Quranic Reminders #3 – Night of Destiny

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The importance of knowing one's deeds and needs in order to achieve their potential is emphasized, along with the need for protection for their health and giving birth to their grandchildren to increase their chances of achieving their potential. The importance of fasting during the pandemic and staying healthy is also emphasized, along with the importance of reciting the Prophet system and staying at home to focus on reciting the daily act of Islam. The importance of not wasting time and making lists of people in one's family is also emphasized, along with a program called " Bu tu Kme" that is being organized by the University of London.

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Are the lamela sheetala James Miller man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffleboards any segment chromatin Allah Allah He also had remain my beloved brothers and sisters today while I was lucky or better care to handle Arabic datamine or cresswind to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna shadow Allah Allah had a lot, we will witness the administrator portion because Allah subhanaw taala was in our loving greetings salutations develop in the comments below, or they will send them to spice up your family to companions and all those who follow me soon until the end of time. I mean, what from the villa?

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I mean, before I begin, ask you a question. What are the things that you need in your life? What are the problems in your life? What are the fears, your concerns? What are your hopes? What are the things that you would like to achieve? Maybe you there's something in your job that you want to go forward? There's some some something that you need that you that you desperately your heart desires of good?

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What about not just the dunya aspect? What about our deeds? Are we comfortable? Where we are in terms of our deeds? Do we feel that if we were to meet Allah subhanaw taala

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today that our deeds are sufficient to stand before Allah? Would we be proud of a life that we've led so far? Our sins, are we comfortable that we've made enough a step forward, that will be forgiven for our sins? Now for most of us who have Allah, the answer might be, we're not ready to meet Allah. And there are many things of this dunya that we need, we need protection for our sickness, we need Baraka we need risk, we worried about our kids, and Subhanallah all our needs, and all our wants, and all our fears

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can be answered in the next few days.

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Because coming up,

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over the next 10 days or so, next 10 or 12 days is a night, the night of power, the night where Allah subhanaw taala has given opportunity, unlike any other opportunity on the calendar, there is no greater gift than later to call them. This is where every single person, there have to be the Imam, you have to be the chef, the Wali, every single person has this chance to get that letter to God. And it is why one of the ways in which Allah has balanced and given this chance to catch up with the previous nations when a lot of time now you don't have to 1000 years. How do we compete with people like that? How do we get to Jannah with our people that fostered 4000 He has made Salah

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4000 is we only have 6070 years, Allah gave us a special bonus that one night is a lifetime.

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One night is a lifetime and one night not only gives you a lifetime of rewards, it's gonna give you a lifetime of forgiveness, and it makes everything right for that year in terms of decree.

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Now Subhanallah What if these last 1213 days of Ramadan or the last 13 days of Ramadan, you and I will irrigate, we won't be the next year. This is the last little country that we have.

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What about even think about Subhan Allah not just ourselves, you know we are making dua for those of you who have relatives have passed away from Allah granting forgiveness in general for those, they depend on your DUA. And you know, after about a generation, you and I only make two of our grandparents to any of us really know our great grandparents, the parents of our grandparents, we don't know who they are, we don't make dua for them, really. And so, I hope my grandmother, your grandmother, after this grant, this generation of grandchildren go who's gonna make dua for them. And so it's not only your and my perhaps last Ramadan, those people who have passed on, this is the

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last opportunity that someone can increase them in the decrease. And so this opportunity that's coming up is so precious. Allah subhana wa Tada speaks about this night twice in the Quran, instead of the finalises Jaime multitap removing him by the book that is clear. Indeed we sent it meaning the Quran down during a Latin Mobarak a very, very special but Allah says this Quran was sent down in a light that is very Blizzard, in Hakuna Mandarin fee ha. If he hurt you for aquaculture and marine hockey on that very special night. All the matters or the decrees are going to become known Allah is going to make it clear the decree the destiny for the year to come. Allah will beside

