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AI: Summary © The loss of life, struggles with parents and children, and the struggles of coworkers have caused the loss of human beings. The use of drugs and alcohol, including in China, the US, and the UK, has led to the loss of lives, children, and relationships. The importance of forgiveness and the use of words and phrases in relationships is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the loss of loved ones and the use of hikes and knowledge in relationships.
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William James rely on natural human anatomy no Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa he was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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are y'all doing

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night number six. And unfortunately, this is the time of the month where we see the fears disappearing, and the numbers in imagery disappearing as well. So remember that it really Ramadan you take as a complete, the effort we do is as much throughout not just the last 10 nights and the beginning, it's this middle time, it really requires the most amount of hard work. Normally these nights go and remember even later, they'll call that while it is highly, highly unlikely to be outside of the last night. It is possible as many of them are mentioned that any night in the month of Ramadan could be likely to cause it. So don't lose out Don't let a single night go by without

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doing some kind of event that if you're unable to come to the masjid at least at home, due to records or something of abidan Allah grant us the strength to to be consistent. It's only 30 days for heinola six seven gunnery 66 of the nights gone already. Only 2425 lifts to handle so that is the difference between could be Jenna and Jenna. Think of it like that. Well hamdulillah we continue with that of Sera, Sera Yusuf Ali Salaam. And we said we ended up filming mother Habu so finally when Abby aku gave him he under peer pressure from his love peer pressure, pressure from his children and this just shows you again how many parents come and this they cry because of the kids

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don't you know yes, we do our best and yes if our house are good then insha Allah Allah bless us with good kids. But yeah, you have a perfect father a wonderful father in fact in the Quran, till till today we say bunnies are the children of Israel. He loved the children of Abraham we are

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the children of Yahoo that he is synonymous with being like the ultimate dad he's the super dead and even in his own household, he had his own sons one you know some of them willing to kill the other so even out of your house you try your basis a parent and we make dua but at the end of the day everyone every child makes their own decision. So finally we need a link to that he gave us for them Madhavi they took him watch tomorrow and they agreed we said they actually discuss this so one decided what are they going to do they were someone said let's kill him something let's just throw him off a cliff or something and the one the eldest one said if you're going to do something at

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least put him in a well criminal well that was the softest of them but um as well Mr. anugerah houfy Jolla but it'll do so finally when they agreed they weren't made each match they made consensus meaning all of them agreed we'll throw him in the bottom of a broken down Well Well that wasn't even properly made. So they had done this and as I mentioned this a lot doesn't go into the details. They obviously pushed us around we know they took his shirt off because they brought the we bring the shirt as we see to nebbia who they must have said some words to him he was obviously crying it's vanilla think of it small child really crying screaming not understanding what's happening you

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thought he was gonna go out for a nice time. Our doesn't mention those dirty details and in this surah he does not mention as well why why? One of the reasons and I say this, a lot of life lessons that when we we've become desensitized, everything we read, we see on the news, we see all these horrible things in explicit detail if a murder happens front page, sometimes with pictures even it does something to our psychology, Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't mention these things, because it's not good for us. That kind of consumption is not good for us, no benefit, no benefit in the evil side also so behind Allah Beautiful, beautiful, wonderful point from the surah they have done a

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terrible thing that today if we know of brothers that almost killed another one which is what a bad person he is. Throughout the surah you will never find Allah says what hula hula caribou Dolly buena de was on the moon that they were farcical. They were evil when you mentioned this about them. Why? Because God forgave them when he Allah revealed the surah they already forgiven. So when the crime is being forgiven, Allah doesn't even attach any curse. He's just reporting effect, not even to curse them anymore. Now for us behind Allah This is a month of forgiveness. And we big ally to beseech Allah for his forgiveness, whereas we are not willing to forgive or we'll say it for Hiva.

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Mike, forgive me. I will not forget. I still remember what you did to me. No, you need to let it go completely. And if you want forgiveness from Allah, then you must be willing to forgive Allah subhanaw taala just report what they did without even admonishing them because it was as if though the sin has not happened anymore. He forgave them. So anyway, they took never use of and they throw your vehicle. Yeah, but your job is the bottom darkness of the well, some that you mentioned how you wanted to get out and they pushed him down. And he was trying to struggle. So they cut the rope and he fell down with a bucket and he's in this well, you can use this water at the bottom. They don't

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know how deep he is. He could have drowned in the end. He's struggling and it's pitch black. And the night comes and he's completely alone and he's crying and he can't get out. And he was in this darkness when he was literally rock bottom. Allah says we're ohana he that we gave him what he This is where he became a Navy.

