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The transcript describes a car accident that killed the driver and killed the passenger. The speakers discuss the importance of not letting anyone tell you about the accident and the Day of J-cost. They also talk about the parable of the dams becoming "out of control" and the importance of being given the chance to come back to them after the loss of a panel. The segment also touches on the history of the dams and the potential for failure to achieve goals.

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In Al Hamdulillah in Africa who Subhana harness Diana who want to still fiddle when are we learning even Sharon fusina woman say Dr. Marina de la hota Allah Farah mobile Allah woman you lil fella hodja wash hadwen ilaha illa la vida hula Sheree Kayla? shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdo rasuluh

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for all sequin FC visa for LA he has his origin for katamon Allahu taala be delicacy kita he'll carry him for Carla Tyler. Yeah, you are living in LA potato party, while Mouton Illa one two Muslim moon Wakata Allah. Yeah, you Hana SAP hora de como la de da Kakuma nursing wahida wahala kamina Xhosa mean humare Jalan kefir on one. What's up law lady it is a Luna v one of Han in Allah can Ali Kumar Akiva from

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the brothers and sisters, Harun Rashid, Amira mini Rahim Allah tala. He wants prepared a lavish banquets and he adorned his entire castle with the adornments of this dunya and he invited so many guests. And as the special guests for that night, he invited the famous poet of a lotta here, Rahim Allahu taala. And when Abu Lata here Rahim, mahalo came how Dona Rashid said to him sizzlin and then you feed him in a name. He said describe for us this bounty and this beauty that we're now in and I will utter here, he then he described it with his words, he said Ah malba la casa demon field with Alicia Patil also.

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He said lives as you wish Salim and safe field militia cattle cosori in the shade of the towering castles, and her owner Rashid said to him accent from another. He said this excellent excellent verse of poetry. Then once and I will utter here Rahim Allah continued, he said usarla you carry Mr. Hate leather Allah He will Goku. He said that whatever you desire is brought to you whether it's in the morning, or in the evenings, and Harun or Rashid said, you know, Ted, this is beautiful. Then what happens next? Or tell us what's next. And until after he has said he then nuforce otavalo Herat

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Raja does sudo tahuna Katana Momo Kanan, la quinta Illa fi guru.

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And then Haruna Rashi Rahim Allah He put his head down and he started crying. The verses mean, he say but when the souls quiver in the shade of a rattling chest at that moment, that you will know for certain that all of this was nothing more than delusion. And Haruna she started crying. And one of the guests said to a blotter here, he said that the meaning invited you to make him happy. And all you did was make him sad. And heroin Rashid said a truck who will leave him alone, for in the hora, Ana Fiamma. He saw us in blindness for Canada, and New Zealand. And so he disliked to increase us in this blindness. Your brothers and sisters, some of you may know that recently, I was involved

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in a car accident. And in that accident, it happened around during working time around 1pm.

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Because when it happened, I was crossing an intersection a very busy intersection at that. And really all I remember from the accident, is just looking at the cars waiting at the red light, and then seeing a green car coming very fast. And I remember thinking to myself, do I have the green light? Or do I not? And then darkness. I remember nothing after that. And maybe a sore hour later. I remember waking up in the hospital, hearing a police officer talking to me and telling me what happened. And saying you should thank God that you had your seatbelt on, and so on. And then reading. And I remember the day when I got the police report. And I was sitting reading the report

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of what actually happened in the accident. And what had happened is that the lady had gone through the red light and struck the back of the car. The back of the car had engaged the airbags, which put me into a concussion. But the car was still moving forward and probably at a faster speed now. And so the car went into an electricity pole and it destroyed the car. But at hamdulillah it was on the passenger side all the destruction of the car and the car was totaled. And then I remember sitting there in the hospital and thinking to myself

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How did I get here? That Where am I? How did I get here and what had happened. And I actually had to work hard to try to remember what had actually haven't tried to remember the the green car that had come by, and soprano luck that when I was leaving the school as some of you might know, also, that I told the principal at that time, because I was going somewhere that I told him, I might be a little late.