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every matter how many breaths will be taken on this next 12 months. How many drops of rain is going to fall? How many grains of sand are going to move? Every single thing will be determined on this special night in the next week and a half. And Allah subhana wa Rahmatullah Minh robic as a mercy from your Lord in now who was semula name that he is always hearing and he knows everything. And then of course in circle cada Allah revealed an entire Surah about this night. There is no Surah tomorrow so there is no Surah Arafa

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there is no Surah Ramadan, but they eat a surah of Laila to God. Allah says in the nephila quarter. Allah says that we reveal if the Quran in a night of other color means measurement and night the way things will be measured. It also means destiny we things will be decreed the Quran of Allah power it also mean

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His power is the night of power. And so Allah subhanaw taala says mama other aka my little brother, what will make you understand what this night really is? On this night with the entire Quran was sent down so on one night Allah sent the entire Quran down one night of literal codon, and every year it repeats. And Allah says what will make you understand what this night is and you all know, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Laila to quadriga human alopecia. Now remember, Allah says that on that night, everything is measured. And the measurement of that night, the power of that night is that it is 1000 months of reward 1000 months of forgiveness, 1000 months of Salah and I've done this new

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Jamar, you've known this every year I say that same thing, but we only understand things in our dunya terms. It was the end of the month is the end of the month now you got your pay slip times it by 1000 add three zeros. And if you had to work what your boss told you to work one night, and I gave you that amount of money, your salary times 1000 We would work very hard for that. Now this is from Allah subhanaw taala

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what you could achieve in a lifetime what would take you a lifetime to achieve have sought a fasting of Salah of Hajj of a burden of dua, you can get it in one night. And that night is coming. That night is coming and as we as we see not only for our hero but even for our dunya we'll look at as I mentioned I began look at all the things that we worried about yeah Allah will my children be safe? Yeah, Allah safety from the virus, yeah, Allah, my promotion in my job, goodness, my grades, whatever it might be, we all have dunya concerns, that is going to be decided by Allah Now in the next few days. And we have a say in that we know that we will do our plays a role in that destiny.

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And so what we make dua now for will be in sha Allah locked in for the year, maybe there's a calamity, in our books to come. Maybe a few months down the line, there is some calamity, but through a dua that you make now in the month of Ramadan while you're fasting or in the night we are making tagit Allah removes a calamity. Maybe these a Baraka that's up mean for you. But we are making so much dua that Allah is going to give that thing on our on our decree. And so we have one last chance basically, before that final budget is determined. And also one last chance like we know, the last 12 months the budget wasn't so good. We didn't do as much bad as we should have. We

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didn't do as much good deeds we did 27 So now before the budget is closed, and this year is a bad year, we have Allah has given us these next 10 days of fasting of Ibadat that we can expunge a year of mistakes. So Subhanallah

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we have to become serious because if this really is your last my last Laila to call them the last chance and you only need that one chance to get it right. In our lifetime we just need to get one little call the right insha Allah your pastor Jana, Ezekiel, but even Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says to understand the glory of this night, the net zero nada tomorrow coffee have eaten there'll be him including the angels and the row meanings video.

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Very important the souls of the dead don't come down as a mistake or misconception people believe that in Ramadan, the dead people come back this doesn't happen. When Allah means hero, he's talking about a video that the angels and Gibreel they come down by the Lord's leave with all the decree So something happens with the angels phase a big meeting where Allah subhanho wa Taala informs the angels of the day commandments ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has a an assembly all the angels are assembled by Allah. And when they are done in the summer, they leave the summer and they come to the dunya and we know the Hadith which says that the angels seek out places of worship, they come to Masjid, they

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come to home to the Quran is being recited. They come to a place where the kid is being made or someone is making a bida the angels come to visit. And of course the more holy or the more sincere that place of vicar ease of worship, the greater the angels. Imagine your house span Allah is so anybody that Gibreel himself comes to visit

