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The transcript discusses various narratives and topics related to Surah Yaseen's message, including the completion of the Surah t ideal, the announcement of the completion of the Dow mission, and the satisfaction of the Queen. The importance of the timing of events and the significance of the Surah's significance to the people is also discussed. The use of "tabar booked in a cup" in parlaying games is emphasized, along with the use of "tabar booked in the title of Islam" to describe the spiritual presence of the person. The speakers also touch on the importance of "monarch" in the universe and the difference between " sight" and "monarch" in English.

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I was relying on the Chicano regimes for amendment akima from the law horrible and I mean, also that was Ramallah, Ashraf, Mohammed he knew it. He was happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Sokoloff a thank you so much for joining us night number 22 of the season I'm a woman, so behind a lot of Nia week to go basically for this year. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses us in these last few nights, Alexi, from us all the bidat that we've done so far, I pray that inshallah we increasing in Nevada, as we are going towards the end of Ramadan. And I know it's difficult, I'm feeling it as well, you know, we have kids, we have

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work, and it's difficult to spend as much time as we want in the act of worship. And many people have emailed me and said, You know, I just don't feel like I'm doing enough, I'd love to make more solar, but because of work because of kids, you know, I'm deprived of that time or the sisters, for example, it mentioned that in the height, they're not able to stand as they want to. And so we always feel like we're not doing enough and hamdulillah that's a good thing. that's a that's a sign of a man. And remember that as an OB solo sometimes said to the Sahaba, especially those who wanted to exert themselves. The prophecy reminded them and reminds us that we're not going to get to

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gender. Based on our actions, we will never do enough to attain gender, the reward of gender far exceeds whatever deeds we could do. Rather, it is a trophy, a mercy, it is a blessing from Allah, that He rewards us and that reward is based on sincerity. It's based on consistency, it's based on doing as much as we can, what is within our ability to do and putting in as much effort as we can. And Allah subhana wa Tada. Remember, he's a shocker, meaning he's most appreciative, the little that we do, he appreciated more than than we deserve. And so never, ever believe or feel that our good deeds are inferior or insignificant. Allah subhanho wa Taala Nila, he accepts them and he multiplies

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them many, many times over, especially in Ramadan. And so even the smallest we do as a greater he would be Beloved, we continue in sha Allah without I've seen and I'm hungry. The last two days ago, we finished our deceit of surah Yaseen. And I'm really humbled and overwhelmed by the amount of emails we've received, and messages of gratitude, you know, people appreciating what I've seen, and Alhamdulillah It is only a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that myself and the team have put on Islam. And I always like to mention that it's not just myself, it's a whole bunch of people that that contribute every evening to push these lectures out. And for us to know that many people that

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are really excited so it is in all your lives, are being able to connect with the soul on a much deeper level. Well, hamdullah that is a great blessing for us and it humbles us and ask Allah to accept from us and hungrier than we did last night the Tafseer of poker, as we know the night of life because it is upon us one of these nights in Sharla Is that pretty special night. Now this evening, and hopefully as we get through to the end of Ramadan, and Allah granted the ability to do so, we are going to start and complete the Tafseer of Surah Surah tabarrok, as some of us call it, the 67th surah of the equivalent and we will find it in the second last Jews in the 29th Jews

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section of the Quran, it is the first surah of the 29th Jews and in fact it begins a new section so the Quran is divided into groupings of chapters and Sugata. Barak is the first of the last grouping, which goes from proto Bartok and Tokelau to grumpiness. And as we said with surah. Yaseen, it's always good to understand the context of His revelation. When was it revealed what time in the Prophetic Mission did the surah come down, because this will give a big hint as to the subject matter of the soul or the theme, we can derive a lot of it knowing when it was revealed, because of the miraculous nature of the Quran, the minute hegira took place, the way the Quran in the style of

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the revelation change this panel is just shows you that the author of the Quran could not have been a human being rather it is divine, because a human would not be able to change the message and change the theme so easily as the audience change. It's regarded as an early makansutra. So very early in the mission of the Dow, and we know at the beginning stages of the Dow and early makansutra. And in fact, most of them are consumers. What do we expect to find in a suitor like this? We expect that Allah subhanho wa Taala would focus on the concepts of Eman, the pillars of Eman, you won't find many rules. There's not much laws today to find Allah subhanho wa Taala would

