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Tafseer of Juz Amma – Surah Ash-Shums, the Psychology of the Self
Ramadhan (2017/1438) Lecture Series by Sheikh Muhammad West, Imam of Al-Awwal Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa

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Are we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali. He was a big Marine, my beloved brothers in Islam and Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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How y'all doing? The first day of fasting and working? The massive looks a bit thin tonight, did we lose some people today, they didn't make it to Missouri, I couldn't survive. Now Alhamdulillah it's not easy. It's tough. And I must just mentioned a little bit about our, our forefathers that standard. A lot of them they work they study and they come in and one of our forefathers actually has a night shift. So he leaves immediately and goes to work from Allah subhanho wa Taala, bless them and make it easy for them. I like to say that we are not professionals here. It's a bunch of socials, you know, and Alhamdulillah is is very good. In fact, one of our fans sadly, they just

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broke into his car outside. So we asked the German for some assistance or afterwards to deal with it. But to make your own shall know that it's not easy for everyone, and Mallory, would you for your efforts and your sacrifices. inshallah, today, we're going to start with our juice ama the seal, and today's store is a bit heavy. And we'll see how it goes. If it becomes too heavy, we'll, we'll cut halfway, but it is a very deep surah a lot deeper than we might think we might have learned the Surah Surah Surah number 91 the sun, you might have learnt it as a child on the left several grandmothers, but it's a very, very deep surah and he goes into the psychology of a human being what

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goes on inside of us. Allah speaks about what's in our innermost, deep side, our psyche.

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So some back story to the surah. The surah number one is murky. When I said murky, you remember it was revealed before he dropped at a time when the Muslims were being persecuted. When the Muslims were going through a bit of difficulty, a lot of difficulty. And even the Quran at this point in time were on the verge of not only harming the prophets of Allah but actually killing him. So it's in this context the surah is revealed. Allah subhanho wa Taala begins with Shem see what do Haha, by the sun, and the morning brightness. Now when you see this wall, this wall is called the wall of the while of swaying or making a vow, the vow Suba if you want to Suba right so Allah say, I swear by

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the sun, and by Doha, Doha is that time in the morning, when the sun is just risen. It's gentle, it's bright, but it is a warm, gentle kind of sun. It's not too hot, it doesn't burn. It's a relaxing kind of sun just after the sun has risen. Now to we know that it is not permissible for us to take a costume a vow with anyone besides Allah. You cannot say I swear by my parents on my children, this is all *. It's not permissible. We can only swear by Allah I swear by Allah. Yet Allah when he sways, when he makes a vow, then he is vowing by any of his creations that he chooses. Now we know that if someone says one line, you know he's being serious. Now, this is an important

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issue. It's not just any kind of method or news well I saw that will lie, this happened. Now if Allah is saying I Sui you know he's talking about something big is about to come. And I want you to count how many costumes Allah makes in this surah. So Allah begins I swear by the sun, and by the morning brightness of the sun. The higher we sit is a gentle morning brightness. And I sway voila, hamari that Allah and Allah sways by the moon as it follows it as the moon follows the sun. And many of us who are sitting have seen as the moon borrows the light of the sun,

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one either gela and over sways by the day, either gela when the sun is in its full brightness digelar is actually used for the wife when she deserts she puts on her best clothes at a jewelry and a perfume and presents herself to her husband. She has made a gel of herself she's dazzled herself. So Allah says by the day, when it is dazzling, bright meaning the sun, the high day when the sun is at its full radiance, one lady and by the night Allah says I swear by the night either Yahushua when it is covered completely up meaning the sun is completely covered up. So all these verses, Allah is swinging by the sun and something about the sun by the sun and its gentle morning brightness by the

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moon that borrows the light of the sun. By the day with the sun's light is dazzling, bright, and by the night, which completely conceals the sun. So these verses are have to do with the sun or look into

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He needs to make a custom What's he wanna buy? Nah ha and by the sky I swear by the sky and what both it's what both the sky in this in the translation you will see it says and by he who both in actual fact man in Arabic means what though not not man man is Google's it ma is what built it was only one hour for haha and by the earth which who made it flat? Now you know when you are someone who are you what are you going to respond with

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you his name right but if you ask him what are you usually give your profession I am an engineer What are you I'm a teacher. So Allah saying basically by the sky and the expertise and the brilliance and the intelligence that both the sky and by the earth and the expertise and brilliance that made the earth flat and homely so far, although still making vows, I swear by the sun, the moon the night the day the sky the earth, not yet getting to the actual point. Allah now changes analysis when FCU warmaster were her and I swear by the naps and that which balanced the nap. So what is to balance it? Remember this word is important. So what it means to balance to keep it in proportion to