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hyena Illa he then led to not be known by him haha

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Allah Allah came to him in some eg video came to him that you will survive this you will come out and you will get to a point where you will have the upper hand against them and they wouldn't know you will you will get back at them for this. Now the beautiful thing is you're when you're at rock bottom, no one might know what you what you're going through and everything might be lost, you might have lost everything. Always remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one of the themes of pseudo useless we say this for the said the person who said that no matter how difficult life gets where you are in life, you just need to be seeking Allah and Allah is with you. And yes, Allah says to

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you, so you won't happen. It won't happen today or tomorrow. Eventually, it might take time you must have patience with Allah. But Allah promised and occupied to live with the king. In the end of the day, the motorcade will always succeed happily ever after. For the clean you don't have to do that's going to be the last chapter, how you get to that chapter. We don't know it might take turns up and down. But this is going to be for you. Now we should back to the brothers. What about Asia, Asia and yakun they came now home they come they come home to the Father at night weeping just late at night later than yaku told them to come back see even MBs it before mahadevi must come home, right? Even

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for boys before Malik was coming. But they came back off the shy and they came back so obviously they plan this they came running home crying with tears. And we could have won an Academy Award for this the way they were crying. And the fake news. You know, they came hysterical working up, you know to paint the picture to be cool, but something happened called abana. They said oh for the inner Hubner and a static watercolor used for in the Medina for Aquila, with the woman, meaning Lana with openness are all dead, and they crying they saw being dead. We were playing and running and we had a race and we lift Yousuf by the by by our things, we lift him behind, and we forgot about him

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in the Medina but without stuff for Aquila was deep. And so a wolf came in at Walmart, meaning Lana will open NASA, Declan may be using in reverse psychology. And then even if we tell you the truth, you're not going to believe us, you really won't believe us, right? So when someone sees this automatically, it says reverse psychology they using on nebia coup. So what do we learn from years behind a lot some things we learn from this ayah

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it shows you that they were young, and it shows that shavon made it seem like a very simple thing. We will just get rid of us when it's finished. They realize they have to go home and they have to tell a story. And they use the exact story that never you told him what if a wolf eats him? And he said that's never happened out that they said it's impossible for a wolf to eat him. It's really outlandish. And yeah, they realize we don't have we didn't actually prepare for this. What are we going to tell them when we get home without us? So they use the exact same story that never Yaqoob told them? They look a wolf and it's so fantastical, but we know you won't believe us. In any case,

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you're not going to believe us in any event, right? So what do they do and they plotted other other commies he beat them in Kelvin. So to add to this drama, they brought never used so he took his shirt off, as I said, and they brought it covered in blood services. They brought other committee upon his shirt didn't mean Calvin allowing blood meaning a false blood. So this blood was of course when we use blood, it was like maybe kill the sheep or something and they put blood on it. And maybe a cube looks at the shirt as University mentions. But because, you know these guys are not professional killers, and they don't know how to cover the tracks. They forgot to actually cut the

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shirt up. The shirt was intact, it was just covered in blood. And as the Tafseer says that we are poopsie to them. What a gentle wolf was was he first undressed Yousuf before he ate him. And he says color then he says color but no but when you see bling, the Quranic means like I reject what you said the story is it doesn't make sense. So what

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camera rather your souls have enticed you to do something evil you have done something your souls have been corrupted basically

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for southern Germany so now and we don't know you know a lot doesn't go into those details perhaps you know, you tried investigated and now it became clear that you should is gone even if they went back to the well as we come to know he was taken. So now YouTube is completely gone. No way to contact in that time. No police no way a missing child, nothing you can do your child is gone. So when when it became clear to me via KHOU that YouTube is completely gone. I'm not going to get him back. He says For me, there's nothing left for me but to have patience. Jamil, not any kind of patience but he says beautiful patients will love you Stan Allah motto seafood and I asked Allah for

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help against what you have done what you've described what you have caused. Now a point here again, Southern German, there are different types of sober, these sober way you've been you've been afflicted with something and you moan and groan and complain to the creation. The software that's that's patience, you know you but you you you above

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To everyone, you just adopt cloud and everyone knows about your calamities. Okay? And but I mean you you patient through it, then you have one year who has a sovereign Jamie we're gonna find another idea later in the Quran we mentioned I don't bother any of you about my sadness I don't talk to you about my sadness. The only one I speak to about my sadness is a lot. This is Southern German that on the outside no matter how difficult he's dying on the inside, how much he's hurting financial problems, marriage problems, ex sickness problems, he still smiles the creation, but when he's alone with Allah, that's when he cries, that's when he bakes that's when he says yeah, Allah you know, I'm

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dying on the inside. This is submarine Jamil this yummy oopsies I will do this kind of sub well lagoon Stan and a lobster mini these no more if nothing, only Allah is the only one I can turn to for help. Now, the meta is out of my hands. So some of the causes that if you get terrible news, and there's nothing you can do about it, you say Allahu Allah, you're the only one who can help me out amount of seafood about this thing. You're telling me even the thing you're telling me? I can't I can't be it. And Subhanallah you know, the story is about NaVi Yusuf. And he's going to go through a lot of difficulty in his life, but really the real victim on in the surah is going to be Apple,