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enforce the concept as to who is Allah, his lordship over the creation and the purpose of life being that of worshipping of Allah. Allah subhana wa Taala would also like in Surah Yaseen, through our attention to certain signs that's all around us, that will be evidences for for Allah and evidences for the afterlife, Allah subhanaw taala would of course confirm and reinforce the concept of prophethood the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala, the angels or the pillars of Eman and it will be confirmed in the Macintosh and we expect this also in throughout the barrack. They will also be mentioned on the day of kiama and the consequences of not following the guidance and of course, that

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you would for those who do follow the guidance. So as we went through surah Yaseen, we noted that the tone was quite severe, the verdict is quite imminent against the Quran, and they are on the brink of a punishment. The tone of sarcasm is a lot more threatening, it's a lot more serious. surah tarraco surah mulk is earlier than Surya seen and so therefore, we also expect that it will be of a softer tone, and more of a dialogue and reflection rather than a threat. And of course, this is how the dour progresses and it's beautiful when you start

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See, you can see how the Quran progresses in its message as the time and the audience changed. So we begin in sha Allah before we get into the deceit. Let's discuss some of the virtues. So like we said, it's sort of a scene of any narrations Is there anything that the prophets of Salaam or from the actions of the Sahaba that we could know? That could tell us with a suit on which is special in any way? Should I decided daily is a special time like Soraka that we decide on Friday? Is there anything in the tradition that speaks to it, and there are there are a number of authentic narrations about Surah mulk, and some weak narrations as well, and we'll go through some of them in

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sha Allah before we begin the surah in the Muslim Ahmed Hadith narrated by Abu huraira lon, and he said that the prophets also never said that visually. In the Quran, there is a chapter, which contains 30 ayat, now we'll know soon at the barracks or MOOC has the ayat. And also the fact that there are so seldom mentions the number of is this reason why in spite of Law at the time, of course, in the terminal, he suddenly didn't have the concept of minutes and seconds, they didn't have kilometres. So one of the ways in which they would denote time would be if they will say, you know, between Soho basically and the diner fudger would be about 50. If, for example, in fact, they

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would even say, between unbelievable Ansari who live very close to the house of an abyssal Salam delta between him and the prophets house was coo Allah had meaning if you just had to recycle a lot, it's very close. So don't send me saying Surah tabarrok was the Surah Surah in the Quran, which has 30 ayah, meaning it's a very short surah which contains the ayat that will intercede on behalf of its reciter until he is forgiven. And it is America, Libya, Iraq. And so that promises i'm saying is reciting the first verse of surah mode. So the surah, the Prophet is saying it will intercede it is an intercessor. One of the names of surah monkeys, it is this intercessor. The surah is going to be

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one of the witnesses for the one who recites in the companion, the person who decided sort of regularly as part of his daily routine, the suitor will stand up as a defender and an intercessor in the grave on the deaf gamma at many, many junctions, this one will be the one that will come in your defense in times of hardship, and it is for the one that but he cited it as a unity in a Pomeranian it's also mentioned in the problem said there is a chapter in the Quran that will argue on behalf of its reciter until it causes him to enter into Jenna. So in the previous Hadith it was the surah will keep on interceding, meaning it won't stop interceding until Allah forgives that person. And in the

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next generation, it is the surah will remain attached to this person until he is taken to Genesis panel. So we have this image and he that these this person sort of milk was his companion throughout your lives of the everyday through ease through hardship, when you are busy. When you're free, you made a point that every single day I will decide ceramic, and ceramic was with you. Now when you pass away, sir a MOOC is going to be with you in your cupboard and when you resurrected and stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala. So our MOOC will be there. And every time the person is in hardships with a MOOC will stand up as an intercessor. And in fact, this next piece is it will argue it will