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And indeed, it was about three, three weeks before I actually returned to work. Many of us go through life. And we hear these statistics of the average age of a person that they may be 60 years old, or the average person lives to 65, seven years old. And we think that that is what we are promised. This is the promised time that we are going to live. And then we love ourselves like a lullaby that we go to sleep, trying to get more money, trying to get a fancier job trying to get a bigger house. And these things are not necessarily wrong. But so many times and most of the time, it's done in heedlessness and with all of the hereafter and the journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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That day that happened to me was a normal day. Now I can't forget the day and the exact day and the time that it all happened and it's all there in my mind. But it was a normal day. And so easily. That car could have been coming on the driver side and instead of the police officer telling me what happened, it could have been the Angel of Death coming to me in that split second. Remember I said I don't remember anything and the angel of death could have been coming to me and tell me do you know did you hear about the car accident that happened? And two weeks ago three weeks ago, you could have been hearing the message saying a solid hum common law and this is what Amara de la Han who said

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till the day when it said upon all of us a salon to idle mainly at that hamakua law. So today inshallah I wanted to spend a few moments of on this death that comes so suddenly Allah subhana wa tada tells us that this death shall come to everyone when his or her time comes. And that nothing absolutely nothing can stop this death. Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the Quran in Mountain levita Sharon I mean say that this death that you're trying to run away from in a homeschooler calm that barely eat we'll meet up with you. So much.

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Any new high end washa venue will be returned to the nor of the, to the nor of this unseen and the nor of the witnessed value and so

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on and he will tell you everything that you used to do. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says and people try hiding in lofty places to try to escape death and we go here and there to try to run away from it. But Allah subhana wa tada says, and you know Allah TECHO de como uno words that were ever you may be deaf, we'll catch up with you, while our tone fee.

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Even if you be even if you're in the highest of towers. Secondly, that in this death, many of us are heedless. Most of the humans are heedless of it and they'd like to forget about it and just don't talk about death. It's not a good thing to talk about. Let's do something entertainment, let's joke let's have comedy, and they forget about this, but this heedlessness that humans go through Allah subhanho wa Taala does not have any heedlessness and Allah subhanaw taala. One of these characteristics is not a ruffler is not heedlessness, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran or Ana de

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la have a feeling

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and don't think that Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't know and is unaware of what the honeymoons you have what the transgressive people in the wrong people do in

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philosophy you saw that Verily Allah subhana wa tada only delays them to a day when their eyes will stare in horror.

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And all these hookless that we give, and all these Holocaust and all these Manhattan Muslim classes and all these Arabic Institute classes and all these Tafseer classes, and the list goes on and on of all the reminders that are coming on the Day of Judgment. All of this will either be a witness for us or witness against us on the Day of Judgment for you read in suits and mukund many of us have this surah memorized Allah subhana wa tada tells us take Deuteronomy as Amina

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that is almost bursting with rage of the Hellfire guru Lana de se half hour john Salah.

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that whenever a company in a group of people come to be thrown into Hellfire, the custodians and the gatekeepers of how I say to them, and I'm yet to come interview, didn't someone come and tell you about this? Didn't someone come and tell you that what you were doing was wrong? And what's the reply? Of course, unless a panel of data doesn't do justice to anyone, bar, no, Bella, they said, Yes, someone was telling us that what we were doing was wrong. But

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that this Warner came to us

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that they said, that, yes, this person came to us. And we said that you are a liar. We said to that person, you're lying. Man is an alarm and shake. But Allah didn't reveal anything. That there's the God revealed nothing, man is that alarm and shaken and tamila fever and COVID un nothing except a huge misguidance in what you're being a religious Muslim, or being a practicing Muslim is just a big misguidance fever and COVID. And then they say, what cuando loco Nana smell our own are gonna see us have this.

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And they will say lo que Nana smart. If only we used to listen. Oh now. Or if only we used our brains not quitting feels homicide, we never would have been in the with the companions of the Blaze.