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or imagery video is the greatest of the angels of Allah. And he only comes down with a very important mission and he used to come down every Ramadan why? To teach me the Quran. Also remember that used to come down every year to recite the Quran was very solemn. The result was passed away. But he still comes down he still continues that habit. Not within Islam, but with some lucky Olia on this planet somewhere maybe Allah Allah Who knows in the middle of India some way someone some Auntie some way just reciting the Quran not even reciting it properly but with sincere heart and jovial comes to listen to her. It could be your house so my house key video is coming. Video maybe

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the other angels of mercy. And so as some one audio event, Rahimullah

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One of the alumni said, It's so sad if an angel passes through your house and later to call her and there's no Ebola happening in your house and he just passes through nothing of special or even worse than is being happening. Someone is watching TV. So the angels are leaving the sanctity of the summer video when Allah says in the Archie McKean Bathsheba real has an office, basically close to Allah stone. That's where the baby station, he will leave that amazing position to come to your house or my house. That's how holy things are on the earth. That's how amazing it easier on the dunya what Allah is going to give it earlier in the summer.

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Then unsettlement it could be in Europe, the human coleambally they have a decrease of all the all the ominous all the commands of Allah Sena when he

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either the angels are giving Saddam the greeting us or what it also means Salah mean peace from Allah. Allah is going to give a complete amnesty on that night. So you know, Amnesty means you know, we, the government basically says, Look, anyone who has illegal weapons or anyone who didn't pay these taxes, you just sign a form, and we will squash everything, all the crimes are going to be wiped out. So Allah says on that night, there is an amnesty for Alton's. Now anyone can just come and submit his sins and ask Allah for forgiveness, and Allah one wipes it away. All you need to do is submit. All you need to do is click submit, you only need to raise your hand and say Allah,

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forgive me,

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for this opportunity is coming.

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And whatever you have in your life, and we all have very busy lives, it cannot be more important in this, especially if you consider it could be your last later Fukada. And we only have 10 days or so. It's one of those days. It's one of those 10 days, we just have to capture it. We just have to secure it. And so

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we mentioned and we can quickly go again that the Quran was revealed of the benefits a little color it was revealed on the special night. It is the night of destiny where you can influence your own destiny. Allah is giving us the opportunity to look out for our decrease. It is the night of forgiveness. We know that I mean so someone said whoever stands the night of little quarter in Salah he didn't say the whole night to intercede you stand, maybe even one or two rockers with sincere Eman, Eman and like the Serb and with sincerity. You maybe shed a tear. You might be thinking about your life. Your parents have passed away wherever you make a sincere DUA and Allah will forgive for

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your sins. Allah is looking to forgive every single person and what we need to do is spend some time in Salah that night. It is the night in which as we said is greater than 1000 months, a lifetime of reward Allah is going to be giving away free and all our sins amnesty, complete amnesty, the angels and God will be sending. And so we know that if you hold Salam, he made an extra effort of all people the one who position is secure and generous. panela but he exerted himself more than any other time to search for that night. Rachel said

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Alana said that there'll be six of them never ever would spend an entire night Ibadah you always slept in on a piece of didn't spin never in the year does he spin from a shy to Fajr in Ibadah except the last 10 nights of Ramadan even even said he could not even now for him sleep is sort of a waste of time sleep now we can't afford to sleep we need to make sure when that is Mahana think of like this Jana is falling and you need to catch it you need to catch it and it only comes once a year can you really afford to sleep or even worse afford to do some some some waste of time. And so I said I would wake his family up and he would assert you would exert himself sometimes with

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recycling to put on in one night only in these last 10 nights and so keep the Knights alive strive hard in your eBUY to push yourself with an ever amount of energy you have I have push it push it and boss and tell yourself this is the last little pot that I'm gonna have. Make that in your mind I need to capture this here because I might not be a next year and