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actually defend you until you get to the gates of gender, and that will separate from you. And now you're in general you no longer need. So basically, this panel is an amazing narration about the virtues of this very short surah in another longer Hadith. And this is perhaps one of the most authentic narrations about Surah mulk, even as it was reported in a theory, I mean, he says, that when the angels will come to a man in his grave, they will come to his feet, and these are the angels of the angels of punishment, and they would want to punish him and his feet will say, you have no power over us, for us to decide to work and so tamako basically defend him, then they will

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come to his chest and his stomach from on top of him. And again it will be saying that you have no power over this person, you cannot harm this man, because you decided to rock and tsunami is a defender, then he will come to his head. And similarly it will say that he decided to rock and you have no power over him. So then associate it is a manual meaning a prevent a protector that protects him against the punishment of the grave, and is referred to in the Torah, as soon as we will. Whatever is cited by night as then a great deal and has done well. So again, we know that in other narrations, then abyssal Sanam tells us that the two big intercessors for us and pm there'll be many

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of them, but two of our deeds that will have a weight in terms of intercession would be a fasting and our Quran. And the fasting will say to Allah that this person he gave up his drink and his pleasure during the day on my account. So because of me he didn't enjoy himself during the day. And in the Quran would say I kept him busy at night, I kept him out of his sleep by reciting and so now I'm here for him I'm vouching for you. And so particularly in the grave, you know, these, no one has to assist us. This is when the Quran will stand up as a light and as an intercessor. And especially when the angels of punishment would want to come from different angles Surah mulk will defend as a

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man as a as a barrier and as a protector. And also interestingly, in this in this Hadith, the prophet SAW somebody saying, the Torah mock was actually mentioned in the Torah that there is this amazing surah it protects you from from the punishment of the grave and it is it's going to come and the Hadith also talks about reciting

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At night, there seems to be consensus that really, it is best to decide to remove before we go to sleep is one of those bedtime routines that we do, especially because we don't know if we're going to wake up in the morning, we continue another Hadith. Most of our beloved Miss rude, whoever recites Surah tabara every night Allah will protect him via by for the punishment of the grave, and at the time of the messengers also lamp used to call and manage. So this goes back to the previous Hadith and is a hadith of jabil. And this is weakness Hadith, it says that an abyssal Salam would recite surah Alif Lam Meem sajida. And he would recite to sudo tabarrok as part of his nighttime

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routine. So every evening before he went to bat with respect to Rama view, the Sahaba that mentions cinema also mentions that anime. So Sonam will recite this before you incubate. And so the surah In summary, what we can say is undoubtedly the consensus from the narrations that Surah mulk is one of the most powerful intercessors for a person, especially in the grave, and to be forgiven as a predictor from the punishment of the grave. There is a question What is the difference between the adult of the cover and the fitting of the cover. So you need to understand the difference between these two things that are that of the cover is the punishment of the cover. So for certain sins for

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certain people, the punishment May Allah protect us will begin in the cover. And it could be that the copper is the place the person is punished, and then he's purified, and he does not get punished in the afro, it could be that someone's punishment begins in the cupboard, and he continues all the way into January, Allah, Allah protect us. And of course, each stage of the punishment gets more and more severe. So the cupboard is lesser than the AMA and kiama is lesser than Jana, and somehow protect us. And so he sort of milk is one of those things that protects you from the idea of the copper, the fitna of copper is the questioning of the copper, and the different things that protects

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you from the questioning of the copper. For example, for a good person who dies on a Friday, one of the rewards is that he is exempted from the questioning. So the question is a taste and obviously the taste is difficult, but not as bad as the punishment of copper. And so ceramic is coming as a predictor from the punishment of copper. And we also see that there seems to be some kind of consensus that it should be recited in the evenings and preferably inshallah, before we go to bed one of those nighttime routines Allah knows best. So this beginning Sharla without FC rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim tabarrok Olivia de muku Allah coalition Kadir, Allah begins the surah using

