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Arkaan of Hajj & Umrah

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So what is required so additional ways is mikati before I get to me card to get me caught I need to have my near for Iran into the state of Iran

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McCarthy's boundary, if you will. It's a is a record of time and then we call the place I'm not gonna go into the details because of time because none of us will ever go to harm to Makkah before the course of time. The misuse of time basically begins some inches from sure well, now look the Hajj months in two months, two months time. Hajj, you can't a person the thing in the past, people came for Hajj. And they came in before Ramadan, even months, years before hedge. They came ready for the hedge as we only get the two three weeks six weeks before. So we always thought we don't have to worry about the time he caught him. I don't have to worry about that. But there is a lot of place

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before you get to this macaques. Your hedge Neo Nia for for Amara for Hajj must be in regal through the mikata of place. They are five Mikado Malati cruel of Makati smapi. There are five boundaries. When you cross those boundaries, you must enter the state of the harem. Now

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the five button is holding your book international or five but for interest sake.

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The five boundaries are

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the boundary of the South, the people of Yemen. The people of South Africa Yumiko is called the lamb lamb. It's the court of the South. Then you have the me court of the North which is Medina. Medina itself basically don't have a phobia rally. That's the most that's the furtherest it's not a perfect circle.

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When you have two people who wish to Java for Syria and the people of the West, then you have to the east to me calls

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that Akin and current managing you only have to worry about too many calls in this five is too many calls. You have to worry about the north and the south.

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And all depends on your ticket which because you must worry about

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who of you will go to Makkah but first go to Medina Raise your hands. So first Medina and then you're going to enter Marcus Are you entering Makkah from either north or south? The North so you'll meet God is the mecca of the North. For those of you who are going straight Cape Town, Jeddah Jeddah Makkah, you will enter Makkah from the south Yomi cortesia laminam anyone going to Makkah before going to Medina?

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No one you know, you're going to do that. You're not going to Medina.

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Nia is this vandalized near indeed so quickly. So if so the brothers saying you know what, if I go without going to Medina first is this permissible, permissible enough to go to Medina obviously very nice to go to Medina.

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but you can go straight from Makkah to from South Africa straight to Makkah without going through through Medina. So which means you will pass the me court of the South.

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And actually if you come from Dubai, you might pass the Nico to the east.

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right because you're approaching from Dubai Emirates airways. Now besides for those of you will stop in Medina first. The others you will actually pass to me caught on the plane while you're in the A, B because gender is inside them equal to this outside mean you can't into the harem. When you land, you need to enter Iran. Why didn't he and they will tell you the airlines usually they will tell you we will not be bossing them because about 510 15 minutes before before the plane lands just as the landing is going to begin. You will cross over the court. As for those of you that hamdullah was going to Medina first and what it is in Charlotte, you're missing the macaque because you will spin

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your own two three weeks in Medina and you will not have to be in Iran. When the day you leave Medina the day you leave Medina to Makkah That day you will be caught that day you must enter the state of Iran. Meaning when you arrive at Mecca, you must be in the state of Iran. Okay.

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Interesting question. Yes, sir.

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The problem is

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that, remember in the time, there was no concept of kilometres even there was a place called Java. There was a place called Guillaume there was a place called Medina, basically, the province very nicely,

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utter beginner when they offered him meaning that McCartin so that people and whoever passes by the court will come through the court, then they will put on the helmet that the court appointed those places is not as perfect circle, just to go a little more in depth. What about my parents who live in Jeddah? They live within the macaques

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and you will also have a scenario where How long are you going to be Makkah three, four weeks in Makkah,

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are you going to have to leave Makkah get to them

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be caught up in the hurricane coming because you know you're gonna leave Medina in Tehran perform omura exit to Iran now I need to put a new home on or you need to enter new romantic Makkah now understand this issue

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this summary way just go to the next slide.

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No the circle back to the slide

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this slide there is a macaque and is a medium he caught me caught and a mini me.

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The me caught the big meqasa we spoke about those five records of people living outside those areas. That's all of us. We need to stay home when we cross over that boundary. For the people living in the McCart. There's another semi mikako the harem area, the harem of Mecca area. So anyone living outside of the harem, but inside the big McCourt like gender just in between, they put a intake around from the homes for hygiene for the people living inside Makkah.

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And listen carefully because this applies to you. The people living inside Makkah for O'Meara, they need to go outside of the Haram boundary to enter for Hajj. They don't need to do that. Again. The people of Makkah will do they into the harem

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the people of Mecca.

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Explain again, is a big HDMI cord.

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Inside this big nickel, you have a small liquid cooled harem boundary. Those living outside of the harem, those living outside the big knee caught simple when you cross them big macaque in the home, excellent. Those living inside the harem boundary. So overall, if they want to enter your home, they need to come out of the harem boundary out of the minimi Court to interrupt for how much they don't have to do it.