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keep it level. The nuts there is no English word to describe the knifes if you look at it linguistically in the dictionary 10 Fs is what to breathe, to breathe to inhale and exhale. It refers to something that is alive. If there's any sisters here and her name is Nafisa. She'll tell you Nafisa means precious, something valuable. So tonight first internet force refers to something alive, something that breathes something that is precious. It also means for fee there lica file yet an FRC limit and it soon those who compete it means to struggle and compete. So all these meanings are within the word nuts. Allah also uses the word nuts, the nuts, if you ask, we are we have

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enough's inside of us. And it is the place of desire. It is the place of fear and happiness. It's the place of guidance and misguidance it's the place of struggle. It's the place which you need to conquer. So Allah describes by the one who made the naps and imbalanced so far so vowing Allah swing by the sun, the heavens the earth and by the naps for Allah Maha fujimura hahahahaha. So by the one who made the knifes and balanced it, and then I'll hammer Ilham is to inspire and Allah inspired and towards the knifes fujimura ha ha ha food you know food means to commit sin rebel. linguistically, food means to to break apart and taqwa we know to be righteousness, but linguistically, it means to

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protect. So Allah says,

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By the enough's, and the one who balanced it, and then taught it, what will break it apart and what will protect it understand this concept here? Right now all of these are vows awesome. And this is the next idea is really the center with the heart of this entire surah so Allah Subhana Allah says, I swear by all these things that are the harmonies that surely successful is the one that purifies eats, what is the eat referring to the knifes what are the harbor man does? And surely he has failed? Who corrupts it? So the naps if we look at what is the relationship between those initial vows of the sun, and the naps, the hufa serene would mention that the naps is like the sun. The sun

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can be gently bright. It can be radiant and brilliant. It can even lane its light and in the darkness illuminate the moon, or it could be completely covered up in darkness. It's still there, but it's completely gone. The last is I balanced this knifes of use and I've taught you what will break it and what will protect it. So who ever purifies it and keeps it clean and safe? When you are successful? And whoever makes the Sangha the Sangha means to bury something in the sand means to what the Qureshi did with the daughters is the SIR putting them in a hole and covering it up. So I was saying I've given you this conscience that tells you what is right and wrong that each and every

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one of us we have this instinctive knowledge of this is right or not right? So ever turns away from it and berries that your natural inclination of good, you will be lost and you will be ruined. A loss the profits on season one

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Buhari where every child Allah creates on the fitrah a pure inclination of good, have the right way. But he becomes indoctrinated to be a good person or a bad person, a Jew or a Christian, or whatever it might be, but everyone is born on the spectrum. Also, if we look at these areas, there are two opposing forces. These the sun and the moon, the night, the day and the night, the sky and the earth. Again showing the naps being balanced as two sides the scale, the sun is constantly struggling with his naps. One part of his naps was created here was the earth,

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the body, the other part of his naps comes from his roof which are blue in which is outside of this dunya. So whoever gives into his earthly self, he makes that literally he goes back to the earth, and then he will cut up his knifes similarly if you neglect the earthly side of yourself, you will also lose out but Allah is saying everything must be in proportion, and balanced. Now the surah shifts, are you okay for the rest of the surah it's a story sort of lighter, but light story, but it's a story now. So Allah explains about balance. Allah explained about opposites, Allah explains that you have the capacity, each and every one of you has enough the capacity of good and bad, the

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same knifes can become fit around and the same knifes can be abubaker. In fact, look at this, once you understand the nuts now you understand that Allah says that every every one is made from nothing wahida all of the new foods all the novices in the world was come came from one original master knifes like a program, you're all copies of that program, get you have the ability, the capacity to make it a perfect program, or corrupted. Now Allah will go into a story about the people who corrupted the news. They broke the balance. So Allah says, cause the bad mood we thought

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that some mood belied and denied. Through the transgressions. Taha tagua is to transgress, they went out of balance, they broke the rules, they went extreme. So the mood belied through the transgressions is embarrassing.

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When the worst of them went forward, I want you to focus on the word Ashkar from chicawa. It means to be Richard to be miserable, this word will come tomorrow inshallah in our Tafseer tomorrow. So Allah says, when the worst of them walked forward, some back information here. So mood were the people of which NaVi

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NaVi sorry. And the people of the city of Novi saw it was very close, many many centuries 1000s of years ago before the prophet SAW Selim, the people have never saw their lived close to where Medina is today, a few 100 kilometres from Medina, meaning the people of kurush knew about some wood. They knew about the vase, the city in ruins. No one loves me, but these massive structures here so the Arabs were well acquainted with some wood.