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because there's nothing more difficult than a parent losing a child. You know, a child can lose parents, and not so easy. It's really difficult, but a child can survive, but for a parent to lose a child and who remember he's gonna be he's making dua, but Allah subhana wa Tada. All answers sometimes immediately, and sometimes Allah prolongs. So there'll be a coup, which is making dua not knowing where you should use. And perhaps that is even more difficult. Now he knows Yusuf is alive because of that dream that must be fulfilled. But he doesn't know where Yusuf is, and what state he's in. And he's all he's doing is constantly longing for his son. We back to the well should have

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used to be sitting there. Well, what

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do you do at the della siara into the if you go to Saudi Sierra Sierra is a call, that's a call in Arabic. But sejarah in the Quran is not a call. It's a caravan. So a group of travelers came by, and they sent the watering guy. So this man in the cat, his job is to fix the water. And when he goes to the job to the well, and he put his bucket inside, call Yahushua Mrs. Whoa, good luck. He put the bucket in and we pulled it up. There's a boy in the bucket. And he says what good news fantastic. I discovered a boy. Now why is he happy about this? This is back in the day of slavery, where if you found a child you found someone as a parent, what they would do, you wouldn't even find like the

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Europeans didn't find they didn't like found lost people. They found people and they took them with nuts and took them away. So they took never use of as a slave. And he must have told them I live in that village and all that but they didn't listen. Why because they can sell him could sell him as merchandise, while a certain will be lost. And it just adds to the point Allah says that he has merchandise. They knew he was legal property. They knew that they shouldn't have him but so they hit him and they covered him up what law what even with my lawsuit and I knew what they did every dirty filthy transaction. Allah knows what you're doing. Allah says I know I was the they thought that he

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covered it up but I knew what Shahrukh will be summoning boxing da him Nah, dude who can feed him and he didn't. And Allah says so now they took him all the way to Egypt. All right, we'll see in the next ayah Allah mentions they took them to Egypt. So where was this? Now the use of is in Palestine in Quran basically close to the lucidum and they took him all the way to Egypt. And they sold him Allah says for a reduced price a few countable Durham's a few coins, and they were concerning him quick to get rid of him. Why? Same like now what property if it's stolen, then they will give it off for for nothing for almost for free. They just want to get rid of him. So they sold him for very low

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reduced prices upon Allah again, the mentality of the criminal that he what he actually makes from the crime. Besides earning the punishment of Allah, He only gets a small amount you look at the person who's in crime stealing in gangs, he never goes forward in life. The crime never pays off. And on top of that, you will be punished in the dunya and akhira if you only use his efforts for Herat income, it will be Baraka so they got rid of him very quickly and sold him and they didn't concern him. Allah says I didn't consider him of much value. We're calling that initial. So the one who bought him Mr. emissive called a mystery Illuminati Academy, math. Well, who am Verona Oh,

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Nikita Nikita who wanted a karateka McConnell mechanically useful out of the limo, Hades, while low Hollywood, America can occur on NASA moon. So they sold him in the market and the guy that bought him. He's called Aziz in the story. Now, as he says in his name, his name is Aziz Aziz, as the title means honorable. So he's like a minister, and it's mentioned is perhaps even the Minister of Finance is one of the top people in the kingdom of, of the federalism doesn't exist at this point in time. You

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Egypt does indeed have a pharaoh but it has a king. And within the Parliament of the king, this guy as he is one of the top men, so he comes to the market, and he sees this boy. And he's, and he's the one that notices inside use of that is something special about this boy. So he buys them from these people. And he takes him home to his wife is Emma, he, in fact, the Quran says his woman, his woman, and he says to her, make him comfortable, look, look nicely after this boy, don't treat him like the other slaves, maybe we will get benefit out of him, maybe there's something I have a feeling that something good will come from him. Or at the very least, you know, I kind of taking a liking to him,

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I find out I have a soft spot for him. We can even adopt him as a son even. And that's all it is. And so we established use of in the land so less and so we put him in a very high position. He's actually now in the top ministerial house. He's living basically close to the centers of power, that he might teach him the interpretation of events, not just the themes that we use of is getting to seek to see how government operates. And Allah, Allah sees an eye, over everything, I can throw every little thing everything is according to my plan. But most people don't realize that it's all the plan of Allah, at some points of this ayah. As we said, The Man Who bought never Yusuf is called