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You know, the people living in Makkah, if I want to I'm living in Makkah, I want to go into her own formula. What must I do?

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Go out of the boundaries of the harem and into Iran. And anyhow go on Hajj.

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And I usually what how does this apply to me it applies to you because once you reach Mecca, you will take the ruling of the people of Africa. So if you get to Makkah The first time you get to Makkah from Medina, European economies, when you cross the big macaque you have made Omar is hungry. The hottest in two, three weeks time, I want to make another run out. Ah.

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Now what must you do?

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Outside the harem area outside the boundary of the harem area

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tomorrow, but the day that hatch begins, we run into the state of Iran from your hotel room. Why? How did we get the sweetness come from? This came from Russia or Mother Russia. That's why this place called Magic Ayesha

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arrives in Makkah, everyone is welcomed in Iran, and he sees the Sahaba if we have time we'll go through the nice long Hadith he says the Sahaba

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go perform in Oman and execute on they didn't know about this for them in the past, they would have won Iran. They get they they spend two three weeks in Iran. And then they catch right this is how they used to make the old days you can still do it but it's not a good way of doing the best way of making hedges you go when you make an exit and on the day hedge begins you take a second home then A B C debt. And so the Sahaba go when they do the oma income so I show his wife she's crying my sweetie by one cry. She says I'm in my head. I can't go into fukumura Now we'll get why when you hide you can't make omura so I can't perform around so there'll be so don't worry to stay in your

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home and you just touch so hide in shape or form hunch with all the tools now she's still in the digital era when she when she's in charge. Now the only way back to Medina she's crying again. Sweetie Why are you crying is everyone is going back with a hygiene overall I only have a hedge I want to make this off the hedge now sunedison says okay, under 1000 people the weight of the man take your system. Now what does she want to do? She wants to make what was she in Makkah so what must you do? Go out of the situation. They told her brother take up the romantic your sister go outside of the Harlem area, the intagram come and make onra and when she when is called Masha today,

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that's what's called must be Dasha. And now basically it's about 14 minutes drive from Harlem. We're not talking very far. It's actually in Makkah Solomon makecode being so big that the court is now inside of Mecca. But now the harem boundary is smaller than the old Makkah city. You will with me. Like the blue cup is haram but it's inside of Cape Town.

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CBD, you know, try to give an analogy. So you just have to go if you want to perform an omura while you're the before hatch off the hatch, and you have to go outside of to modulation you start the taxi 1015 bucks to take the machine and then you into the state of Iran at that point. It does clarify things you guys understand. Okay, so this is the big slide. This is just a summary. It's not in your notes. And again, it's an important you know, now if I come in my first time big me clock in day one from the if I fly, I need to be aware that I might fly on the plane, I might have to enter the state of Iran if I'm in the wrong area, and I want to make an overall I need to exert too much

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pressure. So if I want the day ago and had to go to Malaysia, and they've had you know, for Hajj and they do this amazing analysis on them in his time, he didn't have a huge crowd. It's amazing that there'll be some head foresight for the oma when it comes to heights for the oma to go outside of the home area to measure even though it's a 10 minute drive is gonna cause chaos. So you just Iran from where you are. It's amazing. I'm going to be

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right. How do I enter the state of Iran Iran Nia depends on the type of hedge. I'm not going to go into too much detail. There are three types of hedge There are three types of hedge and all of it depends on Iran all three types has alpha they have jemalloc they have good or bad they have all of that but the three types of hedge depends on the type of firearm The first type if a lot if Rodman single photo one way you go and you perform a height shoot one Iran so I go in I go and usually what happens is somebody that have that gets credited last minute I got a ticket for you to go catch tomorrow. He's not gonna make a mistake on hedge so he makes one meal Yeah, I'm gonna make this so

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he's promised for what has gone wrong. Right. So when he crosses the big meat caught, he will into the state of Iran for hedge only know that Iran is only for how much he brought. Most of us don't do that. Then you have a second type of Iran which is even more weird, which none of you will do. And you definitely will not do this is called Kieran. We will have one Iran for Umrah and Hajj like like I should have done Russia I should be fraud in her scenario. I should add fraud. She had her on for Hajj, right she did she made it outside of hygena that is an

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attached Kiran is where you come to Makkah in Iran. You make Amara and you stay in Iran and then you go and you actually want to do things when you come home for Amara and Hajj the visas of himself he did this. Why? Because the ruling is the only person who must do Kieron is if you bring your animal with you to Makkah for slaughter. If you pack your sheep in your suitcase and you brought it with you from outside then you cannot exit you Why? Because you cannot exit the hermit to the slaughter the animal so now you're stuck in

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this animal with him for slaughter. And so he said any one of you did what I did. You need to stay in Iran with me so that our resources allow him to get on and then he said but if I were to make Hajj next year, I will do the third one which is tomato tomahto. Nice, easy, the easy hydrogens. I go, I make them wrong. I exit my home. I'm out of Iran. And then I now into a seeking Iran for Hajj. So each Iran how you into the state of Iran. Iran is a mental state with a verbal articulation. Something very strange, very interesting something which will shock you there is no such thing as Nia verbal Nia in Islam, there is no such thing as a way to soul nobody ever said that. Nobody to

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Sally ricotta, never said that. The only time that I've even verbalized is Nia was only for Iran. All the stuff that you have throughout your life in madrasa. All of that is unnecessary.