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I should also not be so solemn what is the best to Alfredo cousin and by now we know that you are you've been practicing it Allah in the car for one to hit with that one. So the nights you imagine if

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you make your mother Uppsala recite Quran make your Taj make your Torah we come to the masjid make your Torah we stay until the Imam is done get the entire night Ibadah then go home as much as you can of Salah reciting Allah if you're going to make dua make dua in your own language that's very good but if you want to make a special Arabic to Allah in Naka foon one now you keep saying that over and over every time you sitting down in the car parking whatever before you can sleep, recite this as much as you can, Oh Allah, you are the one who loves you pardon all sins you love to pardon sins, so pardon our sins. And we can talk about when is the night

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So you know, Subhan Allah,

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Allah, the Prophet system has made it very easy for us. He said it's in the last 10 Nights. If you work the last 10 nights from the 21st night, until the 29th or 30th night, we have a full month from the 21st begins. If you focus on every single one of those nights, you will calculate to call the

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bed okay? You said that those 10 nights are too difficult. I can't, I can't spend 14 nights so then at least the odd nights 2123 2527 29. And really, nothing should be less than that. But if you really say even those five nights are too much for me, I can't do five nights. When Allah Allah, maybe the 27th night is said to be the devil. And the correct opinion is that it moves.

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They took other moves, it's not every night on the same time. And you can see that in some parts of the world. It's the 27th it's the 26th and other parts of the world's 28th. So Allah subhanaw taala shifts every year. But many of the Sahaba they mention of the signs that Sahaba those who have a special they have that feeling that they captured it and they would say someone said I saw it once on the 21st the 24th and a few have said we had seen 27th night a few times in our life. So it appears that the 27th comes up most frequently. But you will capture it if you inshallah focus on the last 10 Nights. So I'll focus time and say you know if you have an exam timetable, your exam

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timetable is the May the third that is Monday nights, may the fifth Wednesday nights, may the seventh Friday night, may the ninth Sunday night next week, Sunday, and may the 11th Tuesday night the following week. Don't whatever you have on your calendar, reschedule these things on these nights are very, very important. Very, very important spine, Allah, our era our duniya our life our day, everything depends on these few nights so hon Allah make a point. Lastly, people always want to know did it lead to cancer are the signs that did give signs he mentioned that you'll find a special kind of Sakina in the in the environment any changes some years, one year gonna be so Salam said he

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was searching. He searched first in mice of Ramadan Gibreel said it's not in the same nights when he spent the next 10 Nights struggling and searching wasn't those 10 nights, I think he said I saw a dream where I'm making sujood in little muddy water, meaning there was a light rain. And then it happened on the 21st night and this is the same. So that year there was a light rain that was the sign another year it could have been something else. And so there is also the mentions of the signs that people have seen and this changes, there is a feeling of tranquility in terms of the you feel outside it's not warm or cold. There's not too much wind, the moon is bright, but it's not sharp.

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And the next thing in particular, after the sun rises, the sun has risen but it doesn't feel very hot. And it doesn't feel like the rays are very sharp. And Allah Allah some very, very special people may Allah grant us to be of them. They actually have that feeling that Malacca visited them. They have a dream perhaps a premonition Allah gives him the good news even in the dunya that the Ybarra was accepted. Now everyone can achieve that. It doesn't mean that you have whatever you did now the Ramadan in the past we will send that doesn't matter. What is that what it means you just thought now the vanilla, it's not now nila, the last third of the night. If you say I need to make

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if I need to do the amillennial when best. The best time of course is the last third of the night, two or three hours before Fajr. Allah says what will pass how you whom you're still feeling and in the hours before Fajr they are making a stuffer when Mr. Farina will as hard and they seek the forgiveness of Allah in the early hours before Fajr we know that our resources our Lord, may he be blessed and exalted, comes down to the lowest summer every single night not just in Ramadan, but every night he comes down to the lowest summer. And then Allah says he calls her full asked upon me that I may give him one some things I may answer the needs, who will ask me that I may give them and

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who answered my forgiveness that I may forgive them? It was outside of Ramadan. What about in Ramadan? What about unrelated to how generous will our Rob be on medical coder? I mean imagine every night Allah says whatever you want this an hour I'll give it to you whatever you want. I mentioned a little further you ask Allah for something, you will not decline you will only give you it

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it's really about loss if Allah was waiting for our asking, and we didn't ask.

