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Tafseer of Juz Amma – Surah Aduha, Comfort for the Depressed Heart
Ramadhan (2017/1438) Lecture Series by Sheikh Muhammad West, Imam of Al-Awwal Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa

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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin our beloved brothers in Islam Saira, Malik Muhammad sallahu wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah unlike number six and Pamela you know I just realized that yesterday if you look at the thoroughly throughout this month so far you've made 100 ruckus Allah for Allah subhanaw taala to great milestone in you know, in the area that we're doing. Also, just before I begin, I'd like to ask that we make to our inshallah for our hufa you see them scattering out one on one of them is in the middle of his exams, the writing he wrote, I think today yesterday and he's writing again next week. So going home and studying and preparing and the other is a night shift, as I said, and one of the the sodic is quite ill as well. So we make the author team is holding me on the string, but

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inshallah we we hope that they pull through I mean, we continue with this series on out of fear of the ending surahs of Jews among the last two suitors, we spoke about sort of champagne, so to lay, we said, a couple of they go hand in hand, the one speaks about the knifes and the other one explains how to purify the knifes to attain success. The next two surahs we'll be speaking about today, inshallah tonight, and tomorrow also go hand in hand. So what do you have a lady that Sasha and lm national la casa de la, they will go hand in hand, because they were seen really together, so much so that even a burst of the alarm, he would recite these two songs in the same Raka without the

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Bismillah between them as if though they are one sutra, one extension. And these two sutras along with another two suitors we'll get to inshallah, our conversations Allah have has with the prophets of Salaam directly, these were given directly for the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, it's a personal saw for him. And we learn lessons from that. So what's the context of the surah? Number one we see with MKI revealed in Makkah, so we know we said this before, at the time of difficulty at the time of depression, at a time when the Muslims were going through hardship, and the prophets of Salaam himself went through tremendous hardship. It mentioned that Sudha was revealed after the year

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of sadness. And in fact, after the prophets of Salaam, lift macker, to try to preach to the people of life, the people of Makkah didn't want to accept Islam. So he went to the city of tarrif. And they they were even worse to him. They gave him the worst treatment of his life, he would say that they thought it was the worst day of my life, you tell if so the prophets of Salaam comes back to Makkah, not knowing where to go. And further on top of that, to add further difficulty on top of his sadness, it appeared that the ye Allah had stopped communicating with the prophets of Salaam, some say up to six months, and the prophets of Salaam went through something which was quite surprised he

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went through a depression. We don't usually associate depression with an obese or seldom, but he went through a depression. And some of the kurush is mentioned the wife of Abu lahab said, Ah, it appears that even your load has now deserted you, that your people have left you and even your Allah has left you not even revealing yet to you. So this was of the most difficult moments in the life of the prophet SAW Selim. And then Allah responds to the statement with the sutra. So the sutra is about depression, for the prophets of Salaam, but for all of us, and just one

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I want you to remember this rules of grammar very important when you learn Arabic during the series, the caf, you would see, you would see when we talk about a cough at the end of a word, it refers to you, Mama dakka, you that calf is you Right, so it's the pronoun for you. And when you see a lamb, sometimes that lamb is therefore Surely, well, so far, that extra lamb is for emphasis. So remember those things as they will pop up as we go through the surah. So Allah begins what

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and we said, This is what time of the day, eight o'clock the morning, early morning sunrise, the sun is gentle, these hustle and bustle this movement, it's sort of the happiest time of the day, especially if you live in a desert. It just gets hotter after that. So the Doha time is the the bright happy time. And then Allah says, By the bright morning, Allah is making a costume again, he's evolving by the time of Doha, when lelee either such a and by the night when it covers Now is the time of night when things are so dark, it is still dead still. In fact, the call center is the covering the coffin they put on a dead person, when it covers everything completely. With is

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absolutely no movement almost the opposite of Doha and the allama oZ wise Allah referencing these two points in time.