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Useless. What is near the main Subhanallah he wakes up an hour before fudger makes the piece of wood so good. What's the time? What's the time what's yours the other stops eating? Oh, I forgot to say my Nia animasi last night he just meant fasting or fasting his intention to force the intention is what you mental state. The only time we verbalize the Nia is for Iran and year and the wording of the Nia is in your books, the on page 17 you will say that bacolod Mama, Rebecca, la Mahajan, whatever it might be. So for the Rania lobby cola and in fact it doesn't even have to be in Arabic. Allah I intend to perform and I intend to enter the state of Iran formula. I intend to increase it

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around too much. No problem. So you need to enter the state of Iran you know where to enter the city from now. Yes. You know each scenario into into the subway. We you know how you intersect? How much you show me, show me.

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Show me how you just say la bayko la

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So tell me the first day how long you're going into it Which one is around for what? Okay. So and we are going to introduce you which we cannot just say Medina right let me call this in Medina. Right so at Medina okay give me your itinerary you when you leaving, is it when you're leaving, you're leaving, which airlines evidence so you're going to go Cape Town Dubai, Dubai Jeddah to demonstrate how long you live in Medina 10 nights, right around the 18th you leave Medina right at 90. When you get to Makkah, we will intersect of Iran. When when you arrive in Medina, the day you leave, but in the moment, right at the end, when you pause to me called How will you include certificate on what

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you're gonna say? Right? What is it near for? What is the

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formula? Excellent, fantastic. Then you're going to be in McFarland before which begins, then 10 nights, two weeks, whatever, when are you interested in the next set of them? Right, when the day or the first hydrate begins? That is the day you will get to that we integrate? How will you be around for that? What is it for hygiene? hygiene, what are you going to say? And where are you going to do it which you're going to do it as much as at the bottom. In the mechanical room we can do it from your house from your penis easier ways might be in between you want to perform O'Meara for granny Franco champion midwayusa, handlebar coffee, where you're going to put where you're going, what

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you're going to do.

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You're going to say that make a llama Amara, and if you want to do it on behalf of someone you also say, and on behalf of geometries, right?

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Yeah, so before you do the just a side note once if you are doing hydromorphone, you're someone that you say the name so subrahmanya it's amazing love a Coloma supermarket. So this way we know this, Heidi, which hijabi going to do tomato, when we do two separate separately, we'll talk about the lady in a hide like she's gonna come up in Sharla. Yes.

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Usually Just let me double check but to my knowledge, only one person, because otherwise we just do not make a lot of Mama, Ma Ma, Ma Salam and then we can make a hatchway everyone

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counts. So now we go into just this go into the notes weekly restrictions page 18. Once you are in the state of Iran,

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like we said Iran means prohibition there are things you cannot do. There are things that you cannot do, right? violations of the harem for men, they are violations for men only male only restrictions. They are violations for men and women and they are violations for women. For me, in terms of clothing main cannot wait anything that is stitched any garment cloth that is stitched together. You must wait and sewn garments. That's why you weigh those two towels. You don't have to wait till it can be 345 you can have a blanket over your time so long as it's not two garments stitched Okay, someone's wrong but again cold Can I put a blanket over me can I put a third four foot sheet on me?

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Yes you can no problem no underway for the main no underway so you waiting for me up these two garments. You may use a belt to fasten it You may use Velcro you may use safety pin and you try to experiment with it. Okay, and there's nothing underneath. You may also not weigh any shoes you will be sandals now. This is a huge debate. And I don't know are you in the clothing department now? There's a fine line between sandals and shoes some things like a shoe or sandal now Firstly, it might be how long do we in general because it's unfashionable, right

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but anyhow long Nanos is very comfortable. Right? This is a long debate what is the center what is a shoe basically a shoe a sandal does not close this only for the mean is only for them in the ankle in the heel and does not cover the entire front of the foot. There might be a strap that's okay with the sandal and obviously hybrid stuff we select things like this, you know, inshaAllah was you know, we're not going to be fighting over these technicalities so long as the shoe and Yukon with socks. And as mean you cannot be anything on your head. You can't be a cap you can't be a face you can't be anything on your head. Firstly, the spirituality side what does the Koran symbolize? When else would

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you read something like this coffin is to show everything in the state of Allah basically saying nothing belongs to you, even your body you can remove he doesn't belong to you only we need to cover your nakedness. There is no rank there's no superiority there's no positions here, your will equal when something on the head

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I should be wearing something on my head. In the past waiting headgear was a sign of of honor. So therefore the highest person with something of gold kings account and the big share has the bigger the bigger the turban The bigger the Mufti and sometimes if you like in certain cultures, if you were you were naughty as a punishment to Kyoto.