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the word tabarrok and tabarrok. Look at the translation it says Blissett Is he the word tabarrok comes from the word Baraka meaning blessings are goodness. And if we dive deeper into this word, the word Baraka comes from something having an unnatural increase more than what is supposed to be So, you have a cup that is maybe a measure of grain that is half a kilo, it should last you basically a week, but Subhanallah this this cup has gone more than a week. So there was some kind of special blessings or goodness inside of it, something which has Baraka in it. It is something which Allah has induced, he has put some goodness in it, and so its goodness is increased, or its goodness in

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yours, or it is protected from loss. So if Allah puts Baraka in your car, it saves you from getting into accidents. If you put Baraka in your fuel, it means that tank of petrol goes a lot longer than it would normally do. And sometimes Baraka can be taken out of something that which should last you a week you don't you don't know how but the money's gone after two three days, we find that Subhanallah there is a lack of Baraka in time you think how did the time go I only did a few things in my entire day went by sometimes the other side is to look at how much you've achieved in one day, maybe especially if you're doing some form of evader our life we decided so much today. And I found

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it so easy. So Allah subhanho wa Taala induce certain things with blessings and Baraka and certain times and places and people. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes them conduits. They are not the source of the Baraka or the Baraka comes from Allah, but you're able to access this extra blessing. So for example, Ramadan is a time that is more blessed than other times. And so by doing good deeds in Ramadan, it increases in goodness, certain places like the Harlem's, you make sure that in the Haram, it gives you more blessings, the prophets of Allah and these are the only people that the body is has Baraka inside of it. Of course, they themselves are not Mubarak or other they themselves

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are not the source of the Barak the Baraka, they are Mubarak by virtue of Allah subhanho wa Taala, placing that goodness in them. So anything that Allah subhana wa Taala has put Baraka inside of it becomes mobarak, it becomes blizzard. Now, the word tabarrok it is the exaggerated form of Baraka with more Baraka inside of it. So, Allah is saying that he is tabarrok that he is the source of all Baraka, he is the one that has infinite amount of blessings that all goodness that you find in creation comes from is the ultimate source of Baraka. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, The Baraka DB and he so bless it is the one who hasn't mentioned his name yet Allah said Millicent is He who

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holds all of creation. within his hand he has dominion within his hand over all of creation. malkia is and that's why the name sort of milk comes from milk is he has ownership it denotes sovereignity. He owns everything in all of creation. And when Allah says Be ready within his hand or within his gun,

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Ask. It shows of course power. When Allah mentions his hand It signifies might and power and control that Allah exerts complete influence over all of creation, Oh Allah coalition Cody, and he is over everything equally. Shame is absolutely everything, every atom, every molecule, every rock, every grain of sand, he has control. Other means destiny, we said and power, he decrees and he has power over every single thing in all of creation. So this is a very powerful beginning verse, Allah begins by saying, the one who controls all of creation, he is imbued with all of Baraka. And so if we leave the to Allah is showing in this verse, that yes, he controls everything, and he has power over all

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things. But he begins by saying, he has blessed everything. And he turns to his creation, with a form of blessing and goodness that from him, extends his goodness upon all of his creation, and so on a lot, just this verse alone, if we take a moment to think about it is being revealed at the beginning phases of the dour. When the believers are quite few in number, they're being persecuted, they can defend themselves. And this idea comes out with such power, that all power and might lies in the hands of a level controls everything and the is all goodness in him. And so Subhanallah we're doing a series parallel to this, the miracles of Quran one of the things we teach today on this

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jumar was how the Quran could not have been written by the enemies of Salah. And so you wouldn't expect someone who was at a very low position in the Tao is being persecuted, would come out with such a powerful statement. Also what we learned from the surah Oh, this verse alone, as we're making the law now and we are upon us in the night of destiny, who Allah is going to decree things. Remember this verse is telling you when he decrees something, he wants to declare with goodness, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to extend that Baraka in everything in your health in your children, in your money in our Eman, Allah is a source of endless goodness and blessings, if we were to only

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access it through to our and to besieging for that and so as we're making sure nothing is beyond the control of Allah and nothing is out of the reach of Allah subhana wa Tada. So whatever you need it is to ask Allah and he is the source of all goodness, I was Paladin continues, and let me holla can moto will hire the one who has control over all of creation, as mentioned in the previous verse, who is all Blizzard, he is the one that created and multiple hire, death and life. Leah Bella welcome, Amara, so as a test to see who of you are based in in actions, or who will Azizullah food and he's Almighty, and of forgiving, none of them were sitting have ever discussed around this verse. And of