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Maybe someone's going through a depression

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Why? Because he's not getting Why, yes, this is symbolic that a Doha is the way you've got the way you were happy. And now you're going through a period of darkness where you're not getting any movement, this nothing seems to be happening. So Allah is showing, I understand how you going through that you just came from this period of Doha. And now you're in a period of sagia. And unless trying to show for all of us, that this is how life goes, you're going to go through periods of happiness, and you're going to go periods of sadness, and when and to show you that as you go through the Doha in the bright morning times of your life, when you are happy, don't be too happy,

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because around the corner, that surgery is going to come. And when you in the midst of your darkness, don't feel too sad, because the morning is going to come. And also Allah is going to show that even the darkness has something to benefit. But in the darkness when things are still it gives you a moment to reflect. It gives you a moment to take peace to be at calm. Allah is showing that even when the night is it covers you and it's time to rest. Not all the time can you get why all the time? Not all the time? Can things be good, that in your darkness, these moments things to learn. So Allah is telling them to be salsa lamb through these two moments in time. I understand what you're

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feeling, and I understand what you're going through. In perhaps the verse that I find the most beautiful in the surah. Allah says Mao adakah buka wa Taala. So remember, we said, whenever there's a vow, I swear by the son listening, I swear by the time of Doha, and I swear by the night at the time, and now comes the answer to that vow, I surely ma with Dhaka, I have not lift you your load has not lift you wha and I am not displeased meaning this is how in Ibiza some films as Allah lift me and he's unhappy with me. Now if we look at the beauty of this area, firstly, Allah says, Rob Booker your Lord I am your Lord. I have never I will never desert you and the MA how many to how

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many miles are the two? It means ima actually means absolutely not. Absolutely not. Did I not leave you and absolutely not Am I displeased with you always repeating it twice that ma it's deliberately repeated twice the what they occur when the month of Ramadan is over which we are going to play alveda Alameda Alameda without his goodbye fee. Well, what Dhaka is when a lover or someone that you love gives a final farewell once the NaVi system gave a long sermon to the Sahaba and they said this is like a morbid they're like your final your last words of advice. So what Dhaka is only used when you love someone when you say goodbye to someone that you love, and when you say goodbye for good.

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So Allah says I have not made what have you, meaning I love you. And I'm not saying I didn't say goodbye for good what Dhaka the calf is with what da I did not say goodbye to you. rabuka wa Allah, Allah is to be displeased and I'm not displeased is their calf the

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no meaning Allah didn't even say I'm displeased with you, as if that alone should take away the use and abuse of Salaam from the word displeased.

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So look at that sentence Allah says, I lovingly have not said goodbye to you and I'm not displeased. He didn't say I'm not displeased with you. Allah removed the you deliberately to say I'm not displeased with anything about you about your followers about your mission everything. I'm not displeased with any of it. What are your two hydralic Amina Lula and that lamb? Usually it's well we hear that extra ram while L is ensure early I promise you Allah saying now think again. Put yourself in a position of depression. The depressed person needs that extra reassurance. When do you say I promise you I swear to you again? Oh that lamb is actually a like wow, it's a lamb of awesome, I'm

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sweet. I promise you I swear to you that the Euro is going to be better lacquer for you men and oola in the beginning, the end is going to be better than the beginning. Don't you worry. I promise you that you can't see what's going to happen 10 years from now but your mama is gonna rule the world very soon. I can see that and of course our hero also obviously means that our hero the life after is going to be so much better for you Oh Mohammed Salah, sell them then the beginning and this goes for any believer as well.

