 2021. After that, for many years, I've been delivering this course relating to marriage. In many cities across UK and abroad, in many countries, I remember delivering this in

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America a few times, Chicago, Toronto, Canada, a couple of occasions, I think I've delivered this course, Norway, I think as well.

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And even in the UK, many, many cities, I remember, once a very detailed two full days, around 2010, I think I delivered this course, because you see this course on marriage.

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It can be a very detailed course, there's, there's a longer version, there's a shorter version, there's a condensed version, sometimes it's just like a seminar, or just to like a two, three hour, very lot of times people want a very, very deep, very simple, very short and condensed type of five hour four hour course. But I remember once teaching the full detail, one, which was till up from nine to 5pm, on Saturday and nine to 5pm. On Sunday, I think around 2010 or 11, in the city of Birmingham in the UK, I was invited by our sofa Institute, who had organized this course, and we had good 200 Brothers and sisters, who attended this course and hamdulillah Tyler. So Hamdulillah, I

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would like to

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mention, and it's a pleasure to mention that this is the first time hopefully we hear a director offering this course online, the full course will be exclusively just online

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course is titled journey of love. Now. It's a marriage course. And I'm sure you have attended marriage courses or seminars or webinars or lectures or talks. But this is a very detailed course, it will be on both on the weekend, on the weekend of Saturday 13th And Sunday 14th of March 2021, from 9am to 5pm with with a few short breaks, but from nine to 5pm. So that's a full, you know, we can that you need to dedicate yourself to this course, because the course is very detailed, that various topics we'll be discussing, will be relating to marriage, but

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from aspects and issues relating to pre marriage, actual marriage itself and after being married. So, like I was mentioning that I delivered this course for the first time in 2004 2005. But over the years, the last 15 years, the course has improved. I have improved hopefully inshallah

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you know there's there's a improvement in the course notes have been added further notes have been added, as you know, evolvement there's an evolving of the course that has taken place. And recently in the last two three years I've added many other things to it as well. So we have a course material, very detailed course material, I think 8090 Maybe 100 pages that I've been adding to it over the last 1015 years. But all the topics from pre marriage to from issues such as what is the definition of the garden marriage and loving Islam like what is love really mean? Is it what we think you know, happy laughter You know, yeah, I love you You love me let's let me just put an

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umbrella over your head and you know when it's raining and that's it. I'm not saying that's not love but this is what some people think that you didn't open the car door for me so that's not okay. Anything else is not love. What is the real meaning of love and marriage in Islam? So before marriage, many issues in terms of how to select a suitable spouse who is good, an ideal as a husband as a wife. And then engagement then then it got ceremony itself all the rules the fifth and spirit of engagement and regard ceremony the walima the first night

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intimate relations. And then goes on to, you know the rights and responsibilities of the spouses, the husband and the wife. And also towards the end, we have a very detailed discussion about addressing marriage problems, I've got a whole set of like 1213 causes and reasons that cause the causes and reasons that result in the breakdown of marriage causes of separation causes of marriage problems, causes of divorce, and I will go through each of them, each one, one of them requires a good 2030, half an hour explanation like 10 major causes, and the course ends with a bit of fear in relation to divorce and separation and child custody, because that's also important to know, because

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it could be possible somebody could, you know, undergo a divorce or someone in your family could undergo divorce. So it's a very comprehensive course, it's not just for people who are not married. I mean, I normally say it's for the people who are married people who are planning to get married, so it will help you to Shala in your married life, those who are already married, you know, it could help them as well. We all have issues in our marriages, problems in our marriages, how to tackle them, etc. And also, if you're a bit older in age and you've got children of marriageable age,

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it's also for you because especially in this day and age, how to navigate through the issues of dealing with young children or sorry marriageable children of marriageable age, they are young, like early 20s, they want to do go into a secret marriage, there's so many cases that come to me the parents are not wanting them to get married to someone else, but they want to get married to somebody else. And parents are wanting them to get married to somebody else. So forced marriages, arranged marriages, secret marriages, and one really important issue that I always talk about in my marriage courses is to separate between Islam and culture. And this is a big issue. A lot of people

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need to know about this, especially parents need to know about this. There are many issues which are not Islamic, which are cultural, whichever culture you come from, whether it's the Indian subcontinent or the Arab culture, with African culture, or whichever culture so it's not Islam per se, so a separation between cultural practices and Islamic teachings. So Inshallah, I hope that you will register for this course. Once again, this course will be on the weekend of Saturday 13th march on Sunday 14th March 2021 9am to 5pm. So you will have to dedicate a full weekend of your busy life in shallow Tyler. In terms of different timezone different recordings will be available. We've

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offered a course previously with our rift as well and the recordings are available for people at different time zones. So you can listen and you can watch the courses if you register, according to your timezone and according to your convenience, and the recordings actually then remain for 234 weeks as well. I think four weeks around, they remain in we use Google Classroom and things like that. So it's a very good system that we have Inshallah, so hopefully, you will register the link will be provided below this video to the course page where you can register and read in full details and also read a breakdown of all the topics that we'll be discussing on both days. Shalonda and I

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just talked about Santa Monica, Rock Metal writer Anna

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