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as is the minister. And in the Quran, Allah says, you'd find this is a nice subtlety. When the Quran refers to husband and wife, when usually when it's referred to as the woman of the man, the woman, they need something missing in that marriage zone, his wife so Allah will say to me quickly, as well as you say to your wives, now, this is a marriage with his love and everything is intact. Sometimes you'd find that zecharia said about his woman, before they had a child, there was something missing in their marriage. But when she gets a child, yeah, they need his wife, the subtlety in the Quran, you pick up so when Allah speaks to them, like Allah will say, the woman of Pharaoh, not the wife of

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Pharaoh, because between us and Iran, there was a lot of things missing, the woman of Nabhi loot imperata nuha loot the women of loot and no one of the wives, meaning that yes, they were married, but there was no love between them or there was something missing. Now between Aziz and his wife, there's something missing. You can see number one, they don't have children. And it's mentioned that he's an old guy. He's a minister, you can imagine and she is a young new bride basically. And there's a big gap between the two of them and there is something missing between them. And so he says to her, look after Yousuf and give him make easy for him. And so use have now grown up in this

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basically in the palace. solos is what Baraka should do. Tina hook Manuela and now about 10 years go by, and Alexis now when he reached his full maturity becomes a man may be basically 1819 Allah says, and he reaches maturity, we gave him his wisdom and knowledge work ethic and machining and this is how it would Allah says, The good doers difference between hikma and knowledge, knowledge is book you learn facts.

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hikma is where you are able to apply that and you find many people didn't go to school. They don't have much formal knowledge. But they have great hikma and especially when dealing with people, so they'll be useful in spite of his age. He was given knowledge Allah gave him knowledge, but he also had wisdom and understanding how to live how to apply how to be with people. On top of that, we said that he is well looked after his financially Okay, and he's a be exceedingly beautiful man. So he's got all these things in his youth. Now, usually, when a young person has freedom, money, looks, vanilla and youth. That's when they are destroyed. You give that to a young person, and he's

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completely destroyed. But now the use of uses that and Allah has given him wisdom and guided him. Why? Because Allah can actually see and Allah says, I rewarded him for his good deeds that he remains steadfast in his youth. He's the only Muslim in the whole of Egypt. He doesn't have a father or mother telling him to make sada telling you to avoid evil company, but he remembers the teachings of his dad and he maintains his Eman throughout his childhood. So now when he becomes a man of law services, we guide him right philosopher for the night. So now that can be useful isn't his full full bloom.

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What are the two let he buy an FC he was lucky. Because he tallac car another law in Abu Dhabi axonify in a hula hoop volley moon. So often the use of is now as early as 1920s. In his full youth, Alexis, and she in whose house he was meaning the wife of Aziz. She was looking to seduce him. She wanted to have intercourse with him. And she closed and locked all the doors basically trapped him and she said, Hey tallac come. And he said, I seek refuge with Allah. Indeed, he is my master meaning as he says, My master who has made me good. He's looked after me very well and Allah will not help those who are those are the moon if we break it down bit by bit. So Allah says

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he was being pursued and studied

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used, it wasn't just one time. The point is it's a period she's been trying for a long period. And overseas. It wasn't the woman of Aziz or the lady that tried to seduce him. The woman who's in house he was meaning the fitna is always there in his house constantly. It's a you know, usually you safe in your house. Allah saying the fitna he had to endure for years was in that house, and she tried first with flirtation than innuendo than opening remarks. Now finally, she got a plot as he was going out for the day and she didn't expect him to be home for quite some time. She made sure everyone else was away, and she locked the windows, the doors, if it's a hot shot, Daddy, she locked

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everything. So Yousuf was now in a trap. And he comes in and she locks the door, and he sees her. You know, she's a beautiful woman, and she's all done up and she's everything. She says, Hey, you know, what does he mean? She didn't struggle with is it luck at luck is like a vulgar word. Basically saying, just get done with it. Just do it. Everything is ready. What are you waiting for? I'ma go for it, basically. And abusive, says ma de la. He doesn't say I wouldn't be la he says like I don't even have the strength to say I wouldn't be la I'm just saying our la only your prediction only you can save me now. We're going to get to know tomorrow but never used to be the man that he

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also desired her and all he says yeah, only you can get me out of the situation. And he says to her How can I do this? Your husband has been good to me How can I be telling him like this to be with his wife in Iraq be when he says My Lord maraca talk about Allah. He's talking about Aziz Aziz was accent he was he was excellent muscle up after me in LA usually Hollywood and I know Allah will never cause someone with evil like this a betrayer to succeed. We'll see what happens tomorrow inshallah. What happens to that what happens in this situation? We continue with number Yousuf tomato. Tonight's question we asked. Which type of animal did the brothers say make use of a lion a

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tiger shark or wolf? Which type of animal Did they say ate nubby Yusuf Zigler Hey, chicken, so much Salam aleikum wa barakato