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Well so far again that lamb and surely so firming soon there's a bit of a delay and soon What a sofa you are thicker. I'm going to give you your load rabuka your load is going to give you fatawa and you will be happy fatawa you will be satisfied.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that just in a short period of time, you're going to get something that doesn't say what your Tikka rabuka YOLO is going to give you and you will be happy. And the Rebbe, when do we usually use the word relock for when are the Allahu Rivas usually for Jenna with the pleasure of Allah, like high pleasure that nothing will make you displeased, Allah lifted open in, I'm gonna give you so much or whatever to make you happy. And Allah mentioned, it's like, if a man comes to you and says, I'm going to give you 10 rent, to camera nice, but he says Don't worry, I'm going to shoot you out. No matter what it is. I'm going to shoot you out. Allah says I'm going

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to give you basically whatever you need for tadoba and you're going to be happy. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala he made promises right? So these are big promises Allah sees the Akira is going to be bitter, the end is going to be bitter. You're going to get so much you're going to be happy. Now allow us to do affirm that I'm going to prove it to you Mohammed Al Salam and he reminds the prophets of Salaam about the past. So Allah says lm eg the Kenya team and for our di D The Allah not find you an orphan and give you refuge.

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Right the prophets of Salaam we know he was an orphan. He lost both his parents. In fact, there is no subtle tragedy that you could say that the prophets of Salaam didn't feel he lost his parents. He didn't only lose one child he lost all his children except one. He buried all of them except one spamela he lost his most beloved Khadija and otherwise besides Khadija he lost his Sahaba he lost friends he lost his home. He was a refugee. I showed the Allah and how would say later on when things became good that we even she had a meal and she ate her food. She felt guilty because you said Nabisco sort of never felt what I'm feeling now this experience of your tummy being full nobody

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soon ever in his life felt that. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying you've come through a lot of hardship. lm yejide kya tieman for our heavy rock tonight find you an orphan and give you our is what you do to against when someone is homeless and you bring them in that is for our so I found you homeless without a place and I gave you a refuge Also, if you look at the English, the U is in what?

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In a bracket because the car again in Arabic is not there. So I was actually saying they are not find you an orphan and give refuge not give you refuge. And the reason why the calf is missing the calf. The calf would say I gave you refuge but by taking it away Allah says I gave refuge to you and to move in you Why? Because through the prophets of Salaam, all of us got refuge. All of us through him not just he got refuge but through him he gave refuge to all of us. And again the next ayah Allah Subhan reminds another favor. Why Jeddah cadore land and we found you bar stuck misguidance here we found you lost confused before the Prophet became an obese also limb he was going through

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tremendous anxiety. He was not happy with the face of the society. People beating the daughters alive. People abusing and placing the system didn't make sense to him. And he would go into a kind of seclusion for a month we know our sister do we not find you in a state of loss for her? So let's say for her Dhaka

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and we guided not you we guided many people but we found you lost and through that many people were guided well Jessica even for Elena, and we found you and the English is poor and made you self sufficient. Island is actually needy and your family you call your family in Arabic.

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The people that burden you that's what they called an Arabic Arielle, because they have a lot of needs on you. Allah saying I found you in need, not poor, I found you desperately need for alguna we sit in the lawsuit of Elena is without need and self sufficient so we made you self sufficient.

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So now Allah, so look at the structure of the ayah Allah says, I understand what you're going through. And I reassure you, I have not left you and I love you and things are gonna get better. And if you're not so sure, look at the past where you came from and where you are today. When Allah says something about what an ABC must do, he made he mentioned three favors I did for you, I found you an orphan and you got refuge I found you lost and I guided you and I found you in need and I made you self sufficient. So now these things you need to do Omaha matusalem for Amalia tema for the car, when as for the orphan, don't be harsh with him. Be kind and good to the orphan. Well, I miss Ella

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feller, turn her and as for the one who asks, whether it is wealth, whether it is guidance, whether it's for anything, do not repel, just just to go into the languages.

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Beautiful, what is now her in Arabic?

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river generating 30 minute data and her right now her so what does the repel and the river got to do?