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And if it said to one of us, do you long for death? Or do you wish to die? A person would obviously reply No, I don't want to die until I perform good deeds until I change my life and perform good deeds that would be pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so if it said to that person, then change your life now today, change it today right now and do those good deeds that you would like to do if you had the second chance and the person would obviously reply, inshallah, brother, I'm going to do it tomorrow. inshallah, I'll do it tomorrow. And every day and every year that that person is told this and are reminded, he'll say in sha Allah, I'm going to do it tomorrow until he's crossing

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an intersection. And a lady comes with the green car and hits the other side of the car. And then he begins his journey to the hereafter. And then he will say as Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, what I want all he did image II mean, what I want or even image emoji Muna case Oh, see you down the hill. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if you could only see the day when the criminals hanging their heads will say to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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They say Our Lord, we've seen this happen. We've seen this how far we see the day of judgment was on and we've heard what you said and we've heard and we understand what everything that the inmate and everything the hotkeys and everything that the one is in the glad ties up. We've seen that it's true

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of Asana Watson for JIRA, and now I'm sorry, hang in, move on that they say we now believe. So send us back to the

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we believe in Makino, we believe in everything you say now. And Allah subhanaw taala, of course, will not send them in fact, the Queen of England, and you know how much riches they have, and they don't do anything. They have all these riches and she's sitting on it on a deathbed and her famous last words, she would say if only I could give all these riches for a moment of time. I would give everything up if I would just be extended in my life a little bit more. Allah subhana wa tada tells us on what an EVO Illa rom com was the moolah, poverty.

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como la.

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Sonia Hassan.

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Tula means

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Allah subhana wa tada tells us in the form

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commands is what I need to allow to become, and turn back to a loss of handle a dial in repentance, and commit yourself peacefully to him mean cleverly, to kumada before the punishment comes to before the torment comes to you, from my own sorrow, and you will not be supported and you will not be assisted in any way. What unsalted, the finest part of whatever has been sent down to you from your Lord men cleverly, to monada before the punishment comes to you. And then Allah subhanaw taala describes how that punishment comes. Lots of panel data says mean probably at echo monada Abu Dhabi, before it comes to you suddenly, abruptly it comes to you slamming in the face, and you never knew

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that it was coming. You heard about it, but when it does come, you will not get a day's warning before it comes. You will not get that moment, it will just here come immediately and abruptly. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, lest a soul should use the excuse or should say on the Day of Judgment, and to hold enough Sonia Hassan. Allah asked what grief I have. And this word yeah Hassan said there really is no English equivalent for the kind of regret that the person will have on the Day of Judgment. And so a man a

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long, long time, he tries explaining how this this word hustler is. And he says, A Mahalo to either that it's like a servant boy, who was given the task of tending to a flock of sheep. And so he takes the sheep out into the hills and into the valleys. And then he lets them go, and he goes in he plays and he becomes heedless of the sheep and becomes incomplete a reflection of what's going on with the sheep moving away from them, until a wolf comes. And it devours one sheep and two and three, until the entire flock is eaten away. And then at the end of the day, that little boy or that slave boy comes back to tend to see his flock and he sees that it's all been devoured, and it's all been

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eaten. He said Hassan is what that boy feels when he goes back to his master to tell him what happened. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is telling us in the Quran, less to show the soul should say you're a hustler. On on this line you had in mind that I'ma holla Tada. He said, the most naive thing in my eyes is to see someone linger in sin to keep committing sins and have no regret for what they're doing in their sin, hoping that in the future, one day they would be pardoned by Allah subhana wa tada naivety to hope to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala without doing anything, and being naive to wait for the harvest of gender while planting the seeds of Hellfire

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hoping and waiting for reward from Allah without performing any deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, Allah Coleman

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had automechanika that is the catheter this competition and striving for the worldly things has kept you hot desert Mr. macabre until you visit the graves of who would have probably had our stuff reliably welcome when he said he didn't Muslim you know and Muslim at this stuff it all in

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salatu salam wa salam ala Ana de Ababa cauvin Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the reality of this dunya and he says subhana wa tada AR Nemo and nameri hyah to

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law he wanted

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to hire

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, animal This is a commandment that no and make this part of your knowledge animal higher to doing that this life of this world is nothing but live is nothing but play. Well that one and diversion was Xena to an ornaments what's a cat to fast food on Vina come and boasting with one another what's the cast on film while you will Ola and competition in more wealth and more children can method life in and then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks of the parable of what this dunya is like Timothy Levis enlargeable too far on the battle is like a rain that comes down and heavy rain and then the fruits of