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For the day you had to wait go without slaves Naval War things on the head a slave would never read anything on it. Therefore main cannot be anything on it because everyone is coming to Allah as a slave as far as no no coffee or nothing

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really puts you down humbles you can use an umbrella though. Yes. Can you sit on the shed? Yes. Can you put a blanket over your head? No, can't we infer the main two things you can do two things main condominium. They cannot wait clothing that is stitched. They can't wait. shoes and caps. Okay. For the sisters, you ihraam clothing is the same clothing you wear outside of of Hodge salons. It covers your What is your assistance, we shouldn't be clothing for salah and clothing outside Salah.

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Let's put it that way simple. Simply put, if the clothing is appropriate for you to make sure that in when your order is not covered, that's simplistically put. And 400 omura. Same with apply you way which would be in SATA and of course without excessive decoration and those kind of things shouldn't be the as well. So outside of you know outside of Iran can be beauty, I mean, your clothing outside of hedgetrimmer can be beautiful that LeBron dress might be you know Sharia compliant, but will not be around compliant. Like so long as you can make sure that you understand. And this is debated on feet. Some types a fetus body odor, some say feet is not part of the odor. But with socks,

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obviously. Right. So for the ladies, and additional to that what you can't do, and doesn't look like it mostly from Cape Town in the middle issue. You can't wear gloves, and you can't even call any home in any harem. The lady cannot be any cop she cannot be gloves. Okay, so that's for men and women, for men and women separately. As for both men and women, what you cannot do in the State of Israel, you cannot pluck any hair from any parts of your body. You cannot remove any heat from your body deliberately. If something falls out without you if no problem if you scratch without knowing if it's accidental. And you can make a distinction here between accidental and conscious, conscious,

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accidental and deliberately and intentional and accidental and sinful. So give you an example. There was a hobby, he was in Iran. And he was covered in life so much so that his face was even covered in life. So there'll be so

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let me say shave, shave your head, shave and be the cafaro did he deliberately shave? Is he? No, no. Did he consciously shave? Is he meant to do it? But was it sinful? Did he do it on purpose? Like sinfully? No. So if you remove you he consciously, then you're violating the harem even for a permissible reason. Even though it's a permissible it is not sinful. So if you have violated the firearm, deliberately meaning I put a cap on because I'm getting really, really cold and I'm gonna get sick, you violated the firearm, you need to pay for it, but there's no sin on you. If you did it out of sin, then you have to actually make Toba as well understand this nuance here. But if it's

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completely unconscious, you know I was sleeping, I could go cheat over my head, you know, I scratched and somebody came out that was subconsciously done no issue with it, okay. So cannot pluck any hair from any part of the body cannot cut anything that else cannot put perfume on yourself or your hair on clothing while in the state of the home. Okay, you are not allowed to have any sexual activity, pre intercourse, everything leading up to intercourse is how long to be done in Iran. So like what things kissing, hugging, cuddling, spooning, going, going, going, going pre intercourse, all of it is a violation. We have all of you holding hands for the sake of we in the top decile of

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sexual activity. Right, you know, holding the wife protecting us that sort of security. But you alone in the hotel room, you in Iran, still you're in the same bed. Excessive contact might be sexual activity is sinful. That's a module of Iran. So one of the prohibitions, then worse than that, is having intercourse in Iran as a bigger problem. actually having intercourse during Iran is a big problem not only damages Iran, it invalidates Iran and Iran, and you cannot also hunt what in Iran, I don't think it would be a problem for anybody to hunt during Iran. Okay, let's summarize for the main two things or three things. Clothing, unstitched, no shoes, no caps, sisters, no niqab, no

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gloves. As for both of you can remove he nails deliberately. You can't put perfume on your body. You can't hunt, you can't have sexual activity. You can't have intercourse. If you do any of these things besides sexual intercourse, then you'd have to pay a penalty. You have to pay a penalty. We'll talk about that penalty. If you have intercourse in her arm, that invalidate your home, you invalidate your home or invalidate your hatch. You still have to do all the you still have to do the rituals. And it doesn't get accepted. You need to come back next year and redo it.