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course, the most interesting part of this verse is Allah says that he created death and life as a test for for who will do the best indeed. So the fact that death was mentioned First, we know the cycle of life is you're born, you live and then you die and then you're deselected again. Why did Allah mention the first Why did he say I created this? Well, remember, moat also doesn't mean death mode could mean non existence. So it could be one I've seen is that Allah mentioned the state of lifelessness. Before we will created that he's the one who created us without any life in it basically did the Adam we know stood as a statue for a long period of time without any life in him.

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So he was basically lifeless, then Allah created life in him, and so that he would live on this earth as it is, and that is the one Tafseer the other tough scene is also to say, the death is talking about after we die, you know, without leave our body. And in the life after this is a test. So Allah is testing us with the afterlife, do we believe in it, we cannot see it. We don't know anyone who has come back to tell us about it. So all I say he can eat to death, and the life after death as a test for us to see who will do the most in good deeds in this world. We also note here that Allah is saying that life is is a test meaning a Bella Bella is not something easy, it is

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something you will be tired about it, it is something that will be a form of hardship upon you. And so all I say life is a taste and death is a taste. And in fact, the fact maybe the death is mentioned first, because death is perhaps the most difficulties that we can experience is that of losing a loved one or when we die, this note is greater than that. So let's say it is us with death, it is us with life, to see who will respond in the best of in the best of ways the competition here or this is the number who will come so as it is to see who of you are based Indeed, indeed, this is not a competition between me and you, and one person and another person. Rather, it is a competition

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with yourself. Allah subhanho wa Taala if if you were only one person on earth, you would also be in this test you're being tested to see who of you will make the best versions of yourself who will bring to Allah the best deeds on the day of piano. It also shows us then, that each and every one of us we all have the potential to pass this test. There's no one so bad that he's going to fail by virtue of himself. And these no one's so good that cannot fail this exam. Every single one of us we are being tested against ourselves. We are being confronted in our life with a daily piece of life, we are confronted with death to see who of us will bring to Allah the best of deeds, and he is

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Exalted in Might so was reminding us again his power and his greatness and as this is a very powerful name, that he has power over all

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Things will afford meaning that he is also the most merciful, that he can hold us to account for what we do. And many of us fail this test continuously. He can reprimand us instantly. But he's a fool, meaning that he tempers his might with his mercy and His forgiveness amid fara is a shield, meaning Allah says I protect you from a loss or punishment that you incur upon yourself. He is that protector. And so there's a beautiful verse in Surah tober Allah says, they were three Sahaba that made a mistake and they realize there is no manager there is no escaping Allah except to Allah. The only way to save yourself from Allah is to flee towards Allah subhanaw taala. And so Allah is the

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one yes, that can hold us to account and he's also the only one that can defend us from those misdeeds that we do. Allah Allah continues already he's also the one I love the Chanukah. Saba somehow I think dibaca he created the heavens seven of them de Vaca stacked one upon the other layer like you know like you have plates on one on top of the other or cakes you know spinal I'm recording this just before he started out so maybe cakes on my mind, seven layers stacked one on top of the other. Lisa Marwat is interesting we need to discuss what's the difference between the some our The sky's the heavens gender, what is what what are these things. So the word summary refers to anything

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that is above us. It could be the sky of this world, I mean, this planet, the atmosphere of this planet, it could be the the universe and in fact when we talk about the summer, when Allah speaks about the things in the summer so what's in the summer, you would find that the clouds are between the heavens and the earth, you would find all speaks about the summer what what's inside of it all the sun is in the summer, the moon is in the summer, the stars are in the summer. And so the summer when Allah speaks about the skies or the heavens, he's talking about the universe that is above us. That which is above our heads that is this summer. So all I saying as much as we see of the summer,