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So plan of action. Number one, don't waste time. Don't waste the opportunity. And the best thing you can do, the best thing you can do is to make Salah on the nights and recite Quran. So if you need to stand and recite Quran or sit and make Salah and recite Quran, that's the absolute best thing you can do and make a lot of DUA and of course the way you can make the DUA is in sujood The sooner you can read you can speak in your own language institute. So this is the best combination

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have things to do. And then you know Subhanallah when you make dua, don't just make dua for yourself. Make a list of people in your family, you know, your brother needs this someone is sick, this person, the relatives that are dead, they need our dua. So make a list of everyone make dua for the Ummah, the Uyghurs, the Syrians, the Yemenis, your DUA might be the DUA that Allah is waiting for, to help the ummah. So make dua for everyone, and a special thing give charity as well every night so try to give an EFT even retain rent every single night in these last 10 Nights, because it means that you have given charity on labor.

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You've given charity on labor.

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And we can do the multiplication we know everything Allah multiplies by 700 in Ramadan is multiplied by 70,000 times another 1000 on layer two color so that chain rain is many, many billions of rands if you give it on later, so make sure you give a little bit of charity Sabata a date or something every night. Quran is the best thing and you know Subhan Allah, so much Hadith about a person who sheds a tear a person sheds a tear for Allah is one of the reasons why will be shaded under the arch of Allah and that FTM so to shed a tear, try very hard to shed a tear of Allah in these nights and these nights and so focus on all these things I mentioned avoid questionable eBUY that they might be

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group at car and it's good we're going to have pm lady near come to the masjid if you you know, like it's better to study on your own if you can, but if you're going to study alone in a group, but avoid Salah like Serratos week with this question marks you don't have time now to put your eggs in a basket where they might be not security focus on what you know is secure to raka as even if you decide to Allahu Ahad in that it is better for you even the sisters panel they ask I mean I mean since I can't make salah I can't pass what do what is the for me sisters don't feel like you've lost out because in fact Allah will give you you know a you don't have to make up the salah so Isha you

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didn't make you didn't make McCurry Allah gives you the reward for those ibadah. And when Allah gives you a compensation, it's gonna be better than the one that you made, if you might not have maybe gotten, you know 20% of the reward and 50% when Allah gives us giving you the full reward, but you can still keep the night you can still recite Quran, just one touch the most up on your screen on your phone or whatever. And you can make dua and that's why she's asking what can I recite maybe she was in a census and Allah said, Allah Nica

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you will make that dua you just make the DUA and then very important last point, please don't lose focus often save 27 Tonight, later father could get 29 It could be on 28 could be on 30 So many mosques were the 27th come they do a hard time and we think ah Baraka we already greeting each other for LeBron, don't lose focus on the 27th Work hard. May Allah grant us to achieve a 200 Mela grant that we achieve later to further this year. All our sins be forgiven now a decrease that will be put out for the year to come be a beautiful year to come. Now Allah forgive those who have passed away she far to those who are sick I mean, just a few announcements fitrah and video you can think Uncle

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Yusuf is collecting the back off the bitter tonight off the Torah with fatphobia you can give your finger on video and we will have as we mentioned the amillennial but yeah, well Yarmolenko program also tarawih hawkfrost Nine Linkwood out so you can say what time and one of those things in sha Allah, you will be at the mercy of Allah or some Allah say no Muhammad 100 billion I mean, a cinematic much beloved