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Also sorry I missed something you cannot get married and get engaged while being around so if you see the love of your life from China or Russia and you get their lover says who I've been waiting for, but you only have talent Just wait. We need to have a conversation of the home. Yes sir.

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Sketching is fine washing is fine don't scratch it this here comes off all the beads scratch slightly

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scratch lightly this

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before you interested also squishy now before the problem into the sake of Islam is a pre ritual you do before in what you do before you in the home, you shave all the unwanted hair. And beard is one today, except for the sisters who you get for the main for the main beard is one today don't remove a beard. So you shave all the unwanted hair, you shoot in your nails, you wash your body, and then a bit of a lamb put perfume on his body, not his clothes. So your body will be perfumed and a lot he actually put a lot of perfume on his body before he into the state of Iran, but not his clothing. So your clothing men and women should not be washed with sintered stuff should never should never smell

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inside a perfume smell. Okay, then, if that perfume was put on that clothing, you must remove that perfume from the hair on clothing. But you have perfume on your body. And then you put on the clothing and you're interested in that as soon as you do. You will do that at the court. You know before the court I think if you flying in you cross over because it's complicated to do the Emirates Airlines to shave and also on the plane. But you do that before. For those of you coming from Medina, you probably do it the day you leave your hotel, you do all those things, or you could do at the court itself. And then of course they hatch you do it in your car. Okay, the pre Iran rituals. I

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don't think those are in your notes. Actually. Those are not in your notes. The pre aroma rituals is a slight bit of the pre haraam rituals. So at the macaques are as close to the macaque as is possible. It is not good to put the alarm on well before the clock. Someone might say yeah, you know what, I'm going to interview her on now so much I just know I don't make mistakes. So when it comes to how much too much time I normally don't go into Iran before the time you went to go as late as possible. So those of you who are leaving, so as as late as is physically possible, so it might be that if you're not gonna cost me caught on the plane, I might have to do this before I leave out in

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Cape Town. For those of you leaving Medina, you can do it as you will add The Mikado shave and cut your nails put perfume on the body, not your clothing. Are you any harm yet? Let me give you a scenario. I'm going to go to Makkah street from Cape Town. I'm gonna land in Jeddah where am I going across the macaque on the plane? So I realized, look, I'm not gonna butcher all these things on the plane. So I do this on the morning. I am waiting my normal clothing. Now about to cross the macaques. Before I cross the court I need to enter the new year and once I'm in the new year, I have to have a firearm compliant clothing. Yes. So on the plane, I will do a change. So now I've taken

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off my normal clothing. I have my two sheets, my clothes on, I'm back in my seat. Am I in Harlem yet? Am I in a room yet? No. So I'm in the clothing of Iran. I've showered and I'm not getting the state of Iran. When I get to the Mikado, the sooner he paid himself. He made a fuddled, sada Medusa, when he was done with his soda, cinnamon Santa Monica, when he said, The Nia lambic Loma bagel epic into the secret

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of the performance, or whatever you get to the machine is not in a walk time make two records for will do two records for the machine when you're done with the two records then into the state of Iran. Okay. Oh, fighting about

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the saga of the Iran Don't worry, just make a sauna for the Acela. And then when you're done into the state of Iran. So now you know, way to interferon, yes. You know how to innovate around this, you know, the preconditions the three steps before you hit or miss, you know, what you can't do when you enter the state of Iran. Now let's talk about what happens if I do these things. What happens if I do the Mahabharat waiting the state of Iran

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failure for all the wrong violations other than intercourse, so you know, your list of violations, right? On Page 18, you have a list of violations. And we'll do a simple thing. So look at page 18, page 19. So look at your pages and listen to me, which is of the following. If you commit to one of the violations of Iran, consciously besides for intercourse, then you choose you have a choice. Either you sacrifice a sheep or you feed six people

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You fought for three days, you have a choice. So okay, I'm in the state of Iran. I see the love of my life and I enter into a marriage contract. Mistake can't do this in the State of Iraq. What do I do now? Okay, Milena tells you you have three choices. Number one, you either close the animal ship or you force three days or you feed six people you choose whichever one you want. Right? And this is the Quranic ayah he says this is what first 196 actually gives you it's not

00:30:35--> 00:31:15

this is not that we need to actually update the notes with us you have to choose between those three options okay? If you had intercourse in Iran okay let's go to the violations page to see if a man weighs his underwear what inside of Iran What must you do? One of the three things he covers his head deliberately one of the three things If so, ladies, any problems deliberately one of the three things all these things one of the three things right? Only when we get to intercourse, intercourse is penetration, a chemical wanting to be I don't see any young children Yeah, intercourse we know intercourse means its penetration. If that happens, what do I do now? Now it is a major lesson. You

00:31:15--> 00:31:50

need to make specific Dover. You continue with that spoiled, spoiled now but you have to continue completing your Hajj Umrah Han Allah on the day I entered the home before I went to alpha i had intercourse Mashallah I still continue performing hajj, I go to Iraq, I go to Mr. If I go to mean I do everything, and then hatch doesn't count. I need to come back next year and redo my hatch. And I need to pick a fara pika for me I can. So dangerous stuff. This is the big thing. You don't have to do this to murder someone in Iran. You murder someone you continue. Maybe you do something, right. But you'll hide this.

