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Winner rajim Bismillah R. Rahman hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Shafi mursaleen Satie. Now Muhammad Ali, he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, Islam, Allah, Allah has a library go to.

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How's everybody doing?

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Tonight, number five, under the rockers Alhamdulillah. If you are away from Allah except for myself forcing understanding. I mean, we continue with the deceit of surah Yusuf. And last night, we mentioned how the brothers that we use have had we say 10 older brothers and one younger brother, he was number 11 ally chosen him and selected him and was about to appoint him as an AVI. And we mentioned this rivalry between the brothers, that use have had the love of his father, even though he arguably his father did not favor him in any way, naturally, nebia who could not hide his love and his happiness at this boy use? And so the older brothers, we said, they became envious. And they

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said, why should our father love us and his younger brother more than us, when we do all the work, and we are the ones that are helping, and many times as siblings, we feel that we feel we do all the effort if mom and dad favor someone above us. And that's why the Sharia mentions how parents should not play one sibling against the other, and what we ended last night. So now we mentioned that these 10 Brothers, we are infected with the disease of hazard of envy. And just some technical difference here. What's the difference between jealousy, jealousy and envy. Jealousy is where you've got something, and you are protective over it, you don't want someone else to have that. So maybe you're

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walking on the beachfront with your wife, and some person looks a little too long at the wife. And there's a natural sense of the other way around, you know, another Titi looks at your Buddha, and in this natural sense of relief, which is good. So this jealousy is, is when you possess something as predictive, you don't want someone else to take it from you. In V, on the other hand, is where you covet, you want something that someone else has, you wish it for yourself, you either want it or even worse than that, you want it and that person should lose it. This is in V. And then Elisa spoke a lot about envy is one of them, diseases of the hearts, that the promise is beware of envy, for it

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consumes your good deeds just as a fire consumes firewood. Now usually we don't get punished for the feelings we have for lust for anger, we don't get punished for them, so long as we don't act on them in these unique in that when we look too long, and we desire and we have ill feelings towards someone else, because of the blessings that Allah has given them. It actually we get punished through that. Why? One of the reasons is that the one who envies this has said that he has, it's really a disrespect to Allah. Because like Yusuf, who was the one that gave him his beauty, and who selected him as an AVI, Allah Subhana, WA Tada. It wasn't the aku it wasn't Yusuf. So when you say

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why should this person get the position? Why should this person get this money or that title, or that top marks, you're actually accusing Allah of being unjust or being unfair? Also, it is highly ungrateful to Allah because the wife that you have, the position that you have, you're saying is not good enough. This is one of the evils of envy. This is one of the ways that it destroys you. And in fact, what envy does is it makes you miserable as well. You become blinded by it, like the brothers have used to begin to get so blind, that they're actually going to end up wanting to kill him. And also remember subhana wa, one of the first sins that we know, the sin of release, was he, in spite

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of all the data he made, he's in V of the blessing Allah gave Adam caused him to do that his hatred for insaan purely out of envy, purely because he is he genuinely hates us because of the blessing of Allah has given us to predict so anyone who is overly competitive and you compete and you feel a pain in your heart when you see someone else has something you don't have, how do you cure yourself of this, the Rama mentioned and there'll be so seldom advisors, say Masha Allah in fact the Quran says say Masha Allah that there's a blessing didn't come because of this person's brilliance. It is because of Allah Believe me, trust me, the more you say Masha Allah initially it will be difficult

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you will see that guy getting a position you want to share. It will be difficult eventually with time that feeling will exert your heart you'll feel hungry to genuinely feel good for him. And in fact go further and make the arm Allah increasing, Masha Allah, maybe this person's child got marks higher than your child. Yes, you wanted your child to come first, say Masha Allah and may their child go further. Allah will bless your child in a different way, Allah will open a different door for you. And look at those less fortunate. Look at those. It's behind Allah that envy the life that you have, the things that you have other people only dream about behind Allah. So don't let this

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make you feel lesser and don't underestimate the blessings that you have been given. And of course, for those of us who have blessings, and there are those that have evil intent, this issue of the evil eye has said one of the reasons why people are punished for acid is because

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You can actually harm somebody Alesis machinery has seen either has said, Oh Allah protect us from the evil of the invia. We increase that just by this look. And this to argue makes any heart against you can actually cause you harm. Hadith basically says that of the cutter, the thing that causes the most deaths is the envy the hustle of the evil eye is real, it's reality. So therefore, you circle Falak don't flaunt your blessings and always seek Allah's prediction. So this envy has gone so much to these brothers that they said equal to Lucifer or with the whole hour, then you have a beacon with a coup de comenzado. Here him so they actually got together now and they've decided that

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they've had enough of this Yousuf to do some of these, let's kill him. This is the what kind of brothers are these vanilla? They've gotten? They've are so miserable with the younger brother. They said, let's just kill him. And some said no, it was done, are done. He let him Let us throw him in a different land. Let's get rid of him. We will abducting and throwing in a different land. And in the vein, why, why are we doing this? You ask them? How are you doing this to a seven year old boy. They said All we want is the countenance of our father to be only for us. We went out there to look at us again and only us that he must smile at us only. And look at what this is panela what Unum embody