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there are seven more of them or six more of them stacked one upon the other. And in a Hadith of the Prophet peace of animus in the likeness of this summer with this universe, if we will to the universe above it. The next layer is like that of a ring thrown into the desert with a ring is this summer with this universe and the desert is the next one. And so too from the next one to the next is like getting thrown in the desert. So this universe which we call the summer adonia, the lowest summer. This one is the smallest of it. And as I will mention, when we look at the universe of the known universe that we've only been able to see and there's more to it, we become overwhelmed by its

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might bite size by its majesty and Subhanallah This is some dunya This is the lowest summer so Allah Subhana Allah says he is the one that created the seven heavens one Tafseer also mentioned that seven could also mean that yes, they are physically seven you can count them It could also mean seven as an indication of unlimited amount of creation Sivan sometimes is used as a way for the adults would say seven meaning a lot that they are unknown number of humans that our last panel that have created a lot of prime data continues and he says matter of money mean death out, you do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful. So a lot of firms that he creates with mercy, that his

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interaction with his creation is that of mercy chose very specifically the name of man which is the Most Merciful of his names that he says you do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful mindef out the firewood or in consistencies of things that are out of sequence things there is no coordination. Allah says that if you look into the summer, especially the summer what I was talking about the summer what you would find perfect coordination and synchronization and panela. Like we spoken so I asked him and like we know now in our studies of the universe, everything is in a precise, perfect orbit. It is so precise that you can measure your calendars by you take your time,

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based on the motion of the sun and the moon is Pinilla. And so Allah says if you were to analyze the same hour, you would find no inconsistency in it. And it's interesting Allah speaks about the summer and not the earth because in the earth with people are you find inconsistencies you find things going out of order and that is because of the doings of insanity we as the heavens are protected from us we don't you know we don't control it and therefore we find perfect synchronization and harmony in the summer what so Allah says photogenic basara look again for a second time around in photos obviously when you look up Do you see any any inconsistencies? Now Allah directs our eyes

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look again, you haven't looked enough look to the sky one more time. Do you see any photo any breaks in erupts any any any mistakes in the heavens? Do you see anything of it? Allah subhana wa tada is challenging us now in this verse to go and look. And then the next verse, Allah continues this challenge Allah says, through mercy and basara return your eyesight. Again, it's a common look again, and this is also a powerful evidence to show Allah is actually telling us to study astronomy. Allah wants us to look at the heavens. Allah wants us to study deep into science because when you study in the depths of the oceans are the depths of space, it will lead you to the creator because

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there has to be someone of power and might and knowledge and mercy behind the creation. So last month is

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Managing vasara look once again paraprotein ikara means it's sort of like how military troops would go and they would attack you they would attack in waves Allah says, sin against us your eyesight again and again and wave upon wave against us trying to see the heavens and the earth investigated again and again. Young kalibo illegal bus rahasya whoa ha See, your bus Are you looking you're studying your observation would be returned to you it will be you know, it will be you know, like in tennis, you send it forward, and it is served back to you. And so Allah subhanaw taala says he will send back you will return your vision haciendo, who has he humbled and fatigued after analyzing and

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inspecting the heavens again and again over and over and over? When we are done analyzing it, we would return from this investigation, our eyesight would be our eyesight would be humbled, and we would be tired, we would be completely exhausted. And so handle on one of the books that I mostly enjoy giving is a talk called the journey through the heavens. It's something that you can find on our YouTube page, I highly recommend that you study it, it talks about the universe. And when you start looking at the number of stars and planets, you know, that's panel of there are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on Earth. When you begin to look at the numbers, 1 million

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Earths can fit into the sun, and they are like trillions and trillions of suns out they eventually your mind stops working. And Allah explains this is exactly what's going to happen. As you study the heavens, the universe above you, you will stop looking you cannot analyze it anymore. The more you you look and you observe this just more and more of it, you become so overwhelmed by the greatness of the sky, that you stop looking and you feel a sense of, of humbleness, that you realize how insignificant how small we are in the grand scheme of things and we are fatigued we are completely exhausted from studying the heavens and this is a feeling that's upon a lot of like spleens when

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you're looking to the ovens and Allah subhanaw taala grants the understanding we continue to manage our lodges now why