00:31:51--> 00:32:37

And being facetious now, but I'm saying this is more more dangerous in economic terms, right, more than yours. Okay, so I've gone into the home. I told you I'm going to fly to Makkah. So I do all my pre alarm rituals. I get on the plane into the state of Alabama. Hello mama as we fly over BLM land in Georgia with me right. And I performed my own ra after my own right, exactly. How long can I have intercourse now with my wife in maka? maka? You sure? Yes, you can in in Sahaba. The same question is how remember they use the idea of the ROM was you had one ROM throughout the period oma and you stayed in Iran until Hajj and they actually use it words jasola Are you telling me and I go and have

00:32:37--> 00:33:20

intercourse with my wife is permissible, said yes. This year, all the years see all the years, not just this year. So how will they know what was happening here permissible to do all those things before you know while you're still in your sister. You got to leave Medina about the interstate of Iran. You got to do your spiritual economic steps. You get your head. What do I do now that she's still in the home? What do you think? Who says yes? Who says no. But she in the state of Iran in a hide? Who says no? Who says Yes. What is the uncle say? Yes, sisters, you have to be in security at all. Even if you hide and you will do the pre haram steps you will even whistle

00:33:22--> 00:34:06

you will still do so even you will do everything. Everything of Hajin O'Meara she will do in her hate except off, zipped off. And that's why she was around when she got the Yes. In fact again, you know, it's so beautiful when I mean giving you the point is not so nice. We tell you the story. So Javi jabya old great Sahaba Minnie Hadid Angelina Jolie. He's an old man blind man, who's 118 son Jaffa sodic, one of the descendants of Absalom Jaffa Sonics comes to him jeffersonians like the great great grandson? He comes to Java, Java, and he says in Japanese, who are you? He says oh, I seen the professor and he rubs his face and he says, What do you want to know my son so he says I

00:34:06--> 00:34:37

want you to tell me about hatch as long as the called the mother of the ideas of hedge javis jabs and he comes to seljuk he says we live on this day and we live from Medina and everywhere you look at where people live right all over just people and we wouldn't know why he was still coming along. So giving us a revelation in those of the good old days. And then he sees and year comes up buckles wife, and she gives birth because she gives birth at the court. Now, as you would know when you give birth You're bleeding, like hate. And so she says

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

he said to her, so also you do everything also and you just bandage that area. You just wear your sanitary clothing and you continue and the only thing basically you can't do is fall off. So the sister in her head, she will continue everything. But the problem with that is you want to get off which means a problem is an internal problem is exiting home. You can only exit the runway.

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

When you finish with your camera, you finish with the hunch that will come in Sharla that is going to come up problem like I just problem with actually exiting her arm because now she's stuck in her because she cannot finish the ritual. Okay, around when a woman head and expecting to be clean on Hajj. Right, so let's make a few assumptions, curveballs here. We're going to talk about Amara. So for the sister in her arm, she enters her arm like everybody else. Yes. In height. She gets to Makkah. He

00:35:32--> 00:35:32

does, you

00:35:33--> 00:35:34

know, so.

00:35:35--> 00:36:17

Now what does she do, depending on winner hide ins. So now, you know Muhammad and I shared gets to Makkah, they both in Iran is in a hide now. So Mohammed goes and he makes his overall and he finished? he exited out of Iraq. I said Connie Kumara she can make off. So she stuck. What happens now she will continue being in that situation. Until she becomes clean. She will make Morocco which will exit Iran and then she will enter a new home like everybody else at Hajj. Now the question is what happens if she made the Nia fukumura got to Makkah found us in a hadith and now it's coming to hatch time. And she hasn't made a standard scenario.

00:36:19--> 00:36:20


00:36:24--> 00:36:25

What is the fourth pillar

00:36:27--> 00:36:32

in tawaf must come first, though of muster? You can't Oh, sigh

00:36:34--> 00:36:37

you're still in 137. The lady in the study?

00:36:44--> 00:36:45


00:36:48--> 00:37:11

You wait until you your height is finished. Then you perform the often side, hustle, and we're going to get off. The reason why the ad cannot make off is because you need to be in a state of extra units. If we do, you can't be in it. So he will also be in will do and make the walk inside. Now she will exit. Okay, we are on the same page. And you are you registering?

00:37:16--> 00:37:19

Yes, yes. You make.