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ecoman sorry, he I think afterwards will become Salif again. We'll do the deed will kill Yousuf we will make Toba and Allah will forgive us behind Allah. This is from shavonne How many times have shaytaan say to us, just you do it. And when you make though we're always Rahmani Raheem, who's gonna forgive you? He makes it easy, he makes it seem simple, you do it and it will be finished. And once you're out of the picture, your dad will only have praised for you, Yousuf will be out of the picture and your life will be better. Many times behind Allah, the person that you envy, you begin to believe all the problems in my life is because of that person, that man, that lady if they were

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out of the picture, my problems are going to come right nose behind Allah. It's not because of that. So and why should you blame that person? What did you do? Nothing, he didn't do anything wrong. So this is all the evils of hazard. So this is how shaytaan manipulates us into believing you come at once and everything will be okay. But I didn't think once I committed the sin, I'm going to have to start lying, I'm going to have to cover up debts and I'm going to have to go further and further in shape on once he gets you to commit that sin. It's easier to commit motions and Suhana law you don't know that you in the day today that we the age that we live in, you think I will just try that that

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drug, I'll just take one puff. And then afterwards, I'm done. panel, you don't know if you'll become addicted to that thing afterwards. You don't know how that sin might impact you for the rest of your life. So don't have this mindset that I'll become silent when I'm 40. I'm a college, I live my life like I want and then I'll become a Haji and everything will be fine. No, you don't know if you're going to get me This is the mistake that she thought makes his face seeming. And you know what is the crux of the matter? After they do the sin as we get to know they didn't get the love of the Father. The father didn't look at them. In fact, the father went blind. He completely with more or

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more in his grief for us. Sometimes we believe if I do the wrong thing, the good will come I will need to cut the corner and then the blessing is going to come no you can't get good from her arm. So Allah shows that they lost if they even lost a father even further Ellison don't even do the harm because he won't bring the good color color car illumine home so one of them said, and this is the best of them. And it's assumed is the oldest one let loose. OPC don't kill you guys don't don't kill him. Well, Goofy guy, but will you be yelled at you yell Tokyo era.

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So he says, Wait, wait, wait, don't kill him. And he had more common sense. He said, Look, don't kill him. Let's just throw him in a well. And then some people that go past the well, they'll find him and they will take him away. This is the best of the most random and can what kind of nasty brothers are these? This is the nicest brother he says this dump him in a well. And again, from his his wording. And we read between the lines here. He says, if you're going to if you have to do something, he seems to be reluctant. And the eldest one makes a feature later on in the story. He seems to be reluctant. But he's being pressurized by the gang. He knows what he's doing is wrong. He

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knows how bad this is. But behind Allah, he doesn't want to be out from his brother's peer pressure. He's being forced into something and he says fine, at least it's not killing. But let's throw him in a job, a job. What's the job, you learn something in Arabic. Now, a job is not a well, a job is a a well that hasn't been built yet like a hole a watering hole in the middle of nowhere. So it's not even built up yet. So this is something where maybe they found a secret spot in the middle of the forest. Let's throw in the the higher meaning the bottom of involvements to means if someone is hired is absent, that will is nothing at the bottom will throw him in the if you are going to do

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So now the brothers have agreed we're going to do this, but there was one issue

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One thing standing between them and Yousuf was the hoop they could never get to use of because they'll be awkward was very protective and Savonarola nebbia who as I said the our parents know us they've never spoken to your coop about this, but he seems that these guys don't mean use of good even though he didn't tell him the dream imagine he told him the dream they would have killed him when in the right imagine. So he knew that there was some animosity in realize how extreme this was. So now these brothers come we need to get out there to end use of over so we can fulfill our plan called abana. They said Oh, our Father. Now guys, for the younger ones, close your ears. This is how

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you trick your parents into making you giving into something this is how you even an IV even an IV can't do beat this psychological warfare. So it's a call abana Oh, Father daddy. Monica What's wrong with you? Why are you being like this lead magnet I use in Allah Who knows? Why you being like this? Why won't you let us be with our brother with use of marijuana? Now see, when we only want good for him? We wouldn't be without brother. Are you accusing us? Are you saying that we can't look after him? Are you do you think better us so they they go on the offensive and they make me

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feel guilty. We love use of and we only want what's basically nausea, like naseeha we only want what's good for him. In fact, this is the same way he believes deceived Adam. Maybe Adam knew I mustn't eat from the tree. And every time every trick he believes used couldn't work until he came to me and says, For you, I have naseeha I only want what's best for you. If you eat from this tree, you won't die. I am your well wishes. Now we know Suhana love that car salesman who comes to you and says this is only for you special price no one else automatically the alarm bells should go off. I only want what's best for you. I'm here for I don't do this for anyone else. But for you something