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The word Tahar comes from the word not comes from river Why? Because repel or what the word Tantra explains is, is if you standing in the middle of a river, and he bashes you, it hits you. So somehow is when you, you just offload on somebody, he asks you something and you just bash them, you just totally come down on them like a river. So Allah says, When someone asks you don't give them that kind of response, don't, you know come down and repel them and push them away like a river gushing against them? Do not humiliate them. So Allah says, When someone asks, don't repel them, and in fact, Sahaba would say, never didn't abyssal Salaam say no to a request that he could fulfill even

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his clothes. If someone came and said, Yeah, Rasul Allah, I like you, can I get it, you will take it off and give it to him. So Allah says, whenever someone asks you don't repel. Don't say no, will be near material. Because if I had this, and and as for the favor of your Lord reports for how to talk about it, remember it

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a fever, it's not the favor as a favor of your load. Talk about it, meaning just one favor of a lie. If you were to look at it, just one of your favors your eyes, your health, your children, your Eamonn, just one have it, think about it, discuss it, you would realize how much you have sold us as for just a single favor of your load.

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And think and report and count all your favors. Now I went through

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a website and I was checking

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what advice what's modern psychologists? What do they say about depression? And how do you get someone out of depression you might be in a depressed state and we all go through periods of depression. And some people have it worse than others mela Grantham Shiva, and I'm looking at modern psychology or psychiatry, and the surah. Now the surah did what I just quickly to recap the surah number one,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned he, he understands what you're going through. And he mentioned time of risks. And Allah said, I sympathize with you. And then Allah says, I love you, and you're not alone. Allah made him promises about how good things are gonna be in the future, and reminded the prophets of Salaam about the benefits he had in the past the success of the past. And then Allah gave me so solemn objectives to fulfill. Now look at this, they say if you want to help a depressed person, you should do these 10 things. Number one, you should get into a good sleeping pattern. Right? And a big part of depression is about not being able to sleep properly, that sagia is

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important that time of rest is important to cover up. Number two, sympathize with them. Tell them I know what you're going through Alesis the prophet SAW Selim, I know what you're going through. I know you had your duha and now you're going through surgery. But don't think this is just normal. Number three, tell them it's not their fault. Mark Allah. I am not displeased with you. There's nothing you doing wrong or Mohammed salam, the people are not following you, not because of you, not because of you. This is how things go. Don't beat yourself up and insist that you love that person. You tell them I love you. Alesis Mauer dakara buka YOLO does not lift you you're not alone. give

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them hope about the future like Alice, it will ask you to hire like a middle schooler. Remind them of the good times and the blessings they have. Look at those less fortunate Allah saying, yes, you're going through a tough time. But remember, there are orphans out there. There are others who didn't get this guidance. There are others who are going through a worse position. So all of us when we go through depression, look at the things that we don't have. And then Subhan Allah, this is amazing thing.

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You might think a depressed person, what do they do they spend all day in bed can't get out. Allah says, and even I mean, psychologists say, look at those less fortunate than you and do something for them. When you give something back, it gives meaning in your life. So Allah says, You're going through a downer, Mohammed wasallam I'm not going to say it's okay for you to lie in your bed and cry I want you to get up and help the orphan and help the person that's in need and think about your blessings. And then of course for us ultimately, we also acknowledge a higher power that Allah subhana wa tada will always be the through all situations and time. So this is one of the great

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sutras personally given to the Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. We'll talk about the second sudo tomorrow sudo lm nasura insha Allah tomorrow going to our quiz. Yesterday's question, what does that literally mean? Where does it come from? It means to to purify that when you give. You're purifying yourself and you enough so giving shala this Ramadan to purify our hearts inshallah.

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Allah. Then as for what is the last area? Let's just go quickly to the last area, what is the last area will be near Matera Baker had this right. The last Ayah how many is are the in the surah? We took note how many is maybe if you decide the surah you can count them. Is it 910 1112? So how many is are they in the surah? circle the correct answer, and insha Allah as we said at the end of the week, we will have our prize given does Allah hide or sort of lost a number hamadryad early Osama serine Al Hamdulillah bilad Amina Santa Monica marco de la verdad