00:37:22--> 00:37:24

But the harem you obviously you're not in you already in Makkah.

00:37:27--> 00:37:28


00:37:29--> 00:37:30


00:37:34--> 00:37:36

Yes, exactly. How long do

00:37:37--> 00:38:09

you have to be around? Now? This is this makes sense. And now next week when it's hard. You're going into a new home. Fantastic. Perfect. But what if I get the I don't do my tomorrow. But how does three days. And I'm still McLean's stand the problem now? What does she do? She does like I said, you stop you don't make tomorrow and you will just do all the rituals of Hajj now on Hajj. Can she go to midnight? Yes. Can she make goof on arafa? Yes.

00:38:10--> 00:38:53

Yes. Can she throw jemalloc? Yes. And she can even say because I can can be photo off in hajj. Order is not required in genomics if she wants to. She just cannot make the offer the Father. Okay. Understand now. Can you take medication to stop your head? Yes, you can. Yes, you may take medication to stop your hate and it makes life easier. It will be a good thing. Maybe because on Hajj. Remember what you can do is to offer the Father and the Father is a pillar of hygiene. In a very strange unique scenario. A lady might be in a hade she can't be a father and she needs to leave. So what does she do now because you don't have a father you don't have Hajj and you're stuck

00:38:53--> 00:39:10

in hell also. So this strange, odd unique scenario in the form of apps because of a control Shiba homestore for the following. It's V V out of the ordinary extreme scenario, she left away that item totally in the middle she can no longer wait is about to leave Mickey father and then go

00:39:12--> 00:39:17

before the wind will probably break off 10 minutes or so and then you can do and all these kind of things. So let's let's get to

00:39:18--> 00:39:19

let's get to it off.

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

So now and I'm going to do this over and over and over till it's it's in your head you will get on the plane. First you will greet your family for a few months. Then you will issue your greeting cards and you will now go on the plane and in the climates and making these things are not part of Hajj. Okay, then you will leave your house and you will fly from South Africa via Dubai via Joburg via Dubai agenda to Medina. You will not be in the state of Iran at any point in the journey is on the screen. This is just my fault. Listen to me. We're gonna get a lot I'm summarizing. You're with me you're doing that you will be going to Medina you will spend two weeks in Medina

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

You will visit Majid in Abu Mashallah you will visit all the zyada places you will greet the prophets of Salaam as in Albuquerque cinema fantastic Mashallah you will be in the political agenda. You will do all these things are you know, can you have intercourse in Medina? Yes with your wife? Yes If not your wife can do that. Then on the day you leave Medina, you will do your pre harar rituals, which is cottonelle shave also put perfume on your body but not your clothes. And then you will be the harem clothing you will go to the macaque as soon as you go to the macaque if you're not able to stop at the MacArthur, MacArthur Masjid. If you can't stop at the macaque then you just

00:40:37--> 00:40:55

pause by the record even on the bus, you just pass by. And then before you cross the record, you will say that they coloboma, blah, blah, right. Once you've passed me caught, and you're in the state of Iran, now you do tell via lab bacon lamotta, Baker Baker, actually, in the Hamiltonian, Metallica.

00:40:56--> 00:41:19

What does this mean? Because this is the most important thing that you do the resources, the best hedge the best hedge the five star hedge is the highest that has the most. In fact, this hedge has the most such and such what is the one which has the most MBA, and the ones has the most carbon? The hedge that is the most reward is the one that has the most talent do you make the most albia and you do the most good one, if you want to make it

00:41:20--> 00:41:21

cheap, and

00:41:22--> 00:41:58

cheap. If you do want no problem. But of course, the more coupon you do, the more you do, the more you get. So this is the one that is the base. So this will tell you here's the thing you want to make the most of once you're in Iran, you just make it all the time. So how about in about 10 minutes, the voices were finished from all the time via page 18 No, the Taliban. Now I'm a very strong proponent of not doing things about In fact, if you can get away with doing Arabic don't even do editing if you can avoid it, but certain things should be in Arabic. That will be our being one of them. And you want to understand that there will be a look at the Taliban the Taliban lobby

00:41:58--> 00:42:04

kolomela back here I am a lawyer I am I'm on sitting You called me I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm coming I'm coming.