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special. This is exactly what they did. Now in abeokuta. As we said, he is obviously an OB and he has an intuition and he knows his kids, but like a parent. He hopes that they are telling the truth that maybe my sons are bonding and it's an opportunity and then they go further and they said unseal humara Nevada and let him come with us tomorrow yada yada ya lab so that we can eat we're going to picnic way up and we're gonna play we're in a half eaten and we will most surely protect him. In fact, the way they use the IRA is inala hula happy doing. This is the highest form of promise when Allah sees nathula will have that all speak for the Quran. Allah says we will surely protect the

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Quran. They're saying that exact same thing about Yusuf we will most surely definitely watch him and make sure he's okay. We want what's best for him and will protect him and look what they do. They use Yousuf now it's understood that use of himself must have also wanted to go he's gonna play with us we're going to camp we're going to picnic we're gonna have a good time and use of must have seen as a young boy signal, please, Daddy, let me go Let me go. So when they use use of against the Roku, now maybe Roku is struggling on the inside. And who knows that the something off about this. And he has this natural inclination, but he doesn't know how to say no to his kids, even though he can't

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say no to his kids. So he says all you can muster Olivia who could say was calling in Nila Yasuni and he will have one yeah.

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So that'll be our coop. He says two things here. And it's really sad. I actually, he says, you know, indeed, surely it will make me sad. If he's away from me. If you took him from me. I'll become said, Now he's thinking if you take him away for a day, I'll be very sad for that day. They didn't think how would you feel if they took us away for years for decades? And then he sees and you know, I'm scared. Maybe a wolf will eat him up. You know, as parents, our kids say, Daddy, why can I go here? Why can't I do this? We don't have a good enough excuse. The uncle is gonna take you the lions gonna eat you. Just you have to make up something. All the parents are saying yes, we've made up many

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Boogeyman stories, right? They don't exist. There is no such thing as a Boogeyman. Anyway, so the thing a wolf was gonna eat us up. So but what's really sad in here is an obeah, who's saying I will be released. I'll be very heartbroken if you took him away from me. And I'm worried that a wolf would eat him. While you guys are unaware, you are busy playing and you neglect him. You neglected him. You're out there. And so a wolf eats him again. He doesn't say you are going to hurt him. He doesn't say that.

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So they insist corlew law in a court of

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law in even law says that. If a wolf eats him and there are 10 of us, we think big strong guys, really we are losers. If that's really going to happen, that basically they don't be silly. There's no way that's going to happen when we are the ones that are losers. And indeed, when use of is lift they really did lose out. So now nebbia who has no way of of releasing

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saying no. And Subhanallah we need to think as parents these days and if you have younger children, when can I get the call? When can I sleep out? When can I spend the evening over? swannanoa you're going to get the kids are going to ask you when Don't you trust us that this won't happen? That won't happen as parents you have to give in sometimes and so your hope is medicine obese man, we think that ambia are super strict. Mm hmm we think is so strict. How do you think that even then a B says look, okay, my kids want to go out they want to have fun.

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I don't have a excuse on paper. I just have a feeling but I hope for the best and so he lets them go he lets them take use of the hobby. So when they take him when they go with him watch Marvel movies. Oh, yeah. But YouTube, well hyena LA to not be Emily mhada who Malaya Sharon? No for this ayah tonight. So Allah says so once they finally lift and they took use of with him a gym arrow now they were still debating. Imagine that your seven year old boy you excited to go out and you're happy with your big brothers. And now they get together around you sitting in the middle and they debating? Are we going to kill this boy now? We're going to throw What are we going to do?

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Subhanallah imagine how you must have felt the seven year old boy eventually they said fine. Let's throw him in a well and they drag him Allah does not mention the details. Why? Why does not mention the details. In the Quran. Allah will not go into detail about all the juicy bits. That's the tabloids. That's what tabloids have today. Although doesn't explain look, we have to take your shirt off as we're gonna come to know because they took his shirt off him how they dragged him eating, they push him away doesn't mention all that. He just says they took him they agreed and so they threw him in the well. And now when he's all alone, and he's obviously the seven year old child of

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my duties even I can only imagine what's going through his mind crying, screaming Biggie Take me out of the well, it's dark, you can't see anything. In that darkness. Allah said, then we inspired in Him, we gave him Why you will surely inform them one day, not now. Not tomorrow, in the future, one day, you're going to face them again and you will tell them about this. And they will not know you will have the upperhand the surah

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there is no Hadith about this. But there are Lama mentioned whenever you are said, this is the sutra to recite when you're said because no matter how you are in the depths of your sorrow, Allah is telling you a time will come with your patient, you will have the upper hand Allah is going to change the tables and the one that the wrong view, you will have the upper hand as we're going to see with an abusive and this, as we said, was revealed to NaVi Mohammed Salam when he was at his rock bottom, and it's amazing when he conquered Makkah and he had the upper hand, use the exact same words Yusuf would use for his brothers when his upper hand came. So we talked about what happened to

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an abusive as he was in the well tomorrow insha Allah. Today's question or last night's question we asked who was used to his grandfather Yaqoob His heart is Marino Ibrahim, and the answer is is Huck no questions tonight inshallah we continue the quiz tomorrow. sokola Haile Selassie no Mohammed Al Yusuf Islam, Sunni and handler blasphemy Solomonic