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The land come out. chargeable for the growth, it's pleasing to the farmers pleasing to those people who are indulging it. familia Haeju and then the dries up some, some economists Fonterra, it becomes yellow and then it dries up and then it's blown away. Allah subhanaw taala says that this is like the life of the dunya. What's your and then Allah subhanaw taala says, but it just doesn't end as the crops die, that in the hereafter that there is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that there is severe punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala and forgiveness from Allah, what is one and approval from Allah, woman higher to dunya illa metalphoto. And this life of the dunya is nothing

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but the enjoyment of delusion and notable scholar says or explains the story of how he met with a Muslim police officer in a Muslim country. And he says that the police officer came there was at the scene of a car accident. And he came to the to the accident he found one of the young men that was involved in the accident, they had laid him down on the floor, laid him down on the highway and blocked off the other traffic. And he realized there was no time for the ambulance to come that this boy was in his final moments, he was going to die. And so the officer took it upon himself to kneel nearby the boys ear and say to him called La ilaha illAllah, c'est la ilaha illAllah as your final

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words. And that boy, he raised his hand up very high. And he raised his fingers. And he said a shadow and bla bla bla, bla shadow and the Mohammed Abdullah. And he put his hand down, and then he passed away. And indeed, actually, during the car accident that I was in so many times, we've talked about how we think that this will be our last words. And we will we'll have control over what we say. But I remember being in that hospital, the officer speaking to me, I didn't have control of what I was saying. I can only barely pick up what he was saying. And only things that come from your heart. You say it at that moment, and you don't know what you're saying. And so this officer after

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the boy had passed away, he had gone back to his parents to tell him the good news that even though their son had passed away, he had died with La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah sort of law and then telling his parents, the parents said, we're not new, but should we tell you the good news that he only did Toba two weeks ago. And he only started going to the masjid two weeks ago, and we only started becoming Muslim two weeks ago, and I lost the panel and Ana decided to take his life on this law, School of Law. I will utter here he has some other verses of poetry in which he says

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yeah, I Javelin cielo facto waha several and for some words of sorrow dunya Illa lady Inanna Daniela Houma la Safra

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to call for them either Obama Whom are you my shuttle they are

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not to call what Walden law Hi, Rama de Haro RG in sign up for free he will whoever then see

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what he

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has for us.

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Yo, Joe Chaffee Rolla, I will also be in la de de Lima Yokohama, Apogee row. The brothers and sisters in conclusion, it was a we can imagine right now that we are all dead. And then we've all passed away. And then we've all seen the hellfire. And we've all seen the reality of what Allah subhana wa tada has promised us, and that we may be doing at that moment. And then we say to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Ana, por la send us back. Perhaps you would do good.

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Imagine that you were in this position. And imagine today as you walk outside of the message, or maybe even here right now that you were given this chance to actually come back to the dunya forget what you did in the past. But now you're given the chance to come back to a loss of panel with Don Ali or the Allahu taala on who he wants to hit the grave. And with him was a companion. And he looked at the person at the graveyard and he said to his companion, he said if this person was given the chance to come back to the dunya Matata Houstonian, what do you think he would do? And his companion said to him that he's he said he would do nothing? nothing except those DS that would win

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him the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then how do they allow you to add on who said to him ylim jaquan Hua, *in enter. He said, If it's not going to be this dead person, than let it be you and we pass on this advice to myself, and to all of us here in lemmya Kuan Hua failure cannot know that if it's not going to be that that person, then let it be us who gets the chance to come back to the dunya to come back to Allah

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In the lahoma it could be useful lunarlon maybe you're living in Salalah you recently noticed Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Allah Allah Muhammad homosalate Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim alberic Allah Mohammed Ali Muhammad came about after Allah Ibrahim. Ibrahim and NECA hamidah mudgin

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a lot more philia hyena oma, you Tina was hibino even was offering it in our carabiner while the Kadena and Santa Allah