00:42:05--> 00:42:46

Let me kalasha shaka laka these no partner with Russia is a partner you have no problem so you are one only unique absolute you have no partners. No partners with you love Becky I am in Alhambra. All the hand all the praise when near Mata and all the blessings and all the ganja what can all of creation lakka for you alone, Last Jedi collect you have no partners. That is what you're saying? powerful, amazing. And you will see this all the time all the time until you get to Michigan to begin Utah off. You get to Makkah, obviously you stop when you mix a lot. You can have a conversation, but it's as much salvia as much as you can. Now in this thing is a television show

00:42:46--> 00:43:29

route. A Lucan wajib Mr. Hodge Musab if you don't make any salvia has accepted but I mean, yeah, you wanna increase in Colombia, so make as much salvia. In fact, some scholars have old they will the entire journey is we just be club a club a kilometer, like for example, driving from Mecca to Medina to Makkah, just I'll be at lblv as much as you can. Okay. All right. So you've done up heroin rituals, you went to the court, you perform the saga. Assalamu Aleikum, WA Salaam Alaikum now that make a lot more tomorrow, now I'm in the state of Iran. Now I cannot wait. I cannot wear shoes. I cannot be in unstitch clothing. Now. I cannot put perfume on my body. Here's a question again. The

00:43:29--> 00:44:05

difference between intentional and deliberate and unconscious someone coming up these guys and they spray you that you walk past the guy sprays you with perfume. Did you deliberately consciously do that? No. So do you have to play a dumb? No dumb but you have to remove it immediately. You need to go and wash it off. Okay, if to go and wash it off? on this issue of perfume? Can I use scented soap? Don't you seem to think Can I use Vaseline? You can use Vaseline. You can use any creams energy media all these things you can use. But the only thing be a perfume smell in toothpaste even try to use unscented toothpaste if you can if you can close washing powder, your own clothing my

00:44:05--> 00:44:44

dirty question, must you perform hygiene in the exact same clothing? Can a man buy a new home every five minutes clothing if he wants to? You know he's just a messy guy every time he says don't carry like wishes on him. Right? So can you buy a new pair of clothing? Is he a no problem? Can you wash the old p? Yes, but it shouldn't have a seat in it. Okay, shouldn't be a smell. Okay, so this you know what you can't, you can't put perfume on you can't cut your nails. You can't remove heat. You can't have any sexual contact. You can't have intercourse you can't have all these things electrical Lala baccala all the way to Makkah. And now you arrive in Makkah. You get to Mecca, obviously you

00:44:44--> 00:44:59

will put your bags in the hotel. Do I have to go straight and perform O'Meara? Can I first go and sleep can I shower? Can I first go have a buffet breakfast Can I first do some shopping? Must I go straight to MoMA? You don't have to immediately but it is sooner it is

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Recommended for you to get out of Iran as soon as possible. But the student of Islam actually what he did was he listed and he performed a new puzzle. You don't need to do a puzzle. But as soon as you have to be in the state of mistake we do, but you could actually whistle. So you know, right, you're going to wash your hair, you're going to wash your body. Yes, with unscented soap. Yes, you do those things. And then you're going to go and make your bra and then you're going to perform your grace you can take a nap, yes, you can. Can I have suffered? Yes, you can no problem, but you need her arm around. Then we will begin now to cut off. I think we'll do that after the word. Any

00:45:39--> 00:45:45

questions. And those who would like to go to the toilet take with you. You can do that for now. And those who have questions you can ask now. This is the

00:45:48--> 00:46:23

this is a very new ones thing that perfume has been put on the Kaaba, they might touch it denominator, in reality, you should not touch there is no not necessary. It's not required of you to touch any part of the cover besides the black stone and they'll clean your mind. Meaning if I stand here and I make dua and I stand like this on the curb and I make the eyes exactly the same, it doesn't make any difference. The only thing is to kiss the black stone. So yes, this perfume in the black stone avoided in Iran but you will never get unlikely to get the black stone in reality you will never be able to get so difficult to get in. So yeah, don't touch anything for a few months.

00:46:23--> 00:46:24


00:46:28--> 00:46:59

Before Iran remember before you put perfume on your body, once you enter the room, you can't use perfume and anything will simply repeat again before I can use scented soap and everything that whatever soap you want to use use a shampoo whatever, and perfume and deodorant is fine. do all of that. Once I'm in Iran now no perfume and even things that have fragrances like soaps have with them as well use unscented. Any other questions?

00:47:03--> 00:47:04

You may no problem.

00:47:10--> 00:47:12

Yep. So you have an injury?

00:47:15--> 00:47:49

Yes. So obviously if you have any kind of injury, you will wear bandage your way some kind of thing. So now the underwear that is weighing is nothing to do with with clothing. It's actually a protective thing. So for example, my look ridiculous. Some people have to be a nappy so they have a stoma bag. So those things you will have special kind of but that's a medical thing that's permissible, that's fine. You might still have to pay three six people just you might still have to do this to be safe look, and that's why people say pay a DME the sheep is the most expensive thing you can feed so what is sweet six people buy six out of us and give to six people six are big bags.

00:47:49--> 00:48:02

That's it. You know, the sheep is at 1000 Rand was feeding six people it's like 60 then like a chicken feed yeah basically is your feeder but people in the harem in the feeding six people in the harem area in Makati must clarify that six people in the huddle media in Mecca.