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The Nabina beside him to them, these people come in to cheat to be transgress, they oppose they abuse people, they committed oppression with other tribes. So Allah sent him Navy solid, they rejected Navy solid, they asked he asked him for medical, so Allah brought out of Iraq, a camel

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stole they rejected and I'm gonna lift them. So they will ask if you don't accept the idea of a law, at least don't go against don't harm the scandal and the leaders of the mood. Even though they hated the camera, they didn't do anything but one man the worst of them, he went forward so Allah says he didn't bother Ashikaga when the most Richard of the people of the mood went forward for all alohomora sudo la Hinata lawyer suka. So immediately there are a slew of them meaning that we saw earlier said to them naka de la your Tsuchiya Watch out this is the camel of Allah and that water belongs to the camel. I'm warning you don't go near this camel for Canada boo. But this person

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denied he didn't believe he didn't listen. But

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he didn't only kill the camel. he tortured the camel to this when he did that. Immediately when you see this far thus far is of immediacy dum dum dum dum. Immediately Allah for them de la him are up boom, beaten him for so we're her dumb demo means to pound something into the ground until it disappears completely. So immediately when they when that man kill the camel, Allah sent an adverb on them, completely flattening them be run by him because of the sins for so wha Ha. Then Allah labeled, it's not the Messiah sitting. So look at this if the man disappeared

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Leave any wings and kill the camel and then Allah sent an adverb on them for so wha ha and labeled and made it equal to tip cnco one that Allah Delta, the punishments are equally, not just to the one who killed it, but also those who stood by and took selfies and watched and laugh. The punishment was equal upon all of them. Also it could mean that they went out of balance. So Allah brought the scale back into balance. Allah brought equality and equilibrium once again for so where her You brought injustice, Allah will bring justice, what are your half of Aqaba? And he does not fear the consequences. They have acaba we know and Optiva meanings in the ultimate outcome, the consequence

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is the Atiba bukoba means the ultimate or the major consequence, it is hyperbole, it is it is more emphatic. So this is his and he does not fear the big consequences they have, who do you think the he is in this ayah

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is to some tough Syria,

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the ISS and he does not fear the consequences of

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these two opinions here. Who does not fear the consequences of

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the one view is, and as the majority view, in the previous ayah, the subject of the IRA was Allah, that Allah brought punishments on them and label them out and brought justice back in. So Allah does not fear the consequences of bringing out judgment. Allah saying, I don't fear what you might say about me 1500 years, I don't feel who you are, if you are in just unjust, I will bring the scales back into balance. And I don't fear the consequences of that. The minority view says, the sinner is not the one who fears the consequences of his actions. So Allah says, both interpretations are correct. But this surah the surah speaks about balance. Between every one of us we have the

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capability of being Mohamed Salah sanlam of Iran, we believe that this knifes, the oneness, that sameness is what the mood head and what the Sahaba had, and it's always in the state of struggle, balance and imbalance and it's up to you to purify it called the alpha Herman zeca. That successful is the one who purifies it, that is the answer to all those possums. Now inshallah tomorrow Allah will go more into detail describing how do we purify the snaps? How do we succeed in purifying it? In sha Allah?

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Any questions?

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psychology about us this question?

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It's beautiful, is, as you can see, every verse, The ha ha ha, the first to eat it. But each time that is different, the beginning it's the sun. Later on the it is the knifes and the dummy we call this the pronoun you do, it's the the interesting part is to look who it refers to. And different interpretations is all of them apply. And if you were to say it means a lot in this, it works. And if it means the person who does not feel as consequences, it also works to show the multitude of meanings. And also this rhyme and rhythm is to make as Allah says it's easy. It's easy to to, to memorize. And the point we want to highlight and you'll see this as we go through the scene of the

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different Sutras, every liter, every word is put in place for a reason. And when we understand you know, we don't have an in depth knowledge of Arabic. But when you understand how Allah constructs these sentences, it is really a masterpiece in a way, the way it the way it is done the way Allah uses the word balance for the soul, and then also balanced or equal in terms of the punishment. It gives us a meaning when overseas the nafs is made from the earth and then he says whoever makes the SIR returns it to the earth meaning you give into your lower self, you will corrupt it. It's it's both literal and metaphorical. Beautiful, and inshallah as we go through I hope we said the

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objective of the series is to connect to the Quran that the sutras which we recite every day, we now understand when Allah speaks when Allah speaks to us.

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In the sutras. So in sha Allah, Allah, Allah grant us the love and understanding of the Quran and the appreciation with these verses, I mean, we have we will begin our quiz this evening in sha Allah, the first of our quiz in the series of quizzes in sha Allah and question number one, so you will have you should have a card

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should all have a chord now and the question for tonight you just circle the correct answer.

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Let's see what the question is. What is the number of surah a sham? Is it Surah 89 the sun in Surah 91 the sun Surah 91 the moon sutra 89 the moon? Which surah number is the surah circle the correct answer? Write your name and Hadith insha Allah and as always there'll be prizes towards the end of the week inshallah fade or some of them say no hamadryad Islam Missoni al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen, Solomonic masala, very catchy